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India look to mimic the animals, characterized by a special yoga known as "Laughter Yoga", which most people love to laugh quickly stimulate cells to find laughs laughing. Germany is the world's countries do not love to laugh. Due to the long depressed the introduction of the German government is serious Laughter Yoga in India, and fashion in a short time.

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									Spring-Summer Edition                                                                                            March-July 2010
                                     The newsletter for lifelong learners

       AdultWise is                                                  Medical Career Training at
    published by the
                                                                     the Pepper Pike Learning
                                                                     Center this spring and fall!
                                                                     O      range Community Education & Recreation
                                                                            is pleased to announce the return of one
                                                                     of our most popular certification preparation
        Recreation                                                   courses, the Pharmacy Technician Program,
      Department of                                                  and the addition of Clinical Medical Assisting,
       Orange City           coming this fall.
                              The Pharmacy Technician Program 50 hour course will prepare you to enter the
                             pharmacy field and take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board’s PTCB
                             exam. Technicians work in hospitals, home infusion pharmacies, community phar-
     Laura Guentner,
                             macies and other health care settings – working under the supervision of a regis-
                             tered pharmacist. Course content includes medical terminology specific to pharmacy,
      Pam Bayus,             reading and interpreting prescriptions and defining drugs by generic and brand
     Adult Education         names.
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         For more
      Information on
                             Laughter Yoga                                   Recipe for Fun—
                             Adapted from Course Trends, a LERN
                                                                             Top Chef Series III & IV
        courses or
      articles in this
                             L     aughter Yoga is fast sweeping the
                                   world as a form of exercise based
                                                                             J  oin us for two great new cooking
                                                                                demonstrations at Sara’s Place by
     publication call                                                        Gavi’s this spring and summer.
                             on the principle that you can—-and
      (216) 831-8601         probably should —-laugh independently             Chef Richard Cunningham will prepare
         Ext. 5408           of your state of mind or mood. Laughter         some of the restaurant’s most popular
                             is simulated as a body exercise in a            dishes. Feel free to ask questions as he
     Orange Community                                                        prepares an appetizer, main dish, and
         Education           group, but with eye contact and childlike
             &               playfulness, it soon turns into real and        dessert. Best of all, we will sample
         Recreation          contagious laughter. Because the body           each item, so arrive hungry. Each class
      32000 Chagrin Blvd.
     Pepper Pike, OH 44124   cannot differentiate between real and           is unique, so register for both. Go home
        (216) 831-8601
                             fake laughter, one gets the same physio-        with recipes of each evenings demon-
                             logical and psychological benefits.             strations.
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                               Financial Aid for Military Spouses   Page 2         Upholstery for Fun & Profit       Page 3

                                   The Cake Lady Returns            Page 3           Woodworking Classes             Page 3

                              Grilling & Barbecue Camp for Adults   Page 3       Great Escapes & Family Events       Page 4


Military spouses can now                       Medical career training, continued from
receive up to $6000 in                         page 1
                                               As a pharmacy technician student, you
financial aid for career                       will learn dosage calculations, I.V. flow
training with OCE&R                            rates, drug compounding, dose conver-
                                               sions, dispensing of prescriptions, inven-

O      range Community Education & Rec-
       reation is pleased to announce the
introduction of the MyCAA program –– a
                                               tory control and billing and reimburse-
                                                 The spring class is scheduled for Mon-
program that provides up to $6,000 of Fi-      days & Wednesday, March 31-May 19
nancial Assistance for military spouses        from 5:30-9:00pm. The fee is $999 and
who are pursuing licenses, or credentials      includes all materials, including textbooks. Students who suc-
leading to employment in a variety of ca-      cessfully complete the course and pass the PTCB test are con-
reer fields.                                   sidered qualified to be pharmacy technicians in the State of Ohio.
  Spouses of Department of Defense Ac-            For those interested in clinical medical assisting, Orange Com-
tive Duty members and federally activated      munity Education & Recreation, in partnership with Boston Reed
members of the National Guard and Re-          College, is offering the Clinical Medical Assistant Training
serve Components are eligible for the          coming in September. As a clinical medical assistant, you can
CAA program. CAA Financial Assistance          pursue employment as a healthcare professional in a physician’s
pays for education and training programs,      office or other clinical setting. You would assist with procedures,
tuition, and licensing/credentialing fees.     caring for patients, performing simple laboratory tests and admin-
Through a partnership with ed2go/GES,          istering medications. The program includes 134 hours of class
eligible military spouses can enroll in        instruction and a 160 hour clinical externship. The fee is $2,595
online career training programs with           and includes textbooks, course materials, externship placement,
Orange Community Education & Recrea-           and certificate of completions.
tion.                                            To learn more about Orange Community Education & Recrea-
  Well-crafted lessons, expert online in-      tion’s medical career training programs call Pam Bayus at
struction, and interaction with the instruc-   (216) 831-8601, ext. 5408 or visit
tor and other students will allow military
spouses to gain valuable knowledge at
                                               Recipe for Fun, continued from page 1
their convenience. In-demand programs
                                                                                           A new spring session
include: Pharmacy Technician, Medical
                                                                                           is scheduled for Tues-
Transcriptionist, Bookkeeping the Easy
                                                                                           day, April 6 from 6:30-
Way, Administrative Professional with Mi-
                                                                                           8:00pm and a summer
crosoft Office Specialist, and many more.
                                                                                           session is scheduled
The programs can be accessed 24/7 from
                                                                                           for Tuesday, July 13
anywhere with an Internet connection.
                                                                                           from 6:30-8:00pm. The
  Upon acceptance into the CAA program,
                                                                                           fee for each session is
military spouses can begin their Career
                                                                                           $34/resident or $39/
Training Program anytime. Programs
                                                  Chef Richard Cunningham of Sara’s        non-resident, gratuity
range from three to six months, and many
                                                  Place by Gavi’s demonstrates how         included. A cash wine
offer an extension period if necessary.            to cook a Bolognese sauce during        bar will be available,
Check individual programs for internship            our first Top Chefs event last fall.
                                                                                           but is not included in
or externship opportunities.
                                               the fee. Each session will feature new recipes.
  For more information call (216) 831-
                                                For more information or to register call (216) 831-8601 or visit
8601, ext. 5408 or visit


                                                                          Hot Picks for

                                                                          NEW! For adults only:
                                                                          Grilling & Barbecue Camp
                                                                          with Chef Tim McCoy

                                                                          B     e the grilling star of your neighbor-
                                                                                hood as you learn the art of barbe-
                                                                          cuing. You will learn to prepare sauces
                                                                          and rubs and grill up some summer fa-
                                                                          vorites. Meet at Loretta Paganini’s Cook-
                                                                          ing School, 8623 Mayfield Rd., Chester-
                                                                           No. 10XAE700 Monday-Wednesday
 Laughter is good for your heart and soul! Laughter Yoga returns this     6/14-6/16 6:00-9:00pm $199/resident or
   spring and summer at the Pepper Pike Learning Center and the
                                                                          $219 non-resident. Limited spots are
        Orange Senior Center. Call (216) 831-8601 for details.
                                                                          available, so register soon.
Laughter Yoga, continued from page 1
Evidence has been accumulating for years that people who suffer with      Trader Joe’s & Sur La
chronic anxiety, anger and depression have multiple physiological         Table Food & Wine Pairings
problems, including heart disease and intestinal problems.
How does laughter help? Researchers say that in the human condi-
                                                                          J oin us for a relaxedaevening of dishes
                                                                            tasting paired with variety
                                                                                                         of wine

                                                                          prepared by Chris “Crispy” Shaw of
tion, you cannot experience emotional distress and emotional uplift at
                                                                          Trader Joe’s. We will sample five wines
the same time. When you are experiencing mirth, you are not experi-
                                                                          and complete the evening with a tour of
encing depression, anxiety or anger.                                      Trader Joe’s. Meet at Sur La Table. Eton
  You can experience the benefits of Laughter Yoga by joining Orange      Chagrin Blvd.
Community Education & Recreation’s Hasya Yoga (Laughter Yoga)             No. 10SAE300-21 years & older Tues-
class on Wednesdays, April 7-April 28 from 7:00-8:00pm at the Pepper      day , May 5 from 6:30-8:00pm. $19/
Pike Learning Center. A summer class will run from June 16-July 14 at     resident or $24/non-resident plus $5 pay-
the Orange Senior Center. The fee per class is $39 for residents of the   able to the instructor.
Orange School district or $49 for non-residents. The instructor is        Woodworking classes with
Azaad Khaira, LLD. MA, a certified Laughter & Relaxation Therapist.
                                                                          Kurt Klimko
For more information visit or call (216) 831-8601, ext      ♦   Woodworking Made Simple
5408.                                                                         Tuesday or Thursday beginning 4/6.
                                                                          ♦   Build an Adirondack Chair
                                                                              Mondays beginning 3/29
                        The cake lady returns                             ♦   Bowl Turning with King Heiple

                        T      erri Williams is back this spring and          Saturday 5/8

                               summer with a wide array of classes to     Upholstery for Fun or Profit
                        get your creative juices flowing. Choose from
                        Discover Cake Decorating, Cake Decorat-
                                                                          B    ring a simple chair or ottoman to
                                                                               new life while you learn the basics of
                        ing II: Borders & Flowers, The Next Level of      No. 10WAE211 Wednesdays 3/31-6/2
Cake Decorating: Fondant, Simply Roses, Cupcake Decorating:               $139/resident or $149/non-resident. Stu-
                                                                          dent should expect to purchase tools and
Animal and Floral Treats, and Spring Sugar Egg Diorama. For               materials.
class details see the Spring/Summer brochure or visit
                                                                          For details visit or
                                                                            call (216) 831-8601, ext. 5408.
                                                                                                                  Saturday, March 13
                                                                                                               Registration Fair

                                                                                     (216) 831-8601 Fax: (216) 831-4209
                                                                                 32000 Chagrin Blvd., Pepper Pike, OH 44124
                                                                                 Orange Community Education & Recreation

                                           Great Escapes & Family Events
    32nd Annual Orange Jubilee                                               Island Hopping on the Goodtime I
    Friday May 21 & Saturday May 22 on the Orange Schools Campus.            Plan a summer escape to the Lake Erie Islands with this trip by
    Games, rides, non-stop entertainment, food, fireworks, Cleveland         Discovery Tours. Travel by Jet Express to Put-in-Bay on South
    Food Bank food drive.                                                    Bass Island and then tour the local attractions via tram. After-
                                                                             wards, we’ll tour Kelleys Island. There will be time in both places
    Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair
                                                                             to explore on your own. Tour Features: Goodtime 1 transporta-
    This award-winning, juried fair features ceramics, painting, jewelry,
                                                                             tion • Tram rides on both islands • Perry Peace Monument •
    sculpture, photography, glass, wood, fiber and much more! Fair
                                                                             Lunch. Board motor coach at Mayfield Village Hall at 7am.
    goers can also enjoy lively street corner entertainment, artists’ dem-
                                                                             No. 10XSE942 Tuesday 7/27 7:00am-8:30pm $94
    onstrations, children’s activities and the distinctive shops and res-
    taurants. Includes deluxe motor coach transportation with video          Orange Community Day with the Cavs!
    movies & snacks on the way! Board motor coach in the PPLC lot at         Finish off Spring Break with the Cavs as they take on the Sacra-
    7:45am. Registrations due by June 18.                                    mento Kings. Kids 18 & under can take to the court after the game
    No. 10XSE912 Thursday 7/22 7:45am-9:30pm $55                             for free throws. We have just a few tickets left for this sold-out
                                                                             game, so register today.
    Pittsburgh Your Way---Rivers Casino & Three
                                                                             No. 10SSE939 Sunday 3/28 3:00pm Lower level section 133 $62/
    Rivers Arts Festival                                                     ticket
    Visit the Three Rivers Arts Festival, have lunch at Station Square,
    take a cruise on the Gateway Clipper, or head over to the Rivers         Orange Community Day with the Cleveland
    Casino for some exciting slots, table play, and more. Board coach        Indians at Progressive Field-It’s Dollar Dog Night!
    in the Pepper Pike Learning Center parking lot at 8:30am. Includes       Join your friends and neighbors at Progressive Field for the fa-
    $10 slot play & $5 food voucher at Rivers Casino (with minimum of        mous dollar dog night. Enjoy Mezzanine seating as the Cleveland
    20 passengers), deluxe motor coach transportation with video mov-        Indians battle the Boston Red Sox. Save $1 off the regular ticket
    ies on the way!. Registrations due by May 14. Must be 21 years of        price!
    age to enter casino.                                                     No. 10XSE930 Thursday June 10 7:05pn $21/ticket
    No. 10XSE915 Friday 6/11 8:30am-10:30pm $39
4    For more exciting family events see Spring/Summer Activity brochure or visit

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