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									September 2010                                    30p
     St Luke’s Church Bromley Common Parish News—Hospitality and Healing

  The church tower was completed and dedicated in October 2010, so this will be the 100 th
   Anniversary. There will be tours of the Church, the Bell Tower and the Church Clock on
   Saturday 10:00 am to 12 noon. With Bell Ringers and Mr. Alfred Clark on hand to show
                                        visitors around.

   We are planning to hold an art exhibition in St. Luke’s Church the weekend of Friday 15 th
    October to Sunday 17th October. This will be the third occasion, and as before we are
 inviting local artists as well as local schools to send in pictures for exhibition in the church. If
        you are an artist and have work that you would like to exhibit, please let us know
  (see Vicarage or Office phone numbers on back page of Spire) and receive an information
                                         sheet for contributors

                                  ART EXHIBITION
The exhibition will be open to school groups only on Friday 15th October during school hours
                                        by arrangement.
                    The exhibition opens to all visitors at the following times:
                      Friday 15th October 6:00 - 9:00 pm with refreshments
 Saturday 16 October 10:00am – 1:00 pm, with refreshments. The Bell Tower will be open
            for visitors and Alfred Clark will explain the Clock and its mechanism.
        Sunday 17th October 10:00 a.m. to 12 noon and from 2.00 p.m. to 8:00 pm
                 (10 am.–11:30 am., 6:30–7:30 pm. Worship will be in progress)

    Ladies Night at Bromley Common Methodist Church
 A message from Andrena Palmer, Church Family Worker at Bromley Common Methodist
Church: ‘I would love it for all Ladies of Bromley Common to join with us for a Ladies Night at
Bromley Common Methodist Church on 16 October 2010. This is a night of fun and fashion,
  along with discounted beauty treatments. Tickets are available from me for £5, or £6 for
                                      purchase on the door.
                   Please come along and support us - and tell your friends!

                 Apostolic Faith Concert 9th Oct 6-7 pm
                                followed by refreshments 7-8 p.m

Inside: The hymns we sing - Crossword - Parish people, services & contacts –Art
        Exhibition –Fun in the Sun-Alma’s cookery collection - Diary dates
WORSHIP ROTA SEPTEMBER 2010                    Sunday 3rd October Trinity 18
Wednesday 1st September                        8.00 a.m. Holy Communion (1662)
11.30 a.m. Holy Communion (1662) Giles         10.00 a.m. Parish Communion with
of Provence, hermit                            Baptism

Sunday 5th September 2010 Trinity 14           PRAYER FOR THE MONTH
8.00 a.m. Morning Prayers                      O God, make the door of this house wide
10.00 a.m. Parish Communion                    enough to receive all who need human
(L) Mr. John Morley (P&P) Rev.Diane Rees       love and fellowship, narrow enough to shut
NO EVENING SERVICE AT ST. LUKE’S               out all envy, pride and strife. Make its
                                               threshold smooth enough to be no
Wednesday 8th September                        stumbling block to children, nor to straying
11.30 a.m. Morning Prayers                     feet, but rugged and strong enough to turn
                                               back the tempter's power. God, make the
Sunday 12th September Trinity 15               door of this house the gateway to Thine
8.00 a.m. Morning Prayers                      eternal kingdom. Amen.
10.00 a.m. Family Service                      Bishop Thomas Ken (1637-1711)
(L&P) Rev. Diane Rees                          The door of my home, my church, will
6.30 p.m. Sung Eucharist                       widen to receive those who need human
(L&P) Rev. Diane Rees                          love and fellowship only when I open my
                                               heart to receive Jesus and his
Wednesday 15th September                       compassionate heart. It will be narrow
11.30 a.m. Morning Prayers Cyprian             enough to shut out envy, pride and strife,
                                               only when I turn my back on these sins in
Sunday 19th September Trinity 16               my life and give place to the Holy Spirit’s
Planned Giving Sunday                          fruit of love, gentleness and peace. The
8.00 a.m. Holy Communion (1662)                threshold will be smooth enough to
10.00 a.m. Parish Communion                    welcome all, especially the weak and the
                                               vulnerable, when we have learned to be as
Wednesday 22nd September                       approachable as Jesus. Our doors need to
11.30 a.m. Morning Prayers Ember Day           shut out all that hurts and damages us and
                                               others, so that we may be part of that
Sunday 26th September Trinity 17               journey that leads to God’s eternal
Back to Church Sunday                          kingdom.
8.00 a.m. Holy Communion (1662)
10 a.m. Service of the Word                    Back to Church Sunday 26th September
6.30 p.m. Evensong                             2010.
                                               Back to Church Sunday encourages
Wednesday 29th September                       church members to give a personal
11.30 a.m. Holy Communion (1662)               invitation to appropriate people within their
Michael & All Angels                           circle of friends and acquaintances, who
                                                          may have got out of the habit of
                                                          attending church worship. It
                                                          would be better still to ask such a
                                                          friend to accompany you to
                                                          church perhaps with an offer of
                                                          hospitality afterwards. That’s how
                                                          I started going to church. Some-
                                                          one came every Sunday morning
                                                          to take me to church and then a
                                                          group of us went out for Sunday
                                                          lunch afterwards.

                  CALLING ALL ARTISTS,
                     SCULPTORS, Etc.
We are planning to hold an art exhibition in St. Luke’s Church the
weekend of Friday 15th October to Sunday 17th October. This will
be the third occasion this century, and as before we are inviting local
artists as well as local schools to send in pictures for exhibition in the
According to tradition, St. Luke, to whom our church is dedicated, was
the first Christian artist and so an art exhibition seems appropriate on
                                   the weekend of St. Luke’s Day.
                                   If you are an artist and have work that
                                   you would like to exhibit, please let us

                                  (see Vicarage or Office phone
                                  numbers on back page of Spire).

Saint Luke Evangelist,
writing icon of Holy

             THE HYMNS WE SING-                      elderly folk. Among his other well-known
                                                     hymns is the famous ’Amazing Grace’,
                     164                             dealt with many moons ago as no.10 in this
              ‘May the Grace               of        series.
             Christ our Saviour’
                                                     So may God’s grace, love and companion-
                                                     ship be the experience of each reader, as
One of the shortest hymns in any hymn-
                                                     we serve and rejoice in God the Holy
book, ‘May the Grace’ by John Newton has
only two verses. Not surprisingly, because
                                                     I always feel that the number of this hymn
it is based on a very short prayer, familiar
                                                     in ‘Hymns Old & New– New Anglican
to us all, and often used at the close of
                                                     edition’, which we use at St. Luke’s. Is very
worship: ‘The grace of our Lord Jesus
                                                     appropriate– 333. All the threes for Trinity!
Christ, and the love of God, and the
fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all
evermore, Amen’.
The apostle Paul concluded one of his
letters to the troubled church in Corinth with
this prayer. It is remarkable, because it is              September Birthdays
addressed to each of the three Persons of
the Holy Trinity– Father, Son and Holy                       7. Margaret McCann
Spirit, and the prayer asks that the special                 10. Nell Nash
blessings of each Person in the Godhead                      12. Sheila Barnard
will be poured on us as believers.                           15. Hannah Davidson
The story of the hymn’s author, John
                                                             18. Rene Long
Newton, is well-known. He was press-                         21. Emma Gurney
ganged into the Navy, absconded, then
became a slave trader, with little thought
either for God, or his fellow human beings.
However, it was during a severe storm at
sea that John vowed to God that if he were
brought home safely through the danger,                       Tapestry Group
he would devote his life to higher things. So           Meetings will be open for the 7th
John was ordained, became a Church of                     and 21st September only-
England clergyman in the City of London,
where we are told he was ’better known for
his goodness than his greatness’- poor                        49 Wellington Road
fellow, he was apparently a rather poor                  10am -12.00 with coffee and
preacher, but much loved by his congrega-                        cake at 11.00
tion. He held special services for children                                 .
and unusually, special services for the

                                                                                 Network Easy
                                                                                Problems? Slow e-mail?
                                                                                  Printer not working?
                                                               We can fix these problems and more.
                                                                    Contact John Edmondson
                                                                      Office# 020 8123 0452
                                                                     Mobile# 07714 995 789

                       FUN IN THE SUN CTIBC 21 8 .10
What a fun day was had by all at the Fun in the
Sun event, held by all the churches on and near
Bromley Common. The event was held at
Whitehall recreational grounds, and the weather,
although perhaps not classified as sunny,
certainly held up for our exciting day!
Rachael Coke and I manned the bouncy castle
along with a person from another church. Once
the children had grasped the idea that it was
free, they all hopped on with glee and had terrific
fun bouncing along with their friends!
For the more adult, but no less childish amongst
us, there was a gladiator-style bouncy castle,
the aim being to knock your opponent to the
ground. I tried to persuade my brother to have a
go, but alas, to no avail, as he refused to fight a
girl with face paint on.
Yes! I had decided to take advantage of all the
experiences available to me, and so Elizabeth
Coke gave me the appearance of a lion. I did
receive some confused looks, but I also received
a lovely smile from a toddler with the same face
paint on. He too, decided that lions are cool.
                                  Ellie Edmondson

                                           DO YOU NEED          Morley’s
                                         WITH HOUSEWORK       Painting and
                                          CHANGING BEDS
                                               ETC             Decorating
                                          PLEASE PHONE:-        Services
                                          GINA 02084648305    Internal and external
                                                                 Free Estimates
                                           (retired Marks &
                                                Spencer        020-8462 0156
                                           Staff with 30yrs   Mobile: 07956 562029

     Alma’s Cookery Collection                              Allotment Show at St Luke’s
              Recipe for the month                                 Church Hall

              Creamy Chicken Risotto

             8 ozs long grain rice
             1tablespoon vegetable oil
             8 ozs chicken fillets (cubed)
             1 onion (chopped)
             3½ozs mushrooms (sliced)
             1 red pepper (chopped)
             1 can Cream of Chicken soup
             (I used Campbell’s)
             ½pt white wine or chicken stock          Southlands Road Allotments and Gardens
             Frozen peas, beans or fresh veg          Association held their annual show at St
                                                      Luke’s church hall on the 21 August.
Cook rice as pack instructs. Drain.                   The association is an annual user of the
Meanwhile, in a large frying pan, heat oil &          church hall, it was good to see their
stir fry chicken, onion, pepper & mushrooms           produce displayed for the general public to
for 5 mins.                                           view. There was also a display of craftwork
Stir in soup, wine, peas & beans & simmer             and children’s art.
for 10 mins, stirring occasionally.                   An auction of some of the produce was
Stir in hot rice and serve.                           held at the end of the show.

                                                                    FINAL PHOTO

       Crossword answers.
ACROSS: 8, Kiriath Jearim. 9, Toe. 10, Ill at
ease. 11, Hated. 13, Miletus. 16, Started.
19, Micah. 22, Leviticus. 24, Eli. 25, Mary
and Joseph.
DOWN: 1, Sketch. 2, Priest. 3, Samizdat. 4,
Shalom. 5, Wept. 6, Breast. 7, Embers. 12,
Art. 14, Limassol. 15, UNA. 16, Salome. 17,
Adverb. 18, Decade. 20, Clever. 21, Height.
23, Tear.
                                                           Elizabeth painting Ellie’s lion face.

     Wallace Pring                    BLADES HEATING LTD.
                & Co
                                       AGA—RAYBURN COOKER
        40 Chatterton Road
   020 8460 1897 & 020 8460 7767          DISTRIBUTORS

         Prescriptions collected        HEATING ENGINEERS
           Delivery available
      Free advice from Pharmacist
         Full range of toiletries
            Film processing                OXTED, SURREY
            Post Office
            020 8460 2757            TEL 01883-713378
                                     FAX 01883-730826

                          The Spire September Crossword
                                                           1      Rough drawing (2 Kings 16:10) (6)
                                                           2      See 24 Across
                                                           3      Underground literature (including Christian
                                                           books) circulated in the Soviet Union (8)
                                                           4      Lo, mash (anag.) (6)
                                                           5      The Bible’s shortest verse: ‘Jesus — ’ (John
                                                           11:35) (4)
                                                           6      ‘Can a mother forget the baby at her — and
                                                           have no compassion on the child she has
                                                           borne?’ (Isaiah 49:15) (6)
                                                           7      Can be seen in a dying fire (Psalm 102:3) (6)
                                                           12     ‘Send me, therefore, a man... experienced in
                                                           the — of engraving, to work in Judah and Jerusa-
                                                           lem’ (2 Chronicles 2:7) (3)
                                                           14     Second city of Cyprus (8)
                                                           15     United Nations Association (1,1,1)
                                                           16     One of the women who first heard that Jesus
                                                           had risen from the dead (Mark 16:1) (6)
                                                           17     Braved (anag.) (6)
                                                           18     — of Evangelism, outreach initiative in the
                                                           1990s (6)
                                                           20     ‘Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes
              Crossword clues                              and — in their own sight’ (Isaiah 5:21) (6)
                                                           21     ‘Neither — nor depth... will be able to sepa-
                                                           rate us from the love of God’ (Romans 8:39) (6)
8      Where the ark of the covenant was kept for
                                                           23     What Jesus shed in 5 Down (4)
20 years (1 Samuel 7:1) (7,6)
9      One of the parts of the body on which blood
and oil were put in the ritual cleansing from infec-
tious skin diseases (Leviticus 14:14–17) (3)
10     Uncomfortable (3,2,4)
11     11     ‘Yet I have loved Jacob, but Esau I
       have — ’ (Malachi 1:3) (5)
13     Where Paul said farewell to the elders of the
church in Ephesus (Acts 20:17) (7)
16     ‘Jesus bent down and — to write on the                           Answers on page 6
ground with his finger’ (John 8:6) (7)
19     Prophet from Moresheth (Jeremiah 26:18) (5)
22     Comes between Exodus and Numbers (9)
24 and 2 Down        ‘Then Elkanah went home to
Ramah, but the boy ministered before the Lord un-
der — the — ’ (1 Samuel 2:11) (3,6)
25     There was no room for them in the inn
(Luke 2:7) (4,3,6

            WILLIAM BURKE &
              MICHAEL Ltd.
            Carpet Specialists
               BEDDING                                      For your House and Garden
        EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL                                      maintenance.
              57-61 Chatterton Road                          House painting, room decorating,
             Bromley, Kent BR2 9QQ                           garden clearance / maintenance,
             Telephone 020-8460 5103
                                                                       fencing, etc.
                                     079 302 32 776 / 020 8289 3759


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