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									Gloves - Disposable
examiNatioN grade viNyl                                             diSpoSable polyetHyleNe
•	 Pure	100%	premium	vinyl                                          •	 Most	economical	glove	
•	 Exceptional	fingertip	sensitivity                                •	 Short	term	use
•	 Soft	and	stretchable	for	comfortable	wear                        •	 Talc-free
•	 USP	grade	corn	starch	for	powdered	gloves                        •	 Offers	mild		
•	 Beaded	cuff	for	added	strength                                      chemical	resistance
•	 Ambidextrous	design                                              •	 Thin	enough		
•	 Thickness:	4	mil                                                    for	fingertip	sensitivity
•	 9.5"	in	length                                                   •	 0.02	mm,	ambidextrous;		
•	 AQL	1.5                                                             one	size	fits	all	
•	 CFIA	approved                                                    •	 Case	Qty:	100	bags	or	boxes
•	 Case	Qty:	10	boxes                                               •	 Sold	per	bag	of	100	gloves
•	 Sold	per	box	of	100	gloves
Applications:	Light	manufacturing,		
maintenance,	food	processing,		
laboratory	applications,		
painting	and	janitorial	
                                                                    Order	No.	           Size
Order	No.	          Size            Order	No.	             Size     SAQ704	             Small
POWDereD                            POWDer-Free                     SAQ705	            Medium
SAP328	           X-Small           SAP333	               X-Small   SAQ706	             Large
SAP329	            Small            SAP334	                Small    SAQ707	            X-Large
SAP330	           Medium            SAP335			             Medium
SAP331	            Large            SAP336			              Large
SAP332	           X-Large           SAP337			             X-Large

derma tHiN® gloveS                                                  N-dex® NigHtHawKtm
Unsupported	natural	rubber	glove,	ambidextrous,	                    •	 Powder-free	textured	fingertips
surgical	type,	disposable	glove	with	strength,		                    •	 Patented	accelerator-free	nitrile	formulation
unsurpassed	sensitivity	and	optimum	dexterity.		                    •	 Low-modulus	comfort	and	feel
5	mil	thickness.	100	gloves	per	dispenser.		AQL	4.0.	               •	 Static-dissipative	properties	(ESD)
Applications:	Recommended	for	cosmetic	and		                        •	 Ideal	for	automotive,electronic		
pharmaceutical	laboratories,	food	processing	and	                      assembly,	laboratory,		
electric	applications.	Chloride	free	with	only	a	trace	                law-enforcement	and	security		
of	sulphur.                                                            environments
Order	    Mfg.	     	                                               •	 4	mil,	length	9",	AQL	1.5
No.	      No.	      Size                                            •	 Case	Qty:	20	boxes
                                                                    •	 Sold	per	box	of	50	gloves
liGHtlY	POWDereD,	GreeN,	10",	cFiA	APPrOveD
SAP316	 1005S-06	 Small
SAP317	 1005S-07	 Medium
SAP318	 1005S-08	 Large                                             Order	       Mfg.	
liGHtlY	POWDereD,	WHite,	10",	cONFOrMS		                            No.	         No.	                 Size
tO	21cFr,	170-199	NOrMS                                             SAl084	      7700PFTS	           Small
SAJ735	 5005XS	 X-Small                                             SAl085	      7700PFTM	          Medium
SA546	 5005S	       Small                                           SAl086	      7700PFTL	           Large
SA545	 5005M	 Medium                                                SAl087	      7700PFTXL	         X-Large
SA544	 5005L	       Large
SAJ736	 5005XL	 X-Large

viNyl-taSK examiNatioN
grade viNyl                                                         blue viNyl exam
•	 100%	vinyl	does	not	contain		                                    •	 Pure	100%	premium	vinyl
   allergy-causing	proteins                                         •	 Exceptional	fingertip	sensitivity
•	 Excellent	sensitivity		                                          •	 Soft	and	stretchable		
   and	dexterity                                                       for	comfortable	wear
•	 Available	in	lightly		                                           •	 Beaded	cuff	for		
   powdered	or		           Order	 Mfg.	               	                added	strength
   powder-free             No.	    No.	             Size            •	 Ambidextrous	design
•	 Ambidextrous,	5	mil.,	 POWDereD                                  •	 Thickness:	4	mils
   9"	long	rolled	cuff                                              •	 AQL	1.5
                           Sc521	 T525/S	          Small            •	 Case	Qty:	10
•	 AQL	1.5
                           SF931	 T525/M	         Medium            •	 Sold	per	box		
•	 Complies	with			
                           Se356	 T525/L	          Large               of	100	gloves
   USDA	and	FDA		
                           SF932	 T525/XL	        X-Large
   regulations,	21-CFR		
   for	use	in	food		       POWDer-Free                              Order	No.	           Size
   processing              SAJ737	 T525PF/7S	      Small            SAQ700	             Small
•	 Case	Qty:	10            SAJ738	 T525PF/8M	     Medium            SAQ701	            Medium
•	 Sold	per	box		          SAJ739	 T525PF/9L	      Large            SAQ702	             Large
   of	100	gloves           SAJ740	 T525PF/10XL	   X-Large           SAQ703	            X-Large

182                                                                                                                    27141E

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