Outward Bound Report

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					Outward Bound Report
Seventy two Yr8 students have just recently joined the growing number of
Albury High School students who have successfully completed the 7 day
Outward Bound outdoor education course.

This year the course was run a month earlier than ever before. Initial thoughts
were that the weather may be quite cool and the likelihood of rain was very
high. However, we were very fortunate to have mostly fine weather with just
a couple of light showers which just added to the whole experience.

The experience for each group included such activities as abseiling, rock
climbing, caving, raft building, hiking, map reading and navigating. As well as,
team initiatives or group challenges that required teamwork and problem
solving skills for the group to win the challenge. Not to mention bush cooking,
lighting camp fires and setting up shelters to hopefully keep warm and dry at
night. Initially, students thought the packs felt heavy and the hills seemed
steep, but each day the focus turned more towards the fun activities and
cooperation in the group setting as everyone took their turn to contribute to
the group effort and show consideration and leadership.

The teachers who escorted the groups this year were Mr Schupina, Mr
Morrison, Mrs Albert and Mr Fletcher. Mr Heitmeyer worked in back-up to see
that each group had their food drops and water supplies when required. The
next time you see any of these teachers or, of course, the Yr8 students, ask
them about how the week went.

In total, approximately 550 Albury High School students have now trekked
through the wilderness south of Canberra to discover their potential. On an
Outward Bound course, you discover that you are capable of much more than
you thought.

Congratulations to the Yr8 students on, firstly on having the courage to be
involved, and secondly, on successfully completing the Outward Bound course.

Mr Fletcher