Gift Ideas for Boyfriend - The Adventure Lover by aihaozhe2


									If your boyfriend is always on the go and happens to really enjoy outdoor activities
such as surfing, camping out, windsurfing, mountain climbing, or exploring exotic
spots then he will really love these gift ideas for guys:

The Solio universal hybrid solar charger is both cool and eco-friendly. It has the
power to charge your boyfriend's entire collection of portable and cool electronic
gadgets including smarthphones, iPod, PDA, GPS, Bluetooth headset, digicam,
different brands of MP3 players, and so on. It's stylish and very useful for outdoor
adventures where a wall socket is not always available. It basically gets its energy
from sun and he can even charge this charger (pretty neat huh?) before going out
instead of charging all his gadgets at the same time.

Underwater camera is a not new but this Underwater Digital Camera Mask is taking
digital photography to the next level. A great gift for guys who love to snorkel or
explore the mystery of the sea. This nifty gadget combines swim mask with a 5 mega
pixel waterproof digicam to keep his hands free while he swims. It's submersible up to
15 feet and designed with a crosshair for accurate shoot.

Garmin Forerunner 405 GPS Sports Watch is a great gadget and a sweet reminder to
make him exercise on a regular basis. Developed for all kinds of athletes, it's
equipped with a built-in GPS that easily monitors every single move he makes and
records important information such as his heart rate, distance traveled, speed, calories
lost, and pace of workout. It's like having a personal trainer less the annoying pep

Why bring bottled water while jogging or mountain climbing if you can carry your
water on backpack? This is basically what this outdoor gear is all about. It's a
relatively small knapsack that holds about 70 oz of water and has a plastic tube
connected inside it. Every time he's thirsty, he simply needs to bite and take a sip on
the tube. No need to stop just to drink water and it avoids any leaks or damage to your
precious H20.

Weather-proof HD Video Camera is great for capturing his adrenaline-pumping
activities and even funny moments. Its rubberized casing enables it to withstand harsh
conditions without sacrificing quality. This may sound geeky to you but I can't help
but mention that all videos are recorded in 720p HD quality. In short, it's very clear!

Wireless Weather Forecaster is a gadget that will keep him informed about the latest
weather reports in the next 5 days. For many adventure lovers, getting accurate and
up-to-date weather info is very crucial for it dictates the flow of activities. It looks like
a digital alarm clock but it has the power to display the current temperature, wind chill,
humidity, as well as the daily highs and lows of the day.

Atomic Travel Clock is perhaps the best thing ever invented in this world. That is if
you ask any traveler who keeps moving from one time zone to another. What makes
this high-tech clock special is its ability to synchronize time around the world
automatically. No need to adjust your clock to set the right alarm. Standard features
include my favorite snooze option, backlight temperature, and date display.

Aquapac Utility Case is ideal for guys who love rafting, kayaking, and other water
sports. It's a transparent waterproof bag that protects all his prized possessions like
wallet, mobile phone, credit card, journal, and other stuff. On top of that, this cool
case also floats in the event he drops it in the water.

Leatherman Skeletool CX is a lightweight multitool that he must carry every single
adventure. It can function as a wire cutter, regular pliers, bottle opener, and even
large-bit driver. Regular multitools are quite heavy but this one weighs only 5 ounces!

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