GI Joe Toys And Men Who Collect Them by aihaozhe2


									If you ever took the time to browse one of the many figurine and collectible toy shops
in your city, you would invariably notice that the clientele browsing the stalls may be
a little more grizzled than you would expect in a toy shop. Toys are no longer solely
for children aged 5 to 12, adults have now also become avid collectors. Amongst the
most popular are action figurines and collectibles based on popular movies or TV
series. GI Joe toys have maintained their popularity throughout the decades, appealing
to a wide demographic.

The GI Joe toy line was launched in 1964 by Stan Weston in an attempt to capture the
commercial success of Barbie dolls. Instead of catering to girls, the GI Joe toy line
included military themed action figures marketed towards boys. Although it met with
enormous success initially, GI Joe toys was challenged with coming up with new
products and techniques to appeal to fresh generations of boys every decade. It
achieved the height of commercial success in 1982 when it was relaunched in a 3-3/4
size already familiar to kids who played with Star Wars toys.

The 1982 GI Joe toy line achieved unprecedented success as it reinvented itself with a
variety of innovations. It created a unique set of characters with code names and
tagged them as "Real American Heroes". Kids could now collect characters such as
"Snake Eyes" or "Destro" rather than the faceless action figures that came before.
Paramount to the success of the toy line was the animated TV series and popular
comic book from Marvel. The popular appeal of the TV series also allowed Hasbro to
come out with a number of vehicles and play sets to complement the GI Joe toy

GI Joe toys can be popular with adults because they are a way for them to remember
their childhood. Much as a return visit to our elementary school or a glance at our
yearbooks can trigger memories from childhood and adolescence, so too can
collecting toys that we played with in our youth. For many of us, GI Joe toys brings
back memories of Saturday morning cartoons and carefree days of playing outside
with action figures. GI Joe toys represent another time in our lives, one which many
adults enjoy reconnecting with.

But its not just all about the memories. GI Joe toys are aesthetically pleasing and
designed to be pose able, colorful, creative and detailed. They come with a wide
variety of accessories and are highly playable. They also possess a collector's quality
to them in that they can be collected and proudly displayed. The GI Joe toy line has
never looked better and is now easier to collect than ever before with Hasbro's release
of the 25th anniversary line. With a blockbuster movie coming out in August 2009, GI
Joe toys are poised to make a comeback and is sure to be a hot seller. This time, its
not just kids that are taking notice.

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