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                                                                                    T E R M   3   2 0 1 0

•   Dates to

•   Getting ready
    for Big
                       What’s happening at HECIS?
•   Sensory            Well HECIS is busy!!!!    Margaret - Monday          HECIS would also like
    Intergration -
                       Waiting list are now at                              to say a big “thank you”
    What Is It?
                                                                            to all who attended the
•                          weeks.
    Bored with                                                              Social Skills workshop.
    your Room?         Work days are as                                     All feedback from the
•   On the Web         follows:                                             evening has been really
                       Rebecca - Monday to                                  positive and some great
•   HECIS Play-
    group              Thursday                                             ideas to implement
                       Sheron - Tuesday and                                 were taken back to
                       Wednesday                                            centres to use.
                                                 Our team will be           If you have any ideas for
                       Jenny - Monday and
                                                 increasing with a new      any further workshops
                                                 worker in August who       or training that you
                       Cara - Tuesday to         will be working 4 days a   would like to see held
                       Friday                    week. We all look          in our area please feel
                       Paula - Monday to         forward to our new         free to email us at
                                                 team member joining

                       Important Dates to Remember…
                       Applications for          Applications for Early     HECIS Committee
                       Support Classes close     intervention Class at      Meeting -
                       on 27th of August         Sth Windsor close on       ALL WELCOME!!!!!
                       2010                      the 22nd of October
                                                                            Tuesday 10th of August
                       Applications for ISP      2010
                       funding for 2011 close
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                      Getting Ready for School...
                      We are getting to that time of         names.                    •        Draws a person and
                      the year when we start think-    •     Knows age and birth           basic shapes.
                      ing about all our “big Chil-           date.
                      dren” going off to school next   •   Asks for help and/or ask    •       Cuts out a simple
                      year. Here are some great            questions.                      shape.
                      things to think about and work   •     Recognises own be-
                      on before the big day arrives!         longings.                 •        Interacts comfortably
                                                       •     Sits and listens with-        with children and adults.
                      •    Independently takes care          out distraction for a
                           of toileting needs.               reasonable amount of      Adapted from the information
                      •    Takes care of personal            time.                     at
                           hygiene e.g. washes and     •     Completes a task
                           dries hands; blows nose.      without needing lots of
                      •    Eats independently.           prompting from teacher.
                      •    Finds and takes care of                                     school/general-kindergarten-
                           personal belongings.        •        Holds a pencil or      readiness-skills.html
                                                           crayon with correct grip.
                      •    Knows first and last

                      Sensory Intergration - What Is It?
     "Children are    While many parents have heard of attention deficit disorder, few parents are aware of how
                      their child's relationship to his senses, can affect his physical development. All children and
great imitators. So   adults, in one way or another have sensory sensitivities. There will always be certain smells
                      that make one person feel sick and do not bother someone else, or a certain sound that makes
         give them    a person's skin crawl while it does not affect someone else. But what many parents and
  something great     professionals do not realize, is that there are children for whom this sensitivity keeps them
                      from learning in a classroom or at home.
       to imitate."
                      In fact, in addition to the five senses of touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight, there are two
             Anon.    more senses that are also essential to a child's development: the movement sense (vestibular)
                      and position in space (proprioception).

                      All seven of these senses need to properly take in information from the environment and
                      organize them in a way that our bodies can use. This is called sensory integration. Sometimes
                      there are imbalances in this system that can lead to over or under sensitivity in one or several
                      of these areas.

                      Being either over or under sensitive in one or several of these seven areas can affect a child's
                      ability to perform physical tasks.

                      Here are some examples:
                      •      Touch - A child might be sensitive to the feel of objects against his skin. He might
                        hate activities such as dress up, pretend play with makeup, or arts and craft activities that
                        involve working with play dough or clay. A child who is overly sensitive to touch may
                        overreact when touched even lightly on the shoulder by a teach or a friend. A child who is
                        underlie sensitive may have no reaction if he falls or hurts himself.

                      •       Smell - A child might react strongly to unusual or strong smells or not seem to notice
                          even unusual smells such as food burning or gas leaking.

                      •       Taste - Some children are particularly sensitive to the taste of different foods.
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                                    •        Position in Space -         •        Movement - an overly
                                        Some children have                   sensitive child may fear
                                        difficulty evaluating how            climbing on a jungle gym,
                                        much space is needed to              and have difficulty with
                                        reach a certain item. This           gross motor activities. An
                                        would include putting a peg-         underlie sensitive child may
                                        board down on the table              be fidgety, jump on the
                                        without tipping it over, judg-       couch all afternoon, and
                                        ing if there is room for a           have difficulty sitting down
                                        child to crawl underneath a          to do table activities such as
•        Sight - Strong lights or       jungle gym and sitting down          a puzzle.
    certain types of colours may        on the center of the chair. A
    bother a child.                     child who seems to eternally                                          “The most
                                                                         Who to see? An Occupational
                                        "miss the chair" when sitting    Therapist. They can asses the        effective
•       Hearing - A child may           down may be having               child and prescribe a Sensory        kind of
    be disturbed by sudden or           difficulty in this area.         Diet to help regulate the child’s    education is
    loud noises.                                                         senses.                              that a child
                                                                                                              should play

Bored with your Room???

• Avoid having any "blind           • Pull equipment away from           • Having a warm and
spots" or areas where children      the walls. Utilize your              inviting preschool classroom is
cannot be seen.                     equipment to create "nooks"          useful for many reasons. Your
                                    and to visually invite people to     goal should be getting children
• Separate quiet and loud           come all the way into the            to enjoy coming to preschool
areas so that children can          classroom                            everyday. Enhancing their
respect each other’s play                                                ability to learn. Parents will
experiences.                        • Make sure that your                also feel more comfortable
                                    environment offers many              leaving their child in your care
                                    diverse opportunities to             if your room looks welcoming.
• Create a soft, quiet area
where a child can choose to be      explore different textures and
alone.                              tactile experiences.

On the Web...
Need to make some                                                        •       http://
Social Stories and                  •       http://                              www.visualaidsfor
need some Visuals as                      
well. Here are a few                        SocialStories.htm                    products/
sites with some great                                                            index.htm
resources.                          •       http://
                                                •       http://
•       http://                             /social_stories            
        www.makebeliefs                                                          m/
        comix. com/
Hawkesbury Early Childhood
Intervention Service

12 Stewart St
Sth Windsor
2756 NSW

Phone: 45877277
Fax: 45877277


     HECIS Playgroup...
     HECIS Playgroup is still      the Playgroup to any              place for Parents and
     running every school Term     families that access your         Carers to come and meet
     on Mondays between 10         centre. The playgroup is a        other Families in a safe and
     am and 12pm.                  fantastic , safe place for        welcoming environment
     This is a FREE service and    children to come and              from their local area, who
     we welcome anyone to          explore and practice their        are also meeting the
     attend who as any             skills . It is also a fantastic   challenges of navigating the
     concerns about any aspect                                       different therapies and
     of their child’s                                                situations that they now
     development. The                                                find themselves in having a
     Playgroup can be a gentle                                       child or children with
     way of beginning what can                                       additional needs.
     be a somewhat difficult
     journey for some of our
      So feel free to give out a
                                    Outdoor play time at HECIS
     flyer or information about

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