NAR Bottom Lines 2009

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					       Northern Adelaide Region: “Our Bottom Lines”
                    Developed in 2009

1. Pre Referral Process

   •   All Northern Adelaide Sites will action a Pre referral process prior to
       submitting a formal referral application.

2. Exclusions
   • The business of Exclusions is the responsibility of all Northern Area
      Site Leaders.
   • Placement alternatives for an excluded student/child are discussed
      at the Exclusion meeting.
   • A Regional ISBN is expected to attend all exclusion meetings for
      students under the age of 16 years.
   • If an alternate school/site placement is required, the site leader
      negotiates the placement. The site leader will contact up to 3 sites
      within 5 school days of the exclusion being formalised, to try and
      facilitate a placement.
   • If no placement has been found, the site leader contacts the
      regional Services Manager, and they will then assume responsibility
      for allocating a placement. The Regional Exclusion Data base will
      be used as a resource to ensure fairness of allocation. The local
      school context will also be a consideration in the allocation process.
   • The RD/ARD is the contact person where a site leader has a
      grievance about the process.
   • Home Exclusion is a last resort and clear documentation is
      required to support this last option.

3. Enrolment of GOM students in Northern Adelaide sites

   •   A GOM student living in Foster Care has the right to access their
       local school. (the Families SA case manager facilitates the
   •   A GOM student living in residential care and/or alternative
       placement (NOT Foster Care) is enrolled by the Families SA Case
       Manager through the Regional Services Manager (as per the
       “Changing Places Changing Schools” document from Families SA).
       The Regional services Manager will then oversee the enrolment
       allocation process.
   •   The RD/ARD will allocate to a site a placement of a GOM student if
       the regional Services Manager is unable to successfully negotiate
       an enrolment with 3 site leaders.

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