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      Work Experience
      Evaluation Review

Creating successful links between
     business and education
We pride ourselves on creating
successful links between education
and business. We hope that you enjoy
reading the 2009 - 2010 academic year
testament statements from employers,
young people and staff from schools
and colleges – together we have made
a difference!

                    Barbara Chantrill
                    Chief Executive LEBC
   Setting up work experience placements with employers
All students have the opportunity to undertake a work experience placement for 1 to 2 weeks
when they are 14 – 16 years old. Some students also undertake a work placement relating to
their studies whilst in sixth form, college, studying a Young Apprenticeship Programme or a
Diploma. For many students this is their first experience of a working environment and many
situations will be new and strange to them. It is crucial to their development that this first
experience of work is a positive learning situation.

Placement opportunities secured in 2009 – 2010 academic year
During 2009-2010 academic year we visited 2,793 employers and from these visits we
secured 3,100 different opportunities. The figures include 1 and 2 week block placements,
Diploma and Young Apprenticeship opportunities, as well as extended placements for
vulnerable students. Over 10,500 students participated in work experience this year.

Safeguarding developments
Following discussions with both Local Authorities we have instigated some significant
process changes to the work experience programme which will be adopted from September
2010. These include:
       The way the generic risk assessment and agreed control measures are presented.
       Previously the information would appear in a list. Going forward this information will
       appear in a traditional risk assessment format clearly highlighting each main
       workplace hazard, the risk and the agreed control measures.
       The second change accommodates the Local Authority requirement to have evidence
       of a specific students risk assessment. This has always been left to the placement
       provider, as their legal requirement to identify whether the generic risk assessment
       was adequate for students. However, this now forms part of the Work Experience
       Agreement which each placement provider, parent and student are required to sign
       and additional sections on this agreement allow for extra information to be added
       once the student has been interviewed.
       The third change is that wherever possible ALL students must have the opportunity to
       undertake an interview with the placement provider. This in the past has always been
       encouraged but not all schools have enforced this or indeed not all placement
       providers can accommodate this. Where it is not possible to have an interview face-
       to-face, students must ensure that they talk to the placement provider by telephone
       prior to the placement starting. Schools are required to now log this has occurred. An
       interview will enable placement providers the opportunity to assess whether the
       generic risk assessment and control measures are adequate or need adding to,
       specific to an individual student.
       The fourth process change is the Work Experience Agreement itself. Previously one
       set of details would go to the placement and one set to the parent and student. This
       is now a single document, to be sign first by the placement once the learner has been
       interviewed and any specific information added onto the Agreement, which is then
       sent to the parent and learner - now a unique document – for both parties to sign and
       return to the school.

Database developments
Work has started on implementing our new database which will allow students to become
more involved in identifying suitable placement options as well as enabling employers to
access and check the information which they provide to us. This is an exciting move forward
for all those involved to make the system work better.

Overall we continue to build strong relationships with industry allowing a broader scope of
opportunities to be offered to the young people of Leicester City and Leicestershire.
                           Evaluation and Feedback

Evaluation One
Employers are visited on a rolling programme depending upon their occupation risk level;
high risk employer’s occupations are visited every year, medium every two years and low risk
every three years. All new employers joining the programme receive an automatic visit.

                                                                      Yes            No
1a) Was this your first visit by an Employer Assessor?                54%            46%

1b) If yes, were you aware that you would be visited?                 70%            30%

2) Was the purpose of the call explained?                             99%            1%

3) Was the purpose of the need to visit explained?                    99%            1%

4) Were you informed as to what the visit would entail and what       95%            5%
would need to be seen?

5) 99% felt the overall experience with the Employer Assessor was good to excellent.

6) 98% of employers said the experience of the visit and process (i.e. duration, content,
guidance) was good to excellent.

7) 97% found the information left by the Assessor, in the Employer Pack, good to excellent.

8) 98% thought points raised in the meeting were effectively explained, either well or

9) 98% felt that the visit increased their confidence in accepting work experience students.

Feedback from employers
“A thorough and practical explanation given during the visit, which was aligned to the
company’s needs. This proved useful and built the relationship / confidence between the
company and assessor and hopefully the work experience placement.”
Wincanton Group Plc

 “I have had a great deal of experience in taking older work experience students, however,
this process has increased my willingness to extend this to those still at school.”
Melton Borough Council

“Excellent meeting – very informative and explained any queries we had with regards to
undertaking a work experience applicant.”
Corporate Architecture Ltd

“This is my first year offering work experience and I found having an employer assessor visit
extremely helpful.”
Borrajo’s Veterinary Clinics
Evaluation Two

Employers’ response to a survey about the work experience process. This is what they said:

1) 96% agreed that the information received from LEBC, Leicester/Shire Work
Experience Alliance (WEXA) and the school was appropriate to the placement.

2) 90% agreed that the information about the placement was received in good time.

3) 90% said the young person contacted them prior to the placement to arrange an
interview or starting arrangements.

4) 88% felt the young person was well prepared for work experience.

5) 87% agreed that the young person was aware of the learning opportunities available
and had clear aims for the experience.

6) 90% of employers felt that the students demonstrated an interest in their organisation
and work.

7) 88% agreed that the placement was a positive experience for their organisation.

8) 80% of young people were contacted by a teacher/tutor during the placement.

9) 63% of young people received a visit from a teacher/tutor while on placement.

10) 88% of employers will be offering work experience placements in the future.

11) 49% of employers were happy to be contacted regarding alternative placements or
curriculum development opportunities within their organisation.

Feedback from employers post the placement
“We are used to employing young people and we enjoy having them with us. We would
welcome future pupils from Belvoir High School, as in some circumstances, it has lead to full
time employment.”
Ian Smith Electrical Ltd

“Our student was a most exceptional learner in terms of attitude, effort and seeking to learn.
A most positive experience, for trainee and employer alike. She was a credit to herself, her
family and her school!”
James Coles & Son (Nurseries) Ltd

“A very positive experience / opportunity had by all.”
Gonerby Hill Foot CE Primary School

“Our work experience student worked well whilst here and was a valuable contribution to the
A & K Bushell T/A Domino Pizza
Evaluation Three
This is what students said about their work placement experiences:

                                  Very           Mostly      Some      Not
                                  enjoyable      enjoyable   enjoyment enjoyable        Dissatisfied
 How satisfied were you with 56%                 29%         11%         3%             1%
 your work experience?
                             Very                Quite       Satisfied   Slightly       Dissatisfied
                             satisfied           satisfied               dissatisfied
 How much did you enjoy your 53%                 32%         12%         3%
 work placement?
 AS A RESULT OF MY WORK                          Strongly    Agree       Disagree       Strongly
 EXPERIENCE:                                     agree                                  disagree
 1. I better understand the skills employers     36%         59%         4%             1%
 are looking for (please refer to the chart)
 2. I know which personal qualities              39%         57%         4%             0%
 employers think are important
 3. I was able to show my initiative in a        42%         53%         5%             0%
 4. I have developed some new skills that        42%         49%         8%             1%
 employers value(e g customer awareness,
 and use of IT)
 5. I developed my spoken communication          46%         48%         5%             1%
 skills, e.g. talking to adults
 6. I know I can work well with a team of        54%         42%         3%             1%
 7. I was able to show a positive attitude at    61%         37%         2%             0%
 8. I feel more confident in handling new        44%         50%         5%             1%
 9. I have a better understanding of my own      34%         54%         12%            0%
 strengths and weaknesses
 10. Do you understand better the                33%         58%         9%             0%
 importance of problem solving at work?
 11. I understand better why it is important     47%         46%         6%             1%
 to do well at school
 12. I am more prepared to work hard in          38%         51%         9%             2%
 lessons and my coursework
 13. I understand better how workplaces are      42%         51%         6%             1%
 14. I have experience of working with           49%         47%         4%             0%
 people who have different roles
 15. I have a better understanding of            38%         49%         13%            0%
 people’s rights and responsibilities at work,
 e.g. health and safety & equal opportunities
 16. I am clearer about what I want to do in     37%         42%         17%            4%
 my future education and career (post-16)
Comments from students about their placement:

“Work experience helped me to learn about the world of work and made me realise what I
wanted to do.”

“I learnt a lot whilst on work experience including skills to carry on into the future.”

“I may now consider engineering as a career; it would be nice if there were more women
considering it.”

“Definitely give work experience a try and be open minded. You may find that you
think differently about things – your views may change.”

“I would definitely recommend work experience to others, the employer gets to know you and
it helps to build trust and friendship”.
(This young person is now undertaking an apprenticeship with the company he did his work
experience with.)

“It was a memorable experience, very enjoyable and I did not want it to end!”

In Kind
   Work Experience                                               £1,500,000
            Leicestershire Education Business Company
               (LEBC) would like to thank all learners,
              businesses and teachers who have been
               involved in this year’s work experience

             We also thank you for your feedback which
            we use to continuously improve our service to
                 schools across the city and county.

                   Want to Make a Difference?

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  our events schedule for 2010-11 please contact us via the details below:

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