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									This Product Defect Notice is used by a product user experiencing any defect in such
product to notify the manufacturer, distributor, or retailer of the defect. The notice sets
forth the essential information including a description of the product, the date of
purchase, the nature of the defect, any injuries or damages incurred, and the product
vendor. It requests that a representative from the company contact the individual. The
recipient of the notice is likely to respond and offer to remedy the defect in order to
avoid any legal action that may ensue. This document should be used by a consumer
of a defective product.
                                    PRODUCT DEFECT NOTICE

Date: ____ [Month] ____ [Day], 20____

To: _________________________________ [Instruction: insert company name]

Dear ________________________________ [Instruction: insert company contact name or
Notice is hereby provided that we have purchased a product manufactured, distributed, or sold by
you and described as:
[Instruction: Describe the product and defect]
You are advised of a product defect or warranty claim. In support of same we provide the
following information:
1. Date of Purchase             :             __________________________________________
    [Instruction: insert date of purchase]
2. Nature of Defect             :             __________________________________________
    [Instruction: insert brief description of product defect]
3. Injuries or Damage           :             __________________________________________
    [Instruction: insert description of injuries or damages incurred]
4. Item Purchased From          :             __________________________________________
    [Instruction: insert name of product vendor who sold the defective product]

This is provided to give you earliest notice of said claim. I request that you or your representative
contact me as soon as possible.


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