Demand for Delivery


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									This Demand for Delivery is used by a consumer when goods have been ordered and
paid for, but not received. It states that if the goods are not delivered by a certain date,
the consumer will demand a full refund of all amounts paid. The consumer also
reserves the right to demand other damages as permitted by law. This letter lays out
the format for making a demand for delivery and can be customized to fit the specific
needs of the individual.
                                   DEMAND FOR DELIVERY

Date: _________________

To: ____________________

Address: _______________


         RE: Demand for Delivery
            Order # _______________

Dear ________________:

Please be advised that on [Insert date of purchase] full payment in the sum of
$________________ was made for the goods referenced by the above-captioned Order Number.
The goods were to be shipped by you on [Insert date goods were to be shipped]. As of today’s
date, the goods have not been received. Accordingly, demand is hereby made that the goods be
delivered by [Insert date when goods must be received].

In the event the goods are not received by the date indicated above, (I/we) will consider you to
be in breach of contract and (I/we) shall demand a full refund of all amounts paid, including sales
tax and shipping. (I/we) further reserve all rights, including the right to demand any other
damages as permitted by law.

We shall appreciate your cooperation in resolving this issue.


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