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									A certificate of authenticity is used to authenticate a piece of artwork and will often
accompany collectible or valuable items. While there is no legal requirement for
authenticity, this document is useful to an individual or company dealing with valuable
artwork to show that customary formalities and standards have been used. This
document is intended to provide standard clauses as well as opportunities for
customization, such as specific details about the artwork including the artist’s name,
how it was procured, the work’s title, and the dimensions of the work.
                            CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY
                              (Limited Edition Reproduction)

This document is to certify that the work of art (“Artwork”) more particularly described herein is
a limited edition [Describe the artwork] reproduction. To ensure the integrity of the edition, the
Artist affirms that the edition number will not be exceeded. The Artist affirms the authenticity of
this limited edition with this certificate. All printing plates and supporting materials have been
destroyed. All reproductions have been signed and numbered by the Artist.

Artist: ___________________

Title of Work: ________________________________

Original Medium: ________________________

Limited Edition of ___________

Number: ______ / _______
[Instruction: Insert number, e.g. if the 300th of a series of 700, 300 / 700]

Date Artwork was Completed: __________________

[Name of person certifying]
Date: ______________
Place of Certification: ____________________________
Telephone Number: _______________________

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