Wedding Photo & Videography Agreement


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									This is an agreement entered into between a photographer and a client for wedding
videography and photography services. This agreement can be customized to include
the date of the wedding, ceremony location, reception location, production time,
payment terms, payment method, and description of the services that will be rendered.
This agreement can be used by small businesses that offer photography and
videography services, or by engaged couples looking to hire a photographer for their

This Wedding Photography/Videography Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made and entered into
this ____ day of ___________, 20__ (the “Effective Date”), by and between
____________________________ (the “Photographer”) and __________________________
(the “Client”), hereinafter collectively referred to as (the “Parties”).


         WHEREAS, Client wishes to hire the Services of Photographer to videotape and
         photograph the wedding ceremony of Client, which includes rehearsal events, the
         wedding ceremony and the reception (the “Wedding”), and to produce photographs,
         proofs, albums, negative films and a video playback program on DVD, videodisc (the
         “Services”); and

         WHEREAS, Photographer agrees to videotape and photograph the wedding on the terms
         and conditions as set forth hereunder.

IN CONSIDERATION of the mutual benefits and covenants set forth below, the sufficiency of
which is acknowledged by the Parties, and with the intent to be legally bound by this Agreement,
the Parties expressly agree as follows:


    i. The Wedding to be held on ___________________ (the “Wedding Day”)

    ii. The Wedding will be held at: _____________________________________________

         The Street Address is: ________________________________


         Start Time: ____________ End Time: ____________

    iii. The Reception will be held at: _______________________ [Optional]

         The Street Address is: ________________________________


         Start Time ____________ End Time _____________

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    iv. The Rehearsal will be held on: _________________________

         Location of the rehearsal is: ____________________________________________

         Start Time ____________ End Time _____________

    v. Name of the Bride: __________________________________

         Address of the Bride: ________________________________


         Phone: H________________ W________________ Cell ______________

         Email: _______________________________

    vi. Name of the Groom: __________________________________

         Address of the Groom: ________________________________


         Phone: H________________ W________________ Cell ______________

         Email: _______________________________


The Services shall begin _____ hour(s) prior to the scheduled ceremony, when Photographer
begins the setup of the photography equipment and shall run continuously until completion of the
wedding reception and removal of all equipment.

The approximate time allotted and as agreed upon by the Parties for the rendering of all Services
is a maximum of ______________ (____) consecutive hours.


Deposit:          $___________________

First half fee: $___________________ to be paid 10 days prior to the Wedding Date;

Final Balance:$ __________________ to be paid on delivery of the photographs and DVD’s

TOTAL FEE $____________________

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If the First half fee is not received no less than 10 days prior to the Wedding, the reservation
shall be considered cancelled without further notice.

Extra DVD copies are furnished at an extra cost of $________ each

If the total job time exceeds the time contracted for, extra charges will apply at the rate of  $
__________ per hour.
Client shall be responsible to pay for the following expenses: [Describe any expenses for which
the Client is responsible, for example, the rental charge for any equipment, additional personnel,
travel expenses, etc.]

Photographer accepts the following payment methods:
• Cash
• Personal Checks
• Company Checks
• Cashier’s Checks
• Money Orders
• PayPal®
• Visa
• MasterCard
• Discover
• American Express


Subject to the payment of a cancellation fee, Client can cancel the Production at any time by
providing written notice to the Photographer.

    i. Thirty (30) days notice of cancellation - refund of any funds on deposit, less 50%;
    ii. All cancellations with less than thirty (30) days notice - no refund of any funds on

    iii. If Photographer cancels the Production for any reason beyond its control [Instruction:
         “Any reason beyond its control” should be defined by the Parties], a 100% refund will
         be made to the Client.

    iv. [Instruction: At Photographer’s option, a cancellation within 72 hours prior to the
Wedding Client could be responsible for all out of pocket expenses as well as any portion or
the entire amount of the full Fee]

In the event of postponement of the Wedding, the deposits paid may be used for any future event
up to one year past the date of this Agreement, provided Photographer has no other obligations
or commitments for the future date. After that time, all deposits will be forfeited by

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Photographer agrees to work in a professional manner consistent with the level of care, skill,
practice and judgment exercised by other professionals in performing services of a similar nature
under similar circumstances with requisite skills, qualifications and licenses needed to carry out
such work. Photographer will make best efforts to give the Client the best photographs and
videos, but makes no guarantee, in regards to the quality of the photographs or video tapes. The
Photographer also reserves the right to edit and delete photographs as it deems fit for the benefit
of the Client. Photographer does not guarantee that participants in the event will be photographed
or included in the final edited photographs, or that any particular shot, effect or interview will be


Photographer makes no guarantee that photograph or video DVD’s provided will function in all
computers or DVD players


Upon receiving proofs for approval (the “Approval Copy”), Client may request one set of
changes. If such changes require more than one hour of editing time, such extra time shall be
billed at $________ per hour. Client shall make such change requests by email or other written
form. Once requested changes are completed, the final photographs and DVD copies will be
produced. No additional Approval Copies will be sent.

Photographer does not keep any photograph or video files on its computer for a period longer
than ___________ days from the delivery of the Approval Copy, so if any changes are requested
after that time, Photographer does not guarantee the availability of the photograph or video files.
If no changes are received by this date, it will be assumed that the Client is satisfied with the
DVD “AS IS” and NO changes will be made to the final copy.


Photographer uses the utmost care with respect to the exposure, sound capture, editing,
duplication and delivery of the photograph and video services offered. However, in the event if
all of the photographs or video tapes are lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed, for reasons beyond
Photographer’s best efforts, Photographer’s liability shall not exceed the total payments received
by the Photographer. The performance of this Agreement by Photographer shall be contingent
upon acts of God, flood, fire, warfare, government laws or regulations, electrical failure, strikes
by suppliers, and/or conditions beyond its control.

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In the event that any of Photographer's photograph or video equipment is stolen, damaged or
destroyed, either accidentally or intentionally, by the Client, its guests, attendants, or employees
of the Client, the Client will be fully responsible for the equipment's replacement value.


If Client wants inclusion of any photographs, invitations, music, and any other materials in the
Production, he shall deliver the same at least one day prior to the Wedding Day. Production will
proceed without such materials if not supplied by this time.


The Client hereby grants to Photographer and its legal representatives and assigns, the
irrevocable and unrestricted copyright to use and publish the photographs/videos of Client.
Photographer reserves the right to use the Production for commercial, promotion, display,
competition or other purposes in any manner or medium, without any compensation or liability
to the Client. Client will be responsible for advising all participants/ attendees that the wedding
event will be videotaped and photographed. All Parties attending the event will be considered as
consenting to be included in the final photographs/videos and/or commercial promotional


Client warrants that he/she has obtained any clearances required by law for the use by
Photographer and inclusion in the Production, including photographs, music or other materials
supplied by the Client for use in this video, and that Client’s use will be limited to viewing by
friends and family.

Photographer reserves the right to remove themselves and all equipment at any time if it foresee
any potential danger to themselves or equipment (belligerent or rowdy, intoxicated people;
improper fireworks; careless discharge of firearms; etc.). No refund of payments shall be given
in such cases. For outdoor weddings, the Photographer will utilize proper equipment to reduce
wind noise (fur muffs) and utilizes camera rain covers in the case of a drizzle or light rain.
However, Photographer reserves the right to immediately remove all equipment to an indoor
location in the event of weather that may be hazardous to equipment or persons, for example
lightning, strong wind, hard rain.


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It is the responsibility of the Client to secure permission of the venue to videotape and/or
photograph the Wedding. The Photographer shall put its best efforts to abide by the rules of the


Wedding Packages:
[Describe the contents and costs of packages available for purchase]

Options :
[Describe all options]

Package & Options Chosen:



This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of _______________.


The Parties agree that any claim or dispute between them or against any agent, employee,
successor, or assign of the other, whether related to this Agreement or otherwise, and any claim
or dispute related to this Agreement shall be first taken to arbitration pursuant to the rules of the
American Arbitration Association. Any award of the arbitrator may be entered as a judgment in
any court of competent jurisdiction. Further, the prevailing party to any such arbitration or any
other action that may be brought by either party shall be entitled to their reasonable attorney’s
fees and costs from the non-prevailing party in addition to any other such relief as may be


Any waiver of a breach or default hereunder shall not be deemed a waiver of a subsequent
breach or default of either the same provision or any other provision to this Agreement.


This agreement contains the entire understanding between the Photographer and the Client. It
supersedes all prior and simultaneous agreements between the Parties. Any modifications to this
Agreement must be in writing and signed by both Parties.

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The Undersigned Parties, have read and understood and agree to the terms and conditions printed
in this Agreement.

By: _________________________________
[Groom’s name]

[Bride’s name]

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