Notice to Correct Credit


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									This is a document that may be used when a person discovers information in their credit
report that is incorrect. This notice cites the Fair Credit Reporting Act ("FCRA") and
makes a formal demand to correct the incorrect or fraudulent activity. Additionally, the
FCRA requires this letter to be included as part of the credit file maintained by the credit
agency. This document can be used by individuals or entities that have found incorrect
information on their credit report and want to correct the error by making a formal
demand to the credit agency.
                             NOTICE TO CORRECT CREDIT

Date: _________________________________


Name: _____________________________[CREDIT AGENCY NAME]

Address: ______________________________________


Re: Adverse Credit Information

Dear ____________________________________:

My credit report number ____________________, dated ______________________ discloses
the following erroneous credit information:

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This information is erroneous or incomplete in the following respects:

In accordance with the provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, I request that this letter be
made a part of my credit file maintained by you and thereupon disseminated with any request on
me. I further request that this erroneous credit information be investigated further with the
named creditor, and that unless substantiated, then said entry be removed from your credit files.





Social Security Number

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