Letter Requesting Authorization to Release Credit Information

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									This is a letter requesting a credit applicant to authorize the company to investigate the
applicant's credit history. Most banking and credit institutions require authorization
before releasing an individual's credit information. After the applicant has signed the
authorization form, the company will be able to obtain information relating to the
applicant's creditworthiness. This also releases the companies from any damages
arising from the release of information. This document should be used by a company
that extends credit to individuals.
                         RELEASE CREDIT INFORMATION

Date: _______________________

Full Name: __________________

Address: _____________________


RE: Letter Requesting Authorization to Release Credit Information

Dear ____________________ [APPLICANT]:

Thank you for applying for credit with our company. Please fill in and sign the authorization
form enclosed below, authorizing the release of your credit information. After completing the
authorization form, submit it to us with your recent financial statement.

We reserve the right to contact your credit and bank references for verification and inquiry and
then contact you regarding credit with our company.



I,      ___________________________,      have    applied     for    credit   with
________________________.[NAME OF COMPANY] I have been requested to provide
information concerning my credit history. I hereby authorize __________________ to
investigate of my credit information.

I hereby authorize you to release my credit information, whether such information is of record or
not. I do hereby release you and all your, agents, employees, firms, companies, or parties
affiliated with you from any damages resulting from providing my credit information.

This authorization is valid for thirty (30) days from the date of my signature below. Please keep
a copy of my release request for your files.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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Signature: ______________________________ Date: _______________

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