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					       OSCC MAMPU OSS Case Study Awards 2010
    Email Management with Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS)
                      Network Edition

Haji Mohd Pozi Awang

Government Agency/Institution
Lembaga Koko Malaysia

Full Street Address
Tingkat 5 & 6, Wisma SEDCO, Beg Berkunci 211, 88999 Kota Kinabalu,

Full Postal Address
88999 Kota Kinabalu


Phone : +6088-234477
Fax : +6088-239575

Awards Categories
Public Sector Agencies

Agency Background

The mission of the Board is to ensure an integrated and competitive
growth of the cocoa industry through innovative development.

• To maximize the contribution of the cocoa industry to income,
  employment opportunities and foreign exchange through increasing
  productivity of up-stream and increasing investment in downstream
• To develop Malaysia as a processing and trading centre for cocoa and
• To strengthen and expand the market for Malaysian cocoa as well as to
  penetrate new ones.
• To enhance quality and competitiveness of Malaysian cocoa and cocoa
• To facilitate and provide infrastructure and support for the growth of
  the industry.

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        OSCC MAMPU OSS Case Study Awards 2010
     Email Management with Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS)
                       Network Edition

•   To ensure the development of cocoa is in harmony with the

Principle Objectives of the Project
• To get an email system that is compatible with any operating system
   and web browser.
• To get an efficient and effective email system; easy for system and
   user administration.
• To get mobile messaging function for mobile users.

Key Partners
Information Management and Library Unit
Provided input and infrastructure solution for project implementation.

Primary OSS Technologies
The Zimbra Collaboration Suite provides the following messaging and
collaboration solutions:
• Email messaging
• Calendar
• Address Books
• Web document authoring

The core functionality within the Suite is as follows:
• Mail delivery and storage
• Indexing of mail messages upon delivery
• Backup services
• Mailbox server logging
• IMAP and POP support
• Directory services
• Anti-spam protection
• Anti-virus protection

Administrators can easily manage domains, servers, and accounts from
the browser based administration console and can manage backup, bulk
provision accounts, and perform cross-mailbox searches from the
Command Line Utility.
• Delegate a domain administrator
• Move mailboxes from one server to another
• Import Microsoft Exchange user accounts
• Add accounts and domains
• Set account restrictions either for an individual account or by COS

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        OSCC MAMPU OSS Case Study Awards 2010
     Email Management with Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS)
                       Network Edition

•   Manage distribution lists
•   Set up virtual hosts on a domain
•   Manage servers
•   Define policies for moving older messages to secondary storage
•   Backup and restore accounts
•   Monitor usage

The Zimbra Web Client mail features include the ability to:
• Compose, read, reply, forward, and use other standard mail features
• View mail by conversation threads
• Tag mail to easily group messages for quick reference
• Perform advanced searches
• Save searches
• Use Calendar to schedule appointments
• Share calendars with others
• Create address books and share with others
• Set mailbox usage preferences, including defining mail filtering options
• Use Zimbra Documents to create, organize and share web documents

Design Specifications
The Zimbra Collaboration Suite is designed to provide an end-to-end mail
solution that is scalable and highly reliable. The messaging architecture is
built with well-known open-system technology and standards and is
composed of a mail server application and a client interface.

The architecture includes the following advantages:
• Open source integrations. - Linux®, Apache Tomcat, Postfix, MySQL®,
• Uses industry standard open protocols. - SMTP, LMTP, SOAP, XML,
• Modern technology design. - Java, JavaScript thin client, DHTML.
• Horizontal scalability. - Because each mailbox server includes its own
  data store, message store, and set mailbox accounts, you don’t change
  anything on existing servers in order to scale the system. To scale for
  additional mail accounts, add more servers.
• High availability support. - Red Hat Cluster Suite is integrated with ZCS,
  for cluster management.
• Browser based client interface.
• Administration console to manage accounts and servers.

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       OSCC MAMPU OSS Case Study Awards 2010
    Email Management with Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS)
                      Network Edition

End Client Usage Model
ZCS is a web-based email solution. End-user and administrator can access
the system using web interface internally and external via web browser.
ZCS also can be access using other mail client such as Outlook
Express,Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and also can be access
using Zimbra Desktop.

Overview of System
For this email system (, we are using HP ProLiant ML530
G2 and Red Hat Enterprice Linux Standard as the operating system.

Zimbra architecture includes open-source integrations using industry
standard protocols.

The third-party software listed below is bundled with Zimbra software and
installed as part of the installation process. These components have been
tested and configured to work with the software.
• Apache Tomcat, the web application server that Zimbra software runs
• Postfix, an open source message transfer agent (MTA) that routes mail
   messages to the appropriate Zimbra server.
• OpenLDAP software, an open source implementation of the Lightweight
   Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) that provides user authentication.
• MySQL database software.
• Lucene, an open-source full featured text index and search engine.
• Verity®, a third-party source that converts certain attachment file
   types to HTML.
• Anti-virus and anti-spam open source components including:
• ClamAV, an anti-virus scanner that protects against malicious files.
• SpamAssassin and DSPAM, mail filters that attempt to identify spam.
• Amavisd-new, which interfaces between the MTA and one or more
   content checkers.
• James/Sieve filtering, used to create filters for email.

Reasons of Choosing OSS/Linux
Zimbra is based on Open Sourced software providing flexibility (RHEL,
MacOS X, SuSE). It has a low cost implementation platform. Zimbra uses
less hardware overhead. It also integrated with Spam/Anti-Virus. ZCS also

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         OSCC MAMPU OSS Case Study Awards 2010
      Email Management with Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS)
                        Network Edition

provided   with   good   support  via       Zimbra    community     groups

How and Why OSS Solve Agency Needs/Problems
Email system in LKM required functionality and services such as secure
user authentication, user-friendly interfaces, and good at handling viruses
and spams.

Zimbra Collaboration Suite can solve and offer multiple OSS application
and technologies in one package.

ZCS also offer ease of administration management and user-friendly
interfaces. ZCS also allow user to run in multiple platform (Windows,
Linux, Solaris, Mac).

In terms of maintenance cost, it has lowered down our expenses by 28%.

With this deployment, it has reduced user complaint. It is now more users
friendly and the application is faster than before.

Email Administrator can easily manage user accounts, mailing list and
group using Administrative Console.

Key Experiences
We managed to deploy ZCS within 1 week as it is easy to deploy without

Current                          Project                        Status
This project have been deployed in 1 server i.e. This
server manage domain for 7 divisions and 3 units.

The following divisions/units can provide testimonials of usage:-

•   Biology Division;

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        OSCC MAMPU OSS Case Study Awards 2010
     Email Management with Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS)
                       Network Edition

•   Chemistry & Technology Division;
•   Biotekhnology Division;
•   Transfer of Technology Division;
•   Administration & Finance Division;
•   Market Development & Techno-Economy Division;
•   Regulatory & Quality Division;
•   Centre Development, Plantation and Research Resources Division;
•   Internal Audit Unit;
•   Information Management & Library Unit; and
•   Public Relation & Audio Visual Unit.

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