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					National Informatics Centre : A Premier IT Organisation of the Government

       National Informatics Centre : A Premier IT Organisation of the Government
Dr. N. Vijayaditya, Director General, NIC

Dr. Shefali S. Dash - Editor
Sh. D.C. Mishra
Ms. Shalini Chakraborty
Sh. Vinay Thakur
Ms. Mala Mittal
Ms. Manie Khaneja
Ms. Sonal Kalra
lR;eso t;rs
              Brijesh Kumar
lR;eso t;rs


Information Technology is a very important tool in the development
of any society and has become the driving force in growth of
economies worldwide. It has been found across the globe that
Information Technology has resulted in providing a fast growth path
for developing economies. E-governance Initiatives have resulted in
improving core infrastructure and providing better services to citizens.
IT has come a long way in changing the lives of the common man at
the grassroot level.

National Informatics Centre, a premier IT organization of the
government, has been providing informatics support to Central
Ministries, State Government and District Administration. It has gained
deep understanding of governance issues which have paved way
for successful designing and implementation of many e-Governance
projects like Land Records, Registration, AGMARKNET, Examination
Results, e-Post, Passport etc. The impact of government initiatives
has been observed in all sectors i.e. administration, agriculture, rural
development, judiciary, health, education, telecommunication and
transport. In the area of agriculture IT initiatives have helped farmers
to improve crop yield and give better returns at all levels.

This publication provides comprehensive information on
infrastructure, applications, projects and services of NIC, which has
been acting as catalyst and facilitator for e-governance across India.
This volume is an update of the handbook published in 2004 'ICT
Solutions for Good Governance'. This work is an attempt to create a
knowledge base of key initiatives and best practices for utilization by
IT specialists & administrators within India and abroad for providing
the benefits of IT to the common man.

                                                       (N. Vijayaditya)

New Delhi
Dated: 3rd November 2005

The Editorial Committee sincerely acknowledges the valuable direction
and guidance provided by Dr.N.Vijayaditya, Director General, National
Informatics Centre. The perspective of this document was framed by
the Committee through his vision and focus.

It has been the endeavour of the Committee to create a comprehensive
picture of the contribution of NIC in the area of good governance. It is
hoped that this knowledge base will be used as a tool to ensure that
the benefits of ICT are percolated to every citizen. One of the objectives
of this publication is that government organizations within the country
as well as governments of other countries may use the lessons learnt
to create similar success stories without the necessity of reinvention.

We are grateful for the support and cooperation extended by various
Divisions of NIC Headquarters and NIC State and District Centres in
providing details of applications and projects. We would like to thank
the Publication Division of NIC for their contribution in the publication
of this book. Last but not the least; we would like to thank the support
staff who painstakingly typed the manuscript.

                                                    Editorial Committee





1.0   Common Enterprise Applications                                         3
      1.1   Human Resource Development                                       3
      1.2   General Administrative Services                                  6

2.0   Agriculture and Allied Services                                       19
      2.1   DACNET – An eGov4D Infrastructure                               19
      2.2   Agricultural Marketing Information System Network (AGMARKNET)   20
      2.3   Coping with Disasters Online                                    21
      2.4   Fertilizer Management On-Line                                   22
      2.5   Other Services                                                  22
      2.6   Food and Civil Supplies                                         26

3.0   Rural Development                                                     31
      3.1   G2E Initiatives                                                 31
      3.2   G2G Initiatives                                                 31
      3.3   G2C Initiatives                                                 33

4.0   Land Records & Property Registration                                  37
      4.1   Computerization of Land Records                                 37
      4.2   Property Registration                                           41
      4.3   Integration of Land Records with Registration Process           44

5.0   Finance                                                               47
      5.1   Customs                                                         47
      5.2   Central Excise                                                  49
      5.3   Accounts                                                        51
      5.4   Pension                                                         52
      5.5   Audit                                                           52
      5.6   Commercial Taxes                                                52
      5.7   Budget Computerization                                          55
      5.8   Treasury                                                        55

6.0   Judiciary                                                       63
      6.1   List of Business Information System (LOBIS)               63
      6.2   Filing Counter Computerization                            63
      6.3   Case-Status                                               63
      6.4   JUDIS                                                     64
      6.5   Cause Lists on Internet                                   64
      6.6   Daily orders on the Internet                              64
      6.7   Supreme Court Computerization                             64
      6.8   High Courts Computerisation                               65
      6.9   District Courts Computerisation                           66
      6.10 Video Conferencing as a Tool to Deliver Speedier Justice   67

7.0   Health                                                          71
      7.1   e-Hospital                                                71
      7.2   e.Health.Net                                              71
      7.3   Hospital Management System in Tripura                     73
      7.4   Indian MEDLARS Centre                                     73
      7.5   Birth and Death Entry Applications & Reporting System     74
      7.6   Integrated Disease Surveillance System                    74

8.0   Infrastructure                                                  77
      8.1   Transport                                                 77
      8.2   Power and Energy                                          79

9.0   Industry and Commerce                                           83
      9.1   Company Directory                                         83
      9.2   Directorate General of Foreign Trade                      84

10.0 Human Resource Development                                       89
      10.1 Education                                                  89
      10.2 Labour & Employment                                        90
      10.3 Culture and Tourism                                        91

11.0 Legislature                                                      95
      11.1 Rajya Sabha                                                95
      11.2 Lok Sabha                                                  95
      11.3 Parliament Questions and Answers                           95

     11.4 State Legislatures                                                            96
     11.5 Gujarat Vidhan Sabha Reporting System                                         96
     11.6 Online Elections Support                                                      96
     11.7 Online Election Result Analysis System                                        98
     11.8 Election Result Dissemination through Community Information Centres (CICs)    99

12.0 IT for Masses                                                                     103
     12.1 ePost                                                                        103
     12.2 Lokvani                                                                      103
     12.3 e-Pramanpatra                                                                104
     12.4 e-Sahkarita                                                                  104
     12.5 Millennium Corporation & Council Software                                    105
     12.6 e-Nagarpalika                                                                105
     12.7 e-Panchayat                                                                  106
     12.8 e-Pourasaba                                                                  106
     12.9 LOKMITRA                                                                     106
     12.10 PEHAL                                                                       108
     12.11 e-SUVIDHA                                                                   108
     12.12 SUWIDHA                                                                     109
     12.13 e-ASHA                                                                      109
     12.14 eNRICH - Community Software Solution Framework                              110
     12.15 Rural Digital Services                                                      111
     12.16 InfoGram                                                                    113
     12.17 One Day Governance                                                          113
     12.18 e-SAMPARK                                                                   114
     12.19 eRESULTS                                                                    114
     12.20 Automation of Centralized Counselling Processes for Admission               115
     12.21 ASHA                                                                        117
     12.22 Inner Line Permit Computerization                                           118
     12.23 U-PROBE                                                                     119
     12.24 Rural Bazar                                                                 119

13.0 Services                                                                          123
     13.1 NICNET                                                                       123
     13.2 Internet Data Centre                                                         125
     13.3 Messaging Services                                                           126
     13.4 Virus & Spam NICNET Policy                                                   127

     13.5 Web Services                                            128
     13.6 GOV.IN Domain Registration                              130
     13.7 Video Conferencing Services                             130
     13.8 Smart Card Implementation                               131
     13.9 NIC Certifying Authority                                132
     13.10 IT Training Services                                   133
     13.11 NIC Offerings                                          134
     13.12 SESAM - Engineering Analysis Software                  134
     13.13 CollabCAD                                              136
     13.14 India Image                                            136
     13.15 GOI Directory                                          137
     13.16 Districts of India Portal                              138
     13.17 Informatics                                            138
     13.18 Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI)                      139
     13.19 CAPES - The Web Based Examination Application System   140
     13.20 NIC's Computer Telephony Interface                     141

14.0 Projects                                                     145
     14.1 India Portal Project                                    145
     14.2 Community Infomation Centres                            146
     14.3 DISNIC-Plan Project                                     148
     14.4 GRAMSAT Project - Orissa                                148
     14.5 Wired Village Warana                                    149
     14.6 Central Passport System                                 150
     14.7 Utility Mapping Project                                 151
                                                                           Common Enterprise Applications


1.1 HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT                        1.1.1 IntraNIC
Human Resource Development involves a full range      Corporate Portal of NIC
of programmes and services to help enrich the         IntraNIC, plays a vital role in the area of Human
capabilities of individuals and working teams while   Resource Development. IntraNIC provides a common
improving organizational systems and processes.       information platform for over 3,500 staff members.
                                                      Ever since its launch in October 2002, this intranet
                                                      solution has been received with great staff
                                                      enthusiasm, and receives close to 2500 hits per
                                                      day. Significantly, a majority of these virtual staff
                                                      visits are from the most remote and far-flung areas
                                                      in the north-east and locations in the extreme south
                                                      of the country. IntraNIC is a success story for NIC
                                                      that has won the appreciation of NIC personnel
                                                      across the Country.
                                                      The acess graph (Hqrs./State Units) for the month
                                                      of May, 2005 is shown below.

                                                      IntraNIC Hit Chart
                                                      Although the primary driving force behind the
                                                      development of this solution was the need to circulate
                                                      notifications, office orders, circulars and
                                                      announcements effectively, this portal has now
                                                      become the face of the organization. All ICT related
                                                      news and information, press releases, technology
                                                      initiatives and product announcements are posted
                                                      on line. IntraNIC aggregates and organizes
                                                      information from disparate external sources, ranging
                                                      from Central and State Governments to multiple
                                                      news agencies, and internal sources, such as NIC's
                                                      Administration, Finance and IT support groups. It
                                                      has powerful document management capabilities and
                                                      its indexing functionality allows users to search for
                                                      information throughout the organization, providing
                                                      quick and simple access to information.

                                                                                    National Informatics Centre   3
Good Governance Through ICT

     IntraNIC Setup                                               q   Further, as soon as any new office order/circular
     The IntraNIC setup is shown in the Figure alongside.             or other similar information is uploaded by the
     User accounts of NIC employees are maintained in                 concerned section, it is immediately available in
     Active Directory of Windows 2000 Domain Controller               the Notice Board.
     and the Server (on SAN) is behind the firewall. The          q   Library at NIC Hqrs. displays daily the latest
     access to IntraNIC is limited to NICNET domain                   newspaper clippings related to ICT sector. through
     (164.100.X.X), which is controlled at the firewall               the NewsNIC option.
     level. On successful login, the IntraNIC home page
                                                                  q   On line work flow applications viz. eLeave, eTour
     is made available to the user. Further, databases
                                                                      are made available through IntraNIC.
     maintained by various administrative sections of NIC
     are linked with this portal. The Leave Management
                                                                  Impact of IntraNIC on NIC
     System, Pay Slips and Income Tax Statements of
     the NIC employees are also linked with IntraNIC.             q   Elimination of duplicated efforts and streamlining
                                                                      of information and service delivery.
                                                                  q   Printing of pay slip, income tax calculation sheet,
                                                                      GPF statement etc is no longer required.
                                                                      Previously these used to be printed in pre printed
                                                                      stationary and distributed.
                                                                  q   Online calculation and preparation of annual
                                                                      income tax sheets.
                                                                  q   Saving thousands of emails and postal mails by
                                                                      making reports/circulars/orders available on
                                                                      IntraNIC instantly.
                                                                  q   Achieving transparency in NIC activities to a
     Security                                                         large extent.
     NIC Users are authenticated through Active Directory
     accounts over the web. At the document/folder level,         Software & Hardware Setup - The IntraNIC
     IntraNIC follows Role-Based Security Architecture.           corporate intranet portal runs on Share Point Portal
     There are a fixed set of three roles viz. Reader,            Server 2001, SQL server 2000, on the Windows
     Author and Coordinator to offer a secure method for          2000 Advanced Server operating system.
     controlling user access to workspace documents. In
                                                                  For further information, please contact :
     addition, the Administrator can completely deny a
     user or restrict user's access to a specific document.
                                                                  1.1.2 IntraGOV
     Salient Features                                             A Framework of Portals for G2E/G2G and E2E
                                                                  services in the Government
     q    A key feature of IntraNIC is that the concerned
          user can maintain individual folders. This is           The advent of the digital information technology and
          achieved by creating dedicated folders for              its widespread use in information processing and
          administrative sections like cash and account,          transactions has transformed the style of delivery and
          personnel, stores, establishment, security, vigilance   conduct of government businesses. In this digital era,
          etc. These sections are assigned with author            delivery of government services through the electronic
          permission to upload/delete various circular/order/     media is the single most significant development in
          documents etc. at their end. In addition, all           the governance of a state or a country. This has
          administrative forms are available on IntraNIC.         revolutionized the concept of governance and has
     q    Issuing individual alerts (from cash & accounts,        enhanced its effectiveness mainly on account of the
          personnel, establishment, security and vigilance,       efficient and timely delivery of such services. The
          etc) to respective users as opposed to the earlier      transactions and delivery of government services takes
          used option of mass mailing.                            place between a government and other governments
                                                                  and departments (G2G); its citizen (G2C); its
     q    Options like Help Desk, ICT Desk, Knowledge             employees (G2E); and the business (G2B).
          Management etc, provide convenient and user
          friendly way for NIC officials to access information    It is widely recognized that G2G, G2E and E2E
          related to every aspect of their work and facilitate    transactions constitute the backbone of total e-
          knowledge sharing by presenting a single gateway        governance and its implementations. Internal
          to all information and services.                        government administration through G2G, G2E and

 4       National Informatics Centre
                                                                                    Common Enterprise Applications

E2E solutions will improve the efficiency, effectiveness,   objective was to deliver G2E/G2G services through
and transparency of intra-department and inter-             electronic means that will provide an option to
department connections within government and with           department employees to obtain services on-line for
government employees. The key issues of G2G, G2E            most of the public services amenable to the
and E2E collaborative endeavors are empowerment             electronic mode of delivery. The IntraDIT portal is
of the employees thereby obtaining their commitment         designed to provide a one-stop access point where
for total e-government implementations.                     all employee-related services are integrated. It is
                                                            envisaged that this portal will create an environment
The emergence of such a scenario is contingent
                                                            which will encourage the employees to conduct
upon undertaking major transformation processes
                                                            more internal businesses electronically, including
that maximizes the utilization of information and
                                                            electronic training. The existing applications in the
communication technologies through appropriate
                                                            department have been integrated into the portal
e-government initiatives aimed at facilitating a
                                                            using XML and XSLT technologies to give a uniform
collaborative and efficient administrative environment.
                                                            look and feel in the portal.
A significant initiative of NIC in this regard is the
development of an Intra Government portal (IntraGov)        Road Ahead -        A Single Portal
framework that embraces G2G, G2E and E2E
transactions and solutions. Such an IntraGov portal         Similar Portals have been developed for Health
will provide a single point gateway for integrating all     Ministry - IntraHealth, Planning Commission -
government transactions and services within and             IntraYojana. Others are also in the development
across the various ministries and departments as well       stage. The Intranet portals developed for all the
as between the government and its employees. The            ministries/departments will progressively be integrated
IntraGov portal can be progressively leveraged to           into one single Intranet Portal for the Government
integrate all types of interactive public services, which   (IntraGov) with facilities for sharing cross-domain
would ultimately lead to universal e-governance.            information and services.

Overview of the feature sets of the Portal                  Services offered in the IntraDIT Portal

q   With the Content & Document Management                  A schematic diagram of the services and applications
    module, users can engage in the process of              provided through the IntraDIT portal is given in the figure:
    content creation and submission. They can
    manage and publish content thereby increasing
    the contextual relevance of the portal.
q   The Collaboration and Messaging Services
    includes customized web applications designed
    to address the needs of everyone in the
    organization like private/shared Calendars, Email,
    Chat sessions, SMS notifications.
q   Workflow Servers allow easy conversion of paper-
    based business process into electronic processes
    that eliminate paper forms, file folders, manual
    forwarding and the inefficiencies associated with
q   Existing applications in a department are
    integrated using XML/XSLT technologies.

Technology Platforms
The portal is built on Open source solutions using
PLONE Content Management Framework on ZOPE
applications server. Based on Linux Operating
System, the portal is accessible from any web
browser and conforms to Industry standards.

Implementation of IntraDIT Portal
                                                                      Services and Applications provided
IntraDIT, an intranet portal has been implemented                              through IntraDIT
in the Dept. of Information Technology. The main

                                                                                             National Informatics Centre   5
Good Governance Through ICT

     1.1.3 Intra IAS Portal                                     for effective disbursal of salary and other allowances.
                                                                Information Technology has now been effectively
     There are about 5250 IAS officers belonging to
                                                                aligned with payroll procedures to bring out
     around 25 cadres working all over India in Central
                                                                Composite Payroll Software for its uniform
     Govt., State Govt., Public Sector Units, Nationalized
                                                                implementation in all Central Government Offices.
     Banks etc. A major database of all these IAS
                                                                Apart from the speed with which the salary
     officers, in addition to the retired/expired officers is
                                                                calculations can be done, the software ensures
     being managed continuously. Data is regularly
                                                                accuracy and timeliness in the disbursal of the
     collected from various cadre controlling authorities
                                                                salary through different modes of payments such as
     placed all over India. Earlier IAS officers’ related
                                                                Cash, Cheques, Banks and through Electronic
     information used to be available only in EO division,
                                                                Clearance System (ECS).
     DOPT. To become a part of e-Governance and
     bring transparency it was decided to disseminate
                                                                Functional Coverage
     the information available in DOPT to each individual
     IAS officer over web.        Now this IAS database         The CPS Software covers four major functions of
     including in-service training, Notice Board and some       DDOs, i.e. Salary, DA Arrears, Income Tax and GPF
     administration related topics is accessible over web       Accounts Maintenance. The operational efficiency of
     with user name and password authenticity to each           the DDO functions is improved due to proper validation,
     individual IAS officers all over India.                    speed, user-friendly interface and security features.

                                                                Major Features
                                                                q   Generic Software that caters to the requirement
                                                                    of all Central Government Offices.
                                                                q   Full month’s salary calculation for normal cases.
                                                                    Part salary / Period wise salary calculation of
                                                                    employees who are on leave/join in between or
                                                                    leave in between a month.
                                                                q   Salary calculation of suspended employees and
                                                                    re-employed pensioners.
                                                                q   Regular Paybills, Supplementary Paybills, Payslips,
                                                                    Schedules of all the recoveries (PAO wise).

     INTRA IAS website (Intranet Portal for IAS Officers)       q   Electronic GPF Schedules for PAO-2000 software.
     was launched in Nov 2004 with the joint efforts of         q   Payment of salaries through ECS besides other
     NIC and Department of Personnel and Training. It is            three modes viz Cash, Cheque and Bank.
     regularly updated for IAS Officers with their Bio-Data,
                                                                q   Soft Codes of all the dues and deductions and
     ACR Availability Status, Acts & Rules, Foreign Training
                                                                    Calculation rates of auto calculated Dues and
     Programme Circulars and Online Services like In-
     Service Training Programme, Address Updation etc.
     The contents have been categorized with specific           q   Dynamic formatting of various reports.
     headings like Suggestions, Notice Board,                   q   Maintenance of various types of loan registers
     Administration, Help Desk, Circulars, Online Acts and          like HBA, PF and Other loans.
     Rules etc. The main objective and scope of the portal
     is to provide information globally to all IAS Officers.    q   Provision for Calculation of auto calculated Dues
                                                                    and Deductions of a particular paybill category at
     Similar administrative portals have been designed              different city class rates.
     and implemented by states and UTs like Punjab,
     Chandigarh etc.                                            q   Automatic Increment        facility   for   selected
     For further Information,         please     contact    :                                        q   Automatic Calculation and disbursement of DA
                                                                    Arrears to various employees.
     1.2 GENERAL ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES                        q   Calculation of the tax liability of various employees
     1.2.1 Composite Payroll System                                 and generation of Yearly Income Statement,
                                                                    Calculation Sheet, Form 16 and Form 24.
     Payroll – The Lifeline of Governance
                                                                q   GPF Accounts Maintenance of various employees
     Payroll is one of the basic functions in every office          including the calculation of yearly Interest on the
 6     National Informatics Centre
                                                                                   Common Enterprise Applications

    credits and debits of the employees, generation         q   Client/Server application with Multi-user facility.
    of ledger card, Annual GPF Statement,
                                                            q   Backup option through software.
    Broadsheet, Recasting of Accounts for any
    specified period.
                                                            Other Features
For further information, please contact:
                                                            q   Generation of Monthly Consolidated Accounts data
1.2.2 COMPACT (PAO 2000)                                        in the electronic format for incorporation at the
                                                                Principal Accounts Offices in the CONTACT- ORA
e-Governance Tool for Effective Management of                   Software.
Financial Resources of Government of India
                                                            q   Generation of various managerial reports for
Information Technology has become a strategic                   expenditure analysis like Expenditure Control
resource for Government Accounts with NIC support.              Register, Budget Vs Monthly Expenditure
NIC has taken up software development project of                Comparison, Date Wise Monthly Statement of
PAO-2000 in consultation with office of CGA, to                 Payments and Receipts (DDO-wise).
align the Information Technology with business rules
of PAOs and to bring efficiency in various processes        q   Generation of cheques for payment on pre-printed
performed in the PAOs. The software was officially              stationery issued from RBI.
released in 2001. Since then, several Pay and               q   Bank reconciliation statements for Outstanding,
Accounts Offices of different Ministries all over India         Variance and Only in Scroll cheques.
have implemented the software.
                                                            q   Recasting of GPF Accounts on final Settlement.
Functional Coverage                                         q   Tracking of missing credits of GPF accounts.
q   The PAO-2000 software is at the lowest level of         q   Authority letter generation and Electronic input to
    Accounting and it provides information to higher            CPAO in Pension Module.
    levels of accounting systems for further
                                                            For further information, please contact :
q   The Software covers all the major Accounting            1.2.3 Office Procedure Automation (OPA)
    functions i.e. Pre check, Compilation, GPF, Budget      Easy Tracking System
    and Pension.
                                                            OPA is a comprehensive package developed to help
Salient Features                                            monitor pendency of cases and assist in easy tracking
                                                            of letters and files. It is an integrated package which
q   It captures the accounts data from the original         gives administrative support right from diarising of
    source i.e. the bill to improve the quality of data     receipts, updating its status, opening of new files,
    used for compilation and consolidation of accounts.     tracking the movement of the files, despatch of letters/
q   Functional interfaces among various modules to          files and finally record management. It is based on
    enhance data integrity and to enforce process           Manual of Office Procedure and is a proven system
    validations.                                            for Government / Semi-Government Offices and Public
                                                            Sector Organizations.
q   Electronic incorporation from text files.
q   Incorporation of GPF schedules generated by the         Highlights
    Composite Payroll Software.                             Complete Software Solution for :
q   Incorporation of bills, vouchers, challans of the       q   Electronic File System by automating all File
    DDOs and Bank Scrolls.                                      related operations
q   The operational efficiency of the accounting            q   Diarisation of Receipts/Despatches
    processes is improved due to proper validations,
                                                            q   Tracking of Files & Receipts
    speed, user-friendly interface and security features.
                                                            q   Pendency Monitoring
q   Vital checks and validations for passing a bill.
                                                            q   Task Management
q   Online reconciliation of cheques during Bank scroll
    entry.                                                  q   Report Generation

q   Access to software for authorized users.                Features
q   Predefined access rights to the users of the            q   Tailor made for Government offices as per Manual
    forms and reports of the application.                       of Office Procedure

                                                                                           National Informatics Centre   7
Good Governance Through ICT

     q    Menu-driven user friendly interface
     q    Screen design for easy data feeding
     q    Extensive data validation checks built-in
     q    Context sensitive help
     q    Built-in Department of Administrative Reforms file
          naming concepts
     q    Authorization checks for data access
     q    Multi-user data entry & query
     q    File register, key words and Precedent books to
          help locate relevant files
     q    Modular and flexible
     q    Codification to save time and reduce data entry errors   interaction with organization, integration across the
                                                                   divisions/departments, creation of manpower
                                                                   database, and extends a new way of administration
                                                                   thereby transforming the current set up into a
                                                                   paperless management.

                                                                   Captures complete workflow with minimal human
                                                                   OfficeSoft sets hierarchy of approving authorities by
                                                                   detecting the employee's controlling officer & HOD
                                                                   and routes the application through these authorities
                                                                   to Administration automatically Eligibility, entitlements
                                                                   and calculations for various personnel functions
                                                                   (Leave, HBA, LTC, VCA etc.) automatically set by
     Benefits                                                      OfficeSoft for each of the employee.
     q    Easy tracking of receipt and files                       The current version of OfficeSoft supports Leave
                                                                   Monitoring System, Vehicle/Computer Advance; House
     q    No effort or time required for report preparation
                                                                   Building Advance; Leave Travel Concession (LTC).
     q    Monitors pendency across the organization
                                                                   For further information,          please    contact     :
     q    Record keeping made easy                       
     q    Support for Indian Languages data entry and
          re-port generation                                       1.2.5 File Tracking System (FTS)
     q    Increases efficiency and productivity by timely          The Manual for Office Procedure provides for a clear
          availability of standard and uniform reports             system of managing the receipts and the movement
     q    Helps timely disposal of letters                         of files in an office. The basic problems of the manual
                                                                   system are repetitive entries at every level of handling
     q    Summary reports for sectional/divisional/                a receipt/file, missing receipts, incorrect distribution
          depart-mental level monitoring                           and resultant disappearance of the receipt, difficulty
     q    Enforces a uniform working procedure                     in tracing a receipt, lack of a mechanism to track the
     q    Easy to install, learn and use the system                location of a file, lack of means of assessing the
                                                                   source of delay and difficulty in conducting efficiency
     For further information, please contact :          analysis. As the number of receipts and files
                                                                   increases, the problems get compounded and further
     1.2.4 OfficeSoft                                              affects the efficiency in handling files.
     Enterprise Human Resource Management System
                                                                   The File Tracking System software has therefore
     OfficeSoft, a state of art, intranet based Enterprise         been developed in order to overcome these
     Human Resource Management Application which                   problems. The user needs only a browser on his
     captures the complete workflow of employee's                  computer to use this web based system.

 8       National Informatics Centre
                                                                                   Common Enterprise Applications

                                                           1.2.6 REFNIC
                                                           The REFNIC software is standard software for
                                                           monitoring of reference papers under consideration
                                                           and files in a Government office. The edge which
                                                           REFNIC software holds over standard file tracking
                                                           systems is that there is linkage between the
                                                           references and the files on which these are dealt.
                                                           REFNIC operates in Himachal Pradesh, where every
                                                           single file or letter entering the Secretariat is captured
                                                           at the diary stage itself and a computer generated
                                                           reference number is put through a specially designed
                                                           stamp. Once it bears the stamped computer number,
                                                           it is not diarised again in the system, but referred
                                                           only. The reference document moves physically in
                                                           the Secretariat and is accessible through specific
How the System Works                                       User IDs in the Software. The movement takes
This system provides for registration, monitoring and      place by assigning it to the level where it is physically
movement of Receipts and Files.       Once a receipt       sent. In fact, even before it reaches the next level
is registered digitally, it can be forwarded to the        physically, the next level users are informed through
appropriate section/level for further action. Along        REFNIC as it is reflected in the inbox box of the
with the physical receipt to the next section/level a      user. The physical movement takes place as per
digital record will also be forwarded to those levels.     the earlier set rules.
The receipt can be merged with the existing file or
create a new file as the case may be and the
digital brief of such file will be sent to the next
appropriate level along with the physical file to
those levels. Once the entry is made at one level it
need not be repeated at remaining levels and should
simply be forwarded to the appropriate level with
the physical file/receipt also sent accordingly.
File Tracking System is a comprehensive software
developed to help the user in order to monitor the
pendency of files/receipts and it is a good tool for
tracking the status of any such documents. It is an
integrated package which gives enough administrative
support right from diarising of proposals received,
status updates, opening and subsequent movement            q   This System captures papers under consideration
of files. It is supported by a powerful query module           (including letters), and files right from the Diary
for easy retrieval based on any parameter. Since               (Dak) stage and follows the processing through
the System is Web enabled, it can be accessed                  various levels in hierarchy upto its final disposal
through a browser and is accessible to multiple
                                                           q   Elimination of repetitive work of diary at different
locations through a centralized server. The file
                                                               stages and dispatch by sharing data over LAN
tracking system is currently operational at NIC
Headquarters for all file monitoring.                      q   Automatic reminder generation
For further information,         please     contact    :   q   Standard software for replication in all major                                            Government offices as it is built around the
                                                               current procedure of dealing with papers, policies,
Registry Information System (RIS) is a similar
                                                               letters, rules and files
workflow application which is being used to monitor file
movements in the Chief Minister’s Office in Maharashtra.   q   De-ranging querying and reporting mechanism
The application is implemented in LAN environment to           including Web Interface for wider dissemination of
enable the Officers and Staff and other department users       information on the Internet. The departmental officials
to know the status of files. Maharashtra Secretariat has       do not have to visit the HP Secretariat physically just
been using the system since 1999.                              to know the status of reference processing.
For further information,         please     contact    :   For further information,           please       contact        :                                   

                                                                                            National Informatics Centre       9
Good Governance Through ICT

     1.2.7 e-Purti                                               expenditure incurred by the Delhi Govt. in a Financial
     Store Management IT Way                                     Year. The Software has provision for viewing the Sector-
                                                                 wise, Department wise and Plan Scheme Breakup of
     Managing and Monitoring any store is a difficult            the expenditure incurred during a Financial Year.
     task, and it becomes more so when many stores
     are to be maintained for many departments. E-Purti,         For further information,           please     contact     :
     implemented for the Delhi Government, provides an 
     IT solution for this.
                                                                 1.2.9 Sachivalaya Vahini – Online Secretariat at
     The system is a step toward making a Paperless and
     Queue free electronic interface between user and
     store for better store management and monitoring. It        The Secretariat, the highest policy making body in the
     can be used to provide efficient, transparent and           state is, a repository of a wealth of knowledge which,
     timely services to user departments. Demands are            needs to be managed efficiently for achieving the desired
     submitted online and status is also available online.       objectives. To promote e-Governance by facilitating the
     A number of reports for monitoring of consumption           policy and decision making process and to introduce
     patterns of various items are available. Alerts are         the concept of Knowledge Management a Secretariat
     given when inventory falls below a predetermined            LAN, the fibre optics Intranet, set up by the Government
     level to enable timely procurement. The software has        of Karnataka, connects more than 1000 computers
     the facilities to ensure that bills are passed only after   spread across 40 departments catering to the needs of
     the items are received and recorded. It supports            6000 staff and the citizens.
     multiple queries which helps in generation of various
     types of reports online. The detailed Ledger for any
     user or item is available online.
     For further information,            please     contact:

     1.2.8 e-Yojana
     Real Time Monitoring Sytem for Plan Expenditure
     The Planning Department of Govt. of NCT of Delhi
     is the nodal department which monitors the
     expenditure incurred on various Plan Schemes
     approved by the Government. The Planning
     Department coordinates with about 90 other
     Departments for monitoring the expenditure incurred
     by these Departments in executing the Plan Schemes
     in a financial year. The Computerised System - E-           Sachivalya Vahini is the brain child of NIC, Karnataka
     YOJANA has automated all the information required           State Unit, which designed, developed and implemented
     by the Planning Department to effectively monitor           a suite of Software Packages in all the 40 departments
     the Plan Expenditure of the government.                     of the Secretariat, resulting in an "Online Secretariat"

     E-Yojana enables the Government including the               File Tracking
     Senior Officials to monitor Plan Expenditure pertaining
     to their respective Department online. It provides an       The entire movement of any letter can be tracked and
     integrated system computerizing almost all aspects          action taken at each section or department is made
     of Department’s functioning for monitoring the Plan         available online. The file in which the letter is filed can
     Expenditure. It has brought transparency and                be ascertained. Records of dispatch of letters are
     efficiency in the Department’s overall outlook and          maintained. Pendancy of Letters / files can be
     has speeded up the decision making mechanism by             ascertained Officerwise, Section wise, Department
     providing all information online.                           wise. Notings on the file can be entered and draft
                                                                 documents can be attached to the file. Scanned Letters
     The system is available over the Intranet of Delhi
                                                                 can be stored in Files. Electronic files can be moved
     Secretariat and can also been be viewed by other
                                                                 from desk to desk and even across departments.
     Departments all over Delhi. ( The
                                                                 Extensive queries based on any parameter of the file
     facility to enter the Plan Expenditure incurred by
                                                                 or on actions taken can be made.
     Departments on their respective schemes online has
     been provided. All reports can be generated online for
                                                                 "Mokaddame" - Court Cases Monitoring
     respective Departments and for the entire Govt. of NCT
     of Delhi. The Software provides, at a glance, the entire    This application provides information about all cases

10     National Informatics Centre
                                                                                   Common Enterprise Applications

filed against the Government and by the Government.         1.2.10 e-Tender
Status of all cases is monitored. Automatic generation
                                                            A Comprehensive Solution for Publishing Tenders
of notices with regard to appointment of Government
Advocates, instructions to prepare Draft Statement          The Ministries, Departments and Organizations of
of Objections etc are carried out.                          the Central as well as State Governments float a
                                                            number of Tenders for a variety of procurement and
"Aayavyaya" - Budget Monitoring                             job functions. Such Tender Notifications are
This module covers sending/updating of proposals and        conventionally issued through the Print Media and
issue of Government orders. All the proposals pending       lately, the individual departments have also been
for approval of Finance Department can be viewed.           publishing them on their respective websites.
Departments can analyse supplementary budget                However, a need was felt to have a centralized one
requirements, withdrawal/surrender of proposals and         point resource to access all the tender notifications
reallocation of funds and monthly Multi-level Review        issued by the various Departments, Organizations of
(MMR) of expenditure can be processed.                      Union Government as well as State and UT
                                                            Governments, as well as to have a user friendly
“Sibbandi” - Personnel Information System
                                                            web based solution for the departments to
The system covers the entire service history of all         conveniently publish their tenders online.
employees. Employees leave details can be
                                                            With this objective, a comprehensive web-based
monitored and integrated with Smart Card. Repository
                                                            solution for publishing Government Tenders from
of Employee information can be setup. Government
                                                            Ministries/departments/organizations of central and
Orders related to Promotion, Transfer, Deputation,
                                                            state Governments online has been designed and
Retirement etc. are generated through the system.
                                                            developed by the Web Services and Multimedia
Other Services                                              Applications Division at NIC Headquarters and made
Other services available under this suite include the       available at This solution offers
following :                                                 a complete framework to enable the respective
                                                            Departments to directly upload their Tender
Ticker Service - This service will enable any Officer       Notification onto the Web as soon as it is issued.
to monitor the working of his staff. The service will
start by itself and it will display the Officers who are
using the system, duration for which they have
used it, Department wise users who have logged in
and not logged in. The service will also give the
Department-wise, Officer-wise file pendency.
Web Enabling - All queries related to the above
packages of general public interest are being web
enabled to give access to citizens with the motto
‘track your Government Files from home”.
Knowledge Management - A Knowledgebase
consisting of all Acts, Rules and Regulations, Circulars,
Government Orders etc. is being setup, so that any
application can access this Knowledgebase to facilitate
                                                            Salient Features
the decision making process.
                                                            q   The solution can be easily customized to suit the
Dash Board - Dash Board will give the overall view              individual needs of any departments and offers a
of Letters, Files, Court Cases, Employees Status                complete framework for tender publishing on the Net.
and by selecting a particular option, entire details
can be obtained.                                            q   The rights to directly publish and manage the
                                                                Tender Notifications without any intermediate
All the above applications are integrated with one              interface have been provided to the individual
another, so that one application can access the                 Government Departments.
data of another application. Depending on the access
rights of the user who logged in, different menus           q   Multiple work orders can be entered and managed
will appear. Once a user is logged into one                     with the single tender notification.
application, he/she can access any other application        q   Search options based on product category, state,
without logging in again.                                       city/location, sector, date etc.
For further information,          please    contact     :   q   Automatic archival of expired tenders and archived                                              search.
                                                                                           National Informatics Centre   11
Good Governance Through ICT

     q    Provision to register with the System so as to        Acquisition : This module provides various forms
          subscribe to the latest tender notifications and      and screens needed to carry out acquisition functions
          announcements through email.                          in a library.
     The Technology                                             Circulation : This module captures reservation,
                                                                issue, return functions of the library.
     The solution is using the index key as tender ID
     and tender reference no. All the options related with      Serial Control : This module manages the functions
     tender administration are based on this index key.         related to jour-nals subscription, receiving, reminders,
     This is a web enabled application which can be             billing etc.
     accessed using any web browser.
                                                                OPAC : Online Public Access Catalogue provides
     This web based application uses scripts, which check       access to complete backend database for searching.
     for the expiry date and as soon as the last date of        Searching includes from a simple search to an
     submission of the Tender gets over, it automatically       advance search options.
     removes the tender from the list and places it under
                                                                For  further   information,           please      contact:
     the Archives.
     Web Enabled Interface (for Viewers)
                                                                1.2.12 ICT Applications in Library and Information
     This Interface allows the visitor to conveniently locate   Centres
     the desired Tender Notification. There are separate
                                                                Knowledge Consortium
     modules for New Tenders, Corrigendum, Tenders
     due in the coming week/fortnight, Tender Types             As Libraries can play a major role in the establishment
     (Buy/Sell, Empanelment, Auction), Product/Services,        of Knowledge based Society, NIC is working towards
     Search etc. Distinct sections have been allocated          the helping libraries compete in the changing digital
     for the Tenders of Central Govt Ministries/Deptts,         environment. NIC library, in addition to automating its
     State Govts/UTs, Cities/Locations etc.                     services using E-Granthalaya, is providing a number of
                                                                additional services. NIC is spearheading a consortium
     For further information,          please    contact    :   of libraries of the Ministry of Communications &                                               Information Technology to set a role model for other
                                                                libraries having similar objectives and interest towards
     1.2.11 e-Granthalaya                                       resource sharing. Libraries of Department of Information
     Networking of Libraries                                    Technology (DIT), Department Telecommunications
                                                                (DOT) and Department Post (DOP) are the member
     The Government of India has initiated the Vidya            participants of the Consortium.
     Vahini Programme for networking schools and also
     a similar programme for networking of higher               The main focus of the consortium is the creation of a
     educational     institutions    through   ERNET.           digital library of copyrighted documents of the member
     E-Granthalaya is a way forward for automation and          participants. This includes having common e-Journals
     networking of libraries in these programmes. It’s a        Subscriptions at the Consortium Platform. A Union
     User-friendly and web-enabled solution to publish          Catalogue has been set up and Library Automation
     library databases on the Internet.                         and Online News Clipping Services are provided.

     The package caters for article Indexing and                As an outcome of the consortium, a wider base of
     Newspaper Clipping Services. It includes Newspaper         e-Resources like Digital Package/Online Journals/e-
     receiving/billing module, Current Awareness Service        Databases can be made available to the users at a
     (CAS), Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI),       discounted rate. A strong e-collection has been
     Notification through e-mail and Stock Verification.        created to meet the information need of remote
     Bar Code support and Bilingual Capabilities are also       users at 24/7 basis. The Union Catalogue helps
     available. Security features of controlling access         resource sharing by inter-library loan facility among
     through Login and Password is provided. A number           the member participants. This avoids duplication of
     of Reports can be generated for library functions          jobs like daily news clipping service which can be
     including Accession Register, Member Register,             shared among the member participants.
     Statistical Reports, etc.
                                                                Library on Web
                                                                Since 1998 the NIC Library resources are available
     Administration : Provides space to enter default           on online for NIC Staff. The website (
     values, user authen-tication data and other                developed by the library staff provides links to OPAC
     information used by other modules.                         (Books Catalog), Articles Database, Journals Database

12       National Informatics Centre
                                                                                Common Enterprise Applications

and other in-house designed databases. A number of       concerned Ministry/Department/State Government/
Journals/Magazines in the electronic forms are           Union Territory for an early settlement. The
subscribed by NIC for dissemination to its users.        concerned organisation redresses the grievance and
                                                         the same is intimated to the complainant.

                                                         q   PGRAMS facilitates the online submission of
                                                             grievances from aggrieved citizens to DPG/
                                                             DARPG, GOI through Internet using any Browser
                                                         q   Data transmission between DPG/DARPG and
                                                             Ministries/Departments/Organisations is based
                                                             upon electronic mail in Store/Forward mode, which
                                                             requires low bandwidth connection.
                                                         q   PGRAMS is an Integrated application system,
                                                             based on web technology (3 Tier Structure) which
                                                             primarily aims at submission of grievances by
                                                             the aggrieved citizens from any where and any
                                                             time (24x7) basis for instant and easy
NewsNIC                                                      communication between the nodal agencies and
                                                             citizens resulting in the speedy redress of their
NewsNIC is a web-based newspapers clipping
service of NIC Library. This service which started in
1998, provides latest news items on NIC, information     q   PGRAMS has been designed and developed with
technology and allied subjects from twenty three             a view to achieving a uniform and systematic
leading national dailies. A powerful search engine           approach towards monitoring of procedures by
has been provided to search the news archives                adopting a comprehensive classification and
from database. The latest news items are updated             standardisation of grievances and redress actions
and hosted daily by 12 o’clock.                              across the government organisations.
                                                         q   The Online Citizen Interface PGRAMS Module is
1.2.13 Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring
                                                             available for the Ministries/Departments/
                                                             Organisations, which can be hosted on their
Introduction                                                 official Web site so as to facilitate the citizens to
In pursuance of the government’s objective of                lodge their grievances online.
accountable, transparent and citizen friendly            q   Web enabled PGRAMS can be implemented in
government, it was decided to establish speedy and           LAN/WAN environment of the agency which could
effective grievance redress machinery. The objective         be accessed online by its internal PG Officials
of the system was to ensure online availability of           through client machines using any browser for
the grievance system to the citizens thereby providing       monitoring and timely redress of the grievance.
him/her facilities to lodge the grievances, find the
status, send reminders etc., irrespective of their
geographical location.
The Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring
System, is an online web-enabled system over
NICNET developed by NIC in association with the
Directorate of Public Grievances (DPG), Cabinet
Secretariat / Department of Administrative Reforms
and Public Grievances (DARPG). Besides providing
a faster access to the public, this system offers the
facilities of Lodging Grievances; Lodging Reminders
and Viewing Action Status.
Consequent upon the lodging of grievance by the
citizen, the same reaches the concerned PG officer
of the DPG/Department of AR&PG, who makes an
assessment of the case and takes it up with the

                                                                                         National Informatics Centre   13
Good Governance Through ICT

     q    Major Reports include Monthly Progress Report,        The main objectives of the system are automating all
          Age Wise Pendency Report, Grievance Code              the business activities / processes involved in the
          Wise Pendency Report, Organisation Wise               allotment of GPRA; Facilitating easy maintenance and
          Pendency Report                                       prompt updating of housing records making housing
                                                                records / transactions tamper proof and genuine; and
     For further information,          please    contact    :
                                                                Allowing applicants easy access to all relevant
                                                                information either through Internet or Information Kiosks.
     1.2.14 Budget/Expenditure Monitoring System
     Web-based Budget/Expenditure Monitoring System is
     designed and developed by NIC for the Indian Audit
     & Accounts Department (IA&AD). The server is
     located at Comptroller and Auditor General
     Headquarters. The field offices/branch offices of
     IA&AD, located all over the country and abroad feed
     the expenditure data (daily expenditure data as well
     as monthly consolidated expenditure data), monitor
     their expenditure utilization and generate their field
     office report accessing the server any time throughout
     the year using the Internet. Thus the delay in
     sending and receiving the data at CAG Headquarters
     has been eliminated. The CAG office can monitor
     the up-to-date information by using this system. The
     system helps CAG office to analyze and re-
     appropriate the budget among its field offices at the
                                                                GAMS assists in reduction in the number of forms,
     time of giving final grants. This Web based
                                                                simplification of the application form, registration of
     computerized system is menu driven and provides
                                                                applications for initial allotment, change of
     several queries for effective monitoring of budget
                                                                accommodation, and allotments on medical / functional
     utilization and expenditure in all the field offices/
                                                                and other grounds and printing of acknowledgement
     branch offices of IA&AD. Also it has provision to
                                                                slips in real time, registration of vacation of house for
     generate and send reminder mail to the field offices.
                                                                any category, preparation of waiting lists for initial,
     Every field office/branch office can access this system
                                                                change and adhoc allotments, preparation of proposal
     using their password maintained in the database.
                                                                for allotment according to various waiting lists,
                                                                allotment as per the finalised proposal for allotment,
                                                                acceptance/technical acceptance of allotment by the
                                                                employee, printing of authority slip for the possession
                                                                of house, reconsideration for re-allotment by the
                                                                employee, Preparation of first rent bill and revised
                                                                rent bill in future, allotment of Allottee Account Number
                                                                (AAN) to all the allottees, cancellation of allotment,
                                                                retention/extension of house after cancellation,
                                                                regularisation of house allotted to an employee upon
                                                                death, retirement and transfer as per rules, accounting
                                                                of license fee recovery from allottees, subletting and
     1.2.15 Government Accommodation Management                 litigation cases and printing of letters at various stages
     System (GAMS)                                              with signatures embedded in the letter of allotment.

     Providing housing for its vast army of employees is a      Apart from automating the above activities, GAMS
     monumental task for the government. GAMS, a                also provides MIS Reports for different sections and
     Government to Employee (G-2-E) e-Governance tool           decision makers of the MUD&PA; Online registers of
     has created a transparent, corruption free and efficient   housing stock, list of allottees, list of occupied houses,
     allotment system for the entire housing stock available    vacation, cancellation, retention / extension, license
     with the Director of Estates. It has proved that a         fee recoveries, etc.; Information dissemination to all
     better-managed system results in increased credibility,    applicants either through Internet or Information Kiosks;
     enhanced satisfaction, rule-based system and more          and Search engine for making various online queries.
     revenue generation, which in turn leads to less            GAMS has been implemented in all sections of the
     paperwork, efficiency and reduced litigation.              Directorate of Estates.
14       National Informatics Centre
                                                                                    Common Enterprise Applications

1.2.16 Prisons Management System (PMS)
Keeping Tabs on Prisoners
The Tihar Jail Complex in New Delhi is the biggest
prison complex in Asia comprising eight Central
Jails at Tihar Prisons Complex and one District Jail
at Rohini. Presently, prison’s population is more
than thrirteen thousand as against a sanctioned
capacity strength of five thousand prisoners. In a
year about 70,000 - 80,000 inmates remain lodged
in these 8 prisons for different durations. This prison
population has about 80% undertrials and includes
women prisoners and children. About 400 prisoners
are foreigners. Women are lodged in a separate
prison complex.
PMS is a computerized system to handle Prisoner’s              A similar system has been implemented for effecive
information lodged at the Tihar Prisons, New Delhi.            adminstrative managment of eighteen jails of Gujarat.
It has automated all the activities involved in the life
cycle of a prisoner starting from admission to its             1.2.17 Electronic Departmental Communication
final release. If required, this information (database)        System (E-DECS)
can be made available to police to help them find
                                                               NIC’s team working at the Central Board of Excise
out in investigation. This PMS software has been
                                                               and Customs has developed a database oriented
designed and developed in-house by NIC.
                                                               structured electronic communication system called
PMS covers the following activities at the Tihar:              Electronic Departmental Communication System
i.     Identification/detection of multiple entities of a      (E-DECS).
ii.    Proper structured recording of demographic
       details about the crime, Court, cases details of
       a prisoner thereby helping in correct analysis
       for research/correlation;
iii.   Storing and retrieval of complete details of all
       the court directions;
iv.    Provision to record the compliance of parole of
       convicts and remission thereby resulting in better
       quality of records and their follow-up;
v.     Sharing of information with the Central and
       State agencies like NHRC, NCRB and Home
vi. Comprehensive data retrieval of information;
vii. Making Prisoners records/transactions tamper
     proof and genuine;                                        q   It acts as a Departmental Communication System
                                                                   and message transfer is between the users. The
viii. Allowing authorities easy access to all relevant             communication is restricted to a closed user
      information either at their desktop;                         group and hence unnecessary junk messages
ix. Search engine for making various online queries;               and spam mails will not be circulated.
x.     Storing and retrieval of Biometric details of all the   q   It serves as a repository of departmental
       prisoners which includes photograph and finger              information and hence reference to older
       prints being used in identification/verification.           messages may be easily done using a simple
                                                                   retrieval system.
A Website has been designed
and hosted by NIC for the Tihar Prisons. The website           q   Each message is uniquely identified by a Message
contains information about the Tihar Prisons,                      ID and retrieval of messages can be made either
Reformation Programmes carried out, Citizen Charter                through a Message ID, a Subject Code, period
etc.                                                               from etc.,

                                                                                            National Informatics Centre   15
Good Governance Through ICT

     q    A sender can find out whether the intended           q   SWAGAT
          addressee is in the habit of logging into the
                                                               q   Daily rainfall data
          system. He can find out the last date of login by
          any user.                                            q   Antivirus solution for the State net
     q    Messages, which require structured answers can       q   Media Response System
          be formatted and the reply can only then, be         q   E-Patrak for DRDA, Health and Panchayat
          given in the specified format which, can be easily       departments
          tabulated using a special tabular report format.
                                                               q   Online Bill and Cheque status in pay and
     q    Provision has been made for segregating and
                                                                   accounts office
          reading messages, which are new, old and not-
          replied. This makes organizing and retrieving the    q   Market valuation and stamp duty calculation for
          messages simpler.                                        Document Registration System
     q    EDECS provides a facility to ascertain whether       q   State Budget of current year and previous year
          the recipient has read the message or not.           q   APMC (Agriculture Produce Marketing) commodity
     q    When a user has sent a message, it is saved in           price information system
          a central server and thus only one copy of
                                                               q   Land Record Information System
          message space is occupied irrespective of number
          of recipients.                                       q   Passport Status and Application filing on Internet
     q    EDECS has a facility for publishing messages for     q   IT Stock Management and complaint monitoring
          all users.                                           q   NIC employees pay slip and FORM 16
     1.2.18 PRAGATI                                            q   World Health Organisation - Integrated Disease
                                                                   Surveillance (IDS)
     NIC, Assam State Centre has designed and
     developed, 'PRAGATI' - an umbrella of e-Governance        q   Daily cause list / Case status of Gujarat High
     applications for implementation in the district               Court
     administrations' officers of government of Assam. It      q   Letters and file monitoring system
     provides a useful and standard package of
     eGovernance applications for efficient delivery of        q   Pension status information
     services in several areas of district administration.
                                                               1.2.20 e-Patrak
     For further information,          please   contact    :                                            This is generic web based software to create and
                                                               operate any generalized reporting statements in
                                                               Government. This facilitates dynamic generation of
                                                               different types of reports at different levels.
                                                               The software has been successfully implemented in
                                                               Rural Development and Health departments of
                                                               Government of Gujarat. The Rural Development
                                                               department has operationalised around 25 statements
                                                               from Taluka to District to State Head Quarters to
                                                               monitor the DRDA schemes. In the health department
                                                               the software is used for various programs like
                                                               Leprosy, T.B, and Blindness control and administrative
                                                               accounting statements.
                                                               Normally in Government the information flows from
                                                               Village -> Taluka -> District -> State. And one of
     1.2.19 Intranet Services - Gujarat                        the major works in Government offices comprise of
                                                               sending reports to higher authority and compilation
     A number of Intranet applications are developed by
                                                               of the reports' data at different levels for decision-
     NIC Gujarat State Centre and hosted on NIC State
                                                               making and future planning.
     Server. These applications are accessible over the
     State Wide Area Network (GSWAN). Some of those            For further information,         please    contact   :
     web applications are listed below :              L

16       National Informatics Centre
                                                                                   Agriculture and Allied Services


Taking IT to the Farmer                                    FISHNET: Fisheries Informatics Network
The beginning of the 21st century ushered in the           LISNET: Land Information System Network linking all
“information age”, which brought in increased ability      institutions involved in land and water management
to analyze information. Innovations in computing           for agricultural productivity and production systems,
capabilities and low-cost access to computers have         which has now evolved as “Agricultural Resources
dramatically enhanced the ability to store and analyze     Information System” project during the Tenth Plan
data. In addition, today’s communication networks          being implemented through NIC.
have facilitated the rapid exchange of information.
                                                           AFPINET: Agricultural and Food Processing Industries
The Vision 2020 document of the Central Department         Informatics Network
of Agriculture and Cooperation (DAC) envisages
that “the tools of IT will provide networking of           ARINET: Agricultural and Rural Industries Information
Agriculture Sector not only in the country but also        System Network to strengthen Small and Micro
globally and the Centre and State Government               Enterprises (SMEs)
Departments will have reservoir of databases”; and         NDMNET: Natural Disaster Management Knowledge
also will bring farmers, researchers, scientists and       Network
administrators together by establishing “Agriculture
Online” through exchange of ideas and information.         Weather NET: Weather Resource System of India

Many ICT Projects were taken up, to provide relevant       The following, summarizes the major efforts of NIC
agricultural information in rural areas, helping farmers   in various spheres listed above to build databases
to improve their labor productivity, increase their        and application systems for forecasts of production,
yields, and realise a better price for their produce.      physical and socio-economic profile of farms and
                                                           farming community respectively, natural calamities,
These include :                                            plant diseases, pests, sales of farm produces and
                                                           market demands.
AGRISNET: An infrastructure network up to block
level agricultural offices facilitating agricultural
                                                           2.1 DACNET – AN EGOV4D INFRASTRUCTURE
extension services and agribusiness activities to
usher in rural prosperity                                  Developments in e-Governance provide opportunities
                                                           to harness the power of Information and ICT to
AGMARKNET: With a road map to network 7000                 make the business of governance inexpensive,
Agricultural produce wholesale markets and 32000           qualitatively responsive, and truly encompassing.
rural markets
ARISNET: Agricultural Research Information System
SeedNET: Seed Informatics Network
CoopNet: To network 93000 Agricultural Primary
Credit Societies (PACS) and Agricultural Cooperative
Marketing Societies to usher in ICT enabled services
and rural transformation
HORTNET: Horticultural Informatics Network
FERTNET: Fertilisers (Chemical, Bio and Organic
Manure) Informatics Network facilitating “Integrating
Nutrient Management” at farm level
VISTARNET: Agricultural Extension Information              In the overall strategy of ushering in e-Governance
System Network                                             paradigm change in the Department of Agriculture &
PPIN: Plant Protection Informatics Network                 Cooperation, the Department has initiated the Project
                                                           “DACNET”, as a Central Sector Scheme, to provide
APHNET: Animal production and Health Informatics           IT Apparatus in its Directorates, Regional Directorates
Network networking about 42000 Animal Primary              and their Field Units located through out the country
Health Centres                                             with the following components:

                                                                                         National Informatics Centre   19
Good Governance Through ICT

     q    ICT infrastructure and networking of Directorates,     2.2 AGRICULTURAL MARKETING INFORMATION
          Regional Directorates and their Field Units for        SYSTEM NETWORK (AGMARKNET)
          Internet and Intranet Access with the Central
                                                                                     Agricultural Marketing in India is
          project Unit;
                                                                                     undergoing       a    significant
     q    IT Empowerment of Employees through                                        metamorphosis because of
          specialized training programmes (4 modules);                               economic liberalisation and
                                                                                     globalisation. ICTs have opened
     q    Development of applications software for
                                                                 considerable opportunities for the rural poor in
          strengthening e-Governance solutions
                                                                 improving their linkages with the market. To fully
     Benefits                                                    utilize the new emerging trade opportunities for the
                                                                 benefit of farming community, the Directorate of
     q    Instant, easy and equal access to information          Marketing & Inspection has embarked upon an ICT
     q    Effective internal communications                      project : NIC has implemented this project on turn-
                                                                 key basis.
     q    Enhanced self-service
     q    Fast, effective management of content                  Objectives

     q    Centralized repository of information                  q   To establish a nation-wide information network
                                                                     for speedy collection and dissemination of market
     q    Automated, paperless payroll and taxation                  information for its efficient and timely utilization.
     q    Bridging islands of Knowledge Workers
                                                                 q   To facilitate collection and dissemination of
                                                                     information related for better price realization by
     Achievements & Impact
     q    e-Readiness & e-Office - enhanced work culture
                                                                 q   To ensure flow of regular and reliable information
          & increased efficiency and productivity through IT
                                                                     to producers, traders and consumers to derive
                                                                     maximum benefit from their sales and purchases.
     q    Development information exchange among all
          stakeholders                                           q   To increase efficiency in agricultural marketing by
                                                                     effecting improvement in the existing market
     q    Availability of extension and advisory services on         information system.
          demand facilitating “agri-clinics”
     q    e-governance solutions for strategic applications
          (plant protection & quarantine, weather watch,
          marketing & inspection, nutrient management etc)
     q    useful databases and information packages for
          marketing opportunities and agri-business
     q    towards globalization of Indian agriculture & Indian
          agriculture online
     q    The Customer Satisfaction Index is a soaring
          high of 91.5%

                                                                 For     further  information,       please      visit   :

20       National Informatics Centre
                                                                                   Agriculture and Allied Services

2.3 COPING WITH DISASTERS ONLINE                           modules such as monitoring of project proposals
                                                           and schemes have been integrated with the NDM
In 1990s, to support the United Nations Natural
                                                           On-Line System.
Disaster Reduction Decade Programme, NIC
undertook informatics research and development
under its national programme, called “Natural Disaster
Management Informatics Program of NIC (NHMIS)”.
NIC, during the 9th plan has provided ICT application
support to Krishi Control Room, NDM Division,
Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, Ministry of
Agriculture, Government of India. Following are the
major applications which have been developed and
some of them were successfully implemented during
major disasters like Super Cyclone in Orissa and
the Earthquake in Gujarat.

Alert System for Natural Calamity Management
Alert system was designed for district control rooms
to facilitate in decisions making, timely rescue and
relief during natural disasters. It provides general
                                                           GIS based Relief Management software was installed
information pertaining to various administrative levels
                                                           in the NDM Control Room during Super Cyclone
of the district and the contingent resource information.
                                                           Orissa and the system was made operational
Support for rescue and relief administration is
                                                           immediately after the disaster. Based on the damage
provided through queries that can be asked to
                                                           information and relief material inflow, various thematic
combine various map based information covering
                                                           maps such as villages affected, crop losses, house
general, contingent plan and cyclone/flood situation
                                                           damages, livestock casualty and population affected
together on the graphic terminal.
                                                           were generated.
                                                           These thematic maps were given to the various
                                                           Central teams who visited the affected areas of
                                                           Orissa through the Ministry of Agriculture.

                                                           Drought Management Executive Information
                                                           This system was developed for NDM Division, to
                                                           monitor and take appropriate decisions/interventions
                                                           about the drought mitigation efforts in the most
                                                           vulnerable 68 districts of in the country. NIC designed
                                                           the data collection formats in two stages to meet
                                                           the objectives. The first stage facilitated data
                                                           collection at state level and the second stage
                                                           facilitated data collection at district level. Based on
NDM Online System                                          the first stage data collection, MIS system was
                                                           designed and implemented in the NDM Control
Natural Disaster Management (NDM) Online System            Room. The system generates district wise damage
for disaster control room at New Delhi was developed       reports, drinking water and food grain details, fodder
during Super Cyclone in Orissa. Most of the routine        details and drought action scheme details. Further it
functional activities of the control room have been        also gives measures targeted at specific age groups.
computerized. The system gives the list of telephone
numbers and E-mail address of important officers           Computer Communication facilities such as E-mail
and organizations. It provides a roster chart of NDM       and Internet connectivity have been upgraded in the
control room employees and logbook details. In             NDM Control Room and these facilities have been
addition to this, it furnishes the minutes of the          increasingly used during recent disasters so as to
meeting of the Inter Ministerial Co-ordination             improve the efficiency and effectiveness in the working
Committee, National Crisis Management Committee,           of the Control Room and make it automated and less
Inter Departmental Co-ordination Group. Calamity           paper bound as far as possible. A Web site http://
Relief Fund monitoring system and various other   was designed and hosted. The Web

                                                                                          National Informatics Centre   21
Good Governance Through ICT

                                                               minimize the demand-supply gap in different parts
                                                               of the country on a fortnightly basis with information
                                                               access to all the stake holders i.e. G2G, G2B and
                                                               G2C levels. Further, to facilitate farmers by providing
                                                               fertilizers at affordable prices as well as to ensure
                                                               health and growth of Fertilizer Industry in the country,
                                                               the IT based systems have been developed and
                                                               Implemented for appraisal and disbursement of
                                                               Subsidies/Concessions to the manufacturers/suppliers.
                                                               The system contains a set of modules for fertilizer
                                                               distribution, production monitoring, import and
                                                               handling of payments.
                                                               (i) Fertilizer Distribution and Movement Information
                                                               (ii) Fertilizer Production Monitoring System
     site provided valuable information to all the concerned
     during Super Cyclone Orissa, Gujarat earthquake and       (iii) Fertilizer Import Management System
     major droughts in the years 2000 & 2001.
                                                               (iv) System for Import of Fertilizer Raw Materials
     2.4 FERTILIZER MANAGEMENT ON-LINE                         (v) Handling & Payments System for Fertilizer
     To meet the national objective of making fertilizers          Imports
     available on a timely basis adequately, in good           (vi) Fertilizer Equated Freight Fixation Information
     quality and at affordable price to the farmers, proper         System
     planning and monitoring of various aspects like
     fertilizer production, imports, quality control,          2.5 OTHER SERVICES
     distribution, movement, sales, stocks, subsidies and
     concessions is essential. In order to manage these        2.5.1 Integrated Marketing Information System
     issues effectively, Fertilizer Management On-line has     for NAFED
     been formulated by the Department of Fertilizers in       National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation
     consultation with NIC. The major objective of the         of India Ltd. popularly known as NAFED primarily
     system is to have an evaluation system to ensure a        deals with the agricultural commodity trading
     uniform mechanism of planning and control. The            operations, which involve quick decisions for
     web based systems for Imports, Handling, Distribution     procurement and marketing, with in-depth knowledge
     and Movement of Fertilizers have been implemented         on the fluctuating situations of the market. Thus to
     for on-line monitoring to keep a constant vigil on        build up strong databases & decision support system
     the demand, supply and availability position to           for marketing activities, NIC built up a system to
                                                               capture vital business data on purchases, sales,
                                                               market rates, exports, imports, processing activities
                                                               It was decided to undertake the following :
                                                               q   Development and Implementation of Web-enabled
                                                                   Integrated Marketing Information System to get
                                                                   live business data using internet from all NAFED
                                                               q   Computerization of NAFED Business Budget and
                                                                   linkages with the web-enabled marketing system
                                                                   for business performance evaluation of branches;
                                                               q   Computerization at branch level covering detailed
                                                                   marketing and sales operations;
                                                               q   Leased Line connectivity between NIC HQ and
                                                                   NAFED HQ for accessing marketing data and
                                                                   reports over LAN and also for email/internet

22     National Informatics Centre
                                                                                   Agriculture and Allied Services

The following diagram shows the connectivity               under two major categories, that is Groundwater and
established between NIC Hqrs., NAFED Hqrs. and             Surface Water schemes.
NAFED Branch offices.

                                                           Computerization of the census of these schemes has
                                                           enabled the building of a robust database which helps
The web-based Integrated Marketing Information             the planners to a great extent. The system has been
System, has been deployed at NIC under secured             divided into two components one for data entry and
Storage Area Network (SAN) environment with round          the other for decision support process. Nearly 125
the clock availability. NAFED branches involved in         reports are generated by the system at all levels –
agricultural commodity trading get access to the           National, State, District and Block.
web based application using Internet connectivity
from local Internet Service Provider (ISP). They           2.5.3 Flood Forecast Warning
enter on-line data daily on Purchases, Sales, Exports,
Imports, Inter Office Transactions (IOT), Market           The ‘National Network of Flood Forecast and Warning
Rates; Ex-Godown Cost etc. related to about 100            System’ (FFWNPAS) established by Central Water
                                                           Commission comprises 172 flood forecasting sites,
commodities under 11 commodity groups, depending
on the transaction made.                                   which includes 27 inflow forecasting sites on 70
                                                           sub-river basins in 9 major river systems of the
This system allows the branches to know the market         country. Date and Time specific data on actual
position, commodity rates, stock position etc., so that    water level, forecast water level along with the trend
if demand and rates under another branch are higher,       with respect to rising, falling or steady water levels
they can sell the commodity by doing IOT to that           is received from the network. On the basis of this
branch to book higher margins. This has helped in          input, this System generates Daily Flood Forecast
faster decision-making and more transparency in            Bulletins which depicts the High & Moderate flood
business operations of NAFED. The stock picture is         situations and Daily Reservoir level/inflow forecasts,
also available scheme-wise and crop season wise.           and Hydrographs for all the 172 Flood Forecasting
The information is available on Commodities                sites. These bulletins and hydrographs are posted
Purchased, Sold, Exported, Imported, Sent for              on to the Central Water Commission’s website http:/
Processing, Inter Office Transactions by a particular      / The system consists of separate modules
branch, local market rates, during a particular period.    for data entry; generation of MIS reports, viewing
Evaluation of the Performance of a particular branch       the enumerated data and flood forecast data.
by comparing the NAFED Business Budget as against
the actual business can be done.                           2.5.4 Reservoir Level and Capacity Monitoring
2.5.2 Computerization of Census of Irrigation
                                                           Reservoirs play a vital role in water resources
                                                           management. Dams have become an indispensable
Minor Irrigation has gained importance because of its      element of the landscape in our country, because of
advantages in terms of lesser gestation period and         their potential and various uses such as irrigation,
considerably low investment. The census of Minor           drinking water, power generation, tourism etc., Central
Irrigation Schemes covers approximately 20 million         Water Commission monitors 71 reservoirs spread
structures in the country and relevant parameters for      over 16 States and covers 16 major river basins.
every structure. These structures are broadly classified   The total storage capacity of these reservoirs is 135

                                                                                         National Informatics Centre   23
Good Governance Through ICT

     TMCM (Thousand Million Cubic Meters), the
     hydropower capacity is 8617 MW and an irrigation
     potential of 11534 ha.

                                                              local information resource centres, with computers
                                                              carrying expert systems on advisory services to
                                                              help farmers to make decisions.
     This ‘Reservoir Level and Capacity Monitoring
     System’ is a tool for monitoring the water levels in     2.5.7 Agricultural Census & Input Survey
     various reservoirs. This system helps in evaluation
     of water utilization, crop production and estimation     Recognizing the predominance of the agriculture
     and hydropower generation. Bulletins are generated       sector in the Indian economy, Department of
     from the data received.                                  Agriculture and Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture,
                                                              Govt of India collects and maintains agricultural
     2.5.5 Weather Watch Monitoring System                    statistics regularly and make it accessible on a
                                                              timely basis to planners and policy makers for
     Directorate of Wheat Development collects the            decision making. As part of this exercise, on
     information (Weather Watch Report) on the availability   Agricultural Census is being carried out once in five
     of various inputs like power, diesel, irrigation,        years. Since 1976-77, an Input Survey was also
     fertilizers, pesticides, seeds etc., along with          conducted as a part of the Agricultural Census to
     information on crop condition and irrigated area         provide State level estimates of consumption/
     under Wheat, Barley and other crops from all the         application of various inputs by different size classes
     states, on a weekly basis. Incidence of any calamity     of holdings. The Agricultural Censuses and Input
     if any, and the percentage of area affected is also      Surveys are being carried out at an interval of five
     received. The above information is compiled at the       years which matches with the plan period. The URL
     Directorate level; the relevant reports are generated    of the web site for this project is
     and sent to Ministry of Agriculture.
     MIS reports are generated for the use of Directorate
     and Ministry of Agriculture. It also has a module,
     which helps in comparing wheat, barley and other
     crops on various parameters.

     2.5.6 VISTARNET
     Cyber extension, a new paradigm in agricultural
     development, wherein, the ICTs, paradoxically, will
     play a decisive role to bridge the gap between
     knowledge and production practices in agriculture.
     Through VISTARNET, a concept towards Cyber
     Extension in India, flexibility and adaptability in
     Agricultural Extension will be seen as Virtues rather
     than aberrations.
     VISTARNET envisages IT will bring new information
     services to farmers, as users, who will have much        2.5.8 Integrated Nutrient Management Informatics
     greater control than over current information            Network
     channels. These could become readily available at        Integrated Plant Nutrient Management is the

24     National Informatics Centre
                                                                                    Agriculture and Allied Services

conjunctive use of Organic, Inorganic and biological        and Cooperation (DAC), Ministry of Agriculture,
nutrient sources in a cropping system and climatic          Government of India through Directorate of Plant
situation, so as to achieve and sustain optimum             Protection Quarantine & Storage initiates, plans,
yields and to improve or maintain soil health. Such         supports and encourages innovative programs and
a crop nutrition package has to be technically sound,       activities, such as, Integrated Pest Management
economically attractive, practically feasible and           encompassing surveillance and monitoring, promotion
environment friendly. e-Governance for Integrated           of bio control agents, Plant Quarantine & Fumigation
Nutrient Management (INM) provides the framework,           services, Locust Control & Research, Quality control
tools and information so that fertilizer users can          of pesticides and Human resource development.
assess and manage the environmental risks
                                                            PPIN, under DACNET Project, links the Directorate
associated with transport and storage, and for optimal
                                                            of Plant Protection, Quarantine & Storage with its
utilisation of fertilizers for better productivity.
                                                            field offices which include 26 Central Integrated
Portal development and web enabled reporting system         Pest Management Centres (CIPMCs), 26 Plant
for monitoring the quality of the fertilizers includes      Quarantine & Fumigation Stations (PQFS), 5 Locust
the following spatial and non-spatial databases such        Warning Control Centres, one Field Station for
as Fertilizer Production, Consumption, Fertilizer Prices,   Investigation on Locust (FSIL), 2 Regional Pesticides
Fertilizer Quality Control Standards, Fertilizer            Testing Laboratories (RPTLs) and a National Plant
Marketing and Subsidy details, Cropping Systems             Protection Training Institute (NPPTI) and provides
details, Soil fertility map, Supply Chain Management        the backbone for building e-governance applications
application for fertilizer industry.                        for Plant Protection Information exchange through
                                                            its portal ( )
2.5.9 Biofertilizer Informatics Online
Biofertilizer Informatics Online is a web-based
application/Online Monitoring Information System
(G2G, G2C) developed by NIC for faster and reliable
information dissemination across the NCOF, RCOF,
Biofertilizer Production Units, Ministry of Agriculture
and farming community. Biofertiliser Informatics Online
includes: Production Units, Marketing and sales,
Quality Standards, Quality Control, Extension
Services, R&D activities, Stock positions, Farmer
Interaction (FAQs) Databank

                                                            Computerized Registration of Pesticides (CROP):
                                                            A joint project of Central Insecticides Board and NIC
                                                            is a Computerized Registration of Pesticides (CROP)
                                                            G2G and G2C application that simplifies the
                                                            registration process, brings transparency in the
                                                            working, improves decision-making process, eliminates
                                                            time delay in the delivery of certificates to customers,
                                                            provides and disseminates information through the
                                                            portal to government, pesticides
                                                            industry and farming communities.
                                                            The Government of India has enforced the
                                                            Insecticides Act (1968) and their rules framed in
                                                            1971 for the registration of pesticides to regulate
                                                            safe and judicious use of pesticides in the country.
                                                            The Computerization of Pesticides Registration has
2.5.10 Plant Protection Informatics Network (PPIN)          reduced the time delay from 2-3 years to 2-3
                                                            months for the products under ‘MeToo’ category and
Plant Protection is a key for sustaining crop               helped Pesticides industries in timely supply of
production by preventing crop losses due to pests,          pesticides to meet the farmer’s needs. This has
diseases and weeds. It is estimated that they cause         been operational since its inauguration 25th October
10-30% crop losses. In order to safeguard the               2002. Business Process Reengineering has improved
agricultural production, the Department of Agriculture      the delivery of government services.

                                                                                           National Informatics Centre   25
Good Governance Through ICT

     Plant Quarantine Information System (PQIS): Plant         the cardinal principle of the policy on plant protection.
     Quarantine is mandatory for import of any plant           IPM is a ‘knowledge intensive’ approach and
     material. Export Certification is essential for export    Information is the key input for management practices
     of agricultural commodity to ensure that the              at the farm level. It is an economically viable, socially
     commodity is free from pests and diseases. 26             acceptable and environmentally safe and sound
     Plant Quarantine Stations have been established           system of crop protection that leads to sustainable
     under the administrative control of the Directorate of    agriculture and no adverse effect on environment.
     Plant Protection, Quarantine and Storage to ensure.
     These have the responsibilities of regulating imports     Functions
     and exports of Agricultural Commodities and Plant
                                                               q   CIPMC Level software captures and process data
     material for preventing entry of exotic pests into the
                                                                   relating to technical activities (Sample Roving
     country and further avoiding interstate spread which
                                                                   Pest Survey, Bio-Control of Pest & Field Releases
     may be destructive to agricultural crops; issuing
                                                                   of Bio-Control agents, Area covered Augmentation
     Phytosanitory certificates, Import Permits and Import
                                                                   & Conservation, Farmers Field School), and non-
     Release Orders, conducting post-entry quarantine
                                                                   technical activities (Budget & Expenditure);
     and inspection.
                                                                   generates routine reports, and transmits data to
     Quarantina, a G2G and            G2C application is           the Directorate. Weekly reports on Pest Situation
     developed and implemented       since September 2003          is a major input for Crop Weather Watch Group
     at National Plant Quarantine    Station, Regional Plant       in tracking the agricultural situation in the country.
     Quarantine Stations (4) and     their Plant Quarantine    q   Directorate level Software consolidates data
     Stations.                                                     received from CIPMCs and generates crop wise,
     The software helps Plant Quarantine Stations to               district wise, center wise, pest wise query reports
     provide quality service to exporters and importers            for decision support.
     as per international standards and effectively            q   Web based State wise Pests & Disease
     regulating the imports and exports to prevent entry           Monitoring system facilitates capturing district and
     of exotic pests into the country by improving issuance        crop wise data (Net area sown, area infected
     process of Phytosanitory Certificate, Import Permit           and cured, pests & disease name and level of
     for consumption and propagation, and Import Release           intensity) and generates consolidated crop wise
     Order and bring uniformity in the delivery of                 reports on pests and disease situation.
     quarantine services and also improving reporting
     mechanism for decision support.                           Portal disseminates Package of Practices, Pest
                                                               situation, indigenous knowledge, publications and
     The system performs the functions of automation of        related information.
     application processing and generation of certificates
     after inspection of import and export; Generation of      2.6 FOOD AND CIVIL SUPPLIES
     Reports for decision support; Extraction and Transfer
     of data from Plant quarantine Stations to Regional        2.6.1 Integrated Foodgrains               Management
     Stations and the Directorate for further analysis;        Information System
     Dissemination of Information on Intra-DAC Portal.

     Integrated Pest Management Information System
     (IPMIS): The integrated Pest Management (IPM) is

                                                               The "Integrated Information System for Foodgrains
                                                               Management (IISFM)" aims at integrating
                                                               management information system (MIS) for Food
                                                               Corporation of India (FCI) by capturing the workflow
                                                               of FCI from Depot i.e gross root to Head Office
                                                               level, thus extends a new way of reconciliation of

26     National Informatics Centre
                                                                                    Agriculture and Allied Services

stock figures using ICT as a tool for communication         uniformly at all these locations after analyzing the
stock related information to all the levels of              specific needs at each office. The project plans to
management.                                                 provide the required IT infrastructure in terms of
                                                            computers, peripherals, LAN as well as WAN,
This web-enabled application mainly focuses on FCI
                                                            suitable for running application packages specifically
stock management areas like receipt/issues and
                                                            developed for the BIS. A secure intranet (VPN) has
dispatch, stock/storage and contract, quality and
                                                            been set up to facilitate easy access and updation
movement of foodgrains by integrating this activities
                                                            of databases. In addition, the services like E-mail,
both horizontally and vertically across the
                                                            web hosting, Internet Browsing etc. has also been
organization. The solution has three major functions.
                                                            provided to each of the BIS offices. The first network
First function as a Transaction Data System (TDS)
                                                            based work-flow application 'Certification Marks
captures the information from Food Storage Depots
                                                            Management System' meant for all the Branches,
and consolidates at District level,
                                                            RO's, and Head office has been developed and
                                                            implemented successfully. Another web enabled work
                                                            flow application 'Standards Formulation System
                                                            Module' to computerized the process of formulation
                                                            of new Indian Standards, their revision and adoption
                                                            of International Standards has also been developed
                                                            and implemented at BIS, Headquarters.

Secondly as MIS compiles all relevant data into
informative reports which are used by Region and
Zonal level managers and finally piles up the data
as data warehouse at national level for Decision
support Services (DSS) to top management.
The ICT infrastructure is set up at 680 Depots, 164
Districts, 23 Regional, 5 Zonal offices and head
                                                            2.6.3 Project for National Consumer Dispute
office. Software is implemented and the data is
                                                            Redressal Commission
being fed by 1700 trained Data Entry Operators
(DEO) under the supervision of 359 FCI Technical            This is an Intranet based application to record the
Supervisors (FTS). The project also includes onsite         proceedings of cases registered by complainants or
support for training of FCI staff to run the application.   appellants in consumer courts and provides for easy
Latest stock data is available on the website.              retrieval of information. Thus the job of monitoring
                                                            the status of multiple cases as well as maintaining
For     further    information,     please     visit    :   their statistics is simplified. The web enabled work-
                                                            flow application has been developed adopting a
                                                            modular approach. Modules pertain to Registration,
                                                            Dealing Assistants, Court Room, Members and
Integrated Computerization of Activities at Bureau          System Administration etc. kind of users.
of Indian Standards
In order to have an effective and dependable state-
of-the-art system at BIS using ICT in such a way
that an immediate access to accurate and latest
information is available at every level of management,
the project entitled "Integrated Computerization of
BIS Activities" has been initiated. The organizational
set up of BIS includes 19 branch offices, five
laboratories, five inspecting offices, five regional
offices, one Training Institute and a head office at
New Delhi. The IT project is being implemented

                                                                                          National Informatics Centre   27
Good Governance Through ICT

     2.6.4  Essential Commodity Prices Monitoring               This system has been implemented in 225 Talukas
     System                                                     of Gujarat in the local language.
     This system provides the details of Retail Prices for a
                                                                2.6.6 Food Network (Food.NET)
     Particular Date, Centre wise Prices are Month wise
     prices, Wholesale, Weekly Wholesale / Retail Price         This connects all the agencies involved in
     Variation (4 weeks), Month-end Wholesale / Retail          procurement, distribution and management of food
     Prices, Zonewise/ Commoditywise/ Monthwise Average         grains. The agencies involved include HAFED,
     of Wholesale/Retail Prices, Zonewise/Commoditywise         HSAMB, FCI, HWC, HAIC, Confed, Food and
     Average of Wholesale/Retail Prices for a Year              Supplies, and Agriculture department. A web-enabled
     Updation Responsibility : Price Monitoring Cell,           application has been developed to monitor daily
     Department. of Consumer Affairs Updation Frequency         procurement data and Storage Information System
     : Daily Target Users : Internet Users, PM Office.          and to monitor and manage the food procurement,
                                                                lifting and storage activities. The e-Food.Net project
     2.6.5 Ration Card System                                   was appreciated at national level and was awarded
                                                                "Merit Citation" at the 7th national e-governance
     This system helps the department to computerize
                                                                Conference at Chennai in 2003 and has been
     the Ration Card related activities. The Ration card
                                                                implemented in Haryana.
     details are entered, modified, monitored and printed
     through this multiuser software. The software has
                                                                2.6.7 Fair Price Shop Information System
     two basic modules, online and offline. Online is the
     module for any alteration on existing cards, which         The software presently maintains a comprehensive
     can be done across the counter to the public.              database on fair price shop wise. The present
     Offline is the module used for adding new Ration           system takes care of data entry, modification,
     cards. The software helps the public to avoid the          updation, MIS reports and data driven web based
     inordinate delay in issue of ration cards and alteration   query. Implemented in Tripura Madhya Pradesh and
     of existing cards.                                         Himachal Pradesh. Online stock information system
                                                                of various depots is working in Karnataka.

                                                                2.6.8 MAHAFOOD
                                                                This is an e-governance project based        on web
                                                                technology for monitoring of allotment and   lifting of
                                                                food grains in Maharashtra for effective     decision
                                                                making under various schemes with the         help of
                                                                progressive and summarized information.

                                                                2.6.9 Milk Card System
                                                                This is a web-enabled e-Milk software for Tripura
                                                                Milk producers Union Ltd. for selling Milk card over
                                                                the net through authorized e-Governance Kiosk
                                                                agents for milk retailers and end customers.      L

28     National Informatics Centre
                                                                                                 Rural Development


Taking IT to Villages                                    Rural Development Departments, DRDAs, NIRD,
                                                         CAPART, SIRDs and International organizations
Since time immemorial, India has been a land of
                                                         working in the area of Rural Development. All
village communities. With more than 75 percent
                                                         government information relating to Rural Development
people living in rural areas, no development can be
                                                         is available from this site. The site is used by
successful unless it focuses on rural areas and
                                                         general public, business, employees and other
rural people. In 1986, NIC introduced IT to facilitate
                                                         Government departments.
planning, monitoring and exchange of information
between various agencies in the area of Rural
                                                         Department Web Sites
Development administration.
                                                         Every department of MoRD has a web site giving
e-Governance Solutions in Rural Development              information about the department, its organogram
Domain                                                   with name, designation, e-mail address, telephone
                                                         etc. of senior officials, the programmes sponsored
The central government’s rural development domain
                                                         by the departments, scheme guidelines, financial
is a vertical domain starting with the Ministry of
                                                         and physical performance reports, evaluation/impact
Rural Development (MoRD) and Ministry of
                                                         studies undertaken by the department, tender notices,
Panchayati Raj (MoPR) as the apex institutions at
                                                         annual reports etc. The web sites have enhanced
the level of Central Government and reaching down
                                                         the transparency in the working of the departments
to the Gram Panchayat at the village level.
                                                         to a great extent. Further, they have made it easier
Facilitating e-Governance in the entire RD domain
                                                         for the common man to access RD related
requires G2C, G2B and G2E solutions at each level
                                                         information as well as officials more easily. The web
of the domain and G2G solutions that connect the
                                                         sites are open to the general public.
entire gamut of agencies in the domain and also
connect them to other government departments.
                                                         3.1 G2E INITIATIVES
NIC has provided several solutions for the RD
                                                         Ministry’s Intranet
domain over the past two decades. These solutions
address different aspects of e-Governance and are        “Daily” is an intranet site of the Department of Rural
based on the requirements highlighted by the different   Development, promoting G2E governance within the
agencies from time to time.                              Ministry. It provides an easy, efficient and one-stop
                                                         access to all information and services required by the
The Portal of MoRD (             employees to carry out their daily activities. All
                                                         services required for day-to-day work like News
This is a single point entry to websites of Department
                                                         clippings concerning the Ministry, Complaint registration,
/ organizations under Ministry of Rural Development.
                                                         Telephone directory of Ministry, State Secretaries,
It provides access to websites of all the three
                                                         circulars, notices, events etc. are available on the site.
departments of Ministry of Rural Development, State
                                                         It also provides access to all scheme/Division/specific
                                                         software of the Ministry and links to website of
                                                         organizations under MoRD.

                                                         3.2 G2G INITIATIVES
                                                         3.2.1 Monitoring Software for DDWS Schemes
                                                         The Department of Drinking Water Supply provides
                                                         funds to the states for rural drinking water supply
                                                         and sanitation programmes. Online systems for the
                                                         physical and financial monitoring of these
                                                         programmes that include Swajaldhara and Total
                                                         Sanitation Campaign (TSC) have been developed
                                                         and linked to the department website, http://
                                                These systems have helped in improving
                                                         the efficiency and speed in sharing of information
                                                         among implementing agencies and the department
                                                         and has also brought about transparency in the
                                                         working of the department.

                                                                                         National Informatics Centre   31
Good Governance Through ICT

                                                               For     further    information,       please       visit    :

                                                               3.2.3 BPL Survey Computerization
     3.2.2 RuralSoft                                           BPL survey is conducted every five years to capture the
     RuralSoft is a solution that helps in monitoring the      information regarding families below poverty line. The
     monthly progress of various poverty alleviation           survey is conducted as per directions from the
     schemes sponsored by MoRD and SRDs. RuralSoft             department. The survey data captured through BPL
     is, in fact, the more sophisticated version of what       Survey Software is used by planners in MoRD and SRD,
     was popularly known as CRISP software, undertaken         by citizens (particularly, the rural poor) to see if they are
     under the Computerized Rural Information Systems          part of the BPL list and hence eligible for various benefits
     Project (CRISP), launched by MoRD, as early as            offered by the government and by many other
     1986. The software was designed and developed by          departments of the Central and State Government.
     NIC and distributed to all SRDs. Since then, the
     software has responded to many changes in the             3.2.4 Habitation Survey Computerization
     domain as well as technology. It finally evolved to       The Department of Drinking Water Supply conducts
     what is today known as RuralSoft.                         survey of rural drinking water supply status in the
                                                               country. This survey is being conducted to capture
                                                               the information regarding the potable water supply
                                                               sources at habitation level in order to assess the
                                                               coverage status of the habitation as per the norms
                                                               laid down by the department. The survey data has
                                                               been captured and compiled through the software
                                                               developed by NIC and is used by the planners in
                                                               government to identify the requirement of rural water
                                                               sources up to the habitation level.

                                                               3.2.5 Rural Informatics Portal
                                                               The portal envisions sharing the rural informatics
                                                               experiences with all those who are involved in
                                                               conceptualizing, planning, architecting, developing,
                                                               deploying, managing and using rural informatics
     RuralSoft enables data to be captured either at DRDA      applications. The target audience includes the rural
     level or block level, depending on the availability of    development officials in the ministry, state RDs and
     computing and communication infrastructure at these       DRDAs, who are the sponsors and consumers of the
     levels. All the monitoring reports are available over     rural informatics applications. It also caters to our
     the web for all the monitoring agencies as well as for    peers in NIC who are responsible for designing,
     the general public. A complete web-based version of       developing and implementing rural informatics solutions
     the software is also available and is being implemented   at headquarters, state and district units of NIC. A third
     in 16 states of the country. The software has helped      section of the audience who would be benefited by
     in providing timely access to progress of poverty         Insights include all those who wish to gain from the
     alleviation schemes.                                      computerization experiences of a domain – rural

32     National Informatics Centre
                                                                                                Rural Development

development - that exhibits unique characteristics and
targets the upliftment of a vast majority of Indian

3.2.6   eVIKAS
Government to Citizen Interface
                           eVikas is a nodal touch
                           screen based project which
                           provides an interactive
                           platform about various
                           rural         development
                           being implemented by the
                           District Rural Development
                           Agency. This project has       3.3.2 PriaSoft – Panchayati Raj Administration
                           been developed by District     Software
                           Administration Una with a
                           view to bring the entire       PriaSoft, is umbrella software catering to the
                           spectrum        of     rural   administrative needs of PRIs and also serving the
                           development programmes         common man. This software solution also helps in
                           and      projects     being    monitoring the accounts of Panchayati Raj Institutions
                           implemented in the district    by State RD/MoRD and Comptroller & Auditor
                           under a common ambit of        General (CAG) Office, thereby bringing about
                           information technology         transparency in Panchayati Raj accounting. The
                           based Government to            receipts/expenditure details are available on the web
                           Citizen (G2C) interface.       for all, including village citizens. Current
                           There is a wide range of       implementations of PriaSoft include:
                           programmes               for   PriaSoft - (Panchlekha – Madhya Pradesh, Orissa –
                           development of rural areas, Tamil Nadu, Chhattisgarh) –
                           and substantial financial      for Accounting
                           resources are channelized
                           through these schemes to       PriaSoft - Aasthi (Karnataka) - Property Tax module
cater to the objective of rural infrastructure creation   for Gram Panchayats
and productivity augmentation. A need was felt to         PriaSoft - e-Panchayat (Andhra Pradesh) – Internet
bring the outlays and outcomes of these programmes        based services for Birth and Death Registrations,
closer to public by designing an information-             House Tax Assessment Collections, Trade Licenses,
technology-development oriented forum to provide a        Old Age Pensions, Works Monitoring, Financial
public access to the output of these Rural                Accounting, MIS for Panchayat Administration are all
Development Programmes.                                   being executed in the computerised e-Panchayat
For further information,         please    contact    :   system. Additional services such as market prices                                             and agricultural extension advice will also be provided
                                                          to the citizens of the village from e-Panchayat. This
3.3 G2C INITIATIVES                                       project is being implemented in Ramchandrapuram
                                                          Gram Panchayat, Denduluru, Pedapadu in West
3.3.1 Panchayati Raj Informatics
The Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) introduced
through the 73rd Amendment Act, 1992 was a landmark
in decentralized development as it envisions grass root
people’s participation in the process of planning,
decision-making, implementation and delivery.
The Ministry of Panchayati Raj, launched a National
Panchayat Portal (NPP) ( in
December 2004, which contains a portal framework
of State PR, all ZPs, all BPs and all VPs in the
country with the web-site of the ministry acting as
the gateway home page.

                                                                                        National Informatics Centre   33
Good Governance Through ICT

     Godavari District, Anantapur Rural Village Panchayat.    Caste, Domicile, Character, and Farmer etc. to
     The project is going to be extended to all villages in   citizens. Also, the database of property of each
     Andhra Pradesh in phased manner and can also be          family is maintained to provide necessary certificate
     extended to other States by appropriate adaptation.      and to use in panchayat tax collection property
                                                              wise. Birth, Death & BPL Beneficiaries data is also
     3.3.3 e-Suvidha                                          maintained to provide respective certificates.
     This is a G2C service launched in February 2004 in       In future this databank can be used for different
     two blocks namely Birsing Jarua and Agomoni Dev          analysis and to generate different reports such as
     Block in Dhubri District of Assam. This presently        Birth & Death Rate, Vaccination Detail List, Schooling
     provides five citizen-centric services. These are :      Candidates List, Senior Citizens List, Voter List etc.
                                                              General information of the village is also provided
     q    Certified copy of Electoral Roll                    for information as and when required.
     q    PRC for higher education                            The system is currently operational at more than
     q    Land Holding Certificate                            600 villages panchayats and will be extended to
                                                              3000 villages.
     q    Income Certificate for Service Holder and
     q    Income Certificate for Cultivator/Farmers.          3.3.5 Gyandoot
     Only the usual application fee is charged for these      This an intranet in Dhar district connecting rural
     services. The Community Information Centre               cybercafes catering to the everyday needs of the
     infrastructure has been used for this purpose.           masses. The web site of GYANDOOT is an extension
                                                              of Gyandoot intranet, for giving global access. Some
     3.3.4 e-Gram Viswa Gram                                  of the services provided to rural people through
                                                              kiosks set up in the villages of the rural district
     The e-Gram Panchayat Monitoring System maintains
                                                              include Commodity/ Mandi Marketing Information
     a record of village information of all families' data
                                                              System, Income Certificate, Domicile Certificate (mool
     and issue of necessary certificates to citizens.
                                                              niwasi), Caste Certificate, Driving License, Rural
     The Viswa Gram is based on survey form of each           matrimonial (Vivah Sambandh), Rural Market (Gaon
     individual family of the village, which contains the     ka Bazaar), Rural News Paper (Gram Samachar),
     detailed information of each member of family. This      Advisory module (Salahkar), E-education,
     is used to provide many certificates such as Income,     Employment news etc. ❖

34       National Informatics Centre
                                                                        Land Records & Property Registration

4.1 COMPUTERIZATION OF LAND RECORDS                     and network. NIC upgraded its district Centres
                                                        with latest hardware and software and States
First successful initiative of E-Governance, at
                                                        were requested to allocate one room near the
the Grass-root Level in India
                                                        NIC district centre to start data entry operation.
The history of land records is as old as Indian
                                                        The Project is being implemented in collaborative
codified civil Society itself. Land records are of
                                                        manner by Ministry of Rural Development, which
great importance to contemporary socio-economic
                                                        provides funds to states for Data Collection,
imperatives and their revision and updation are
                                                        Collation, Site preparation etc. and NIC is providing
necessary for capturing the essentials of changes
                                                        technical support and training etc. The scheme was
in social dynamics. The system of correction and
                                                        further extended to tehsils/taluk for actual operations
updation of land records is very elaborate. Maps
                                                        and dissemination of land records.
depicting land parcels (cadastral maps) are
required to be updated every 30 years through
                                                        Prime Focus
the process of survey and settlement operations.
                                                        Keeping in mind such ideas, the final list of
Planning and maintaining land records is a pre-
                                                        objectives of the scheme as described as :
requisite before any land reform policies can be
successfully implemented. To achieve this,              q   The focus of the entire operation has always
information technology is a must for quicker                been to employ state of art Information
storing, processing and retrieving of information           Technology (IT) to galvanize and transform the
database      in   land   records.    Therefore,            way of maintaining land records in the country.
Computerisation of land records is an essential
                                                        q   To provide for comprehensive scrutiny to make
step to achieve all these goals.
                                                            land records tamper-proof, so as to reduce the
There are more than 20 registers that are being             menace of litigation and social conflicts,
maintained by the Revenue Department. The                   associated with land disputes.
number of registers varies from State to State
though the principal records being maintained           q   Providing electronic record of rights (ROR) to
are:                                                        land owners at nominal rates.

q   Village map/FMBs: A pictorial form showing          q   Information empowerment of landowners by
    the village/field boundaries;                           focusing on citizen services related to land
q   ‘Khasra’ which in plot wise details shows
    containing crops, their area, particulars of        q   Low cost and easily reproducible data for
    tenure-holders, methods of Irrigation, other uses       reliable and durable preservation.
    of land etc. are recorded.                          q   Value addition and modernization in land
q   ‘Records of Right’, which records the ownership         administration.
    details like names and classes of tenure of all     q   To facilitate preparation of an annual set of
    occupants of land.                                      records in the mechanised process and thereby
Accordingly, the 100% Centrally Sponsored                   producing accurate documents for recording
Scheme on Computerisation of Land Records                   details such as collection of land revenue,
(CLR) was started in 1988-89 with the intention             cropping pattern etc.
to remove the problems inherent in the manual           q   Integration with other Data sets towards a
system of maintenance and updation of Land                  Comprehensive Land Information System.
Records. It began as a pilot project in 8 Districts.
It was decided that efforts should be made to           Implementation Status
computerize basic land records data contained in
revenue registers, so as to make records                In 2596 tehsils/taluks, computerized copies of
accessible to people/ planners / administrators         Record of Rights are being distributed to
and to assist development planning. Later, the          landowners on demand as on 30st Sept. 2005.
scheme was extended to other districts as well.         The States of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Goa and
When the scheme was reviewed in 1993-94 it              Gujarat are fully operational and have banned
was observed that States were finding it difficult      the manual distribution of Record of Rights. The
to sustain the project due to non-availability of       States of Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal,
skilled manpower, hardware maintenance problems         Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh,
etc and it was decided to use NIC’s infrastructure      Sikkim, Andhra Pradesh, Pondicherry and NCT of

                                                                                      National Informatics Centre   37
Good Governance Through ICT

     Delhi are at an advanced stage of completion of
     the project and many tehsils/taluks are
     operationalised in these States.

     Bhoomi – Karnataka
     Fully implemented in all 177 taluks where manual
     land records has been declared invalid. On-line
     Mutation software for Land Records Management,
     coined as BHOOMI, is fully designed and
                                developed in-house by
                                                               interface in Tamil;Voice messages for guiding the
                                   The project is on-line
                                                               new users;User friendly buttons and number pads
                                   delivery of land records
                                                               for entry;Kiosk has a coin acceptance unit; the
                                   in Karnataka which
                                                               usage is possible only on putting coins; Display
                                   demonstrates         the
                                                               of current data using the Taluk Server accessible
                                   benefits of making
                                                               through the LAN.
     government records more open so that the citizen
     are empowered to challenge arbitrary actions. The         The services offered through the Kiosks provide
     project has computerized 20 million records of land       for copy of Chitta Extract, view of ownership
     ownership of 6.7 million people. The software takes       details through kiosk, and filing of mutation
     care of entire mutation workflow except field inquiries   application and tracking the mutation status.
     with inbuilt mechanism for security of data and           The system has been integrated and provides
     system. The mutations are handled on first come           following additional services such as view of Birth
     first out basis and there is no way, the system will      Certificate or Death Certificate details and
     allow out of turn handling of mutations. The kiosk        obtaining a copy of the same; viewing Old Age
     installed to help people to get information of their      Pension particulars; details of welfare schemes of
     records and track mutation status ensures that.           Revenue Department.
     The Karnataka Land Revenue Act has been                   The software has an interface for mutation
     amended to provide digital storage of land records        workflow, queries and kiosk modules.
     and use of Bhoomi Software for its updation and
     maintenance. In four years about Rs 40.00 Crores          e-Dharni - Goa
     has been collected as user charges for sustainability
                                                               Goa has implemented Integrated Land Records
     of the project.
                                                               System (ILRS) named ‘Dharni Project’ comprising
     The features of the software include : User               computerization and digitalization of land records.
     Interface in Kannada Language; Handles all types          This is a unique project in the country where all
     of mutations like Sale-deed, Inheritance,                 land records text and graphic data is being
     Acquisition, Alienation, Grant, podi; Built-in            provided to people on demand.
     Workflow Automation - moves the transaction from
     one officer to another for approval; Integrates the       Bhuyan - Chhatisgarh
     scanner to scan and store the scanned images in           This covers complete automation of Land Records
     the database Bio-metric -for non-repudiation Online       maintenance, mutation workflow and generation
     help - for usage and installation of software.            of revised ROR. It also enables Data porting;
                                                               Data entry/Modification; Mutation with provision to
     Tamil Nilam – Tamil Nadu                                  store scanned copy of orders and to maintain
     Tamil Nadu Infosystem on Land Administration and          history of past transactions; Khasra & Khatauni
     Management (Tamil NILAM), an e-Governance                 report generation; Access to ROR through Internet.
     initiative of Government of Tamil Nadu, brings the        The project has been fully implemented in 98
     Land Records and related data of Taluks, literally        tehsils of the State. In Durg district 171 Indira
     to the fingertips of the citizens. The acceptance of      Suchna Kendra have been set up in schools and
     the system has been overwhelming since its launch         one of the schoolteachers has been authorized to
     in 29 Taluks in April 2002 and further extended to        sign and provide the khasra extract to landowners.
     all 206 Taluks of the state during 2003.
                                                               For     further    information,   please   visit   :
     The Features of the system include: Complete    
38     National Informatics Centre
                                                                        Land Records & Property Registration

Apna Khata – Rajasthan                                 Himbhoomi - Himachal Pradesh
“Delivers instant, accurate & updated ROR to a         Himbhoomi has been implemented in 18 tehsils of
common man”                                            the States with a mission that aims at delivering
Apna Khata is an ambitious programme of Govt. of       the excellent grass-root e-governance within the
Rajasthan, Ministry of Rural Development and           domain of land management . The computerised
National Informatics Centre (NIC) to make Land         system has the following features:
Records management more transparent and efficient.
                                                       q   Exact replica of existing manual system with
Under this programme the aim is to enable the
                                                           improvements and compatibility to requirements
common man to get a direct access to his land
                                                           thereby enabling its replication without any
holding details over Internet from anywhere any
                                                           resistance from the revenue staff.
time. The entire record of land holders is available
in Hindi and it can be viewed by selecting Tehsil,     q   Assignment of a Unique code to each individual
Name, Khata and Khasra number. The project has             appearing in any capacity in land records thereby
been implemented in 237 tehsils of the State. The          enabling to know the extent of land possessed,
state is devising mechanism to authorize Kiosks            which could be base for many e-governance
holders to deliver the Apna Khata         is a User        applications.
friendly package with facilities for update of Khata   q   Includes customary rights and Forestry (TD) rights
& khasra’s found in Jamabandi, automatic creation          details that are often requisitioned by various
of forth coming Chausala at tehsil centre and              Courts of Law.
searching of an owner by Name or Khasra/Khata
number. Data has been hosted on the website.           q   Linkages with Census Codification enlarge the
                                                           scope of data and information.
For     further  information,    please    visit   :                            q   Facilitate the online mutation entry and generation
                                                           of Nakal and Jamabandi.
                                                       The entire project is being implemented in many
                                                       other States using different names like Indraprastha
                                                       Bhulekh in Orissa, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and
                                                       Uttranchal, Bhuabhilekh in Madhya Pradesh, LRMIS
                                                       and PCIS (Property Card) in Maharashtra, etc.

                                                       Evaluation and Monitoring : Ministry of Rural
                                                       Development and National Informatics Centre are
                                                       undertaking close and qualitative monitoring of the
                                                       project. Various workshops and interactions are
                                                       arranged for guiding and helping the non-performing
e-Dhara – Gujarat                                      The CLR project is of immense significance for
This is a service oriented model fully implemented     public as well as planners and policy makers of the
in 226 taluks of the State. In addition to the copy    country. In order to potentially utilize the information
of 7/12(ROR), other certificates are also being        resources thus generated, it is very important to
distributed from e-dhara centres.                      create IT awareness among grass root functionaries
                                                       and establish an integrated network for district and
Bhumi - West Bengal                                    tehsil level users. Further, there is a need for
                                                       formulating standards and guidelines for security,
Land Records computerization in West Bengal
                                                       legal sanctity and routine facility management.
started in 1991. Since then nearly all Land and
Land Reforms Offices in 341 Block offices have
been made functional and Record of Right (RoR)
are delivered to the citizens on demand. Mutation
has been brought under this online system. The
enormity of the project and its successful
implementation earned West Bengal the reputation
of being an IT enabled State. There is also plan to
put the entire information including cadastral maps
on the web as a process of forward integration
towards electronic governance.

                                                                                      National Informatics Centre   39
Good Governance Through ICT

     However, ultimate goals of CLR operations would              q   Saving the mutated plots in the database.
     be accomplished only when village maps are also
                                                                  q   Merging - The mutated plots can be merged to
     available electronically along with textual data. The
                                                                      get the original plot. With that the details of the
     ministry has designed online monitring system.
                                                                      mutated plots will be deleted from the database.
     For further information, please visit :
                                                                  q   A report of the mutation & merging details and
                                                                      the printing details of all the plots is generated.
     Cadastral Mapping
     Integrated System for Bhulekh with Maps                      CollabLand
     ISBM is software in series of domain specific                CollabLand is envisaged to serve the following
     software products, which would be greatly facilitating       purposes:
     integration of Record of Rights with Cadastral maps.
                                                                  q   Creation of   Maps from 5-Column Ladder Data
     It is the first version of ISBM through by which
     digitized maps can be stored, viewed and specific            q   Viewing/Printing Extracts as a Citizen Service
     plots can be split and mutated based on perimeter
                                                                  q   Performing transactions like Sub-Division,
     and selected points.
                                                                      Merging, Mosaicing of maps to create village
     Apart from this, the software can also generate                  boundaries
     reports of printing, mutation and merging without
                                                                  q   Providing integrated Solution with Non-Spatial Data
     using any separate report tool.
     The highlights of this system are:                           The software is being developed by CAD group of
                                                                  NIC in collaboration with NIC state units of Tamil
     q    Posting data - Data for a specified village can         Nadu and Kerala to cater to the cadastral mapping
          be posted into ISBM, which requires the three           requirements of southern states the system will be
          files (.shp, .sbx, .dbf).                               enhanced to take care of issues like customization
     q    Viewing the list of the available map data after        and local language support.
          the data has been posted into ISBM.
                                                                  Domain of Use
     q    Highlighting a specific plot with area, scale,
          location and its adjacent plots.                        The software is intended for the use of the survey
                                                                  department of state governments. The draughtsman
     q    Print of a particular plot and its ROR.                 will use it to create maps from the field
     q    Mutation - Mutation can be done by two ways -           measurement book (FMB) data. When further sub-
                                                                  division (or merging) of plots takes place that also
          -   By corner points
                                                                  would be inducted into the maps by the
          -   By perimeter                                        draughtsman. The head surveyor and/or tehsildar
     q    Grid can be displayed of various sizes (in meters)      would then approve these changes.
          according to user's choice, that help the user to
          select the intermediate points inside the plot in
          order to mutate the plot in the desired way.

                                                                  The software also provides the mosaicing feature by
                                                                  which the plot maps in a village are joined together
                                                                  to get the village map. These village maps (bottom-
                                                                  up approach) can be integrated with GIS maps (top-
                                                                  down approach) to give an integrated solution at
                                                                  national level for various e-governance applications.

40       National Informatics Centre
                                                                           Land Records & Property Registration

Property Card Information System (PCIS) -                  the title deeds of a particular property have been
Maharashtra and Gujarat                                    deposited with any person or a financial institution
                                                           for the purpose of obtaining an advance against
The main features of the system are :
                                                           the security of that property.
q   Data is updated directly from Property card as
                                                           Every document, which is to be registered, should
    also from Inquiry register
                                                           be presented at the proper registration office by the
q   Various types of mutations are available including     concerned person himself/herself, or the
    division, amalgamation and sale transaction etc.       representative or the agent of such a person duly
                                                           authorized along with witness and appropriate
q   Queries of all types are provided which will be        registration fee. The payment of proper Stamp duty
    of great support to both public as also to the         on instruments bestows legality on them. Such
    Office                                                 instruments get evidentiary value and are admitted
q   Provision for porting data from Sub registrar          as evidence in Court of law. Registration details of
    office for updation.                                   agricultural land are passed on to the revenue
                                                           official for affecting mutations/ updations.
q   Bilingual Support in English and Marathi/Gujarati
PCIS has been fully operationalized in Maharashtra         Implementation of Property Registrations system
and Gujarat. In Gujarat, the system has been               aims at the following :
implemented in 66 City Survey Offices by Revenue           q   To Smoothen the Citizen - Govt. interface thus
department, Government of Gujarat. For monitoring              promoting e-governance
and maintaining the ever-changing Urban Land
Records and for effective implementation of urban          q   To create a system that enables setting quality
development programs, an Urban Land Information                & time standards for all registration services
& Management System with highest level of                  q   To enhance the speed, reliability & consistency
transparency is the need of the hour.                          of the system
A pilot project for computerization of total city survey   q   To provide transparency in valuation and replace
records of Ahmedabad City survey superintendent-               copying/ filing system with imaging
1 office was initiated. NIC has developed a complete
software solution, PCIS. Data entry started in the         Deliverables cover registration of deeds on the
corporation areas.                                         transactions relating to immovable properties
                                                           between citizens and include calculation of stamp
For further information, please contact :     duty; Revising the rates of market values,     Deed
                                                           writing which is not being done presently through
4.2 PROPERTY REGISTRATION                                  computer, collecting relevant fees; providing legal
One Line MISSION - Registration that is FAST -             rights on the properties to citizens through
Friendly, Accountable, Secure and Transparent.             computerized copies of ROR and registration
                                                           document; Preservation of copies of documents/
Computerized Registration System calls for radical         records giving a computerized history of transactions
reforms so that the old rigid and complex system           on property & affecting land record mutation (for
of valuation of properties, calculations of stamp          Encumbrance certificate)
duty and registration can be simplified to bring
transparency and on demand a one-stop service to
the common man. Integration with Land Records
database provides buyers with crucial information
about encumbrances/ownership & keeps land records
updated. Its implementation in the States has
brought a change in vision, attitude and culture,
and this major computerization drive has restored                WORKFLOW,
citizens' faith in "governance".                                 DEPTT, AND
Registration means recording of the contents of a
document with a Registering Officer and preservation
of copies of the original document. The documents
are compulsorily registered for the purpose of
conservation of evidence, assurance of title, publicity
of documents and prevention of fraud. Also,
registration helps an intending purchaser to know if

                                                                                        National Informatics Centre   41
Good Governance Through ICT

          MAIN ACTIVITY                             SUB ACTIVITIES
          PRE-REGISTRATION                         1. Deed preparation
                                                   2. Deed verification
          REGISTRATION                             1. Deed Entry & modification
                                                   2. Land evaluation
                                                   3. Calculation of Stamp duty & registration fee
                                                   4. On- spot Photo capturing of witnesses
                                                   5. Endorsement
                                                   6. Scanning of documents and storage
                                                   7. On the spot notice generation for pending payment
          ADVANCED FEATURES/ QUERIES               1.   Encumbrances
                                                   2.   Rates and discounts as master tables
                                                   3.   Group registration
                                                   4.   In-built Documents' Archival and retrieval sub-system (on CD)
          POST- REGISTRATION                       1.   Initiate mutation
                                                   2.   Provide links for registration data & information

                                                                       on-line photo capturing, Certificate and endorsement
                                                                       printing, generation of reports for Revenue
                                                                       administration, database maintenance & query etc.
                                                                       HARIS has been implemented at 102 locations (all 67
                                                                       Tehsils and 35 Sub-Tehsils) of the state.
                                                                       The project is running successfully, on a self-
                                                                       sustaining basis through District Red Cross Societies.
                                                                       Service Charges are taken from public for each
                                                                       type of deed, which are collected by Red Cross to
                                                                       meet the capital cost and recurring cost in terms of
                                                                       CDs, Stationery, Patrol/Diesel etc. An increase of
     CARD - Andhra Pradesh                                             up to 40% (more than Rs. 200 Crore) in revenue
     CARD, The acronym for Computer aided Administration               collection has been recorded after the
     of Registration Department, is a comprehensive                    implementation of HARIS. The project has been
     Software package, to automate the process of                      implemented with the objectives to bring
     Registration of immovable properties. The process of              transparency in the registration process; to simplify
     Registration is governed as per the Registration Act              registration procedures; to provide one-stop services
     1908 and plays a unique role in the eyes of law, serving          related to registration; to generate MIS reports for
     multiple benefits to the citizens. It covers Conservation         monitoring; to enhance speed, reliability and
     of evidence; Making public private Transactions on                consistency of system; On-line query on registered
     properties; Providing history of transactions on                  deeds; Structuring/standardizing the language of
     properties (Encumbrance) for prospective buyers /                 deed documents to minimize intermediaries; To
     loaning agencies; Providing legal rights on the properties        maintain database of photographs to ensure genuine
     to citizens. This has been implemented in 387 SROs of             witnesses, executants & claimants; Generation of
     the State of Andhra Pradesh.                                      exceptional reports for the purpose of auditing.

     The figure below depicts the main modules of the
     CARD system.

     HARIS - Haryana
     In Haryana initially, the scope of HARIS software, was            STAR - Tamil Nadu
     limited to Registration of documents, which included              Implemented in Tamil Nadu, STAR is a
     stamp duty evaluation on the basis of Collector rates,            Comprehensive IT Package for all the needs of

42     National Informatics Centre
                                                                          Land Records & Property Registration

Registration. With a view to providing quick services     Registration of Documents is implemented in 1
and ensuring transparency by suitably harnessing          SRO of Gujarat and is running successfully.
IT enabled operations in Registration Department, it
is proposed to computerize all the 560 Sub Registrar      CORD - West Bengal
Offices and 50 District Registrar Offices in a phased     CORD caters to the need of the Registration offices
manner. So far 350 offices have been computerized.        of West Bengal. It has been developed following
To facilitate faster processing of applications           the Indian Stamps Act and Indian Registration Act
submitted by the public, "STAR" (Simplified and           incorporating all its amendments followed by the
Transparent Administration of Registration),is an IT      State till date. At present a registration office
enabled service. The system has been simplified           provides two types of services - registration service
and Transparent Administration of Registration is         and the post registration service. Registration service
implemented in 300 SROs of Tamil Nadu and is              is to register the document that is being presented
running successfully.                                     now while post registration service is to know about
                             The       application        the details of a registered document at a later date.
                             software for project         CORD addresses both of these functionalities.
                             STAR was designed
                                                          Registration Functionalities include receiving and
                             and developed by NIC
                                                          serialization of the presented Document; Intelligent
                             in association with
                                                          Input forms to capture Document details;
                             Department Staff. It is
                                                          determination of Stamp duty and Registration Fees
                             being upgraded on
                                                          based on the type of the document; generation of
                             continuous basis by
                                                          receipts after fee receiving; Generation of notices
adding a few special features; each version comes
                                                          to call the parties; data base support for market
with improved retrieval speed and reduced
                                                          value assessment; determination of additional Fee
processing time of applications.
                                                          and additional Stamp Duty based on assessed
A development cell in the office of IGR keeps track       market value; admission of execution; request for
of all new initiatives.                                   Visit Commission; request for duplicate Document;
All the resource persons are encouraged to come           permanent number generation on completion of
out with initiatives, and after approval by development   statutory requirements; scanning of the Document
cell, such initiatives are incorporated in STAR.          on completion; calculation of delivery fees and
                                                          delivery of document.
PRISM - Punjab
The main feature of PRISM are Single Window
System; On-the-spot Registration; Capturing, storing
& printing of photographs of concerned parties;
Online valuation of Property; Local language
(Punjabi); Automatic conversion of units; Multiple/
Mixed land type registration; Token number module
for better queue management; Database of Deed
writers & Stamp vendors; Printing of Endorsements
at the back of stamp paper; Business rules in
database; Highly parameterized; Low cost solution;
Audit Log for all major activities; Below market rate
registration protected by separate password;
Endorsement having detailed description of applied
rate, land type, segment etc; Linkage with Land           Post Registration Functionalities includes searching
Record System (LRS); Parcha Yadashat Generation           of document by name; searching of document by
Module with monitoring of Pending Mutation; User          Property particulars and providing Certified copy of
administration; MIS Reports.                              the Document to citizens.
Gujarat - ReD                                             Computerization of Registration of Documents
                                                          Software has been successfully implemented in 11
ReD integrates the Registration process and Market        SROs of West Bengal.
Value Evaluation it can also be an efficient
administration tool for the Stamps and Registration       ORIS - Orissa
Department. The Software will increase the
transparency and revenue earnings for the Stamps          ORIS is a Comprehensive IT Package for all the
and Registration Department.                              functions of Registration. This system represents a

                                                                                        National Informatics Centre   43
Good Governance Through ICT

     paradigm shift from IT looking for a problem Domain         and inheritances take place, the name of new
     to the Domain Needs looking for a IT Solution. The          owners should be entered in the relevant land
     main features of ORIS are data entry of key information     registers. The work of mutations is not being done
     of documentation being registered (for all kinds of         and records remain out-of-date. The initiation of
     registrations); Checklist Generation; Data updation till    Computerization of Land Records Scheme during
     the document is regularized; Valuation of any given         early 90 has started yielding results and many
     property; Calculation of Stamp Duty and Registration        States have digitized the legacy data and started
     Fees applicable; Receipt Generation for all kind of         online process of affecting mutations and distribution
     transactions; Taking Photographs of parties and             of computerised ROR. Registration System calls
     generation of endorsement; scanning of registered           for radical reforms so that rigid and complex system
     document; Issue of certified copies; Issue of               of valuation and calculation of stamp duty can be
     Encumbrance Certificate.                                    simplified to bring transparency and one stop service
                                                                 to the common man. In order to achieve
     PEARL - Kerala                                              transparency, accuracy in land transactions and
     Package for Effective            Administration       of    continous updation the two processes should be
     Registration Laws                                           integrated for the following:

     PEARL aims at providing better services from the            q   Forward and backward linkages in term of
     Registration Department to the common man in                    information sharing and continuous land updation.
     Kerala. PEARL is designed to eliminate the maladies         q   Reduced scope for manipulation of records and
     affecting the system of registration through electronic         under valuation of land & property.
     delivery of all its services. At one go, it demystifies
     the registration process; introduces a transparent          q   Reduce time required for completing the
     system easily accessible to the citizens; replaces the          registration and mutation
     manual system of copying and filling of documents           The integrated operational projects are :
     with a sophisticated document management system
     that uses Imaging Technology; replaces the manual           HALRIS in Haryana - workflow based software for
     system of indexing Accounting as and Reporting and          management of land records and registration. This
     improves the Citizen Interface substantially.               system has improved delivery of citizen services
                                                                 related to revenue administration.
     On implementation of the project the services that will
     be fully computerized are Registration of all category      SRO-MRO Integration in Andhra Pradesh -
     of documents; Issue of Encumbrance Certificates; Issue      Registration data of all connected 387 Sub-registrar
     of Certified Copies; Registration of Chitty; Registration   offices is consolidated at State Level and is being
     of Marriages under Special Marriage Act.                    made available to Mandal Level Revenue Office via
                                                                 network for initiating mutations. Similarly MRO can
     Other Systems                                               use Land Records data with proper authentications.
     DORIS (Delhi Online Registration Information System).       Bhoomi - a workflow based land records system in
     Implemented in two districts of Delhi. CROUN                Karnataka       has    been     integrated     with
     (Computerization Of Sub-Registration Office In              Kaveri(Registration system) for data interchange.
     Uttranchal) implemented in 2 SROs, HIMRIS                   Mahabhulekh (Land Records system In Maharashtra)
     (Himachal Pradesh Registration Information System).-        has been integrated with Sarita (Registration System).
     Software has been customized and being tested in
     1 pilot site and ERA has been implemented in                NIC has developed integrated system for
     Madhya Pradesh.                                             Bhuabhilekh (Land Records) with ERA (Registration
                                                                 System) in Madhya Pradesh
     For further information, please contact                 :        or   visit                    :   In States of Kerala, West Bengal, Assam, Tripura,                                   Sikkim and Uttar Pradesh integrated system for
                                                                 Land Records and Registration is being developed
     4.3 INTEGRATION OF LAND RECORDS WITH                        for facilitating continuous updation and maintenance
     REGISTRATION PROCESS                                        of land records and related data.
     Land Records calls for regular updation. Presently          For further information,        please    contact    :
     the rules require that as soon as transfer, partitions ❖

44     National Informatics Centre

Controlling Money                                          trading community comprising of importers, exporters,
                                                           custom house agents, other government departments
The Finance Sector forms the backbone of the
                                                           and banks. The EDI Gateway facilitates in filling of
economy of any country and an efficient functioning
                                                           all Import and Export documents over the Internet.
of this sector goes a long way in ensuring long-term
progress. The advent of Information and
                                                           Indian Customs EDI System
Communication Technology (ICT) has brought about
a transformation in this sector and has proved to be       Indian Customs EDI system has been developed for
an active catalyst in the growth process. Being the        better management of Custom activities. The main
premier ICT organization in the Country, NIC has           achievements of the system are simplified and
contributed immensely to the growth of this sector         harmonized procedures which has not only provided
through the development and implementation of              an efficient and reliable environment to customs
several Applications and Information Systems in the        users but also to the business communities and
areas/sub sectors of Customs, Excise, Accounts,            other trading agencies. The business processes of
Pension, Audit, Commercial Taxes, Budget, Treasury.        the customs and the trading partners along with
                                                           their boundaries and interfaces were analyzed in
Here is a glimpse of some of the prominent
                                                           depth and re-engineered from the viewpoint of higher
applications and activities in each of the above
                                                           efficiency, customer satisfaction, lower cost,
areas by the various State Centres of NIC over the
                                                           facilitation, lower inventory level, reduced turn around
past few years:
Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC)
initiated a new era in the country, an era of paperless
trade. An era of trade facilitation rather then control.
An era in which Indian trading community can
exchange documents electronically with Customs,
Excise and other Government Agencies. This had
been made possible by the collaborative effort in
design, development and implementation of Customs
and Excise applications by the officers of Central
Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) and NIC.

5.1.1 Customs Computerization Project
The Customs Computerization project is the outcome
of a systems study conducted by NIC and CBEC in
1992 at a number of Customs Houses across the
country which formed the basis for the software            The main objectives are:
requirements of ICES.                                      q   All the agencies of the government should present
The pilot project was launched in 1994-95 This                 a single face to the user
included Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) as a key
                                                           q   Data once captured should be available for all
element for connecting all the players involved in
                                                               the government agencies
international trade with the Customs House
electronically.  After this success, the Customs           q   The Importer/Exporter or their agent should
department decided to extend the service to other              interact with only one agency
customs houses. ICES was first made operational
                                                           q   Gradual transition from scrutiny of paper
for exports processing in 1997 and presently, the
system is operational at 23 sites throughout the
country. Customs has also installed an Electronic          q   System Appraisal for select import goods
Data Interchange (EDI) /Electronic Commerce
                                                           q   Minimized export appraisement
Gateway. The Electronic Commerce Gateway
involves an EDI application at the trading gateway         q   Examination waiver - Green Channel
to enable a transparent and centralized processing
                                                           q   Electronic credit of drawback
of all customs trading documents which are
interchanged between Customs departments and the           q   Reduced documentation for export cargo

                                                                                          National Informatics Centre   47
Good Governance Through ICT

     Document Preparation and Submission                     marks it to the Audit Appraiser. After the Audit is
                                                             complete, the Bill of Entry appears on the screen of
     Indian Customs EDI System can accept documents
                                                             the concerned Group Assistant Commissioner. After
     from trading partners in the Electronic Format, which
                                                             the assessment is approved by the Asstt.
     can be prepared and submitted using either the
                                                             Commissioner concerned, TR-6 is printed at the
     Electronic Data Interchange or Service Centre. The
                                                             Service Centre for payment of duty. The Examination
     Importers/Exporters and Custom House agents can
                                                             Order is also printed along with the TR-6 Challan.
     use the Graphical User Interface based package
     'Remote EDI System' from their offices to create the    If the Appraiser does not agree with the importer
     documents in the desired format and then transmit       regarding tariff classification / notification / declared
     them over the Internet using the secure server of       value etc., he can raise a query in this regard. The
     NIC for submission at customs house for further         Importer/CHA has to enquire at the Service Center
     processing. The document received over the Internet     whether there is any query in respect of their Bill of
     at Customhouse is then loaded to the ICES after         Entry and should reply to the same through the
     the proper validation checks.                           Service Center if there is any.
     Importers/Exporters and CHAs who do not have            The duty is to be paid through the designated bank.
     access to Internet can get their documents              After payment of the Duty, the Bank enters the
     electronically prepared and submitted at the Service    same into the system at a terminal at their end.
     Centre. The Service Centre module of NIC allows         Then the Bill of Entry appears on the screen of the
     entry of data, modifications and submission.            Appraiser (Docks). The Importer/CHA should present
     The data entered through EDI or Service Centre          a copy of the B/E along with duty paid challan and
     gets validated before their storage into ICES. If       other documents including invoice, packing list etc.
     errors are found, they are reported to the Importer/    at the time of examination of the goods.
     Exporter/CHA through EDI or at the Service Centre.      The Shed Appraiser shall examine the goods and
     Documents once entered and submitted are then           enter the examination report in the system. After
     reviewed by different officers of the Custom House      the examination of the goods is complete, the
     at various stages of processing and final clearance     Appraiser (Docks) would give the "Out of Charge"
     is accorded on the computer system after all the        order on the system. Thereafter, the system will
     formalities are over for physical examination of the    print two copies of B/E for the importer and the
     goods at the sheds. ICES keeps track of the officers    Exchange Control Copies.
     who have handled the documents at various stages        In case of any discrepancy found in the docks with
     of processing. The CHA, in turn, can enquire about      respect to the goods, the same is reported to the
     the status of his documents from his own system.        respective Group through the system with the
     He can view any memo or objections on his               comments of the Dock Officers. On the basis of the
     documents as they are posted in the system.             examination report and the comments of the dock
                                                             officers, the Group may revise the assessment or
     Imports (ICES/I)                                        may raise a query.

     The Bill of Entry is to be filed through the Service    Exports (ICES/E)
     Centre by the Importer/CHA, who has to submit the
     signed declaration in a prescribed format along with    Before filing any Export Shipping Bill, all exporters
     copy of Invoice and Packing List if filed through       and CHAs are required to register with the Customs
     Service Centre. The document can also be filed          EDI System their IEC Code No., CHA Licence No.
     through the Remote EDI System.                          and Authorised Dealer Code No. of the Bank through
                                                             which export proceeds are to be realised.
     After the data entry at the service centre, a "Check
     List" is generated which is to be verified by the       Those intending to file the Shipping Bill will have to
     Importer/CHA and corrected in case any error is         present at the Service Center a declaration in the
     detected and the signed "Check List" is to be           prescribed format signed by the exporter or his
     submitted in the Service Centre. In case of RES, the    authorised CHA alongwith the copy of Invoice and
     system validates the data and if errors are found, a    Packing List.
     message is sent back to the importer. If the data       After the data entry at the Service Centre has been
     passes the check, system accepts the data and an        done, a "Check List" will be generated and handed
     acknowledgment is sent to the importer/CHA.             over to the CHA/Exporter who should verify the
     The Bill of Entry then appears on the screen of the     correctness of the data entered. If any error/mistake
     respective Group Appraiser. The Group Appraiser         is detected by the CHA/Exporter in the data, they
     then assesses the Bill of Entry on the system and       should inform the Service Center operators who will
48     National Informatics Centre

make the corresponding correction in the data              q     Shipping Lines and Shipping Agents
                                                           q     Inland Container Depots
After the correct data has been entered into the
                                                           q     Container Freight Stations
system, the Shipping Bills shall be processed
automatically by the System on the basis of the            q     Banks
declaration made by the Exporters. However, the
categories of Shipping Bill are assessed by the            5.2     CENTRAL EXCISE
Assistant Commissioner (Export).                           Central Excise is under the administrative control of
The status of the Shipping Bill can be checked by          the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC),
the Exporter/CHA at the Service Centre. They should        Ministry of Finance. For administrative control of the
also check whether any query has been raised in            Department, the country is divided into Zones headed
respect of their Shipping Bill. In case of any query,      by a Chief Commissioner of Central Excise and the
they should file a reply to the query through the          Zones are further divided into Commissionerates and
Service Center.                                            are headed by a Commissioner of Central Excise.
                                                           Divisions and Ranges are subsequent field formations.
During examination of the goods at the docks, the
                                                           Central Excise duty is an indirect tax levied on goods
CHA/Exporter has to present the Check List
                                                           manufactured in India. The CBEC has recently
alongwith all original documents such as Invoice,
                                                           introduced another type of indirect tax called 'Service
Packing List etc. to the Customs Officer. "Let Export"
                                                           Tax' on the services rendered by various service
order will be given by the Appraiser if everything is
                                                           providers like Telephone, Electricity etc.
found to be in order after examination of the goods
and scrutiny of the documents.
After the "Let Export" order is given, the printout of
the Shipping Bill is generated. The examination
report printed on the Shipping Bill is to be signed
by the Appraiser, Examiner as well as the CHA/
Exporter. The name and Licence No. of the CHA
should be clearly mentioned below his signature.

The Customs EDI Community System
The main objective of introduction of EDI in
International trade was to move away from customs
control to trade facilitation. A major benefit of the is
integration of the agencies involved in a trade
transaction. All the agencies presenting single face       5.2.1 System for Allotment of Central Excise
to the customer and customers interact with only           Registration Number (SACER)
one agency as far as possible while data once              Each and every Manufacturer / Dealer in India has
captured made available to other agencies.                 to register with the Central Excise wing of CBEC
The internal functions of these agencies are               before commencing any production. In 1999 the
automated and are made EDI capable. The inter-             Central Government simplified the procedure of
agency data files are automatically transferred and        registration for central excise duty purposes by giving
received by the system and act upon the messages           a unique 15-digit number to those concerned. The
received and the response messages are generated.          software package SACER developed by NIC Central
                                                           Excise division allots the 15-digit number on-line.
The main agencies other than Custom House and              The 15-digit number consists of two parts. The first
CHA/Importer/ Exporter integrated into the Customs         part consists of 10 digits and the second part
EDI Community System are:                                  consists of 5 digits. The first 10 digits are previously
                                                           assigned by the Income Tax department called PAN
q   Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT)            number to the firm and the rest 5 digits are assigned
q   Airport Authority of India (AAI)                       by the SACER depending upon, whether the firm is
                                                           a manufacturer or a dealer and depending upon
q   Apparel Export Promotion Council                       number of units under the same name. The software
q   Export Promotion Council (EPC)/Commodity Board         package SACER is developed using JAVA language
                                                           and Linux operation system. The package can be
q   Airlines                                               invoked by any authorized user from any Internet
q   Port Authorities                                       enabled system.

                                                                                           National Informatics Centre   49
Good Governance Through ICT

     5.2.2 System for Allotment of PAN Based Service           Salient features of this package:
     Tax Payer Code (SAPS)
                                                               q   Reports on Production/Clearance of goods
     Various service providers rendering services such
                                                               q   Monitoring of monthly revenue collection -
     as electricity, telephones etc. are supposed to pay
                                                                   Assessee wise and commodity (CETH) wise
     the indirect tax called service tax to the Government.
     It is mandatory that these service providers have to      q   Monitoring of CENVAT claims - Assessee wise
     register with the Service Tax Department. The                 and CETH wise
     software package SAPS developed by NIC carries            q   Reports on Budget head wise monthly revenue
     out online allotment of unique 15-digit number to             collection
     the firm. The 15 digits consist of two parts as in the
     case of SACER. The 15 digit unique identifier             q   Chapter head (major product) wise monthly
     consists of the 10 digit PAN number allotted by the           revenue
     Income Tax Department and a 5 digit number allotted       q   Top Revenue Assesses
     by SAPS package. The extended 5 digits consist
     of ST in the first 2 digits and the subsequent 3          q   Defaulters List
     digits is a running serial number. The package            q   Revenue - duty type wise
     captures complete profile of the service provider
     and provision is available to take a print-out of the     5.2.4 Revenue Accounting System (REVACT)
     profile for service provided record purpose. The
     software is a web enable package developed by             All Assessees pay excise duty/service tax in a
     using JAVA language. The data is stored in an             nominated public sector bank through a challan
     Oracle environment at central server.                     called TR-6 challan in four copies.          The bank
                                                               retains two copies including the original copy and
     5.2.3 System for Excise Revenue and Monitoring            the other two copies are given back to the
     (SERMON)                                                  Asseesees. The bank sends the original copy of
                                                               challans along with its scroll to the Pay and Accounts
     The Excise Computerisation Division of NIC had            office (PAO) of Customs and Central Excise
     developed a software package called SERMON using          Commissionerates on a daily basis. At the same
     Oracle RDBMS with the active co-operation of Excise       time the bank also transfers the duty to the head of
     officials. There are about 93 commissionerates and        account of Government of India. To process all
     460 Division offices in India. This software was          these challans and to ensure proper revenue receipt
     successfully implemented at all Excise field formations   accounting, the RevAct package has been developed
     in the country. Over the years several changes            and implemented at all commissionerates in India.
     have taken place with the liberalization policies and     RevAct does the exact validation between challans
     NIC has accordingly upgraded the software to tune         and scroll for ensuring the receipt of revenue. It has
     the changes. The main document submitted by the           improved the Accounting System of the Department.
     manufacturers is monthly Excise Return (ER). It is a      Compilation of monthly accounting and submission
     basic document, which gives details of production,        of revenue collection figures to CBEC is done
     clearance and the duty payment. Being a web-              through this package.
     based package, SERMON can be implemented at
     any user level including at all Manufacturer sites.       5.2.5 Electronic Filing of Service Tax Return
                                                               As an e-governance project, electronic filing of
                                                               service tax returns has been facilitated through this
                                                               package. The assessee registers himself at the site
                                                               and files the return electronically. A Separate web
                                                               site has been developed
                                                               and hosted for this purpose.
                                                               Using this system the Assessee files the return
                                                               electronically and there is no need to file a manual
                                                               return. A report module to monitor the filing process
                                                               and revenue trend has also been provided

                                                               5.2.6 Query Based Systems
                                                               Towards citizen centric IT enabled services, query
                                                               based systems have been developed covering the
50     National Informatics Centre

following areas:                                                data entry of return of top revenue paying assessees
                                                                onto the central server. Along with this an exhaustive
q   Central Excise Tariff : To know the different rate
                                                                MIS module was incorporated for revenue analysis
    of duty, related notifications, text of the notification.
                                                                purpose. The main features are:
q   Service Tax Tariff : To know the various taxable
                                                                q   Facility for the departmental officers to do data
    services and its categories, rate of duty and the
                                                                    entry on e-filing software
    corresponding account head.
                                                                q   Exhaustive MIS from various angles
q   Location Code : To know the range office of the
    assessee.                                                   q   Revenue explorer for drill down reports
                                                                q   Revenue trend analysis
5.2.7 Electronic Filing of Central Excise Returns
                                                                q   Drilling down to identify those assessees with
A system has been developed and implemented for
                                                                    abnormal trend of revenue
electronic filing of the central excise returns, including
dealer return and challans.             The system is           q   Defaulters list
operational since June 30th, 2004 and so far
                                                                q   Facility to download the data and integrate with
thousands of assesses from all over the country
                                                                    the offline version of the software
had opted for this mode of filing.
q   Assessee can file the return any time and from              5.2.9 EASIEST
                                                                EASIEST stands for Electronic Accounting Systems
q   Provision to upload the text file from the existing         in Excise and Service Tax. This system was
    database                                                    conceived for transmission of challan data from the
                                                                banks to the department. The challan data is
q   Offline version of software available for download
                                                                downloaded by the respective Pay and Account
q   The department can download the data filed by               offices and integrated with the Revenue Accounting
    the assessee and integrate it into the existing             Software (REVACT) and it is also verified at PAO's
    software for revenue monitoring                             side. The non-conforming credit is taken up with the
                                                                banks and system also follows it up. The Revenue
q   Various reports to monitor the progress of
    electronic filing                                           Accounting system has been enhanced to incorporate
                                                                the Centralized Delay Monitoring System which
q   Validation report for preliminary scrutiny of return        calculates the interest to be charged from the banks
q   Online FAQ and Helpline to guide the assessee.              for delay in crediting to the government account.
                                                                The e-challan data is further used for the revenue
5.2.8 Capturing of Excise Return Data of Top                    reconciliation purpose.
Revenue Paying Assessees
                                                                5.3 ACCOUNTS
The CBEC has felt that, the data pertaining to the
                                                                5.3.1 Market Loan Monitoring System
major assesses who pay duty of more than rupees
one crore, should be captured on the central server             Government of India raises internal debt from various
for effective and immediate revenue analysis. For               organizations through different instruments. The debt
this purpose, the electronic filing software has been           to be raised for a year are decided or estimated by
enhanced, so that each division can directly do the             the Budget Division of Ministry of Finance, in
                                                                consultation with Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and
                                                                Planning Commission. Many different type of
                                                                instruments like Treasury Bills, Market Loans, bonds,
                                                                Loans from International financial institutions, National
                                                                Small Savings Fund (NSSF), Investment of Surplus
                                                                Cash Balances are used for raising internal debt.
                                                                Accounting for internal debt of the Government is
                                                                done by Office of CCA, Ministry of Finance. Rupee
                                                                Loan Section of Ministry of Finance receives
                                                                information in respect of these through different
                                                                agencies like Central Accounts Section (CAS) of
                                                                RBI, PDOs of RBI, select branches of SBI etc.
                                                                Computerised system facilitates monitoring of the
                                                                status of receipts and payments and generates

                                                                                               National Informatics Centre   51
Good Governance Through ICT

     monthly statements giving summary of receipts and           by central agencies from which banks claim their
     payments for different instruments. It also facilitates     amount. That compiled report is analyzed for
     planning for fresh loans and generates information          accounting purpose and budget estimation.
     about outstanding loan and interest.

     5.3.2 Integrated Computerised System of Aid
     Accounts & Audit Division
     The functioning of Aid Accounts and Audit Division
     has been fully computerized since April 1999, based
     on an on-line system named "Integrated Computerized
     System (ICS). ICS covers all activities of the loan
     cycle, preparation of budget, preparation of annual
     external assistance brochure and maintaining updates.
     This on-line system has contributed to enhancing
     functional efficiency of this office, apart from enabling
     close monitoring of all activities.
     The website contains
     information related to disbursement status Donor-wise,
     Loan/Credit/Grant-wise, State-wise, Sector-wise on a
                                                                 The website, is interactive and
     monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. It also provides
                                                                 very informative for pensioners. Various pension
     up-to-date status of claims submitted by the Project
                                                                 related rules provide up-to-date knowledge to
     Implementing Agencies covering the entire claim cycle.
                                                                 pensioners. Pensioners can even query their case
     Furthermore, disbursed outstanding debt in respect
                                                                 based on PPO No. to know at which stage of
     of external sovereign borrowing on various parameters
                                                                 processing the case is in pension office. If it is
     can also be queried from the website. The website
                                                                 already settled, then message is given accordingly.
     also contains Key Statistical information relating to
                                                                 This site is updated daily so that pensioners can
     overall portfolio of External Assistance apart from
                                                                 have the latest information. In addition to this, an
     Disbursed Outstanding Debt and Terms and Condition
                                                                 Interactive Voice Response System has been
     of External Assistance from different donors.
                                                                 implemented successfully at the office for telephonic
                                                                 enquiry. Pensioners who have retired after 1.1.1990
     5.4 PENSION
                                                                 can enquire about their cases over the telephone.
     The Central Pension Accounting Office (CPAO) under          The system is updated on daily basis and provides
     Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance plays        the latest information.
     a vital role in pension matters for central government
     civil employees. The major applications being               5.5 AUDIT
     successfully run in CPAO, are application for Pension
                                                                 Audit and Account Information System of CAG
     Authorization, Accounting, Post Audit. This application
     has two modules, Pearl and Pears.                           NIC has been supporting the office of Comptroller
                                                                 and Auditor General of India (CAG) and the field
     PEARL is used for the pension authorization process.
                                                                 offices of Indian Audit and Accounts Department
     From the receipt of the Pension Payment Order
                                                                 (IAAD) in Networking, Development of computerized
     (PPO) to the dispatch of Special Seal Authority
                                                                 applications for housekeeping operations, Internet
     (SSA) the whole system is computerized. The case
                                                                 Services and Web based applications. This has
     is given a diary no. on receipt in the receipt and
                                                                 made the CAG office a less paper office and more
     dispatch (R&D) section. In authorization sections,
                                                                 productive in carrying out the effective Audit Planning
     detailed data entry is done and after proper
                                                                 and Management.
     verification and modification, it is passed on to the
     computer cell for SSA printing. The printed SSA is          For    further  information,       please     visit   :
     again verified by authorization section and then it is
     sent to the R&D section for dispatch. This module
     not only provides a user-friendly front end to key in       5.6 COMMERCIAL TAXES
     the data pertaining to PPO but also ensures the
     smooth processing of the case for its intended              5.6.1 VICTORY
     purpose. The various banks send the scrolls of              VICTORY is an acronym for VAT Information
     pensions given to pensioners which is entered in            Computerization to Optimize Revenue Yields. The
     the system and compared with the put through sent           product encompasses modules like STAMINA,
52     National Informatics Centre

TACKIS, VATKIS, TTM and VAT-CALC. The product               STAMINA : Sales Tax Administration Management
aims to integrate the pre-VAT era and post-VAT era          Information Network Aided (STAMINA) was in use
for assisting and helping the Finance (Commercial           in pre-VAT era. The database captured through
Taxes) Department, Govt. of Bihar, in managing              STAMINA has been in use for decision-making and
commercial tax revenue.                                     monitoring purposes. This module provided the dealer
                                                            information for creating a dealer master with TIN for
The product VICTORY has been designed and
                                                            use in VICTORY.
developed using modular approach in meeting the
department's requirements pertaining to VAT. The            TACKIS: Tax Compliance Knowledge Information
software has been functional in all the 46 locations i.e.   System (TACKIS) has been in use at HQ level for
Circles, where all the financial transactions take place.   macro analysis and decision-making. The pre-VAT
The software for VAT has been in use since 1st April        work for distribution of dealer network and tax
2005. Some of the important features of the product are,    compliance was effected through this software.
TIN Allotment, Payment Interface for Challan, VAT           VATKIS: VATKIS is the acronym for VAT Knowledge
Return, Scrutiny and Input Tax Credit (ITC) - the core      Information System. The objective of the software is
functions of VAT management. The software product has       to effect TIN Allotment to all the dealers - a major
been build for better tax administration.                   pre-condition for VAT computerization. The module
The Finance (Commercial Taxes) Department is the            not only allots Taxpayer Identification Number to the
major tax-collecting department for the state. The          dealers, but also generates Registration Certificate
department has been structured as 3-tier                    for the dealer. It builds comprehensive Dealer Master.
administrative setup e.g. Headquarter at the apex,          The software has the provision for cancellation /or
Division at the middle level, and Circle - the basic        deletion of TIN.
administrative unit of the department. A dealer, who        TTM: TTM stands for TIN Tax Manager. The
conducts his business in area under a circle, gets          objective is to facilitate the pre-VAT Dealer Master,
registered in the circle and obtains a TIN (Taxpayer        Challan interface, and Return module for CST and
Identification Number). A dealer is liable to submit        ET act to new VAT regime with TIN interface. The
records as per the act and laws laid down under             software has been effectively in use as a control
the Bihar VAT Act 2005.                                     tool among the officers and staffs of the department.
                                                            The interface helps dealers to get their payment
The functional area of the department may be
                                                            and return related information.
classified in the following categories - Survey,
Registration, Payment, Return, Assessment, Scrutiny         VAT-CALC: It is an acronym for VAT Calculator
and Audit, ITC and Refund, Forms, Inspections etc.          module. The main objective is to handle the
The software product has been build keeping in              information related VAT Return. Return management
view of the above functional requirements.                  is a core function of VICTORY. The software works
                                                            for Return Receipt, Return Data capture of RT-I
VICTORY software consists of following Modules:             (Monthly Return), RT-II (Quarterly Statement), RT-IV
STAMINA, TACKIS, VATKIS, TIN-TAX-MAN, and VAT-              (Quarterly Return for Compounding Schemes), RT-V
CALC. The department has a comprehensive                    (Monthly Revised Return) etc. To assist the tax
database of around seventy thousand dealers. The            machinery for effective tax compliance - scrutiny of
functional requirements and the information need of         returns and Input Tax Credit features have been
the department are managed.                                 taken due care of. The defaulting dealer's tracking
                                                            for making them tax-compliant is one of the important
                                                            features of this module.
                                                            Features of the Product
                                                            q   TIN-Allotment to every registered dealer and
                                                                generation of Registration Certificate
                                                            q   Creation of Dealer Master and Search by Dealer
                                                            q   Payment through Challan along with instant tax
                                                                collection by the circle for any period, dealer
                                                                wise collection received during a period,
                                                                generation of Register, Tax Behavior of dealers,
                                                                summaries of taxes, dealers etc.
                                                            An interface filing, capture and analysis of returns is
                                                            also available.
                                                                                          National Informatics Centre   53
Good Governance Through ICT

     Additional features                                            HACIS has been developed according to the new
                                                                    guidelines of Government of Haryana. It allows for
     q    RT2Soft, an EDI initiative for RT-II data import
                                                                    automatic increase in the Age of the Building and
          from dealer to VAT-CALC module for ushering
                                                                    Automatic Change in house tax based on collector
          into the era of e-Return
                                                                    rate of land. House Tax Notices are generated
     q    Appropriate        audit     and   authentication   for   online. House Tax and Fire Tax Bills are also
          transactions                                              generated. A comprehensive search facility is
     q    Strong RT-II Management                                   available and valuable time of general public and
                                                                    related staff/officials is saved by providing correct
     q    Generation of Dealer Sale/Purchase ledger                 and timely information. Long queues are avoided at
     q    Use of Internet for data exchange                         the inquiry windows.

     q    Simpler Web-based Reporting Interface                     5.6.4 VATMACS
     For more information please contact :           Monitoring VAT in Haryana

     5.6.2 Municipal Digital Revenue (MUDRA)                        Value Added Tax, popularly known as VAT is a
                                                                    system of collection of sales tax under which tax is
     Any Municipal Corporation and its Municipalities have          charged at each stage of sale on the value added
     to generate adequate resources. In the present day             to the goods. In practice, the dealer selling the
     world, IT tools have become as crucial for revenue             goods collects tax on the full price at which he sells
     management as in other shapes of life. Administration          the goods whether to a consumer or to a dealer. At
     of any revenue law has become a technical and,                 the end of a tax period, usually a month, he reduces
     more often than not, a contentious issue. The basic            from the tax so collected by him, the tax that has
     objectives of this software include bringing                   been charged to him by the dealers from whom he
     improvement to the quality of service being offered            purchased goods during the tax period and deposits
     to the citizens and at the same time, it will also             the balance to the Government treasury. It was
     become possible for the first time to track all kinds          decided at all India level that all States would switch
     of defaulters on payment of taxes due! This will               over to value added sales tax from the existing
     assist the Municipal Corporation in acting quickly             system of levy of sales taxes with effect from 1st
     and well in time and is expected to have a very                April 2003. In India, Haryana is the first state that
     positive impact on the total revenue that is currently         implemented VAT system from that date itself.
     being collected by the Municipal Corporation.
     Each town/city of Bihar has one municipal corporation
     or municipality. The major activities of Municipal
     Corporations include Property Assessment, Holding-
     wise Tax Collection (includes sanitation, water and
     sewage tax, etc.), Birth and death Registration,
     Rickshaw and Thela registration and Tax Collection,
     Maintenance of Street Lights, Sewage etc. House
     and Road map, Mutation. The software is designed
     to calculate the assessment value and holding tax; to
     monitor tax defaulters; to monitor daily holding tax
     collection as well as effectively plan tax collections.

     5.6.3 House Tax Assessment & Collection
     Information System (HACIS)
     HACIS has been developed by NIC Haryana State
     Unit in consultation with Urban Development
     Department Haryana according to New House tax
     Policy of the State Government. This system has
     been developed to facilitate the public to assess
     their House Tax/Fire Tax fairly and uniformly. This
     software has helped the department in better
     reviewing the tax collections and increase in revenue
     collection by bring more persons under assessment.
     This software has been implemented for all the 67
     Municipal Councils/ Committees of Haryana.
54       National Informatics Centre

The NIC Haryana State Centre, in consultation with          budget books are prepared through this software
the state's department of Excise & Taxation (Sales          and the budget documents of the Union as well as
Tax Department), which is responsible for collection        almost all the States are also being made available
and enforcement of VAT System initiated the                 on the Internet on an annual basis. Extensive Budget
e-Governance process for VATMACS (VAT                       Computerization has been taken up in the states of
Monitoring, Assessment & Collection System) and             Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Orissa, Punjab,
successfully developed and implemented major areas          Meghalaya, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal.
under VAT in an integrated workflow environment.
The scope of automation included all the important          5.7.2 Budget Preparation and Information System
functions of department. The integrated VATMACS             (BPIS)
include Registered Dealers Information, Tax Return
                                                            Budget Preparation and Information System (BPIS)
Processing, Reconciliation of Daily Collection of Tax
                                                            is a software system developed by a dedicated
with Treasuries, and statuary Forms Inventory &
                                                            team of NIC Punjab State Centre featuring latest
disbursement etc. The system is being implemented
                                                            tools like GUI tools and Centralized Database. The
at all locations across the State.
                                                            system is being used for preparation of annual
The successful implementation of VATMACS has                budget of Government of Punjab. The following are
facilitated better collection of taxes, monitoring of tax   the main objectives of the BPIS:
evasion, it has helped registered dealers by reducing
                                                            q     To prepare all the documents related to annual
time for assessment, fast and accurate return filing,
                                                                  budget of Punjab Government.
timely refund processing, new registrations and
redressal of public grievances in a time bound manner.      q     To help top administration to make decisions by
The important information related to VAT system is                having updated information on their desktop.
also being disseminated through the web portal for          q     To integrate the budget branches of Department
dealers as well as general public, thereby making the             of Finance for preparation of Punjab budget
department more responsive & efficient.
                                                            q     Generation of latest reports on budget at any
The tax collection for VAT act in financial year                  time.
2003-2004 is Rs. 2956.38 Crore and the total
collection in all forms of tax is Rs.5020.13 Crore.         q     Generation of monthly major head wise and
The overall tax collection of department has                      demand wise, Standard Object of Expenditure
increased from 15% to 22% (7% increase) after                     (SOE) wise, Scheme wise for every document
introduction of VAT and implementation of VATMACS.                for use of Finance Department.

As a result of implementation all the dealers have up-      BPIS covers Non-Plan Module; Receipt Module; Plan
to-date information like Registration Number, Business      Module; CSS module; Administration Module; Masters
Firm address, Date of Registration, Date of Liability,      Module. It is designed for analysis and query of
Type of Return, Tax Deposited Details, Forms issuance       budget documents. It has a provision of maintaining
details. They are available in the computerized system      the data (for all modules) for last five years. On the
of VAT. Tracing of any kind of key information is           basis of which, software also facilitates the analysis,
possible through VAT Computerized system by                 reporting and query of previous year data. Security
supplying their TIN Number in the system in their           is implemented in such a way that no unauthorized
respective districts. Online Return Process filing          person will be able to fiddle with data.
system is in progress. Dealers can have information
regarding whatever may be related to Sales Tax              5.8     TREASURY
department in the official website. Dealer's Database       Treasury is a very important component of the
up-to-date is available in their respective districts for   country's Financial System. The treasuries are the
enquiring any kind of dealer's information. Relevant        units of the fiscal system and are the main starting
changes in any kind of rule will be immediately getting     point of public account. Money receipts of
noticed to all dealers by uploading the information in      Government are made through treasury. Treasury is
their official website.                                     instrumental in accounting of the government.
                                                            Therefore, it is the tool for effective management
5.7 BUDGET COMPUTERIZATION                                  and is instrumental for planning and decision-making.
                                                            The magnitude and the volume of the financial
5.7.1    Union Budget Computerization
                                                            transactions in the government, both at the central
NIC has been actively involved in the computerization       as well as state level, require efficient management
of Annual Budget both at the Central and State              of all the data and data entered at the treasuries
levels. Comprehensive software have been developed          become the basic input to the complete financial
to simplify the process of budget preparation. The          system of the state or the country. The data of

                                                                                          National Informatics Centre   55
Good Governance Through ICT

                                                                The various modules of the system are Receipt of
                                                                Bills; Generation of Bank Advice; Preparation of
                                                                Enfacement Register; Conversion of Bill to Vouchers;
                                                                Data Entry of Vouchers and Challans; Treasury
                                                                Officers' Administration; Report Generation; Pension
                                                                Database Preparation and many more.
                                                                A number of reports are generated by the system.
                                                                These include, Checklist Reports, Subsidiary Registers
                                                                for pension payment and receipt, Payment/Receipt
                                                                Cash Book, Reserve Bank deposit statements etc.
                                                                The accounting module of the software is operational
                                                                in 28 district treasuries and the complete module is
                                                                operational in 2 district treasuries. The web-enabled
                                                                module 'Treasury Accounts on Net' is fully operational
     treasuries needs to be managed properly and                where the department gets the vital information/
     efficiently for better results. Accounts information       reports from all the district treasuries.
     needs to be provided in time and proper formats.
     Hence, we need Treasuries Information System that          5.8.2 Online Treasuries Information System (OTIS)
     helps in managing, monitoring and analysis of various      in Haryana
     patterns of expenditure and receipts.                      OTIS is a unique online application developed by
                                                                the Haryana State Unit of NIC for Treasury
     5.8.1 O-TRACS                                              Computerization. The Application has linkages
     Orissa provides on example of using software in an         between Banks and Treasuries/Sub-Treasuries,
     indigenous effort of treasury computerization. The         between Sub-treasuries & District Treasuries, between
     basic difference of the accounting in Orissa from          District Treasuries and Directorate of Treasuries &
     other states is that there is no fixed hierarchy and the   Accounts. The Application of OTIS ensures a smooth
     codes are level free. This difference in the head          data flow for budget purposes.
     structure has made the software unique both in logic       A tabular overview of the application is given below :
     and in design. The scope of the software includes:         Receipt                         Payment
     q    Systematisation of procedures and automatic           Module          For             Module         For
          verifications                                         Challan Entry   Banks           Token Entry    Treasuries
                                                                Verification    Banks           Bill Passing   Treasuries
     q    Automatic generation of enfacement numbers
                                                                Realization     Banks           Cheque         Treasuries
     q    Easier book keeping and detailed allotment                                            Generation
          verification                                          Data            Banks           Data           Treasuries
     q    Accounting till head level & easier integration       Transmission                    Transmission
          with TPF/GPF accounting, GIS management and           Verification    Treasuries      Payment        Banks
          creation of employee database                         Voucher         Treasuries      Vouche         Treasuries
                                                                Preparation                     Preparation
     q    Detailed and timely reconciliation between DDO,
          controlling officer, departments, AG, RBI etc. and    Reports                         Administration
          district treasury, sub treasury & special treasury    Bank Scroll     Pension         User           For Security
                                                                                Reports         Management
          through communication of compiled accounts
                                                                Pending         GPF Reports     Group          For Security
     q    Forecast of Budget requirements, resource             Realization                     Management
          planning & mobilisation                               Token register Cash Book        Masters        Banks &
                                                                                                Management     Treasuries
     q    Effective audit control in case of misappropriation
                                                                Expenditure     Book Transfer   Budget         For Budget
          of Govt. funds.                                       Register        Register        Allocation     Control
     q    Safeguards against any intentional or ignorant        TA-2 Receipt    RBD Report      Installation   In Banks &
          irregularities.                                       Register                                       Treasuries
                                                                List of         DDO Schedule    Backup         For Safety of
     The software covers preparation of Pensioners'             Payments                                       data
     database; PL Account Monitoring; Uploading of vital
     data from the local treasuries to a web server. A          Some of the salient technical features of the OTIS
     web enabled software to facilitate main functionaries      package include Dynamic Menus; Password
     of the Finance Department to view reports as per           protection; Multipurpose Functionality; Well-integrated
     their requirements has been created.                       work flow application and Online help.

56       National Informatics Centre

5.8.3 Koshwahini                                            for the vouchers, the components forming the
                                                            gross amount of the bill, expenditure on petrol etc.
Koshwahini, a web based computerization system
                                                            The queries can be submitted through a user
for Government Treasury has been developed by
                                                            friendly form enabling one to chose Region, District,
NIC for Maharashtra. A similar project is also
                                                            Sub./Treasury, Period,        D.D.O. (Drawing &
operational in Uttaranchal.       This state-of-the-art
                                                            Disbursing Officer), Major Head, Scheme, Detail
system has many unique features that make it
                                                            head, Department etc. Koshwahini facilitates to
highly effective such as it provides transparency in
                                                            know the bills exceeding or less than a particular
government finances and also gives a fact based
fiscal decision support system. It allows monitoring
the workflow of bills in process as well as provided        Ways & means control - The total number of
for project wise control of expenditure vis-à-vis budget    cheques pending and the corresponding amount
                                                            helps the finance secretaries to arrive at the total
                                                            liability of the Government and also control the
                                                            overdraft position of the state.
                                                            Budget control - The expenditure can be viewed
                                                            vis-à-vis the budget allotted, which allows controlling
                                                            and monitoring the payment for various operational
                                                            S/w for Expenditure, Audit, Accounts, Cheques and
                                                            Tokens - For online Bill processing and accounting
                                                            in PAO / treasuries a comprehensive S/w is
                                                            implemented including the modules for Bill Receipt,
                                                            Audit, Cheque Drawl, Pension, Delivery,
                                                            Reconciliation, Personal Ledger Accounting, Receipt
                                                            Module, Post Payment Audit module, Pinpoint (Bill
Each claim presented on government finance, at the          Tracking), Master Maintenance, Status (MIS for
PAO / treasury / sub treasury is scrutinized, passed        PAO / Treasury Officer). The S/w also takes care
for payment and accounted. Monthly Accounts for             of daily closing of treasury account, incorporation
payment and receipt are submitted to Accountant             of sub-treasury accounts in electronic format,
General along with the supporting vouchers, challans        incorporation of electronic data of bank scroll.
and schedules. Pay and Accounts Office Mumbai,
33 district treasuries and 292 sub treasuries are           Pension Payment - The Pension Automation
computerized. The data from 33 district treasuries,         System (PAS) deals with the computerization of the
292 sub treasuries and P.A.O., Mumbai is uploaded           pension related activities of the district treasuries
on the central database on a daily basis.                   and the Pay and Accounts Office (PAO), Mumbai.
                                                            S/w implemented at PAO/treasuries includes the
Koshwahini includes a web based decision support            functions of Arrear Calculation, Monthly Pension
system launched by the state's Directorate of               bills, Generation of Bank Copy, Pension Payment
Accounts and Treasuries. A centralized database is          in electronic format where accepted by Banks
maintained on a high-end central server located at
Mumbai to support the system. Koshwahini can be             PAS also stores the history related details of the
accessed through Intranet as well as Internet. It is        pensioner like their 12 months payment details,
based on Open Source Technology and is                      bank change details, allocation change details,
implemented in Linux, JSP / Apache TOMCAT.                  revision change details, basic pension change details.
Movement of bills - Koshwahini enables tracking
                                                            5.8.4 Integrated Treasury Information System of
the current status of bills at all 33 district treasuries
                                                            Punjab (iTISP)
& Pay and Accounts office, Mumbai. The moment a
bill is presented to any treasury office across the         Punjab Model
state, various stages of passing the bill i.e. scroll,      Integrated Treasury Information System of Punjab is
audit, cheque drawal, cheque delivery can be                a unique information system developed by a
monitored through the system.                               dedicated team of NIC Punjab State Centre. The
Expenditure/Receipt Management - The system                 system integrates the Sub-Treasuries with District
enables to view the expenditure and receipt position        Treasuries, District Treasuries with Directorate of
in consolidated totals as well as at the voucher            Treasury & Accounts, and District Treasuries/Sub-
and challan level. The vouchers and challans can            Treasuries with Banks. The following are the main
be displayed giving the minute details i.e. deductions      objectives of the iTISP:

                                                                                          National Informatics Centre   57
Good Governance Through ICT

                           OVERVIEW OF iTIPS
                                                                  q   User of one seat is restricted to view/edit records
                                                                      of other seats.
                                                                  q   Charge handed over taken by provision is there.

     q    To provide online system for verification of DDO
          signatures, photographs and signatures of the
          authorized messenger.
                                                                  5.8.5 Online Treasury Information System (OLTIS)
     q    To enable a tight control on payments vis-à-vis
          budget allocations.                                     Himachal leads the way
                                                                  Himachal Pradesh is one of the States, which has
     q    To provide information to every DDO about the
                                                                  all its District Treasuries, computerized for more
          budget vs. actual expenditure.
                                                                  than 11 years. The software covers On-line passing
     q    Reconciliation of the bank scroll with the total        of bills, expenditure control, Signature of DDO's for
          payments and receipts.                                  on-line verification and passing of bills in seriatim.
                                                                  This will result in better controls and security in
     q    Generation of monthly major head wise and
                                                                  Government transactions and limit the scope for
          department wise reports for use of Finance
                                                                  much discretion at any level in the Treasury.
     q    Generation of monthly reports for AG.
     q    Accounting reports for use within the treasuries.
     q    Transmission of information from district treasuries/
          sub-treasuries to state head office by using ISDN/
          Dial up.

     Features of iTISP
     q    Verification of messenger's photo and signature
          of DDO at Token counter, Cheque delivery and
          Bill passing counters by displaying photo and
          signature on monitor.
     q    Online checking of budget available with DDO.
     q    Computerized Cheque preparation & printing.
                                                                  The software functions in the work flow methodology
     q    Computerized token receipt slip of bills submitted      followed in the Treasuries for passing of bills. There
          in treasury.                                            is cross checking of the amount of the bill from the
     q    Bill passed on first-cum-first serve basis.             DDO wise budgeted amounts to avoid over spending.
                                                                  The bills are passed in the order they are received
     q    Auto generation of Token Number.                        at the token counter. An added advantage is that
                                                                  there is no need to separately enter the data for
     q    Codification of Objections.
                                                                  compilation from the AG point of view. The accounts
     q    Automatic generation of Voucher Number.                 are always available in the complied format and can
                                                                  be submitted to the AG office at any point of time.
     q    Possible compatibility of codification with Budget
                                                                  The MIS reports allow for generalized query on
          & AG Office.
                                                                  parameters like total expected drawls during the
     q    Receipt & Payment figures transmitted through           start of the month, at the end of the financial year,
          modem.                                                  in a particular head of account etc for better financial

58       National Informatics Centre

planning of the State's financial resources.             17 district treasuries, 46 Sub-Treasuries and 3
                                                         Divisional Joint Director offices as its nodes. The
                                                         payment and expenditure data on the district treasury
                                                         servers and central servers at Jt. Director offices is
                                                         updated daily online from concerned sub-treasuries
                                                         and thus the latest Payment and expenditure status
                                                         of any treasury can now be known at any time with

q   On-Line passing of Bills submitted by DDOs to
    the Treasury
q   Monitor with DDO wise budgeted amounts to
    avoid over spending                                  the commencement of e-Kosh network functioning.
q   On-Line Verification of DDO Signature and            The pilot phase of the first major paid project e-
    Photograph of messengers                             Kosh from NIC Chhattisgarh was inagurated by
q   Preparation of Deduction register    in respect of   Hon'ble Chief Minister, Dr. Raman Singh on 4th
    L.I.C., P.L.I., and G.I.S                            Nov. at District Treasury of Raipur.

q   Offline feeding of Sub-Treasuries    Vouchers
q   Compilation of Payments Account by enabling
    offline data entry of all vouchers of the sub-
    treasuries under the District Treasury
q   Compilation of Receipts Account by incorporating
    the challans of sub-treasuries
q   Creating Data files for Transmission
q   Interfacing with Budget Monitoring by Finance
q   Interfacing with Receipts Monitoring by Excise &
    Taxation Department
q   Interfacing with Departmental Budget MIS
q   Graphical User Interface under Windows
    Environment                                          The project was later extended to all district
                                                         treasuries and sub treasuries from 1st May 2005.
q   Online Help for the users in operating the
    software                                             Certain security features have been built in such as
                                                         the entire treasury VSAT network is under closed
For further information,        please     contact   :
                                                         group and hence access from out side is strictly
                                                         restricted. Internet facility is not provided to the
                                                         treasury network to avoid possible virus attacks.
5.8.6 e-Kosh
                                                         Every end user has to be authenticated by the
Treasury Computerisation in Chattisgarh                  software before he/she can start operating.
The e-Kosh system of Chattisgarh developed by            In addition to the computerization of Payments,
NIC covers the treasury subsystems viz. Payments,        Receipts, Deposit Accounts, Works Accounts,
Receipts, Deposit Accounts, Works Accounts,              Pensions etc the system provides an Online Module
Pensions. The V-SAT based treasury network has           which gives details of Payment information, receipts
                                                                                       National Informatics Centre   59
Good Governance Through ICT

     & expenditure status with Dist.Wise/Dept.Wise/Scheme           under check through software.
     wise Expenditure to monitor outcome budget.
                                                                q   While sub treasuries' accounts are taken in district
     e-Kosh has resulted in the following benefits for              treasuries once/twice before implementation of
     Chattisgarh Treasury:                                          the software, the data now is being merged on
                                                                    regular basis avoiding delay in submission of
     q    Continuous and effective utilization of established
                                                                    accounts to AG Office.
          VSATs network from treasuries/sub treasuries.
                                                                q   Matching of accounts at treasuries is now done
     q    Bill passing is under complete control from any
                                                                    with ease and as per classified heads.
          treasury/sub treasury
                                                                q   Status of bill(s) pertaining to any treasury/sub
     q    Delay in bill processing is reduced to 1 or 2             treasury is provided at the central server.
          days while it was 7 to 8 days earlier.
                                                                q  Instant availability of information w.r.t Payments,
     q    Possible over drawl of funds by DDOs is                  department wise expenditure are provided
          completely avoided
                                                                For further information, please contact :
     q    Misclassification of heads pertaining to a bill is ❖

60       National Informatics Centre

IT in Judiciary                                           As Cause Lists are generated automatically by the
                                                          computer manual intervention has been eliminated.
With the passage of time, people's awareness for
                                                          This has resulted in smooth and timely generation
seeking justice arose which multiplied the work of
                                                          of Cause Lists. Cases are listed strictly in
Supreme Court & High courts. Managing and
                                                          chronological order of date of filing, eliminating
maintaining records manually became tedious and
                                                          irregularities. All cases having the same law point(s)
time consuming and of course could also be
                                                          to be decided by the courts are bunched/grouped
accompanied by clerical error. Retrieval of information
                                                          and posted before one bench. This has helped the
was very slow. Thus there arose a need for such a
                                                          courts in faster disposal of cases. It has become
system which is accurate, speedy and where
                                                          simpler to recall dismissed cases when review
information is easily accessible. Many High Courts
                                                          petitions are filed. On the spot reliable and
had pointed out the massive efforts and expenses
                                                          instantaneous statistical reports are generated. It
required daily for generating and printing whole cause
                                                          has helped Registry of Supreme Court in streamlining
list for thousands of advocates, running into hundreds
                                                          its day to day activities to achieve one of the main
of pages everyday in some cases. This led to the
                                                          objectives of COURTIS Project
need for computerization and in order to achieve this
Supreme Court & High Courts joined hands with NIC.
                                                          6.2 FILING COUNTER COMPUTERIZATION
NIC took up the Computerisation of Courts in the
                                                          In the Supreme Court and all High Courts fresh
country in 1990 by initiating the process in the
                                                          cases are filed only before the computerized Filing
Supreme Court of India. As the project started showing
                                                          Counters. As the advocates stand in queue for filing
results, the Judicial Management got confidence in
                                                          cases before the counters, the data entry Operator
the system and decided to get all pending cases
                                                          enters preliminary details required for registration,
information entered into database. The idea was
                                                          such as Party names, advocate details, etc. The
once a pending case database was built up, it could
                                                          computer terminal at the query counter is used to
be used for all other purposes to generate required
                                                          attend to the queries of the litigants on the spot.
information such as reports, cause lists, statistics,
                                                          The defects, if any, are listed out and handed over
etc. By 1991, the Judicial Administration decided to
                                                          to the litigants/advocates for rectification. Time
implement the computerised activities to achieve
                                                          limitation is also checked by the system automatically.
complete computerization of the Apex Court.
                                                          This has streamlined the filing process. The amount
In 1992, the Chief Justice of High Courts' Conference
                                                          collected towards Court fees in a day is automatically
decided to implement the computerization project in
their courts on the lines of Apex Court's
Computerisation Project. Thus the COURTIS project
was developed by NIC. By 1996-97 all 18 High
Courts and their Benches were fully computerised.
NIC has systematically examined the working of the
judiciary and has developed applications to
computerize the backend processing of the courts
along with gradually computerizing the front-end
citizen interfaces. This has had a significant impact
on the public as now a number of processes are
transparent to the citizens and this has resulted in
considerable saving of time

This application involves computerization of scheduling   6.3 CASE-STATUS
of cases to be heard by the courts on the following       Pending case status information of Supreme Court and
day. It enables the Registries of Supreme Court and       High Courts is provided to litigants/advocates on
High Courts in eliminating manual process of Cause        Internet.'Case-status' gives the latest information with
List generation, thus avoiding any manipulation by        respect to the status of a case like : Disposed/Adjourned,
vested interests. These databases contain details of      Lower court details, party and advocate names, Date
fresh cases, disposed and pending cases. It is the        on which last listed, Waiting position, Subject category
backbone application of every Court.                      along with exact verbatim of the text of the Court's order.

                                                                                          National Informatics Centre   63
Good Governance Through ICT

     The moment a case is filed in the court, its 'Case-         Judges signs the orders, they are available on
     status' is available on the web, giving filing details      Internet. The respective courts maintain the
     such as dairy number date of filing, etc. Litigants         databases. It is the easiest way for litigants to get
     can find out whether their cases have been filed in         a copy of the latest order delivered in the court,
     the court or not without contacting the advocates.          from their residences/offices. The Free text based
     The 'Case-status' also provides all orders pertaining       search enables the users to access relevant orders
     to a case, delivered so far by the court.                   of the court on the same subject. It also helps the
                                                                 users in accessing orders without knowing the case
     For     further  information,       please     visit    :
                                                                 number or party name. Litigants can have access to
                                                                 the signed orders from their own place. This
                                                                 enhances confidence in the judicial process and
     6.4 JUDIS
                                                                 saves lot of time and expenses of the litigant in
     NIC has brought out The Judgment Information System         traveling to the Court to obtain a copy of the order.
     (JUDIS), consisting of complete text of all reported
                                                                 For     further information,        please     visit    :
     judgments of Supreme Court, High Courts of Delhi, AP,
     Jammu and Kashmir, Bombay, Madras, Goa, Allahabad,
     Guwahati and Tis Hazari Delhi District Court.
                                                                 6.7 SUPREME COURT COMPUTERIZATION
     Judgments can be accessed through part name,
     Advocate, Date of judgment and more importantly by          The computerization of the working of the Supreme
     free text search. This enables the users to retrieve all    Court are has resulted is a number of benefits.
     relevant judgments on a particular subject. As a
     result of a this very useful service an ordinary litigant
     can find out precedents of a case on his/her own. It
     saves lot of time of judges and advocates in locating
     precedents as well as saves lot of space in
     maintenance of a law library..
     For     further    information,     please     visit    :

     Causelists are scheduling of cases to be heard by
     the courts on the following day. The Causelists of
     Supreme Court and many other High Courts are
     available on NIC Web Servers. As the Supreme Court
     of India and all the 18 High Courts and their 10            6.7.1 Supreme Court’s Filing Defects on Web
     Benches are fully computerised, all these courts
     generate daily and weekly Causelists from the               In close coordination with the Registry of the Supreme
     computer servers installed by NIC. The Causelist            Court of India, NIC has implemented 'Filing Defects'
     application is the backbone application of all courts       along with the already implemented 'Case-Status
     as no court can function without that day's Causelist.      Information System' on the Supreme Court's web site.
     Hence this has become near time critical application        As soon as a case is filed in the Supreme Court, it is
     in all the Courts.                                          scrutinized by the Scrutiny clerk to make sure that
     Now Advocates can generate their own Causelist              the file is free from filing defects. The Registry
     consisting of his/her own cases. Retrieval is also          prepares a list of Filing Defects. If the Scrutiny clerk
     possible through the name of either petitioner or           finds any defect in a case, the case is not registered
     respondent. The litigant public can easily find out         and the list of filing defects found in the case, is sent
     whether their cases are coming for hearing or not.          to the Advocate-on-Record who filed the case for
     Court wise/ Judge wise list can be generated. Case          rectification. The case is registered only when the
     number wise access to the Causelist is also possible.       filed case is free from filing defects. This process
                                                                 usually takes time and the litigant is does not know
     For      further   information,     please     visit    :   the actual reason for not getting his case heard by                                  the court. With the implementation of this 'Filing
                                                                 Defects' application on Web, litigants can find out the
     6.6 DAILY ORDERS ON THE INTERNET                            reasons why the case is not listed for hearing in the
     The daily orders of Supreme Court and Delhi High            Supreme Court. They can access Filing Defects
     Court are available on the web. As soon as the              information either through number or own name.

64     National Informatics Centre

6.7.2 Digitisation of Old Records                        6.7.5 SUPNET
Followed by the successful computerization of many       To provide information access related to the
decision making and decision support system, NIC         employees of the Supreme Court, an application
taken up computerization of Digitisation of Old          software SUPNET has been developed.             The
Records i.e. Disposed Case files. These disposed         SUPNET provides details with respect to: Monthly
case files have been stored for the last 55 years.       Pay slips of all employees, completely filled Form
It is becoming difficult to store the freshly disposed   16A of Income Tax, Telephone directory of not only
case files was decided to go for digitisation of all     the entire Supreme Court but also all High Courts,
old records stored in the record room, so as to          circulars issued by the Registry from time to time,
make enough space available for the fresh cases          all types of Forms including CL, EL, Joining report,
getting disposed. NIC developed the application          Loan Advance, etc, etc. This is a unique application,
software for scanning, storing the scanned               which can be implemented horizontally in all the
documents on hard disks, for retrieval of documents      High Courts. This application helps in achieving
and access control mechanism. This process enables       total automation of administrative wing of the
the Supreme Court in preventing lost records,            Registry.
saving storage space, managing records easily,
returning documents quickly, and making the              6.7.6 E-Kiosks and IVRS
scanned documents centrally available on intranet        For providing easy access to the Supreme Court's
thus eliminating the need for file cabinets.             pending cases information to the litigants and
The retrieval software developed by NIC enables          advocates, two touch screen e-Kiosks have been
the users to retrieve the complete case file through     installed, at the Filing Counter and the Reception.
case number, party name, judge and date of               The following information is made available from
disposal. The user can choose any case listed            the E-kiosks for the interested advocates and
before him on the screen to view the case files          litigants: Pending status of a case, The latest order
starting from the cover page to the last page.           delivered by the Court, Cause Lists, Judgments,
When he selects the required case file, the first        SC website, HC's Case status, Filing defects, India
screen displayed is the index page. Each item on         code.
the index page is linked to the group of pages it        Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) - The
is dealing with. Hence, it is easy for the user to       litigant public can access the status of their cases
simply reach the required part of the file. The          filed in the Supreme Court using an ordinary
image of each file when displayed will allow the         telephone using IVRS. For accessing the IVRS, the
user to zoom a part of the image, rotate the             Delhi telephone number is 011-24357276.
image, underline and highlight a part of the image
text and type annotations, printing and saving of        6.8 HIGH COURTS COMPUTERISATION
the image.
                                                         NIC took up computerisation of all High Courts and
6.7.3 SUPLIS                                             11 Benches on the lines of Apex Court's
                                                         Computerisation. NIC implemented the List of
This package contains the citation Information of all    Business Information (LOBIS) in all High Courts. A
reportable cases decided by the Supreme Court.           number of High Courts' Cause List are also available
It provides citation from five Journals and cases        on Internet. Most of the High Courts have opened
can be easily located on the basis of citation.          query counters along with Filing Counters for
                                                         providing pending cases information to the litigants
6.7.4 Supreme Court Digital Display Boards on            and advocates. The packages like LOBS. Case
Internet                                                 filing, Case status, Judis, etc. which are operational
                                                         in the supreme court have also been implemented
Display Boards are available at the court to display
                                                         in many of the High Courts.
courts-wise items nos. of cases being heard in
each court.       These display boards help the
                                                         6.8.1 Courts Order/Proceedings
advocates and litigant public present in a court to
know which case number is going on in other              The generates the Court proceedings containing
courtrooms and accordingly reach the courtroom in        preliminary details of a case and as soon as the
time to argue their cases.       NIC developed an        Court Master types the order, after getting it signed
application tool to convert the Digital Display of the   by the Judge concerned it is made available on
display board and make it available on Supreme           internet. It provides the preamble information, edit
Court's Web Site. The Digital Board Information          facility to the Court Master. Orders are immediately
can be accessed at    provided to the Litigants/Advocates.

                                                                                       National Informatics Centre   65
Good Governance Through ICT

     6.8.2 Copying Section                                    particular day or week is now available on the Internet.
                                                              Advocates can generate their own Cause List which
     The Copying Section receives applications for
                                                              will be the replica of the entire Cause List minus other
     certified copies of Judgments / Orders from the
                                                              cases. Queries are provided through party name,
     litigants and issues money receipts for the same.
                                                              case number, judge sitting in a bench, advocate. It
     The system keeps track of the date of application,
                                                              also has the facility of downloading or printing of the
     delivery, Revenue Collected. Daily collection of
                                                              entire Cause List. This allows the litigant or advocates
     revenue is maintained, delivery report and pending
                                                              to get their list of Cases online. This is a very helpful
     list is generated. Public is satisfied with the system
                                                              application for the general public.
     as it is transparent. Revenue collection has
     increased. This has been implemented at Delhi,
                                                              6.9 DISTRICT COURTS COMPUTERISATION
     Rajasthan, Assam, Gujarat and HP.
                                                              In 1997 NIC took up the computerization of all 430
     6.8.3 Daily Orders and Judgments Storage and             District Courts in the country. In 2002-03 NIC took
     Retrieval System                                         up the computerization of the City Courts of four
     Software has been developed for storing and retrieval    metropolitan courts i.e Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and
     of orders. The judgment writers use this software to     Chennai.
     type the orders and release the orders to the copying    The primary aim of the computerization project is to
     section and other users. Once an order or a judgment     alleviate the hardships caused to litigants and
     is signed, the same is transferred to copying account    reducing procedural problems by providing facilities
     after making the corrections. The same order /           to the litigant public to access case related
     judgment will no longer be available in the account of   information easily. It aims at helping the judicial
     the concerned official, for it is now locked in the      administration in streamlining its routine activities,
     copying sections account. This has resulted in           disposing of cases quickly and bringing transparency
     maintenance of orders of the High Court. Copies are      in various application areas. The project gives access
     given immediately to litigants.                          of legal and judicial databases to the judges.

     Record Room Information System - The system              Under the project, many decision making, decision
     keeps track of all old files and maintains records of    support and public interface application areas which
     the consignment of disposed matters.        It makes     will help in simplifying routine activities and provide
     location of files very easy by knowing on which          easy and transparent access facilities to the litigant
     Rack and shelf it is lying as and when required by       public, are taken up for computerization.
     the concerned Section.
                                                              Case Filing and Monitoring System

     Notices Generation - This application generates          When a case is filed at the filing counter, the
     various notices to be served to Litigants/Advocates      computer automatically posts the case to a judge
     issued by the Registry. Notices are generated            based on the existing procedure or the District
     immediately by just giving the Case Number. The          Judge manually posts the case to any Court using
     notices are issued on the same day by the Registry.      the computer facility. It automatically registers the
                                                              case and gives a receipt to the litigants/advocates,
                                                              giving details such as the Diary Number, parties
     6.8.4 Lower Court Record Receipt and Dispatch            involved and to which court it has been posted. At
     When an appeal comes from a lower court to a             the end of each day the computer generates a list
     High Court, its record is called from the lower court    of cases filed on that day in a format similar to the
     by the High Court, to maintain the status of the         one maintained in the Register. The preliminary
     record and to know whether the record was called,        details entered into the computer system are made
     received or sent back to lower court or not. In          available immediately on the computer system of
     most cases     even after the disposal of the appeal     the concerned court. Each court generates its own
     in the High Court records were not sent back to its      list of cases posted by the computer on that date.
     concerned lower court. This also caused space
     problem for keeping the record in sections. But after    Facilitation Centre
     the implementation of this module the record is sent     As the entire court complex has been networked, the
     back to the concerned lower court once the case is       information that has public relevance is provided at the
     decided in the High Court.                               Facilitation Centre of each court complex. At the centre,
                                                              information, pending case information, Case-status,
     Daily/Weekly Cause List on Internet                      Judgment of District Courts, Orders/Proceedings, File
     List of cases to be heard by various courts for a        tracing information, Cause lists, Notices are provided.
66     National Informatics Centre

                                                              latest status of their pending cases at any time from
                                                              their residences/offices. For this it is ensured that
                                                              the databases are updated as soon as possible. In
                                                              future it is proposed to introduce Interactive Voice
                                                              Response System (IVR) for pending case information
                                                              as well as send notices through e-mail.
                                                              For     further  information,    please           visit      :

                                                              6.10 VIDEO CONFERENCING AS A TOOL TO
                                                              DELIVER SPEEDIER JUSTICE
                                                              Another important and very unique application of ICT
                                                              in the judiciary is hearing the evidence of under-trails
                                                              through Video Conferencing. More often than not,
Some of the facilities available at the Facilitation Centre   justice is delayed as under-trials languishing in the
are also made available on Internet for the benefit of        jails for petty crimes fail to be produced before the
wide-range of users. The litigants and advocates who          court on time due to lack of adequate number of
do not have access to computer systems of their own           transportation vehicles and shortage of policemen etc.
use the Facilitation Centre.
                                                              This challenge before the Judiciary was taken up by
                                                              the Chief Justice of Patna High Court. With the help
Digitally Signed Certified Copies
                                                              from NIC, Bihar became the very first state in India
As all Client Systems are connected to the main               to demonstrate successfully how video conferencing
Server system, any order/judgment that is typed               could help in delivering speedier justice and solve
from any courtroom will be automatically available            the major problem of the pending cases in courts.
on the main system. The computer system at the
                                                              The Civil Court at Patna and the Beur Central Jail
Filing Counter will be used for generation of printouts
                                                              was connected through Video Conferencing and the
of the orders/judgments as copies of the orders for
                                                              trials began over the video link from 16th August,
information of litigants. Soft copies of the orders will
                                                              2001. A total of 1,077 under-trial prisoners
be digitally signed using the Digital Signature of an
                                                              volunteered to record their statements over video
officer specially designated for the purpose. These
                                                              link. A similar exercise was conducted at Muzaffarpur
digitally signed orders, which are available on
                                                              and Hazipur. Subsequently recording of evidence
electronic media, can be used as Certified Copies.
                                                              has also been done through video conferencing in a
This will also eliminate delays in issuance of Certified
                                                              number of other cases as well. The main benefit of
Copies to the litigant public. This application is
                                                              this exercises were to accelerate the case disposal
under implementation.
                                                              rate of civil courts for releasing the undertrials, to
                                                              give an opportunity to the officers of the court to
Public Interface Systems
                                                              talk face to face with undertrials about their problems,
Presently the Pending Cases Information is available          save expenses on transportation of undertrials and
on Internet. The litigants/advocates can find out the         also minimise the risk of their fleeing. ❖

                                                                                             National Informatics Centre       67

7.0 Health
NIC has been providing services to the Health              7.2 E.HEALTH.NET
Ministry as well as to hospitals in various states.        Improving Patient Care at Government Health
Research in this field is a very essential requirement     Institutions
to the entire community as this ensures that all
practitioners are updated in the latest techniques         The priority for e-Governance in the Health sector
and advances. In order to cater to this need NIC           remained comparatively very low as compared to
has tied with up the Indian Council of Medical             other sectors, despite having a very high potential.
Research to provide the latest information from            There has been a need for extensive usage of
across the world to doctors and medical researchers.       Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
                                                           in Health Institutions. Haryana took lead in this area
7.1 E-HOSPITAL                                             in 2003 and NIC-Haryana State Centre and Directorate
                                                           of Health Service jointly initiated a mission mode
Hyderabad has pioneered the concept of e-Hospital,         project of e-Health.Net. The project mission was "To
which is a state-of-the-art information and                set up an efficient, effective, transparent and IT-
communication technology based solution to manage          enabled integrated system to provide health care
the ever-expanding volume of health information,           services to the people of Haryana so that their present
and for harnessing the latest in information               position of Health could be upgraded and uplifted".
technology for the benefit of patients, doctors, nurses,
para-medical personnel and other professional,             Over the past two years, the NIC-HRSC has
administrators and providers of healthcare in the          developed and implemented e-Governance solutions
Hospitals.                                                 for important key areas of health administration. The
                                                           implementation of Medicine Inventory Monitoring and
The key features of e-Hospital are providing an            Control System and Doctors' attendance Monitoring
integrated solution for hospital and clinic needs, real-   System has reduced the absenteeism resulting in
time access to patient records, facility management,       increase in availability of doctors. The implementation
reports, Ward management, Supply management,               of the system has helped in monitoring distribution,
patient management. Patient admission and                  availability and consumption details of medicines
disposition, investigations, laboratory services, etc.     supplied for public in all Health Institution of Haryana.
The system generates statistics and reports to             The software captures the medicine data for 316
support better planning. The statistical data can be       medicines under 23 various categories from 618 health
viewed in the form of charts and graphs for better         institutions (54 general hospital, 74 CHC, 401 PHC
perception. Messaging can be used to send further          and 89 others health institutions). The implementation
instructions and feedback in a secured channel to          has resulted in immediate completion of 316 medicines
the professionals involved in the treatment of a           statistics for all 316 medicines. The System helps in
patient. It facilitates Online Documentation Doctors       efficiently managing inventory functions, distribution
and nurses are willing to type themselves, especially      of medicine from Central Store, using parameters
when the user interface can be tailored to give a          likes minimum buffer stock (Reorder level), OPD inflow,
default record format specific to their specialty and      population covered and consumption pattern. The
job description.                                           medicine consumption data helps in monitoring the
Moving to paperless healthcare requires digitally          efficiency of the functions of OPD. Exception figures
captured and archived patient data. However, the           in reports are used to check the malfunction like
only way to guarantee security of digital data in          pilferage or non-functioning of OPD in particular
electronic transaction is through the bio-metrics based    Institution. Implementation of the system in all the
digital signature of documents based on                    districts of has resulted in checking the pilferage of
internationally accepted security standards. The bio-      medicines, increase in availability of medicine at
metrics based digital signature is a unique, built-in      Government health Institutions, increase in attendance
feature in e-Hospital.                                     of patients/doctors in health institutions, optimal
                                                           utilization of medicine.
eHospital is presently being implemented at Sir
Ronald Ross Institute of Tropical and Communicable         The implementation of Disability Certificate Issuance
Diseases, Institute of Preventive Medicine, Old            system has brought transparency in the medical
Gandhi Hospital and Government Maternity Hospital          examination and handicap certificate generation.
in Hyderabad. It is going to be implemented in all         Clinical Laboratory Information System has helped
the Government Hospitals in Andhra Pradesh in              in generating MIS reports, for status of various tests
phased manner.                                             conducted, which are generated at the end of day,
                                                           monthly and yearly basis. These are helpful for
For further information, please contact :    Doctors and Civil Surgeons for inference purpose.
                                                                                          National Informatics Centre   71
Good Governance Through ICT

     Various charge rates of different tests have been           Disability Certificate Issuance system has been
     made available on the Health website. The                   developed to calculate and generate percentage of
     implementation of Burden of Death based                     disability of Physically handicapped candidates. The
     International Code for Disease system has reduced           process captures various medicine parameters based
     the burden of manual compilation of this statistics,        on Medical Examination of candidate and
     which use to take months, resulting in delay in             automatically calculate and generates certificates,
     publication of "Cause of Death" booklet. The                using guidelines and provision of Disability Act. This
     e.Health.Net system works on low-end ICT resources          has brought transparency in medical examination
     and e-mail based data transfer from District HQ to          and handicap certificate generation.
     State HQ. The implementation of e.Health.Net has
                                                                 Clinical Laboratory Information System: A phased
     also resulted in capturing of error free data at
                                                                 approach has been adopted for the computerization
     source and its availability at State Head quarter for
                                                                 of hospitals. In the first phase, lab reports were
     Planning better health care system for masses.
                                                                 computerized. The reports give value of patient
     Med-Centre of Haryana is an integrated software             parameter along with normal range of test for which
     project for capturing utilization of medicine inventory     report is generated. The system is implemented in all
     data and analysing consumption pattern of various           laboratories of General Hospitals. The system also
     medicine location wise to monitor disease occurrence        helps in generating MIS reports, for status of various
     pattern, pilferage and any other exception in the           tests conducted, which are generated at the end of
     functioning of health institution. Reports generated at     day, monthly and yearly basis. These are helpful for
     various level act as helping tools for multipurpose         Doctors and Civil Surgeons for inference purpose.
     analysis and inferences in order to provide affordable
     health care to common man by monitoring the flow of         Domain View of Med-Centre
     Medicines. Med-Centre capture the medicine data for
                                                                 The website has been
     316 medicines under 23 various category from 619
                                                                 developed which gives inside of Health Department
     health institutions (54 General hospital, 74 CHC, 401
                                                                 and also gives details of Health Schemes and
     PHC and 89 others health institutions) The software
                                                                 programs running in the state. The institute helps
     captures opening balance, receipt, issued, closing
                                                                 and public in location of health institutions and
     balance of the medicine of pharmacy of the institute.
                                                                 facilities available in the state for primary, secondary
     Presently data entry is done at Civil Surgeon Offices,
                                                                 and tertiary healthcare. Various Acts relating to health
     which is transmitted to HQ every month (using E-
                                                                 are available along with downloadable forms.
     mail). At HQ data is consolidated and various statistical
                                                                 Geographical location of the Health institution is
     and analytical reports are generated.
                                                                 also available on the website. In order to bring
     In order to reduce the habitual absenteeism of doctors
     in rural area, a system was developed wherein every              Procurement Process of Medicine              Distribution Network of Medicine

     doctor was to intimate his leave/tour/court case/
     attendance etc in advance to Civil Surgeon concern.
     This was entered in the system at district's Civil
     Surgeon's Office and transmitted to HQ on daily basis,
     which is then compared with the doctor wise reports,
     generated from field record randomly.
     The system for Performance Monitoring of Health
     Institution module is implemented in State Bureau of
     Health Intelligence (SBHI) and reports for year 2004
     has been started generating using this software.
     Software has been developed to compile and process
                                                                                          Drug Utilisation at District Level
     form-D which has statistics pertaining to indoor and
     outdoor deaths at each Health Institution due to various
     diseases. This makes it easy to analyze and report.
     Doctors Personnel Information System has been
     developed to build database of all the doctors posted
     in Haryana. The system captures qualification,
     specialty, place of posting, and date of posting and
     other general parameters of the doctors like ACR/
     Complaints/Charge sheets if any. The system is
     used for rational posting of doctors based on their
     qualification and availability of posts at that location.
72     National Informatics Centre

transparency, various charge rate of various test is       This IMC portal has been ranked amongst the top
also made available on website.                            five Indian health sites by Google and follows Health
                                                           on Net principles. IMC's site has received several
The e.Health.Net system works on low-end ICT
                                                           awards based on its content and designs.
resources and e-mail based data transfer from District
HQ to State HQ. The implementation of e.Health.Net         medIND database: With very few Indian journals
has also resulted in capturing of error free data at       available full-text on the Net, the Indian MEDLARS
source and its availability at State Head quarter for      Centre, has developed a database of full-text of
Planning better health care system for masses.             Indian biomedical journals. The medIND database is
                                                           accessible, free of cost from, to
The Med-Centre software is also being used by the
                                                           the medical community in India as well as abroad .
Health Department of Himachal Pardesh.              The
                                                           At present this database covers full-text of select
e.Health.Net is a generic e-Governance solution
                                                           journals from IndMED database. Articles can be
which can be replicated in any state / UT Health
                                                           searched directly or browsed through the contents'
department. NIC Centres are functioning in each
                                                           pages of individual journals.
state and district, therefore the transferability of the
solution is easy across all States and UTs in India.

The system has been implemented in Hospitals
covering OPD Registration, Clinical activities, Central
Cash Counter, MS, Blood Bank and Advance
Booking of Healthcare Services etc. over the internet
in Tripura. A similar system has been implemented
in Hyderabad also.

To meet the ever-increasing information needs of
the Indian medical community, NIC and Indian
Council of Medical Research (ICMR) jointly set up
the ICMR-NIC Centre for Biomedical Information in          IndMED database: IndMED comprises 76 prominent
1986. The objective of this Centre was to provide          Indian peer reviewed journals from 1985 onwards.The
information from the Medical Literature Analysis and       database is bibliographic in nature giving title, author
Retrieval System (MEDLARS) of the National Library         name(s), journal name(s) and abstract (wherever
of Medicine (NLM), USA, to the users in the country.       available). It is searchable free of cost, over the
In 1990, the Centre was recognized as the 17th             Internet, and can be searched using text words /
International MEDLARS Centre and came to be                keywords. IndMED articles are searchable through
known as the Indian MEDLARS Centre (IMC). The              search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.
services being provided by IMC include Access to           Portal to Internet Resources: The IMC site serves
IndMED database; Access to medIND database;                as a portal to over 100 biomedical/health resources
Information from Internet biomedical resources;            including NLM's PubMED and NLM's Gateway, These
Information from CDROM databases; Disease                  have been classified for medical professionals,
Updates; Document Support Services; Training/User          consumers, medical library and nursing professionals.
Awareness Programmes.                                      Links have also been provided to select e-journals
                                                           and Diseases' sites.
                                                           OpenMED is an Open Access Archive in area of
                                                           Medical and Allied Sciences including Bio-Medical,
                                                           Medical Informatics, Dental, Nursing and
                                                           Pharmaceutical Sciences. It is international in scope
                                                           and includes both published (post-prints) and
                                                           unpublished (pre-prints) documents having relevance
                                                           to research in these disciplines. It is hosted by
                                                           Bibliographic Informatics Division of National
                                                           Informatics Centre (India) using GNU EPrints Archive
                                                           Software. The major objective of OpenMED is to
                                                           provide a free facility to authors to self-archive their

                                                                                          National Informatics Centre   73
Good Governance Through ICT

     publications. This will enable world wide open access    registrations are entered and approximately 60
     to their publication and improve their impact. Open      different statistical reports are generated. The data
     Access promotes the philosophy by archival of full       flow is maintained between Villages, Talukas, District
     documents by their owners and making these visible,      and State.
     searchable and usable by potential users according
     to Open Access Philosophy. The metadata (core
     descriptive information about documents) is expected
     to be aggregated by various service providers and
     search engines compliant with OAI-PMH (Open
     Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting).
     It helps providing the authors the maximum exposure
     as well as easy and free access to the users.

                                                              7.6 INTEGRATED DISEASE SURVEILLANCE
                                                              NIC has developed this system for Department of
                                                              Health and World Health Organisation. Data of new
                                                              cases and deaths are collected weekly at Remote
                                                              Units, Corporation Hospitals and Medical College
                                                              Hospital. Data on weekly basis is entered at the
                                                              district level and transferred to Central server at
                                                              Gandhinagar for analysis. Online detail analysis
     CD-ROM Databases: Information is available, on           module is provided. District wise details of new
     request, from biomedical / health sciences CD-ROM        cases and deaths can be compiled and compare.
     databases. These databases range from bibliographic      Comparison of syndromes and laboratory results
     to factual in nature. Search request forms can be        can also be obtained. Details up to remote unit
     submitted from IMC's website.                            level are also obtainable. Concerned authority can
     For     further  information,     please     visit   :   monitor the status of remote units who have not                                     reported data in last four weeks. The software also
                                                              provides Graphical analysis. All 25 districts of Gujarat
     7.5 BIRTH AND DEATH ENTRY APPLICATIONS &                 use this web enabled system and 600 remote units
     REPORTING SYSTEM                                         are updating data weekly.
     This system provides for analysis of Birth and death     For further information,         please     contact    :
     Registration. Details of Birth, Death and Still Birth ❖

74     National Informatics Centre

8.1 TRANSPORT                                               vehicle population in the state and vehicles running
                                                            on the national routes both across the state border
The Road Transport system plays a vital role in our
                                                            and international border could help the Centre in
economy. During the past 50 years, the number of
                                                            various ways. It could help providing the useful data
registered vehicles has grown from a paltry 3 lack in
                                                            for planning purposes. It could help locating vehicles
1951 to 6 crores in January 2004. Earlier, railways
                                                            reported missing or stolen. It could help better
used to be the only reliable mode of transport on
                                                            monitoring the inter state and national permits and
long routes. However, during these years, the mode
                                                            to avoid duplicate registration of vehicles. It will also
of transport for goods on long routes and inter state
                                                            avoid issuance of driving license to unauthorized
routes is switching towards road transport. This sector
                                                            persons. It could help monitoring the inter-state
necessitates better control and coordination at the
                                                            issues in a better way.
intra and inter-state level. The state transport
authorities control this movement by providing permits      There is a need for establishing a national register
to the goods and passenger vehicles from their state.       of vehicles either centrally or distributed at various
For inter-state routes, national permit can be obtained     state capitals and linked through a computer network
from the states. The revenue thus earned is shared          to facilitate data access. This would provide valuable
between states. Another important activity in this sector   data for the Centre as well as to the various
is issuance of driving licences. The Central Motor          security agencies to track vehicles involved in
Vehicles Act, 1988 (CMVR) forms the basis for               unlawful activities inside state, across states and
processing any request for a new registration, permit       across international borders. This data could be
or a new licence. However, since each state has its         made available to all the states for better monitoring
own Motor Vehicle Rules which forms the basis for           of their inter-state revenue, and checking of duplicate
charging vehicle tax and permit fee. For citizen            registration in addition to improving the quality of
services, each state has its Regional Transport Office      services to their beneficiaries.
(RTO) or a District Transport Office (DTO) spread all       The database could also be linked to the insurance
over the state.                                             companies database to ensure that vehicle related
                                                            details are available to all state authorities as well
8.1.1 Computerization of RTOs                               as courts.
Computerization of Regional Transport offices (RTO)         In 2002, NIC and Ministry of Road Transport &
and District Transport Offices (DTO) had been               Highways (MoRT) entered into an MoU to develop
initiated by a number of State Governments notably          core software for vehicle registration and Driving
Delhi, Maharashtra, Bihar, Goa, Punjab, West Bengal         License work flow process computerization with a
and others. However, the approach was different             view to:
from state to state keeping in view only the local
                                                            q   Implement uniform data structure for these two
requirements. The shape of documents was also
                                                                applications to facilitate creation of state and the
not uniform. Some states introduced plastic cards,
                                                                national registers for DL and RC
some smart cards and others continued with the
paper-based document.                                       q   Establish a smart card lab to test the SCOSTA
                                                                compliance of smart cards from various vendors
The differences in the user perception, local objectives
                                                            q   Establish at least one pilot site in each state and
and at times limited resources lead to widely different
                                                                UT to facilitate replication either through the
level of computerization, software functionality and
                                                                state funds or using suitable PPP model
the level of success. Some of these states where
computerization has been done provide on-line               q   Establishment of backend system at State level
transaction facility, while some others provide offline         RTO level through total computerization of records
or batch oriented facility. The development of MIS              for DL and RC on a standardized software.
software for controlling these functions is adhoc with      q   Facilitates case of access to citizens.
different emphasis at various levels. All the transport
authorities are aiming to serve the objectives relevant     q   Making information available to various concerned
to their own state as they perceive at that time. One           agencies to perform their task better.
aspect common to all the state transport authorities        q   Documents issued by one State should be readily
is that the creation of a central database to store             readable and verifiable in other States.
state vide information and records is not a part of
                                                            The basic philosophy behind this initiative was:
immediate implementation plan.
                                                            To usher in transparency, responsiveness and citizen
Availability of some basic minimum data related to
                                                            friendly e-governance
                                                                                           National Informatics Centre   77
Good Governance Through ICT

     Computerization of records and processes at RTO            Maharashtra (for DL) already. Three states viz Delhi,
     offices.                                                   West Bengal & Jharkhand have started issuing
                                                                documents in smart card.
     Issuance of Smart Card based driving licenses,
     registration certificates for (and permits in respect of
                                                                Technology used for Vahan/Sarathi
     commercial transport) vehicles.
     NIC consolidated the work already done in this sector      VAHAN/ Sarathi is a GUI rich application written
     by various state units. The software developed to          both in visual basic 6.0 and in JAVA. The architecture
     meet these objectives were named as VAHAN (for             of the applications are :
     vehicle Registration) and Sarathi (for Driving Licence)    Database - this is the bottom most layer or the
                                                                back end. VAHAN /Sarathi supports three databases
     Work done so far                                           namely DB2 version 7.2 or higher, Oracle 8i and
     Backend software made                                      version 8.1.6 or higher and MSSQL server 2000 or
     available free of cost to                                  higher.
     all States. The software                                   Application server - This is the middle layer of the
     is      amenable       to                                  application. This middle layer manages the business
     customization for local                                    rule that manipulates the data per the governing
     requirement.                                               condition of the applications. The middle layer
     Standardized software formats and common                   provides a database independent interface for
     specifications have been developed and circulated          applications and makes the front end robust. This
     to the States. Working protocol for Smart Card             application will use the JAVA RMI framework to
     based for operating system based on ISO 7816               establish connection to clients. The RMI feature
     standard developed and standardized.                       enables a program running on the client computer
                                                                to make method calls on an object located on a
     Applications software for terminals and hand held          remote server machine. It gives the ability to
     readers finalized.                                         distribute computing across a networked environment.
                                                                The JAVA JDBC framework provides a standard
     The operating system is from the open domain and
                                                                interface to establish connection to the database.
     not proprietary ones offered by the vendors.
                                                                Client - The presentation and control logic is
     Software for RC (Vahan) Implemented in 23 States,
                                                                embedded in the client tier. This is the GUI layer of
     implementation in progress in 10 states, Software for
                                                                the application using either VB 6.0 or Swing
     driving license (Sarathi) implemented in 17 states,
                                                                component of JAVA, which will interact with the
     implementation in progress in 15 states and discussion
                                                                Application server by means of forms.
     on in 2 states for Vahan and in 3 states for Sarathi.
     Key Management System has been prepared and                Road Ahead
     finalized by NIC through external audit. Keys have
                                                                Experience during the last two years shows that
     been issued to Delhi (for RC), West Bengal (for DL
                                                                most states are keen to automate their citizen
     and RC), Jharkhand (for DL and RC) and
                                                                services in this sector. The priorities and perception,
                                                                however, differ from state to state. About a dozen
                                                                states have plans for statewide deployment of Vahan
                                                                and Sarathi by December 2005. Many estates have
                                                                started rollout of the project either using their own
                                                                funds or using PPP Model. Department of Information
                                                                Technology has also sponsored a project for state
                                                                vide replication of these software in the North-East
                                                                states. New version of the software cater to filing of
                                                                application on the web, computer-assisted test for
                                                                learning licence and finding out status of application
                                                                on the mobile phone. Most states have plans to
                                                                interlink RTOs/ DTOs to facilitate creation of the
                                                                state register. During 2005 work related to the
                                                                national register has began. This will greatly help
                                                                inter-state transfer of vehicles and inter-state
                                                                settlement of national permit fee.
                                                                For further information, please contact :

78     National Informatics Centre

8.2 POWER AND ENERGY                                       appropriate trend analysis enabling future planning
                                                           activities. Video conferencing facility has been
                                                           provided as a means of communication among all
A Wide Area Network for Power Sector                       organisations linked with Coal Sector. Each
                                                           Subsidiary company has an Intranet.
The main objectives of Powernet are to connect all
Apex organizations and central utilities in the power      Data generation at source, sharable among all nodes
sector on a high speed computer communication              significantly reduces redundancy in reporting. The
network via satellite link to ensure low cost, efficient   servers at PSUs provide online access to relevant
and reliable flow of information at all levels. The        data to all concerned. On-line availability of integrated
network caters to an integrated information                information to all concerned on key functional areas
requirement for all power sector organizations. It         like On-Coal production, distribution and stocks Coal
strengthens monitoring on key functional areas for         sales, profit/loss and dues; Resource generation,
efficient decision support and improves the                utilization and expenditure; Personnel matters;
performance of utilities through interactive               Parliament     questions, answers     and assurances;
communication among SEBs and apex organizations.           VIP references and Public Grievance Redressal;
The network has resulted in Improving MIS and              Pension, terminal dues, post retirement issues;
achieve facilitates IT tools like E-mail, Data/voice       Vigilance cases and enquiries.
communication, access to Internet/world of information,    For further information,            please       contact:
FTP etc. Video conferencing facility among all CPSUs
in the Power Sector has been provided.
POWERNET connects the Cabinet Secretariat;                 8.2.3 Revenue Management for BSEB
Ministry of Power; Central Electricity Authority;          NIC Bihar has developed an IT enabled solution for
Department of Programme Implementation; Ministry           the Bihar State Electricity Board to overcome hassles
of Coal; Planning Commission; State Electricity            in manual systems of working and help the Board
Boards/Power Department; Central Power Sector              for better management and monitoring of the revenue
Undertakings.                                              earning and customer services related issues.
POWERNET promotes Data Availability and                    The objectives of the system are:
Information Sharing. Data capturing is done at source
to avoid duplicity of information, thereby reducing        q   To bring qualitative and quantitative change in
redundancy and inconsistency in reporting.                     Boards' Services by thrusting use of IT at different
Information is available is the following areas on             levels of operations
periodical basis (Daily, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly)    q   Timely delivery of error free energy bills to the
,Hydro Reservoir, Coal Linkages And Receipts,                  consumers
Energy Generation, PLF, Outage Details ,Power
Supply Position And Peak Demand, Energy                    q   Timely redressal consumer grievances using ICT
Exchange, Industrial Sector Power Supply Status                as a tool
,Agriculture Sector Power Supply Status, Entitlement/      q   Centralized Revenue monitoring of daily collection
Drawal Power Supply, Capacitor Installation Status,            on day-to-day basis
Village Electrification, Pumpset Energisation.
Construction Data On Thermal, Hydro, Transmission          q   Improving the process of energy billing and
Lines, Sub-stations, Combined Cycle Gas Turbine                revenue collection
Project is also now provided.                              q   To bring transparency in the working mechanism
                                                               of the Board for a better public accountability
                                                           q   Facilitating the consumer to pay the energy dues,
A Wide Area Network for Coal Sector                            through distributed collection counters even using
The main objectives of COALNET are similar to                  banks and post offices
those mentioned for POWERNET. The network                  Initially the project was implemented for Patna
connects the Ministry with all its constituent             Electricity Supply Undertaking (PESU) comprising
organizations and ensures data communication               35 collection counters, 10 Divisions, 2 Circles Offices,
among the Ministry of Coal and its constituent             PESU HQ and State Head Quarters in Patna serving
organizations. It aims at catering to an integrated        more than 2,00,000 consumers. The success story
information requirement of the Ministry. Online            of computerizing the energy billing had a
availability of information on key-parameters to           revolutionary impact on the Board. To carry out this
strengthen decision making at all levels is ensured.       process further, a separate IT Directorate was
It facilitates acquisition of historical data for          created in the Board to monitor the progress of
                                                                                          National Informatics Centre   79
Good Governance Through ICT

     computerization and suggest steps for better              been incorporated in the software to make it more
     integration of IT in the working of the Board on          versatile and robust.
     day-to-day basis.
                                                               The major benefits to the consumer are timely
     To facilitate the flow of information on daily revenue    distribution of error free energy bills, pre-printed
     from collection counters, automated dial-up               meter reading of previous month in the reading
     connection is being used to get the instant collection    sheet, reduction of waiting time in queue at the bill
     figures at the division level. Up-to-date bills of        collection counters and bills can be paid at any
     consumers billed daily are also being sent to different   counter introducing Multipoint Payment System. Other
     counters of the division using the same process.          facilities are extended hour of service at bill collection
     The Divisions on the other hand are linked to the         counters, on-line status enquiry through IVRS, Web
     Apex Board HQ through RF network thus facilitating        Based Grievance Monitoring.
     free flow of information from counters to Divisions
                                                               A similar application had also been developed and
     and from Divisions to Head Quarters and vice versa
                                                               implemented in Tripura.
     without any manual intervention. The Revenue
     Management Software has been developed by the             For further information,          please     contact     :
     local NIC team. A three-tier security feature has ❖

80     National Informatics Centre
                                                                                             Industry and Commerce

Industry Informatics focuses Primarily on the                complexities and to reduce transaction cost and
following areas :                                            time taken in clearances. The project "EC/EDI for
                                                             trade" pursued in agencies like DGFT, Customs,
q   Formulation and implementation of industrial policy
                                                             Port Trusts, Airports Authority of India, Banks,
    and strategies for industrial development in
                                                             CONCOR etc. would help these organizations to
    conformity with the development needs and
                                                             create efficient relationship with community partners
    national objectives in order to make country's
                                                             and users to manage information flow, reduce
    industry internationally competitive;
                                                             inefficiencies, induce transparency and to provide 24
q   Formulation and implementation of Foreign Direct         hours access. A portal has been
    Investment (FDI) Policy and promotion and                developed to integrate various community partners
    facilitation of FDI;                                     implementing EC/EDI in the country for trade
q   Encouragement        to    foreign    technology         facilitation.
    collaborations at enterprise level and formulation
    of policy parameters for enhancing productivity          9.1 COMPANY DIRECTORY
    with reference to international benchmarking and         The project is a joint effort of the Ministry of
    by commissioning competitive studies;                    Company Affairs (MCA) and NIC to disseminate
q   Formulation of policies relating to Intellectual         registered companies' information available with the
    Property rights (IPRs) in the fields of patents,         offices of the Registrars of Companies (ROC) in
    Trademarks, Industrial Designs and Geographical          India. Accordingly a Company Directory was
    Indications of Goods and administration of               conceptualised to be produced as a CD-ROM product
    regulations and rules made hereunder;                    by utilising data generated at the offices of ROCs in
                                                             their day to day functioning. The product was first
q   Promotion of industrial development of backward          released in Oct. 1999. Since then it has been
    areas and remote, hilly and inaccessible areas of        updated regularly and released annually. Latest
    the Special Category states through special              Release 7.0 contains details in respect of about
    packages of incentives;                                  6.91 Lacs companies as on 31st Mar. 2005. It is
q   Monitoring and stimulation of industrial growth, in      available as a commercial product and is copyright
    general, and performance of industries specifically      of Ministry of Company Affairs and NIC jointly. This
    assigned to it, in particular, including compilation     CD-ROM contains registration details - name,
    of monthly industrial production statistics for the      address, registration number        state, business/
    items assigned to the Department for construction        industrial activity based on National Industrial
    of Index of Industrial Production (IIP);                 Classification.

q   Promotion of international cooperation through
    productivity, quality and technical cooperation;
All activities are computerized from receipt to final

In line with the current liberalization and simplification
efforts, the Department of Commerce and NIC are
pursuing the implementation of Electronic Commerce           Limited information of the registered companies is also
(EC) / Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in trade            available on MCA website ( free
regulatory/facilitating agencies/ organizations to           of charge as Search for (i) Company Name (Registered
minimise administrative delays, procedural                   Companies) (ii) Foreign Companies (iii) New Company

                                                                                           National Informatics Centre   83
Good Governance Through ICT

     Name (Approved Names but not registered) (iv) Status        redesigned to suit computer processing. The following
     of mandatory filing of returns (Annual Return, Balance      were computerized :
     Sheet) by the companies.
                                                                 q   Advance Licensing and Export Obligation
                                                                     Monitoring System - This system popularly known
                                                                     as Duty Exemption Scheme where in the Exports
                                                                     are promoted allowing Duty Free Imports. In this
                                                                     scheme export obligation-monitoring starts after
                                                                     specified period from the date of issue of license.
                                                                 q   Duty Entitlement Passbook Scheme This is one
                                                                     scheme through which Government of India
                                                                     promotes exports. Under this scheme, the
                                                                     exporters are credited the duty in a Passbook for
                                                                     their exports and the same can be used for
                                                                     payment of duty at the time of imports. The
                                                                     exporters may be given credit in advance also
                                                                     based on their past export performance.
     This facilitates the public to get prior information        q   Export Promotion Capital Goods Scheme - This
     whether a company with desired name is already                  is another scheme to promote Exports under
     registered and in turn reduces chances of rejection             which Capital Goods are allowed to be imported
     of name applied for new company registration. Also,             at a concessional rate subject to some export
     available information on mandatory filing by the                obligations to be fulfilled by the party, which is
     companies facilitates public to know whether a                  required to submit six monthly performance
     desired document for inspection is available with               reports to the authorities in DGFT.
     ROC office. All this helps in reducing physical visits
     of public to MCA/ROC offices.          The product          q   Export/Trading/Star/Super Star Trading House
     generates revenue for the government.                           Certification - Exporters are granted Export/
                                                                     Trading/Star Trading House status on the basis
     For further information, please contact                 :       of their NFE (Net Foreign Exchange) earned or visit :                 during the previous years. This status provides
                                                                     them certain incentives not available to others.
     TRADE                                                       q   Replenishment Scheme for Gem and Jewellery
                                                                     System - To promote the export of Gem and Jewellery
     9.2.1 DGFT Computerisation                                      from the country, the party is permitted to replenish
     Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) is the              the raw material used. A system to automatically
     regulatory and facilitator body for India's Foreign Trade       calculate the issue of the entitlement is operational.
     through FOREIGN TRADE Policy and its various
     Schemes announced from time to time through Public
     Notices, Notifications, Circulars etc. This office has
     HQ in Delhi and Zonal offices at Bombay, Calcutta,
     Madras and Delhi. Among its facilitator roles, resolving
     trade disputes and attending to public grievances are
     most prominent. It interacts with Export Promotion
     Councils to sort out Export related problems that the
     trade and industry might be facing.
     Computerization in DGFT, was started way back in
     1987. A beginning was made to computerize some
     of its major schemes. The computerization was
     taken up in phased manner. Zonal offices were
     computerized first and than the systems were
     replicated to other offices.
                                                                 9.2.2 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in DGFT
     In order to introduce the system the process for
     granting various licenses, which were the main              The Customs is the major community partner of
     activities of DGFT (erstwhile Chief Controller of           DGFT. Currently the documents being exchanged
     Imports and Exports), were reengineered. The                with Customs are IEC issued by DGFT, License
     application formats and output formats were                 issued by DGFT, Shipping Bill by Customs.

84     National Informatics Centre
                                                                                           Industry and Commerce

EDI with Trade and Industry                              9.2.3 Internet Based System for International
A System is in place where an applicant to DGFT
can file applications to any of 33 DGFT offices          Electronic filing of application DGFT website facilitates
through web. The application can be prepared in          transaction round the clock. The objectives of this
offline/online made. On regular interval's the           system are:
application gets downloaded and processed at
                                                         Project Objectives
designated Regional Licensing Authority (office) of
DGFT. After the processing the status is                 q   Reduction in physical interface with trading
communicated to the party through web.                       community
DGFT has been able to cut down the application           q   Trade facilitation integrating state of art technology
processing time to 6 hours from 30 to 45 days online.
                                                         q   Reduction in paper work
Quality of application also improved substantially.
                                                         q   Transparency in operations
EDI with Banks
                                                         q   Elimination of frauds
                                                         q   Reduction in transaction cost and time
                                                         q   Implementation of EDI with trade and Industry,
                                                             Govt. Agencies and other community partners
                                                         q   The exporter can obtain acknowledgement as
                                                             well as status online.
                                                         q   Chances of deficiencies in application are reduced
                                                             and it is processed faster.
                                                         q   Application can be filed to any of the DGFT
                                                             offices from anywhere in the world.
                                                         q   As the applications are filed online, no further
                                                             data entry is necessary hence reducing level of
With banks BRC (Bank Realisation Certificate) details        processing resulting in faster processing .
and EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) is being
                                                         q   Effective monitoring of receipt/disposal and
                                                             elimination of fraudulent licenses
The objectives of this systems are:
                                                         q   Reduction in transaction cost and time
q   Automate all its licensing as well as facilitating
                                                         For     further  information,        please        visit      :
    scheme so that the transactions become
    transparent and its cost is reduced to minimum
q   Make DGFT paperless office                           9.2.4 Export Import Data Bank (EIDB) System
DGFT is multi-locational with 33 Offices throughout      This provides for analysis of decision support on
India) connected with high-speed network including       India's export/ import based on International
SCPC VSATS                                               Harmonised code of classification of commodities
                                                         to/from destination/ source countries.
The main features are as follows :
q   On line Electronic filing of Application
q   Provision for XML based offline trade filing of
    application(connectivity related problems reduced
    to minimum)
q   On line links provided with selected Banks and
    Custom Ports for information exchange
q   EDI with community partners       for exchange of
    digitally signed documents
For further information, please contact              : or visit :

                                                                                         National Informatics Centre       85
Good Governance Through ICT

     This web based system operates on Export Import        commodity wise country wise, region wise & total
     Data Bank database created in the Department of        trade states.
     Commerce based on the basic yearly data, based
     on the 8-digit harmonised code of classification for   The Government as well as business agencies and
     commodities, received from Directorate General of      trade and industry community are the extensive
     Commercial Intelligence and Statistics (DGCIandS),     users of the application. This has not only helped
     Kolkata.                                               them in decision making but also in future course of
                                                            action for the country's trade. It has also facilitated
     The information system has query based retrieval of    the trading community in exploring new markets and
     data in the form of analytical reports on India's      new products for trade.
     export/ import based on the 8 digit harmonised
     code of classification for the commodities in both     For     further information,  please          visit   :
     Rs. and US $ terms. Data can be returned       ❖

86    National Informatics Centre
                                                                                 Human Resource Development

10.1 EDUCATION                                          10.1.5 7th All India School Education Survey:
Information technology is supporting the education      In the 7th All India School Education Survey Project
sector in order to improve the efficiency of the        village, habitation, town, ward and school level data
system. The top down approach of strengthening          is collected through six forms viz. VIF, UIF, SIF1,
the capacity of the HRD ministry to enhance             SIF2, CIF, SSIF designed by NCERT. The information
efficiency, relevance and equity in professional        is collected in the survey canvasses about schooling
education and universities and the bottom-up            facility in village/town, school infrastructure and
approach of strengthening schools through CLASS         student's enrolment information and number of
project will systematically help addressing urgent      teachers etc. in each of the recognized and
reform priorities. Starting from accessing literature   unrecognized primary, upper primary, secondary and
from web, digital libraries and employment              higher secondary school in the country. The VIF,
generation in Information Technology has helped         SIF1, SIF2 and CIF forms have two parts as
India in improving the economy.       Some of the       schedule and flash statistics form, in which data is
projects implemented by NIC in the education            collected by State Education Department officials in
sector are:                                             rural and urban areas of the State. The flash data
                                                        is compiled form of detailed data, which is filled in
10.1.1 Student Seat Allotment System                    schedule forms. The flash statistics form is designed
                                                        in order to release flash information on priority basis
Administration allocates seats in Professional/
                                                        as per the guidelines by the ministry. The web site
Technical/Non-Technical Courses at the level of
                                                        has access to following information about 7th AISES
degree and diploma in the institutions approved by
                                                        flash data - Village Directory, List of Districtsm List
All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE),
                                                        of Blocks, List of Towns, List of Villages, School
for making the allotment process transparent to the
                                                        Directory, List of Rural Schools, List of Urban
students as well as parents, avoid any duplication
                                                        Schools, NCERT Format Reports, State Level, Town
and ensure standardization and proper coding
                                                        Level, Block Level, District Level, Village Level,
                                                        School Level Data, Rural School & Urban School.
10.1.2 CASCET       -   Computerized     Admission
System of CET
CET cell conducts entrance examinations for             10.1.6 BoSE - AOP
professional courses like Engineering, Medical and
                                                        The Board of School Education (BoSE) Haryana is
Dental, for admission of students to professional
                                                        providing services to the general public in the field
colleges in Karnataka. Using this system the pre-
                                                        of education. It is conducting examinations at Middle,
examination and post-examination operations of CET
                                                        High and Senior Secondary level. It is also running
cell are automated like scanning and entry of
                                                        an open school.
application details, dispatching of admission tickets
to candidates, scanning and evaluation of answer        To improve the overall working efficiency, service
sheets. rank list generation based on merit and         standards, transparency, and dissemination of
seat allotment into various colleges.                   information with regard to results, roll number and
                                                        other student and teacher related documents, steps
10.1.3 Computerization of SSLC Examination              were taken for automation of Pre and Post Phase
                                                        examination process. Whole database of students
The systems takes care of all activities of Pre-
                                                        enrolment form including their photographs and
examination and post-examination right from
                                                        signature and results was prepared by ICR
candidate Registration to Result printing and
certificate printing. Results are published on the
Internet. It has been implemented in Kerala.            NIC designed, developed and hosted an interactive
                                                        website to give information
10.1.4 JRF Examination Processing for UGC               to general public. The results were declared in a
                                                        very short period of time and detail was available
Research Fellowship and Lectureship examination
                                                        on website as well as through IVR System and
processing for UGC has been computerized since
                                                        other possible communication media.
1984. The examination is conducted at 250
Universities for 93 subjects. Some of the major         BOSE, Haryana has become the pioneer institute in
modules are automatic objective paper assessment,       India, which is giving Admit Card to all private
bio data entry result processing, result reports and    students on the Internet. The process not only
item analysis.                                          improved the working efficiency, transparency, and

                                                                                       National Informatics Centre   89
Good Governance Through ICT

     service standards but also improved the government
     image in the field of education.

     10.2.1 Common Application             System     for
     Employment Exchanges
     NIC has been actively involved in the development
     of a package for computerization of employment
     exchanges. The National Employment Service in
     India has a network of around 950 employment
     exchanges including University Employment
     Information and Guidance Bureau (UEIGBs). The
     DGEandT at the national level is responsible for
     laying down policies and procedures for functioning
     of employment exchanges. The employment
     exchanges are under the administrative control of
                                                             10.2.2 DGET Integrated Application System
     State Governments and there is a separate
     Directorate of Employment in each State. The major      There are around 4500 affiliated ITIs spread all over
     activities at employment exchanges include (i)          the country imparting training in more than 90 trades
     Registration and Submission (ii) Employment Market      under Craftsman Training Scheme (CTS). There are
     Information and (iii) Vocational Guidance.              more than 15,000 establishments covered under the
                                                             Apprentices Act engaging apprentices in 151 trades
                                                             under Apprenticeship Training Scheme (ATS). There
                                                             are around 3 lakhs students per year being trained in
                                                             Govt./Private ITIs and around 2 lakhs apprentices per
                                                             year being trained in Govt./Private Sector every year.
                                                             As a part of overall activities, an integrated database
                                                             has been envisaged to maintain information about
                                                             Trades/Courses, DGET Field Institutes, Industrial
                                                             Training Institutes (ITIs), and Establishments identified
                                                             for Apprenticeship Training. The web based system
                                                             caters to the need of           general public to have
                                                             information on the courses available.

                                                             10.2.3 Employment Exchange Management
                                                             System (EEMS)
     Employment Network - With an objective of               A comprehensive system developed by NIC Gujarat
     networking of all the employment exchanges and          is implemented in all 42 employment exchanges,
     focusing on uniformity of employment procedures         university employment bureau and tribal area
     and providing efficient services to job seekers and     exchanges in the state. A database of more than
     employers, it is proposed to put all the employment     11,00,000 unemployed, jobseekers is operational
     exchanges, State Employment Directorates and            since October 2001. This transparent, effective and
     DGET under one umbrella by way of networking.           unbiased interface provides a hassle free service to
                                                             the unemployed youths. This system is sophisticated
     The proposed National Employment web site/portal
                                                             for submission of jobs according to the requirements
     will provide one-point on-line source of information
                                                             and consequent selection of candidates from the
     about manpower availability and employment
                                                             registered youths.
     opportunities in India and abroad. The National
     Employment website will provide vocational guidance,    The software covers Online registration, Transfer
     educate the job-seekers about realities of job market   registration, Backlog registration, Renewal of
     and availability and employment schemes, type of        registration, Update of Personal information,
     manpower available to the employers and to provide      Educational details, Training and Experience details,
     necessary data to planners, researchers on the          Submission, Monthly and Yearly processing, All types
     employment scenario in the country besides career       of queries, Search facility, Legislative assembly
     counselling for confidence building, entrepreneurship   questions, User administration, All kind of reports,
     development etc amongst educated youth.                 Back up facility, Frequently Asked questions.

90     National Informatics Centre
                                                                                  Human Resource Development

10.2.4 Industrial Relation Application System
This application has been developed and
implemented at Industrial Relations Division in Labour
Ministry. System maintains the information about the
settlement of the disputes between employer and
union/individuals, court cases regarding failure of
conciliation and retrenchment, layoff and closure of
the workmen. The application software takes care of
database, day to day operations, periodical reports,
ad hoc queries and transfer of information between
the Industrial Relation Desks and other offices. The
software handles two sub systems Failure of
Conciliation (FOC) Management and Retrenchment,
Layoff and Closure (RLC) Decision support system.
FOC system helps in monitoring industrial relations      Digitization and Digital Video Documentation of
throughout the country with the objective of taking      temples and monuments. Museum artifacts are
timely action through preventive mediation for           invaluable heritage comprising a wide variety of
resolving disputes and general industrial unrest.        antiquities such as sculptures, textiles, coins and
Depending on the view taken at the Labour Ministry,      medals, metal objects, arms and armours, paintings
the dispute is referred to the court for adjudication.   etc. Around five million Indian manuscripts contain
Disputes parties can submit the FOC directly to the      within their folios hidden traditional knowledge in a
court itself.                                            vide variety of subjects such as medical science,
                                                         philosophy, economics, poetry etc. Digitisation initiative
The RLC system is aimed at managing issues of            aims to bring these within the reach of the present
Industrial establishments covered under Factories        generation. Temples and Monuments speak volumes
Act, Mines Act and Plantations Labour Act.               of Indian architecture, life style and history. Dharohar
                                                         project has been envisaged to create digital video
10.2.5 Justice Delivery and Tracking System              documentation of them. NIC has done extensive
Labour Courts Cases justice delivery and tracking        research for conceptualization of the entire project,
system is being developed for implementation in all      evolving technical standards and selecting the state
7 Labour Courts in Haryana. It includes centralized      of the art digital technology to achieve its mission.
filing of cases, scrutiny, notices generation, cause     Dharohar-Rajasthan has been taken up with
list, court room proceedings, judgment writing           Rajasthan's Department of Archaeology and Museum.
modules apart from a number of MIS reports being         It includes digital collection of artifacts of the
generated at Labour courts. Database of trade unions     government museums of Rajasthan exhibiting the
has been created in Kerala.                              dynamic heritage of the State. It also covers digital
For further information,        please    contact    :   video documentation of ten ancient temples of the                                        8th to 10th century AD and microfilming of selected
                                                         manuscripts. Dharohar-CD encompasses a remarkable
10.3 CULTURE AND TOURISM                                 collection of over 5000 art objects displaying sculpture,
                                                         paintings, metal objects, arms and Armour, coins etc.
NIC has been providing support to the Department
            of Culture and Ministry of Tourism
            and has developed a number of
            websites supporting tourism initiatives
            in the states as well as developing
            applications for the National Museum.

               10.3.1 Dharohar Cultural Heritage
               Digitisation Project
              The project Dharohar is an ambitious
              project of NIC in collaboration with
              Ministry of Culture and State
Governments. The project plans to cover in the initial
stage three major digitization initiatives viz: Museum
Artifacts Digital Documentation, Manuscripts

                                                                                         National Informatics Centre   91
Good Governance Through ICT

     Dharohar takes you on a virtual tour of the museums        Benefits of the system
     and searches the objects on any of the 18 metadata
                                                                q   The prospective customer does not need to contact
     elements on which the documentation of the artifacts
                                                                    individual hotels or marketing offices/agents to know
     is preserved. Dharohar-Rajasthan covers Central
                                                                    the accommodation availability, and even to get
     Museum, Jaipur; as well all important museums across
                                                                    the reservation done, if so desired.
     the state including those at Amber, Kota, Ajmer, Alwar,
     Bikaner, Udaipur and Bharatpur.                            q   Complete Software and Database located centrally
                                                                    only at one place enables easy maintenance and
     10.3.2 Digitisation of Manuscripts                             making it independent of the User location,
     NIC has also taken up manuscripts digitisation
     projects in the States of Orissa, Assam and at             q   Bare minimum hardware/software needed at the
     Khuda Baksh Orientral Public Library, Patna. Over              User end make the system operational.
     two million pages of manuscripts are projected to
     be digitised in these States.

     10.3.3 On-Line Hotels Reservation System
     The Web-based On-line Hotel Reservation System
     is a step in the direction of tapping the enormous
     potential of the Internet, with a view to facilitate any
     group of hotels, having its hotels and marketing
     offices at various locations, for reaching and
     interacting with its prospective clients for advance
     reservation of accommodation through its authorized
     offices, hotels or directly on Internet. This has been
     carried out for Himachal Pradesh Tourism.

                                                                Customer Interface
                                                                The Customer Interface, helps customers in knowing
                                                                the availability of accommodation in any of the
                                                                Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation
                                                                Hotels and either they can get instant reservation
                                                                through any of its Marketing Offices /Hotels located
                                                                at various locations throughout India or send an e-
                                                                mail request through the Interface itself.
                                                                For further information, please contact                 :
                                                       or visit : ❖

92     National Informatics Centre

The Parliament Informatics division of NIC is             11.3 PARLIAMENT QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS
providing ICT Services to the Members of Parliament
                                                          NIC has computerized the procedure of all Lok
in the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha
                                                          Sabha and Rajya Sabha Questions and Answers
and Lok Sabha Secretariats, Ministry of Parliamentary
                                                          and made them available on the Internet to enable
Affairs, Parliament House, Office and Residences of
                                                          ministries to readily access Questions answered by
Chairman, Rajya Sabha and State Legislatures.
                                                          them earlier. It also enables ministries to have easy
                                                          access to Questions on related subjects answered
                                                          by other ministries. Moreover it enables Lok Sabha/
The Upper House of Parliament has been actively           Rajya Sabha Secretariats to determine the issue of
involved in use of Information technology to make         admissibility of a notice on the basis of a similar
access to Parliament related information easier. A        Question having been answered earlier.
large number of applications have been developed
and implemented, for the use of Members,
Parliament Secretariat as well as for the benefit of
Public at large. The most up-to-date website of
Rajya Sabha ( is the
storehouse of millions of pages of Information well
classified in various heads and sub-heads. The
Rajya Sabha website give information on Proceedings
of Rajya Sabha, committees information, Business
of the House, Debate held in the House, Parliament
Questions and Answers, Status of Legislation,
Information relating to various Committees of the
House, Who's Who, Addresses of Members, Rules
of Procedure of Rajya Sabha etc. The website is
intended for governments, legislative bodies in India
and abroad, academic Institutions, Print and visual
media, the general public and Non Resident Indians.
                                                          The Software with the search facility enables anyone
11.2 LOK SABHA                                            to access to the Internet to locate Questions and
Lok Sabha Secretariat has set up a state of the art       Answers in a variety of ways i.e. Ministry-wise,
computer and communication Centre in New                  Member-wise, date-wise and, using search facility,
Parliament Library Building. A dedicated Member's         key-word wise on any word that may be typed in.
Query Booth serves MPs for all their IT needs.            Since all the Ministries would be composing their
NIC has developed a number of Computer based              Answers on computers a procedure has been worked
applications for the Lok Sabha Secretariat. The           out involving transfer of the answers through email
Website of Lok Sabha has been designed and                for upload into the database.
developed by NIC ( The   A number of Ministries have developed systems to
majority of applications running here are similar to      manage the Questions received by them. One such
the applications at the Rajya Sabha. Some important       system PQSoft is functional at Ministry of Home
facilities provided include databases with information    Affairs. PQ Soft is an integrated solution for handling
regarding question and answers and debates.               of Parliament related activities. The software
                                                          manages all parliament related activities from notices
                                                          to question and their replies. It monitors assurances
                                                          and sends them through e-mail using state- of-the-
                                                          art technology.
                                                          A workflow application for managing Parliament
                                                          Questions has been implemented at Department of
                                                          Information Technology. The Questions received by
                                                          Parliament Section are marked to concerned person
                                                          depending on the subject area of the Question.
                                                          After processing the Parliament Question it is
                                                          returned to the Parliament Section for further
                                                          processing. The "Draft Reply" to a Question is

                                                                                        National Informatics Centre   95
Good Governance Through ICT

     submitted to the Minister depending upon the nature      most of the websites of CEOs were hosted on NIC
     of the Question. The "Final Reply" is sent to            servers and some of these were developed by NIC
     Parliament as prescribed by the relevant guidelines.     State Centres. The electoral rolls and scanned
     With the implementation of this system/ application,     affidavits of all contesting candidates were hosted
     the movement of the Question is paperless and            on these websites.
     correction can be done online rather than on paper.
                                                              ISP Services : The Returning Officers used the
                                                              connectivity available at NIC districts centres as
                                                              local ISP service to access the ECI web server and
                                                              update the GENESYS data online from the counting
                                                              centres. The Internet services on LAN were used
                                                              as back up.
                                                              Data verification and cross-verification: During
                                                              counting of votes, NIC created an access-controlled
                                                              site specifically for ECI. This site contained the list
                                                              of declared results and the details of winners, losers
                                                              and the vote details. This site was used by ECI to
                                                              verify the results with NIC data.
                                                              The field officers of Doordarshan from selected
                                                              districts were able to share and transfer the Video
                                                              footage of elections to CPC, New Delhi over
     11.4 STATE LEGISLATURES                                  videoconferencing. The VC facilities were also used
                                                              for training of DIOs and election officials on the use
     NIC States Units with support of the Parliament          of GENESYS software and for monitoring of the
     Informatics Division of NIC has computerized the         election process by some CEOs.
     working of many state legislature.       Applications
     have been developed for around 15 States                 Application Software: Most of the NIC State
     Legislatures for the various activities of the state     Centres have developed standard software to cater
     legislatures on the line of Parliament.                  to the pre-poll, poll day and post poll activities.
                                                              These software are implemented at the RO level to
     11.5 GUJARAT VIDHAN SABHA REPORTING                      meet administration needs related to polling parties
     SYSTEM                                                   formation, deployment, tagging, voter turn out,
                                                              compilation of results etc. The use of EVMs has
     The system has been developed for the Gujarat            necessitated that result processing be done on
     Assembly. It provides File and Print functionality for   computers at majority of the counting halls and NIC
     various reporting functions of Gujarat Assembly          software were used to generate mandatory ECI
     reporting. The software also stores the debates in a     reports.
     database and has made them available on the
     Web. Various debates discussed on the floor of the       NIC - Doordarshan (DD) Project : On the counting
     house are entered and can be seached on a number         days, parliamentary and assembly election results
     of parameters like like MLA name, Constituency           were transmitted to NIC web servers through NIC
     name, Department, Party, Main subjects, subjects         District Centres keeping DD ahead of other news
     etc. This software is in Gujarati and uses ISM for       channels in live coverage.
     Gujarati interface.                                      Miscellaneous : Establishment of Help Lines on
                                                              telephone/ Ekiosks, Email-Internet access to ROs/
     11.6 ONLINE ELECTIONS SUPPORT                            Election Observers, providing computer hardware,
     NIC with its centres in all State and District           attending meetings with CEO officials at ECI, New
     headquarters provides the requisite ICT support to       Delhi etc.
     the Election Commission during the Lok Sabha and
     State Elections at all levels.                           Statewise Applications
     The services provided by NIC offices across the          Kerala - Trend 2004
     country during the Lok Sabha and State elections         The Kerala Election department had set up a
     held in 2004 can be classified as:                       computer network with the software 'TREND 2004'
     Hosting of State Chief Election Officers' websites on    developed by NIC, Kerala State Unit, to declare and
     NIC web servers: The Election Commission (ECI)           disseminate the results of the election from 20 Lok
     desired that all State Election Department websites      Sabha constituencies covering 140 counting centres.
     be hosted on NIC's secure web servers. Accordingly,      The votes were counted assembly constituency wise.
96     National Informatics Centre

Each counting centre was connected through a               q   Development of an intranet software for capturing
special telephone line to the control centre set up at         the data for Assembly Constituencies and
the office of CEO to declare the result.                       displaying the result.
On completion of counting
                                                           Himachal Pradesh - Electoral Rolls
at all polling booths within
one assembly segment,                                      Himachal Pradesh along with Delhi and Nagaland hosted
the     updated     results                                the electoral rolls on the Internet. The Himachal rolls
appeared on computer                                       are in Hindi and can be searched by name of elector
screen at the collectorate                                 without knowing Hindi keyboard layout. An innovative
and media centres at all                                   search feature was designed by NIC Himachal Pradesh
district headquarters.                                     State Centre that made the Electoral Rolls popular
                                                           among Himachal electors. The rolls proved very useful
Maharashtra                                                to the general public for the 2003 Assembly elections
                                                           and 2004 Lok Sabha elections.
NIC Maharashtra State Centre played a key role in
the Parliamentary Elections 2004 in the state.             During elections, the NIC District Centres provided
Maharashtra has 48 parliamentary constituencies and        support in preparation of polling parties and their
all 35 NIC District Centres and State Centre were          deployment as per ECI guidelines, implementation
involved in the successful election data transmission      of GENESYS software at counting centres,
to ECI and NIC web servers. On the counting day,           processing of final result sheets data transmission
a control room was set up at NIC State Centre to           for Doordarshan.
coordinate result data transmission from districts.
There was interaction with Doordarshan Mumbai              Goa - Election Information System
and DD news video clippings were transmitted using
                                                           NIC Goa was involved in
NIC's VC studios via NICNET.
                                                           the Election process right
Additionally, following software were developed and        from the beginning. The
implemented uniformly by NIC district centres :            special highlight was the
q   Formation of Polling Parties using randomization       Election       Information
    technique.                                             System software, which
                                                           consisted of three modules
q   Generation of Polling station wise Poll statistics.    for posting of staff, voter turnout and counting of
q   Election counting process.                             votes. The software was implemented in all the eleven
                                                           taluka offices of both the districts, the offices of ROs,
Orissa - Election Management                               Observers and CEO by installing computers. The
                                                           counting centres, CEO and ROs were connected
NIC Orissa State Unit had taken up the Election            through the GoaNET so that the election progress
                        Management during the              could be monitored online.
                        simultaneous Election of
                        Lok Sabha and State                Arunachal Pradesh : NIC was actively involved in
                        Legislative Assembly.              the poll process right from the start and provided
                        During this period, the            support to the Administration in preparation of electoral
                        Election Team had taken            rolls using TERM software, preparation of Elector's
                        up      the      following         Photo Identity Cards (EPIC) using PIC Tools software,
                        responsibilities :                 printing of electoral rolls and EPICs, polling party
                                                           formation, deployment, duty cards, issuance of
q   Development and implementation of a centralised        appointment letters, Email and Internet connectivity to
    Election Management software across 30 districts       ROs/ counting halls and transmission of results data.
    for formation of polling parties, TA/DA calculation,
    booth allocation using randomization, report           Assam : Apart from providing the routine support in
    generation.                                            pre-poll and post-poll activities, a highly successful
                                                           network-based system was developed to capture
q   Hosting and maintenance of the website of CEO,
                                                           counting data at polling station level by using the
    Orissa website on NIC Server.
                                                           services of a number of non-RO (Returning Officer)
q   Scanning of affidavits, sending relevant data of       districts and CICs. The network was partly dialup
    nomination and affidavits to CEO, generating voter     and partly VSAT-based. The data capturing and
    turnout reports and sending to ECI.                    compilation system worked efficiently. The ROs
q   Implementation of GENESYS software for                 appreciated NIC and CIC efforts in holding free and
    transmission of results data.                          fair elections in the State.

                                                                                          National Informatics Centre   97
Good Governance Through ICT

     Bihar : The Election Confidential-ELECON software         Madhya Pradesh : The NIC State Centre developed
     developed and implemented by NIC Bihar has been           a web-based software for real time compilation and
     in use during the elections since 1991 and gone           dissemination of results for all the parliamentary
     through a number of metamorphoses, incorporating          constituencies in the state. Each of the counting
     the latest guidelines of the ECI from time to time. It    centres at the district head quarters was connected
     has been designed as a software tool, takes less          through a dedicated telephone line to the NIC district
     time to implement and takes care of almost all            centre. DIOs provided their services in compiling
     election related activities at various stages. The        and transmitting the assembly segment wise data
     software was implemented for all 40 parliamentary         corresponding to each parliamentary constituency
     constituencies in the Lok Sabha 2004 poll in addition     falling in the district.
     to the other mandatory support by NIC.
                                                               Pondicherry : The software for polling personnel
     Chandigarh : Software was developed to monitor            allotment was developed and implemented using
     the special revision of summary nature of electoral       random number generation technique at two stages.
     roll, campaigns for Election Photo Identity Cards         Care was taken to post female polling officers
     and training of polling staff on the use of EVMs.         wherever sizeable number of female electors was
     The website of the CEO was developed and scanned          present. The de-crypting of polling stations was
     affidavits of contesting candidates, electoral rolls      done prior to the actual polling day so as to maintain
     uploaded on this website. In addition, polling parties    secrecy regarding deployment of polling parties.
     formation, two-hourly report on voter turnout,            Telephone based Help Lines were established for
     compilation of results, Email support and data            electoral rolls inquiry. Information was captured on
     transmission were also carried out. Chandigarh being      polling day every two hours and disseminated to
     an urban constituency, compilation of elections results   media on polling trends and on counting day,
     was done centrally after getting data from counting       computerized compilation of results was done.
     centres through the online system and disseminated
                                                               Uttaranchal : The CEO used the NIC Video
     to the CEO/ ROs /Observers on the WAN.
                                                               Conferencing facilities innovatively for monitoring the
     Gujarat : The NIC Gujarat supported the election          whole electioneering process. On the polling day,
     authorities at the district level during the conduct of   CEO interacted with the DEOs/ROs and media to
     elections by using ICT tools for speed, accuracy          get first hand information about the polling. The
     and transparency. For years now, NIC Gujarat is           Doordarshan news teams used the VC facilities to
     part of the election process right from the election      upload video clippings to Newsrooms. Some reporters
     notification stage till the results are declared.         of TV channels reported their stories directly from
                                                               remote locations over the NIC -VC for live coverage.
     Haryana : The Windows based Election Duty
     Assignment software was developed by Haryana State        Uttar Pradesh : All District Centres of NIC UP
     Centre and implemented in all districts to take care of   were involved in the election exercise of
     the pre-poll election process activities like Polling     computerizing polling personnel deployment, vehicle
     Parties formation and their assignment to booths          movement (route chart), counting personnel
     randomly. HELP LINE was established through               deployment and tabulation-compilation of results. The
     Information Kiosks in the Districts and on telephone      DD news clippings were uploaded using VC.
     for the general public to disseminate electoral rolls
                                                               West Bengal : The ROs of 42 parliamentary
     information. Two training courses were organised for
                                                               constituencies used the standard application software
     the nodal officers of Election department and DIOs of
                                                               developed by NIC for the deployment of polling
     NIC for carrying out election related activities in a
                                                               personnel to the polling booths by adopting
     coordinated and efficient manner. The NIC Officers at
                                                               randomization technique, exporting and importing
     State Unit and Districts worked for more than one
                                                               50% polling personnel to other districts in the
     month without taking any leave even on Saturday/
                                                               presence of ECI appointed Observers. The NIC
     Sunday to complete this process.
                                                               District Centres were also entrusted with the
     Jharkhand : The CEO website was hosted on NIC             responsibility of data management and onward
     web servers and kept updated and Electoral Rolls          transmission to ECI and NIC web servers.
     for the state were uploaded on NIC web servers.
     Polling and patrolling teams were formed and              11.7 ONLINE ELECTION RESULT ANALYSIS
     deployed using randomization guidelines of ECI,           SYSTEM
     including tagging of Armed forces and vehicles at
                                                               Analysis and Results of Lok Sabha Elections and
     many places. During counting of votes, team
                                                               Assembly Elections for Press Information Bureau.
     formation and compilation of results was done though
     software developed by the State Centre.                   An Electronic Board is set-up in PIB office outside

98     National Informatics Centre

Shastri Bhawan and online Results are displayed on     changed; Relatives of politicians contesting; Party
the notice board during the elections. Following       wise list of candidates
main reports are shown on the Notice board:
q   National Tally                                     11.8 ELECTION RESULT DISSEMINATION
                                                       THROUGH COMMUNITY INFORMATION CENTRES
q   State tally                                        (CICs)
q   Position of BJP and its alliance partners          During the 2004 Elections, the CICs at block level
q   Position of INC and its alliance partners          of eight North Eastern States were used extensively
                                                       to support all aspects of election activity. All the 487
PreElection Analysis is given by PIB in the form of
                                                       CICs disseminated results information to general
Reference handbook. At the time of results Votes
                                                       public and media through result websites created
Polled are entered by PIB.
                                                       specifically for this purpose. Since counting centres
The Queries and Reports are generated through          were set up at non-district headquarters, CIC network
this database included Total No of Candidates; Total   infrastructure and manpower was used to transfer
Men Candidates; No of Candidate State wise; SC/        counting data to Returning Officers in Assam. In
ST candidates in General Constituency; Age wise        Nagaland, CICs were used to access electoral rolls
break up; Key constituencies and candidates;           information by general public after declaration of
Independent candidates; Constituency with maximum      elections. Commissioner, Nagaland had appreciated
candidates; State wise electors; Candidates with       the network services of NIC at CIC level in the
parties changed; Candidates with constituency          State for timely transmission of Election News.       ❖

                                                                                      National Informatics Centre   99
                                                                                                       IT for Masses

12.1 ePOST                                               other outlets. The customer has to register as a
                                                         user, and can access the service at the ePost
The internet revolution has allowed rapid exchange of
                                                         portal ePost messages are treated on par with the
communication through email. However, the internet
                                                         unregistered letters under the Indian Post Office
has not reached most of rural India and other remote
                                                         Act, 1898. The current rates for the ePost service
areas. To bridge this digital divide, and to bring the
                                                         are Rs. 10 per page per addressee.
benefit of the revolutionary internet technology to
people living in rural areas, Department of Posts has    Special services like sending mail upto 999 address
introduced epost. The ePost was initially launched in    in a single click are being to the corporate customers.
five States on an experimental basis. In the wake of
                                                         For     further information,        please        visit      :
the experience gained and the service has been
launched on national basis. This project has been
implemented by NIC on a turnkey basis.
                                                         12.2 LOKVANI
ePost is a service under which printed or even
handwritten messages of customers are scanned
and transmitted as email. At the destination offices,
these messages are printed, enveloped and delivered
through postmen like other letters to the respective
postal addresses.
For this purpose, ePost centres have been set up
in Post Offices covering all the districts and major
towns. These ePost centres are equipped with
internet connection, computers and printers. However,
ePost service is not limited to the ePost centres
only. It can be availed of from any Post Office.
Irrespective of whether a customer is in a metropolis
or in a remote village, he can send and receive
ePost messages. The messages booked at Post
Offices which are not the ePost centres, are sent to     An Effort to Empower
ePost centres for scanning and dispatch. Similarly,
messages received at ePost centres for areas             Lokvani is an e-governance initiative by the combined
beyond their delivery jurisdiction are printed and       efforts of District Administration and NIC in Sitapur,
sent to concerned Post Offices for delivery in normal    UP. Lokvani is a unique public private partnership
matter through postman.                                  programme, which gives citizens an opportunity to
                                                         interact with the government without coming to any
Besides availing ePost service through Post Offices,     government office. Lokvani was conceptualized by
it can also be accessed from customer's home or          District Magistrate, Sitapur in September 2004. A
office if he has a computer and internet access.         society by the name Lokvani was constituted to
The customer can make payment through a prepaid          implement the project autonomously and to reduce
card that is available from selected Post Offices and    the bureaucratic hassles. The NIC provided the
                                                         necessary technical know-how for the project. It was
                                                         decided that instead of opening new kiosks, existing
                                                         cyber cafes/computer training institutes should be
                                                         granted licenses to become Lokvani Centres. This
                                                         decision was taken to ensure the financial viability
                                                         and the long-term sustainability of the kiosks.
                                                         Government sponsored kiosks are proposed to be
                                                         set up at the Nyaya Panchayat level in future.
                                                         The Lokvani Network is spread across all the six
                                                         tehsils and blocks of Sitapur. The information related
                                                         to various departments is available to the kiosks
                                                         through a website hosted on NIC's web server at
                                                         Delhi. The kiosks log on to Lokvani website. As of
                                                         March 2005, there were 26 kiosks operational. Instead
                                                         of coming all the way to the District Office the citizens

                                                                                        National Informatics Centre       103
Good Governance Through ICT

      can now avail several government services at the           e-Pramanpatra provides an integrated system
      tehsil, block and town level itself. Lokvani can be        computerizing almost all aspects of department's
      accessed on the Internet at    functioning It aims at minimizing the number of
      The Lokvani system not only gives citizens an avenue       visits of the common man to the Department and to
      to track the progress of their grievances, but also        provide all information online through the
      provides the District Magistrate an effective tool to      department's website. It has brought transparency
      monitor the performance of various departments.            and efficiency in the department's work and resulted
      Lokvani also provides details of various government        in better services to the common man while
      schemes, government prescribed forms, details of           interacting with the department.
      developmental work in the district, lists of old age
      pensioners, lists of scholarship beneficiaries, funds
      allotted in various govt schemes, allotment of food
      grains to kotedars, allotments of funds to gram
      panchayats, etc.
      Services like Land Records, Arms license application
      status, GPF accounts of basic education teachers
      are available online now. To ensure transparency,
      details of developmental works, ration allotment to
      fair price shop dealers, money sent to Gaon Sabhas
      etc. are made available to people. The most popular
      service till date has been Online Public Grievance
      Redressal, which received more than 11000
      complaints in about 4 months of which more than
      6500 were attended to.
                                                                 It is integrated with the Department Website http://
      In the future more services like Online Registration of Status of applications is
      Death/Births, Certificates for SC/STs, Domicile etc will   available on the website. Users can apply for
      be offered. Five other districts of UP have already        certificates online. Status of applications is also
      started implementing Lokvani based citizen services.       provided through telephone and SMS. There has
      Hardoi and Unnao have also replicated Lokvani. Going       been considerable reduction in paperwork by the
      forward, the kiosks will be opened at the Nyaya            user department. It is easy to operate and through
      Panchayat Level to increase the reach of the service.      a single window system, multiple query support to
                                                                 generate various reports online is provided.

                                                                 12.4 e-SAHKARITA
                                                                 In keeping with the spirit of Bhagidari of the Delhi
                                                                 Government, e-Sahkarita is an endeavor, which aims
                                                                 to improve interface with the people and bring
                                                                 transparency in the working of Office of Registrar of
                                                                 Cooperative Societies. This Department is the single
                                                                 nodal agency for Registration of various kinds of
                                                                 Cooperative Societies like Group Housing societies,
                                                                 House Building societies, Thrift and Credit societies,
                                                                 Industrial societies, Consumer Stores, Package

      12.3 e-PRAMANPATRA
      In keeping with the policy of e-governance,
      e-Pramanpatra is an endeavor, which aims to
      improve interface with the people and bring
      transparency in the working           of      Deputy
      Commissioner /District Magistrate Offices of Delhi
      .The Deputy Commissioner's Office is the single
      interacting office with the public for the issue of
      various certificates like Caste Certificate, Domicile
      Certificate, Marriage Registration etc. The total
      number of these certificates issued yearly is more
      than 20,000.
104     National Informatics Centre
                                                                                                       IT for Masses

Societies, New Multipurpose societies and Cooperative     q   Accounts
Banks. The total number of Registered Cooperative         q   Library
Societies in NCT of Delhi has crossed 5000.
                                                          q   Estate / Malmatta
                                                          q   Workshop
                                                          q   Property Assessment
                                                          q   Octroi
                                                          For further information, please contact                     :

                                                          12.6   e-NAGARPALIKA
                                                          e-Nagarpalika is a comprehensive suite of software
                                                          solutions for Urban Local Bodies which aims
                                                          automation of all municipal functions.
                                                          e-Nagarpalika attempts to provide improved Citizen
                                                          Services; Accountability to Citizen; Streamline
                                                          procedures; Monitor Revenues and Services. The e-
The System incorporates various facets of Registered      Facilities Offered cover e-Payments; e- Registrations;
Cooperative Societies like Details of Society; Elected    e-Certificates; e-Submissions; e-Status; e-Alerts;
Members; Audit details etc. The system has been           e-Acknowledgements; e-Downloads.
integrated with the Dynamic Website of the
Department (http:// putting the     e-Nagarpalika derives it's strength from
Department on the e-govemance map.                        standardisation of the basic components pertinent to
                                                          applications, strict Act compliance, streamlining of
For further information,         please    contact    :   procedures, work flow automation, hierarchy-wise                                            authenticity, online services, status, horizontal and
                                                          vertical Integration, inter-module interface, cutting
12.5 MILLENNIUM CORPORATION & COUNCIL                     edge technology and strict security.
                                                          The web site provides facilities for download of
NIC has developed and implemented the "Millennium         application forms, Information on citizen charter, Acts
Corporation & Council Software" which involved            and Government Orders, Municipality profile, Govt.
computerizing the working of the Corporations/ Councils   programs, Welfare schemes, Development works,
in order to provide better services to the general        Status on applications submitted and tax dues,
public. The system is successfully working for more       Grievance registration and status enquiry, Budget
than three years in few Corporations and Councils of      information and links to important sites.
the State of Maharashtra. These applications support
                                                          The facility for Births and Deaths Registrations covers
English or any other Indian language.
                                                          capturing of event details; Registration of events;
The Modules currently implemented are :                   Issuance of Certificates; Name inclusion; Non
q   Birth & Death Registration                            availability Certificates; Registers; Statistics.
q   Single Window System                                  The Property Tax and Vacant Land Tax options includes
                                                          assessment as per Monthly Rental value and Capital
q   Property Billing                                      cost; Revised assessment; Revision petitions and
q   Water Billing                                         Appeal petitions; Demand Collections; Warrants and
                                                          Distraints; Write off and Temporary Remissions; Vacancy
q   Establishment Information System (EIS)
                                                          Remissions; Exemptions; Title Transfers; Special
q   Payroll                                               Notices / Endorsements / Demand Notices; Registers /
q   General Provident Fund (GPF)                          Field Books / DCB / Defaulters / MIS Reports.
q   Pension                                               Other options include Trade Licences; Water Tax
                                                          and Water Tap Connections; Advertisement Tax;
q   Complaint Monitoring System (CMS) or Public
                                                          Building Permissions; Projects and Works
                                                          Managements; Grievance Redressal; Assets
q   Work Estimation                                       Inventory; Court Cases and Financial Accounting.
q   Building Permissions                                  For further information,         please      contact        :
q   Budget                                      

                                                                                        National Informatics Centre       105
Good Governance Through ICT

      12.7 e-PANCHAYAT                                           Status on applications submitted and tax dues,
                                                                 Grievance registration and status enquiry, budget
      Panchayat Raj the e-way
                                                                 information and links to important sites. The information
      e-Panchayat is a comprehensive suit of Panchayat           services are available for functions such as Births and
      applications conceptualized, designed and developed        Deaths; House Tax; Trade Licenses; Pension schemes;
      by NIC, Andhra Pradesh, to effectively solve the           Works; Land Records; Marriages; etc.
      information management problems at the village
      level. As a part of its e-Governance initiatives, e        For further information,          please     contact    :
      Panchayat has been designed taking into          
      consideration all the information and knowledge
      management requirements in a gram panchayat.               12.8 e-POURASABA
                                                                 This is comprehensive software implemented by
                                                                 NIC Tripura for Agartala Municipal Council (AMC)
                                                                 with the following modules:
                                                                 Property and Water Tax collection system - Counters
                                                                 have been established at different locations which
                                                                 are connected through RF link for collecting sales
                                                                 tax on line.
                                                                 Electronic Demand Note: A internet based system
                                                                 generates electronic "Demand Note" for property tax
                                                                 and water tax.

      The 1992 Panchayati Raj Act of the central
      Government and the success stories of the Gram
      Panchayats in various states in the country are
      taken into consideration while developing ePanchayat.
      The orders issued by the Government of Andhra
      Pradesh regarding the Village Secretariats and the
      functions of the village secretary besides the elected
      representatives of the Grampanchayat are all
      considered in this package. Thus ePanchayat fits
      well into the information systems at village level.
      e-Panchayat benefits the Citizens, the Elected
      Representatives, the Gram Panchayat and other              Birth and Death Registration system -
      village level officials, the Administrators and Planners   Acknowledgement, verification and issue of
      at the district and state level, also the knowledge        certificates over the counters.
      workers and the researchers. Separate user centric
      modules are made available, taking into consideration      AMC Web site - Grievances lodging, downloadable
      the requirements of these main stake holders.              forms, procedures, Tax calculation, on-line generation
                                                                 of demand note etc.
      Various information on different aspects is made
      available to the citizen in the purview of Gram            Touch Screen Kiosk deployed for viewing payment
      Panchayat to make the citizen empowered with               details/ tax dues etc.
      knowledge , through e panchayat website. The Web
                                                                 For     further    information,     please     visit    :
      site is an integrated environment of gram panchayat
      providing access to the various functions carried out
      by gram panchayat in offering citizen services and
                                                                 12.9 LOKMITRA
      also aiding the local administration.
                                                                 Infotech for the Masses
      e-Panchayat Web Site
                                                                 The Government of Himachal Pradesh has taken the
      Downloading of application forms, information on citizen   benefits of "Using Information Technology (IT) in
      charter, Acts and GO'S, panchayat profile, Government      Governance" at the doorstep of the general public,
      programs, Welfare schemes, Development works,              especially those living in distant rural areas. This Web-
106     National Informatics Centre
                                                                                                          IT for Masses

enabled Government-Citizen Interface aims at making         In order to visualize the concept, it was decided by the
people aware of government policies and programmes,         State Government to implement the project on a pilot
and also providing an interface to interact with various    basis in one of the districts on Intranet. Accordingly,
government functionaries. The NIC, Himachal Pradesh,        the project was started on a pilot basis in district
has been identified as the E-Governance Wing by the         Hamirpur, funded by NABARD, as the first IT-Project
State Government, for designing and developing              of any State Govt. funded under RIDF scheme. The
necessary software and implementing the project.            pilot project was formally launched by the Chief Minister
                                                            of Himachal Pradesh on 8th May 2001.
The project envisages various direct/ indirect social
as well as economic benefits to the rural masses            A district-wide Intranet was created, by setting-up
such as:                                                    the Control Room (LokMitra Soochnalaya) in the
                                                            Deputy Commissioner office at Hamirpur. The District
q   Better dissemination of government information
                                                            Administration, in consultation with the Zila Parishad
    at the remotest corner, resulting in better
                                                            and Panchayats, identified 25 panchayats for setting
    awareness among rural masses about various
                                                            up the Citizen Information Centres (LokMitra Soochna
    Govt. Schemes and
                                                            Soochanalaya (Control Room at the Deputy
    bringing in transparency.
                                                            Commissioner office, Hamirpur).
q   Saving in time and cost
    of    people    visiting                                Lokmitra Soochna Kendras
    District headquarters                                   The Soochna Kendra
    time and again for                                      (Citizen       Information
    getting information,                                    Centres) have been set up
    lodging complaints and inquiring their status etc.      at 25     centrally located
q   Reduction in response time by the concerned             Panchayats.            One
    departments and increase in their accountability        unemployed youth has
    to people of the State.                                 been sponsored by each
                                                            of the concerned Panchayat for these Centres,
q   Virtual Extension Counters for the Government,          named as Soochaks. The Soochaks have been
    by way of using these Centres for getting the           provided with a Client Computer with a Printer,
    departmental Data entered and transmitted from          Modem and UPS. They were also imparted
    time to time.                                           necessary training at the district headquarters for
q   A platform for the people to interact with each other   accessing and using LokMitra Software. The
    on mutual interest e.g, matrimonial, sales/ purchases   Soochaks are required to deposit a security bond
    etc.                                                    and fixed annual Registration charges with the district
q   Additional income opportunities from Citizen
    Information Centres by using them for General           The Services offered in the pilot implementation of
    Training, Word Processing and Data Entry jobs,          the project are as follows:
    and extending Internet Access.                          Classified complaints against the listed departments
q   Employment generation by opening up of Citizen          in a pre-defined format. For these classified
    Information Centres throughout the State in the         complaints, the concerned department within 10 days
    private sector.                                         assures a reply.

q   Facilitating the growth of Internet Service             Questions/ General Grievances from the given
    Providers (ISPs) throughout the State.                  departments, not as Classified Complaints, which
                                                            are replied within 30 days.
                                                            Downloadable Forms the citizens need for various
                                                            purposes e.g. driving license form, forms for getting
                                                            various subsidies, ration card form etc.
                                                            Vacancies being publicized by various Government
                                                            Departments/Agencies, along with the application
                                                            Tenders being floated by PWD, Municipal Committee,
                                                            IPH, DRDA etc. with complete job details, submission
                                                            date, earnest money, cost of work etc.
                                                            Promotional Schemes from all Departments, with
                                                            details e.g. how to take benefit, Forms to be filled etc.

                                                                                           National Informatics Centre   107
Good Governance Through ICT

                                                                 license or registration certificate. To do away such
                                                                 problems, it was decided to introduce ICT in the
                                                                 following areas:
                                                                 q   Issue of various types Driving License
                                                                 q   Registration of Vehicle and other related works.
                                                                 q   Registration of Land deeds
                                                                 q   Sanction of Arms License.
                                                                 q   Acceptance of Passport applications
                                                                 q   Issuance of Land Records copy
                                                                 q   Establishing Touch Screen Kiosks for providing
                                                                     various details like bus time table, blood donors
                                                                     directory, status of applications, telephone directory
                                                                 Going by the performance of these centres set up
                                                                 in the districts, the Government of Himachal Pradesh
                                                                 has decided to enrich the basket of services which
                                                                 are being offered from these centres. New services
      Contacts of All departments i.e. Name, Addresses,          to be included into this project are Certificates;
      Telephones, and Email etc. of their officers / offices.    Utilities functions; Agriculture/ Horticulture Information;
                                                                 Application Forms and Affidavits' etc.
      Market Rates of vegetables and other items, collected
      on daily basis from six nearby Market.                     Activity                     Situation    Maximum
                                                                                              Before       average time
      Sale/ Purchase option facilitates creating a Networked                                  the Pehal    taken after
      Rural-Bazaar.                                                                                        Centres
      Matrimonial Services facilitate putting up bio-data of
      prospective bride or bridegroom on the Network.            Vehicle Registration         6-7 days     1 day

      Notice Board having all important notification and         Driving License              7 days       1 day
      events by the Administration from time to time.            (a) Learner
                                                                 (b) Permanent DL
      Children Corner facility for school going children, in     (c) Conductor Lic.
      the form of model questions and answers etc.               Registration of Land Deeds   1 day        30 minutes
      Village Email facility to send and receive mails to and
                                                                 Records of Rights Copy       As per       10-15 minutes
      from other Centres and Government functionaries.                                        patwaris
      State-wide Implementation                                                               wish
                                                                 KIOSK                        3-4 days.    Instant
      The LokMitra is now proposed to be enriched further                                                  information is
      and expanded to all the Districts in the State making                                                about the
      use of Internet, after taking valuable inputs from the                                               Vehicles,
      responses of the people to the pilot implementation                                                  License
      in Hamirpur district.                                                                                Holders from
                                                                                                           the kiosk.
      For further information,         please     contact    :                                              For further information,             please   contact      :
      12.10 PEHAL
                                                                 12.11 e-SUVIDHA
      Deputy Commissioners in Himachal Pradesh had
      been receiving numerous complaints regarding delays        E-Suvidha is a single window interface for
      in providing the citizen services especially the Driving   Government to Citizen (G2C) or citizen centric
      Licenses, Vehicle Registration Certificate, Copy of        services. It has been developed keeping in mind
      Land Record Nakal etc. The public had to make              CICs as nodal points for delivery of all G2C services.
      several trips to the authorities concerned for getting     It facilitates application processing at a government
      their work done. They had to stay in the District          office. Typical services provided are Birth and Death
      Headquarters for a few days in order to get the            registration, issue of SC/ST certificates, arms licenses

108     National Informatics Centre
                                                                                                        IT for Masses

                                                           E-Suvidha has been awarded the 2004 eASIA Award,
                                                           by Asia Pacific Council for Trade Facilitation and
                                                           Electronic Business at eASIA Week event on
                                                           September 24th, 2004 in Taipei.
                                                           For     further  information,      please        visit      :

                                                           12.12 SUWIDHA
                                                           SUWIDHA has been conceived to facilitate the citizen
                                                           by capturing the input at a single point, defining a
                                                           specified delivery date depending upon the type of
                                                           service and accepting cash at the counter itself.
                                                           SUWIDHA is a concept to bring about perceptible,
                                                           measurable and qualitative improvement in the
etc. Downloadable application forms are also               delivery of various citizen services by the
available to the Citizen. The software allows the          Government removing the barriers and bottleneck in
operator to accept application forms from the              the existing delivery system. The project was initiated
applicants and let the applicant monitor status of         in August 2002 at Fatehgarh Sahib on pilot basis.
the application through a Web based system. The            SUWIDHA version 2.0 has been now successfully
software also has links to the state website where         rolled out in all the 17 Deputy Commissioner Offices
downloadable application forms are available.              and SUWIDHA has also been extended to SDM
Application can be accepted at the 'Application            level with its pilot implementation in the office of
Acceptance Centres' like CICs and Processing can           SDM at Mohali of Ropar district. Facilitation charges
be done at Blocks, districts and State Capitals.           for various services/jobs are utilized for the
                                                           sustainability of the project.
The Application Acceptance Centre accepts the
application, enters the applications details and
provides the applicant with an acknowledgement slip
and based on the predefined schedule of the service
provides the Citizen a probable date of delivery of
the service. CICs           then load the information
into a central server for processing by the district
administration. District administration after processing
the application takes a print out of the certificate for
which the applicant has submitted the application.
After printing of the certificate the status of the
application is updated. The status of the application
will now show the date of printing and issuing to
the CIC so that the applicant can collect the
certificate from the CIC where he had submitted his
application. E-Suvidha provides a number of reports
to help the Administrators monitor working of the          Suwidha allows all submissions at a single counter.
office and status of services provided and is              It aims to re-engineer government processes. The
operational at about 100 CICs.                             system of application encompasses almost all the
                                                           branches of DC office. It allows Complaint /
                                                           Grievance registration, Payments for Bills. Linkage
                                                           with backend applications have been provided
                                                           including integration with SUKHMANI, a state backed
                                                           project for citizen-centric services. A module for
                                                           monitoring delays has also been incorporated.

                                                           12.13 e-ASHA
                                                           Automated Service and Help for All
                                                           NIC UP State Unit, Lucknow has evolved an
                                                           integrated I.T. solution e-ASHA (Automated Service
                                                           & Help for All) as a G2G and G2C application.

                                                                                         National Informatics Centre       109
Good Governance Through ICT

      Using the services through e-ASHA, a citizen can           sharing of indigenous knowledge and supplements
      get not only specific information of public utility from   the efforts of physical community (and members) by
      the Government departments, but can also pay               strengthening values, practices and evolution of other
      different types of bills through eASHA kiosks/counters     civic networks. The local language support and the
      across the city.                                           ability to access files locally (where Internet content
                                                                 in English may be translated into local language)
                                                                 helps in reducing the knowledge divide that has
                                                                 been created by the availability of information in
                                                                 English only on the Internet. It also acts as a
                                                                 platform for delivering e-Governance services to the
                                                                 people in rural areas. With the ultimate aim of
                                                                 empowering communities through a collaborative
                                                                 approach, eNRICH acts as a platform for voicing
                                                                 the thoughts and feelings of the poor.
                                                                 eNRICH, which initially worked to facilitate intra-
                                                                 community communication, was subsequently
                                                                 enhanced to work as a Framework, capable of
                                                                 networking       communities        (inter-community
                                                                 communication) and building collaborations between
                                                                 government and citizens, particularly mainstreaming
      e-ASHA provides copy of Record of Right (Khatauni)         the rural people who are most disadvantaged and
      at the counter, and offers enquiries related to tax        underprivileged. The framework thus addresses low
      details, property valuation, vehicle registration,         infrastructure availability (Local LAN) as was the
      pension, public grievances, to begin with. It also         case with ictPr, and in addition it effectively utilizes
      offers collection of payments against bills related to     WAN connectivity, if available.
      Trade Tax, House Tax, Water Tax, Road Tax etc. -
      all at a single counter.

      Features of e-ASHA
      Common user interface screens for each service
      displaying, or requiring inputs for department specific
      data during a transaction.
      Client/server web-based interface for each service
      reaching out over the Internet to the comforts of
      citizens1 home/office
      Client/Server web-based implementation. Requires
      provision of just a web-browser at the front-end.
      And a web/data server at the back-end, with a dial-
      up/ISDN connectivity
                                                                 The enhanced version also brings domain experts
      Uniform and minimal front-end screens requiring
                                                                 and their knowledge within the reach of the local
      little operator training
                                                                 people. eNRICH in its enhanced form has been
                                                                 successfully adopted by the Community Information
      12.14 eNRICH - COMMUNITY                 SOFTWARE
                                                                 Centre Project of Department of IT ( http://
                                                        ) in September 2003. It was
      eNRICH ( has been developed as        customized for WHO's Health Inter Network Project(
      a web-based community software solution framework ) in December 2003 to meet
      that addresses the needs and circumstances of the          the information needs of the health workers in
      rural people. Through its customizable, local language     remotely located Primary Health Centres/Community
      sensitive interface, eNRICH truly puts ICTs in the         Health Centres of Southern India and Orissa.
      hands of the users. Its multiple features not only         Currently, eNRICH has been tailored to meet the
      enable communities to identify, build and organize         requirements of Akshaya Project of Government of
      relevant information but also promote communication        Kerala ( It has also been used to
      between and among rural communities. The                   generate portals for more than 550 District Rural
      framework encourages collection, preservation and          Development Agencies (DRDAs) in the country.
110     National Informatics Centre
                                                                                                         IT for Masses

eNRICH has been already adopted at :                        management burden. It may be noted that skilled-
                                                            manpower is rarely available in rural areas. The
q   ICTs for Poverty Reduction (ictPr) Project of
                                                            eNRICH site in Budikote, Karnataka (India) and
    UNESCO, No of sites: 9 Villages,
                                                            many other implementation locations under
    Also implemented the Russian version of the
                                                            UNESCO's ictPr Project ( are being
    software in Kazakhstan and French version for
                                                            managed by local community volunteers and
    French speaking African countries.
                                                            members of Self-Help Groups. eNRICH allows
q   Community Information Centre (CIC) Project of           government organizations to extend the reach of the
    Department of Information Technology (DIT) at           e-Governance services to the rural poor. It also
    487 Block hq locations in 8 states of N-E and 60        facilitates subject-experts to contribute and share
    blocks in Jammu and kashmir,      their knowledge with the common man through the
q   Health Inter Network India Pilot Project (http://       concept of Domain-Managers. of World Health Organization           These features have been demonstrated in the Block
    (WHO) at 2 Primary/Community Health Centres             Community Portals at 487 locations in eight North-
    in Karnataka and A.P, India,                            eastern States under Community Information Centre
q   Introduced as part of Computerized Rural                Project ( and DRDA Portals as part
    information Systems project (CRISP, http://             of CRISP Project. eNRICH is also addressing the of Ministry of Rural Development,         information needs of health workers in Primary Health
    GOI at more than 550 District Rural Development         Centres and Community Health Centres in the States
    Agencies (DRDAs) across the country                     of Karnataka and Orissa. Another section of users
                                                            who get benefited by eNRICH includes researchers
q   Adopted    by    Akshaya    Project  (http://           and analysts, who are provided with the facility of of Government of Kerala in             analyzing the data related to usage of information
    MalaPuram District at more than 600 Akshaya             provided through eNRICH and behavior pattern of
    Kiosks spread in more than 100 Village                  various users. This facility in turn helps identifying
    Panchayats                                              the information needs of the rural people and
q   Adopted by Ministry of Panchayati Raj in National       providing more relevant content to them.
    Panchayat Portal ( to
    dynamically generate portals of State PR                12.15 RURAL DIGITAL SERVICES
    Departmentt. (35), and three-tier PRIs [(ZPs(560),      Land records information system, proved that
    BPs(6096) and Village Panchayat(2,40,000)].             electronic management and issue of land records is
q   Implemented in Sri Lanka for Open Knowledge             possible. By having taluk level system, delivery
    Network    (OKN)    and    Information  and             points were reduced as against the conventional
    Communcation Technology Agency of Sri Lanka.            system of the villagers approaching the village
                                                            accountant. This gave rise to the demand of enabling
                                                            the farmers to obtain land records at the village.
                                                            Since it was not feasible to establish Government
                                                            owned electronic delivery points at the villages and
                                                            also not economically viable for private entrepreneurs
                                                            / enterprises to set up computers and networks at
                                                            the villages to deliver only this information. This
                                                            catalysed the process of establishment of village
                                                            kiosks through which a basket of services would be
                                                            delivered through public private partnership. Thus
                                                            Rural Digital Services (RDS) was born.
                                                            The objectives of Rural Digital Services are :
                                                            q   To provide a single window for all Government
Apart from benefiting the rural people, who are the             Services at the Village
ultimate beneficiaries in most of the eNRICH                q   To provide better experience to the citizens in
implementations, it also addresses the needs of the             their interactions with the Government
other participating users, in their respective areas,
                                                            q   To improve transparency
thus building an effective collaboration of all the
stakeholders. eNRICH does not expect its site-              q   To reduce the time taken to process the request
manager to possess web-site development and                 q   To create a cost effective, replicable and
management skills, thus reducing much of the site-              economically self reliant system.

                                                                                          National Informatics Centre   111
Good Governance Through ICT

      q    To build a citizen database as a by-product of        to do their job. The oral request of the citizen would
           RDS.                                                  be entered by the kiosk operator, an application
                                                                 printed and signature affixed by the applicant. This
                                                                 application along with the necessary enclosures
                                                                 would be scanned and saved. This request would
                                                                 then flow through the entire cycle and get more
                                                                 value additions in terms of the remarks and scanned
                                                                 reports of the different officials being electronically
                                                                 attached to this request. The kiosk operator would
                                                                 be able to check the status of the request. Finally
                                                                 after the certificate is printed, the kiosk operator
                                                                 would collect the same from the Taluk office collection
                                                                 point. Attaching the scanned document to the request
                                                                 is made optional due to bandwidth constraints.
                                                                 However, if good connectivity is available, scanned
                                                                 documents can also be attached.
                                                                 Bio-metric Authentication : Finger print authentication
                                                                 for login and updation is used for non-repudiation.
      RDS provides Government services to the citizen is
      in the form of certificates such as caste , income,        Smart Client : Since village kiosks are to be
      domicile, birth, death etc or orders for pension           located in villages, deployment of new releases
      schemes or disbursement of scholarships etc. Citizens      cannot be done using the traditional methods. RDS
      can request for any such service at the kiosk.             application is developed using smart client technology
                                                                 for easy deployment.
      Features of RDS                                            Unicode : Unicode is being used to store data in
      Off-line / on-line mode of functioning : One of            the local language. The software can be customized
      the main requirements kept in mind to decide on            to allow multi-language user interfaces in two
      the architecture was the need not to inconvenience         languages. Currently "Kannada" and "English"
      the citizen due to the ground realties existing the        languages are supported.
      villages such as non-availability of continuous network    There are several stages that an application goes
      connectivity. With this essential constraint, it was       through. For some services that are offered by the
      decided that even if connectivity is not there, citizens   revenue department at the taluk level the village
      should not be asked to wait and their request to           accountant is the issuing authority. These include
      submit an electronic request for a service should be       certificates such as birth and death. In these cases,
      entertained.                                               the application generated at the kiosk / front office
      Workflow : RDS was envisaged to be an electronic           is handed over to the village accountant who then
      work flow system where by the officials in the             verifies the records in his possession and updates
      existing manual system would work on the computer          the status on the computer system and generates
                                                                 the certificate / endorsement.
                                                                 For rest of the services for which the Tahsildhar is
                                                                 the issuing authority, the village accountant and the
                                                                 revenue inspector are given a copy of the electronic
                                                                 request and they put in their field verification remarks.
                                                                 Only the case worker in the taluk office works on the
                                                                 system and generates office note to be put up to the
                                                                 tahsildhar along with the application and remarks of
                                                                 the VA and RI. The remarks of the tahsildhar are
                                                                 updated by the case worker on the computer system
                                                                 and the certificate / endorsement printed. In case
                                                                 the tahsildhar wants to modify the details given by
                                                                 the VA / RI, he has to do so in the computer.
                                                                 The certificate / endorsement is then handed over
                                                                 to the kiosk operator who comes to collect these
                                                                 after verifying the status of the application from his
                                                                 kiosk. The kiosk operator then hands it over to the
                                                                 citizen in the village.
112       National Informatics Centre
                                                                                                        IT for Masses

In the first phase of the project, the services offered   through applications like:
include Birth registration; Death registration Birth
                                                          q   Registration of Births/Deaths
Certificate; Death Certificate; Census Certificate; OBC
Certificate for GOI Jobs; Caste Certificate for           q   Inward and Outward Registers for despatch and
Category-A; Caste Certificate for SC/ST and for               receipt
other categories; Residence certificate; Income           q   Accounts
certificate; Unemployment certificate; No tenancy
certificate; Widow Certificate; Living Certificate etc.   q   House Tax
                                                          q   Licenses
                                                          q   Certificates including Residence Certificate, Income
                                                              Certificate, Character Certificates, Caste
                                                              Certificate, Marital Status Certificates etc.
                                                          q   Panchayat Information

12.16   INFOGRAM
An Integrated IT Solution for Managing Village
Panchayat Activities
InfoGram envisages automation of the functions of
the Village Panchayat and maintains all records on-
line to bring in efficiency, accountability and
transparency in the Panchayat Administration. This        The Software has been designed as web based
will also provide the very vital inputs required for      system. The System can be operated in stand-
decentralizmed planning.                                  alone mode or connected to a central server.
                                                          Infogram was first implemented , in year 2002 at
                                                          Shiroda Village panchayat. Subsequently Infogram
                                                          package was implemented / installed in nearly 20
                                                          Village panchayats and its implementation is in
                                                          progress in another 5 New Village panchayats.
                                                          For further information, please contact :

                                                          12.17     ONE DAY GOVERNANCE
                                                          Nagrik Seva Kendra in Gujarat
                                                          One Day Governance package is a window for the
                                                          citizen to get various certificates like Income
                                                          Certificate, Caste Certificate, OBC Certificate,
                                                          Domicile Certificate (by birth and living in the State
The functions of a Village Panchayat cover Water          for more than three years) and Senior Citizen
Supply; Public Health; Family Welfare; Sanitation;        Certificate. All types of Affidavits, Arms Licenses
Creation and Maintenance of Roads; Implementation         Renewal, Petition Writer Renewal, Hotel License
of various Central and State Government Schemes;          Renewal and Stamp Vendor Renewal are also issued
Organising Gram Sabha; Registration Births/Deaths         through this Package.
and Issue of Certificates; Maintaining Accounts;
Collection of House Tax; Collection of Lease/Rent;        Software developed by NIC automates the
Issue of Licences.                                        procedures at the place where the s/w is running
                                                          right from the receipt of application to approval to
InfoGram handles the functions of the Panchayat           printing of various certificates.
                                                                                         National Informatics Centre   113
Good Governance Through ICT

                                                                 awarded the National Golden Icon Award by
                                                                 Department of Administrative Reforms.
                                                                 For further information,           please     contact     :

                                                                 12.19   eRESULTS
                                                                 NIC has developed a unique solution to conveniently
                                                                 publish and access results of any examination, be it
                                                                 academic, professional, recruitment, over the Internet
                                                                 in a fast and effective manner. The solution offers a
                                                                 complete framework whereby any school board or an
                                                                 institution/agency can publish the results for the students
                                                                 to access instantly from the convenience of their homes.
      The one-day governance package immensely benefits
      the citizen and the response has been tremendous
      since its inception. This package is implemented and
      working at 210+ talukas out of 225 talukas in Gujarat.
      For further information,         please     contact    :

      12.18    e-SAMPARK
      Multi-Service Single Window System
      e-Sampark is multi-services single window project of
      Chandigarh Administration. The service offered from
      the e-Sampark centres are Payment of Electricity Bills;
      Payment of Water Bills; Senior Citizen Cards; Disability   The Web Services Division at NIC Headquarters
      Cards; Disbursement of old-age pensions; Tenants/          has developed a specialised software for publishing
      Servant Registration; Payment of Postal Challans;          exam results which has been made available to all
      Births & Deaths Certificate; Submission of Passport        the NIC centres across India with appropriate
      Application; Open Space/ Community Centre Bookings.        guidelines to use/customise the software as per
      All the centres are connected through Leased Lines         varying requirements of different examination
      to a central server. The number of visitors has            agencies. The complete process of publishing Exam
      reached to 1 lakh per month in existing 7 centres.         Results for various examinations by different Boards
      The back-end application allows all the participating      spread all over India has also been automated.
      departments to know the status of transactions             Authentication and security of the Data and the
      related to the department. The Online Monitoring           Process has been accorded utmost importance. Most
      Software also provide the complete status of               of the procedures and processes involved in the
      transactions, counter operations, etc.                     Project are also standardized.
                                                                 The First Source of Examination Results on the
                                                                 web, the 'eResults' portal has been set up to publish
                                                                 various examination results in India. It acts as a
                                                                 one-stop source to get online results of various
                                                                 academic, entrance and recruitment examinations.
                                                                 Immensely popular with millions of hits every year,
                                                                 the portal is highly acclaimed by all the stakeholders
                                                                 right from Boards, Institutions, Recruiting Agencies,
                                                                 Parents and Students to Job Aspirants.
                                                                 The examination results are announced on this portal
                                                                 at a scheduled time by concerned agencies. Be it
                                                                 day or night, and much before the print copy of the
      The services are also provided through Chandigarh          result reaches the school/centre/candidate, the portal
      Administration website and        releases the result for instant access throughout the
      through mobile as well. Users can SMS SMENU to             country and also from abroad. In effect, it wipes out
      8888 for basic information. eSampark has been              any time lag in getting the result by the candidate.

114     National Informatics Centre
                                                                                                        IT for Masses

Wide Coverage                                              E-mail - through pre-registration facility for the
                                                                    students and through school code facility
The portal publishes results of a large number of
                                                                    for the schools
examinations conducted by various government
agencies. It ranges right from academic to entrance
                                                           Collaborative Exercise
to recruitment examinations. Some of the important
results published on this portal include:                  The success of this entire exercise of announcement,
                                                           publication and dissemination of examination results
q   Academic       CBSE, State Education Boards,
                                                           lies in its collaborative nature. There is a collective
                   Universities, Professional Institutes
                                                           effort from all concerned viz. the Examination Boards/
                   (Engineering, Medical, MBA, CA,
                                                           Organisations, the NIC State/ District Centres and
                                                           the technical experts from the concerned group at
q   Entrance      Central and State level entrance         NIC Headquarters.
                  examinations     for    Medical,
                  Engineering, MBA, etc.                   Value-Added Information
q   Recruitment    Staff Selection Commission (SSC)        Carefully worked-out relevant websites are linked
                   and other recruiting agencies.          from this portal to enhance the scope of educational
                                                           facilities for the student community. Links to
Much More than Results                                     Educational Institutions and Universities, Scientific
The portal offers much more than simple results            and Technical Bodies, Scholarship Information both
such as publishing Examination Schedule for some           within and outside India etc. come handy to a
agencies, allowing the students to download Admit          student aspiring for higher studies and better
Cards for entry into the examination centres, printing     prospects.
Mark Sheets directly from the portal and putting           Encouraged by the success of this initiative, many
Application Forms for various examinations and also        Institutions/Universities/Boards have enhanced the
Re-evaluation Forms for various examinations.              level and type of usage of ICT in the ambit of their
                                                           total operations and at the same time, the familiarity
Latest Infrastructure                                      and trust level of various stakeholders (officials,
                                                           students, teachers, parents etc) in technology has
For carrying out the mammoth exercise smoothly,            significantly gone up. Besides simple results and
NIC has set up a series of state-of-the- art dedicated     marksheets, some of the boards have also provided
servers. These servers are a combination of Web            comparative analysis on various parameters such
servers, Application servers and Database servers.         as the pass percentage in various districts of a
The performance tuned network devices, servers             State; Merit Lists (State level, subject-wise, district
and applications along with the latest load balancing      wise) etc on the website. This analysis can be quite
techniques are being used to effectively manage the        useful for the policy makers to judge the education
peak load on servers, immediately after the                levels & as well as performance of the students in
announcement of any result. In addition, a number          various parts of the state or even the Country as a
of staging servers have also been set up to enable         whole. Some of the Boards are now delivering the
the proper uploading and testing of data before            Admit Cards to the students through the Net.
passing on for final publishing.                           For further information, please contact :
Multiple Delivery Channels
Realising the increased proliferation of Internet in       12.20 AUTOMATION    OF   CENTRALIZED
India and the need to make this information reach          COUNSELLING PROCESSES FOR ADMISSION
even the remotest corners of the Country, the              NIC has successfully executed a multi-centric, multi-
examination results are being disseminated using           transaction, unparalleled online processing of the
multiple channels so that more and more students           counselling processes leading to easier, transparent,
can access them with minimal time and efforts.             quicker, accurate, efficient multi-institutional
Besides the World Wide Web, the results are also           admissions filling thousands of seats in a record
being made available through the following                 time (filling of about 2,000 to 10,000 seats per day
communication media.                                       as scheduled keeping in view of the potential of
IVRS     - Interactive Voice Response System over          automation) otherwise in a normal course of time,
           telephone                                       conducting Counselling simultaneously from 16
                                                           centres at the same time maintaining allocation
SMS      - Short Message Service over cellular             based on merit and various other criteria, is next to
           phone                                           impossible.

                                                                                         National Informatics Centre   115
Good Governance Through ICT

      AIEEE Examination Portal
      A specialized portal for the candidates has been
      created at to enable them to submit
      applications online and also have the details of the
      examination like syllabus, mode of examination,
      examination centres etc. The candidates could also
      download the counselling brochure.

                                                                  seats is displayed. Candidates exercise their choices
                                                                  and give options for future in case of vacancies.
                                                                  On Day Two Batch Processing of allocation of seats
                                                                  from a centralised server based on the online
                                                                  registrations and choices exercised on Day One is
                                                                  carried out. Allotment of seats is communicated to
                                                                  the respective Counselling Centres online and
                                                                  displayed on web.
      Online Counselling                                          Each of the Participating Institutions is provided with
      q    Off-Campus Online Counselling involving online-        a specific login facility. The Institution can access its
           registration by Students through dedicated well        list of offered seats, candidates allotted to an
           defined userids and passwords for individual           institution in its various branches. The institutions
           students. Students are provided with the choices       are required to report online the status of admittance
           of the offered seats to make choices in their          of the students in the institution, i.e. online updating
           order of priority                                      of the student details, who has completed admission
                                                                  process and taken admission.
      q    Students have been indicated through tentative
           seat allocation, as per on their rank, category        Seat Allotment Processes
           and choices exercised, the chances of getting
                                                                  As per the CCB's allotment of seats to the
           the desired specific branch in a selected institute.
                                                                  candidates, it will be carried out in three stages:
      q    The student could refine his choices through a
                                                                  q   1st Stage: Allotment of offered seats through
           number of iterations for firming up the chances
                                                                      Form 1. During this stage, the candidates will be
           of securing a seat
                                                                      offered both Institution and branch. The students
      q    The process of tentative seat allocation could be          are required to report to the allocated institutions
           repeated as many times as possible during the              within the stipulated period and complete the
           off-campus-online counselling                              admission process, failing which these seats are
                                                                      declared as "dropout seats" and are offered
      q    Development of website and
                                                                      against Form 2.
           porting of all relevant counselling related
           information on web to make the counselling very        q   2nd Stage: The seats offered and not claimed by
           user-friendly and to make accessible the nuances           candidates termed as dropout seats are allotted
           of the entire counselling process and also for             against Form 2 for institutions only without branch.
           exercising the choices by candidates for Off-              The candidates, offered seats, which are
           Campus Online Counselling.                                 announced on the official website, are required
      On-Campus Online Counselling is conducted in two                to report to the allocated institutions within the
      phases. On Day One Valid candidate list as per                  stipulated period, failing which these seats are
      the schedule in the order of ranks secured in the               declared as vacant and could be offered against
      competitive examination is prepared. Payment of                 Form 2 second allotment.
      Counselling fees are acceptance after physical              q   3rd Stage: The seats left vacant after From 2
      verification of credentials. Online Registration of             first allotment will be allocated to the remaining
      candidates is carried out and Current list of offered           candidates only (the candidates who have been
116       National Informatics Centre
                                                                                                             IT for Masses

    offered seats against earlier allotments will not             displayed. This list is the basis, using which a
    be considered). The candidates allotted seats                 candidate could exercise his/her choices.
    against Form 2 - 2nd allotment are required to            q   Candidates, after filling of their choices, are
    claim the seat by reporting to the allotted                   required to select the Institute followed by the
    institution before the scheduled period. It is                course of their choice from the list available
    expected that the seats are taken at the end of               through pop-up menu. There is no need to select
    this stage. If any are left out they are required to          State of eligibility as it was already selected
    be filled by the respective institutions by their             during the registration process.
    own process. The Central Counselling Board's
    role has been over by 3rd stage.                          q   Candidates are allowed to change their choices
                                                                  any number of times, during which they could
Salient Features :                                                delete unwanted choices, change the order, add
q   Counselling conducted close to the proximity to               choices
    the location of the candidate                             q   The following logic has been adopted in the seat
q   Seats are allotted as per the choices exercised               allocation paradigm in the initial stages of
    by the student and as per the rank secured in                 generation of tentative seat allocation matrix and
    the examination                                               also during the phase of generation of final seat
q   The entire counselling is more transparent to the
    Candidate as the student is imparted with latest          q   During the initial stages of tentative matrix
    offered seats through web and also display at                 generation,
    Counselling Centres                                       q   Candidates' choices in the order of their
q   The Counselling conducted for three streams,                  preferences are considered
    viz. Architecture, Pharmacy and Engineering and           q   Each of the choices are considered in the order
    Technology separately                                         as given by the candidate along with his/her
                                                                  rank and were matched with the criteria of each
                                                                  of the seat. If the total number of seats of a
                                                                  particular course in an institution is not exhausted,
                                                                  the candidate would be allotted the seat tentatively
                                                                  and the process is stopped.
                                                              q   The candidate is able to print the list of choices
                                                                  available and choices exercised by him.
                                                              The efforts put in by all the teams have resulted, in
                                                              the successful operation of the entire Counselling
                                                              process in smooth, quick and transparent allotment
                                                              of the seats. The candidates are required to reach
                                                              only to the nearest Counselling Centre located
                                                              nearest to their State without much effort. The
                                                              candidates have the final say in all the stages of
                                                              exercising of the choices, to choose their suitable
                                                              seat in a course of their chosen Institution, till the
q   During the initial exercise, the candidates could         stage of exercising their final choices. The entire
    be able to carry out the registration from any of         process has been well tested and executed with
    the internet cafes or even from their residences,         utmost precision resulting in the accurate allotment
    if they have the requisite facilities                     of seats as per the specified criteria The candidates
                                                              have definitely benefited by the entire exercise of
q   Candidates have been provided with remote login           Centralised Counselling. This has been evident from
    facility to be able to access central databases at        the innumerable feedback received from a vast
    New Delhi and could be able to give their                 student and parent communities. The software has
    preferences of seats to a maximum number of               been certified as per IEEE standards.
    more then 250, maximising the chances of
    securing the seats of his/her selected Institution        For further information, please contact :
    and Course of choice.
                                                              12.21 ASHA
q   Depending on the State of Eligibility (State from which
    the Candidate has passed 10+2 Examination), the           Agri-Business Services through CIC
    list of Institutions and Courses eligible could be        NIC Assam in partnership with Assam Agribusiness

                                                                                              National Informatics Centre   117
Good Governance Through ICT

      consortium has developed a model "ASHA- Making              q   Arrangement of awareness camp, workshop,
      Farmers Prosperous through CIC using ICT" for                   training by ASFAC and NIC ASU to the Core
      facilitating agribusiness. The portal used for this is          group i.e. Officials of ASFAC, directorates of CIC operators              various departments, line departments, Govt.,
      update the website regularly and are helping to promote         R and D institutions, NIC, CIC, NGO, scientist
      it. A minimum of two campaign programes are to be               etc.
      conducted by every CIC for Farmers at locations near
                                                                  q   Orientation, awareness camp, training to
      them, in consultation with DAO and other agriculture
                                                                      departmental field workers, NGO, SHG, farmers
      officers. A Registration Process for Farmers is to be
                                                                      at respective   CICs.
      initiated and all CICs are aiming at minimum 200
      Registration in the first month. Unemployed youth will      q   Membership registration of farmers        at CICs
      also be registered. ASHA has received appreciation              and orientation program for members.
      from NRIs in addition to local citizens.                    q   Launching of    services.
                                                                  q   Regular updation of the portal and addition of
                                                                      new services.
                                                                  For further information,           please   contact   :

                                                                  12.22    INNER LINE PERMIT COMPUTERIZATION
                                                                  In order to travel in a majority of the states of the
                                                                  North east a special inner line permit is required for
                                                                  visitors. An application for computerization of this
                                                                  permit system has been developed by NIC for
                                                                  Nagaland. A similar software is operational in majority
                                                                  of the North Eastern States.
      Objectives                                                  Process of issuing ILP and Monitoring.
      q    Building up of resources, information, data useful
           for farmers which are either scattered or yet to
           be build up.
      q    Capacity building, skill upgradation of      farmers
           to maximize their benefit.
      q    Establishing direct link between line departments,
           research institutions, scientist, corporate /private
           sector with farmers.
      q    Establishing direct link between buyers and seller
           eliminating middle men, reducing time and
                                                                  Major Activities at ILP Cell
                                                                  The major activities of ILP Cell in the Deputy
      q    To market demandable services         to farmers.
                                                                  Commissioner's Office are :
      q    To develop agro-business     sector                    q   Issuing Application Form.
      q    Creation of new avenues in farming sector,             q   Verification of Form and support Documents.
      q    Development of entrepreneurship          in farming    q   Registering the new applicant.
                                                                  q   Registering renewal.
      q    Improvement of rural economy
                                                                  q   Collecting registration fee.
      Strategy                                                    q   Depositing fee to treasury on daily basis.
      q    Development of a need based a comprehensive            q   Issuing Inner Line Permit.
           portal    of     ASFAC           viz.   http://        q   Prepare various reports for submission to higher
  with support from             authority.
           various stakeholders with resources useful for
           small farmers with technical support from NIC          For further information,           please   contact   :
           Assam State Unit.                            
118       National Informatics Centre
                                                                                                         IT for Masses

12.23 U-PROBE                                             Features
Real-time Observation to Benefit Education in             q   A unique project blending computer education
Uttaranchal.                                                  and meteorology with school education, pilot state
                                                              being Uttaranchal.
Department of Science and Technology (DST) under
its Inter-Sectoral Science and Technology Advisory        q   Three-tier software, running individually at Schools,
Committee has launched a program on Participation             Technical Resource Centre and Department of
of youngsters in Real time/field Observation to Benefit       Science and Technology has been developed for
the Education (PROBE). The aim is to encourage                weather data collection, transmission and analysis.
participation of the students in acquiring, generating    q   Software generates interesting information about
and using data as well as learning to make scientific         the daily weather in chart format at all levels.
observations. The program aims at making science
education interesting and useful. It is envisaged to      q   A programmes website has also been designed
be a countrywide programmes to be implemented in              where students can post their observations about
about 10,000 schools.                                         the program etc.
                                                          q   Uttaranchal State unit has provided dial-up Internet
                                                              facility to every school covered under the project.
                                                          q   School Software installed at Government Inter
                                                              College, Nainital and Almora.
                                                          q   Technical Resource Centre Software has been
                                                              installed at GB Pant Institute of Himalayan
                                                              Environment and Development, Almora and
                                                              Kumayon University, Nainital.

                                                          Impact and Beneficiaries
                                                          q   Students learning to record real-time data of
                                                              their surroundings, increasing their interest in
                                                              meteorological science
                                                          q   Database would fulfill the gap in scientific
                                                              knowledge about mountain meteorology
                                                          q   IMD and NCMRWF to use the data in weather
                                                              forecasting studies
A Pilot Experiment U-PROBE has been started in            q   Participating agencies to use data in research
Uttaranchal. The pilot programmes aims at the                 programmes like mountain meteorology, hydrology,
participation of school children in collection of data        crop water management, climate variability to
in the mountain region with special reference to              suit local needs
climate and weather related information. It is a
model project and will be implemented in 100 schools      q   Students, Decision making Officials, Scientific
in the first phase.                                           Communities, Researchers, NGOs, General Public
The initiative aims at linking students, teachers,
scientific community and the development workers          For     further  information,        please        visit      :
at the grassroots level. It will initiate a process of
participative data collection and observation by school
children as a means of scientific learning. The data      12.24    RURAL BAZAR
thus collected will be studied and analyzed by            A Web Store for Rural Products
scientists and will help the development planners to
                                                          Endowed with amazing skills, the rural people
make strategies for sustainable mountain
                                                          produce an impressive variety of valuable goods
development. NGOs will also facilitate the programme
                                                          and items. However, rural creativity does not get
and help disseminate the result to the community.
                                                          adequate presence and monetary returns owing to
One of the important components of U-PROBE                a near nonexistent marketing infrastructure and
being done by IIT Delhi, is the development of            absence of publicity campaigns. Rural Bazar is a
study material and training school teachers               web store that envisages bringing the fine creations
participating in weather observations. NIC scientists     of the rural genius to the e-world, thereby providing
have also been associated with this task.                 strength to the rural poor.

                                                                                          National Informatics Centre       119
Good Governance Through ICT

      Rural Bazar - A Unique e-Shop                             q   Launch Discount Campaigns - (optional)
      Rural Bazar is an e-shop that showcases rural
                                                                Payment and Shipping
      creations for experienceing the magic of the finest
      products in cloth, jute, fibre, silk wood, clay, stone,   q   Payment and Shipping logistics arrangement
      metal and a variety of other materials. A very
      rugged on-line Help is available to guide the user        Post order Activities
      while shopping online.                                    q   Product shipping
                                                                q   Product Profiles' updating
                                                                q   Management activities
                                                                q   Market analysis and feedback to the producers

                                                                q   A unique web store committed to serve the
                                                                    marketing needs of the rural poor
                                                                q   Easily configurable as a simple advertising
                                                                    medium or as a fully functional e-commerce site
                                                                q   Support for multiple payment options
                                                                q   Support for hosting products by multiple producers
                                                                    in different districts/states
      Three Flavours                                            q   A built-in, easily customizable and extendable
      Rural Bazar offers three flexible installation options        product catalogue to accommodate most of the
      to address different requirements.                            rural products

      q    It can be installed to act as a product showcase     q   Automatic generation of e-mails for personalized
           site                                                     services to customers

      q    Its functionality can be extended beyond             q   User-friendly client software to capture product
           showcasing to allow shopping with off-line/              and producer profiles which can be automatically
           traditional mode of payments (bank draft or postal       uploaded to the database through e-mail
           order).                                              q   And many other features common to e-commerce
      q    It can be further scaled to become a complete            sites such as personalized service to the
           e-commerce site allowing on-line payments along          customer, discount offerings etc.
           with off-line payment and product showcasing.        q   Rural Bazar application software product is
                                                                    marketed by National Informatics Centre Services
      Products on-line                                              Incorporated (NICSI) at a nominal price.
      q    Products' and Producers' Profile Data Entry using    For     further   information,    please     visit   :
           Rural Bazar client software                   ❖

120       National Informatics Centre

13.1 NICNET                                              providing centralized Antivirus Virus solution and
                                                         windows patch solutions to update the clients like
NIC has established a nationwide ICT Network,
                                                         XP, win2k, win2k3 etc. Within each state NICNET
NICNET - with gateway nodes at about 53 Central
                                                         extends the network, through either leased circuits,
Government Departments, 35 State/UT Secretariats
                                                         ISDN or RF network. The VPN service allows the
and 602 District Centres, 1000 Blocks for various
                                                         customers to connect to the VPN servers and create
ICT services.
                                                         a secure tunnel to access the Intranet services.
NICNET has been offering network services over           This provides a secure mechanism to a user to
Ku-band VSATs (SCPC DAMA, FTDMA, Satellite               update the resources that he has in NICNET or to
broadband DVB), Wireless Metropolitan Area               access some of the Intranet resources from any
Networks (MANs) and Local Area Networks (LANs)           part of the globe. A new service has also been
with gateway for Internet resources.        This has     added to provide a clientless VPN service through
promoted economic, social, scientific and                the browser. This is also known as web VPN, in
technological activities, and also assisted in macro-    which a user creates a secure socket layer
economic adjustment programmes for the                   connection to the SSL concentrator and accesses
Government. NIC has been playing an important            all eligible applications/databases.
role in informatics development programme for the
                                                         Disaster Recovery centre has been created in
Government during the last 25 years, enabling the
                                                         Hyderabad for all critical e-governance applications.
departments to take policy decisions and use the
                                                         A dedicated pipe of 34 mbps link has been provided
opportunities provided by NIC's digital technology.
                                                         for that purpose. This centre will also act as a
NICNET now comprises of the following types of           Disaster Recovery centre for the applications that
connectivity for providing a variety of services :       may run on any of the other data centers in the
q   VSAT bases network (SCPC/DAMA)                       states.

q   VSAT based Broadband networks                        NICNET VSAT Network

q   VSAT based video Conferencing                        NICNET VSAT Network is a satellite based network
                                                         covering more than 2500 nodes across the country.
q   Terrestrial Leased line circuits (2mbps/4mbps/8      NIC is also providing Data & Video Conferencing
    mbps/34mbps)                                         service on this network. NICNET VSAT Network is
q   Terrestrial RF network at 2.4 Gig Band and 5.8       used widely for various G2G application delivery
    Gig band                                             across the country.

q   LAN services                                         Many nation wide projects are currently using
                                                         NICNET. Around 400 Cities across INDIA are having
q   Dial Up services / ISDN services                     Video Conferencing setup over NICNET.
q   SSL VPN services and IPSEC services                  This the largest Video Conferencing in INDIA spread
q   Disaster Recovery Centre                             across the length and width of the country. NICNET
                                                         VSATs deployed widely in all the districts on India,
Today the state units of NIC are connected by            These district centres have been provided with DVB
leased line of various speeds. The core network          Broadband VSATs.
consists of state units like Hyderabad, Mumbai,
Guwahati, Chandigarh and the headquarters in New
Delhi. These states are further connected to other
states in that zone.
With the increase in the demand for a reliable
network, NIC has built an alternative connectivity to
these core units through optical links using an
alternate national long distance provider. These links
are of the 34 mbps (E3) capacity. It is planned to
extend the same type of redundancy to all the
states from the respective core unit. Also it is
planned to build MPLS capability, both layer3 and
layer2, across NICNET. The LAN within the
Government building has been established to provide
connectivity to each node. This also takes care of
                                                                                      National Informatics Centre   123
Good Governance Through ICT

                                        SCPC DAMA and            remote VSAT only when it is required. This helps in
                                        PAMA Network             better utilization of satellite bandwidth among various
                                                                 VSATs in a closed user network.
                                     NICNET         Info
                                     Highway supports
                                     h i g h - s p e e d
                                     @64Kbps          to
                                     384Kbps through
                                     SCPC data pipes, at
      various remote sites. Each remote station uses a
      1.8/2.4 meter antenna. In addition, the remote
      stations have the necessary interfaces to support
      both synchronous and asynchronous circuits.
      Customers are able to directly connect into the
      system to access the services available on the
      network. The remote stations could be configured
      locally or from the Master Earth Station.

                                                                 The Video conferencing facilities are covered in all
                                                                 the Districts of 18 States and are being widely used
                                                                 by State Government.

      These remote stations provide both operational and         NICNET Broadband VSATs
      monitoring information to the network control centre.
      The Network Control Centre at Delhi has a 7.0-
      meter antenna. This antenna has automatic tracking
      facility and has all its major modules duplicated to
      provide high reliability and availability of the system.
      NIC has established SCPC DAMA Network
      Management System at New Delhi and has started
      voice, videoconferencing and high-speed Internet
      access services in an integrated manner using a
      single VSAT. Using this technology, any DAMA
      location can initiate a voice, video or data call by
      simply using a handset, without the manual
      intervention of Hub operator.
      Connections are made in a mesh topology on a
      point-to-point basis between any nodes in the
      network using On Demand SCPC carriers.
      SCPC DAMA NMS is like a telephone exchange in
      the sky, which works on circuit-switching concept. It
      sets up Videoconferencing circuits upto 384 Kbps,          NICNET has introduced a DVB Broadband VSATs
      Voice circuits at 8 Kbps, and asymmetric data circuits     into its family of VSATs. Digital Video Broadcast is
      upto 2 Mbps within 5 seconds of demand by                  a set of standards that define digital communication
      application in an automatic manner. The key feature        using existing satellite, cable and terrestrial
      of DAMA is that bandwidth is provided to the               infrastructures. Upstream communications utilize a
124     National Informatics Centre

patented, proprietary technology - Frequency/Time
Division Multiple Access (FTDMA). Downstream
transmissions, however, use the industry standard
Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) carrier, which offers
advantages such as the use of standardized
equipment that result in low cost solutions for users.
Some important features of DVB VSATs are that the
Outbound is scalable to 45Mbps, Inbounds maybe
added based on requirement, Quality of Service (QoS)
can be defined, TCP Spoofing and private IP address.

                                                         time as well as graphically view the details of the
                                                         throughput of a VSAT. A number of diagrams and
                                                         graphs of the overview of the entire network as well
                                                         as summaries for important projects have been
                                                         provided. The representations are constantly evolving
                                                         based on feedback from users and to meet new
                                                         requirements. All these tools have been provided on
                                                         the NIC SATCOM website. The main objective of
                                                         providing theses tools is to improve efficiency and
                                                         increase utilization of the network.
                                                         For further information, please             contact         :
                                               ,            or visit        :
DVB VSATs can provide a Quality of Service (QoS)
of 8 Kbps in the Inbound and 32Kbps in the
outbound i.e. from a given site data can be uploaded     13.2 INTERNET DATA CENTRE
at a data rate of 8kbps and data can be downloaded
                                                         24x7 Services
32kbps minimum guaranteed (8/32kbps). The DVB
VSATs technology operates in shared mode i.e. at         Anywhere, Anytime availability of government services
any given time each remote VSAT is guaranteed a          is an essential requirement for implementation of
QoS of 8/32kbps(Committed Information Rater), if         Electronic governance. Internet Data Centre is a
there is free bandwidth available at any given point     facility that provides extremely reliable and secure
of time the remote can get speeds beyond 8/              infrastructure for running Internet operations round
32kbps(Extended Information Rate of 32/128kbps).         the clock. An Internet Data Centre should essentially
                                                         have the following features:
Monitoring Tools
                                                         q   High End Computing Infrastructure
                                                         q   Storage Networks (SAN/NAS)
                                                         q   High Speed Local Area
                                                         q   Multi-Tier Security
                                                         q   High Speed Internet Connectivity
                                                         q   24 X 7 X 365 Help Desk
The rapid growth and vast expansion of the Satellite
                                                         q   Multi level Redundant power back-up
network led to a need to put in place tools to
monitor and evaluate network performance. In order       q   Air conditioning Management
to provide a methodology to every user to view the
                                                         q   Fire Detection & Control System
performance of their VSAT and to enable better
management of large network projects, a set of           It will be an expensive proposition if each department
tools have been provided by the SATCOM Division.         starts setting up its own data center as running a
These tools allow users to check availability and        high class Internet Data Centre needs a lot of
data usage of each VSAT on a daily basis, view the       capital and recurring investment. Availability and
current online status of the VSAT at any moment in       affordability of skilled manpower for above operations

                                                                                       National Informatics Centre       125
Good Governance Through ICT

      is another important consideration. For this purpose      ID, Nationwide Police Network, Utility Mapping,
      a Data Centre at a National level to be used by all       Variety of GIS applications are planned to be
      entities of the government is necessary to which all      delivered from this data centre in near future.
      departments can establish high speed connectivity
                                                                The Data centre is also protected by Multi-Tier
      to manage their applications from their own premises
                                                                Security Infrastructure to extend optimum level of
      in a secured manner.
                                                                security to the government information and services.
                                                                Data center infrastructure and services are constantly
                                                                monitored from various aspects of Performance,
                                                                Security & Availability.     In addition, a Disaster
                                                                Recovery (DR) Centre for above Data Centre is set
                                                                up at Hyderabad.
                                                                With the increased proliferation of Internet, demands
                                                                from citizens as well as increasing competition, state
                                                                governments in India have initiated a lot of e-
                                                                governance projects over the last few years such as
                                                                land records, property registration, treasury, integrated
                                                                delivery of services, etc. These applications/ services
                                                                are generating a vast amount of data, most of which
                                                                is native to the particular state. For efficient and
                                                                effective storage, transmission as well as maintenance
      With this objective, NIC has set up a world class
                                                                of this data, it was felt more appropriate to store the
      Data Centre with state of art infrastructure having a
                                                                operational & transactional data in the state itself. But
      capacity to house more than 1000 high end servers,
                                                                only the part of the data can be replicated in the
      supporting a wide range of technologies at its
                                                                national data center for smooth delivery of citizen
      headquarters in New Delhi.
                                                                services. Following that concept, NIC has also set
      A wide variety of servers right from Mail, DNS,           up State Level Data Centres.
      Authentication, WWW, Database and Application
      Servers to Index and Search Server, Media Servers         13.3 MESSAGING SERVICES
      and Traffic Analysis Servers are housed in the Data
                                                                Messaging services constitute one of the primary
      Centre to provide wide range of Basic and Value
                                                                applications deployed across the network. They
      added Internet Services to Government departments
                                                                represent the front end of the Network. Hence,
      and organizations at various levels right from Central
                                                                Messaging services in NICNET need to integrate
      government to State to district administrations. Number
                                                                the application solution, the underlying network,
      of collocated servers is also housed in the data centre
                                                                proactive management and maintenance in a single
      for various nation wide e-governance applications.
                                                                source solution. The Messaging solution of NICNET
                                                                is scalable, easily customizable, provisioned for
                                                                increasing needs while assuring optimum
                                                                performance, security and reliability.
                                                                Recently, NIC has rationalized the myriad of e-mail
                                                                addresses offered by NICNET. The growth of the
                                                                network services had been going on at an explosive
                                                                rate and a time had come for streamlining of the e-
                                                                mail services by adopting a single virtual e-mail
                                                                server for the whole nation and achieving address
                                                                resolution in such an environment. Hence, it was
                                                                decided to give the entire email addressing space in
                                                                NICNET as ""
                                                                Each network connected to the Internet has a
                                                                Domain name associated with it, to ensure email
                                                                and other traffic getting directed to the right recipient.
      Some of the important e-government applications /         In the case of NICNET, this domain is called "".
      services being delivered from this data centre are        All email to the home user is directed to
      Passport Information System, e-Post, Speed Post,          "" which will result in the mail
      E-bill Post, Transport, Excise, Pensions, Land            being stored on the NIC mail server, ready to be
      Records, Electoral Rolls, Agmarknet etc. National         collected by the home user email client.

126     National Informatics Centre

Mail flow in NICNET                                     information, like user id and password is completely
                                                        secure, even if somebody is eavesdropping the
Mails are accepted and sent in NICNET from a
                                                        session in the internet.
single entry point i.e. via the SMTP gateways. Over
8 lakh mails are transacted in a day. Once a mail       Retrieval of mail has also been enabled over SSL.
is accepted in the network, based on its address, it    For smooth operation, round the clock support cell
is routed to the recipient server.                      manned by trained staff are available to help solve
                                                        problems of all NICNET users.

                                                        13.4 VIRUS & SPAM NICNET POLICY
                                                        Anti-virus software in NICNET
                                                        NICNET has deployed one of the best Anti-Virus
                                                        solutions available internationally. However,
                                                        effectiveness of any solution is a joint effort between
                                                        the users and service provider. Anti-virus software can
                                                        detect viruses and prevent access to infected files and
                                                        often eliminate the infection, but there is nothing better
                                                        than having no infection in the first place.

                                                        Antivirus Deployment Architecture
                                                        Anti-virus servers have been deployed across
                                                        NICNET in every state and Ministry called the Child
                                                        servers. They are all bound to a central console
                                                        configured in NICNET HQ called the parent server.
                                                        Each child server is monitored. The deployment
                                                        diagram is shown below:

Services Offered to Messaging Users in NICNET
NIC offers mail services over http, https, pop and
pops. In addition to the routine features of mail
receiving, sending, address book, calender, blocking
unwanted domain, autoreply, etc. a secure channel
for mail transaction is also provided to the users by
implementing SMTP-AUTH. SMTP AUTH stands for
Simple Mail Transport Protocol AUTHorization.
Thereby, users are required to give userid and
password for sending the mail as well. This means
that only valid users will be able to use the server    Virus can attack a system by opening infected e-
from anywhere, regardless of whether or not their       mail attachments or downloading infected files.
IPs are in the access list, as long as their mail       However, this can be prevented by following certain
clients support SMTP-AUTH (which most now do).          guidelines like installing antivirus software and
For added security, SSL has also been enabled, so       ensuring regular updates, using software patches to
the login/password and the session will take place      close security loopholes and installing a firewall to
over an encrypted layer.                                prevent unauthorized access to the network.
Using SMTP AUTH, it is now possible for clients
and colleagues to relay messages from everywhere        Countering Spam
in the internet using only one (our) SMTP server.       Everybody has the experience of getting emails
Being mobile, it is not necessary to deal with the      offering drugs without a prescription, or loans, or
hassle to find an SMTP server that permits relay.       get-rich-quick schemes; sometimes cleverly disguised
No matter which ISP a user is using, she/he can         to look like personal email. This "spam" mail
now use the NICNET server to send and receive           accounts for more than half of all the email sent
mails, provided she/he is a valid NICNET user. The      worldwide, cluttering up inboxes and distracting users
earlier limitation wherein user had to travel over a    from more important messages. Spam is unsolicited
NICNET IP address, no longer holds. As we are           commercial email, the electronic equivalent of the
moving over secured tunnel (SSL), authentication        junk mail that comes through the letter box.

                                                                                        National Informatics Centre   127
Good Governance Through ICT

      Anti-spam Software in NICNET                              creative fields ranging from ICTs, web technologies,
      NICNET has deployed an Anti-Spam solution at all          visual communication, interface design and content
      the gateways .However, the point to be remembered         development who use their expertise and creative
      is that while one can try for a zero spam network,        abilities to ensure high-quality web solutions.
      it is not possible as Spam is very dynamic. Anti-
      spam programs can detect unwanted email and               Services
      prevent it from reaching users' inboxes, but.100%         WWW is a dynamic arena where technologies are
      Protection can not be assured.                            constantly evolving. NIC's efforts are always in the
      The NIC Anti-Spam software has the following              direction of providing services that are based on
      features:                                                 robust and maturing technologies, be it design /
                                                                development or hosting, so that stability and success
      q    Block email that comes from addresses on a           is ensured. Web Services offered by NIC include
           blacklist. This can be a commercially available      Consultancy, Web Design and Development, Web
           list or a "local" list of addresses that have sent   Hosting, Value Added Web Services, Promotion of
           spam to your company before.                         Web sites, Redesign/Enhancement of Web sites,
      q    Check whether email comes from a genuine             Training in Web Development.
           domain name or web address. Spammers often
           use fake addresses to try to avoid anti-spam         Consultancy
                                                                NIC experts conduct detailed feasibility studies to
      q    Look for keywords or phrases that occur in spam      find out the kind of web solution best suited to and
           (e.g. "credit card", "lose weight").                 provide guidance at every step of conceptualization
      q    Look for patterns that suggest the email's sender    and development of optimum web architecture. When
           is trying to disguise their words (e.g. putting      it comes to content, research, it is ensured that the
           "hardc*re p0rn").                                    content is properly structured as the right content
                                                                structure will form the true foundation of a successful
      q    Look for unnecessary HTML code (the code             site. Consultancy is also provided in deciding factors
           used for writing web pages) used in email, as        like which web technologies shall be optimum for
           spammers often use this to try to conceal their      the site and how the visibility of the site can be
           messages and confuse anti-spam programs.             enhanced to make it more popular.
      The programme combines all the information it finds
      to decide the probability of an email being spam. If      Design & Development
      the probability is high enough, it can block the
                                                                A successful web presence not only brands an
      email or delete it, depending on the settings.
                                                                organization as one 'keeping pace with the changing
      For     further   information,     please     visit   :   times' but also acts as its reflection before the                                     entire world. NIC helps build a positive net-image
                                                                by doing customized design and development of the
      13.5 WEB SERVICES                                         users site to suit their needs. The arena of design
      The Web Services and Multimedia Applications              and development services include:
      Division (WSMAD) of NIC prides itself on providing
      a complete and comprehensive range of WWW
      services, be it analyzing the very feasibility of a
      website to conceptualising its architecture, providing
      expert consultancy on its various facets to even a
      complete design, development and hosting.
      NIC provides web services to a wide range of clients
      including the Central Government Ministries,
      Departments, State/UT Governments, Corporations/
      Boards, Government run Institutions/Organizations etc.
      It has also catered to International Organizations such
      as UNESCO, World Bank , UNAIDS, FARM and The
      British Council, to name a few.
      The Web Services Division is well equipped with
      the best in terms of both man-power and machine-
      power. It has experts, well endowed with qualification
      and experience, from the varied technical and
128       National Informatics Centre

q   Interface design & Navigation strategy               Value-added Web Services
q   Innovative & Professional Web graphics
q   Web authoring with latest tools and techniques
q   Inclusion of Interactive and Dynamic components
q   Development of web enabled databases
q   Web enabling of Legacy Applications
When NIC's hosting services are chosen, one gets
more than just raw space and an address on the
Internet. NIC's wide range of hosting services start
right from Shared Hosting and Dedicated Servers to
Co-located Servers and Managed Hosting provide           q   Domain Name Registration: Any available domain
user with everything the web site needs to survive           name for the website can be chosen by the user
and flourish online. Hosting solutions are available         and it will be hosted.
on a variety of platforms such as Linux, Windows,
                                                         q   Staging Server: A staging server is provided to
Solaris etc. NIC also support state-of-the-art web
                                                             test its complete functionality before the actual
technologies on the servers' right from CGI, Perl,
ASP, PHP, Front Page Extensions, JSP, JAVA etc. It
has capabilities to support a variety of databases       q   Remote Updation: User can update their site at
including MS SQL, MS Access, MySQL etc.                      their own will, sitting at a remote location through
                                                             a highly secure remote updation facility.
                                                         q   Media Streaming: Media streaming features are
                                                             provided to enrich the site  with high-quality
                                                             audio/ video .
                                                         q   LiveWebcast: Important events could be webcast
                                                             live for the whole world to see, using hi-tech
                                                             webcast facility....
                                                         q   Chat/Bulletin Board: facilities include talking to
                                                             visitors/patrons real time    or posting messages
                                                             using interactive and customized Chat/Bulletin
                                                             Board facilities.
                                                         q   Hit Analysis: It important to know how many
NIC's hosting infrastructure includes a large number         visitors a site attracts and from which parts of
of powerful performance tuned and secure servers             the world. A detailed hit-analysis of each site is
which are well connected with Internet.. Load                provided which helps the user in developing
balancing and clustering solutions are used to               effective strategies for future.
effectively manage the heavy traffic on the websites     q   Search: A comprehensive and powerful search
during peak-hours and to ensure a high degree of             facility is provided on the website to help the
availability. The hosting solutions offered to NIC's         visitors locate the desired information quickly.
patrons are comprehensive, latest and ready-to-
                                                         q   Design/Enhancement of web sites: Many a times,
implement. A site brought to NIC for hosting can be
                                                             even elaborately developed websites/ portals fail
up on the server in less than an hour's time.
                                                             to attract due attention from the prospective
                                                             visitors due to a lack of strategic planning or
Promotion of Web Sites
                                                             inherent shortcomings in content architecture,
Developing a successful presence on the web takes            design or the kind of technologies used. NIC
a combination of quality content, dynamic                    helps the user to overcome this menace and
programming, powerful graphics and very importantly,         through a careful review of the website, suggest
a carefully planned promotion strategy. NIC helps in         and carry out enhancement/redesign so that the
fine-tuning the site in such a way that it gets a high       site attains good traffic and the mileage it
ranking in various search engines. Sites are also            deserves to get. Also, to believe that any web
promoted through NIC's own portals such as 'India            presence does not need to change or evolve
Image' and "GOI- Directory1 which attract a large            with time is naive. Regular revision of the site is
number of visitors everyday from all across the globe.       important to break the monotony and to keep the

                                                                                        National Informatics Centre   129
Good Governance Through ICT

         interest of the visitors alive. NIC's enhancement/     GOV.IN Domain Registration Process
         redesign service does exactly that.
                                                                The tep-by-step procedure, required to be followed
      Training in Web Development                               in order to register a 'GOV.IN' Domain for the
                                                                websites is enumerated below:
      In a sea of shifting trends and new technologies,
      the website development process is a constant             q   Visit the website and carefully
      learning experience. The aim is also to pass on the            read the documents/guidelines pertaining to '.IN
      benefits of NIC's knowledge base and expertise to              Domain Policy', 'Domain Naming Conventions'
      the clients so that they are able to update and                and 'GOV.IN Domain Name: Eligibility
      maintain their websites more effectively and                   Requirements'.
      conveniently. NIC conducts regular training
                                                                q   Check the Availability of the desired domain
      programmes (on both basic and advanced levels)
                                                                    name using the online service provided on the
      on the various facets of website design, development
      and maintenance including dynamic database
      development, latest web programming tools, content        q   On confirming that the availability of the desired
      development, design and promotional strategies and            domain name, proceed to the Online Registration
      usage of latest web technologies.                             Process. However, before using the Online
                                                                    registration process for the first time, you have
      For     further  information,      please     visit   :
                                                                    to register with the website using the 'Sign Up'
                                                                    form available on the Home Page of the website.
                                                                    While filling up the form, the concerned officer
                                                                    shall also have to choose a password which
      As per the new Internet Domain Name Policy                    shall be further used during Login/ Sign In on
      released by the Department of Information                     the above website.
      Technology, NIC is the exclusive registrar for GOV.IN
                                                                q   On receiving the 'Sign Up' details, the system
      country level Domain Registration. GOV.IN has been
                                                                    shall send your Registration ID/Login ID to the
      reserved for registering domain names for all the
                                                                    same email account as specified in the 'Sign Up'
      Government Departments/ Institutions/ Organisations
      at various levels right from Central Govt, States &
      UTs, Districts, Blocks and Panchayats. NIC has also       q   Once you have received the Registration ID/
      been providing Domain Name Registration under                 Login ID, login at Register
      NIC.IN as part of their Internet services since 1995          the Domain Name request using Online
      and has around 8000 domain names already                      Registration Service.
      registered. A majority of government ministries and       q   After filling the requisite contact details, fill up
      departments including State Governments and District          the Name server details and submit the online
      Administrations have registered their domains under           registration form.
      NIC.IN domain name. Now, these websites have to
      be hosted under the 'GOV.IN' domain and NIC is            q   Following the online submission of the Registration
      providing this service free of Cost to its users. To          Form, an Authorization Letter in a standard format,
      facilitate the GOV.IN Domain Registration, NIC has            signed by the Head of the Organization/
      set up an exclusive web site          Department has to be immediately sent to the
      The domain name registration polices, process and             address specified on the website.
      eligibility requirements have also been published on      For     further   information,       please      visit   :
      the site. The site also facilitates online registration
      of 'GOV.IN' Domain Names.
                                                                13.7 VIDEO CONFERENCING SERVICES
                                                                NIC is providing videoconferencing services from
                                                                more than 380 cities in India over its high-speed
                                                                satellite based network "NICNET". This is the largest
                                                                videoconferencing network in India, spread across
                                                                the length and breath of the country. The
                                                                Videoconferencing services of NIC are availed by
                                                                central as well State Government ministries and
                                                                Salient Features
                                                                q   Largest video conferencing network consisting of
130     National Informatics Centre

    more than 380 VC Studios in covering all State          nature of card, which is basically a digital media
    Capitals and Union Territories over NICNET using        containing data in encrypted form. Smart cards
    high speed SCPC - DAMA VSATs.                           represent a new technology that has tremendous
                                                            potential for enhancing the security of distributed
                                                            systems, for personal identification and payment
                                                            A smart card is a credit card-sized, tamper-resistant
                                                            security device that offers functions for secure
                                                            information storage and information processing that
                                                            rely on VLSI chip technology. A smart card contains
                                                            a secure microprocessor chip embedded in the
                                                            plastic card. The chip can implement an Operating
                                                            System (OS) with secure file-system, and OS has
                                                            the capability to compute cryptographic functions,
                                                            and actively detect invalid access attempts onto the
                                                            card file system. With proper application of file
q   Video Conferencing facility in all districts of Uttar   system access rights, a smart card can be safely
    Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Madhya Pradesh,                   used by multiple, independent applications.
    Chattisgarh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Jharkhand,
    Punjab, Nagaland, Tripura and Himachal Pradesh.         Smart Card for delivery of Citizen Services
                                                            Smart Card technology can enhance the speed and
q   Videoconferencing facility in all districts of Assam,
                                                            authenticity of the process of efficient delivery of e-
    Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Mizoram, Meghalaya,
                                                            Governance (G2C) services to citizen. Efficient
    Manipur and Orissa is under installation.
                                                            delivery of services requires readily available proof-
q   Video Conferencing facility in available in some        of-identity, authentic transaction history and
    districts of Bihar, Orissa, J&K, Lakshadweep and        entitlement details. In the Indian context they may
    Andaman & Nicobar.                                      be services like ration card, passport, Land Records,
q   Remaining State and UT capitals are having one          Old age pension, different kind of subsidies and
    VC studio.                                              support in rural sector including health and education
                                                            etc. One of the biggest benefit of usage of smart
q   Offering videoconferencing services for last 10         card for this kind of services is that, it is possible
    years.                                                  to provide authentic application specific data from
q   Seamless Integration of ISDN, VSAT and LAN              the individual's card at the place of business
    based Videoconferencing sites.                          transaction, which otherwise would have been
                                                            achieved only through creating an efficient data
q   International Videoconferencing facility using ISDN     communication link and connecting to the central
    lines.                                                  Service Database at some remote location.
q   Multipoint Videoconferencing capabilities up to 16
    sites with continuous presence and voice activated      Delivery of Services through Web
    capabilities                                            With the advent of Internet and World Wide Web,
q   Anywhere to Anywhere…Mobile videoconferencing           delivery of information/data to masses has become
    using Quick Deployable 1.2mtr. VSAT at Higher           extremely easy just by publishing it over the web..
    Speeds.                                                 Smart Card technology provides a foolproof mechanism
                                                            of remote authentication/verification of the person
q   Videoconferencing Services integrated with              through internet, in conjunction with PKI and biometrics
    NICNET Video broadcasting Services for Distance         technologies. A few examples of this kind of services
    Education, Telemedicine & other such applications.      are remote updating/modification of personal data on
q   Low cost Videoconferencing services in India.           card, e-Vote casting over web, Web submission of
                                                            Income Tax returns, Delivery of Railway/Airlines Ticket,
For further information, please contact                 :   Road tax payment and delivery of receipt, downloading or visit               loan clearances on the card to get re-imbursement
                                                            from banks/financial institutions etc.
Plastic cards are a part of the way of life in most         Smart Card and Access Control
developed countries. However, these cards have              Smart Card technology provides very safe and
inherent security problems, due to non-intelligent          convenient way of controlling and restricting the
                                                                                           National Informatics Centre   131
Good Governance Through ICT

      access of individuals to the critical infrastructure of   that has been granted license by the Controller of
      Government or any other organization. Based on            Certifying Authorities (CCA), the apex regulatory
      the sensitivity, a building or infrastructure can be      body for Certifying Authorities in the country, to
      categorized into multi tier levels of desired security,   validate identities and issue Digital Signature
      and divided into security zones. Access to these          Certificates. The method of validating identities,
      zones is regulated through Smart Card Reader              issuing of certificates, certificate management etc
      controlled electronic/electromagnetic door locks. Smart   depends on the policies of CA as defined and
      Card and the Card holder is authenticated by these        published in their Certificate Practice Statement
      readers and the access privileges written on the          (CPS). NIC CA will cater to the following functions:
      card are read by the readers to control the release
                                                                q   Identification of persons applying for Digital
      of lock. Security mechanism can be enhanced by
                                                                    Signature Certificate (DSC) through Registration
      including smart card assisted biometrics verification.
                                                                    Authority (RA).
      Smart Card based Network Access Control and               q   Issuance of DSC.
      in-transit Data Security                                  q   Publication of DSCs and Certificate Revocation
      The current password based security for network               Lists (CRL).
      log-on has weakness due to the vulnerability of           q   Maintenance of online Directory Services for DSCs
      password being stolen. Smart Card based remote                and CRLs.
      authentication comes handy to effectively eliminate
      this problem of network security which can be
      implemented for Secure Intranet or Virtual Private
      Networks (VPN). Smart Card technology can also
      be effectively used for network data confidentiality
      by on-card encryption and decryption of in-transit
      data between sender and receiver, through robust
      encryption algorithms implemented on the Card chip.
      Data authenticity can be implemented by digitally
      signing the data with sender's smart card and
      transmitting data along with digital signatures.

      Smart Card based Access Control System at
      NIC Headquarters
      After establishing sophisticated infrastructure for
      Communication and Cyber security monitoring and
      Control at NIC Headquarter, and also after                NIC-CA functions as a trusted authority in the G2G
      establishing Digital Signature Certification Authority,   domain for issuance of Digital Signature
      NIC HQ has become a critical infrastructure for           Certificates(DSC).The Information Technology Act,
      Government. Due to this sensitivity, NIC has              2000 provides the required legal sanctity to the Digital
      established Smart Card based access control system        Signatures based on asymmetric crypto systems.
      at its headquarters. Smart Cards are issued to all
      employees, regular and occasional visitors for entry      Digital Signature
      into the building. Access privileges have been defined
      in each card for visiting various bays. For more          A Digital Signature is analogous to the handwritten
      secure zones, biometric verification has been made        signatures and provides the same level of Authenticity,
      a precondition for access. All entry and exits are        Integrity and Non-repudiation. Digital Signatures are
      recorded to trace the past movement.                      created and verified using Public Key Cryptography,
                                                                which is based on the concept of an unique key pair
      13.9     NIC CERTIFYING AUTHORITY                         - Private key and Public Key, generated by a robust
                                                                mathematical algorithm. The private key is used to
      As the Government moves toward the implementation         digitally sign a document and is securely held by the
      of E-Governance at various levels of Government           owner, while the public key is made known to everyone
      functioning, authentication of information becomes a      for verifying the digital signatures.
      critical requirement. To provide the necessary
      platform, a Public Key Infrastructure becomes             The basic services provided include Digital Signature
      essential. NIC has set up a Certifying Authority,         Certificates, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates,
      which is an integral part of this PKI. A Certifying       Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) Services,
      Authority (CA) is a trusted third party or an entity      Directory Services, Time Stamping Services, Round

132     National Informatics Centre

the clock (24X7) operations, Provision for Key           q   Sectoral Development Programmes.
Archiving Services, Provision for Sub CA, Provision      q   Department of Personnel and Training (DOP&T)
for Multiple RA.                                             sponsored training and Training Programmes for
For further information, please contact :                    IAS officers. IT includes Utilization of IT Tools in or visit :         the Government.
                                                         q   Department of Official Languages (DOL)
13.10 IT TRAINING SERVICES                                   Sponsored training programmes in Hindi.
The Training Services of
the NIC with its excellent                               Customised Training Programmes
training facility has been                               q   To meet the specific requirements of ministries/
instrumental in facilitating                                 departments tailor made programmes are
the induction of state-of-                                   conceived and specifically structured.
the-art         Information
Technology in government                                 Technology Update Training Programmes
over the last two decades. It has been providing
phenomenal support to the Central and State              q   Training programmes
Governments by creating IT awareness, skill                  for NIC officials to keep
development in the use of IT productivity tools. It          them abreast of the
plays a major role in Business Process Re-engineering        latest technologies.
by integrating technology with real life Information     q   Technology Seminars:
Systems conceptualisation, development and                   One day seminars in
implementation. It also addresses the need to update         various    technology
the decision makers in the Government as well as             areas for middle and senior level officials of NIC.
software professionals in state-of-the-art technology,
                                                         q   Software Tools Training: Five days training
products and applications. The Training Infrastructure
                                                             programmes on new technology products.
is augmented periodically in tune with the myriad
changes taking place in the field of IT.
                                                         Highlights of the State-of-the-Art Training Facilities :
                                                         q   Technically qualified experienced faculty and
                                                             subject experts.
                                                         q   Large and well equipped lecture halls with modern
                                                             multimedia based teaching aids for interactive
                                                         q   Computer labs equipped with high end systems
                                                             for practice sessions with 1:1 man-machine ratio.
                                                         q   Networked Client-Server based architecture with
                                                             multiple operating systems environment.
                                                         q   High Speed Satellite based Internet Connectivity.
                                                         q   Multi-site Videoconferencing and DirecPC
                                                             broadcast facility.
The national level training calendar of NIC giving       q   E-Iearning   packages.
information about various courses, contents and
their venues can be viewed at the Web site               Technologies Used for Training                                  q   Network based collaborative working.
Types of Training Programmes
                                                         q   Video Conferencing for Distance Learning.
Government Informatics Training Programmes
                                                         q   Broadband broadcast over Satellite based Data
q   Executive Development Programmes: For Middle             Communication Network.
    and senior management of Government Ministries
    /departments.                                        In-house Courseware
q   Office Productivity TooIs : For working staff of     Meticulously structured in-house course material
    Government Ministries/Departments.                   consisting of:
                                                                                         National Informatics Centre   133
Good Governance Through ICT

      q    Lecture notes and Reference material.                  to ultimately deliver better services to its clients.
      q    Step-by-step instructions for skill development.       Offerings is a knowledge-base of software products,
                                                                  documents, training material. It provides the facility
      q    Do-it-yourself assignments.
                                                                  to post and retrieve documents, presentations etc to
      q    Project Works to integrate technology with             authorized users. Additionally users can also access
           applications.                                          online tutorials, training material, project reports etc.
      For     further    information,    please     visit     :   It is a well defined mechanism to communicate and                                      share experience & expertise and gives one-point
                                                                  access to individual product/project web sites. The
      13.11 NIC OFFERINGS                                         knowledge-base has been categorized for easy data
                                                                  mining. Free text search facility is also provided.
      Knowledge Management Initiative
                                                                  For further information,          please    contact     :
      Knowledge Management                              
      (KM) is an integrated
      process for identifying,                                    13.12 SESAM         -   ENGINEERING         ANALYSIS
      administering          and                                  SOFTWARE
      distributing all knowledge
      in an organization to                                       SESAM - Super Element Structural Analysis Modules
      promote learning and                                        is a structural analysis software based on
      innovation. Knowledge                                       displacement formulation of finite element method.
      Management is a never                                       The software comprises of Preprocessor, Solver and
      ending        cycle     of                                  Postprocessor modules. It incorporates the super
      accumulation, evaluation,                                   element technique where a complex structure is
      dissemination, improvement, protection and                  broken up into simpler substructures called super
      application of knowledge. The participants in the           elements. These are separately          modeled and
      process may enter the cycle at any stage, traverse,         assembled into the total structure in the preprocessor
      contribute and consume the knowledge.                       modules and analysed using the solver module for
                                                                  specific boundary conditions and loading which may
      Offerings is an evolutionary first step in the long         or may not vary with time. The results are post
      and arduous path to IT based knowledge                      processed using graphical postprocessor modules
      management in NIC.Through an organization-wide              which can display the deflected shape of structure
      intranet, Offerings attempts to strengthen the culture      and colour filled contours of maximum and minimum
      of knowledge sharing by assimilating and                    stresses in     the structure. These are useful in
      disseminating, to one and all, the repository of            highlighting the critical regions of the structure and
      knowledge that resides in the organization.                 also aid in the design and detailing of reinforced
      Through its efforts, Offerings at present hosts a           concrete and steel structures and component
      databank of software products, documents and                optimization of machine parts.
      training material contributed by state units and            SESAM Software has been developed and marketed
      various divisions of NIC and envisions transforming         by DNV Software A.S., (DNVS), Norway. NIC has
      NIC into a knowledge-based organization - an                had an agreement with DNVS since 1982, renewed
      organization that consumes and digests knowledge            every five years to maintain SESAM software at NIC
                                                                  and provide support in the form training of participants
                                                                  from different public sector organizations like ONGC,
                                                                  EIL, BARC, NHPC, NTPC, CPWD etc. and also
                                                                  provide consultancy to these organizations by NIC
                                                                  CAD Group personnel. NIC purchased the marketing
                                                                  rights in India for SESAM Software from DNVS in
                                                                  1988. Since then a number of licenses of SESAM
                                                                  Software had been sold to Construction Division of
                                                                  ONGC in 1992 and Institute of Engineering and Ocean
                                                                  Technology, ONGC in 1999 and UP Irrigation Design
                                                                  Organisation, Roorkee in 1993.
                                                                  CAD Group, NIC had completed a number of
                                                                  consultancy projects in the application of SESAM
                                                                  Software for different organizations. Some of the
                                                                  projects which were completed done over the last

134       National Informatics Centre

few years are listed below :                                    will be commissioned in October, 2005.         A view of
                                                                Unit bay assembly is included.
q   Static and Seismic Analysis of Non-overflow and
    Overflow sections of Bargi Dam for Narmada
    Valley Development Authority, Bhopal.
q   Static and Seismic Analysis and Design of
    Erection Bay, Unit Bay and Control Bay of 126
    MW Underground Powerhouse at Larji for
    Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board,
    Sundernagar, HP.
q   Static Analysis of Sheet Pile Retaining Wall of
    Berth No. WQ-7 for a dredged depth of (-) 14.5
    m for Visakhapatnam Port Trust.
q   Static Analysis of Spillway Radial Gate Assembly
    of Singur Dam at Medak Dt. for Canal and
    Irrigation Division, Ministry of Irrigation, Govt. of
    Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.
q   Static Analysis of Spillway Radial Gates for normal         Singur Project
    and jammed condition for Tungabhadra Steel
    Products Ltd., Karnataka.                                   There are seventeen spillway radial gates in the Singur
                                                                dam located on the river Manjira near Singur in
q   Global Inplace and Fatigue Analysis of B-55                 Medak district of Andhra Pradesh. The dam is
    Offshore Platform for Metallurgical and                     approximately 7.5 Kms long. One of the gates was
    Engineering Consultants, Bangalore.                         washed out in the 1990 flood. An expert committee
q   Static Analysis of 3-D model of a curved gravity            which was constituted to find out the cause of
    dam at Lakhwar over river Yamuna for        UP              failure and check the safety of existing gates
    Irrigation Design Organisation.                             suggested that F.E. Analysis of gates 1, 6, 8, 15
q   Static and Seismic Analysis and Design of Coal              and 16 should be carried out. As per the report
    Washery Building at Kedla for Heavy Engineering             submitted by the expert committee, the failure of the
    Corporation, Ranchi.                                        gate was bond to be due to large direct tension load
                                                                in the tie beams joining the Trunnion Girder with the
q   Static and Dynamic Analysis of PC-10 Inclined               Anchor Girder which is embedded inside the concrete
    Bed Lathe Machine for R&D Division,     HMT,                pier. The tie beams were observed to have come
    Bangalore.                                                  out along with blocks of surrounding concrete as a
Following is a brief description of two application projects.   result of the large tensile load. The analysis project
                                                                was awarded to NIC in 1997 Static Analysis of the
Underground Powerhouse at Larji                                 five spillway radial gate assembly units was carried
                                                                out for the specified loading using SESAM Software.
An underground powerhouse is under construction by
                                                                The five gates including the newly installed gate in
HP State Electricity Board at Larji across river Beas
                                                                place of the gate which was washed out are quite
in Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh. The total power
                                                                safe for maximum impounded reservoir level, as per
generation capacity of the powerhouse is 126 MW.
                                                                the results of analysis. Analysis report was submitted
The analysis and design and detailing of powerhouse
                                                                to the client in 1998. A view of Radial Gate Assembly
structure     was awarded to NIC by HPSEB,
                                                                unit is included.
Sundernagar in 2001. Static and seismic analysis of
erection bay, unit bay and control bay were carried
using SESAM Software. Design and detailing of
various components of the powerhouse structure -
RCC Gantry girder, Gantry and Non-gantry columns,
RCC Generator barrel, Spiral Casing Pit, Turbine Pit
and Draft Tube Pit, Pump House and Main Inlet
Valve foundation of Unit bay, Floor Slabs, Beams
and Columns and Column footings in Control Bay
were carried out as relevant codal provisions of Bureau
of Indian Standards and submitted to the client -
HPSEB, Sundernagar. The powerhouse construction
and equipment installation has been completed and it

                                                                                              National Informatics Centre   135
Good Governance Through ICT

      13.13 COLLABCAD                                             software has been in the area of computerization of
                                                                  land records for which a product CollabLand has been
      CollabCAD is a Java based distributed 2D & 3D
                                                                  developed for mapping of land records.
      CAD/CAM Software System being developed by
      Computer Aided Design Group of NIC.                         CollabCAD is being developed under a Consortium
                                                                  of Indian Strategic institutions and private industries.
      CollabCAD Offers a CAD/CAM Solution which is
                                                                  Two CollabCAD development cells, one at BARC-
      collaborative in nature. It enables multiple designers
                                                                  Mumbai and other at VSSC-Trivandrum have been
      to work across network and to access the same
                                                                  set up along with two Training Centres on
                                 design concurrently to view
                                                                  CollabCAD i.e at KIIT-Bhuvaneswar and RMK
                                 and also to modify the
                                                                  Engineering College - Kavaraipettai, near Chennai.
                                 designs. It also offers links
                                 to Audio and Video
                                                                  13.14 INDIA IMAGE
                                 Conferencing. CollabCAD
                                 facilitates the conventional     Information Gateway
                                 CAD/CAM capabilities like        India Image portal, a Gateway to Indian Government
                                 design, drafting, surface        information on the Web, is an attempt to portray the
      modeling, basic NC features, exchange of data,              magic of India IT is extremely popular among netizens
      scripting etc                                               interested to know anything about India and her
                                                                  people, society, economy, polity and other aspects.
      The Features of         CollabCAD     are:                  Citizen Services - Government policies, facilities
      Basic - Design & Drafting, Surface & Solid Modeling,        and information directly concerning citizens in their
      Basic NC, Collaborative Design, Jython Scripting            day-to-day activities are carefully selected from a
                                                                  vast collection of websites from Central Government,
      Re-Engineering - Surface re-construction, Styling &         States/UTs, District Administrations to Government
      Diagnostics                                                 Organisations. Updated every fortnight, the previous
      Constraint Manger - Sketcher                                citizen services are stored on an archive to offer
                                                                  the user a comprehensive list of web-based citizen
      Feature Based Design - Pre-defined design features,         services from Indian Government and its constituents.
      User defined features
      Assembly Manger -               Integrated    Assembly
      Basic NC Operations - Roughing, Milling, Drilling,
      Threading etc
      The main objective of the CollabCAD Software is to
      provide a cost effective, indigenous CAD/CAM
      Solution to Small and Medium Scale Industries and
      educational institutes. It is already providing design
      solutions to scientific institutions in strategic sectors
      like BARC-Mumbai, VSSC-Trivandrum, DRDL-
      Hyderabad, GTRE- Bangalore, etc. The CollabCAD
      development project is also being funded by Strategic
      Institutions like BARC-Mumbai and VSSC, Trivandrum.
      Clients of CollabCAD
                                                                  Indian Heritage - Images and descriptions of Indian
      include BARC-Mumbai,
                                                                  Art, Culture and Monuments present a glimpse of
      VSSC-Trivandrum, ADA-
                                                                  the wonderful heritage India takes pride in. It is
      Bangalore, NAL-Bangalore,
                                                                  updated regularly with a new theme.
      GTRE-Bangalore, SERC-
      Chennai,         IGCAR-                                     Grievances        Online - Acting as a platform, the
      Kalpakkam,        NPCIL-                                    portal offers   the citizens of India a unique opportunity
      Mumbai, etc.                                                to register      their grievances related to various
                                                                  government       departments online.
      Integrated Specialised Solutions are available on
      CollabCAD and design solutions like Finite Element          New Websites - This section announces the recently
      Analysis (FINESSE/FINEGRAF), Virtual Reality                launched websites of both Central and State/UT
      (AVERT) from Indian strategic sectors have been             governments to inform the user about the rapid
      integrated into CollabCAD. An important use of this         efforts of e-governance in the government sector.
136     National Informatics Centre

India Fact File - This section provides some basic          and offers facilities to suggest new sites, send
facts about India that might interest anyone and            feedback and mine the complete content of all
includes information in text, images and audio as           government websites. It serves as a single window
appropriate on Government news channels updated             for all e-information of Indian Government.
throughout the day, such as All India Radio,
Doordarshan and Press Information Bureau of these
are made accessible from this section to provide
the visitors with news from the government channels.
Popular Websites - Most popular government
websites frequented by visitors find a place under
the 'Frequently Visited Websites' section of the Portal.
Holiday Calendar - The Calendar displays all
Government of India Holidays for the current year,
which comes handy for the public in scheduling
interaction and transaction of business with GOI offices.
Comprehensive Search - Powered by an intelligent
search engine, the portal enables the visitor to
search for any government information service
through millions of webpages in various government
websites. Users can formulate their search/query            The GOI Directory is a unique effort of NIC to
around various parameters in Advance Search.                project the cyber presence of Indian Government
                                                            before the global community in the era of e-
User Interaction - A structured Feedback facility           governance. Many of the websites included in the
allows the user to send rated evaluation for the            directory facilitate direct Government to Citizen (G2C)
portal and also suggest inclusion of new government         as well as Government to Business (G2B) interaction.
sites. Besides, users can also spread awareness
through email about this unique portal to their friends     One-of-its-kind, for the first time, all Government of
using Tell A Friend' facility on this portal.               India offices under Ministries/Departments are
                                                            organised according to their individual mode of
Weather Watch - The latest weather information is           functioning and relation with the parent Ministry/
available in this section for the public benefit.           Department such as Attached office, Subordinate
Useful Links - Being highly popular with Internet           office, Autonomous institution/organisation, Division/
surfers and citizens, this portal becomes an ideal          Unit/Wing of the parent organisation, PSU/JV, Society,
place to advertise other government portals, websites,      Statutory Body, etc. presenting the exact status of
and services on these websites and the same is              individual offices.
facilitated by placing the relevant/requested banners       Developed using state-of-the-art technology and
on the portal.                                              powered by database, the directory provides extreme
For further information, please contact :                   flexibility to reflect any changes in the status and or visit :           relationship of government organisations as and when
                                                            required. The directory includes information about
13.15 GOI DIRECTORY                                         official websites of government entities, thus providing
                                                            the visitor authentic information. Ease of Access and
GOI Directory is a first of its kind comprehensive
                                                            navigation are useful features of this directory. Hosted
directory providing information about websites of
                                                            on a state-of-the-art server at NIC and backed by
Indian Government including all its entities such as
                                                            high-bandwidth, the directory is easily and quickly
Ministries, Departments, States/Union Territories,
                                                            accessible from any part of the world. A broad to
District Administrations, Organisations, Institutions,
                                                            narrow level-by-level arrangement of websites make
etc. Categorised under broad headings viz. Executive,
                                                            the navigation both comfortable and enjoyable for the
Legislature, Judiciary, States/UTs and sectors like
                                                            user. Powered by a user-friendly, extremely fast search
Banking, Co-operatives, Cultural, Educational, Health,
                                                            engine with both keyword and URL based search
PSUs, Scientific, Sports and Tourism, Committees,
                                                            options, the user can mine millions of webpages for
Documents, International Presence both within and
                                                            government information in no time. Collection of
outside India and Events, the GOI Directory vividly
                                                            websites is indexed and re-indexed regularly by search
projects and presents the face of E-governance in
                                                            engine to reflect updated content.
India. Containing thousands of websites and millions
of webpages hosted on a variety of servers. The             The directory is extensively categorised first into
directory is regularly updated to include new links         broad categories and then each broad category is

                                                                                           National Informatics Centre   137
Good Governance Through ICT

      further divided into numerous sub-categories to cover       of citizens. Services and corresponding districts along
      all entities of Indian Government at all levels as          with States/UTs are highlighted on this page.The
      mentioned below.                                            citizen services are hyperlinked to provide direct
                                                                  access to relevant pages, thereby facilitating direct
      Executive - President, Prime Minister, Central
                                                                  landing on the relevant page by the user and
      Government Ministries, Departments, Offices under
                                                                  saving time in navigating hundreds of pages.
      Ministries/ Departments, Apex Offices/Institutions
                                                                  All web sites listed/referred to on this portal are
      Legislature - Indian Parliament, Rajya Sabha, Lok
                                                                  official web sites of respective districts, ensuring
      Sabha, State Legislative Assemblies and Legislative
                                                                  authentic and reliable information. For effective
                                                                  communication and to keep the user updated, an
      Judiciary - Supreme Court, High Courts, District            option for subscription, Stay Updated, has been
      Courts, other judicial entities States and Union            made available on the portal whereby a user can
      Territories Government Departments, Agencies and            register his/her e-mail and get regular updates on
      Institutions                                                additions/modifications. A comprehensive and easy-
                                                                  to-use search facility is available on the portal for
      Districts                                                   the users to not only search the web sites but also
                                                                  mine thousands of web pages of all the districts.
                                                                  The portal operates on a Participatory Model soliciting
      Committees - Committees, Commissions, Working
                                                                  citizens' direct involvement in updating the portal.
      Groups, Missions, Taskforces
                                                                  The facility of Citizen Services Registration allows
      Documents - Budgets, Plans, Policies, Reports,              users to bring forth and send in requests for inclusion
      Results, Surveys                                            of a particular citizen service offered through any
                                                                  district web site. The request thus received is then
      Miscellaneous - Events - Seminars, Conferences,
      Workshops Participatory Approach                            carefully reviewed and selected as appropriate for
      For further information, please contact :
      wsmad @ or visit :         The portal offers an overall glimpse of the number
                                                                  of web sites developed on all-India basis categorised
      13.16 DISTRICTS OF INDIA PORTAL                             by State/UT. It also displays the latest web sites
                                                                  included on the portal through New Additions.
      There are 597 Districts in India administered by
      their respective State/UT Government. Districts of          For further information, please contact :
      India Portal is an endeavour of NIC to provide a            wsmad @ or visit :
      one-stop source for all information about Districts of
      the country at one place on the web.                        13.17 INFORMATICS
                                                                  An e-governance         bulletin    from    National
                                                                  Informatics Centre
                                                                  'Informatics' began as an
                                                                  in-house newsletter of NIC
                                                                  in 1992 with the objective
                                                                  to share the activities and
                                                                  achievements of the
                                                                  organization with its own
                                                                  employees as well as other
                                                                  government departments.
                                                                  With the passage of time,
                                                                  Informatics'            has
                                                                  transformed into a full
                                                                  fledged      e-governance
                                                                  bulletin and is considered
                                                                  to be a highly informative and useful source of
                                                                  information about the various ICT applications in the
      Many of the districts listed on this portal are offering
                                                                  government at central, state as well as district level
      a variety of citizen services to facilitate government-
                                                                  and NIC's contribution towards the same.
      public interaction and strengthen e-govemance at
      the grass-root level.This section projects some such        The Information provided in the bulletin is categorized
      sites to highlight government initiatives for the benefit   into well defined feature sections.

138     National Informatics Centre

q   E-Governance Initiatives: This section highlights       q   Facilitate use of standards and best suitable
    the important initiatives currently being                   practices in collection
    undertaken in the area of e-governance along with
                                                            q   Facilitate access to geospatial data in a uniform
    details about successful case studies and projects.
                                                                standards and compatible format
q   State in Focus : An overview of the ICT activities
    being carried out in a particular State.                Why Geo-Spatial Data?
q   District Informatics : The activities and               q   Decisions Substantiated with Spatial Reference
    achievements with respect to a specific District
    in the Country.                                         q   Visualize Relationships
q   E-Governance Products & Services : This                 q   Improve Response Time, Vital in case of
    section features new software and Information               Emergency
    Systems being developed and implemented in              q   Rational Approach in Decision Making
    various sectors by the NIC Units spread all
    across the County                                       q   Effective management of resources
q   Technology Update : Technical perspective on            NATIONAL SPATIAL DATA BASE (NSDB)
    some latest/upcoming technology in an area
    related to IT and Communication                         Objectives and Salient Features
q   Cyber Governance : This section features a              q   Bringing together many
    review of Government websites launched from                 existing    Geospatial
    time to time.                                               datasets.
q   Happenings : This section apprises the readers          q   Created and maintained
    with news about the latest events, workshops,               to defined common
    seminars, software launches etc being organized             standards
    by NIC in every nook and corner of the Country.
                                                            q   National    Geospatial
Informatics Bulletin is published every quarter both            Framework consisting of
as a print version as well as an online version.                referencing a system
Copies of the bulletin are being provided to IT                 built around standard
Departments of the various States/UTs, Senior                   datasets             with
Government functionaries, Government affiliated                 appropriate Institutional
Institutions and Libraries and also to India Consulates         arrangements.
abroad and foreign missions in New Delhi, apart
from being circulated amongst all the NIC Centres           q   Information    developed for administrative
upto the District Level.                                        boundaries     viz. State, District, upto Village
An online section called 'Informatics Newsonline'
( provides a unique    q   Communication layers viz. Road, Rail, VSAT
facility to the Informatics Correspondents posted in            network etc.
all parts of India to directly upload e-governance          q   Natural Resource layers eg. Major Rivers, Green
related news and photographs concerning their region            areas etc.
on the Informatics website. The database driven
section thus provides the latest and most up-to-date        q   Satellite Imagery, SOI toposheets and other Raster
news at any given point thus effectively overcoming             Datasets.
the space and time limitations of the print version.
                                                            Network Based Geo-lnformatics
For     further   information,      please     visit    :                                   q   The DGIS (Distributed GIS) based system for
                                                                Natural Resources Informatics System.
13.18 SPATIAL DATA INFRASTRUCTURE (SDI)                     q   SDN (Sustainable Development Networking) over
q   GSDI       : Global Spatial Data Infrastructure             NICNET info-highway and value added services
q   NSDI       : National Spatial Data Infrastructure           available on nation-wide basis.
q   NICSDI     : Spatial Data Infrastructure of NIC         q   Effective Management approach at District (Micro
                                                                level planning).
SDI is important to...                                      q   Utilization of NIC District Centre facilities as
q   Facilitate and encourage collaboration in collection        "Natural Resources Informatics Nodes", at grass
    and use of geospatial data                                  -root level.

                                                                                            National Informatics Centre   139
Good Governance Through ICT

                                                                   NIC took a positive step towards creation of a
                                                                   paperless examination environment and The TDPP
                                                                   division developed the CAPES (Computer Aided
                                                                   Paperless Examination System). It is and extremely
                                                                   effective, automated, multi-user software to help
                                                                   organizations conduct screening tests to meet their
                                                                   varied examination needs.
                                                                   CAPES is a state of the art, rational, online
                                                                   examination system, extremely user friendly (GUI
                                                                   based), with requisite confidentiality and security
                                                                   features (the questions are served from a secure
      q    It Allows sharing of spatial information among a        centralized updated Question bank databases server
           virtually unlimited number of users.                    in a random fashion to each examinee so that no
                                                                   candidates get the same set of questions).
      NICNET based GIS Initiatives                                 The software provides Cost, time and administrative
      q    Web Based Coastal Regulation Zone                       benefits. It has facilities for Knowledge and Skill
                                                                   Testing for IT professionals and Typing speed testing
      q    On-Line Monitoring of DWCD Schemes                      for measuring Data Entry Skills.
      q    IFFCO Information Server                                The software is very robust and has grown up since
      q    NSDB On-Line                                            its inception around 10 years back. Initially it was
                                                                   conducted on dumb terminals on a LAN with an
                                                                   ergonomically specially designed keyboard, in NIC
                                                                   HQ Capes hall for 1-2 small-scale examinations.
                                                                   With time the software was upgraded with the current
                                                                   technological advances to make it a 'premier
                                                                   technology enabled state of the art examination
                                                                   software. The application is presently fully web
                                                                   enabled with operational efficiency, speed, advanced
                                                                   security features and is readily available for
                                                                   examination conduction for any level, any time and
                                                                   at any location.

      In-house Software Development
      q    Providing low cost software tools in GIS and
           Image Processing applications, with necessary
           functionality to begin development activities with
           minimum amount of training, at district level.
      q    Promotional tool for decision makers and planners
           to look into the problems in specific areas.
      q    Easy to implement tool in distributed NICNET
      For further information,          please     contact     :
                                                                   Continuing its E-Governance initiatives in the field of
                                                                   examination and learning the division has been
                                                                   conducting CAPES regularly for recruitment of IT
      There had been a growing need for more innovative            professionals right from Programmers to Technical
      methods for conducting examinations with desired             Consultant for various Departments of Central and
      operational efficiency, confidentiality, security and cost   State Govts like Revenue Dept. of Karnataka,
      effectiveness to cope up with the rapidly increasing         NAFED, Narcotics Control Bureau, Jala-
      frequency and mammoth number of candidates                   SamvardhaneYojna Sangha (JSYS) program of World
      appearing for various examinations.                          Bank, High Court of Karnataka, CBSE, DOEACC

140       National Informatics Centre

etc. Proposals for usage of software are coming             13.20 NIC'S COMPUTER TELEPHONY INTERFACE
from organizations like SAIL, BASF (US MNC),
                                                            The Public Interface Solution
Arvind Mills, ICAFI and others.
                                                            NIC provides services for Computer Telephony
The Web Based CAPES was very successful in the
                                                            Interface (CTI) / Interactive Voice Response System
pilot project for DOEACC (Department of Electronics
                                                            (IVRS) under its Tele-informatics Development
Accreditation of Computer Courses) for its CCC
                                                            Promotional Program.        A CTI application is one
Course (Certificate course on computers concepts)
                                                            where the caller dials a given telephone number
in 2001 at NIC HQ in New Delhi. Since 2003 all
                                                            and the computer plays the part of an operator
'CCC' course examinations are being conducted
                                                            giving out the information requested, in recorded or
through CAPES in the CICs in the North East.
                                                            synthesized voice. The Computer is configured to
Recently this facility has been extended to other
                                                            accept calls with the help of dedicated CTI software
locations throughout the country.
                                                            and hardware. For departments that have significant
CAPES was conducted for DOEACC CCC course                   public interaction & information distribution needs
on October 2005 at 78 Centres in 22 States across           and where people constantly want to report their
the country.                                                problems and find out status of the same also if
                                                            there are a large number of requests coming in
                                                            regularly, seeking fairly standard information. CTI
                                                            applications can be effectively utilised to meet the
                                                            needs for interactions and information distribution
                                                            for E-governance services.

                                                            Some of the IVRS systems successfully developed
                                                            and operational are :
                                                            Event Based Systems
                                                            Examination Results information is provided
                                                            telephonically every year for CBSE Class 10 and 12,
                                                            All India Premedical Tests, Haryana Board and
                                                            Himachal Board results for main & supplementary
The TDPP Group at the NIC HQ provides before/               exams to classes 8, 10 and 12. Lakhs of calls are
during/after examination technical support and              received for all these applications. A result
coordination in form of a support website, exchange of      announcement takes < 50 seconds to complete. Even
emails. The support site gives insight   an STD call from the farthest place would get the
into the procedures, schedules, operating instructions;     result in less than Rs 10. The CBSE results are
software usage's/ downloads instructions, instruction for   announced in English while the Himachal results and
candidates and post test operations etc.                    Haryana board results hosted from NIC Delhi are
                                                            announced in Hindi.
The software is fully web enabled, user friendly,
provides speed and operational efficiency. It is simple     Ongoing Systems
to use and is compatible with all standard operating
                                                            q   CPWD complaints lodging and status monitoring
systems. It ensures security of data and allows
customization of question bank. Results are available
instantly and there is no possibility of question           q   The CPWD IVRS system functions on 12 lines in
leakage or malpractice as questions are randomly                English and Hindi. The two parts to the system
selected from a huge databank.                                  are: complaint lodging and status monitoring. The

                                                                                         National Informatics Centre   141
Good Governance Through ICT

           status of the complaint lodged can be monitored         has two parts: the citizen interface and the
           after a period of 12 hours. If the complaint is         management interface. The general public can
           cleared, then the user is given an option to            know the status of their electricity bills, the meter
           reactivate the complaint if not satisfied. On an        reading for a given month or the payment status
           average the system receives approximately 60-           (if paid by check or draft).The management
           80 calls per day.                                       interface provides the management with
                                                                   accounting and collection details for each circles,
      q    Supreme Court case status system IVRS the
                                                                   regions, and districts of the board.             The
           Supreme Court case status system functions on
                                                                   management interface also has the facility to fax
           2 lines in English. The user can get to know the
                                                                   the accounting details to a predefined a dialled
           case status. If the status is pending, the system
                                                                   fax number.
           plays the last listed date or the next hearing
           date and also if there is a connected case, it      q   GPF & Pension IVR for the Accountant General's
           gives the details of that case also.                    office at Haryana, Chandigarh and Nagpur. The GPF
                                                                   and pension IVRS for the Accountant General's
      q    Court Cases Status IVRS at City civil court
                                                                   offices provides the GPF balance information, the
           Hyderabad and High Court, Hyderabad, Andhra
                                                                   last GPF updated date, the withdrawal information
           Pradesh. Similar to the Supreme Court case
                                                                   and the final payment information, while the pension
           IVRS the service is available in Telugu Hindi and
                                                                   information provides information regarding the status
           English functioning on four analog lines each.
                                                                   of the pension application filed by the caller through
      q    Bihar State Electricity Boards IVRS This IVRS           his department. ❖

142       National Informatics Centre

14.1 INDIA PORTAL PROJECT                                  relevant places to provide the visitor with a holistic
                                                           view and an easy navigation experience. The main
The India Portal has been developed to facilitate
                                                           sections of the Portal include…
single window web based availability of government
information and services at the National level. The
portal shall provide a unified interface and act as a
logical front-end to the e-government initiatives under    Useful information for Indian Citizens residing within
various Central/State/UT government schemes and            the Country on issues vital to their day to day living
programmes. It shall also provide base infrastructure      such as Health, Education, Employment, Housing,
for various government entities to launch their e-         Travel & Tourism, Law & Order, Banking & Insurance
governance initiatives. India Portal is a Mission Mode     and Taxes.
Project under the National E-Governance Plan
(NEGP). It is being executed by NIC.                       Business
The aim behind India Portal is to further the efforts      Meant for those currently involved in Business or
towards good governance through anytime, anywhere          those wishing to start and grow a business in the
delivery of government information and services for        Country. Information and links is provided on useful
the benefit of citizens, businesses and other stake        topics such as how to set up a business, incentives
holders, both within India and abroad. By providing        offered by the Government, doing business abroad,
a unified interface and acting as a logical front-end      laws & legislations etc.
to the e-government initiatives, the edict of the
Portal is to facilitate the foundation of a healthy        Overseas
relationship between the Government and the citizens       A section meant both for Indian Diaspora living
through the collaborative efforts of various Ministries    abroad and foreigners visiting/living in India. Here
and Departments. India Portal has been developed           one can find Information on NRIs/PIOs, Visiting
as an extensive repository enumerating significant         India, Studying in India, Embassies & Consulates
information about the Country, concomitantly               and Travel Advisory.
introducing citizens with all the services available for
them at every level and relating to every department       Government
of the Government.
                                                           This module provides information about the Indian
Highlights…                                                Constitution, the Parliament, Who's Who in Indian
                                                           Government, Government Policies and Schemes.
The portal shall cater to a wide range of target           There is also a special section on Government
audience and stake holders right from common               Employees focusing on their information needs.
citizens, government departments and corporate
sector to NRIs, national and international media and       Know India
general public across the world. The salient features
of the India Portal shall include single window            A section to visit if one wishes to know about
service, comprehensive, accurate & up-to-date              India's profile, its unique culture & heritage, National
content, unified interface wherever possible and           Identity Symbols, States/UTs/Districts. There is also
personalization/customization of the content to a          a special section exclusively for the Kids to enrich
certain extent. The portal has been be developed           their minds with the various facets of the Country.
using state-of-the-art tools and technologies and is
hosted in the world class Data Centre of NIC.              Sectors
                                                           Useful information and links about the various sectors
Beside providing in-depth information about the
                                                           of the Indian Economy, such as Agriculture,
Country and its various facets, the Portal shall act
                                                           Commerce, Education, Communications, Defence.
as a gateway to a variety of information and services
being provided by different government departments.
                                                           How do I?
Whether a citizen has to pay utility bills or needs
an access to the information on welfare schemes in         Quick Access to a variety of citizen services across
different sectors, obtain licenses/certificates, apply     sectors being provided by the Government-right from
for some business permits or even file tax returns         obtaining a birth certificate to applying for a Passport.
online, India Portal could be the answer.         The      In addition, the services which are being provided
information in the Portal has been well classified         online either partially or completely are prominently
into distinct modules which are also interlinked at        highlighted.

                                                                                          National Informatics Centre   145
Good Governance Through ICT

      Maps                                                    The project aims to achieve the following objectives:
      A section featuring various geographical and thematic   q   ICT Infrastructure at Block level
      maps of India, presented in a visually attractive       q   Web Access and Internet Services such as E-
      manner.                                                     mail

      Government Tenders/ Government Policies                 q   Market Access and E-commerce
                                                              q   Access to Socio-Economic Databases
      Sections providing information about the various
      tenders as well as policies issued by the various       q   E-leaming (Computer Aided Learning Processes)
      departments in the Government.                              and E-education
                                                              q   E-medicine, E-consulting
                                                              q   Citizen Centric Services
      Government Web Directory, Telephone directories of
                                                              q   Weather Information
      all States/UTs in India, Database of NGOs operating
      in the Country, facility to search for STD/ISD/PIN      q   IT awareness among local people
      Codes. Quick links to Documents and Reports             q   Computer Training Programmes
      published by the Government.
                                                              q   Tender Notification
      News, Government Press Releases, Documents,
                                                              q   E-employment Notification
      Application Forms & India Greetings are other
      important sections of the Portal.                       q   Edutainment

      For further information,        please   contact    :   Management
                                                              The project is a joint effort by Department of
      14.2 COMMUNITY INFORMATION CENTRES                      Information Technology, NIC and the eight State
                                                              Governments. The project is managed centrally by
      Bridging the Digital Divide - Reaching the Unreached    DIT/NIC, New Delhi and locally by active participation
                                                              of NIC officials at state and district level in
      14.2.1 CICs in the North-East                           coordination with respective state governments. Each
                                Under the Community           CIC has two operators for managing the centres
                                Information Centres (CICs)    and providing services to the public.
                                project, CICs with state-
                                of-the-art      computer      Infrastructure
                                communications                Each CIC is equipped with a remote VSAT for
                                infrastructure have been      electronic communication and one server with five
                                set up in 487 blocks of       clients and two printers for computer applications.
      the eight North-Eastern states of Arunachal Pradesh,    This infrastructure is powered by main electric supply
      Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland,           through 2UPS with a generator set as back up A
      Sikkim and Tripura.                                     television set connected to VSAT supports video
                                                              broadcast of television programmers and various
      Genesis                                                 virtual class room programmes over the network.
      The North-Eastern region has traditionally been less
      developed due to its remoteness and difficult hilly
      terrain. A strong communication infrastructure is
      lacking. It was envisaged by the government that
      extending the reach of the IT revolution to this
      region would give a boost to all-round development.
      Satellite based communication overcomes the
      challenge of terrain and geographic remoteness.
      A Pilot Project to establish CICs in 30 blocks in
      North-East was launched in April 2000 that was
      commissioned in August that year itself. On August      The CICs charge nominal amounts from users for
      17, 2002, a landmark day for the eight, 487             services which help them meet day-to-day running
      Community Information Centres (CICs) were set up        expenses such as consumables, stationery, and fuel
      by the government and dedicated to the people of        for the Genset etc. A viable business model is
      the North-East.                                         being evolved for sustenance.

146     National Informatics Centre

Basic services provided by CICs include Internet          colleges, educational institutions is available through
access, e-mail, printing, data entry, word processing     the CIC portal.
and training for the local populace. In addition,                                 Training is a major activity
several citizen-centric or Government to Citizen (G2C)                            as well as a source of
services are being delivered from the CICs.                                       revenue generation at the
                                                                                  CICs. Operators conduct
                                                                                  training programmes on
                                                                                  Computer Awareness for
                                                                                  the general public. IGNOU
                                                          rolled out its Computer Literacy Programme (CLP)
                                                          in October, 2002 using CIC infrastructure at many
                                                          locations. 321 CICs have been selected as centres
                                                          for accreditation for DOEACC "CCC" Certificate.
                                                          The Computer Aided Paperless Examination System
                                                          (CAPES) developed by NIC is being utilized for
                                                          conducting online tests for awarding the "CCC"
                                                          Certificates thorugh these CICs. Some training
                                                          programmes and workshops on IT awareness are
                                                          being video broadcast to the CICs.
                                                          CICs have been equipped with television sets for
Information Dissemination                                 broadcasting important events and current happenings
Websites of North Eastern States as well as each          around the world. Doordarshan Programmes (DD-I
of the CICs have been created which are managed           and DD-II) are being broadcast to all the CICs through
and updated locally. The website    the CICs network. Visual proceedings of interesting
contain information on forms, rules and procedures,       events such as the Arunachal Festival in Itanagar in
government tenders, notification for employment           January, 2003, E-Governance Workshop in Imphal in
opportunities, information on tourism, culture, results   March, 2003, were broadcast to all CICs.
of board / entrance / professional examinations, etc.
these websites also provide information on projects,      Impact Analysis
schemes, guidelines for social sectors, technology        The number of visitors varies between 20 to 100 a
resources and legal issues such as decisions, rulings     week depending on the location of the CIC. Many
etc. as well as guidelines for bank loans, information    CICs report over 150 visitors in a week. In order to
on the status of the local construction schemes           increase the utilization of the CICs, and assess the
such as roads, hospitals, houses etc. The portal for      expectation of local people from the CICs and
each CIC ( ) is highly            evaluate the impact of the CICs, a number of
interactive and facilitates messages, bulletin board      independent studies have been conducted by third
services among the local communities.                     party reputed organizations like NAER IIT, Guwahati,
Services to citizens are provided at three levels which   NEHU, etc. The findings of these studies have been
are information on schemes, procedures etc; forms         analyzed and efforts are being made to reorient
which can be downloaded and filled up manually and        some of the services at the CICs to cater to the
submitted in the conventional mode; online submission     local requirement in a better way.
of forms/ applications and online transactions.
                                                          14.2.2 CICs in Jammu and Kashmir
Applications are available in the areas of health and
education. Health Information system in Tripura, IT       Jammu and Kashmir is known for its scenic grandeur.
facilitates booking of appointment with doctors/          However, the sylvan hills of the region make for
consultants and for conducting diagnostic tests like      very difficult terrain which combined with the harsh
X-Ray, ECG, Ultrasound etc., at Agartala Medical          weather conditions render the task of establishing
College by public from remote CICs. Tele-consultation     infrastructure a daunting one. During the winter
sessions - lectures/question-answer sessions with         months many locations in the valley are snowbound.
eminent specialists dealing with diseases prevalent       A robust communication system is lacking in this
in the region are being broadcast to all CICs through     region. CICs have been set up in the blocks of the
TV over the CIC Network, Access to information            state with a view to taking the benefits of IT to the
on health care programmes such as health camps            masses of remote regions. In the first phase of the
for AIDS control, eye care etc. is being facilitated.     project 60 CICs have been setup with state of the
                                                          technology infrastructure. The process of establishing
Administrative and syllabus related information on        75 more CICs has been rolled out.
                                                                                        National Informatics Centre   147
Good Governance Through ICT

                                                                NIC with the support of the Planning Commission,
                                                                is committed to revisit the DISNIC-PLAN Programme
                                                                on the following premises:
                                                                q   To usher in "database based planning" by building
                                                                    databases, decision support systems, and internet
                                                                    information access for facilitating grass-root level
                                                                    planning in a meaningful way;
                                                                q   To promote informatics tools in micro level planning
                                                                    to strengthen analytical capability in districts;
                                                                q   To develop necessary infrastructural facilities in
                                                                    the District Planning Cells/Boards to handle both
                                                                    spatial and non-spatial information in an integrated
                                                                q   To bring in a qualitative change in manpower to
                                                                    provide database and analytical support to the
      The phenomenal success of the project in the North
                                                                    district planning team; and
      East and its salutary impact on the socio-economic
      condition of the region encouraged the government to      q   To provide necessary training to narrow-down the
      set up CICs in Jammu and Kashmir also. An important           gap between the planners and various subject
      focus of the project in this region is to provide             specialists in districts.
      employment in remote corners of the state and give        Initially the project will cover one district in each
      a boost to the tourism industry. The CICs ensure the      state in which the Rashtriya Sam Vikas
      availability of communication links even in the face of   Yojana(RSVY) scheme is operational. The selection
      unfavorable weather and difficult terrain.                of districts from the RSVY districts will be based on
      For further information, please contact               :   characteristics like those which are drought prone,, or visit :          desert areas, etc., in consultation with the respective
                                                                State governments. The major task will be building
      14.3 DISNIC-PLAN PROJECT                                  databases at the disaggregated spatial units - Village,
                                                                Block and District and the content of the database
      Information Technology for Micro-Level Planning
                                                                will be mainly non-spatial and will be overlaid on
      Micro-level Planning is progressively gaining             the respective administrative boundaries in a GIS
      momentum in India, in view of the enactment of            Framework. Further, for a group of villages, one
      Panchayati Raj Institutions at grass-root level. The      block in each of the selected 28 districts will be
      planning steps, data needs, the institutional             taken up as pilot project to work on the feasibility of
      requirements, macro-micro linkages and the                fusion of Remote Sensing (RS), Geographical
      information flows are necessary to make the planning      Information System (GIS), Global Positioning System
      process more effective at grassroots. It is evident       (GPS) and Database technologies to build spatial
      now that the Convergence of technologies                  databases at the cadastral level.
      (Information Technology, Communication, GIS Remote
                                                                Under capacity building, the District Planning Cell/
      sensing, GPS, Biotechnology, Green Technologies,
                                                                Board, Block Development Office as well as in the
      etc) and e-governance are the tools for undertaking
                                                                identified departments of geography/other research
      sustainable development process. In this scenario,
                                                                institutions as associates in this project will be
      the Planning Commission has appreciated the
                                                                equipped with the minimum H/W and SOFTWARE
      relevance of the DISNIC Programme in the emerging
                                                                infrastructure. The necessary training will be imparted
      knowledge economy and has desired to re-establish
                                                                to the officials concerned in the District/Block
      the DISNIC-PLAN project, with institutional linkages
                                                                administration. In addition, as the exercise is taken
      at the grassroot level, to provide continuous support
                                                                up on pilot basis, technical manpower support will
      to development agencies in districts. The new
                                                                be provided at the Block/District on temporary basis,
      initiative of DISNIC-PLAN will support building
                                                                depending upon the requirements.
      databases and decision support systems and
      communication systems to facilitate sustainability of
                                                                14.4 GRAMSAT PROJECT - ORISSA
      resources, poverty alleviation, empowerment of
      women, full employment, production systems                Government Arm for all Services at the Grassroot Level
      planning, infrastructure planning and habitat planning.   The Orissa government along with ISRO proposed
      In order to provide a framework for these issues          setting up an integrated satellite network in Orissa
      and to strengthen the planning machinery in districts,    to support planning, monitoring of development

148     National Informatics Centre

activities, communication and training needs of the
State. After the successful implementation of the
CIC project in the North East, Department of Space
NIC was asked to set up the communication
infrastructure under the project which was being
implemented by Orissa Remote Sensing Application
Centre. The scope included providing satellite based
communication infrastructure as well as computers
and peripherals at all blocks and districts in Orissa.

                                                           levels is carried out through email.     Update of all
                                                           Government databases for monitoring      of government
                                                           schemes and financial accounting is      done from the
                                                           blocks. DRDA portals have been           developed for
                                                           knowledge sharing among districts.
                                                           Services such as Disaster Management, GIS
                                                           Information, Land Records, Property Registration,
                                                           Treasury Computerization, Transport, Court
                                                           Information, Block Community Portals and other
                                                           Government to Citizen Services will be provided
                                                           using this network.
                                                           This network will function as the arm of the
                                                           government for all e-governance related services at
                                                           the grassroots level. The network facilitates instant
NIC commissioned the state-wide satellite network          communication between all blocks and districts across
and in a period of less than six months the network        the state. Since it is a satellite based network the
with computer infrastructure was functional in 355         communication link is very stable and is not affected
locations, i.e. all 30 DRDAs, 314 blocks and 11            by geographic distances or problems of terrain and
offices at Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. Presently the          there are no physical links of communication which
network using TDMA-DVB Technology is operational           can be interrupted by manual means. This ensures
with the hub at New Delhi.                                 an uninterrupted means of communication in all
                                                           situations. A number of applications are currently
                         The infrastructure at the         being implemented by the state in order to optimally
                         block level located at the        use technology as a tool for development.
                         office of the Block
                         Development Officer has a         For further information,        please       contact        :
                         VSAT for communication  
                         along with a computer and
                         printer. The District Rural       14.5 WIRED VILLAGE WARANA
                         Development Agencies              Wiring Villages
function as the nodal coordination points for the
entire network in the district. Each DRDA has a            The Warana Project' is an implementation of the 'Wired
Local Area Network with four computers and two             Village' concept at the Warana Cooperative complex
printers connected to the VSAT.                            in Kolhapur and Sangli Districts in Maharashtra. The
                                                           primary objective of the project is to demonstrate the
The network nodes are managed by a team of                 effective contribution of an IT infrastructure in the
young and enthusiastic computer professionals              accelerated socio-economic development of a cluster
recruited for this purpose by the State Government.        of 70 contiguous villages around Warana.
The users have been given extensive training in
                                                           The Warana co-operative complex is one of the
managing basic network operations and
                                                           finest examples of successful integrated rural
troubleshooting.      A number of online tools for
                                                           development resulting from the growth of the co-
monitoring the status and usage of the network and
                                                           operative movement through people's participation.
lodging complaints have been provided by NIC along
                                                           It comprises 25 co-operative societies in the field of
with facilities for managing the infrastructure.
                                                           sugar, milk, poultry, house construction etc. with a
                                                           turnover of over Rs.600 crores. Needless to say, it
The network is presently being utilized for all official   offered a perfect set-up for initiating the Wired
communication between State, District and Block            Village concept.

                                                                                         National Informatics Centre       149
Good Governance Through ICT

      The 'Warana Project is being jointly carried out by           arrivals and rates of various regulated commodities
      the NIC on behalf of the Central Government, the              for all the major Agriculture Produce Marketing
      Government of Maharashtra and the Warana Vibhag               Committees (APMC) in Maharashtra.
      Shikshan Mandal. The estimated cost of the project
                                                                    Educational and Vocational Guidance Information
      is around Rs.250 Lakhs, which is being borne by
                                                                    System - guidance centres are located in the
      the Centre, Maharashtra and the Warana Vibhag
                                                                    regional offices of the Maharashtra State Council of
      Shikshan Mandal in a ratio of 50:40:10 respectively.
                                                                    Educational Research and Training (MSCERT).They
                                                                    provide information to students regarding different
                                                                    courses and careers through monographs.
                                                                    Other applications include Computerization of Warana
                                                                    Bazaar, Computerization of Warana Milk Dairy, Wired
                                                                    Management of Sugarcane Cultivation, Land Records
                                                                    Computerization (LRC) and Grievance Registration
                                                                    and Redressal System.
                                                                    The Warana project led to the employment of
                                                                    approximately 100 local youth, easy availability of
      The Project aims at utilizing IT to increase the              information to villagers and facilitated government
      efficiency / productivity of the existing cooperative         and public interface.
      societies. It provide greater transparency in the working
                                                                    For further information, please            contact    :
      of co-operative societies and also provides agricultural,
      medical and educational information to villagers by
      establishing networked 'Facilitation Booths' in 70
                                                                    14.6   CENTRAL PASSPORT SYSTEM
      villages. This provides Tele-education at both Primary
      and Higher level educational Institutes.                      NIC has worked with the Ministry of External Affairs
      As a part of the project, state-of-the-art infrastructure     to computerize the entire process of issue of
      has been established at Warana. Satellite                     passports. Passports are issued at 30 Passport Offices
      communication and Wireless Linkages have been                 in the country and the subsequent services are also
      provided. All Business Centres are linked over high           rendered at 160 Indian Missions abroad. Generally
      speed wireless LAN (2Mbps). Facilitation booths               the Passport services are rendered either after the
      are available for the public.                                 Police clearance or after verifying at the office where
                                                                    the previous passport was issued. While providing
      A number of applications have been developed for the          the passport services the particulars of the applicant
      users. Some web based applications that can be                is also matched against various existing records.
      accessed by the villagers from facilitation booths include:
      Agricultural Schemes and Crop Technology
      Information System - the villagers can get a variety
      of information in the local language on agricultural
      schemes and crop technology.
      Procedural Information System - facilitates the
      user to submit the requests for various types of
      government certificates and licenses like Ration Card,
      Kerosene/ Gas licenses, etc at a 'single window' i.e.
      at one counter from where it is processed internally.
      Further, the villager can obtain the application form
      and a list of the documents that are to be submitted
      along with the application.
      Village Information System - provides the user
      details in the local language from Village Information
      Booths about the amenities and other facilities that          Passport seekers are at present required to travel
      are available at his/her village or nearby villages           long distances (sometimes beyond 400 kms) to
      such as the transport facilities (Bus/Railway), Medical       submit their applications and to know their application
      facilities, Health Services, Postal Services, Banks,          status. Long queues at passport Offices are a
      Co-operative Departments/ Stores.                             common scene. And often the passport Issuing
      Agriculture Produce Market Information System                 offices are surrounded by touts and unhelpful officials
      for Warana - displays the most recent market                  who harass the passport seeking public.
150     National Informatics Centre

                                                                 immediately in case of suspect passports. Earlier in
                                                                 such cases it would take several days to conclude.
                                                             A project of scanning over 30 Million Passport
                                                             Applications with 400 Million pages across the
                                                             country was completed recently. This is a step
                                                             towards more efficiency passport offices where often
                                                             huge loads of paper are stored and cannot be
                                                             retrieved. This has resulted in the following benefits:
                                                             q   Release of space in prime areas
                                                             q   File retrieval has become instantaneous
                                                             q   Avoids missing / destruction of evidence
                                                             q   Investigations regarding forgery of Passports have
                                                                 become possible without approaching the Passport
All the 30 passport offices in the country are not               Offices.
computerized. The computerization includes all the
operations from acceptance of the application to the         Presently the Indian Passport System is just a step
production of Machine Readable Passports. The                away from e-passport.
following are the major benefits due to the
computerization:                                             14.7 UTILITY MAPPING PROJECT

q   Instantaneous status enquiry through telephone           The problems of urban migration, congestion and
    and Internet, which avoids long distance travel          overloading of utilities in Delhi run parallel to those of
    and waiting in queue for many hours.                     any other large city in the world. In Delhi these
                                                             problems are compounded due to the fact that the
q   Some services are available across the counter,          city infrastructure has evolved over several hundred
    which takes earlier took several days.                   years. The network records have not been maintained
q   Various statistical reports simplifying the Monitoring   properly. The city administrators realized that
    System.                                                  conventional methods were not good enough for the
                                                             management of the utility networks. However, their
q   The elegant Machine Readable Passports results           first attempt to employ modern tools for managing
    in reduction of waiting time at National and             the utilities could not produce good results as the will
    International Immigration Counters.                      and resources required for creating a multi-disciplinary,
The main benefits to the citizen are quick acceptance        multi-dimensional database were missing.
of passports, remote acceptance; time bound                  The "Computer Aided Utility Mapping Project (Delhi)"
services, quick disposal of queries and, very                was initiated during 1998-1999 in the 9th five Year
importantly, web based and IVR based status queries          Plan. The objective was to create the large-scale
are possible.                                                digital maps on scale 1:1250 of Delhi City with
A central database with passport applicant details           utility network and related data about water, sewage,
including photographs has been created at New                electricity, gas etc. superimposed on them with the
Delhi. The database has over 60 Million records.             help of the utility agencies. NIC through the project
The access is provided to all passport Issuance              shall support software and hardware for utility
Authorities in India and abroad, Immigration                 mapping. The utility agencies are to create a district
authorities and other selected security agencies.            wise cell within the organization for using this facility.
The creation of this database has made for a                 The project provides excellent planning tools for
revolutionary change in the passport Issuance system         various local bodies. In addition the following benefits
resulting in the following major impact:                     are foreseen:
q   Relief for Indians to get passport services outside
                                                             q   Availability of integrated information of all the
    the country across the counter especially when
                                                                 underground utilities.
    they lose their passport. It used to take several
    days/ weeks, for that purpose.                           q   Better co-ordination of digging procedures.
q   Helps security agencies to detect fake passports         q   Detection of potential areas of water contamination
    without visiting individual passport offices.                i.e. proximity of the sewerage line to a leaking
                                                                 water network could cause water contamination.
q   Helps the passport holders as well as Immigration
    authorities to detain or release the passengers          q   Better protection of records from damage.

                                                                                             National Informatics Centre   151
Good Governance Through ICT

      q    Proper analysis and reanalysis of the water           as Global Positioning System (GPS), Photogrametry
           requirement and sewage load of the colonies of        and Geographic Information System (GIS) and is
           the city.                                             being implemented in India for the first time. NIC
                                                                 being the implementing agency had experimented
      q    Better tool for evaluation of alternatives.
                                                                 and perfected the technology during a pilot phase.
      q    Better planning and traffic load analysis.            The aerial photography of Delhi City was conducted
                                                                 in December 1992. Using photogrammetric technique,
      q    Avoid hit and trial method for locating utility
                                                                 aerial photographs in pairs (consecutive photographs)
                                                                 were used to form a three-dimensional model on
      q    Better preparedness for emergencies.                  analytical stereo plotter machine and operator
                                                                 compiled the digital maps manually.
      q    Better motivation among people working in the
           entire map related areas.                             Mapping of Utilities
      q    Easier leak detection and other fault detection by
                                                                 Water - Field survey of water lines for whole Delhi
           preparing history
                                                                 City, its field verification for correctness and entry
      q    Reduction in maintenance time                         into the computer system is completed. A Computer
                                                                 Cell has been created at Delhi Jal Board
      The basic objective of Government is to prepare            Headquarters 'Varunalaya'.
      and upgrade digital maps of utilities for Delhi to
      improve the efficiency of service. The scheme is           Electricity - Field survey of Extra High Tension
      useful for administration in sorting out the problems      (EHT) electricity lines of 33KV and above for whole
      of public and also contributing in the planning and        Delhi City, its field verification for correctness and
      developmental process.                                     entry into the computer system is completed.

      The main benefit this project is bound to bring, will be
      in terms of a changed work culture. However, once
      the system is established we see yearly savings of at
      least half that amount invested in the project in terms
      of time saving and accelerated disposal of
      breakdowns. In addition, once the cable records are
      available on the computer they can be shared with
      other utility organizations, to bring down the incidents
      of accidental cutting and damage to the cables. The
      most important part is that the paper has limited life.
      Also once the system is in place it will prove to be a
      boon to the planning department, as they will have
      most accurate data available for perspective planning.
      The intended beneficiaries of the project include
      Municipal Corporation of Delhi, New Delhi Municipal
      Corporation; Delhi Development Authority, Delhi Jal        Sewage - Field survey of sewage lines for the City,
      Board, Delhi Vidyut Board and its distribution setup,      its field verification for correctness and entry into
      Indraprastha Gas Limited, Mahanagar Telephone              the computer system is in progress.
      Nigam Limited, Trans Yamuna Development Board,
      Delhi Fire Services, Delhi Police, Delhi Metro Rail
      Corporation, Delhi Health Services, Delhi Transport
      Corporation, Centralized Accident and Trauma
      Services, Census Bureau Delhi.
      The major task was to acquire the expertise in the
      field of map making. People from various backgrounds
      such as mapping, civil engineering, computer science,
      town planning etc. were put together to work jointly
      for the project. Several training programmes were
      conducted to reorient their skills and a team capable
      of working in all facets of map making with various
      kind of tools was established.
      This project is based on the latest technology such

152       National Informatics Centre

Roads - For all mapped areas road network has              the authorized agencies. At the same time ensuring
been completed. Only attribute data is to be attached.     that the updating of basemap is made at the single
                                                           location. It is proposed to define a methodology for
Cable - Mapping and verification of telephone lines
                                                           the overall governance of the project for better
of MTNL and related data entry into the system is
                                                           decision making.
in progress. Reliance India Ltd. also started entering
their network and related data into the system.            The basemap layers will reside on the central server
TATA Cable network also started mapping of their           located at data centre. These layers will be provided
network and their data entry into the system.              to each user agency selectively in accordance with
Once the digital basemap exercise was completed,           their requirements in secured environment through a
a mechanism has been made for the dissemination            suite of GIS Software. The digital basemap layers
of the data to all the utility agencies of the city. To    shall be visible to all the users in secured environment.
achieve this a Metropolitan Area Network connecting        Each utility agency will generate its own utility data in
all utility agencies with a data centre through 2          separate layers and share some of the layers for
Mbps leased lines provided by local telecom vendor         viewing only. These utility layers (to be shared) will
is established. This data centre can be used for the       also reside on the data centre server so as to make
storing, updating and organizing the digital basemap.      accessible to all the other agencies.
The utility agencies will be responsible for collecting,   The Central Government in its National Common
organizing and using the respective utility data.          Minimum Programme has included National Urban
This data can be posted in the central server at           Renewal as a mission mode project. In the Union
data centre and superimposed on the basemap. At            Budget 2005-2006, seven mega cities are to be
the same time they can preserve this data at their         covered and an outlay of Rs. 5500 crore has been
location as well. The availability of a common             made. With this in mind, the Planning Commission
basemap data at single location (i.e. data centre at       has initiated this project "Computer Aided Utility
the nodal agency of the city) is important to ensure       Mapping Project" for use in the cities of Ahmedabad,
ready and seamless access to basemap data by               Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai. ❖

                                                                                          National Informatics Centre   153

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