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									                                      Enterprise Solutions
                                       THE enterprise university OPEN to individuals and business

“Our region is a UK leader in
innovation and business success.
Together, we can ensure we build on
this foundation for a great future.”
Professor Wendy Purcell
Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive
University of Plymouth
                                   “At	the	University	of	Plymouth	we	pride	ourselves	on	our	national	
                                   and international reputation for excellence in teaching, research
                                   and enterprise. We are committed to leading the knowledge
                                   economy for our city, region and beyond. We are embracing an
                                   enterprise-led approach and shaping our organisation to be more
                                   customer-focused, making it easier for you to access the support
                                   you need, when you need it. We are working with government
                                   departments looking for ways we can support individuals and
      The University of Plymouth   businesses in these difficult economic times and help them to

  Leading and
                                   position themselves for the anticipated upturn.
                                   The University of Plymouth was cited as an example of good
                                   practice in a recent national government publication and features

supporting the
                                   prominently on the regional website.
                                   Our case studies show how, through their work with University of
                                   Plymouth academics, businesses across a wide range of sectors
                                   have applied new technology, cut costs and increased their market

        region                     share to become more profitable. Plymouth has an excellent track
                                   record for partnership funding proposals and one of our Knowledge
                                   Transfer Partnerships (KTP) with GOSS Interactive is nominated for
                                   best project in the UK, having won the “Best KTP in the South West
                                   2008	Award”.
                                   This brochure highlights a variety of ways that the university
                                   can help and support individuals and businesses in the greater
                                   Plymouth area and throughout the South West region. Together,
                                   we can invest in our shared future and build economic prosperity
                                   and social inclusion through partnership. To access our wide variety
                                   of services and support, and tell us more about what we can do for
                                   you, simply contact us at We
                                   are also keen to hear more about your immediate and longer-term
                                   needs and assure you that we will look to respond to them. Our
                                   region is a UK leader in innovation and business success. Together,
                                   we can ensure we build on this foundation to enhance business
                                   competitiveness, build skills and ensure a great future for all.”
                                   Professor Wendy Purcell
                                   Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive
Tailored packages                                                         For businesses and organisations we offer:
The University of Plymouth, the enterprise university, is a               •	 expertise	of	over	800	leading	academics	and	specialist		
dynamic and ambitious institution. By encouraging and                        technical staff across a range of disciplines
promoting entrepreneurship and enterprise through accredited
work experience, placements and volunteering we are                       •	 access	to	world-class	laboratories,	workshops	and	
delivering a first class experience to our students. With a core             state-of-the-art equipment at competitive partnership rates
belief in widening participation and nurturing talent, we have            •	 use	of	specialist	meeting	and	conference	facilities	with	tailored		
embedded innovation and creativity at the heart of all our                   packages and event management support
activities. We can tailor-make our support packages to meet
your individual needs from training and education courses to              •	 access	to	support	and	advice	on	how	to	protect,	license	and		
develop higher level skills, to applying research solutions to               turn good ideas into profitable business ventures
business problems. The following are some examples of what                •	 practical	events	and	enterprise	workshops	to	help	local		
we are already doing ...                                                     entrepreneurs take their ideas to market
Skills and training:                                                      •	 access	to	funding	to	help	support	strategic	developments		
                                                                             through Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP); we are one of
•	 our	courses	are	available	to	local	people	on	a	flexible,	part-time		
                                                                             the UK’s most successful providers of KTP
   and modular basis
                                                                          •	 free	advertising	of	job	vacancies,	whether	short	or	long	term,		
•	 employers	and	employees	can	access	accredited	continuous		
                                                                             full or part time, on our job vacancy site Gradsouthwest,
   professional development programmes
                                                                             reaching more than 25,000 highly skilled and qualified
•	 our	degree-level	courses	are	available	across	Devon	and		                 jobseekers
   Cornwall, delivered by our network of partner institutions,
                                                                          •	 support	with	recruiting	students	and	graduates,	whether	for		
   making it easy to study as locally as possible
                                                                             a short one-off task or a longer term project
•	 all	of	our	courses	are	kept	up	to	date	by	industry	and		 	
                                                                          •	 opportunities	to	meet	prospective	recruits	on	campus	through		
   professional advisory panels, ensuring that our graduates
                                                                             careers fairs, making presentations or using our interview facilities
   acquire the most relevant knowledge and skills
                                                                          •	 access	to	impartial	and	robust	business	and	market	intelligence		
                                                                             to assist with strategy and policy development through SERIO,
                                                                             our Socio-Economic Research and Intelligence Observatory
                                                                          •	 delivery	of	bespoke	organizational	performance	improvement		
                                                                             solutions - consultancy, executive coaching and leadership
                                                                             development from 1 day events to Masters programmes -
                                                                          	 through	CLOE,	our	Centre	of	Leadership	and	Organizational		
For students:                                                             For the community we offer:
•	 we	ensure	that	our	students	focus	on	their	careers	from	day            •	 a	stimulating	and	varied	programme	of	public	lectures	and		
   one, providing opportunities for them to acquire the transferable         cultural events, open to all – at no cost or for a nominal fee
   skills they will need to move successfully into the world of work      •	 help	to	those	wishing	to	start	their	own	businesses,	by	providing		
•	 we	provide	accredited	work	placements	and	a	wide	range	of		               professional advice and support on ‘how to spot an opportunity’
   employment and volunteering opportunities                                 and develop it into a viable business
•	 we	help	our	students	to	find	graduate-level	opportunities		            •	 free	business	advice	from	university	experts,	local	accountancy		
   when they leave, ranging from careers information and                     firms, patent attorneys and intellectual property specialists
   guidance to job vacancies advertised on Gradsouthwest and                 through monthly ‘One Stop Shop’ “drop in” sessions
   access to our own graduate employment programmes                       •	 support	for	groups	undertaking	local	research,	from		
   offered with local businesses and organisations                           geo-environmental assessments to understanding the provision
•	 we	support	our	students	to	take	part	in	(and	win!)	national		             of legal advice for gypsies and travellers, and predicting and
   enterprise events such as FLUX – a competition for students run           improving satisfaction in volunteering
   along the lines of the ‘Dragon’s Den’                                  •	 initiatives	and	events,	provided	with	partners	such	as	Business		
•	 we	offer	enterprise	scholarships	for	students	to	help	them		              Link and the Learning Skills Council, specifically addressing the
   develop their innovative and entrepreneurial ideas at university          economic downturn, including leadership development training
                                                                             for leading in challenging economic times
For graduates we offer:
•	 careers	information,	advice	and	guidance,	face-to-face	and	              Case Study:
   via email                                                                Award-winning Knowledge Transfer Partnership
•	 access	to	job	opportunities,	local	and	national,	on	Gradsouthwest		      GOSS Interactive based at the Tamar Science Park in Plymouth
   and information on other sources of job vacancies on the Careers         started a KTP with the University of Plymouth in 2005. This
   Service website, including subject-specific sources                      resulted in a PhD graduate working within the business to
•	 continuing	professional	development	opportunities	and	careers		          develop a software tool that classifies electronic media by
   events specifically for graduates, all advertised on Gradsouthwest       analysing their textual contents to identify what they are about
                                                                            (or their main topics or main subjects). This tool helps automate
•	 discounts	on	further	study	for	part-time	and	full-time	courses
                                                                            a number of operations that used to be performed manually
•	 a	range	of	local	and	regional	graduate	employment		     	                costing clients of GOSS time and money. Working with the
   opportunities, supported by the university, from two weeks to            University of Plymouth through the KTP has meant that GOSS
   three years                                                              has been able to launch the new automatic classification facility
•	 practical	support	for	those	wishing	to	launch	their	own		 	              a year earlier than it had planned. Because of the technological
   businesses, including help with accessing start up premises such         advances, the company has seen an increase in sales of five per
   as Formation Zone                                                        cent with an overall improvement in operations of 13 per cent.
                                                                            GOSS employ a number of University of Plymouth students and
•	 automatic	membership	of	our	Alumni	Association,	with			
                                                                            graduates, and regularly work with academic staff on curriculum
   networking events, to help our alumni stay in touch with old
                                                                            and programme development.
   friends and access future opportunities

...want to know more?                                                     The university is committed to providing
If you are interested in finding out more about any of these enterprise   information in accessible formats. If you
solutions – or have your own ideas for how the enterprise university
can help you, please contact our Business Enquiry Service on:
                                                                          require this publication in an alternative
                                                                          format, please contact the Marketing &
0800 052 5600                                                             Communications Directorate on
                                                                          +44 (0)1752 588000.

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