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                                       Software Firewall UTM System

Key Features                           The Software Unified Threat Management Alternative
GB-Ware                                GB-Ware Software Firewall UTM System is GTA’s most flexible product offering - a total gateway perimeter
»   Comprehensive Software             solution that can be installed on hardware of your choosing. With the operating system integrated in the
    Firewall UTM System                firewall UTM software, the security risks normally inherent in operating systems are eliminated. Installation
»   Virtualized GB-Ware Support        and configuration are simple with no concerns about OS hardening techniques or tracking new security risks.
»   User Selectable Hardware           The GB-OS system software is installed on your choice of IDE or SATA controlled storage devices – both hard
                                       disk drives and CompactFlash media are supported. Powered by GB-OS system software, GB-Ware includes
»   Powerful Traffic Management
                                       advanced features such as Dynamic Gateway Architecture and Gateway Sentinel. Dynamic Gateway Architectures
»   Flexible Implementation
                                       allows GB-Ware systems to be customized to fit nearly any network design from simple plug-and-play to
»   IPSec VPN
                                       utilizing advanced configuration and routing features such as load balancing and gateway failover for up to
»                 Management
    UTM ThreatTrue Gigabit perfor-
       IPS                             six gateways. Gateway Sentinel, GTA’s suite of threat management products and services, includes a robust
       Anti-Virus                      intrusion prevention system, Internet content filtering and email proxy with basic email filtering. Expanding the
         »      Unrestricted concur-
         rent users                    UTM features is easy and affordable with Mail Sentinel Anti-Virus, Mail Sentinel Anti-Spam and Surf Sentinel URL
       URL filtering
         »      Expandable up to 12    content filtering. GB-Ware’s base configuration for 10 or unrestricted users allows system integrators to easily
»   Supports up to 20 NICs
         interfaces                    design a firewall UTM system that meets their customer’s needs. GB-Ware meets ICSA 4.1 Corporate criteria.
»        (10 Ethernet Support
    Gigabit of which can be Gigabit)
»   Available in 10 or Unrestricted
         »                             Comprehensive Feature Set                                         Proven Technology
    User Configurations
                                       GB-Ware Firewall UTM Systems’ advanced features                    GTA’s GB-OS Firewall UTM operating system
»   ICSA 4.1 Corporate Certified
»   Supports Hardware VPN              include multi-WAN failover, load sharing, policy based             has been evolving since its introduction in
    Acceleration                       traffic management, and dynamic routing options                    1994. Selected around the globe by thousands
                                       such as routing based on policy, source, protocol or               of corporations large and small, GB-OS system
                                       ports. These flexible routing features provide business            software meets ICSA stringent 4.1 corporate
                                       continuity by assuring network up-time. Perimeter                  criteria for Internet security firewalls.
                                       threat management includes IPS, DoS, DDoS, anti-
                                       virus, anti-spam and URL filtering. Full interoperability          UTM Features
                                       with other GTA firewalls make it a snap to implement               Unlock the GB-Ware Software Firewall UTM System’s
                                       site-to-site IPSec VPN tunnels to branch offices                   full UTM capabilities with the following features:
                                       that have installed GTA Firewall UTM Appliances.
                                       When your network demands the ease-of use of an                    » Intrusion Prevention System
                                       appliance combined with the power and flexibility of                 GTA’s IPS compares data packets to over 4000
                                       a software firewall, GB-Ware is the ideal solution.                  signature-based policy definitions to recognize
                                                                                                            attacks and protect against network anomalies.
                                       Virtualized GB-Ware                                                  IPS carefully analyzes traffic and automatically
                                       Installation of a Virtualized GB-Ware Software Firewall              blocks attacks before they can reach the network.
                                       UTM system expands on the implementation options                   » Mail Sentinel Anti-Virus
                                       available for GTA systems. Support of GB-Ware running                The Mail Sentinel Anti-Virus option provides real-
                                       on a VMWare system or Citrix XenServer is included                   time virus and malware scanning of email against
                                       in GB-OS 5.1. Customers operating Virtual Machine                    a database of nearly 100,000 virus definitions.
                                       (VM) hosts can now run both their GB-Ware firewall
                                       and network services on the same hardware.                         » Mail Sentinel Anti-Spam
                                                                                                            Mail Sentinel Anti-Spam subscription option,
                                       Expandability                                                        powered by MailShell’s multi-level anti-spam
                                       GB-Ware, available in either 10 users or unrestricted                technology, offers customizable spam blocking
                                       users, runs on your choice of hardware – 486 CPU                     and filtering for the GB-Ware’s email proxy.
                                       or better – and includes support for hundreds of
                                       Ethernet cards, including Gigabit Ethernet. User                   » Surf Sentinel
                                       counts can be incrementally increased through                        Surf Sentinel content filtering subscription
                                       purchase of activation codes. With support for                       option allows organizations to increase
                                       Gigabit Ethernet, 10/100 Ethernet, and PPP/PPPoE                     productivity and reduce liability by limiting
                                       you decide what type of network connectivity                         access to unproductive or inappropriate Web
                                       best suits your needs. Need more ports? Simply                       sites based on over 70 category ratings.
                                       purchase the Multi-Interface Option to support
                                       up to twenty total network interfaces.
                                                                                                   Product Part Numbers                                                                               GB-Ware 10 Users                         FSP235-0010-00000
                                                                                                   GB-Ware Unrestricted Users               FSP235-9999-00000
Recommended GB-Ware System Requirements                                                           Recommended Virtualized GB-Ware System Requirements

 CPU                                                          Pentium-class processor               Virtual RAM                                                                                             512 MB
 RAM                                                                             512 MB             Virtual Hard Disk Space                                                                                   1 GB
 HDD/CF Card                                   2 GB (or higher) HDD or GTA certified                Virtual NICs                                                                                            Two (2)
                                                                 Compact Flash card
 NICs                                                                            Two (2)          Supported VM Hosts:
 Serial (RS-232/COM) Port                                                        One (1)              • VMWare
 USB Port                                                                        One (1)              • XenServer

 CD-ROM                                                                          One (1)

 Video Card (VGA)                                                                One (1)

 Keyboard                                                                        One (1)

 Available PCI Slots               One (1), if installing GTA VPN Acceleration Card

Firewall Modes & System Features                               VPN                                                                  Mail Sentinel Anti-Virus
 128,000 Concurrent Connections (unrestricted users)             IPSec VPN                                                            Automatic Virus Definition Updates
 2,000 Concurrent Connections (10 users)                         Included GTA Mobile VPN Client License                               Block Email by File Size
 Unrestricted Allowed Hosts                                      Encryption - DES, 3DES, AES, Blowfish and Camellia                   Reject or Quarantine Virus Email
 NAT / PAT                                                       Authentication - SHA-1, SHA-2, MD5                                   Subject Line Tagging of Virus Email
 Interface Bridging                                              VPN Certificate or Pre-shared Secret Authentication
                                                                                                                                    Mail Sentinel Anti-Spam Subscription Option
 IP Aliasing                                                     Hub and Spoke VPN Support
                                                                                                                                      Multiple Category Rating System
 Stateful Packet Inspection                                      Manual Key and Auto IKE
                                                                                                                                      Subject Line Tagging by Category
 Stealth Mode                                                    Aggressive Mode
                                                                                                                                      Reject or Quarantine by Category
 Time-based Policies                                             NAT Through VPN
                                                                                                                                      User-defined White and Black Lists
 Static Routing
                                                               Traffic Management                                                     Greylisting
 Configuration Objects
                                                                 Traffic Shaping                                                      Automatic Rule Updates
 Installment on VM (Virtual Machines)
                                                                         ,    ,
                                                                    BGP OSPF RIP v1, v2
                                                                                                                                    Surf Sentinel Subscription Option
 Networking & Connectivity Features                              Policy Based Routing
                                                                                                                                      70+ Category Ratings
 Dynamic Gateway Architecture                                       Source, Destination, Port and Address
                                                                                                                                      Automatic URL Catalog Updates
 Gateway Failover Selector                                       Bandwidth Management
    Multiple WAN Link Support                                                                                                       Certifications and Compliance
                                                               URL Content Filtering
 Gateway Selector                                                                                                                     ICSA Corporate 4.1 Certification
                                                                 Local Content Lists
 Load Balancing
                                                                 Access Control Lists
                                                                 Time Based Policies                                                   Optional Features
                                                                 Block Java, JavaScript and ActiveX                                    GTA VPN Acceleration Card
 PPTP Client
 DHCP Client                                                   Firewall Management                                                     The GTA VPN Acceleration Card off-loads
                                                                                                                                       the processing of time-consuming encryption
 ISDN Support                                                    Web and Console User Interfaces
                                                                                                                                       algorithms that can impact system performance
 Async Modem                                                     GB Commander Support
                                                                                                                                       by freeing up the host processor to perform
 USB GSM Modem                                                   Multi-Language Support                                                primary tasks more efficiently. The GTA VPN
 PAP / CHAP Authentication                                       SSL Secure Remote Management                                          Acceleration Card is installed in an available PCI
 VLAN                                                            Multiple Administrative Accounts                                      slot. The GTA VPN Acceleration Card requires the
                                                                 Configuration Verification                                            VPN Acceleration Option, available separately.
                                                                 System Software Rollback
 Network Time Service                                                                                                                  Multi-Interface Option
                                                                 Automatic System Updates
 DHCP Server                                                                                                                           The Multi-Interface Option provides
 Dynamic DNS                                                   User Authentication                                                     support for up to 20 total interfaces.
 DNS Proxy                                                       Firewall Authentication with GBAuth, LDAP & RADIUS
 SMTP Email Proxy                                                IPSec VPN Authentication
 Multiple Email Domains Supported                                Active Directory Single Sign On

 HTTP Proxy
                                                               Intrusion & DoS Prevention
   Traditional and Transparent                                                                                                                                         Mail Sentinel
                                                                                                                                                                       Global Technology Associates, Inc.

                                                                 Customizable IPS Policies
Logging & Monitoring                                             Alarm Coalescing
 WELF Formatted Remote Logging to GTASyslog                      IP Spoofing Protection
                                                                                                                                    3505 Lake Lynda Drive,                    Tel: +1.407.380.0220
 SNMP Management Viewing                                         DoS Prevention and Alerting
 Active Status                                                   Customizable Alarm Thresholds                                      Suite 109                                 Fax: +1.407.380.6080
 GB Commander and GTA Reporting Suite Support                    Email and SMS Alarm Notifications                                  Orlando, FL 32817 USA                     Email:

                                    ‘GB-OS’, ‘Surf Sentinel’, ‘Mail Sentinel’ and ‘GB-Ware’ are registered trademarks of Global Technology Associates, Incorporated. ‘GB Commander’ is a trademark of
                                    Global Technology Associates, Incorporated. ‘Global Technology Associates’ and ‘GTA’ are service marks of Global Technology Associates, Incorporated.
                                    Features and specifications subject to change.
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