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									                                                          Zwartkops Trust
                                                            Enviro News                                                   4th Quarter

                                           Pollution in the Swartkops River
Thanks to                              2
                                           The recent disastrous sewage       24 Mℓ per day — which is        ent quality into the Swart-
Buy Back Center                        2   spill (September 2009) from        sufficient to manage the        kops River and additional
                                           the Uitenhage Kelvin Jones         Metro’s wastewater treat-       treatment capacity will be
Marine Week                            2   Waste Water Treatment              ment requirements in the        available to support this
Field Guide                            3
                                           Works (KJ WWTW), that led          Uitenhage area for the fore-    rapidly developing area’.”
                                           to a massive fish kill all along   seeable future.
                                           the Swartkops River as far as
Odd Bits and Pieces                    3   Despatch, got major local and      Shortly before this contract
                                           national coverage and yet has      was awarded to SSI, the De-
Bait Situation                         4
                                           yet to elicit an explanatory       partment of Water Affairs
                                           response from the NMB              and Forestry (DWAF) prom-
                                                                              ulgated new effluent stan-
                                           metro.                             dards for the Swartkops
                                           There appears to be no ex-         River catchment to improve
 Upcoming Events:                          cuse for a spillage of this size   water quality. The new regu-
                                           because the KJWWTW was             lations limited phosphorous
                                           upgraded at a cost of R21.5m       concentration to 1mg/ℓ and
 12 – 17 October - Marine
                                           in 2008 and, according to the      nitrogen to 15 mg/ℓ in the
 Week at Samrec,
                                           contractors (www.ssi-              final effluent.
 Next to Pine Lodge. School kids
 come during the week & Sat 17th is;                          Spokesperson for Nelson
 open day when the public can come         “the existing plant reached        Mandela Bay Municipality,
 9 – 13hoo (ZT is teaching about           full capacity in 2000 and the      Anderson Mancotywa, Assis-
 estuaries.)                               municipality subsequently ap-      tant Director – Wastewater
                                           proved its extension through a     Treatment adds: ‘The up-
 Mon 26 October - Green                    new 10 Mℓ/day module. This         graded plant will ensure the
                                           brings the total capacity up to    discharge of improved efflu-      Hugh Laue with dead fish
 Prawns outing to Redhouse.
  Meet 9am at ZRC Redhouse for a
 walk along the Swartkops. Tea & a                                                                             Above Cont page 3
 chat afterwards. Phone Phyllis for
 more info on 041-4660165.
                                           THE “GREEN PRAWNS”
                                           DID IT ON THE BEACH (THIS TIME!)                                    Bellow Cont page 2
 Sun 15 November - Beach
 walk to Coega.                            By Phyllis Magda, PRO, and         took off at a clip on the       ber 1817. “The interest-
 Or as far as you can. Meet at BWB         general dogs-body of Zwart-        newly completed cycle track     ing part is that the captain
 swimming beach at 9.                      kops Trust                         towards the reed dam            of The Amsterdam ran the
 NB this is a change of date as the                                           where our Jenny excitedly       ship aground deliberately
 tide was wrong for the previous           The advertisements in the          pointed everyone’s gaze         in order to save those on
 date which was 7/11.                      newspapers and various pub-        towards the bright red          board. Of course, what
                                           lications alerting the public      plumage of some resident        was left of wreck was re-
 Mon. 16th November -
                                           to the second Green Prawns         red bishops and one of the      cently buried by the Metro
 Green Prawns outing
                                           fun event called for               most gorgeous of our water-
                                           “housewives, househusbands,        loving feathered friends, the
 Contact Phyllis for details on 041-       retirees, and anyone who can
                                           swing a cane at cat”. And          grey heron. What a treat!
                                           that is exactly who turned up      Next followed a crossing
 Tues 15th December -                      for the next fun walk - all        over the sand dunes for a
 Snare hunt                                twenty-odd of us, canes and        let’s-get-acquainted-with-
  School holiday Snare hunt. Meet at       all!                               each-other stroll along the
 BWB tennis courts @ 8:30 with
 wire cutters. Wear old clothes +                                             azure blue waters of our
 bring water. Sweets & cold drinks &
                                           This time the walk started off     very own Bluewater Bay
 prizes terwards.                          at the home of Jenny Rump,         beach for a kilometre or
                                           Zwartkops Trust’s intrepid         two up to the place where
                                           and well known Environ-            the ship, The Amsterdam
                                           mental Manager, ably as-           was wrecked on 16 Decem-         Green Prawns Group Photo
                                           sisted by yours truly, and
                                                                                                                                                                     Page 3

      The next Green Prawns outing will be 26 OCTOBER at 9am at ZRC (Zwartkops Rowing Club), RED-
      HOUSE, from where we’ll explore the beautiful Tow Path. Please bring R4 !


      ALL WELCOME             !!                         DON’T MISS OUT !!

      For more info, please call Phyllis at 041-4660165 or 0722077005

Cont from page 1                                           Pollution in the Swartkops River
This event highlights a major compli-                   coastline is ribbon housing develop-                    some say in how the water resources
ance problem regarding proper op-                       ment. A report in The Citizen quoted                    of the Swartkops are managed. Al-
eration and maintenance of sewer-                       Professor Janine Adams, of the Nel-                     though there are some positive
age works in the Eastern Cape and                       son Mandela University, who said of                     moves such as the development of a
Nationally.                                             SA's 256 estuaries, about half were                     Zwartkops estuary management
                                                        still in what could be described as a                   plan, and a rehabilitation plan for the
In April this year at at a                              good condition. 'Removing estuarine                     Swartkops that will hopefully deal
“Implementing Water Allocations”                        habitat to make room for develop-                       with some of the worst problems,
conference in Port Elizabeth the                        ment is the big immediate threat.                       there is much money an effort being
Water Research Commission said                          We have a lot of local municipalities                   wasted in treating the symptoms of
that many of SA's rivers, especially                    that have to make money, and they
those passing through urban areas,                                                                              pollution rather than the causes.
                                                        pass development plans that should
are continuing to deteriorate. WRC                      never have got through the system
director for water-linked ecosys-
tems, Steve Mitchell, suggested                         at all.’
there was a lack of political will to                   The Zwartkops trust is looking to
tackle the problem. The greatest                        form a Water Users Association,
threat to the many scenic, species-                     authorised by the Department of
rich estuaries strung along SA's                        Water Affairs, that would have

“Swartkops Field Guide” A guide to the
Fauna & Flora of the estuary and surrounds
Jenny Rump has been working hard                       for teachers. ZT & WESSA will be                           Snares found during a ZT organized
on a 20 page booklet commis-                           re printing the “Selection of Plant
sioned by WESSA for the Swart-                         Found in the Swartkops Valley                                          Snare hunt
kops Estuary & the 2 local reserves.                   Bushveld” for school use.
For Learners.
                                                       All these should do a great
Both WESSA and the Trust will be                       deal in the deducation of our
able to sell copies which will be                      youth.
available to members soon.
                                                        Congratulations to Jenny Rump
Jenny has also compiled teaching
notes on the estuary and reserves                       on winning the Environmental
                                                          Citizen of the year award                  Snare Hunters enjoying coldrinks supplied
                                                                                                              by Coca-Cola Fortune

                                                                 Intertidal Saltmarsh DID YOU KNOW...
     “The Swartkops Estuary has the third largest area of saltmarsh in the country. Cord grass (Spartina maritima) is the most abundant (50%) of the saltmarsh
  plants in the estuary. It is found from the mid-tide level and is succeeded up the tidal gradient by several species including Sarcocornia perennis, Chenolea diffusa
                                                                        and Limonium linifolium.”

  The area covered by intertidal saltmarsh prior to any development has been estimated at 215 hectares, however since then large areas of moslty supratidal marsh
                                               have been destroyed and approximately 166 hectares remains to this day.

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