Using ICT to Enhance Teaching and Learning

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					Using ICT to Enhance Teaching
         and Learning
        November 2006
What will your audience be like?

Will they know:
• Microsoft Word
• Windows/Mac
• PowerPoint
• Internet
• Interactive whiteboard?
Session activity 1:

In your experience has the use of ICT:
• Helped children make better progress towards
  achieving the learning objectives?
• Affected children’s motivation, interest and time spent
  on task?
• If yes, how did ICT contribute to learning?
• If no, why?

      Add images, clipart and photos.

      Add sound
Interactive whiteboard




• Whole class can interact
• Websites
• Highlight and annotate work
• Share work
• Exciting and motivating games and

Activity 2
• Choose one of the activities using the
IWB. How would you involve the whole
class in the activity?
•How could you use the whiteboard to help
children Write simple words and phrases
using the a model and some words from
memory? ( L4.4)
Activity 3
• Discuss language teaching you have
  seen using a IWB
• Draw up a list of Do’s and Don’t’s for
  effective teaching using the IWB.
The Internet
• Websites
  – Linguistic development
  – Professional development
  – Intercultural understanding
  – Resources
  – Independent learning
• Film trailers
• Travel sites
Email and videoconferencing

•   Pen pals
•   School links
•   Secondary schools links
•   ICT curriculum Y3
Developing and practising literacy skills

• Which language will they write in?
•   How often?
•   Individual/pairs/groups
•   MSN
•   Focus of emails

 Video-conferencing enables one set of people to see
 and hear people in a different location. It brings the
 world into the classroom, enabling pupils to speak
 directly to their peers and to experts around the
 world. When used effectively the technology
 becomes invisible and provides a powerful learning
 Devon County Council 2004
Video-conferencing provides
opportunities to:
• Hear excellent pronunciation
• Think about their lives and lives of
• Practise speaking and listening skills in
  English and the target language
• Practise presentation skills
• Develop and use ICT skills – including
  digital cameras, digiblues, PowerPoint
Activity 5

 Discuss some activities that would be
 appropriate for a video-conference.
Microsoft PhotoStory

 Enable children to use photos and
 sound to create their own stories.

 Enables animations and videos to be
 made which encourage speaking and
 listening skills.

• Makes a small book BIG
• Avoids copyright issues
• Celebrate children’s work