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					Anti-Virus Software provides multiple detection engines., MicroWorld Technologies,                            

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                                                                                                                                                                                                           Nov 12, 2010
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                             Anti-Virus Software provides multiple detection engines.
  Adhesives and Sealants     November 11, 2010 - Suited for both novices and experts, eScan 11 protects users from phishing attacks while surfacing Web and includes malicious
  Agricultural and Farming   URL filtering, which blocks access to harmful websites/URLs and prevents infections from drive-by downloads. Content Security and Parental Control helps
                             block objectionable content, while Virtual Keyboard serves as precaution against keyloggers. With self-protection features, program cannot be disabled by
  Architectural and Civil
  Engineering Products
  Automatic ID
  Chemical Processing and
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  Waste Management                                                                    MicroWorld Technologies, Inc.
                                      Hello and Welcome!                              33045 Hamilton Court East, Suite 105                                                         contact
  Cleaning Products and
                                                                                      Detroit, MI, 48334, USA
  Equipment                        A Quick question, please?                                                                                                                       information.

  Communication Systems
  and Equipment                      Were you aware of this company or its            eScan Launches Feature-Rich, User-Friendly Version of Anti-Virus and
  Computer Hardware and
                                    products before seeing this new product           Content Security Solution Targeting Next Generation of Threats and New
                                     announcement or company news item?
                                                                                      User Needs
  Construction Equipment                           Yes         No
  and Supplies
  Controls and Controllers                                                            eScan 11 includes advanced weapons against highly-evolved threats as well as breakthrough interface
  Display and Presentation     See related product stories                            and support offerings for users ranging from novices to experts
                                Data Security Software provides data protection
  Electrical Equipment and      and key management.
                                                                                      MUMBAI, India and FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich., -- eScan, a leading provider of real-time anti-virus and
  Systems                       Electonic Signaure Solution allows straight-through
                                processing.                                           content security solutions, today announced the launch of eScan 11, a more feature-rich, user-friendly
  Electronic Components
  and Devices                   Data Protection Management Software optimizes         version of its next generation information security solution.
                                trend analysis.
  Explosives, Armaments
                                Data Protection Software targets private clouds.      eScan 11 includes a new interface and additional support offerings that is designed to accommodate any
  and Weaponry
                                PC Antivirus Software is offered as cloud-based       user - from novice to expert to gamers and other users with unique needs. eScan 11's user interface
  Fasteners and Hardware
  Fluid and Gas Flow                                                                  represents a breakthrough in security solutions, offering users innovative, state-of-the-art design
  Equipment                    See more product news in:                              concepts and interface technologies seen in recently-introduced hardware, software and services, but,
  Food Processing and           Software                                              until now, not in the security market.
Anti-Virus Software provides multiple detection engines., MicroWorld Technologies,                                  
  Health, Medical and
  Dental Supplies and
                                                                                              eScan 11 also features malicious URL filtering which will block access of users to harmful websites/URLs
                              Tools for you
  Equipment                                                                                   and prevent infections from "drive-by downloads" - socially-engineered malware that evades traditional
  HVAC                                                                                        security programs by using web page download links to quickly deliver a dangerous payload. These and
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  Labels, Tags, Signage                                                                       other new features - together with eScan 11's multiple detection engines - are designed to ensure
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  and Equipment                                                                               complete security for current and next generation threats.
  Laboratory and Research      Print This Page                 E-Mail Story
  Supplies and Equipment       Watch_Company                   Save Story                     A leading security solution in India and other worldwide markets, eScan has been enhanced for regions
  Lubricants                   View Company Profile                                           like the US, where there is new generation of threats and a new generation of users.
  Machinery and Machining      Company web site
                               More news from this company                                    "eScan 11 addresses today's new security priorities with a comprehensive anti-virus, anti-spam and
  Material Handling and
                                                                              Advertisement   content security solution that is not only equipped to provide zero-day protection, but is also designed
                                                                                              with the diverse requirements and sophistication of today's users in mind," said Govind Rammurthy,
  Materials and Material
                                                                                              eScan CEO and managing director. "eScan 11 is unique in that it is both feature-rich and user-friendly,
                                                                                              making this an effective and practical weapon against viruses, spyware, keyloggers, hackers, spam and
  Mechanical Components
  and Assemblies                                                                              other malicious internet threats, including new, more stealthy 'drive-by downloads' techniques."
  Mechanical Power
  Transmission                                                                                "In the US in particular, the evolution of security threats and the changing needs of a growing base of
  Mining, Oil Drilling &                                                                      users demand a new approach to protection, and eScan builds on its history as a security technology
  Refining                                                                                    leader to address these new realities," said eScan COO, Rohini Sonawane. "For eScan 11, we analyzed
  Mounting and Attaching                                                                      the most recent attack vectors and methods of future breeds of malware and incorporated new
                                                                                              technologies that can counter them. And while eScan 11 provides multi-layered protection, it utilizes
  Non-Industrial Products
                                                                                              very low memory and system resources so that system speed is not compromised."
  Optics and Photonics
  Packaging Products &
                                                                                              Features new to eScan 11 include:
  Paints and Coatings
                                                                                              -- Malicious URL filtering - Blocks user access to malicious websites/URLs and prevents infections from
  Plant Furnishings and
                                                                                              "drive-by downloads."
  Portable Tools              More Tools and information
                              Search for suppliers of                                         -- Whitelisting - Increases performance by utilizing lower system resources as well as to eliminate
  Printing and Duplicating
  Equipment                    Anti-Virus Software                                            accidental false positives. eScan updates its Whitelist database on a periodic basis.
  Retail and Sales             Data Security Software
  Equipment                   Join the forum discussion at:                                   -- Rescue CD - Enables users to download an ISO file from which they can create an installation/ rescue
  Robotics                      Engineers Lounge                                              CD. This Rescue CD - which can be used to boot the PC from the CD in order to clean an infected
                                                                                                                                                                                                               "Click here for a FREE
  Safety and Security         Newsletters                                                     computer -- is available on the same page as that of the trial version.                                         Fairloc catalog D242 or
  Equipment                                                                                                                                                                                                   download from the web."
                                Your Gateway to a Fast Changing World
  Sensors, Monitors and
                                        Product News Alerts                                   -- Content Security and Parental Control - Helps users block objectionable content and harmful Web
  Transducers                                                                                 sites.
  Services                                           Receive similar stories and
  Software                                           other customized news to                 -- Web Anti-Phishing - Protects users from phishing attacks while surfing the Web
                                                     keep you in the know on the
  Test and Measuring
                                                     products shaping industry.
                                                                                              -- Virtual Keyboard - Serves as a precaution against keyloggers. This keyboard can be used while typing
  Textile Industry Products
                                                                                              sensitive information, such as banking passwords or credit card numbers.
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  Thermal and Heating
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                                                                                              -- Folder and Files Security - Allows users to lock specific files and folders so that network users or local
  Timers and Clocks
                                                                                              users cannot modify, delete or rename them.
Anti-Virus Software provides multiple detection engines., MicroWorld Technologies,                              
  Transportation Industry
  Products                              Industry Market Trends
                                                                                       -- Advanced Self-Protection Features - Prevents new generation malware from disabling eScan real-time
  Vision Systems                               Has Got It
                                                                                       protection on a user's computer.
  Waste Handling
                                  Latest developments                                  eScan 11 also comes with a Gaming Mode that ensures uninterrupted Gaming experience and a Laptop
  Welding Equipment and
  Supplies                                                                             Mode feature that provides unmitigated battery time on laptops.
   Press Releases                 Best practices
                                  Opinions &                                           Home User editions are available for purchase through the eScan Website and through partners
  Products in the News
  Company News                                                                         worldwide. There will be SMB and Corporate versions available in the near future. Customers who use
  Mergers & Acquisitions                                                               eScan 10 can upgrade to the new eScan 11 free of cost.
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                                                                                       For additional information on eScan 11, please visit the eScan Web site at:
                              See more related product stories:
  News Delivery Options                                                                About eScan
                               Hardware/Software System performs data
  IMTS 2010 Trade Show         Cloud Storage Platform enhances data efficiency,        eScan, the world's first real-time anti-virus and content security software for desktops and servers, is
                               security.                                               developed and marketed by MicroWorld. MicroWorld has offices in the U. S., India, Germany, Malaysia
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                               Security Software proactively protects Internet
  Browse Companies             users.                                                  and South Africa, and is represented in more than 90 other countries by a worldwide network of
  Mobile Edition               Firewall Software provides application bandwidth        partners Since the company was founded in 1993, MicroWorld was has redefined the information
                               prioritization.                                         security landscape with the development of groundbreaking technologies and solutions. The company's
  PR Resources
                               Identity Management Software provides automated
  Licensing                    provisioning.
                                                                                       flagship product, eScan is powered by today's most advanced security technologies and sophisticated
  Advertising                  Backup/Endpoint Data Protection Software runs as        anti-virus heuristic algorithms that not only protect against current threats, but also provide proactive
                               cloud service.                                          protection. eScan has received certifications and awards from some of the security industry's most
  How to Write an effective
                               Email Security Software supports Microsoft
  Press Release                Exchange 2010.
                                                                                       prestigious testing bodies, including Virus Bulletin, AV-Comparatives, West Coast Labs (Checkmark),
  Trade Associations           Network Management Software manages mobile              ICSA, and PCSL labs.
  Small Business Support
                               Security Software controls on/offline use of portable
  MEP                                                                                  Visit for more information.
                               Data Erasure Software manages large amounts of
                               disposable assets.                                      Web Site:
                               Security System Management Software supports IP
                               Data Protection Software is available for
                               Fraud Prevention Software protects retail and
                               business banking customers.
                               Discovery Software aids SSL digital certificate         Contacts:
                                                                                                                                View detailed contact information.
                               Network Security Software is appliance-based.
                               Network Access Software suits diverse networking
                               Data Compression Software runs on IBM z/OS              More New Product News from this company:
                               mainframe.                                                Software protects against threat of viruses.
                               Data Protection Solution manages self-encrypting
                                                                                       Other News from this company:
                               Virtual NAS File Server helps manage files in private
                               cloud.                                                    MicroWorld's eScan Wins VB100% in Comparative Test
                               Access Management Software supports cross-                MicroWorld Partners with microCAT to Target SMB and Enterprise Market in Germany
                               platform systems.

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