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									Enter...                                                                           Ten-pin bowling centres all over the
                                                                                    U.K. offering excellent educational
                                                                                        opportunities for development
...a world of education                                                                       in Key Stages 1, 2 and 3

           at Bowlplex                                                                – out of the classroom in a safe
                                                                                           and controlled environment

   Bowlplex and your pupils’
    learning requirements
 Education plays a pivotal role within today’s Bowlplex ten-pin bowling centres.
         Every Bowlplex has much educational and learning potential.
  The company is always keen to encourage school trips to its sites. They all
provide a safe, inspiring and stimulating environment. Bowlplex has been host
to school trips for over 15 years and understands the requirements of teachers,
                        pupils and today’s curriculum.

     Whether your pupils are Key Stage 1, 2 or 3 the facilities at Bowlplex
and the associated challenges provide an ideal environment to present pupils
     with mathematical methods, design models and scientific solutions,
            all presented within fun and stimulating surroundings.

          Packages start from £2.50 per pupil and teachers go free.
       Ask at your local Bowlplex for details of the packages available.
                                                                                 Other educational
                                                                                    Naturally, Bowlplex caters for other groups

                                                                                     of all ages and abilities – ask at Bowlplex

                                                                                     for details of the team-building packages

                                                                                   that are structured to encourage leadership,

                                                                                 team management and team efforts. It also offers

                                                                                    an insight into career opportunities within

                                                                                   customer services, business, marketing and

                                                                                  management structures of a leisure company.

                                                                                      Whatever your school, college or club

                                                                                      objectives are please contact Bowlplex

                                                                                     for more information to fulfil your pupils’

                                                                                         or members’ learning objectives.

Structure of the day

                        Activities Schedule

                        Bowlplex is able to provide a set of varied
                        activities for your pupils to take part in throughout
                        the day. These activities can be tailored to take into
                        account varying ability levels within your group.

                        The day can also be amended to suit your needs
                        so that the package is relevant and appropriate
                        to your pupils. Therefore, you may wish to use
                        some alternative activities to complement those
                        being provided if you feel they would be more
                        beneficial to your pupils.

                        You are encouraged to visit the centre beforehand
                        to inspect the site and decide on the activities
                        scheduled for your pupils. These and any other
                        queries or suggestions can be made directly to
                        Bowlplex using the contact details in this brochure.
    Bowlplex provides a fun and stimulating              scores as they bowl. At the end of the game, a
    environment in which to apply many principles        printed scorecard from the automatic scoreboard

    of maths.                                            can be given to them so they can compare
                                                         scorecards and check their own answers.
    In every Bowlplex centre, there are unique
    opportunities for pupils to practice and apply       The overhead scoreboard can be turned off if
    their maths skills. We can provide a range           necessary and will only come back on when
    of activity sheets for pupils to complete that       the game has finished.
    address many different aspects of the venue.
                                                         This is in accordance with the National
    For example, they can calculate bowling costs
                                                         Curriculum for Maths Key Stages 1, 2 and 3
    and shoe hire for a family or work out the price
                                                         by way of: calculations and solving numerical
    of a meal from the Grill.
    And of course, the very game of bowling is based
    on calculating scores for each and every player.

    Pupils can be taught how to calculate bowling
    score totals for strikes and spares and throughout
    a game of bowling.

    Each game encourages pupils to add up their own
    and their group scores, with and without the help
    of the computerised scoring systems. Pupils can
    use mental strategies to help them calculate their

             Bowlplex provides an excellent arena for pupils
             to explore the science behind motion, impact and

             Dedicated activity worksheets can be provided
             to address aspects of force and motion, as well
             as looking at materials such as those used in the
             construction and maintenance of the bowling

             Pupils will have the chance to take part in
             hands-on workshops which look at the effects of

             using the different weights of ball and how they
             themselves can influence the direction of the ball.

             This is in accordance with the National
             Curriculum for Science Key Stages 1, 2 and 3 by
             way of: investigative skills, materials and their
             properties, forces and motion.
   During the geography exercise pupils will             This is in accordance with the National
   learn about the areas in which the Bowlplex           Curriculum for Geography Key Stages 1, 2
   centres are located.                                  and 3 by way of: geographical enquiry, skills
                                                         and knowledge and the understanding of places.
   Across the UK Bowlplex centres are positioned
   in fundamentally different locations. For example;
   the Portsmouth Bowlplex is on the first floor of a
   pedestrianised shopping complex alongside many
   other retail and leisure outlets. In contrast, the

   Branksome Bowlplex is situated in isolation on
   a main commuter route.

   Pupils will have the chance to locate all of the
   Bowlplex venues throughout the UK using maps
   and atlases. This will test and reinforce their
   geographical knowledge of the UK and the various
   major cities where Bowlplex sites are located.

   They will also be able to investigate the immediate
   local area, reporting on the land uses nearby,
   traffic flow and comparison of localities.

            Bowlplex works hard to provide a stimulating         Bowlplex can stimulate creativity and the
            space in which customers can enjoy their leisure     imagination of the pupils who will work together
            experience to its full potential.                    to contribute to the design of the promotion and
                                                                 associated artwork.
            Every area of Bowlplex has been designed to
            work with service and quality in mind. Pupils will   Pupils will be given a design deadline to work
            have the chance to evaluate the design of each       towards and an opportunity to present their ideas
            venue and an opportunity to suggest where they       to the class.
            think improvements could be made.
                                                                 This is in accordance with the National
            The ergonomics of reception or the seating area      Curriculum for Design Technology Key Stages
            of each lane could be discussed and reasons          1, 2 and 3 by way of: developing, planning and
            given for the materials used on the lanes.           communicating ideas.

            There is also a wealth of information to inform

            customers of costs, opening times, offers, special
            features and menus in the Grill.

            Pupils can discuss other information options they
            think would benefit Bowlplex.

            Other suggested activities include designing a new
            logo for Bowlplex and producing an information
            leaflet for schools.
     Information Technology plays a major role in         Groups will have the opportunity to see behind the
     the smooth running of every Bowlplex venue.          scenes of the bowling lanes and gain an insight
     Pupils will have the chance to investigate how the   into how the mechanics of each lane works and

     computerised lanes recognise the number of pins      what technology is used to return the balls and
     that have been knocked down as well as how the       pins to their correct places.
     scores are totalled and displayed.
                                                          Bowlplex can really provide a great venue for your
     They can see the systems that are in place to        IT requirements.
     keep the lanes and reception in touch throughout
     the day and also how the booking system is           This is in accordance with the National
     managed through from an incoming phone               Curriculum for IT Key Stages 1, 2 and 3 by way
     enquiry, to the end of the game.                     of: finding things out, developing ideas and
                                                          exchanging and sharing information.
     Also they can learn, in their groups, about
     the mechanics that are applied if things
     should breakdown in the chain of technical
     communication, they will see what can go wrong
     within the system and can try to problem-solve
     and discuss these issues and suggest what can
     be done to overcome these events.
     Pupils can learn about the technology that

     Bowlplex has in place to ensure its business runs
     smoothly, from accounts to stocktaking.

              Bowlplex publishes many pieces of literature that    release?’ Perhaps they can read their ideas out
              promote areas of the business and for example        loud and other pupils can vote on who has made
              leaflets that explain ‘How to Bowl’, ‘Children’s     the best story out of the scenario?
              Parties’ and other important information
                                                                   This is in-line with English Key Stages 2 and 3
              customers may need.
                                                                   by way of: speaking and listening, group
              Pupils could be asked to compose a news              discussion and interaction.
              story for Bowlplex. For example: “A member
              of Bowlplex staff makes the national bowling
              team.” Why not ask your pupils to write a ‘press
  A day of education in
   a class of its own

                                             Please ask for details of Bowlplex’s risk assessment on booking or on site.

Bowlplex can provide your students with a valuable and              Basingstoke 01256 811405
 constructive day out, and an understanding of many                Birmingham 0121 410 5888
  facets of the company. Provisions have been made                   Blackburn 01254 695700
   to ensure the safety of pupils and that a rewarding
                                                                       Brighton 01273 818180
     contribution is made to Key Stages 1, 2 and 3.
                                                                         Bristol 01179 610000
                                                                     Castleford 01977 668111
                                                                         Dudley 01384 213413
                                                                   Dunfermline 01383 737300
                                                                      Glasgow 0141 885 6030
                                                                      Nantgarw 01443 844944
                                                                         Oxford 01865 714100

                 Head Office:                                Poole (Branksome) 01202 765489

      Bowlplex, Dean Park House                               Poole (Tower Park) 01202 715907
8-10 Dean Park Crescent, Bournemouth                                Portsmouth 02392 291234
               BH1 1HL                                          Tunbridge Wells 01892 619161                                                       Yeovil 01935 434555

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