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                                                                                   Monthly Issue, Vol. 53 | January 2010
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Happy New Year!

We congratulate the Class of 2009 on their EXCELLENT IEB examination results! (The full copy found on this link is
provided below in our College News section.)

As KCOBs we welcome new Kearsney families and students commencing in 2010. The 128 Grade 8 boys arrived on
Sunday 17 January 2010 with 16 other new boys joining Kearsney in Grades 9 through 12. The current boys return to
class on 19 January 2010 and a very full complement of 615 boys will bring the campus to life once again.

Please note there are just 5 weeks remaining for Grade 7 boys to apply to Kearsney for 2011. Please encourage your
friends and family to choose Kearsney and forward this link with information and online application form for 2011 Grade 8

We thank you for your support in 2009 and wish you all the best for 2010!

Happy reading and Carpe Diem
Joy Mills-Hackmann

KCOB Event Calendar (also below)

Kearsney Old Boy News

Have you booked your place at the 2010 Founders Weekend on 7 and 8 May 2010? Send us your booking form

We welcome the Class of 2009 - our newest Old Boys: KCOB President, Nick Keary (1998) welcomed new Old Boys
to the KCOB Club on 14 January 2010 at a Cocktail Party in the Greyhound. Click here for photographs.

Record intake of Old Boy Sons and Grandsons joining Kearsney in 2010: It is wonderful to welcome 17 sons of Old
Boys, 7 grandsons, 28 brothers and 14 new students with Old Boy family relations (uncles or cousins etc.). This
represents 68 families who continue to choose Kearsney which builds and helps continue Kearsney’s great legacy and

Thank you to the following 21 Kearsney Old Boys for sending their sons and grandsons to Kearsney:
Dion Ardé (1990) dion@formscontrol.co.za: son Joshua joins Pembroke [cousin is Ross Arde (2004)]
Barry Cole (1984) 1dungay1@scottburgh.co.za: son Haydn joins his brother Gareth in Finningley
Paul Foss (1941 deceased): grandson Keegan joins Finningley
Craig Grinyer (1985) craigg@grindrod.co.za: son Cameron joins Finningley [his cousin is Thomas Pearse (2012)]
Anthony Hall (1984) ant@halltrading.co.za: son James joins Finningley
Bradley Hill (1975) thehills@netactive.co.za: son Robert joins his brother Andrew in Pembroke
RJ Ireland (1951 deceased): grandson Luke Hammerton joins Finningley
Michael Lillelund (1975) profile@iafrica.com: son Neil joins Gillingham
Trevor Maarschalk (1984) trevor.maarschalk@abacsa.co.za: son Jeremy joins Gillingham
Nick Maritz (1977) nick@hps.co.za: son Stephen joins Finningley
Norman Parnell (1980) ndiamond@telkomsa.net: son James joins his brother Michael in Finningley
Jonathan Pons (1980) mabuda@realnet.co.sz: son Daniel joins his brother Timothy in Finningley
Michael Schroder (1983) mschroder@skyegroup.co.za: son Tristan joins his brother Roman in Pembroke
Brian Stokoe (1952) brianstokoe@iafrica.com: grandson Cameron Bell joins Finningley
David Stranack (1950 deceased): grandson Peter Hudson joins Gillingham
Darren Sykes (1977) zomoz@iafrica.com: son Justin joins Pembroke
Mark Taylor (1977) mark@elan.co.za: son Bryce joins his brother Jason in Finningley
Lawrence Tedder (1960), Rob Tedder (1956) and Roger Tedder (1987) roger@hillside.org.za: great grandson,
grandson and son Stephen joins Finningley (2nd 4th generation Kearsney family)
Lawrence Tedder (1960), Rob Tedder (1956) and Bruce Tedder (1992) bruce@iwstar.co.za: great grandson, grandson
and son Tristan joins Finningley (2nd 4th generation Kearsney family)
Lionel (1960) & Bradley van Heusden (1983) bradley.vanheusden@liblink.co.za: grandson & son Matthew joins
Grant Weyer (1984) jeanineweyer@telkomsa.net: son James joins Gillingham

Kearsney Family celebrates 100-years on Middledale Farm: Congratulations to the Green family who ask if any other
Kearsney family has enjoyed 16-years of continuous attendance at Kearsney? Click here for photograph and story.

David Pike (Gillingham, 1958) recently published My Part in the Downfall, Staying Civil in the Rhodesian War for
more about this highly personal memoir of David’s time in the former Rhodesian Army, first as a trainee conscript and
later on active service in the Operational Area during the bush war in the 1970s click here

Congratulations to Tim Lloyd (2006) who has been selected to the team of three Wits students who will be participating
in the 2010 Jean Pictet Competition in International Humanitarian Law (‘IHL’). The Jean Pictet Competition is the most
prestigious IHL student competition internationally. The Wits team had to pass a series of preliminary tests based on their
research in IHL and is one of 54 teams (from universities throughout the world) that will compete in Quebec, Canada, in
April 2010! Sincere congratulations to the team! We wish them every success and commend them for the hard work that
they have already invested in the competition.

Branch News

Australia Annual Dinner (23 October 2009) photographs are now online! Read more

Durban Branch Dinner – was held on 9 December 2009 Read more

Swaziland Branch golf day and braai – the last for 2009 - was held on 12 December 2009 Read more

Class Corner

Class of 1980 are set to break the 30th Reunion attendance record at Founders Weekend click here for news and
photographs of a group of 1980 guys recently seen at Hooters.

We congratulate Old Boys
Congratulations, we celebrate with you!

Congratulations to Graeme Brebner (2000) on his marriage to Susan Maitre on 16 December 2009, in the Kearsney
Chapel. gbrebner@gmail.com
Congratulations to Matt Dunn (1995) on his marriage to Nerida McMurray in November 2009. They eloped to Tokoriki
Island in Fiji! mattgdunn@gmail.com

Congratulations to Iain Ewing (1993) and his wife, Kirsten, on the birth of their first child, a boy, Benjamin Campbell, on
14 December 2009. iain@ewingadams.co.za

Congratulations to Tyrone Jansen (1999) on his marriage to Sally Addison on 15 December 2009, in the Kearsney
Chapel. We wish our UK Branch Chair and his bride a happy life together! tyronejansen@yahoo.com

Congratulations to Roy Keyter (1998) and his wife, Jade, on the birth of their first child, a boy, Joshua, on 7 January
2010. roy@guardingsa.co.za

Special birthday congratulations!
Congratulations and best wishes to those celebrating a special birthday this month:

80th      John Butterworth (Gillingham 1947) turns 80 on 11 January. bobbutterworth@bcs52.co.za
          Hugh Metcalfe (Unknown 1947) turns 80 on 27 January. No email
75th      Michael Beckett (Gillingham 1951) turns 75 on 5 January. No email
          Ian Macgregor (Gillingham 1952) turns 75 on 5 January. macgregorori@si.edu
60th      Derek Foster (Finningley 1967) turns 60 on 27 January. dwfoster70@yahoo.co,uk
          Barry Milstead (Finningley 1967) turns 60 on 21 January. millypig@telkomsa.net
          Dave Goldhawk (Kearsney Staff) turns 60 on 8 January. Goldhawk@kearsney.com
21st      Richard McLaverty (Finningley 2007) turns 21 on 26 January. mclavs@mweb.co.za
          Rossouw van Dijk (Gillingham 2007) turns 21 on 11 January. sam96@mweb.co.za

                        Please register your birth date with us! Contact us on oldboys@kearsney.com
       Please send news of graduations | promotions | engagements | marriages | births, etc. to oldboys@kearsney.com
                    Join the Virtual Prayer Group - Contact Roger Tedder (1987) on roger@hillside.org.za

College News

Distinction Day for Kearsney College
Congratulations to the Class of 2009 for achieving Kearsney’s most outstanding academic results in many years in the
2009 IEB examination results. Much media publicity has been received and has brought great credit to Kearsney. Click
here for the story below online

Dux J-R Conradie and Marcus Kotze each achieved eight distinctions, with an incredible six boys each achieving seven
distinctions, and three getting six distinctions. A total of 188 distinctions were achieved by our boys with 24 boys (21%)
each receiving more than four distinctions.

Another tremendous achievement is that 93% of boys who wrote gained university entrance passes – a superb
achievement when considering the IEB average of 73% for university exemption. The remaining eight boys all achieved
Diploma passes. Once again there was a 100% pass rate.

The pursuit of Mathematics and Science excellence at Kearsney College has paid rich dividends, with 35% (31 boys) who
wrote Mathematics and 27% of Science pupils achieving distinctions in the IEB examinations.

Nine boys were ranked in the top one percent in South Africa in terms of individual subjects. They are J-R Conradie
(Accounting, Afrikaans, Physical Science and Life Orientation), Denver Naicker (Mathematics and Physical Science),
Francois Brooks (Afrikaans), Theo York and Michael Andrew (Engineering Graphics and Design), Laurence Aadnesgaard
(English home language and Life Orientation), Luke Mortimer and Jesse Mina (History) and Richard Gorven (Life
Delighted headmaster Elwyn van den Aardweg said the academic measures put in place this year had paid off, as
reflected in the exceptional results.

“Our Mathematics and Science results are superb. In addition there is an outstanding distinction rate of 56% from boys
who wrote Accounting, 48% in Engineering Graphics and Design and 70% in Information Technology.

"We have the resources and teachers to support academic, cultural and sporting talent and to get the best from the boys.
These results are the fruits of a combined and sustained effort by boys, parents and staff,” Mr van den Aardweg said.

J-R Conradie received distinctions for Accounting (95%), Afrikaans (93%), Life Sciences (85%), Mathematics (97%),
Mathematics Paper 3 (88%), Applied Mathematics (84%), Physical Science (89%), Life Orientation (97%) and 79% for
English. At Kearsney’s Speech Day he was named best all-rounder in 6 Form and received Academic Honours Cum

Marcus Kotze, who was awarded Academic Honours during the year, received distinctions for Accounting (90%),
Afrikaans (86%), English (83%), History (81%), Mathematics (96%), Mathematics Paper 3 (87%), Physical Science (84%)
and Life Orientation (86%).

2009 Head boy Theo York, runner-up Dux Denver Naicker, Laurence Aadnesgaard, Sheldon Campbell, Jesse Mina and
Rally Schachat each achieved seven distinctions.

Multiple distinctions were also received by Jean-Luc Koenig, Luke Mortimer and Shane Penn Sawers (six each); Francois
Brooks, Adrian Damant, Shannon Laing and Simon Lockhart-Ross (five each) and Ryan Bennewith, Alex Emmett,
Richard Gorven, Johannes Human, Jean Malan, James McDowell, Brett Millar, Jamie Muckart and Ben van Aswegan
(four distinctions each

Useful links:
More Kearsney news | 2010 Rugby Fixtures | 2010 Kearsney Easter Rugby Festival Fixtures | 2011 Grade 8 Admissions

KCOB Events Calendar
Find calendar updates & event detail online

3 February 2010: Gauteng Cocktail Party to welcome New Old Boys and Parents
Venue: 462 Maple Road, Kyalami | Time: 18h30 for 19h00 | Dress: Smart Casual
RSVP: Book here

4 February 2010: Gauteng Business Breakfast
Booking is essential: email oldboys@kearsney.com to receive a detailed invitation.
Venue: Country Club, Johannesburg| Time: 07h00 for 07h30| Dress: Smart Casual
RSVP: Book here.

10 February 2010: Durban Networking Breakfast
Booking is essential: email oldboys@kearsney.com to receive a detailed invitation.

21 February 2010: Kearsney Striders Dunlop Half Marathon & 16km Walk
Booking form

26 February 2010: KCOB Wilderness Golf Challenge
Contact Simon McKeown simon@zulu-sky.com

10 March 2010: Durban Networking Breakfast
Booking is essential: email oldboys@kearsney.com to receive a detailed invitation.

13 March 2010: Open Weekend Stott Corner KCOB Braai
25 March 2010: 1st Dinner for Branch Committees and Class Convenors, Greyhound
Booking is essential: email oldboys@kearsney.com

1-5 April 2010: Easter Rugby
For detail on participating schools, fixtures and programme Click here

18 April 2010: Touch Rugby Tournament / Old Crocks Rugby Match at Kearsney

7-8 May 2010: Founders Weekend Booking form

Views & News - Catch-up with Old Boys
A number of Old Boys sent messages this month. Thank you!

BARKER, Denis: 1947 l denisbarker@ledom.co.za l Greetings! Just a short note to wish you all the very best for Xmas
2009. Our involvement with Kearsney has meant that we do periodically keep in touch with one another, and this I find
most rewarding after so many years. We must all surely be very proud to have been associated with such a great school
that continues to reach ever great heights, and one which is also so considerate of its Old Boys. The new "Survivors"
group too is one well worth the support of the more senior group of Old Boys.

My wife Faye and I moved from Selborne to Le Domaine at Hillcrest in April last year and this of course means that we
are now very close to Kearsney. It is quite a change after a lifetime down the South Coast! And I certainly recall the cold
misty days we used to have at Botha’s Hill, because the early summer months here both last year and this year have
been the dampest and most misty that locals here can ever recall. We have settled in well here and I get up to Kearsney
now and then to attend functions and I meet up with quite a number of Old Boys.

With best Xmas wishes to you and your family and all the very best for 2010.

DUNN, Matt: 1995 l mattgdunn@gmail.com l Hi, I just wanted to share that I eloped with my now wife, Nerida McMurray,
to Tokoriki Island in Fiji last month. 2 December 2009 
LAMPLOUGH, Robin: Past Staff | jayarell@telkomsa.net | [New Tradition – Perspex Head Prefect Badge] Dear Joy, a
little more information on the plane that crashed in 1946. I learn from the SAAF Museum that the plane went down on
October 4th, 1946, and that the pilot, Lt. J.C. Pieterse, was killed instantly. The aircraft was a total wreck. All the best for
the festive season, Robin Lamplough December 2009 Thank you Robin! Warm regards, Joy
NGOIE, Eric: 2005 Head Prefect l eric.ngoie@barrowsonline.com l Hi Mr van den Aardweg, Firstly, happy belated 50th
birthday. Only just heard about it through the Greyhound eNews, and by the sound of things it was quite a memorable
occasion. Hope it was well enjoyed.

This year I have made an extra effort to keep in touch with the College and follow all the news, or as much as time allows.
Congratulations on the progress Kearsney continues to make! It makes me an even prouder old boy. It’s amazing to see
the amount of respect there is for Kearsney: mainly because of the calibre of boys that come through, but also because
the old boys are made to feel we are still valued members of the College. I have made many friends from other schools
who have openly admitted that even though their school days have come and gone, they still envy the involvement we as
Kearsney Old Boys get to have.

I believe 2009 has yet again been another fantastic year, and although a bit late I would like to pass on a “thank you and
well done” to Theo [2009 Head Prefect], JR [Deputy Head] and the matric group of 2009. They were our little guys, and
have done a superb job leading the school. I have no doubt the boys that will follow have been set a great example to

Scary to think that we’re soon to hit 2010 when it feels just like the other day I was starting in Haley. But it’s also exciting
to be able to look back on the last 4, almost 5 years, and work towards reuniting with many of our class at the next
Founders Weekend for our 5-year Reunion. I also realised that it will be your 10th year on the Hill. I look forward to what
I’m sure will be a great year at Kearsney on top of everything else that will be going on around the country.

Please pass on my regards and best wishes for the festive season to your family and the rest of the staff. I hope you all
have a peaceful break and some quality time with friends and family. God Bless. December 2009
WERNER, Michael: 1978 | michaelgwerner@gmail.com | As I have travelled the East extensively, and having lived there
[Japan] the past 13 years, it's a pleasure to receive the newsletters that you publish. Thanks for the connectivity and
contacts. In particular, I think you have done a great job with the technology that you have adopted and I read the monthly
newsletters in odd places (usually in airplanes or airports where one has a chance to spend time catching up) This could
only be done using the modern IT capabilities that we have access to these days. Great job and thanks. Michael
1 December 2009 Our pleasure, all the best as you relocate to London. Warm regards, Joy.
WINDER, David: 1956 l David.Winder@principia.edu l This morning I received a surprise e-mail from David Winder
(1952-56) to say that he is a History Professor at a small liberal arts college near St. Louis in the US and as a geriatric
student recently received his PhD from the University of Washington in St. Louis just days before his 70th birthday.
Submitted by Colin Downie (1957). 3 December 2009

Please send your messages to Cindi on oldboys@kearsney.com

Heritage Corner
2009 donated items previously reported listed here

We encourage you to contact archivists Owen Clarkson and Colin Downie oldboys@kearsney.com regarding

In memory
We remember KCOB members who have died

It is with much regret that we notify you of the following deaths. Our sincere sympathy goes to the families and friends
concerned. Read listing and tributes

Notices received since the last eNews

John Harper (1960-1989: Associate & Past Staff) 6 December 2009 Tribute

Please notify us of deaths (tributes are welcome). Contact oldboys@kearsney.com

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Reflections on-line
It is a wonderful feeling to start the New Year singing praises to almighty God for his wondrous creations and for all
blessings. The psalmist puts it beautifully.

“Sing to him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy.” ~Psalms 33:3

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