The WOW and SPARKLE factors were ENORMOUS

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					Spring 2010                                                                                  Issue no. 26
The Friends of PSAD, Oxford Road. Putney SW15 2LQ                                            Tel:02087889145

   The WOW and SPARKLE factors were ENORMOUS
On the evening of November 4th the Council threw a party to celebrate the reopening of the Art
School. Councillors and council officers came to see what a transformation the new studio and
refurbishment had made to the Art School. .
His Worshipful mayor Councillor Professor Brian
Pritchard and Anthony Marshall President of the
Putney Society unveiled the plaque to William
Lancaster - to the right of the Art School wall as
you come into the Art School. The architectural
gem of the Art School – the original stairwell -
was thronged with elected members and officers
of the Council, some members of staff, the
Friends committee and a very few representatives
of the student body. The two speakers spoke of
the importance of William Lancaster. In 1883 he         Paul McCue, Simon Betts, Charlie Catling, and Sarah
and other socially conscious citizens were              McDermott,and George Blackstock’s words of wisdom
concerned that the nation’s products needed to be
competitive in design and packaging to compete       historical comparisons of the behaviour of the
with those of other European countries. There        Lombards, Goths, Visigoths and Vandals to
needed to be training in design, as opposed to       current day politics were reasonable or merely
local residents wanting ‘art for art’s sake’. The    whacky. Rob Dark presented the Council with a
Art School’s beginnings were quite humble and        cheque for £42,000 which is the first tranche of
classes were held in temporary rooms over the        the money that the Friends were committed to
parish offices in Putney High Street, lent by the    raise – some people were amazed that we had
Putney Vestry. Though the classes were popular,      raised £42,000,000, but that was due to the
the LCC would give them no recognition and           interchangeable nature of commas and dots. The
accreditation as a technical art school. In 1885     Council seem genuinely impressed with the
William Lancaster pushed forward the building of     community spirit and the hard work that raising
the Art School in Oxford Road which would have       this money represents.
more space and technical facilities.           He
                                                     The four students who finished their two year
demonstrated his outstanding civic consciousness
                                                     diploma course were honoured. They were Daria
and generosity by buying the freehold site and
                                                     Shesternina, Susie Bell and Lucy Daniels. Susie
erecting a purpose built art school at his own
                                                     Bell was present and the Mayor, Councillor
                                                     Professor Brian Pritchard presented her with her
                                                     diploma certificate.
The proceedings then moved to the new rooftop
studio, where speakers expressed their admiration,
                                                     It was a great evening with a positive buzz of
mentioning innovation, progress and the creation
                                                     approval which was reinforced by the arrival of
of space in spite of a new stairwell and lift.
                                                     Councillor Edward Lister – leader of the Council
Professor Brian Pritchard and Councillor Sarah
                                                     and Justine Greening MP.
McDermott - the present Chairman of the
Committee for Leisure and Amenities - spoke for
the Council. The representative of the arts world
was George Blackstock, Dean of Wimbledon
College of Art, who spoke well and amusingly,
though it was difficult to decide whether his
Both had left previous commitments and whizzed
along to Oxford Road as soon as they humanly
could so that they did not miss this important
event. We always remember Councillor Lister
saying at the public meeting that swung the
Council behind the campaign to keep the Art
School open in 1998 “There will always be an Art
School on this site”.
We were well fed up and agreeably drunk largely
due to the efforts of Jackie, Mary and Cora .
Alison Brooke
                                                           Justine Greening, Rob Dark, Brian Prichard, Sarah McDermott,
                                                           and George Blackstock
     An extract from George Blacklock’s speech

To be an Athenian is to hold knowledge and, especially
the quest for knowledge in high esteem, to contemplate,
to reason, to experiment to question - these are, to an
Athenian, the most exalted activities a person can
perform. To a Visigoth , the quest for knowledge is
useless unless it can help you to earn money or to gain
power over other people….…. in approaching a work of
art, Athenians prepare their imagination through
learning and experience. To a Visigoth, there is no
measure of artistic excellence except popularity. What
catches the fancy of the multitude is good. No other
standard is respected or even acknowledged by the
Visigoth.                                                 Mary, Cora and Andrew Green
      SPRING IS IN THE AIR                          Ben Jenkins – Premises Officer
                                                    Ben looks after the building security and health
                                                    and safety. He is also responsible for the shop,
It comes as something of a relief to be writing
                                                    ordering and displaying art materials for sale,
with a sense of Spring in the air and the dust
                                                    and for the management of the cafe.
beginning to settle on our move back to Oxford
Road. The actual practicalities of the move
back including the launch party went very           Andy Urwin – Tutor Support
smoothly, which was down to sweat and long          Technician
hours for several members of staff who worked       Andy is a specialist pottery technician, but he
their socks off to ensure that all was ready both   also has a role in all the teaching studios
for the party and for the resumption of teaching    providing     support    for    the    technical
here.                                               requirements of tutors, and in maintaining
                                                    equipment and other facilities. Andy has also
Student feedback on the refurbishment have          recently taken over responsibility for mounting
generally been very favourable, and although        exhibitions from Ben.
I’ve had plenty of suggestions on how things
could be still better, the new facilities and new   Simon Ashworth – Pottery
studio seem to be functioning very well. We         Technician
did have some teething problems with the lift,      As well as teaching pottery on Wednesdays,
but hopefully that is now fixed permanently.        Simon works part-time as pottery technician,
                                                    maintaining equipment in the pottery, packing
We are still expecting an Ofsted inspection         and unpacking kilns, and advising students on
sometime this term or the beginning of the          glazing and other ceramic issues.
Summer term. We are likely to receive 3
weeks notice of the date prior to our inspection,
                                                    Robert Kenyon and Tony
but no news at the time of writing.
                                                    McNamee – Assistant Premises
Non-Teaching Staff                                  Officers
I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce      Robert and Tony deputise for Ben according to
Friends to non-teaching staff here, and to let      the weekly rota. In addition Robert supports
you know a little more about their roles and        Harsha on the management of the student
responsibilities.                                   database. Tony has only joined us this term.

Julia Court - Curriculum Team                       Mary Melling , Jacqui Grimes and
Leader.                                             Maya Kemp– Assistant
Julia is responsible for quality assurance in the   Administrators
teaching at the school. This means that she         Mary and Jacqui run the office and reception
works closely with tutors on the content of the     during the evenings and on Saturday, while
programme and the planning of the teaching,         Maya is our super-sub, who covers staff leave
but also in ensuring that standards set by the      or sickness, as well as during very busy
Learning and Skills Council and Ofsted are          enrolment periods.
being met.

Harsha Patel – School                               Helga Huntley and Cora Metson –
Administrator                                       Cooks And Café Assistants
Harsha runs the school office, reception, and       Helga runs the café during the day during the
the enrolment process. Her office is very much      first part of the week, and on Saturdays; Cora
at the heart of the business activities of the      does Thursdays and Fridays.
school, both in supporting tutors, and assisting
students and prospective students.
Ferelith Horden – Librarian                             Christine Ireland wrote this poem to
Ferelith who is a full-time librarian at Battersea      celebrate the move back to Oxford Road,
Library, comes in once a week to maintain and           the exhibition and party. She uses poetry as a
reshelve the library and update the catalogue.          way back into words as she is grappling with
                                                        the dysphasia that resulted from a stroke. She
New Courses for the Spring and                          finds she has enhanced visual understanding
Summer Term                                             which has lead her to take 3 art classes per
                                                        week for the last two years.
Our new programme of courses for the current
term have enrolled very well, and include
introductory drawing course with Annabel                           Come on the D’Art !
Cullen and Chrissy Thirlaway, as well as more
advanced drawing courses           with Gavin             Open the doors, history marked,
Maughfling and Eithne Healy. We have also                  in gales – coolbright November 2009.
started a series of printmaking Masterclasses on           Welcoming in the new deco of
                                                         Beauty, clean, smart workability of
Wednesdays, which we plan to continue for the
                                                          Putney School of Art and Design.
summer term. Two additional new courses for
                                                                 Come on the D’Art!
the Summer Term to look out for are a six
week Introduction to Oil Painting with Ian Ellis
                                                        The gathering was a celebration of
and another six week course, Introduction to
                                                        Painters, potters, printers, illustrators,
Pastels, with Shaun Carey, both run on Fridays.
                                                          Getting the picture, digital photoshop,
                                                          Experimental media to make a
Priority booking for the Summer Term will                            statement.
start 1st March , and new enrolments on 8th              A party of music, food and wine.
March.                                                          Come on the D’Art!

Timetable and Term Dates                                Creativity of splattering of colour and
Last day of Spring Term  Thursday 1st                   shapes, showcase to sell their wares.
                         April                                Merging studio with library, shop,
First day of Summer term Monday 19th                                     office,
                         April                            Meeting up in popular café – delicious !
Half Term                31st May                            Inspiring of art community.
                         – 6th June                               Come on the D’Art
Last Day of Summer term  17th July
                                                           Challenging each – spirits soar,
Summer School                    th
                               19 July – 6     th           Collective – souls transcend.
                                                         Best staff nurturing, warm greeting.
August Staff News                                         So say thank you from the bottom of
Simon Lawson has taken over the Tuesday                     For another 100 years again !
etching classes.     A very experienced                          Come on the D’Art !
printmaker, he has his own print studio in
                                                                     CMI (Nov 2009)
Wandsworth, and currently teaches at the
Royal Academy Schools.

 Chrissy Thirlaway is running an introductory
course for students lacking confidence in               The Friends of PSAD are very grateful to
drawing – called “Can’t Draw, Won’t Draw”.              Ian Lettice who has kindly agreed to take
                                      Charlie Catling   over the running of the website Do keep an
                                                        eye on it!

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