Urea Specification _ Procedure 2007 by sdsdfqw21


									Urea N46

UREA n46 Gost 2081-92

Prilled or Granular

Origin:               CIS/Ukraine/Russia

Product:              UREA N-46%
Grade:                Agricultural
Empirical Formula:    H2N-CO-NH2
Product use:          Fertilizer
Grade of Purity:      GOST2081-92 (46%N)

Packaging:            on clients request

Irrevocable, Unconditional, Revolving, DLC,

•   Nitrogen                46% minimum
•   Moisture                0.3% max.
•   Free Ammonia            160 PXT PPM maximum
•   Biuret                  1% maximum
•   Prilled                 Free flowing, treated against caking
•   Harmful Substances      100% free from harmful substances
•   Melting Point           132 degrees Celsius
•   Granulation             1-4 mm 90% minimum
•   Colour                  Pure White
•   Odour                   Odourless
•   Boiling                 Decomposes before boiling
•   Radiation               Non radioactive
•   Physical State          Solid @ 20°C, 101 KPA white granules
•   Specific Gravity        Solid @ 20°C, - 1.335 t/m³
•   Floatability in Water   Sinks and Mixes
•   Molecular Weight        60.065

1.   Buyer accepts the Soft Offer and issues an LOI or an ICPO reflecting the
     procedure described herein with full banking details and a soft probe
     authorisation or a BCL

2.   Seller issues Full Corporate Offer & Draft Contract

3.   Buyer signs and seals Full Corporate Offer & Contract

4.   Buyer’s bank issues the non-operative DLC or BG to the Seller’s bank

5.   Seller’s bank posts a non-operative Performance Bond (PB) for the value
     of 2% of one month’s shipment value of Goods and Proof of Product

6.   Receipt of the operative DLC or BG from the Buyer’s bank automatically
     activates the Performance Bond

7.   Seller sends to the Buyer 4 (four) original hard copies of the contract via
     courier at the indicated Buyer’s address

8.   Shipments commence according to contract
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