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Unto us


									                     THE SERVANT’S VOICE
                                      Official Newsletter for the
                           Emergency Services Chaplaincy of Southern Africa

                     Non-profit Organization Number : 006-333 NPO / Registered Article 21 Company

Quarterly newsletter for the period ending December 2010 PO Box 17526, Norkem Park, 1631 - 073 923 8868

Unto us
“For unto us a Child is born,
unto us a Son is given; and the
government will be upon His
shoulder...” (Isa 9:6a; NKJ).

When Jesus came to earth, He
brought with Him everything
you need to live a life of vic-
tory. He came as a little baby,
but He was empowered with
all authority in heaven and
earth. When you make Him
your Lord and Saviour, He
gives you access to all of His

You have access to His peace,
power, authority, provision,
joy and strength.
He brought all of this “unto us” when He came to earth.
Unto us a child is born ...unto us victory is given. Unto us  Surrender your life to Him and receive all the spiritual bless-
peace is given. Unto us provision is given. Unto us hope and ings He has in store for you!
healing are given. Unto us eternal life is given!
                                                              Let us thank our Father in heaven, for sending His Son, Je-
Whatever you may have need of today, remember, when           sus, the Christ, so that we can be free to live an abundant
Jesus came into the world, He made a way for every one of life in Him. We must receive unto ourselves everything He-
your needs to be met spiritually, emotionally and physically. came to give. Ask Him to fill you with His love and show
                                                              you His ways so that you can know Him more.

                                       Membership for 2011
The annual membership fee for 2011 is R100. The due and final date is 1 January 2011. Please remember to send
proof of payment to the treasurer of the Chaplaincy, Adrienne Thorsell. Chaplains whose membership fees is unpaid
by the final date, membership’s will be terminated.
Please note that membership cards cannot be issued if we do not have your ID photo which must be placed on the
card, and you will not be able to receive the membership card, should we not have your correct postal address. The
following information is needed: Full names, surname, ID number, ESC (SA) membership number, updated contact
information, ID photo, and proof of payment. If you have not received an invoice yet, please send Adrienne an
email. Please send these information to and 086 607 7547.

Banking details:

Account name: Emergency Services Chaplaincy
                                                                              Have you visited our updated
Nedbank account number: 1905 138 180                                                website lately?
Branch: Florida (190541)                                                
         Page 2      THE SERVANT’S VOICE -           Official Newsletter of the Emergency Services Chaplaincy (SA)

                  Important announcement by the President
                  Greetings in the wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

                 I once again have the honour to write you a circular to inform you about some exciting
                 news in the ESC(SA). The ordination training course compilation is coming along nicely,
                 and we trust that we will D.V. be able to start with this course at February 2011. More in-
                 formation in this regard will reach you early in 2011.
With the resignation of Andre Minnie from the board of directors, the position of Deputy President has
been left vacant. After many prayers and deliberations, we are pleased to announce that the Lord had
shown us as to whom the person He has called for this position is. The Lord also confirmed this calling to
this person on 3 different occasions. The position of Deputy President to the Board of Directors will be
filled by Past Johann Viljoen of Tshwane.
Congratulations to him on his appointment, and may the Lord bless him in his ministry.
You may contact him on 073 923 8868 or

       Soli Deo Gloria,
                                                      Rev. David Niebuhr
                                                      President to Board of Directors ESC (SA)

                        Editor’s Letter
      The Emergency Services Chaplaincy (SA) is so blessed by all you have done to bless others.
Your generous hours, faithful prayers and dedication helped to make a positive difference in the
lives of so many. Our organisation could not accomplish all we did without you.
      We realize that as you’ve been supporting others, you have probably experienced personal challenges of
your own. But we want to encourage you to keep trusting God to fulfil His plans and purposes in your life as
you seek Him. Remember that God is able to make all grace (every favour and earthly blessing) come to you
in abundance (2 Cor 9:8). His grace is more than enough!
      During this Christmas season we are reminded of God’s grace in our lives. We are expecting to do even
more in the coming year as we join together with you to serve God and help people. That’s what it’s all about -
loving God and loving people. We trust that you will continue to join us in sharing the Gospel, helping the
hurting, alleviating suffering and helping the personnel of the Emergency Services to grow in their faith.
This Christmas season, we are reminded once again of the greatest gift that God has given to His people, which
is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Saviour and Lord (John 3:16,36). Let us celebrate this gift of love.
      I proclaim over you and your family a blessed Christmas and an outpouring of our Lord’s grace, good-
ness,             love and prosperity for 2011.

                  Thank you for making 2010 a wonderful and fruitful year! Looking forward to all God has
                  in store for 2011!

                  Until next time…

                  Stay Blessed!        Chaplain (Past) Johann Viljoen
                                                                             Editor of THE SERVANT’S VOICE &
                                                   Deputy President of the Emergency Services Chaplaincy (SA)
  THE SERVANT’S VOICE -         Official Newsletter of the Emergency Services Chaplaincy (SA)    Page 3

  Meet the Management of the ‘new’ Emergency Services Chaplaincy (SA)
                        The Board of Directors
                                                                                           From left to right:

                                                                                           Managing Director:
                                                                                           Rodney Berry;

                                                                                           David Niebuhr;

                                                                                           Director Emeritus:
                                                                                           Claude Kidwell;

                                                                                           Deputy President:
                                                                                           Johann Viljoen

          The Working Committee
                                                             From left to right:


                                                             Adrienne Thorssell (Treasury Coordinator);
                                                             Linda Idas (Prayer Coordinator).

                                                             Joe Adlem (Operations Coordinator);
                                                             Marinda Gross (Secretarial Coordinator);
                                                             Rodney Berry (Managing Director).

    Contact details of the National Management of the ESC (SA)
                                        Board of Directors
Rev David Niebuhr                 082 954 3898          President
Past Johann Viljoen           073 923 8868          Deputy President
Rodney Berry                        084 811 6322          Managing Director
Rev Claude Kidwell                    083 655 840           Director Emeritus
                                      Working Committee
Rev Joe Adlem                 078 198 5125          Operational Coordinator
Marinda Gross                 083 288 0141          Secretarial Coordinator
Adrienne Thorssell                  084 698 9744          Treasury Coordinator
Rev Linda Idas                    082 460 6313          Prayer Coordinator
John Grubb                    082 934 8265          Training Coordinator
         Page 4     THE SERVANT’S VOICE -           Official Newsletter of the Emergency Services Chaplaincy (SA)

              Christmas message by the President
As we ponder upon yet another year that has passed we see that, once again, this
was a year filled with both the joys of life, and the sorrows that we experience from
time to time. Once again, we find ourselves at the dawn of yet another Christmas.
We celebrate Christ’s coming to earth as a man, born of his Mother Mary. For
some, this will be a wonderful time of celebration and festivity with friends and
loved ones, but for others, this will be a time of sorrow and loneliness. They may be reminded of all that
they have lost in the year that has passed and feel the enormous gap left behind after someone’s departure.
What then would my Christmas wish be for you?
My wish for you is that you may experience the companionship of Christ Himself in the festive season
and that we shall, in a renewed way, once again experience Christ’s coming to us as it happened 2010
years ago. May you experience His closeness in such a way that you will also call out, “Emmanuel – God
is with us!”
May we also make time to ponder on all the blessings that we received in the past year. Even though there
might have been many problems, and a constant flow of tears, we are still here, and we still have so many
things to be grateful for, even though we do not deserve any of these blessings. Spare a thought for those
who are without any friends or loved ones. Think of those who do not have a place to rest their heads, or
anyone to wish “Happy Christmas”. Let us be the example of Christ’s love and let us share His love with
those who are in need.
May you be blessed with friends and loved ones around you in this festive season, and may you experi-
ence the blessings of friendship and love. May you not only be on the receiving side of friendship and
love, but also lead by example in sharing your friendship and love during this time.
Should you be blessed with an opportunity to go away on holiday, my prayer would be that you will be
safe. May God grant you and your loved ones travelling mercies so that you will also return home safely
to be re-united with friends and family. Please take all the necessary precautions to ensure that your jour-
ney will be a safe one, and please don’t take any unnecessary chances with the safety of either yourself or
your loved ones.
May I say a big “Thank You” for all you have done in service for our Lord and King. I know that by be-
ing available for His services, each and every chaplain made a difference in the lives of may people out
there. We may not be able to change the world, but by being in the Lords hands, we are able to make a
change in the lives of the individuals we meet. May you continue making and bringing change to as many
lives as possible. Let us also spare a thought for the Police, Metro Police, Emergency Services (both pri-
vate and state), hospital staff, security staff, and so on. They will be working during both the Christmas
and the New Year celebrations. Let us show them our gratitude for their service, and I pray that the Lord
Himself will bless them and their families that will not be able to share this time with them.
Finally, let us never forget that Christ is still the reason for this season. He came to be Emmanuel, “God
with us”. We are not alone. May this truly be a time of Christ’s love to one and all. May you indeed have
a very blessed Christmas, and a prosperous and blessed 2011.

                                                     Rev David Niebuhr
                                                     President to Board of Directors ESC (SA)
    THE SERVANT’S VOICE -              Official Newsletter of the Emergency Services Chaplaincy (SA)     Page 5

Ons kapelane in Haiti
Die wêreld het met afgryse toegekyk na nuusflitse en
beeldmateriaal van die massiewe aardbewing in Januarie
vanjaar in Haïti, wat 7.0 op die Richterskaal geregistreer
het. Haïti wat as een van die tien armste lande ter wêreld
gereken word, het die ergste aardbewing beleef wat die
gebied in meer as 200 jaar getref het.
’n Suid-Afrikaanse span mediese spesialiste was, naas die
Amerikaanse Weermag, een van die eerste internasionale
noodledigingspanne wat in die aardbewinggeteisterde
Haïti gearriveer het. Die South African Emergency Disas-
ter Response-span het bestaan uit 15 hoogs gespesial-
iseerde medici en twee kapelane van die Emergency Ser-       Kapelaan (ds) Joe Adlem speel met kinders in Haïti.
vices Chaplaincy of Southern Africa. Die twee kapelane,
Ds Joe Adlem, (Operasionele Koôrdineerder) en Graig
Hildebrand se primêre taak was om die mediese person-    Ek was saam met die mediese personeel in ’n woonbuurt
eel by te staan met trauma berading, aangesien hulle aan teen ’n berg om mense te gaan help wat mediese hulp
verskriklike tonele blootgestel was.                     nodig gehad het. Ek het gestaan en kyk hoe die medici
                                                         wonde behandel, toe ’n kind aan my pluk en in gebroke
Joe Adlem is ook voltyds betrokke as pastorale werker by Engels vra wat my naam is. Toe ek weer sien, is ek om-
die Abraham Kriel Kindersorg op Langlaagte en op ’n      ring deur kinders wat hul name op my handskoen skryf,”
deeltydse basis as reservis-kapelaan by die Nooddienste vertel hy. Die twee kapelane het selfs rugby gespeel met
van Johannesburg. Hy vertel dat sy en Graig se name vier die kinders.
keer van die naamlys afgehaal is, want “wie wil nou ’n
kapelaan saamneem in plaas van ’n mediese dokter?”       Die mediese personeel het later weens die werkslading,
                                                         die kapelane selfs gebruik om inspuitings toe te dien en
“Ek het nie met die idée gegaan om met kinders te gaan   bloeddruk te neem. Die span het ongeveer 400 beseerde
werk nie, omdat ek elke dag van my lewe met hulle werk, inwoners behandel in die nege dae wat hulle in Haiti
want ek was daar vir die mediese personeel en wou hulle gespandeer het.
bystaan in hul trauma. Maar God het ander planne gehad.

                       p                     p
                    Chaplains welcomed with open arms
Western Cape Region
                                                             after which the band escorted them back to the main road,
Members of the Chaplaincy in the Western Cape experi-        where they departed. The chaplains reported that it was a
enced an overwhelming assurance of appreciation on           humbling and thought provoking experience for each of
Sunday, 21 February 2010 at Site Joseph’s Apostolic          those who attended that very auspicious occasion.
Church in Du Noon. The chaplains attended the service
to present their region’s first Xhosa-speaking chaplain,
Rev Samuel Bayi, with his certificate for completing the
Crisis Ministry training course.
They were met at the entrance to Du Noon and escorted
to the church by the church’s band and choir. Once they
arrived at the church, they joined the band and marched
in the streets before entering the church.
This has indeed been a humbling experience, as they
were welcomed with open arms and lots of gratitude by
the bishop and pastors of the Apostolic Church. Despite
difficult circumstances and the size of the church, the
Spirit of God was overflowing abundantly. The chaplains
felt privileged and blessed to be present in the company
of the congregation of Site Josephs Apostolic Church Du
After the service they were treated with refreshments,   Chaplains marching with the band before entering the church.
           Page 6       THE SERVANT’S VOICE -                 Official Newsletter of the Emergency Services Chaplaincy (SA)

                    g   y                   y(                )
                Emergency Services Chaplaincy (Southern Africa)
                                  TRAINING COURSES REPORT 2010

 COURSE No:            TYPE COURSE:               DATE:             TOWN:           TRAINING OFFICER:         STUDENTS:
    2010/01             Crisis Ministry          January          Boksburg             David Niebuhr                8
    2010/02             Crisis Ministry           June            Ethekweni            Rodney Berry                10
    2010/03             Crisis Ministry            July           Boksburg             David Niebuhr               19
    2010/04             Crisis Ministry            July          Krugersdorp            John Grubb                 18
    2010/05             Crisis Ministry           June            Tshwane              Rodney Berry                 8
    2010/06             Crisis Ministry          Sept/Oct          Vryheid              John Grubb                 10
    2010/07             Crisis Ministry          October         Krugersdorp            John Grubb                  5
    2010/08              Basic Crisis           December        Johannesburg           David Niebuhr               11
    2010/09              Basic Crisis           December           Durban              Rodney Berry                 6
    2010/10              Basic Crisis           December         Cape Town             Rodney Berry                 6

                                                                            Total students trained: 101

Course Comparisons:

     YEAR           TYPE OF COURSE                 QTY         Total Students
      2003             Crisis Ministry              10                178
                      Call Centre Crisis            6
      2004             Crisis Ministry              16                195
                      Call Centre Crisis            3
                       Counsel Skills               1
      2005             Crisis Ministry              12                197
      2006             Crisis Ministry              9
                     Trauma Support W               1                 122
      2007             Crisis Ministry              11                142
      2008             Crisis Ministry              8                 108
      2009             Crisis Ministry              8                  94
      2010              Crisis Ministry              7                101
                         Basic Crisis                3

  Total students trained since 2003 :                               1137

                Christmas Message from the Treasury                              News from Ficksburg
                     When Mary conceived Christ, she was a virgin. It must       On behalf of the Editorial Team of The
                  have been a scary time for her, yet she sang a song of joy     Servant’s Voice, we would like to take
                  that her soul magnifies the Lord. She had faith and believed
                  in God. She was no doubt a young and faithful woman. So
                                                                                 this opportunity to congratulate Chap-
                  during this Christmas season let’s all put our faith in the    lain Gavin Hoole of Fickburg and his
Christ child and let all our souls magnify the Lord as we join in Mary’s son     wife, Louise who became grandparents
of praise: “My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Sav-     on the 30 October 2010. Their grand-
iour. For He has looked with favour on His lowly Servant and His Name            son's name is Mauricio. We give God
shall be forever exalted. He has done great things for me and has mercy for
the faithful, Holy is His Name”                                                  all the glory for their bundle of joy!
Wishing you a peaceful and joyous Christmas and a prosperous New Year.           Chaplain Gavin Hoole can be contacted
         Adrienne Thorssell
         Treasury Coordinator
                                                                                 on 051 933 2455 or 082 466 2311.
   THE SERVANT’S VOICE -              Official Newsletter of the Emergency Services Chaplaincy (SA)   Page 7


Emergency Services officials
pray for the city of Tshwane
Paramedics of ER24, Netcare 911 and LifeMed Ambu-
lance Services, Fire Fighters of Tshwane Emergency Ser-
vices, Police officers of the SAPS Sinoville and the
Tshwane Metro Police and Chaplains of the Emergency
Services Chaplaincy (SA) of the Tshwane Region, gath-
ered as a group in the parking lot of the Kolonnade Shop-
ping Centre recently to pray for a safe December holiday
LifeMed Ambulance Service’s Frikkie Gous, who organ-
ized the dedicating ceremony, said that the main reason
for the event was for as much as possible emergency ser-
                                                               Chaplain (Past) Johann Viljoen and members of the
vices officials to gather to pray for each other and for the
                                                               Emergency Services in Tshwane praying for the city.
city of Pretoria and for safety on our roads. Approxi-
mately 50 officials gathered with a fire and rescue en-
gine, ambulances, and medical emergency response vehi- partments, in conjunction with the local churches, to es-
cles and police cars.                                        tablish His Kingdom in the capital of South Africa.
                                                             “Father God, in the Name of Jesus Christ we pray today
A short powerful message was delivered by Past               that by Your mercy and grace, no drop of blood will be
Lightfoot after which Chaplain (Past) Johann Viljoen,        spilled on any uniform of any on-duty officer in this city
Deputy President of the Emergency Services Chaplaincy during the coming festive season,” Chaplain Viljoen
(SA) requested all officials to gather in a close circle by  prayed.
taking each others hands. He praised them for their dedi-
cation, hard work and loyalty to their city and encour-      After the dedication prayer, all the emergency vehicle’s
aged them to keep their eyes upon their Chief, the Lord      warning and emergency lights and sirens were switched
Jesus Christ. He dedicated them, their families, and the     on as a very loud “AMEN” for the rest of Pretoria to hear
rest of the emergency services and the city of Pretoria to   and take notice.
the Lord. In his prayer, Chaplain Viljoen declared that      For more info contact Frikkie Gous (LifeMed) on 082
Pretoria will be a city where the glory of God will be       087 6860 or Chaplain Johann Viljoen on 073 923 8868.
seen and asked God to use the various public safety de-

  Have you renewed your membership? See front page for details.
           Page 8        THE SERVANT’S VOICE -                 Official Newsletter of the Emergency Services Chaplaincy (SA)

                               Self-help guide to dealing with trauma
                                                                                                           by Past Johann Viljoen

                               W        hat can you do to help
                                        yourself when you are
                                experiencing traumatic stress? If
                                                                    happening or has happened. Often times you deny the fact that
                                                                    you were frightened and/or anxious.
                                                                        The impact phase. Impact starts sometime after the incident
                                you need some practical sugges-     and can last for up to two weeks. This is characterized by an-
                                tions that might be helpful, you    ger, sometimes directed toward your employer, fellow employ-
                                should read on... This may not      ees, anyone in authority, or just society in general. In this phase
be the only remedies, but can form part of your healing proc-       you question yourself on how well you handled the situation
ess. These tips can also be given to the victims you, as chap-      with self-questions such as: “Did I do the right thing?” This is
lain, are helping on a daily basis.                                 the “what if”-time when you think about what could have hap-
                                                                    pened, or how you might have reacted differently. These self-
    Remember that you are having normal human reactions,            doubts are common and expected. Another frequent occurrence
just like others under similar stress. You are not going ‘crazy’    in this impact phase is the onset of depression. You can give in
or having a nervous breakdown. Give yourself permission to          to the feelings of hopelessness and impotence, unable to think
feel bad. Like flu, traumatic stress has to run its course. Un-     of positive outcomes, see yourself as a helpless victim, and
wanted thoughts, dreams or flashbacks are normal. Accept            blame yourself for poor judgment and bad decisions.
them as part of healing. They should decrease over time, and in         The resolution phase. Resolution may go on for up to two
most ways they are adaptive and healing.                            months. The first step is realizing that you probably did a good
                                                                    job during the incident. The last step is one of acceptance,
Self-help tips:                                                     where you really understand what has happened, that fear is
    These tips are things you can do to help yourself when you      human, and stop second-guessing yourself or blaming yourself
are experiencing traumatic stress:                                  or others. Your ‘normal’ is now a ‘different’ normal. If you
    Stay in touch with others. Don't isolate yourself. Talking to   have had a medical problem such as gastrointestinal disorder,
people is a like medicine and is therapy. Allow supportive peo-     hypertension, diabetes, seizure disorders, etc., be particularly
ple to assist you. Reach out to people who care: family, friends,   aware of any changes in these medical conditions and seek
pastors and counsellors. Don't wait to ask for help if you want     medical evaluation immediately. A certain amount of emo-
or need it.                                                         tional distress is common after trauma. If the anxiety, fear at
    Stay active. Maintain a normal, active and productive           work, depression or sleep disorders continues for more than a
schedule and modify it as necessary. Physical exercise (within      few days, you should seek professional assistance to help you
your normal limits) is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Do    with these difficulties.
things that you enjoy.                                                  Do not be alone immediately following the incident. Avoid
    Help others. It will help you too. Realize that those around    alcohol or other drugs that are not prescribed. Dreaming about
you may also be under stress. Help your co-workers. Assist          the incident is common, but should go away in a couple of
family members who may also be experiencing stress.                 weeks. There may be times where you think or feel that the
    Take care of yourself. Avoid stressful situations for a         incident is reoccurring, something like a ‘mini-flashback’. You
while. Spend some time relaxing. Don't abuse drugs or alcohol       should talk about the incident in detail with family and friends,
as it can hinder and delay recovery. Eat well-balanced, regular     and with people who were there. The more you are able to talk
meals, even if you don't feel like it. Get plenty of rest; remem-   about what happened with people who understand, the sooner
bering that sleep disturbance is common. Avoid hazardous ac-        the difficulties will pass and the associated problems will di-
tivities. There is an increased likelihood of accidents. Delay      minish.
making major life decisions until your stress level lowers and          Stay “plugged in” with God! The Word teaches us that one
symptoms decrease significantly.                                    of God’s names, which is at the same time also one of His at-
                                                                    tributes, is Jehovah Raphe – God our Healer. Let Him heal the
The phases of recovering:                                           wounds! The Lord Jesus Christ told His disciples that the Holy
    There are several predictable phases that persons who suffer    Spirit is the “Comforter”. In the original Greek, it is
a trauma, tend to go through. These phases are emotional re-        ‘Paraklētos’, which means He is our Intercessor, our Consoler,
sponses to the incident. The phases usually occur in the follow-    our Advocate, our Helper and our Comforter. Therefore, stay-
ing order, but may appear in any sequence:                          ing ‘plugged into’ God’s power through spending time with
    The shock phase. Shock can last from a few hours to a           Him, you will find your consolation and comfort in Him, which
week. This includes a feeling of immobilization, where you          will speed up your healing from traumatic stress.
can't remember simple things like your own telephone number,
where your keys are kept, what time it is, to name a few. This
is followed by denial where you don't really believe what is     073 923 8868 or 084 223 8484.

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                                            The “Emergency Services Chaplaincy” has a Facebook
                                            group for all members and Ex-Members... Please join.
    THE SERVANT’S VOICE -             Official Newsletter of the Emergency Services Chaplaincy (SA)   Page 9

What’s the Discovery story?
It is to be noted that as of January 2011 Discovery         vices personnel on the scenes and/or other victims
Medical Aid will be launching Trauma Support for            involved that are not members of the Discovery
Discovery Medical Aid Members, as well as to mem-           Medical Aid.
bers of the various medical aids that Discovery ad-
ministers. These services will be provided by ER24          The Board of Directors and the Working Committee
on behalf of Discovery and they will be wearing Dis-        would like to encourage all Chaplains to receive the
covery uniforms. There will be one car in each of the       new trauma support members of Discovery and
following areas: Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town          make them feel welcome in the role that they will be
and Durban.                                                 fulfilling. We trust that when we meet them on the
                                                            road at incidents that we will have an attitude of co-
 The Executive Board is aware that some members             operation and that we will work with them where
of the Chaplaincy are concerned that this may be            ever we can.
threat to ESC (SA). It is actually on the contrary. It
should be seen as an advantage and an opportunity           It is to be noted that we are there to serve and that
to the additional support for these victims and will        the victim will have made or will make the choice.
most definitely improve the well being of many              We trust that we will be true examples of God’s
trauma victims. Furthermore; when a Discov-                 Grace when and where needed, in support and coop-
ery Medical Aid member is receiving the care from           eration ensuring the best service for all concerned.
the Discovery Trauma Support it will enable ESC
(SA) members to work with the trauma support of
Discovery with the pastoral care of those victims.          Rodney R Berry
Lastly, it will free ESC (SA) members to be more            Managing Director: ESC (SA)
proactive in the pastoral care of the emergency ser-

News from UGANDA
A team of nine chaplains from the Emergency Services
Chaplaincy in Uganda visited the government hospital at
the town of Tororo on 28 March 2010.
The chaplain’s visited the children’s ward and ministered
to over 60 sick children and their mothers to the delight
of everybody. They prayed for the sick children, their
mothers and guardians.
After that, the chaplains were granted an opportunity to

                                                            share the Gospel message. Chief Chaplain Emmanuel
                                                            Santos Oula preached a brief sermon and thereafter 17 of
                                                            the mothers gave their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ.
                                                            The chaplains who accompanied Chaplain Emmanuel
                                                            Santos Oula were Ikwaga Joseph (District Chaplain), Ve-
                                                            ronica Tino, Kamaranzi Annitah, Mwambu David, Kisa-
                                                            kye George, Regina Suubi and Mary Oula.
                                                            Chaplain Emmanuel Santos Oula can be contacted on
              10          THE SERVANT’S VOICE -                   Official Newsletter of the Emergency Services Chaplaincy (SA)

President’s feedback on the Special AGM
                    The Special AGM held at the Leon Ferreira         changes and how the structures will function from this point on-
                    Fire Station in Boksburg, had the purpose of      wards. Members, who attended the previous AGM, would recall
                    implementing the Article 21 Company, as           the workshops after the meeting for the purpose of identifying the
                    tasked to the Executive and the appointed         problems and discussing possible ways of addressing them, in
                    panel by the AGM held in August, 2009. I am       finding the way forward. Chaplains will find their inputs were
                    please to announce that at this special AGM,      noted, and certain things were changed in order to address con-
                    all members present where happy with the          cerns.
                    work done, and the policies put into place for
                    the Article 21 Company and it was then also       Another exciting change is the distinction between ‘Chaplains’
                    approved by all voting members present.            and ‘Ordained Chaplains’. It was found that there are two groups
                                                                       of chaplains in the ESC(SA). The one group, called ‘Ordained
But what do these new changes mean and what are the implica-           Chaplains’, has a pastoral calling to serve and care for the person-
tions?                                                                 nel of the various emergency services agencies (SAPS, provincial
                                                                       EMS, private EMS, fire departments and security company staff),
First of all, the Executive Committee, that was the highest body of while the other group of chaplains, called ‘Chaplains’, have a
the ‘old’ ESC(SA), is now replaced with a Board of Directors.          very specific calling to the ‘crisis ministry’ (serving members of
They will be responsible for the leadership, oversight and direc-      the public in trauma). Therefore in future, all students will do the
tion of the ESC(SA).                                                   normal crisis ministry training, and those who wish to specialize
Secondly, there will be a Working Committee responsible for all        in the pastoral care of emergency services personnel, will have
the operational functions of the ESC(SA). This is where the secre- additional training to equip them for this specific calling. For
tarial function, financial function, Operational functions, training, more on this, both the previously mentioned documents should be
spiritual assistance to chaplains, and so forth will be dealt with.    read. This however does not mean that a person working in the
More information on exactly how these will function, and what          field of crisis ministry (Chaplains) will no longer be working with
their responsibilities would be, download the new policies on the      the emergency services personnel, and that Ordained Chaplains
website on under the documents page.                  will not tend to crime and accident scenes and other trauma-
                                                                       related calls. We are still one body, and our goal and vision did
The constitution of the ESC (SA) has now been replaced with a          not change. Chaplains and Ordained Chaplains will still be work-
document called “Articles of Association” which is just the an-        ing together on both. It only means that some chaplains will do
other name for a constitution of the an Article 21 Company. You        additional training. Let us not allow these changes to be the cause
should also download the “Terms of Reference” document, as the         of any disunity, but we should rather embrace each other, wher-
entire chaplaincy structure has been amended to fit into the profile ever we meet.
of an Article 21 Company. All other policies and bylaws of the
ESC(SA) will remain valid until the needed amendments can be          All members must take note that the ESC(SA) website and e-mails
made to them.                                                         had now been repaired. Visit the website,, for
                                                                      the latest news, updated policy documents, and information on the
The ESC(SA) is now called a “Religious Missions Organization”. upcoming training course in Boksburg. Limited space for the
This means that the Chaplaincy is registered as a ‘church’ type of course is available, therefore application forms can be downloaded
organization. Therefore all structures had to be amended to fit in    from the website, and must be submitted before the closing date.
with the needed church structures.
A lot has changed, and all chaplains need to be aware of the          Rev David Niebuhr
A Letter from the Eastern Cape
                                                                      should they land up in an ambulance after a traumatic
To all fellow Chaplains,                                              experience…
I hope you all can have a good rest over the Christmas                Please hear my prayer, God. I want to choose LIFE and
season while spending quality time with loved ones.                   not death. You are my door, Jesus, Son of God. Please
To our new Deputy President, Past Johann Viljoen, con-                forgive my sins; show me how to live a good clean life.
gratulations and welcome on board. Whatever we do to                  Please send someone with a Bible to help me. Thank you,
serve the Lord, let the vision be greater than us.                    LORD.
My 10 years of service is done, but somehow God is still              Hopefully, ambulance staff or paramedics will communi-
busy motivating me, so I'll continue registering with ESC             cate this short prayer to ambulance patients. Fellow chap-
(SA) each year, 2011 included. It seems to be in the area             lains, keep learning, growing and ministering. Stay alive!
of "out reach" that I am more involved in and I can be a              To all, have a blessed Christmas and may the new year
willing servant for our Lord.                                         see growth in ESCSA.
I was also inspired to write prayer people might read
                                                                      Chaplain Isabel Baving (PORT ALFRED)
   THE SERVANT’S VOICE -                 Official Newsletter of the Emergency Services Chaplaincy (SA)    11

Rev Linda writes
Dear Chaplains, Friends & Colleagues,

“The Grace of God has appeared, saving all and training us to reject Godless
ways, and worldly desires and to live temperately, justly and devoutly in this age,
as we await the blessed hope and the appearance of the Glory of our great God and of our Saviour Jesus
Christ. (Titus 2: 11-13).

The mystery of Christmas lays upon the us all as debt and an obligation to the rest of mankind and to the
whole created universe. We who have seen the light of Christ are obliged, by the greatness of the grace
that he has been given us, to make known the presence of the Saviour to the ends of the earth. This we
will do not only by preaching the glad tidings of His coming, but above all by revealing Him in our lives.
Christ is born to us today, in order that he may appear to the whole world, through us. This one day is the
day of His birth, but every day of our mortal lives must be his manifestation, His divine Epiphany, in the
world which he created and redeemed.
O God, help us to manifest your grace through the Glory of Christ, Who is present today and always.
                     Regional Coordinator: Western Cape & National Prayer Coordinator
                        021 762 5290 or 082 460 6313

                                        badge) and their nametags, as speci-
New Uniform Policy                      fied in the policy document on uni-          Diagram of authorised insignia
A great deal has changed with re-       forms. Very specific details are now
gards to the uniforms worn by all       set on the nametags. Rodney Berry
chaplains. Due to complaints by         may be contacted in this regard. This                      Purple shoulder
chaplains that they look like           simplified policy will make it cheaper                     epaulettes worn by
‘Christmas trees’ and based on feed- for chaplains to buy their uniform                            all chaplains.
back from chaplains who partici-        items, and get rid of the things that
pated, the Board of Directors and the most chaplains complaint about. It is
Working Committee have recently         advised that all members read the
issued the new Uniform Policy. All      new uniform policy on how uniforms
regional and district co-ordinators are should be worn. This downloadable
requested to communicate this policy document is on our website.                                Peace leave
to members and implement this pol- Special note should be taken that                            georgettes worn by the
icy with immediate effect. For the      chaplains are not allowed to wear                       Board of Directors
purpose of this publication, following black jeans, as it does not form part                    only.
is a short summary of the policy.       of our uniforms; and neither is fancy
We dropped the lanyards and geor-      black pants with sequence on it. Fur-
gettes for almost all chaplains. The   thermore, wearing any of our chap-
exception is the Working Committee     laincy insignia with other uniforms
that will be wearing the three-striped without written permission from the
georgettes, and the Board of Direc-    Board of Directors is not allowed -                      Three-stripped
tors will be wearing the peace leave   for example, wearing chaplaincy                          georgettes worn by the
georgettes. The shoulder flashes may   badges on biker’s clothing, nursing                      Working Committee
be worn by chaplains at own personal   uniforms, paramedic uniforms, but                        only.
discretion.                            also wearing and any other insignia
                                       of any other nature on Chaplaincy
All other chaplains will only wear the uniforms.
purple epaulettes, the shield (metal
      12       THE SERVANT’S VOICE -           Official Newsletter of the Emergency Services Chaplaincy (SA)

New rank structure for the SA Police Service
  The South African Police Service changed it’s rank structure with effect from 1 April this year.
 As ESC (SA) chaplains deal with members of the SAPS on a daily basis, the Working Committee
      requests chaplains to get acquainted with the ranks and the various forms of address.

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