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					the      PAR K
          the Leighton Park School termly newsletter
                                            December 2005

    Dear Friends,

    Pupils and staff who joined us at the     Congratulations to both teams and        As I write, we are looking forward to
    start of the academic year have           their dedicated coaches.                 the Christmas Concert and the
    completely settled in, and are, I hope,                                            Sunday Christmas Evening Meeting,
                                              On the musical front, we were
    enjoying LP as a home from home,                                                   to be followed by seasonal
                                              treated to a series of outstanding
    whether day or boarding pupils. Once                                               refreshments in Peckover Hall, which
                                              concerts virtually every week, by the
    again this year, we have more pupils                                               as usual will have been beautifully
                                              soloists, the music scholars, the
    than ever before - over 450 - and the                                              decorated      by     the     Parents
                                              string ensemble and by several other
    growth looks set to continue in 2006-                                              Association Committee - many
                                              ensembles including the orchestra,
    7, reflecting the ever-increasing                                                  thanks!
                                              the choir and the burgeoning Fryer
    demand for places, and the
                                              Voices. All reached a very impressive    An exciting phase of development
    importance parents are placing on
                                              standard, involving ever larger          lies   ahead,    beginning    next
    the Quaker values of the school.
                                              numbers of pupils.                       September with the opening of the
    The end of term was marked by                                                      Sixth Form Centre. In 2006 we will
                                              This term saw the arrival of a
    several highlights: Not only did the                                               also be starting     a programme
                                              completely new drama department:
    girls' U16 hockey team reach the                                                   involving      new      classroom
                                              both Geraint Thomas and Mark
    final of the Berkshire Indoor                                                      development      and    a    major
                                              Blythe have made their mark already.
    Hockey Championships, but for the                                                  redevelopment of the Music
                                              The climax came with the production
    second successive season, the 1st                                                  Department,      scheduled     for
                                              Bard Attitudes, an entertainment on
    XV won outright the Super Six                                                      completion in 2007.
                                              a Shakespearean theme, devised by
    Rugby Tournament after a very
                                              Geraint with Rosemary Scales, and        Finally, best wishes to you all for
    tough final against Halliford (18-7),
                                              involving a huge cast of senior pupils   Christmas, and for peace in the New
    having beaten very strong schools
                                              as actors, singers, musicians and        Year.
    en route. In the last week of term, we
                                              stage crew. It was a wonderful
    were also so proud of the team,
                                              experience. Hamlet will never be the     John Dunston
    drawing 12-12 with Reading School
                                              same again.                              Head
    in the Daily Mail Vase quarter finals.

    Contents                                                     Forthcoming Dates
                                                For details of other events, please visit
                                              Wednesday 4th January, 6.00pm            Boarders return
    Headlines                           2
                                              Thursday 5th January, 8.20am             Term starts
    Forthcoming Dates                   2     Sunday 15th January, 7.30pm              Evening Meeting
                                              Wednesday 18th January, 7.15pm           Piano Recital - Ed Chilvers
    News                                3     Saturday 21st January                    Entrance tests
                                              Wednesday 25th January, 7.15pm           Music Scholars' Concert (1)
    Sixth form                        4/5
                                              Friday 27th-Sunday 29th January          Exeat Weekend
    Fryer News                        6/7     Wednesday 1st February, 7.15pm           Music Scholars’ Concert (2)
                                              Wednesday 8th February, 7.15pm           Benefit in aid of Cystic Fibrosis
    Arts/Music                        8/9
                                              Thursday 9th February, 6.00pm            Sixth Form Information Evening
    Sport                          10/11      Friday 10th February, 4.15pm             Long Leave starts
                                              Sunday 19th February, 6.00pm             Long leave ends; boarders return
    News                               12     Sunday 26th February, 7.30pm             Evening Meeting: Peter Anwyl
                                              Wednesday 1st March, 7.15pm              Forty Fingers Recital
                                              Date to be confirmed                     House Music Competition
                                              Saturday 11th March                      PTA Quiz in Oakview
                                              Sunday 12th March, 7.30pm                Evening Meeting: Stephen Shashoua
                                              Tuesday 14th March                       French Exchange depart
                                              Wednesday 15th March, 7.15pm             Soloists Concert
                                              Wednesday 22nd March, 7.15pm             Jazz Concert
                                              Thursday 23rd March                      German Exchange Group depart
                                              Wednesday 29th March, 7.15pm             Strings Concert
                                              Friday 31st March                        Term ends 12.15pm
                                                                                                                        Townson House...

Sixth form update...
John Dunston reports: Plans are           Marjory is currently developing a
now well under way for the new
Sixth Form Centre, due to open in
September 2006.
                                          wide-ranging Sixth Form programme
                                          which will offer so much to students
                                          in their two pre-university years,
The Centre will be in Townson, and
is to include both leisure and study
                                          quite apart from the academic
                                          curriculum. It is intended that every
                                          two years, a major cultural trip
facilities as well as a fully equipped    should be offered, the first going to
kitchen, and ICT area, offices for the    China in October 2006. Already this       Linda Mitchell writes: It is about five
Director of the Sixth Form, Marjory       year, the Upper Sixth will be invited     years since the current website and
Morris, and her Deputy, Karen             to one of a series of formal dinners      prospectus were developed so it is
Gracie-Langrick, and space for            with fellow students and staff. The       now time for a new look! A local
tutorials and discussion. In addition,    curriculum itself will be broadened to    company, DVA, have been appointed
the Centre will have a garden area,       include a number of subjects which        to work with us on these projects.
which can be used for summer              might, if appropriate, lead to            We are grateful to pupils, staff and
revision or relaxation.                   additional qualifications. Among          parents who participated in an
                                          those being considered are Mandarin       induction day arranged for DVA to
     Sixth Form                           and Psychology (by distance
                                                                                    help them understand what makes
                                                                                    us extraordinary in so many ways. A
Information Evening                       We now have the opportunity for the
                                                                                    group of senior pupils have since
                                                                                    participated in two ‘Learning
       Thursday 9th February              Sixth Form to develop a character and     Sessions’ hosted by DVA, giving
                                          an identity of its own, enabling          them a first-hand look into the world
         6.00pm-9.00pm                    students to feel that they have made a    of a communications business.
 After a short introductory talk, visit   definite break and a change from the
  departments and talk to staff and       Leighton Park of Year 11 as they          The aim is for the new website to
 current Sixth Formers about A level      prepare for university and future life.   become the primary place for both
  courses. This will be followed by       The students themselves, of course,       current and prospective parents to
  refreshments in Oakview and the         will be very much involved in the         find information about life here. The
  opportunity to put questions to a       planning of these developments, and       site should be live in early spring, but
 panel of current Sixth Formers and       in the running of the Sixth Form          we will keep you informed.

ICT News                                  Oakview Head Chef wins award...
The rollout of wireless broadband         Almost exactly one year after Sir         Andrew Walker, Chartwells’ Executive
across the Park is progressing. All       Steve Redgrave opened Oakview, the        Chef, commended the 42-year-old
the Houses now have broadband             high quality of the school's meals has    professional: “Ricky doesn't act like a
access which has made a positive          won Head Chef, Ricky Adlington, the       superstar but his cooking certainly
difference to pupils. The installation    prestigious Unsung Heroes award           rates him as one. He is very much a
of electronic “Smart” boards in           from Chartwells, specialist catering      traditional craftsman - that is why he's
classrooms continues, with a further      and hospitality service provider to the   so good at what he does - and like all
nine due to be installed over the         independent education sector.             great craftsmen he looks to impart his
Christmas holiday.                                                                  knowledge."
                                          Ricky was selected for the
                                          award over 40 other
                                                                                                                                           Ricky (2nd from left) with Andrew

The new Multi-Media Language
                                                                                                                                           and chefs from other schools...

Centre opened at the beginning of         independent        school
term and was one of the star              chefs.        Chartwells’
attractions of Open Morning! A            Managing Director, Mike
detailed report will be featured in       Bond, presented the
next term’s newsletter. At a time         award to Ricky after the
when the study of modern foreign          company's      Innovation
languages is being downgraded in          Conference held at LP in
many      schools,    this   facility     October.
emphasises our commitment to the
teaching of languages, more vital         Citing his modesty and
now than ever before.                     cooking     excellence,

                               Political animals...

                                                                                                                                                                 We are Europeans....
                               A group of twenty-two Sixth Form           We then witnessed a
                               students, many studying A level            debate over fishing in the
                               Politics, with Clare Sherwood and          Baltic, particularly noting
                               John Allinson visited Brussels for an      the way each MEP was
                               excellent three day visit. Clare writes:   given a strict time limit
                               The focus of the tour was to promote       on the length of their speech,             function as a whole with Europe, not
                               greater understanding of the               perhaps an idea for our parliament!        in isolation. I left the talk very nearly
                               European Union and its role in our         Thursday afternoon gave us a               converted!
                               lives.                                     walking tour of Brussels.
                                                                                                                     Frances Dixon and Naomi Fitzjohn
                               Thursday morning was spent at the          John Ireland and Phoebe Mitchell-          wrote: On Friday afternoon we went
                               magnificent modern architecture of         Innes added: Thursday night was a          to visit the Made in Belgium
                               the European Parliament. We were           visit to Antwerp's Opera House to          Exhibition.      We previously had
                               first given informative and lively talks   see the challenging Ariadne auf            reservations about whether Belgium
                               by the Director of Education at the        Naxos by Richard Strauss, as the           had enough history to fill an
                               Parliament and then by our MEP for         opera was in German with Flemish           exhibition celebrating 175 years of
                               the Green party, Dr Caroline Lucas.        subtitles. However, the acting and         independence, given the joke about
                                                                          set grabbed our attention and we           there being no famous Belgians!
                                                                          enjoyed the musical delights on offer.     However, we were very impressed
                                                                          It was certainly an experience that        with the enormous range of fields in
                                                                          will never be forgotten.                   which Belgium and Belgians have
                                                                                                                     excelled. We were given a minimum
                                                                          Clare continues: Friday took us to         time limit at the start, but by the end
                                                                          the European Commission with a             were hurrying, because there wasn't
                                                                          fascinating talk by the pugnacious         enough time to see it all. A very
    Sightseeing in Bruges...

                                                                          Director of Education, Dr Isabelle         enjoyable afternoon!
                                                                          Trautmann in which she made an
                                                                          excellent case for the value of the        On Saturday we went to the beautiful
                                                                          European Commissioners being the           city of Bruges and enjoyed a guided
                                                                          'wise men' of Europe. She said that        tour around the city, and a boat trip
                                                                          if Britain was to succeed in today's       along its canals. Its chocolate shops
                                                                          international economy, we needed to        are without compare!

                               Henley Conference...                                                                  News...
                                                                                  Conservative            parties,   A lively and well attended talk about
                                                                                  devolution and the future of       Feminism by Dr Madeline Davis
                                                                                  the     Conservative      party    (Reading University English Dept)
                                                                                  (including his belief that         generated       entertaining       and
                                                                                  David Cameron would be             enlightening debate on issues of
                                                                                  best leader to challenge Tony      gender politics. No issues were left
                                                                                  Blair and Gordon Brown), and       unchallenged and she confirmed to
                                                                                  the role of the European           all but one pupil, that we are all true
                                                                                  Union. James Dickie and            feminists!
                                                                                  John Ireland report: There
                                                                                  was a forum of questions and       A hypnotic presentation by Martin
                                                                                  answers which led to Benji         Taylor mesmerised Sixth Formers
                                                                                  Avro winning a year’s              on the theory and practice of
                                                                                  subscription to The Spectator      hypnotism. Both informative and
                                                                                  for her understanding of the       entertaining, it culminating in fifteen
                                                                                  West Lothian Question. It was      willing volunteers joining a virtual
                                                                                  a great opportunity to put         orchestra and two still have to
                               A group of Politics students attended a talk by    across our political views and     remember their names!
                               Boris Johnson on politics in Britain today. He     learn more from one of
                               spoke on a number of topics, including the         Britain’s most entertaining        Next term will be the first in a series
                               differences between the Labour and                 politicians.                       of formal Upper Sixth dinners, for
                                                                                                                     staff, students and invited guests.

In Fox’s Footsteps...
Sixth Form students from the              weekend I fell in love with the Lake
Quaker schools have again found           District. The company was fantastic
inspiration, tracing the roots of         and the walks amazing. I also
Quakerism in the footsteps of             learned things about the politics of
George Fox. The Southern Schools'         the 1640s/50s and why Quakerism

                                                                                                                               Views rom the top...
Pilgrimage (known affectionately as       arose, that I didn't know before.. This
Foxtrot) was attended by pupils from      pilgrimage was the most spiritually
LP, Sibford, Friends' Saffron Walden,     enlightening experience I have ever
Lisburn (Northern Ireland) and            had. It helped me remember what it
Sidcot.                                   is to be a Quaker and confirmed my
                                          reasons for being in membership.
Harriet Jackson writes: I was rather
apprehensive. Although I was              Sofiyya Saeed, not a Quaker herself,
looking forward to going, as a            adds: At the first meeting, I learned a     At first, I had thought the silence of
Quaker already, I wasn't sure how         lot about the beginnings of               little value, but now as a result of my
much I would get out of the               Quakerism and the character of            experience at Swarthmoor Hall, I
weekend. The first stop was Pendle        George Fox. I found the Quaker            enjoy sitting in silence in our
Hill. Beforehand I thought I was          Tapestry awe-inspiring, I have never      Collects, pondering over things I
fairly fit...not any more! As I stopped   seen such needlework and the fact         never get the chance to think about
to catch my breath halfway up, I          that over 4000 people participated        as a student. Something else I have
looked across the fields and realised     was very surprising. The whole            learned is that the road to success is
why I had come. I had needed the          pilgrimage experience left me very        an inner belief that can be tiring and
space and silence to be able to work      tired but spiritually refreshed.          excruciating but the result is worth
out my own beliefs. During the                                                      the work.
                                          students who attended were                occupation, until my trowel removed
Dig this....                              awarded archaeological fieldwork
                                          bursaries by the Roman Research
                                          Trust.    Four of the students who
                                                                                    it. I recovered Roman artefacts and
                                                                                    a strange pink-fine substance with
                                                                                    blue and white fragments in it.
                                          went on the dig are now studying
                                          Archaeology or Ancient History at
                                          Jon Beale, Head Boy, writes: I was
                                          delighted to receive the bursary
                                          which went a long way to cover the
                                          costs of the venture. The excavation
                                          was     a    valuable   educational
Karen Gracie-Langrick writes: In          Victoria Lean adds: Perhaps the
                                                                                                                               Digging in...

the summer, Sixth Formers attended        most exciting thing about being on a
a training excavation organised by        dig was excavating the next layer -
the University of Reading at              unearthing something which had
Silchester Roman Town. The                been in situ since the roman

Coastal trip...                           Sixth form Geographers again had first-hand
                                          experience of the British landscape during
                                          their recent field trip. James Gillespie wrote:
                                          What a great trip! This was an experience
                                                                                                                                 Hanging about at Avon Tyrell

                                          which involved lots of fun but lots of
                                          geography. The high ropes (at Avon Tyrell)
                                          was really challenging but really funny. The
                                          stacks and cliffs of the Isle of Portland were
                                          picturesque, dramatic and unforgettable.
                                          Bhavna Daswani wrote:The sites we
                                          visited really help me to understand what
                                          we are studying now. The location and the
                                          activities such as team building was really
                                          exciting and fun.

                       Roger Aylward writes...
                       The autumn term is always particularly      a long record of raising money for
                       special as we welcome new pupils into       Africa but the interaction between our
                       the school. We are always delighted         pupils and the band members, with
                       to see how quickly they settle in and       their extraordinary stories, made this
                       become happy, busy members of our           event particularly moving.
                       school community. This term is no
                                                                   Looking after one another is always
                       exception and has flown by; it is hard
                                                                   important. In these articles, pupils
                       to believe that we are now looking
                                                                   have thought about their early days in
                       forward to a trip to the Snow Goose

                                                                                                                                                                              Pauline and friends...
                                                                   Fryer, whilst in Collect, the boarders
                       and the Fryer Christmas party.
                                                                   have also shared some of the extra
                       In this busy term, we still take time for   fun that they have.
                       reflection and so on these pages, we
                                                                   The Fryer team and I wish you all a
                       are thinking about some of the things
                                                                   Merry Christmas and a happy and
                       that are most important to us. The visit
                                                                   peaceful New Year.
                       of the Mbale band in particular made a
                       great impact on the children. We have

                                                                                                                                    First impressions...
                       Camping out...                                                                                               This term, as well as welcoming
                                                                                                                                    our new pupils into Years 7 and 8,
                                                                                                             Fun in the forest...   we were delighted to see the
                                                                                                                                    arrival of our new Housemother,
                                                                                                                                    Pauline Johnson.
                                                                                                                                    Newcomers Day is a great way to
                                                                                                                                    help new pupils find their way
                                                                                                                                    around before the rest of the school
                                                                                                                                    arrive. Issie Mead and Frankie
                                                                   walk through the forest. When we got                             Taylor enjoyed the Maths Trail: This
                                                                   back we made tea: noodles, soup and                              consists of working in groups to find
                                                                   chicken curry followed by rice pudding                           the answers to some maths
                       One of the best ways to make new            and mandarins. It got dark so we had                             questions that are found at different
                       friends and to get to know the staff is     to wash up by torchlight.                                        places around school. It got our
                       the Year 7 camping trip to the              In the morning after a delicious                                 brains going after the long holidays
                       Savernake forest. It is a great way for     breakfast of bacon and eggs, we were                             and helped us find our way around.
                       newcomers to make friends and also          dropped off with a compass and map                               Lucie Seacroft writes: When I met
                       to begin to learn to be independent         in the middle of nowhere and had a                               everyone I thought they were really
                       and to work as a team.                      race back to camp. It was really fun. I                          kind and welcoming. All my teachers
                       Alice Herbert writes: When we arrived       have never been camping before but I                             and my tutor, Janet, helped me
                       we were shown how to put up our             would love to go again, except that I                            settle in. I enjoy the food at LP: it’s
                       tents. After a talk we attempted to         froze in the night!                                              so healthy!
                       have a go ourselves, and eventually,        George Williams and Chris Walker                                 Harry Cartwright said: As soon as I
                       after a bit of assistance, we found a       add: It was great and everyone made                              got to LP, I loved everything about it.
                       sea of orange tents. We sorted              friends and learned about teamwork.                              I love the Collects, they are better
                       through our bags and went on a short        It also taught us to cook a bit.                                 than normal assemblies, the classes
                                                                                                                                    are fun as well and I like to walk
                                                                                                                                    between lessons.
                                                                                                                                    Matt appreciates the special ethos
                                                                                                                                    of the school: I am treated as an
                                                                                                                                    equal and enjoy the environment. I
    Which way up?...

                                                                                                                                    am treated with respect and I treat
                                                                                                                                    others with respect so it makes
                                                                                                                                    everyone happy and everything goes
                                                                                                                                    in a circle.

United Communities...
The truly global language of music                             they are orphans. It was amazing

                                                                                                                                                 The girls learn some dances....
reached across continents as the                               they could play the instruments so
Mbale Youth Brass Band from                                    well after two years. Unfortunately
Uganda came to LP. The group who                               all of the band had lost one or both
were between 12 and 22 years old                               of their parents to Aids. We hope
were touring the UK, to raise money                            that they will continue being looked
for their community. All of them have                          after.
lost one or both parents to AIDS.
                                                               Archie Dickens: When the Mbale
The band performed at a concert, here                          band visited, LP was taken by storm.
on 5th November, with an appearance                            The music was brilliant and the
by the Berkshire Young Musicians                               workshop was fun but the moment
Trust Holst Band. The highlight for LP                         that made the largest impression on      We recently received this email,
was a performance in Collect, followed                         me was when I met Hasson. It is at       from Kassim, one of the band
by workshops with Fryer. Following an                          moments like that when you realise       members, which shows that the
Austerity lunch and other fundraising, a                       how lucky you really are.                pleasure from the band’s visit was
cheque for £500 was presented to the                                                                    enjoyed by both groups:
                                                               Frankie Taylor, Savannah Foister
band, in addition to approximately
                                                               and Issi Mead: The Mbale Band            Hello, how is every thing taking you
£1600 raised at the concert.
                                                               amazed us, not only with their           over there, hoping you’re doing well
Here are some of the pupils’                                   talents for music, dancing and           and fine. Life is not that much hard
reflections. Elysia Newton, Ellen                              singing, but the way they were so        we are finding very many difficulties
Few and Theo Masters-Waage:                                    relaxed to stand up and perform in       here and there but any way don't
The Mbale band was very                                        front of the whole school. You would     worry God will help us solve them so
educational because we learned                                 never know that they were orphans        first. I am Wamboya Kassim a
how people have fun even though                                whose parents had died from Aids.        trumpet player in the Uganda brass
                                                               Their smiles and kindness made the       band that you at one time hosted in
                                                               morning joyful for all of us.            Reading, we are so much grateful
                                                                                                        for your hospitality and the good
                                                               Harry Cartwright, Brian Poon,
                                                                                                        lord bless you so much. Please let’s
                                                               Matt Roberts and Daniel Ivry:
                                                                                                        keep in touch.
                                                               Monday was extra special because
                                                               Fryer had a special workshop. I
                                            Djembe lesson...

                                                               chose drumming; I loved learning
                                                               the different drum beats and
                                                               interacting with the band.               Fryer Library...
                                                                                                        It is twenty years since Fryer House
                                                                                                        opened, and this year we will be
                                                                                                        thinking about how life in the house

After school fun...                                                                                     has changed. One way to mark the
                                                                                                        event is the refurbishment of the
                                                                                                        Fryer Library.
A busy after school programme is
one of the high points of Fryer life.                                                                   When a student requested some new
Pupils have written about some                                                                          books for Fryer Library during a
favourite activities:                                                                                   recent student council meeting, they
Pop Lacrosse is a hit with Josie                                                                        had no idea that Roger was already
Wallace who writes: I had never                                                                         thinking about reviewing and
played before, neither had anyone                                                                       upgrading book provision in the
else. Nicky Williams took us for it and                                                                 house following a generous donation,
we learned so much. We warmed up,                                                                       writes Librarian, Chris Routh. I was
                                                               make sure no air got in, and there
then we did ball and stick training, then                                                               delighted to be invited to help with
                                                               were no lines to be seen. This hobby
we played a game. It was really fun!                                                                    the project, which will also involve a
                                                               was really fun.
                                                                                                        complete refurbishment of the room.
Rachel Kelmanson writes about                                  Claire Brandt likes ICT Club: It is an   We plan to closely involve students
Ceramics: We made pots using coils                             opportunity to finish any work, to       and to explore ways to promote and
of clay. We made a base then got the                           work on powerpoint, to research          maximise the use of what promises
coils wound around it. We had to                               using the internet or email friends.     to be a fantastic resource.

                                                                                                                                Dogg’s Hamlet...
    Bard Attitudes...
                                    lot to live up to. With our new Director, Geraint Thomas,
                                    and a wealth of new material both by and relating to
                                    Shakespeare, we had a lot of work in eight weeks. We
                                    split into groups according to the pieces we were in. I
                                    had a duet from Kiss me Kate, with Nick Masters-Waage,
                                    and a part in Doggs Hamlet (a version of Hamlet lasting
                                    fifteen minutes!). Along
                                    with the final dance, I, like

                                                                                                                                     I hate men...
                                    most people, had a lot to
                                    be getting on with.
                                    I particularly enjoyed Doggs
                                    Hamlet.       The cast was
                                    mainly U6 Theatre Studies
                                                                                                fellow company members’
                                    students and we had fun
                                                                                                performances which I
                                    putting our spin on an
                                                                                                hadn’t had a chance to
                                    hilarious and dramatic
    Joey McMillan writes: This                                                                  appreciate before. I’m sure
    year there was a senior                                                                     the audience enjoyed it
    production for the first time   I couldn’t wait to get on the                               almost as much as we
    since Cabaret, so we had a      stage as well as admire the                                 enjoyed putting it on.

    Christmas Card                                                                     Drum roll...
    This year there was a competition to design
    the LP card. It seemed a good opportunity to
    showcase some of the artistic talent in school
    and was fun too! The winning design was by
    Amber Wilson with a cheery snowman
    sporting an LP scarf. It was a difficult choice
    and there were a number of highly
    commended entries: Reuben MacNaughton,                                             Rowan Foster performed with the
    Constansia Cain, Parris Bigley, Nick Gale,                                         Youth Music Theatre UK this summer
    Angus Lai and Emily Stubbs.                                                        in Goblin Market which played six
                                                                                       evenings a week for four weeks. He
                                                                                       arrived to find that he wasn't playing
    Individual Achievements...                                                         the drum kit but a 12-instrument
                                                                                       percussion section and so had to
    Many pupils flocked to the cinema to see Eliza Bennett in the role of Tora         learn fast how to play some of these
                                                                                       instruments. Goblin Market was a
    in the blockbuster movie Nanny McPhee. Working with Emma Thompson,
                                                                                       piece of new writing composed by
    Colin Firth and a who’s who of British stars is a remarkable addition to Eliza’s
                                                                                       Conor Mitchell, the Music Director,
    already impressive theatrical record.                                              who was very pleased with Rowan's
                                                                                       performance. The band comprised
    Michael McLennan: Having won a competition to present the Friday night             about eight players, many of whom
    show on Radio Passion in Oxford, Mike has now been employed to present             were university music students.
    the Sunday afternoon show as well. His co-presenter is OL Dominic
                                                                                       Rowan has also been awarded a
                                                                                       prestigious Cymbal endorsement with
                                                                                       Soul     Tone.    It’s a    fantastic
    Laura Marling was the support at a show by eighties icon Howard Jones              achievement to be recognised by a
    at the Arts Centre Windsor. She was very well received by the audience.            well established percussion brand.

                           Music live...
                           Another busy term in the Music            Reading FC's Carol service. They                                event, LP Unplugged. No electric
                           Department, with pupils working           were joined by John Madejski, the                               guitars, no electronic keyboards,
                           extremely hard and performing             Bishop of Reading, players and                                  with all music performed acoustically
                           brilliantly, says Rose Scales,            other local celebrities.                                        and the audience showed great
                           Director of Music.                                                                                        appreciation and respect for all the
                                                                     Tracey Harrison writes: LP received
                           John Dunston described              the   a little MTV treatment when it played
                           Ensembles Concert as a milestone in       host to a one-off acoustic music                                The event, organised by members of
                           music at LP. Performances included                                                                        staff, Tracey and Mic Harrison, was
                           the thirty five strong orchestra, Fryer                                                                   to promote the song-writing talents
                           Voices (supported by Chris Mitchell                                                                       within school. LP Unplugged
                           and Nicole Fleury-Griffiths) and the                                                                      showcased the talents of Jonathan
                           senior choir.                                                                                             Ratner, Sean Howlett, Clea
                                                                                                                                     Heaton, Nicole Fleary-Griffiths,
                           The Strings and Soloists concerts
                                                                                                                                     Emma Baggott, Noah Kelly,
                           were further special evenings - many
                                                                                                                                     Rowan Foster, Olivia Wheeler-
                           pupils performing for the first time
                                                                                                                                     Robinson and Laura Marling.
                           and really achieving an excellent
                           standard. The term ended with                                                                             All the music throughout the evening
                           senior musicians contributing to                                                                          had been written and composed by
                           Bard Attitudes and a splendid                                                                             the students themselves. The
                           Christmas concert.                                                                                        evening provided refreshing and
                                                                                                                                     reassuring knowledge that the future
                                                                                                                                     of original contemporary music may
                                                                                                                                     not be at risk!
Jazz Kittens rehearse

                                                                                                               Acoustic artists...

                           On the last Friday of term, members
                           of the Senior Choir helped lead the

                                                                                                                                                                             In the studio...
                           singing at the Madejski Stadium at

                           Book News...
                           Earlier this term, LP provided the        talked about being a writer and
                           venue for the launch of the Berkshire
                           Book Award for 2005. The event
                           involved students from over twenty
                                                                     explained how much she had enjoyed
                                                                     tracking the award. LP's Year 9 will be
                                                                     reading and discussing the books
                                                                                                                                     Sonic Art...
                           local secondary schools, including all    short-listed for this year's award.                             Sonic Art has started the year with a
                           of LP's Year 9s. Ann Cassidy, author                                                                      bang! Budding songwriters, sound
                           of one of last year's most popular        Chris Routh, Librarian, writes: A                               engineers, musicians, composers and
                           short-listed books, Looking for JJ,       group of Year 9 students recently                               arrangers     invade     the   Music
                                                                     enjoyed a talk by former Children's                             Department every Wednesday after
                                                                     Laureate,    Michael     Morpurgo.                              school to get creative. Archie
                                                                     Michael    held     the    audience                             Dickens writes: You use 3
                                                                     spellbound with some of his own                                 programmes, Reason, Cubase,
                                                                     moving wartime stories including                                Sibelius. There are four Year,
                                                                     Private Peaceful, War Horse and The                             Elysia, Chris and Theo. We all
                                                                                                                                     thoroughly enjoy it. Sonic Art is
                                                                     Best Christmas Present in the World.
         Book signing...

                                                                                                                                     making music and it has given a boost
                                                                     Chris Wheeler wrote: We went to                                 in my music life. I have made several
                                                                     Reading Town Hall; Michael                                      great pieces of music with Cubase.
                                                                     Morpurgo spoke very well and was                                They are called Riding with winter,
                                                                     moving as well. I had a great time!                             Elephants and Constantinople.

                                                                                                                                                                Super Six finalists...
                             Super Six Champions...again!...
                             Mark Simmons, Head of PE reports:             The U15 rugby team have progressed        strongest opponents.
                             The 1st XV have had another                   really well this season. Collectively,
                             successful term and recently retained         they have shown more awareness of         Ashley O'Rourke, Simon White and
                             the Super Six Shield which we won for         the requirements of team play and         Laurence Hunter have all played
                             the first time last year. Following a solid   there have been some outstanding          regularly for the Berkshire U18 rugby
                             victory      over    Salesian     College,    individual performances. They now         team this term.
                             Farnborough in the play-off semi-final        have a large squad of players ready to
                                                                           move into the senior school next year.    Following trials this term both Rory
                             the team had a repeat of the 2004 final
                                                                                                                     Otterburn & Stuart Gough have been
                             against Halliford School. An excellent
                                                                           The U14 team have had a successful        selected for the Berkshire U15 rugby
                             start saw us go 18-0 up at one point but                                                squad. They have attended training
                             Halliford fought back well in the second      term winning all but two of their
                                                                           fixtures. Many individuals have clearly   sessions and their inter-county
                             half before LP ran out 18-7 winners.                                                    matches take place after Christmas.
                                                                           grown in confidence as the term has
                             As we go to press the 1st XV are still in     progressed. Special mention should
                                                                           be made of the outstanding                Phil Dunster,
                             the Daily Mail Vase competition.                                                        who captains
                             Having beaten Desborough School,              contributions made by Saxby Fitzjohn
                                                                           and Sam Poulson whose strong              the Leighton
                             Maidenhead and Easthampstead Park                                                       Park U14 team
                                                                           running has been a handful for our
                             in the earlier rounds of the Daily Mail                                                 has       been
                             Vase Competition, at the end of term                                                    selected      to
                             we entertained Reading School in a                                                      play         for
                             tough regional quarter final. The game                                                  Berkshire in
                             always promised to be a close affair,                                                   their     inter-
                             and so it proved, as the final score was                                                county fixtures
                             12-12. Rules of the competition state                                                   in the New
                             that the away team goes through in the                                                  Year.
                             event of a draw. It was really a
                             herculean effort by the team to run such
                             opponents so close.

                             Sports Festival...
                             In September, twenty-two teams
                             from local Prep and Primary schools
                             descended upon LP for the annual
                             Sports Festival. Six-a-side football

                                                                                                                                                              Happy under 13s..
                             teams for U11s and U13s, and U11
                             netballers took part in hotly contested
                             competitions,     with      supporting
                             parents and staff enjoying          the
                             glorious autumn sunshine on our
                             playing fields.
                                                                           competed for the Plate (Rupert            Roger Aylward commented: It's
                             Eight teams entered the U11 netball           House, Daneshill, Langley Manor,          wonderful to see the Festival
                             competition and, following an initial         Waverley). The Cup was won by St          celebrate its sixth birthday with such
                             "round robin", the top placed four            Andrew's, beating Manor Prep              competitive but sporting play. We
                             teams went through to the Cup Final           School 5-2 in the final. The Plate was    certainly saw some excellent and
                             knockout (Manor Prep, Dolphin                 won by Waverley, beating Daneshill        closely contested play in all the
                             School, The White House and St                3-1 in their final.                       tournaments which made an
                             Andrew's) whilst the lower positions                                                    extremely exciting spectacle.
                                                                           Oakley Junior won the U11 Football,
                                                                           with St Neot's runners-up, whose
                                                                           older team won the U13 competition.
                                                                           The other U11 semi-finalists were
     St Neot’s celebrate..

                                                                           Dolphin School and Langley Manor.
                                                                           In the U13s, the runners up, in an
                                                                                                                                                              St Andrew’s..

                                                                           extremely close final were Leighton
                                                                           Park's Fryer House, with 3rd place
                                                                           secured by Bearwood.

                                                                                                                         V Luckley-Oakfield
Hockey news...
Jakki Marr writes: At U18 and U16        Reading Schools Mini-Hockey             participated in the Junior House
level, teams competed in the             League : The Year 8 'A' team did        Hockey competition. Each House
Berkshire      County        Indoor      very well to reach the semi-finals of   had an A and B team consisting of 9
Tournaments, where the U16s              the Tournament by coming 4th in the     players, and every team played each
reached the final stages, as they        Table. They unfortunately lost to The   other apart from A v B in each
attempted to retain last year’s title.   Abbey in the semi's but were the        House. School were convincing
The U16s eventually came second          only team to draw with them in the      winners but Grove put up a
in the county, which is a great          first round matches. Abbey were the     determined fight.
achievement. The team played three       eventual winners.
matches, losing 2-0 against Abbey        House competitions: In the Senior
and Claire’s Court, but winning 4-1      House Hockey, the winners were
against Newlands.                        Reckitt with School 2nd and in 3rd

                                                                                                                         Mini hockey team....
At U18, U16 and U14 level, teams         place, Grove. Reckitt won both their
participated in the Berkshire County     matches and School beat Grove in a
Outdoor Tournaments. Also, the           close match.
U15s have been undefeated this           In the Junior House Hockey, in 1st
term, beating Kennet, St Gabriels,       place was School, with Grove 2nd
Marist, Pangbourne and drawing           and in 3rd place Reckitt. This year
with Claire’s Court.                     was the first that every Junior girl

Individual achievements...
                  Lizzie Hearn has       Berkshire and is looking forward to a
                  been selected for      tough season next term with both
                  the Hampshire U17      County matches and a full set of
                  Rugby Squad, a         school fixtures.
                  achievement. She       Will Denselow finished his summer
                  will be going for      having represented Berkshire at U.16
                  trials for the South   level and breaking into the
                  Region in the new      Hampstead CC 1st XI in London.
                  year.                  Early in September, Will played at
                                         Lord's in one of the regular fixtures
Isobel Dodds & Amy Simmons have          held at the end of the summer on the
been selected for Berkshire U15's and    Nursery ground.
                                                                                 training and specialist coaching
                                         Jake Elias has                          sessions. He is seen here holding the
                                         become      the                         Player of the Year Award for
                                         youngest                                Berkshire District Cricket 2005.
                                         Leighton Park                           Thomas Williams has recently won
                                         pupil to gain                           the boys Junior Rose Bowl at
                                         county cricket                          Mapledurham Golf Club. Following a
                                         recognition for                         school rugby match on a Saturday
also have played a number of ladies      over ten years.                         morning he hurried across town to
matches therefore playing on both        He has been                             make sure he
Saturdays and Sundays. Amy has also      selected for the County U12 team for    was at the golf
been selected to train with the select   next summer and he will be              club for his
                 U16        Academy      attending coaching sessions with his    scheduled tee-
                 group at Reading        squad next term.                        off time. Not the
                 Hockey Club.                                                    best preparation
                                         Edward Hunter has been selected         but the rush was
                  Millie    Dennis       for the Berkshire U16 cricket squad     all worthwhile as
                  continues to play      for next summer. In the New Year he     he won!
                  County Netball for     will join the squad for a series of

                                                                                                                                 Forest of Dean trip...
     Duke of Edinburgh Gold...
     Hot off the press...We are delighted that Matthew Leopold who left in
     2004 and is now at the Univeristy of Durham, has just been awarded the
     prestigious D of E Gold Award. His final phase was achieved during his
     Gap year in Tasmania. More information in the next issue.
     A busy programme of Bronze activities included the Year 11 Bronze

                                                                                                                                 Year 10 cooking practice run...
     group expedition to the Forest of Dean which involved a 30km walk.
     Will Budge wrote: It was a tough day’s walk, the weight of our packs
     not easing our pain as we carried all we needed for the night. However,
     laughing all the way, we camped for the night, feeling very tired. I’ll be
     sure to do Silver if it’s this much fun! Jack Stanley added: At first the
     walk was easy. We walked and walked, saw beautiful views and had to
     keep stopping for water as it was so hot. As we walked on, we became
     exhausted, but Nick kept our spirits up with singing. As we neared the
     campsite we sped up, eager for some warm food. Jack Stubbs said: It
     was thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended for anyone
     planning to take the award.

     Speaker’s Corner...                                                          New MP’s visit...
     The ever popular JBH Speech               You have to be crazy, and
     Competition transformed the hall          brave, to enter, with seven        We were pleased to welcome our new MP,
     into LP’s own Speaker’s Corner. The       minutes for each speech in         Rob Wilson to school. He met a group of
     heckling was as vigourous as ever         which heckling is welcomed.        pupils and had a tour. John Dunston writes:
     but the four speakers, all first timers                                      Rob has a great interest in education and is
                                               The competition dates from
     to JBH, handled it well.                                                     a member of the all-party Education
                                               the time of Jonathan
     Ken Lovesy writes: Ella Patel             Backhouse Hodgkin, the first       Committee.
     became our first female winner for a      Governor of the school, who
     few years, impressing the judge Hugh      saw John Bright, a venerable       He is well informed and has a passionate
     Turner, from Oxford Brookes               Quaker and orator/politician       interest in the educational provision for
     University, with her speech opposing      respond to a heckler in            young people. He was also very impressed
     capital       punishment.      Stirring   Parliament and came up with        with the pupils he met and the values of the
     competition came from William Ijebor      the idea of a competition          school.
     (There is no such thing as morality),     with heckling at the core.
     Harriet Jackson (Legalise euthanasia)     Only at LP could such a
     and Ed Watson (Embrace the                ‘creature’ which is so
     intangible: three cheers for geekdom;     unpredictable, original and
     the internet is a good thing).            exciting take place!

                        LP Parent Teacher Association
                             Family Quiz
                                                                                                                                 Rob Wilson MP ...

                          Saturday 11th March,
          Tickets £10 (£5 children) available from the School Office
                        Includes a tasty hot supper!

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