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                                                               » By madeline Cooper

Grinders – australia’s original boutique
roasted coffee label goes organic
O          ne of Australia’s oldest and
           most influential boutique coffee
         companies, Grinders Coffee, has
announced it will this year add a blend
of certified organic fair-trade coffee to its
selection of Italian style coffee varieties.
    The iconic Melbourne-based company
played a pivotal role in the introduction and
development of the roasted coffee scene
in Australia (now officially Australia’s most
                                                                                                                          (Organic cert: ACO 510P)
popular non-alcoholic beverage) when
its founders, Italian immigrants Giancarlo
Giusti and Rino Benassi established the
first shop back in 1962. From a small coffee
roasting shop on the infamous Lygon
Street in Carlton, which still stands today,       The original Grinders,
the company has expanded to supply                 Lygon Street store, Melbourne.
coffee all across Australia from a state
of the art production facility in Fairfield,       convinced it will become an important part
Victoria, while having training facilities in      of our business in the future.”
Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.                        Synonymous with Melbourne’s Italian
    Giuseppe Cianchi, Grinders National            restaurant scene, founder Giancarlo
Supply Chain and Operations Manager                Giusti is affectionately considered the
says the company has seen many changes             “il Professore di cafe”, establishing the
throughout its long history, and organic           company through dissatisfaction with the
certification is the next step towards             lack of freshly roasted coffee in Australia.
producing the purest product available.            “Before the Grinders store opened you
    “Purity of blend has always been               could rarely find Italian style coffee
central to the company’s philosophy, and           anywhere in Australia, and this is what
organic certification is a way of confirming       really sparked the interest and reputation
this quality and making it official to our         of the company,” says Giuseppe.
customers,” Giuseppe says. “It is also                 The family owned business was sold to
about becoming proud of being part of the          Coca-Cola Amatil in 2004. While this sale
organic movement.”                                 saw the company undergo a number of
    Giuseppe says that along with its Fair         changes, the culture and philosophy of the
Trade and Rainforest Alliance blends,              company is still steeped in tradition.
certified organic satisfies coffee drinkers’           Grinders is currently in the stage of
demand for a quality product that has              producing all new packaging and artwork
benefits beyond the cup.                           to support the launch of the certified
    “Australian coffee drinkers have become        organic range later this year.
absolutely more discerning with their coffee           “We want the new look Grinders Organic
choices,” says Giuseppe. “They are taking          coffee to bring to people’s attention the fact
an interest in how it was produced and are         that our coffee is now Australian Certified
noticing differences in taste and the way it       Organic as well as sourced from Fair Trade
is served, making purity of product more           farms. Both certifications are important
important than ever.                               for the discerning coffee drinker who is
    “We were aware that there was a market         environmentally aware but does not want
for this kind of product. Now our goal is to       to forgo quality”, says Faye Heininger,
grow this market segment - we are firmly           Grinders National Marketing Coordinator.
                                                       Grinders sources the highest quality
                                                   certified organic Arabica beans from Papua
 did you know?                                     New Guinea, East Timor and Nicaragua
 Use your coffee beans as quickly as possible!     which are roasted in a world class Brambati
 Flavours will be at their optimum for five days   Roaster at the company’s processing facility
 once the seal of your blend is opened.            in Melbourne.
    Bitterness should not be an overwhelming
 component of the taste of coffee. Bitterness      For more information, contact Grinders   »
 is a sign that the coffee has become stale.       on 1300 476 377.

                                                                                                Autumn 2010   AUSTRALIAN Certified   Organic MAGAZINE 31