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Joy at A Level Results
A Level Results Day was a joyful occasion at KGS this year. More students than ever
before achieved 4 A grades, with 41 students out of 108 achieving A grades in three
or more subjects, representing 38% of the total year group.
Some students performed spectacularly well; 14 gained As in 4 subjects, including
Kristin Goffe (who has a place for Medicine at Clare College, Cambridge); Jack Harris
(who will read Oriental Studies at Wadham College, Oxford); Catriona Sheil (studying
Physics at Exeter College, Oxford) and Kaori Takenaka (who will read Social and
Political Science at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge).
Oxbridge places were also gained by Michael Galvin (to read PPE at Magdalen
College, Oxford); Hugo Gordon (to read History at St Peter’s, Oxford); Lucy Urwin (to
                                                                                           Were you a member of Lovekyn
read Philosophy at Magdalen College, Cambridge) and Katie Hansel who left in 2008
(to read Chemistry at St Hilda’s College, Oxford).                                         House?
Said out-going Head, Duncan Baxter: “I am thrilled that so many students have achieved     The School is hosting a Lovekyn House
top grades this year. At a time when doubts always seem to be cast on the rigour of A      Reunion on Saturday 7th November
levels, the fact that many students take more subjects than they need to is testimony      from 11.00am - 3.00pm.
to their ambition and desire to learn.”                                                    The day will start with coffee in
We now have the GCSE results which were the best ever with 82.3% of all grades             the Lovekyn Chapel followed by a
at A* or A. Full details of examination results can be found on the school website         performance by existing Lovekyn House                                                                             members in the theatre. A chance
                                                                                           to catch up over an informal lunch
Lovekyn 700 Events                                                                         and optional tours of the School will
The Lovekyn 700 lectures were followed by other well attended and enjoyable events         follow.
in the Lovekyn Chapel. An evening of medieval music with mead and merriment was            There will be no charge for this event.
presented by Loki Music in April, followed by a fine wine tasting professionally hosted    Please let Keith Balkham know if you
by OK Sarah Knowles in May. This was supported by the Friends of KGS. Fun and frolics      would like to attend and pass the word
of a ribald nature were later enjoyed when Reynard the Fox came to the Chapel.             on to fellow former Lovekyn members.
                                                      The 700th anniversary of             The more the merrier!
                                                      the day that Letters Patent          Please send any Lovekyn House
                                                      allowing the Chapel to be            memorabilia you are happy for us to
                                                      built were sealed – Thursday         exhibit on the day to Keith Balkham.
                                                      11th June - was celebrated
                                                      with a Requiem Mass. OK
                                                      Canon Michael Paternoster,
                                                      supported by Bishop Richard
                                                      of Kingston - also an OK -
                                                      officiated at a very special
                                                      service in the Chapel for
                                                      the repose of the souls of
                                                      the founders – the Chapel’s
                                                      original purpose. The Mayor
                                                      of Kingston attended this
special event which was followed by a champagne reception and the unveiling of
a new painting of the Chapel by OK Sophia Christie, painted to commemorate its
Lessons and lunch on 8th July were medieval throughout. ‘Lovekyn Day’ was enjoyed
by all staff and pupils, many of whom dressed up, from sack clothed priests to swathed
damsels. The highlight was a medieval feast with pies, ‘salat’, gingerbread and stewed
apples served on ‘trenchers’ – stale bread! Trebuchet firing and pelting teachers in the
stocks (wet sponges only) made the day highly memorable for KGS pupils and staff.
Major Gifts for Bursaries                                             The Only Way is Up!
The School’s most generous living benefactor, Old Kingstonian         First KGS ‘Science Matters’ Lecture
Derek Finlay has made a further gift of £100,000 plus Gift Aid, to
                                                                      Old Kingstonians are warmly invited to attend the first of a new
seed the KGS Foundation’s Bursary Endowment Fund.
                                                                      series of science lectures supported by the KGS Science Network
Brian Brown, erstwhile part-time Maths teacher of Hans Woyda’s        (formerly the Science Support Group) which comprises a number
era and enthusiastic cricket supporter has left the School a legacy   of OK volunteers.
of approaching £100,000, also to support bursaries.
                                                                      Renowned astronautical expert Dr Chris Welch – Principal
The KGS Foundation and the School are hugely grateful for             Lecturer in Astronautics and Space Systems at Kingston University
these generous gifts and also for an extraordinary anonymous          and recent winner of the Sir
legacy pledge to provide bursaries in the future, currently worth     Arthur C Clarke Award for Space
£800,000.                                                             Education - will describe the
                                                                      history of space travel, both in
If you are interested in receiving a Legacy brochure please
                                                                      fantasy and in fact, and explain
contact Laura Weston in the Development Office on 020 8939
                                                                      the basics of rocket propulsion
8803 or e-mail - further details can be
                                                                      before looking at current and
found in the first KGS Foundation Newsletter accompanying
                                                                      proposed forms.
this issue of The Web.
                                                                      The lecture, hosted by the
                                                                      School’s Physics Department,
                                                                      will be held in the theatre at
                                                                      KGS on Monday 5th October,
                                                                      the start of World Space Week,
                                                                      supported by an exhibition in the
                                                                      Baxter Gallery.
                                                                      Please contact Debbie Heaney, Bursary Assistant for tickets:
                                                                      e-mail or telephone 020 8939 8820.

                                                                      Gibbon Society Dinner
                                                                      The Annual Gibsoc Dinner took place at the end of the Spring
Ken Cripps' 100 Birth Date Debate                                     Term when seventy people sat down to an enjoyable event at
                                                                      which OK Phil Alexander spoke.
On Monday 27th April, the Gibbon Society joined the Kingston
Debating Society in a special debate to mark the birth of
former teacher the late Ken Cripps a hundred years on. Ken was          Annual Fund 2010 - Calling Callers
born on 27th April 1909 and a group of friends and admirers
gathered in the Theatre of the Queen Elizabeth II building at           Last year, nine recent leavers took to the phones to call
KGS to remember him. The motion proposed by KGS was; "That              OKs from earlier generations. Calls were made at a
institutionalised religion has no place in society".                    comfortable call centre near Waterloo and callers were
                                                                        paid and received a reference. They also seemed to enjoy
The debate was chaired by Old Kingstonian and Kingston                  themselves. Said Victoria Barnato; “I had a very good time
Debating Society member Mr Terry Charman. Ken would have                and I really enjoyed working with other Old Kingstonians
been pleased by the quality of the debate put forward by both           to help the School. I would certainly like to do a telephone
sides. Over the years he encouraged debates both in the School          campaign again.”
and within Kingston Debating Society.
                                                                        Any recent leavers looking for some paid work and good
Almost sixty people had a enjoyable evening remembering                 work experience in early January 2010 should contact Keith
'Uncle Ken', the trips to Europe that he organised and the              Balkham, Alumni Officer, to request details.
Gibbon Society.
                                                                                            Staff move on ...
                                                                                            At the end of the academic year as well as
                                                                                            losing members of the Fifth and Sixth form
                                                                                            who go on to other places to continue
                                                                                            their education, we see a number of staff
                                                                                            Staff that will be remembered by Old
                                                                                            Kingstonians include Mr Steele who retired
                                                                                            at Christmas, Miss Stadler who taught in
                                                                                            the Modern Languages Department and
                                                                                            who leaves to continue her academic
                                                                                            studies, Mr Greenwood and Miss Anderson
                                                                                            from Chemistry who both move on to
                                                                                            become Heads of Department and Mr
                                                                                            Muller, Head of Classics and recently Head
                                                                                            of Sixth Form who is leaving to become
                                                                                            Deputy Head of Sir William Perkins’
                                                                                            School. Mr Baxter has left as Head of
                                                                                            KGS to undertake a period of education
Lovekyn Lodge Celebrates 60 years                                                           consulting before taking retirement.
The Lovekyn Chantry Masonic Lodge, with its long association with KGS, celebrated
                                                                                            A full appreciation of all these staff
its 60th anniversary at its April meeting. While not quite the 700 years’ anniversary of
                                                                                            will be in The Kingstonian published in
the Chapel itself, it was an important milestone for members. The Lodge was founded
in 1949 by a number of OKs and Masters of the School and has met in the Chapel
since 1995. Thirty seven members and guests celebrated the occasion with a review
of the past 60 years, and Bobby Deans, a member for 60 years, was presented with            City Supper
a certificate to mark that milestone. This was followed by an enjoyable dinner in the
School dining room.                                                                         Fourteen diners - a mixture of OKs and
                                                                                            current students - enjoyed a very pleasant
The lodge is always glad to have enquiries from anyone, of any age, who might like to       supper at Jamies, Holborn Viaduct on St
join, or to find out more. Please contact Don Preddy, the Lodge Membership Officer,         George’s Day. This was the second ‘City
on 01544 340752, Visits from anyone with an association with the          Supper’ – an annual event designed to
School who is already a member of another Lodge are also welcome.                           put current students in touch with OKs
                                                                                            who work in the City and have ‘been
                                                                                            there and done it’. The students involved
From Devon for Wine Tasting                                                                 really appreciated the chance to get a
                                                                                            little advice and to chat informally about
                                     On Saturday 9th May we were delighted to
                                                                                            career prospects. It is hoped that this
                                     welcome Old Kingstonian John Harvey (1953-1959)
                                                                                            will become a regular feature in the OK/
                                     with his wife Jan for a tour of the School and seats
                                                                                            School programme. OKs who attended
                                     at the fine wine tasting Lovekyn 700 event.
                                                                                            were: James Carthew, Graham Dare,
                                     John was pleased to see the original façade of the     Caroline McGregor-Johnson, Euan Brown,
                                     London Road Building unchanged, the CCF Building       Gareth Narinesingh and Oliver Gibson.
                                     that brought back ‘memories of getting on parade’
                                     in the quadrangle and remembering first form
                                     assemblies standing in the Hall.
                                     George Hartley, ‘Fritz’ Woyda, A.D Robinson,
                                     ‘Wiggey’ and Mrs Jelley were among the teachers
                                     and staff he remembers fondly. He recalls Hans
                                     Woyda “keeping control of an unruly form with
                                     ease and expertise” while teaching maths in a
                                     “most enjoyable way’”
                                     John was a member of Walworth house as his
                                     father before him in the 1920s!

 Visitors to KGS
 During the summer term we were pleased to welcome a number of Old Kingstonians
 for a trip down memory lane and to view the recent changes at the school.
 We always welcome visitors and ask that if possible you contact the Alumni
 Officer, Keith Balkham at the School to arrange a time - or
 phone 020 8939 8809.
        old kingstonian news
Five Year On Reunion
                                                                                          In Memoriam
The Class of 2004 (though
                                                                                          Over the summer holiday we have heard
some of those attending
                                                                                          of a number of Old Kingstonians who
hadn’t quite made it that
                                                                                          have died.
far!) held a Five Year On
reunion on the 27th June at                                                               In June Don Anderson, (’46-’54)
Kingston Rowing Club.                                                                     a member of the Old Kingstonian
                                                                                          Association committee died after a
A very enjoyable evening,
                                                                                          period of illness.
with barbecue, bubbly,
balloons and bonhomie                                                                     Neil Smith (’57-’64) a keen football fan
a-plenty, was had by some                                                                 died after a year-long battle against
30 or more OKs, a good                                                                    cancer.
third of the year group.
                                                                                          On 23rd July Lt Col (rtd) Michael Cowan
The teaching staff was
                                                                                          (’46-’53) died in Salisbury.
represented by Anthony
Langdon and Nick Bond, and Richard Barker turned up as well, but being a little           Andrew de Quidt (’93-’01) died in late
early and finding no-one around sadly went home again.                                    August as did Raymond Shonk (’48-
The venue brought back many happy, if hazy, memories of a seemingly endless stream
of 18th birthday parties, and the OKs present enjoyed reliving their not-so-distant       We send our condolences to the families
youth, catching up with friends – and meeting some new ones by betrothal – and            of all those who have been bereaved.
reminiscing about the good but not-so-old days at KGS.
The event was supported by the OKA and organised by Ben Collier
and Sarah Francon-Smith, to whom a huge debt of gratitude is            Were you a regular attendee at Plough Lane?
owed. Any OKs wishing to organise reunions of their own and            Did you used to support Wimbledon Football Club?
seeking help and support should contact the Alumni Officer, Keith      Then for news of AFC Wimbledon - and their need for
Balkham, at School.                                                    supporters at their Kingsmeadow Ground - please go to
                                                              and read an open
OKA Cricket v The School                                               letter from Martin Fielding and see how you can support
                                                                       AFC Wimbledon.
                                The Rodney Sturgeon XI (183
                                for 8) played the School 1st XI
                                (196 for 8) the match declared      CONGRATULATIONS TO OLD KINGSTONIANS
                                drawn.                              Right Reverend Paul Butler (KGS 1966-1974) currently
                                The Past XI (187 all out) played    Suffragan Bishop of Southampton is to be the next Bishop of
                                the School 2nd XI (239 for 7).      Southwell and Nottingham.
                                The School won by 52 runs.          Sophie Hosking (KGS 1999-2004) has travelled to the World
                                During the tea interval, Olly       Championships in Poznan to row in the lightweight women’s
                                Park, of the Lower Sixth was        doubles. Sophie is quoted as saying she would love to be part
                                awarded the 'prize for the          of the Olympic squad in London in 2012.
                                cricketer who has made the          Michael Frayn (KGS 1946 -1952) has been named as the
                                most of their talents during        next Cameron Mackintosh Visiting Professor of Contemporary
                                the season'. The presentation       Theatre based at St Catherine’s College, Oxford from October,
                                was made by Old Kingstonian         in succession to actor and director Kevin Spacey. Michael,
                                James Gordon. As James              probably best known as a playwright and novelist started his
                                pointed out, Rodney Sturgeon,       writing career as a columnist for the Guardian and Observer
                                former Master in Charge of          newspapers.
                                Cricket at KGS, was always
                                keen to encourage the talents       Will Perham who has just received his A level results spent
                                of all the boys who played          time at the beginning of the summer holiday winning a Gold
cricket under his tutelage.                                         Medal at the World Junior Championships in Brive rowing in
                                                                    the Junior Men’s Coxless Four. Is Will going to follow fellow OK
The opportunity was also taken to make a presentation to            James Cracknell and become an Olympic Rower?
a good supporter of cricket at KGS Mr Duncan Baxter. The
presentation was made to Duncan and his wife Neredah by             James Cracknell (KGS 1982-1990) continues to be in the news
Chairman of the Old Kingstonian Association, Mr Andrew Day,         whether with the TV reports of his time in the South Pole Race
who thanked Mr and Mrs Baxter for all their work at the School      or his more recent attempt to cycle the length of Britain by
over the last 18 years.                                             tandem with Rebecca Romero.

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