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					                    DRY RED WINES                                           WELCOME TO THE GOATSHED
                                                  200ml / 750ml

Fairview Cabernet Sauvignon                         R27/R65

Fairview Merlot                                     R27/R65

Fairview Mourvèdre                                  R25/R62
Spice Route Mourvèdre                                 R70
   -      Spicy southern Rhone variety with white pepper
          aromas and deep fruit flavours.

                                                                        Open 7 days a week from 09h00 to 17h00
Fairview Petit Verdot                              R40/R100
                                                                               (Kitchen closes at 16h30)
Fairview Petite Sirah                              R40/R100                 For reservations: 021 863 3609
   -     SA’s first example of this deeply-coloured                  
        robustand full-flavoured varietal.                             

Fairview Pinotage                                   R27/R65       Beer...? Yes we do have Jack Black beer on tap!
Spice Route Pinotage                                  R90

Fairview Pinotage Viognier                          R27/R65

Fairview Sangiovese                                 R32/R72
   -    Soft and juicy Italian varietal, with food-friendly
        acidity and ripe cherry fruit flavours.

Fairview Shiraz                                     R27/R65
Spice Route Shiraz                                      R90

Fairview Tannat                                     R32/R72
   -    Inky colour and structured tannins, with a full, bold            WEDDINGS & PRIVATE FUNCTIONS
         palate and ripe finish.
                                                                      Please enquire with one of our managers
                                                                     regarding our function menus and options.
Goats do Roam Red                                   R17/R42
   -    Full bodied, fruity blend of Rhone-oriented varietals

Fairview Barbera                                    R32/R72
   -    Rich wine with full tannins and fresh acidity
                                                                                 A NOTE TO PARENTS
                                                                       All Goatshed meals are freshly prepared using
                     SWEET WINES                                    wholesome ingredients. A healthy lifestyle starts in
                                                                   early childhood. Saturated fats, trans fatty acids and
Fairview Viognier Special Late Harvest                  R47       high levels of carbohydrates and sugar in our diets are
                                                                     leading to an increasingly obese society. You will
Fairview Sweet Red                                      R65            therefore not find fries, bangers, fish fingers,
    -   Ripe and spicy fortified Shiraz                             carbonated sugar-laden drinks and other so-called
                                                                   ‘kiddies meals’ on our menu. We thank you for your
                                                                   understanding and cooperation in fighting diabetes
                                                                               and obesity amongst children.

                                                                  Please note we offer all of the dishes marked with an
                                                                  asterisk (*) on the menu as half portions at 60% of the
                                                                     price shown. Note that this is strictly available to
                                                                                 children up to 12 years old.

 We have developed an excellent reputation for the         Fairview Oom Pagel Semillon                            R36/R90
quality of our coffees at the Goatshed and our baristas           -   Expressive flavours; from single vineyard in Darling
        strive to bring you the best in every cup.
                                                           Fairview Pegleg Carignan                               R36/R90
      We were the first to bring 2006 World Barista               -   From a single vineyard in the Perdeberg
 Champion, Klaus Thomsen, to South Africa, where he
spent a week training our baristas in the art of brewing   Fairview Eenzaamheid Shiraz                              R170
  world quality coffee. This Danish coffee maestro has            -   Single vineyard in Agter-Paarl
  subsequently returned to this country a number of        Fairview Jakkalsfontein Shiraz                           R170
  times and he always stops by to make sure that our              -   Swartland single vineyard
     team are maintaining their standards. We have         Fairview The Beacon Shiraz                               R170
worked closely with leading coffee roasters to develop            -   Single site in Agter-Paarl
 a signature coffee blend and our baristas grind these     Spice Route Flagship Syrah                               R210
                                                                  -   Prime Swartland single vineyard
beans just prior to brewing your cup, to gain maximum
  flavour and aroma. With quality beans, well trained
                                                           Fairview Cyril Back                                      R350
 baristas and cappuccinos adorned with exquisite latte            -   Barrel selection of our finest Shiraz of
     art, we trust that your next cup of coffee at the                the vintage
Goatshed will always be as memorable as the last one.
                                                           Fairview Caldera                                         R110
                                                                  -   50% Grenache 25% Shiraz 25% Mourvèdre

                                                           Spice Route Malabar                                      R350
                                                              -       Flagship blend of Shiraz, Petite Sirah and Grenache
          FOR TABLES OF 8 OR MORE.                         Spice Route Chakalaka                                    R110
                                                              -       Unique and Spicy blend from the Swartland

                                                                                DRY WHITE WINES
                                                                                                                 200ml / 750ml

                   EAGER FOR EGA?
                                                           Fairview Chardonnay                                    R25/R62
EGA is an alcohol-free grape based drink, produced by
the Fairlife company. It is a vibrant salmon pink          Fairview Darling Chenin Blanc                          R18/R44
beverage in a characteristic square-shouldered bottle.     Spice Route Chenin Blanc                                 R62
EGA (which coincidentally is AGE in reverse) is a unique
and vibrant combination of early harvested grapes and      Fairview Sauvignon Blanc                               R19/R47
natural Rooibos and pomegranate extracts. Although it      Spice Route Sauvignon Blanc                            R23/R57
is alcohol-free, EGA has similar flavour characteristics
and profile to a white wine and offers a fantastic         Fairview Viognier                                      R28/R70
alternative to enjoy with a meal. Pomegranate and          Spice Route Viognier                                   R36/R90
indigenous Rooibos tea are two of nature’s leading
sources of antioxidants and coupled with grape juice       Fairview Weisser Riesling                              R22/R45
create a refreshing and invigorating drink with added
health and anti-ageing benefits.                           Goats do Roam White                                    R18/R39
                                       -   Crisp blend of Rhône style varietals

                                                                                  DRY ROSÉ WINE
                                                                                                                 200ml / 750ml

                                                           Goats do Roam Rosé                                     R17/R39

                                                                                 SPARKLING WINE
                                                           Méthode Cap Classique                                 R32/R95
            WINES AT THE GOATSHED                                              DRINKS MENU

Our wine list includes wines from the Fairview, Goats      Espresso -
  do Roam and Spice Route brands. Our team holds           Concentrated rich, flavour using freshly ground beans
 regular tastings with the chefs, winemakers, owners           - Single                                    R12
 and tasting room hosts, to go through the menu and            - Double                                    R14
suggest wine pairings for each dish. You will see these    Americano – Freshly brewed filter coffee        R12
                noted below each meal.
We feel that these wines complement the flavours of        Cappuccino – single shot espresso with         R16
  the dish, but encourage you to experiment and try        frothed and steamed milk
              other wines from our range.
                                                           Café Latte -                                   R18
  Please note that all of our wines are sold at cellar     single espresso with steamed milk
  door prices. Should you wish to purchase wines to
take home with you, please speak to your waitron who       Shakerato – iced double shot of espresso       R16
           will gladly organise this for you.              with maple syrup, shaken into a foaming
 A selection of wines are available in 200ml carafes.
 These are shown on the winelist with both a carafe        Iced Latte – Double espresso blended with      R20
                  and bottle price.                        chilled milk and maple syrup

             CORKAGE is R45 per bottle                     Tea – Ceylon or Rooibos                        R10

Sourcing grapes from the Fairview property as well as
other prime vineyard sites, the Fairview range offers
  an excellent balance between good structure, ripe        Mineral water - Still or Sparkling
  tannins and upfront fruit. With winemaking on this          - 500ml / 1 litre                        R10/R15
  farm dating back to 1699, we have been producing
      wines under the Fairview label since 1974.           Fruit juice 200ml – Orange or Medley of        R10
   Anthony de Jager is the winemaker and our range         fruit
    comprises traditional as well as innovative new        Freshly squeezed Orange Juice – 250ml          R15
 varietals. We have sought out vineyards and unique             - When in season
 terroir, resulting in a broad variety of wines, with an
    emphasis on Rhône and Mediterranean styles.            Liqui Fruit – Cranberry / Orange &             R14
                                                           Mango/ Passion Fuit
       The Goats do Roam Wine Company
                                                           ‘Tizers – Apple, Pear, Red Grape, White        R15
This company was established in 1997 and produces a
  range of fruit-forward, blended wines. The first red
 blend was inspired by the Fairview goats’ fondness of
                                                           Sprite Zero                                    R14
  grapes from the vineyards near their tower and the
range has grown from there. Although their packaging
is somewhat quirky, the wines are well-structured and      Lipton Iced Tea – Raspberry/Lemon/Peach        R14
     thought-through, offering excellent value. Any
  correlation to the French wine regions is purely co-
                      incidental...                        EGA – ‘AGE’ in reverse...
                                                              - 200ml carafe                              R14
                                                              - 750ml bottle                              R40
              The Spice Route Winery
These wines are made by Charl du Plessis at the Spice
                                                           Fresh EGA                                      R18
 Route cellar in Malmesbury. This winery is owned by
                                                           Frothy blend of EGA, orange juice, mint
  Charles Back and the wines are available for sale at
                                                           and maple syrup
Fairview. Spice Route’s wines are expressive and bold;
  characteristic of wines from the Swartland region.
                                                           EGA Pine                                       R20
                                                           A frothy blend of orange juice and EGA
                                                           with fresh pineapple and mint leaves
                     BREAKFAST                                            BREAD AT THE SHED
             Served from 09h00 to 11h30
                                                           At the Goatshed, we bake a range of artisanal breads
Muesli, berry coulis, Greek yoghurt and         R28        each day. These are served in the restaurant and are
honey                                                       also available for you to purchase to enjoy at home.
                                                          Our range includes Ciabatta, Panini, sour doughs, ryes,
Croissant with scrambled egg                    R28        bagels and croissants as well as a number of unique,
                                                          signature breads. The day’s breads are available at the
Croissant with smoked trout and                 R46                cashier as well as in the tasting room.
scrambled egg
                                                              To bake consistent, high quality breads demands
Fried egg, bacon, Suiderland Wors* and          R46         attention to detail and an early start to the day! We
tomato served on toasted Panini                                 have put together a team of bakers from our
    - Extra egg                                  R4        community and have enlisted the assistance of Johan
    - Extra bacon                                R6          Sörberg to train our bakers. Johan owns two of the
    - Extra wors                                 R6       leading bakeries in his native Stockholm, Sweden, and
                                                          is the coach of the country’s national baking team! He
Smoked trout with Fairview cream cheese,        R46        is a very highly regarded baker and baking consultant
onion rings, capers and lemon, served on                   and we have brought him to South Africa three times
toasted Panini                                              to spend a week in our bakery. This relationship has
                                                            proved to be highly successful and we are extremely
Goatshed Brut MCC                                            proud of the range of breads and pastries that our
   - Glass                                      R32                        team is producing today.
   - Bottle                                     R95
                                                           Due to the nature of these handcrafted products we
                                                          cannot guarantee availability of our entire range at all
* Suiderland Wors is produced exclusively for the         times. However if you would like to pre-order specific
Goatshed and Cafe Juno by Nico Nel using only 100%          breads for a function or event, please feel free to
natural ingredients and zero preservatives. Look out                            contact us.
for this delicious South African sausage in our deli!
                                                            Weather permitting; please visit our weekly
                GROUP BREAKFASTS                           bread market, held each Saturday at Fairview.
Breakfast at the Goatshed is a great way to celebrate a
birthday, host a corporate event or simply spend some
              time with family and friends.
 We have a number of set menu breakfast options for
groups of 8 or more guests. Please feel free to ask one
      of our managers, or your waitron for more
                                                          Registered brand of Jack A Black International Inc.
                                                                              330ml – R21
                                                                              500ml – R28
                    THINK BIKE!

     Early bird bikers and cyclists are entitled to a                        CAFÉ JUNO
     15% discount on breakfast at the Goatshed.            Note that the Goatshed range of breads is also
Simply present your helmet to redeem your discount!         available at our sister restaurant, Café Juno.
       This offer is valid every day until 10h30.               191 Main Road, Paarl. 021 872 9697
If you would like to organise a bikers’ group breakfast       
please speak to one of our managers or your waitron
and they will gladly provide you with the information.

           TO TABLES OF 8 OR MORE.
                  CAKES & DESSERTS                                    GOATSHED PLATTERS

Cake of the day                                R24   Fairview cheese selections
                                                     The chef’s choice of Fairview’s finest ripe Jersey milk
Plain baked cheesecake                         R24   and goats’ milk cheeses of the day.
Baked cheesecake with blueberries              R24   Served with preserve and fresh ciabatta
                                                         - For 1 person (8 varieties)                   R60
Scoop of homemade blueberry or                 R15       - For 2 people (10 varieties)                  R66
Bourbon vanilla ice cream with fruit coulis              - For 4 people                                R185
and brandy snap                                          - For 6 people                                R260

Decadent chocolate brownie with honey          R32         To create your own Fairview cheese platter
flavoured cream cheese & seasonal fresh                      please use the order form on your table
fruit                                                     Please note that Fairview goats’ milk cheeses
                                                                  include 30% Jersey cows’ milk
Pavlova                                        R42
Decadent cream-filled meringue with                  Selection of cured meats                          R55
seasonal berries, fruit coulis and chocolate             - Pastrami, Coppa and Salami
                                                     Bowl of olives                                    R18
Goatshed crème brûlée                          R36

Goatshed dessert dégustation                   R48                          FOCACCIA
Chef’s selection of 3 desserts of the day                  Freshly baked herb and olive Focaccia with:

Fresh strawberry and home made vanilla         R44
ice cream with a brandy snap
                                                     Parma ham, mozzarella, tomato, pesto              R56
Rote Grütze – chilled seasonal berry           R44   and balsamic reduction
compote served with home made vanilla
ice cream                                            Smoked trout, Fairview cream cheese,              R56
                                                     onions, capers and baby leaves
Luke warm, dark chocolate tarte, with          R40
honey-yoghurt ice cream ( please allow 10

                                                                          DELI CORNER
                       PASTRIES                       Visit our deli corner at the front of the restaurant for
                  Subject to availability                100g portions of sliced cured meats, as well as
                                                      preserves, jams, chutneys, olive oil, balsamic vinegar,
Plain croissant                                R8              nougat, goats’ milk fudge and more.
                                                        Nico Nel’s Suiderland Boerewors is also available.
Croissant with butter and jam                  R14
    - Grated cheddar cheese                    R5

Chocolate croissant                            R9

Danish                                         R10

          FOR TABLES OF 8 OR MORE.
               SALADS & BISTRO MEALS                                         SALADS & BISTRO MEALS
Spinach Feta & Bacon Quiche – with baby leaf          R55     Sunday Special                                          R115
                              salad                           (Specially prepared for Sunday)
                                                              Surf n’ Turf: generous, tender, medium roasted sirloin and 4
Farm salad - For one / two people                   R48/R72   grilled queen prawns with Portuguese potatoes, roast
Mixed baby leaves, roasted vegetables, cherry                 vegetables and aioli
tomatoes, toasted seeds and seasonal fruit.                                                         Fairview Pinotage Viognier
                                                              Veal Piccata
Melon, Parma Ham and Chevin Salad                             Veal filletini, coated in a delicate parmesan-       R106/R62
Sweet melon wedges on baby leaves served              R85     egg batter, on a tomato and basil linguine
with goats cheese mousse, parma style ham                                                   Fairview Sangiovese
and toasted focaccia spears                                   Linguine with:
                        Spice Route Chenin Blanc              Chorizo, cherry tomato, red onion, olives, feta
Snoek and Trout Fish Cakes                                    and Italian parsley.
With tartar sauce and hummus served on                R68                                    Petit Sirah / Tannat
salad bouquet and toasted manganello                          Lamb Curry                                            R82 / R58
fingers.                                                      Fragrant lamb shoulder curry with Basmati               R89
                        Spice Route Chenin Blanc              rice, fresh coriander, caraway yoghurt and
The Real Greek                                                Manganello seed bread.
Chunky cucumbers, red onions, tomatoes,               R55                     Goats do Roam White / Pinotage
olives, basil, parsley and Feta. Served with
olive rubbed bruschetta.                                      Linefish
                                     Chenin Blanc             Served on Friday, Saturday & Sunday as                 R105
Duck Liver Paté – perfect starter to share!                   available, so as to guarantee just-caught
Smooth, decadent duck liver paté served with          R74     freshness. Please refer to black boards
seasonal fruits, orange preserve and toasted                                 Sauvignon Blanc/Weisser Riesling
crostini.                                                     Pan fried trout fillet
                                         Viognier             Set on garden fresh seasonal vegetables                 R98
Warm Stir-fried Springbok                                     topped with a poached egg and pecorino
Springbok strips with pesto drizzled roasted          R64     shavings.
vegetables, baby leaves & crostini.                                   Fairview Chardonnay/Fairview Viognier
                                Viognier / Merlot             Beef Fillet*
Chicken Wrap                                                  Chalmar beef fillet topped with paprika and         R115/R60
Spicy marinated chicken breast strips, spring         R78     black pepper Chevin, wrapped in black forest
vegetable julienne and toasted cashew nuts                    ham and served on pesto drizzled roast
wrapped in a wheat tortilla, served with a                    potatoes, vegetables and Peppadews
baby leaf salad.                                                                        Spice Route Chakalaka
                      Fairview Sangiovese’ / Rosé             Chalmar Rib eye medallion
Gravad lax                                                    On grilled butternut wedges and new season             R110
Cream cheese, dill and mustard sauce, toasted         R89     baby potatoes topped with orange infused
rye and baby leaves.                                          hollandaise sauce.
     Fairview Sauvignon Blanc/Weisser Riesling                                                Fairview Tannat/
Beef Carpaccio                                                Venison Trio
Thinly sliced marinated and black pepper              R84     Kudu, Gemsbok and Impala, paired and                   R128
crusted raw sirloin with parmesan shavings,                   interpreted with modern Cape flavours.
olives, rocket leaves, capers, mushrooms and                  Chakalaka smoor, olive polenta, sweet potato-
peppadews                                                     Blue Tower mash, gooseberries and seasonal
           Fairview Viognier / Fairview Carignan              vegetables all help marry this fabulous dish
Prawn and watermelon                                                                    Spice Route Chakalaka
Watermelon carpaccio topped with prawns               R88     Braised and deboned leg of lamb
accompanied by fresh strawberries, seasonal                   With Mediterranean flavours under puff                 R112
baby vegetables and Chakalaka infused feta                    pastry triangles and set on stir fried spring
with Asian flavoured vinaigrette                              vegetables.
                             Goats Do Roam Rosé                                        Spice Route Mouvedre’
Chicken pie                                                   Duck breast
Lightly curried chicken pie served with rustic        R68     Rubbed with dukkah spice, roast, sliced and            R126
mashed potatoes and baby leaf salad                           set on coconut/citrus risotto served with an
                                                              orange and honey reduction.
All mains with the asterisk attached have a                                          Fairview Pegleg Carignan
second price which serves as a Kiddies portion                Pork Spare Ribs*
for children under the age 12 and younger                         Succulent barbeque grilled ribs served with      R96/R64
ONLY!                                                                potato wedges and crisp, seasonal salad.
                                                                                      Mourvèdre / Petite Sirah

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