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					A quarterly newsletter for SASSETA stakeholders         Issue 6 | December 2010

Lighting                                          Take action against
other candles                                     human trafficking
From cleaner to                                            Aiding and
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                                                            our adult
AYOBA!                                                      learners
It’s time                                                      ‘How To’
to be
                                                             for SMMEs

Equip women
to be leaders
              LETTER                                                        CONTENTS
     From the Deputy Editor                                          O MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRPERSON
                                                                         OF THE BOARD ..................................................3

                                                                     O MESSAGE FROM THE CEO ..................................4

                                                                     O COVER STORY – PROFILE:
                                                                         NTOMBEKHAYA QAMATA ..................................5

                                                                     O INITIATIVES ......................................................6

                                                                     O NEWS & EVENTS ................................................9

                                                                     O GRADUATIONS ................................................. 17
                                                                         THE FRUITS OF THEIR LABOUR! SASSETA LEARNERS

Hi to all our colleagues and friends,                                    ARE RECOGNISED FOR THEIR ACHIEVEMENTS

It‟s our pleasure to bring you another edition of Montwedi,          O CAREERS & GROWTH ....................................... 20
bursting at the seams with stories of progress and growth
– both within our organisation and in the industry.
                                                                     O COMPETITION       ................................................ 23
Firstly, I‟d like to encourage you to keep your eye on our           O   TALK TO US! .................................................... 23
website. Soon we will be launching intranet, extranet and a new
website. This is the electronic age and we‟re convinced that
these developments will make a vast di erence to the lines of
communication with all our stakeholders. It‟s exciting – and
we‟re delighted that you‟ll all be a part of it. We will be making
loud and proud announcements when the time comes.

Otherwise, there are some wonderfully uplifting stories in
Montwedi no. 6. A particularly encouraging one is on the
Expanded Public Works Programme, which is operating
                                                                      CONTACT DETAILS
under the auspices of the Department of Public Works. It‟s                                                     Call Centre: 0861 102 477
tackling a huge problem in our economy – unemployment                                                  Email:
among unskilled people. It‟s a programme that SASSETA is                                                 Website:
proud to be a part of. Read about it and be encouraged.                                                      2nd Level Gallagher House,
                                                                                                          Gallagher Convention Centre,
We also take a hard look at the horror of human tra cking.                                    19 Richards drive, Midrand, PO Box 7612
This is not something that only a ects „other people‟. It‟s
happening on our own doorsteps. Be alert, and fi nd out
what you need to do to make sure that you, your sta ,
your families, and your friends are safe from this danger.
                                                                            EDITORIAL TEAM
Thanks again to everyone involved in the production of
this magazine. It‟s a job well done, and refl ects well on                                                                      Editor
SASSETA‟s e orts to keep the lines of communication                                                                     Isabel Bowden
among all our stakeholders wide open.                                                                    Email:

Have a happy holiday                                                                                                        Deputy Editor
Tsholofelo Nyamathe                                                                                                   Tsholofelo Nyamathe
Deputy Editor                                                                                         Email:

                                                                 from the Chairperson
                                                                 of the board

Greetings from the SASSETA Board,                                 The SASSETA Board can also look back on the year with a
                                                                  sense of achievement as it met its various obligations on di
On behalf of the Board, I would like to extend our best           erent levels. But we do acknowledge that the participation of
wishes to all of our colleagues, clients, sta and friends of      every SASSETA sta member and stakeholder was crucial to
SASSETA for the festive season.                                   enabling the Board to provide the strategic direction for
                                                                  SASSETA and assisting SASSETA to fulfi l its mandate.
Many of you within the safety and security sector will be
working to keep South Africa‟s security and judicial systems      May this festive season be all that you wish it to be; may
operational while the rest of us take time o to rest and relax    peace and goodwill light up your lives; may you and your
with family and friends. For that we applaud you. Without         loved ones be safe; and may the New Year bring renewed
you, our holidays would not be safe and therefore not             hope for South Africa based on our resolve to meaningfully
relaxing. To you we say, may your task this summer season         contribute to our country‟s skills revolution. This is an
be undemanding and unchallenging; and may you also                essential factor in driving our developmental agenda.
have opportunities to refl ect on the good times and positive
events that have shaped this past year.
                                                                  Yours in safety and security
This has indeed been an amazing year for South Africa. We
who are a part of the safety and security industry can look       Xolile Mashukuca
back with pride at what we achieved in preparation for and        Chairperson of the Board
throughout the Soccer World Cup. It was an unprecedented
success – and safety and security were key to that success.

 Merry Christmas & Prosperous New Year
                                                                                                      December 2010           3

                                           from the CEO

    Greetings colleagues and friends,

    Montwedi is about celebrating our mutual successes as                 SMME support programmes in all provinces, including support
    an industry and sharing learnings that will keep our                  for emerging and practicing Sheri s‟ entities. The SMME
    SETA on the right track going forward. We are almost at               business toolkit enhances organisational and fi nancial viability.
    the end of the fourth quarter of the year and we have a
    lot of positive activity to refl ect back on.                         Another highlight was the appointment of a task team by our
                                                                          SASSETA Board to study the e ciencies of the
    We all remember June and July which saw South Africa hosting          discretionary funds disbursement model. This resulted in
    what was by all accounts the most successful Soccer World Cup to      a disbursement framework that will show improvements
    date, and SASSETA was in the thick of it. Our contribution to the     in the way we manage our discretionary funding.
    FIFA World Cup preparations included partnering with the
    Security Unit of the Local Organising Committee (LOC), the SA         The Board also developed Chamber performance
    Police, and the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority        scorecards to track contributions to the Service Level
    (PSIRA) to develop an accredited training programme for               Agreement entered into with the Executive Authority.
    the safety o cers who provided a fundamental security
    function at the World Cup venues.                                     SASSETA‟s Sector Skills Planning Committee was revived. It
                                                                          will embark on a strategy to enhance its functioning, particularly
    We also cooperated with provincial government departments             in providing a platform for stakeholders to deliberate on sector
    and funded the training of 2010 safety patrollers deployed in the     skills research, and also for agreeing on the most reliable data
    Public Viewing Areas. A Service Level Agreement between               to identify scarce and critical skills in the sector.
    SASSETA and the Department of Justice and Constitutional
    Development (DoJ & CD) saw the implementation of the DoJ              Our national outreach roadshows positively infl uenced a wide
    & CD 2010 Volunteer Programme, which provided essential                                                9
                                                                          audience – and a total of 86         skills development facilitators
    support to dedicated FIFA 2010 courts at all venues.
                                                                          were trained in the use of the sector guide. This new approach
                                                                          provided an integrated skills development information service,
    Also on our list of successes is internal restructuring, which        which covers areas of the provider accreditation process, fi ling
    ensured a focus on strategic fi nancial management, as well as the    of Workplace Skills Programmes and Annual Training Reports,
    establishing of a Corporate Services Division, integrating Human      Learning Programmes, and Discretionary Grant procedures.
    Resources, Marketing and Communications, Information
    Technology and Legal Services. These departments previously fell      A foundation to establish a Skills Development Fund
    under Financial Services. A Project O ce Head was appointed to        forum was also set for the sector, providing intensive
    fast-track the implementing of learning programmes.                   engagement with SDFs on regular occasions.

    We were also proud to implement our fi rst formal learnership for     It‟s been a big year for the country as a whole, and for our industry
    court interpreters by the DoJ & CD. We collaborated with the SA       – and it‟s not over yet. Our main objective remains meeting
    Board for Sheri s and implemented the Enforcement Sheri ng            stakeholder needs while achieving government priorities. We have
         5                                                                a diverse stakeholder-base of private and public safety and
    NQF learnership. This learnership enhances legal and social
                                                                          security employers (which includes 7 200 registered organisations
    skills, facilitates a solid understanding of civil law and promotes
    understanding of citizens‟ constitutional rights. Further support     comprising about 606 000 people) and the onus is on us to meet the
    for sheri s came from the Legal Chamber, which prioritised            diverse needs of this huge sector through the disbursement

4       December 2010
                                                                                                                         Profi le
of mandatory and discretionary grants. We also want to ensure          will support national e orts in the areas of job creation, local
quick and easy access to our learning programmes, particularly by      economic development and industry competitiveness.
the newly schooled youth of our country. I want to conclude by
assuring our stakeholders that SASSETA will engage in extensive        Thank you and take care
consultations with you in the development of the sector skills plan.
We urge you to endorse the future sector skills plan, taking           Zongezile Baloyi
responsibility for your selections. Together we                        SASSETA CEO

                                                             calls women to build the
                                                             leadership that SA needs

                                                                                  “Women are like tea bags. We don’t
                                                                                know our true strength until we are in
                                                                                      hot water!” Eleanor Roosevelt

SASSETA scored a coup recently by securing the                         “In addition, my aim is to allow for an e cient organisation
services of human resources specialist Ntombekhaya                     that achieves its deliverables, of course while enhancing
Qamata as Senior Manager Corporate Services.                           the employer-employee relationship.”

Ntombekhaya has had a distinguished, upwardly-mobile                   Ntombekhaya maintains that SASSETA‟s visibility is key; not
career in public service spanning 17 years; 13 of which were           only at a provincial level, but also in local municipalities and
spent at the Department of Labour. She then moved to the               rural    communities.     “Through     our    marketing      and
O ce of the Premier in the Western Cape, and fi nally to the           communications e orts, I want to see SASSETA reaching into
Department of Economic Development and Environmental                   all the areas where most unemployed matriculants and school-
A airs in the Eastern Cape, before joining SASSETA in July.            leavers are found.” She points out, for example, that SETAs
                                                                       aren‟t participating as they should be in government‟s
Her passion for skills development took root when she was              Multipurpose Community Centres or Thusong Centres.
employed as Regional Manager for the East London and then
the Cape Town Labour centres. The local and regional                   “As women we are multi-skilled, nurturing and dynamic
economies of these areas demanded a strong approach to                 individuals who are the pillars of our families. As nurturing
reskilling the unemployed so as to activate them in the labour         mothers we can apply the same principles to nurturing
market. “Once I had seen the impact of leadership                      young aspiring leaders who are our colleagues.”
programmes in slowing down the unemployment rate in these
regions, I realised that skills development is a major solution        Ntombekhaya‟s closing call was to women: “Women of South
for the unemployed youth of South Africa,” she says.                   Africa, we need to build the leadership that this country
                                                                       needs; the South African labour market needs our God-
“My vision for SASSETA is to enable its expansion and                  given talents.”
increase its visibility beyond the borders of Gauteng to
South Africa’s rural areas, where the majority of young,               Ntombekhaya Qamata
unemployed people are most in need of the support and                  Corporate Services Manager
programmes we o er,” she adds.

                                                                                                              December 2010               5

                        TAKE ACTION
                               AGAINST HUMAN
                                                       IDRISH PATEL
                                                                  ETQA HOD

    Background                                                           services, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude
    Slavery has been perpetuated by humans against humans                or the removal of organs.
    since time immemorial, and has been recorded since the
    5th millennium BC – in Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) –                   Tra cking has three main elements:
    when human beings were considered to be legally the                  Movement, by deceit or force, with the purpose of exploitation.
    property of others, they could be bought or sold, were
    not allowed to escape and they had to work for their                 Registered training standards on human tra cking
    owners without any choice. In Africa, most historians                The role of skills development in controlling and even
    estimate that between 11 and 18 million African slaves               preventing human tra cking in South Africa is vital. To this
    crossed the Red Sea, Indian Ocean and Sahara Desert                  end, South Africa has taken an active stance in fi ghting to
    from 650 AD to 1900 AD, according to Wikipedia.                      eliminate human tra cking and educating people across all
                                                                         sectors on human tra cking.
    Though the capturing and enslaving of people has been
    practiced for centuries; it is during the last decade that           The development of standards in human tra cking is also
    we have seen a dramatic rise in the awareness of the                 linked to the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS)
    problem, which includes the horrifi c social, political, and         III in that it contributes to the achievement of the
    economic problems that it produces. This has led to an               country‟s new economic growth and social development
    increase in e orts to combat human tra cking.                        goals. These are embodied in the Medium Term
                                                                         Strategic Framework‟s priorities, and include:
    Throughout the world people – especially women and children
                                                                           •   Implementing a massive programme to build
    – are tra cked into exploitable situations in domestic and
                                                                               economic and social infrastructure
    international economies. Some human rights organisations and
    police agencies regard the human tra cking industry as one of          •   Strengthening the skills and human resource base
    the “fastest growing and most lucrative enterprises in the             •   Intensifying the fi ght against crime and corruption
    world.” It was considered to be “the third largest source of profi     •   Building cohesive, caring and sustainable communities
    ts for organised crime behind drugs and guns” by the
    US Secretary of State 10 years ago. And it‟s come a long               •   Pursuing African advancement              and
    way since then.                                                            enhanced international cooperation
                                                                           •   Building a developmental state, including
    What is human tra cking?                                                   improvement of public services and strengthening
    Tra cking in people means recruiting, transferring,                        democratic institutions
    harbouring, or receiving people, by means of threats or
    using force or other means of coercion, abduction, fraud,            The unit standards are registered on the South African
    deception, abuse of power, or a position of vulnerability            National Qualifi cations Framework as minimum training
    or of giving or receiving payments or benefi ts to achieve           standards on the subject of human tra cking. SASSETA is
    the consent of a person having control over another                  accredited as an education and training quality assurance body
    person, for the purpose of exploitation.                             (ETQA). This means that skills development providers (training
                                                                         providers) can develop learning material against the applicable
    Exploitation includes, at a minimum, the prostitution of             unit standards, and apply to be accredited by the
    others or other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labour or       SASSETA ETQA to o er accredited training on the applicable

6       December 2010
unit standards. Successful learners would be certifi ed and     General human tra cking awareness and prevention
receive the necessary credits against the training received.    No matter who o ers you a job – a friend, family member,
                                                                or employment agency – make sure the o er is real.
    Unit                                        NQF Level       Take the following steps:
 Standard ID           Unit Standard Title

                                                                 •   The employer – check that the employer is a registered
                 Demonstrate an understanding
      365139      of human tra cking and its     Level 5             company with a physical address and a landline. Try to
                       legal implications                            contact them before accepting the o er.

                   Implement counter human
                                                                 •   Your contract – make sure that you sign a legal
                    tra cking strategies in a                        contract with terms that you have agreed to.
      365140        psycho-social and health     Level 6
                          environment                            •   Documents – if travelling abroad, make sure you
                                                                     have a valid passport and a work permit for the
                 Demonstrate an understanding                        country you will be travelling to. It is illegal for an
      365141         of conducting human         Level 5
                                                                     employer to keep your passport.
                  tra cking o cial enquiries
                                                                 •   Travel costs – if your future employer o ers to pay for
                    Apply human tra cking                            your travel, your contract should state the amount
      365142          strategies within an       Level 5
                     immigration context                             you will owe and how long it will take you to repay.
                                                                 •   Keep in contact – call a friend or family member
                                                                     regularly. Once you arrive at your destination, call them
People can access the applicable human tra cking
                                                                     with your exact location. They will know something is
unit standards by following this procedure:
                                                                     wrong if you don‟t get in touch with them.
Go to SAQA home page:
                                                                 •   Keep a list of emergency numbers handy – help line
  •    Click on the icon “Qualifi cations and Unit standards”        0800 555 999; police 08600 10111; your embassy in
  •    Click on the brown bar “All Qualifi cations and Unit          the country you are going to.
       Standards”                                                •   Speak to the embassy of the country you are going to.
  •    Click on “Search for unit standards”                          An embassy can provide you with emergency contact
                                                                     numbers for their country, and can help you obtain the
  •    Type in the search fi eld “Unit Standard ID”
                                                                     correct documents to work legally in their country.
       The unit standards no .e.g. 365139
  •    DO NOT FILL IN ANY OTHER FIELDS                          Report suspected cases of human tra cking to the police on
  •    Click on “Go”                                            08600 10111 free of charge.

  •    Click on the Unit Standard ID no to access the
                                                                For more information on how to be an accredited skills
       Unit Standard
                                                                development provider to o er the abovementioned unit
                                                                standards contact the HOD of ETQA at SASSETA, Idrish
                                                                Patel, on 011-3470200.

                                                                                                      December 2010              7

                                                                         KE NAKO!
                                                                       NEW NSDS III
    SASSETA has set the ball rolling in its preparations for the new    •   Projections with regard to scarce and top up skills
    2011-2016 Sector Skills Plan (SSP). The SSP is aligned with the     •   Possibilities and constraints in the e ective use and
    new NSDS III that is soon to be announced by the Department             development of skills in relation to contributions to
    of Higher Education and Training (DHET). The draft NSDS                 government priorities and strategies
    III and guidelines from DHET have emphasised the need
    for extensive consultations when developing the SSPs,              In a nutshell, the essence of the new NSDS III requires
    which will – to an extent – inform the NSDS III. This is a         SASSETA to show and set targets on how it will
    new approach where SSPs will inform the NSDS rather                contribute to these focus areas:
    than the other way round as it has been in the past.
                                                                        •   Code of decent conduct in the sector to fi ght
                                                                            corruption which is threatening our democracy
    SASSETA       conducted      stakeholders‟ consultative
    workshops from June to August 2010 as part of the                   •   National equity goals
    consultation process. The workshops were successful                 •   Programmes to assist targeted learners to
    and gathered input from all stakeholders.                               access, progress and achieve career guidance
                                                                        •   Implementation of pivotal programmes
    The stakeholders identifi ed:                                       •   Recognition of prior learning and raising the base
      •    Best practices from valuable lessons learnt                  •   Encouraging research and innovation in the sector
           during the past fi ve years
                                                                        •   Capacity building for delivery partners in general
      •    Challenges for service delivery and improvement plans
                                                                            and public in particular
                                                                        •   Skills programmes and other short courses

                   Mr Calton Masa, discussing the
                       needs of Justice Sector

8         December 2010
                                                                                                 News and Events


                        From left: Steve Conradie from SIA, Terry Scallan from SAIS (Outgoing Chairperson),
                                 Zongezile Baloyi SASSETA CEO & Errol Peace SAIS Chairperson

Errol Peace was elected Chairperson of the SA Institute              Assessor with SASSETA and holds a Damelin Diploma
of Security (SAIS) at its AGM in August at JP Morgan, in             in Train-The-Trainer.
Rosebank, taking over from Terry Scallan, who stepped
down due to ill health and business commitments.                     “It‟s an honour and joy to be able to chair the board of the
                                                                     Institute with such an enthusiastic group of dedicated people
Errol is a director of a training company that provides              who have the interests of the Institute at heart,” said Peace.
accredited training courses, a member of the British Security
Institute, and a certifi ed fraud examiner with the Association of   “I look forward to continuing the great work that has been done
Certifi ed Fraud Examiners. He also holds a diploma in               by our past chairman. I aim to continue cementing and
Security Management from UNISA. He was a part-time lecturer          promoting the excellent relationships that have been formed
at Damelin for 12 years where he presented Security                  with our local institutions and publications as well as our
Management and Security Supervision courses and was the              International a liates.”
subject head for fi ve years. He is an accredited Moderator and

                                                                                                            December 2010             9
 News and Events

                                  EXPANDED PUBLIC WORKS

                               EPWP learners accompanied by Idrish Patel Head of Department ETQA

 The Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP), which                  employed on EPWP projects will be provided with special
 operates under the National Department of Public Works             NQF-accredited training programmes in terms of the Code
 (NDPW), is aimed at addressing unemployment and poverty in         of Good Practice for Special Public Works Programmes.
 South Africa. Legacies of the past mean that many South
 Africans don‟t have the skills or opportunities to e ectively      SASSETA conceptualised
 participate in our economy. This government initiative is          The project was conceptualised in August 2009 by the CEO
 designed to bridge the gap between the growing economy and         of SASSETA and the acting Director-General of the NDPW.
 the large number of unskilled and unemployed people who            A Memorandum of Agreement was signed between the two
 have yet to fully enjoy the benefi ts of economic development.     parties in which SASSETA would use discretionary grants
                                                                    to support the capacity-building of the identifi ed emerging
 The EPWP creates work opportunities for the unemployed,            providers operating in the security industry.
 using public sector expenditure, and builds on existing
 government infrastructure and social programmes, either by         The MoA outlined the working relationships, training
 deepening their labour absorption or extending them.               targets, monitoring and reporting between SASSETA
                                                                    and the NDPW, as well as the governance structure and
 Given that most of the unemployed are unskilled, the emphasis      mechanisms for the accreditation of the SMMEs under
 is on relatively unskilled work opportunities. All these work      the EPWP. Simply put, SASSETA committed to support
 opportunities are combined with training, education or skills      the training and accreditation of the SMMEs whereas the
 development, with the aim of increasing the ability of people to   NDPW committed to provide work opportunities and
 earn an income once they leave the programme. Together with        related allowances for the benefi ciaries in the project.
 the SETAs, the Department of Labour coordinates the training
 and skills development aspects of the programme.                   The EPWP invited the SMMEs from all provinces to participate in
                                                                    this programme. After a rigorous selection process the EPWP task
 Other strategies                                                   team shortlisted 17 emerging providers and SMMEs from the
 The EPWP is one of several government strategies aimed at          PSIRA database for empowering by SASSETA to be accredited.
 addressing unemployment, which is underpinned by a                 These providers were given to SASSETA ETQA to start with the
 fundamental strategy to increase economic growth so that the       capacity-building programmes.
 number of new jobs being created begins to exceed the
 number of new entrants into the labour market; as well as to       SASSETA ETQA designed a comprehensive project in
 improve the education system so that the workforce can take        which the 17 identifi ed providers would be capacitated to
 up the skilled work opportunities generated by economic            assess, moderate and develop a quality management
 growth. Where appropriate, skills needs in an identifi ed          system for their organisations. In order to enhance capacity,
 community where a project is to be implemented will be             it was decided that two delegated from each company
 developed before the project is implemented. All workers           should be trained as assessors and later on as moderators.

10    December 2010
                                                                                            News and Events
SASSETA ETQA and EPWP have committed to monitor                 Positive spin-o s for SASSETA include an added number
the project to ensure successful completion and                 of accredited SMME training providers on the database
accreditation of the emerging providers. The ETQA o             which will help SASSETA to reach out to disadvantaged
cials have visited all sites where assessor training took       learners in areas where these providers operate.
place (Polokwane, Mafi keng, Gauteng, and Durban).
Providers identifi ed for this project operate in rural areas   Graduations will be held at Emperors Palace on 8 December
where the target groups are the employed and                    2010.
unemployed. The overall impact of the project is quality
training after accreditation. Prospective learners should       Read more about the certifi cation ceremony in our next edition.
benefi t from accredited training by these new providers,
and job opportunities are expected to open up.

        TELLING THEM                                                    ALL THE FUN
        HOW IT IS!                                                      AT THE CAREER FAIR

   Tebogo Mashamaite (seated) addressing the learners           Makhado Municipality hosted a „career and funfair‟ event
          at Department of Labour career exhibition             at the Makhado Louis Trichardt Showgrounds from 29-31
                                                                July 2010 for community members and scholars.

SETAs were invited to address young unemployed people on        SASSETA, together with SAPS and the SA Air Force
what they do and how youngsters can access the opportunities    were exhibitors at the show.
o ered by the SETAs at a career exhibition hosted by the
Gauteng North o ce of the Department of Labour in July 2010.    Chief Whip and Councillor Joe Rikhotso welcomed the
                                                                exhibitors and members of the public who attended and
Seven SETAs attended the function – MQA, HWSETA,                he encouraged the youth to empower themselves and
AGRISETA, FIETA, INSETA and SASSETA. Presentations              honour education as it is their doorway to a better future.
were made by the di erent SETA representatives on their
mandates and responsibilities, and the attendees were           Acting Municipal Manager Elias Mugari applauded the initiative
given an opportunity to ask questions.                          shown in bringing entertainment and education together to the
                                                                community, which guaranteed its success. He added that the
The SETAs also had exhibition stalls where more information     municipality remains committed to making sure that education
regarding the SETA was provided. SASSETA‟s stand drew a         is free, fun, compulsory, universal and equal for all people.
lot of interest from the attendees – and we look forward to
seeing many of them again in di erent circumstances.            On the SASSETA stand, visitors showed interest in the
                                                                accreditation process, and requirements and criteria were
                                                                explained to them with the help of Ramazwi, one of
                                                                SASSETA‟s accredited training providers.

                                                                                                       December 2010               11
News and Events


                                                                                    S’thembela Manana distributing SASSETA
                                                                                           material to the learners at
                                                                                      Mandela Day Career Guidance Festival

 The Mandela Day Career Guidance Festival was held on 18                Career guidance booklets were also distributed from Minister
 July at Letaba FET College, Giyani, under the auspices of the          Nzimande to learners from surrounding schools during the
 Department of Higher Education, which invited                          Career Day. He wished learners who are currently doing grade
 SASSETA to exhibit.                                                    12 all the best for their upcoming matric examinations.

 Rhulani Baloyi was the motivational speaker of the day. She
                                                                                                              I am interested in studying
 encouraged learners to start volunteering in community                                                      National Diploma in Policing
 activities. “Start to pursue your dreams,” she said, and                                                    says Freedom, I would like to
                                                                                                             join the South African Police
 added that one way to do that was to socialise and hang out
                                                                                                               Services and I want to be
 with positive, inspiring, and hard-working people. An                                                        one of the people who are
 exciting and joyful moment in the day took place when 67                                                    working on reducing the rate
 learners in the Giyani area received bursaries from the                                                        of crime in South Africa.

 Minister of Higher Education and Training, Blade Nzimande.

 Nzimande said that his department was giving out bursaries to
 67 pupils to honour former president Nelson Mandela, who had
 su ered and sacrifi ced 67 years of his life for the citizens of the
 country. “O ering these bursaries is an indication of
 Mandela‟s commitment to education. I want the learners
 to get information and advice on a spectrum of
 opportunities for higher learning and skills development
 to help them make their career choices,” he said.

 Nzimande encouraged the learners to visit all the exhibition
 stands to get as much information as they can because the
 event was designed to feed learners with information that
 would benefi t them. “There is a lack of proper career                   SASSETA CEO, Zongezile Baloyi (left) and Freedom
 guidance in South Africa, and today is the day for learners                      Mabazo Grade 12 learner at Giyani High (right)
 to make use of this opportunity,” he said. He encouraged
 learners to study and to continue studying and make use of             Learner Freedom Mabaso approached the SASSETA CEO,
 every opportunity they get because education is the key to             Zongezile Baloyi, for more information about the
 success. He said it is “AYOBA” to be Educated.                         programmes o ered by SASSETA.

12    December 2010
                                                                                                News and Events


     Front row from left: Thabo Zulu (MP), Thandi Shumange (L) ,Tsietso Choshi (GP), Victoria Ndziweni (EC), Neliswa Riet
                  (FS), Nomhla Phambo (GP), Amelia Mahlatsi (FS), Bonny Mareko (POPCRU’s Second Vice President)
                 Second Row: Edith Mogotsi ( SASSETA Policing Chamber Chairperson), Sibongile Ndimande (KZ),
                           Fikile Mathibe (GP), Mambo Kgoele (NW), Lungelwa Ntshangane (EC),
           Back row from left: Buyiswa Matika (Nationla Gernder Cordinator) Mwai Bula ( Facilitator) Lydia Nhlapo (GP)
                     Suzan Malope (L) Nyakallo Mokoena (FS) Zukiswa Figland (EC), Bridgette Lekhubu (GP)

                                                                     This project is a way to encourage other women to participate
During Women‟s Month, SASSETA and POPCRU recognised                 in women activities.
the extent of transformation that Leadership Training for
Women would provide to the e ectiveness and productivity            A comment from one of the women was: “This programme
of women. 30 women attended the Leadership and Managing             is completely changing the way that I talk to myself, and
People programme. This training was aimed at developing             how I relate to others. I am now quietly confi dent and secure
women in POPCRU, and improving gender co-ordination                 in myself and able to engage much more e ectively with
within all provinces.                                               my work and the people around me. This transformation
                                                                    happened to the whole management and supervisory team
The training was facilitated by the University of the Western       on my course.”
Cape and funded by SASSETA.
                                                                      Leadership Training for Women focuses on enhancing the
This programme will not only benefi t the 30 women who             skills of women management teams in corporations. Women
did the training, but it will benefi t many more women. Once      in leadership and management positions need to be equipped
the 30 women fi nish their training, they will go back to their     to deal e ectively in their environments. Women in leadership
respective provinces and share the experience and knowledge         positions are here to stay and can create signifi cant value in
they gained with other women, transferring their new-found          business in a way that men cannot. Leadership Training for
skills under the supervision of POPCRU‟s national o ce.              Women is important.

                                                                                                         December 2010                13
 News and Events
      SASSETA ADDS                                                      DRIVING LICENCE
      VALUE AT MNQUMA                                                   PROGRAMME
                                                                        OPENING CEREMONY
                                                                     A Driving Licence Programme was launched at 14 SA INF BN
                                                                     (Umtata) on 8 September which saw 100 learners from the
                                                                     SADF – Umtata and Grahamstown – get behind the wheel for
                                                                     driver training. Training ran from 9 September to 29 October.

      Standing from left: Mr Kwezi (Founder of Centane Trust)
     Mrs Dyantyi (Mayor of Mnquma Municipality) Ms Mantanga
          (Trustee, Centane) Mr Mashukuca (Chairperson of
      SASSETA Board) Mr Cibi (Dept. of Health). Seated from
     left to right: Ms Sibini (Councillor) Ms Gasela (Dept. Social
               Development) Mr Matutu (Dept. Agriculture)

 SASSETA, in a joint venture with the National Intelligence
 Agency, helped to train 20 learners in HIV/AIDS, Poultry, and
                                                                          Learners who enrolled for driving licence programme
 Corporate Governance in the Eastern Cape. The programme
                                                                                    and coordinators from the SADF
 was launched on 12 July at Centane in a village called Qina.

 The CentaneTrust handled the implementation and monitoring          Guest speaker was SASSETA‟s Defence Deputy Chamber
 of the training that ran for a month from mid-July. The people      Chairperson, Dumisane Peter, who encouraged learners to
 who were selected for the training were chosen by the Isibonda      make the most of this opportunity, “because this is just the
 (sub headman) of the village.                                       beginning of your career”. He encouraged learners to empower
                                                                     themselves with education and added, “SASSETA is there to
 Among those who were attended were Cllr Somyo, Mayor of             assist those who want to improve their level of education.”
 Mnquma Municipality, and Xolile Mashukuca, Chairperson of
 the SASSETA board, who represented SASSETA and the                  Vatyana from City Style Driving School thanked SASSETA
 Intelligence Agency. There were also representatives from the       for appointing his company to provide this training. He
 departments of Social Development, Health and Agriculture.          appealed to learners to participate fully in order for them to
                                                                     achieve what‟s required. “Working together we can achieve
 The training was aimed at providing su cient knowledge and          more; and by committing themselves to the programme,
 skill to the people of Centane, which would signifi cantly          learners can achieve more.”
 increase the productivity of this self-sustaining community.

                                               AGM HIGHLIGHTS
                                               SASSETA’S SUCCESSES AND AIMS
                                    Minister of State                SASSETA‟s Annual General Meeting for the fi nancial
                                    Intelligence, Dr Siyabonga       year ended 31 March 2010 was held at the elegant
                                    Cwele, keynote speaker           Helderfontein Estate in Kyalami on 28 October, drawing
                                    at the SASSETA AGM               a record guest list of about 600 attendees.

14      December 2010
                                                                                                News and Events
Programme Director was SASSETA Board Member, Major                  at least 80% of large, medium, and small fi rms‟ equity targets
General Nobulele Mbekela, who handled every aspect of               were supported by skills development; that by March 2010 at
the day with aplomb and professionalism. The arrival of the         least 80% of government departments spend at least 1% of
key note speaker, Minister of State Intelligence, Dr                personnel budget on training and the impact of training on
Siyabonga Cwele, signalled the start of the proceedings,            services delivery was measured and reported; that an annually
and the welcome by the Chairperson of the SASSETA                   increasing number of small BEE fi rms and BEE co-operatives
Board, Xolile Mashukuca, marked the o cial opening.                 were supported by skills development; the successful
                                                                    completion of ABET and other learning programmes in the
In his address, Dr Cwele emphasised the government‟s aim to         workplace; that by March 2010, at least 125 000 unemployed
ensure that all people in South Africa are, and feel safe.          people were assisted to enter the workplace, and that at least
Priorities for the industry highlighted by the Minister included    50% successfully completed learning programmes; that by
the development of human resources, the acquisition of              March 2010, each SETA had recognised and supported at least
knowledge, and the maintenance of high training and skills          fi ve ISOEs within public institutions and through Public Private
development standards and the creation of new ones. He also         Partnerships; that quality and provision be continuously
called for greater focus on bringing the youth into the safety      improved; and many others.
and security sector, to involve them in the national
fi ght against crime, and to enabling them to use the sector        Having gone through the indicators and given SASSETA‟s
as a stepping stone into future careers. In that way they           performance on each one (available in the SASSETA
would have a greater awareness of the safety and security           2009/2010 Annual Report, or on the SASSETA website:
objectives and needs throughout the country.                        www.sasseta., Ngoasheng said that SASSETA‟s fi
                                                                    nal performance descriptor was „Meets Requirements‟, and
SASSETA CEO, Zongezile Baloyi, gave an account of the state of      the score was 3.47 out of a maximum of fi ve.
the organisation, saying it was a signal year for the country
following the highly successful hosting of the Soccer World Cup.    SASSETA‟s Chief Financial O cer, Luvuyo Mboniswa, reported on
                                                                    the Seta‟s fi nancial position. He said that SASSETA maintained its
He noted that while the process leading towards the fi nal          unqualifi ed audit opinion status that it had received in previous
phase of the National Skills Development Strategy ll has            years, though the Auditor General had emphasised issues that the
presented both opportunities and challenges for SASSETA,            Seta will be working towards resolving in the new fi nancial
Baloyi said that e orts have been made to intensify skills          year.These are in the Audit Report.
development and training delivery to stakeholders – with
the driving aim to meet the sector and national imperatives.        Mboniswa said that internal controls in SASSETA would
                                                                    be further strengthened; that a Bid Adjudication
Looking ahead, Baloyi said that all SASSETA‟s stakeholders,         Committee would monitor administration costs; that a
sta , and interested parties, welcomed the proposed Seta            risk analysis of the organisation had been done, and a
Landscape as released by the Minister of Higher Education &         risk response was being formulated; and that the Audit
Training, Dr Blade Nzimande. “Our stakeholders have initially       Committee would closely monitor the mitigation of risks.
endorsed the SASSETA application for re-certifi cation and the
proposed landscape, which coincide with their expectations.”        In terms of capacity building, he said that a plan of the training
Signifi cant too, was the proposed dispensation for SASSETA         needs of fi nance and performance management sta had been
that indicates a transfer of Tra c Law Enforcement and Metro        developed and is being implemented, and that the o ce of the
Police from the Local Government Seta to SASSETA. “In the           CFO was being reorganised for improved e ciency.
meantime we are forecasting the impact of this transfer with a
view to ensuring a smooth transition,” he added.                    A lively question and answer session followed, with great
                                                                    interest being shown in SASSETA‟s activities across the
SASSETA‟s Senior Manager: Skills Development and                    spectrum of the sector. The Annual Report was then adopted.
Implementation, Solly Ngoasheng, was tasked with outlining
the Seta‟s ratings against the achievement indicators of the        SASSETA Board Member Dr Nalini Maharaj gave the vote
NSDS ll. He explained that Seta certifi cation is renewed           of thanks to every participant and contributor to the day‟s
every fi ve years, and that this annual report depicts the          successful outcome, and encouraged every stakeholder to
performance of SASSETA for the past fi ve years.                    strive towards greater achievements in the ongoing
                                                                    development of the safety and security sector.
The indicators are all encompassing, and cover areas such as
the target number of skills development facilitators or skills            “Education is simply the soul of a society
specialists trained in the use of the guide, as refl ected in the              as it passes from one generation to
SLAs (service level agreements) 2009/2010; that by March 2010                       another.” Poet G.K. Chesterton

                                                                                                          December 2010             15