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					                         THE EDINBURGH GAZETTE, MAY 17, 1898.                                                   483

Jeffrey Caarles Muertone Skiuner, Brunswick House,            Albert Brookfield, now residing at 53 St. James' Street,
   Na vmarket Road nnd 37 R=>gent Street, Cambridge,            Warrmpton, in the county of Lancaster, but formerly
   lately of AejcUs, Ctiesterton, Cambridgeshire, insur-        at 332 Knutsford Road, Warrington, and carrying on
   ance ugent and house agent.                                  business at 53 >Sc. James* Street aforesaid, and formerly
B. A. Spooner (otherwise Robert Spooner), The Ever-             carrying on business at various Pot Fairs held iu
   greens, Whittlesfoid, Cambridgeshire, lately of              Lancashire and Cheshire, china and earthenware
   Kir ling, Newmarket, Cambridgeshire, gentleman, of           dealer and hawker, auctioneer.
   no occupation.                                             Herbert William Wray, 104 Hill Top, West Bromwich,
T>. Kellan Jones, Salamanca Roid, Llanelly, Carmar-             in the county of Stafford, dairyman and confectioner-
   thenshire, grocer.                                         Henry Thomas Baxter, The Farm, Southall, in the
John Law, formerly Savile Road, of Savile Town, near            county of Middlesex, farmer.
    Dewsbury, in tha county of York, now ol 37 Fall
    Lane, Dewsbury aforesaid, formerly fruiterer and
    commission agent, now commission agent only.
 Edward Piper, Nunney, Somersetshire, baker and
 David Henry Fawkes, Netheridge Farm, Hempstead,
    Gloucestershire, farmer.
 John Perkini, 41 Corporation Street find 2 Bs>ck Cor-
                                                              I  NTIMATION is hereby given that a Petition
                                                                   lia^ been presented to the Lords of Council
                                                              and Ses iot. (Fir t Division, Junior Lord Ordi-
    pn ation Street, both in Halifax, York 1 ire, black-      nary,—Mr. Antonio Clerk), i i terms of the
     smith.                                                   Entail Acts and relative A ts of Sederttnt, by
 Chirl s Freder ok Ashbridcp, 41 Whiteley Street, Tong        WILLT VM REGINALD Houisov CRAUFUKD,
     R d, New Woi ley, iu the city of Leeds, fish             Esquire of Craufuidland and .Braehead, Heir
 Thorn s Hirlcatitl , formerly carrying on busiue&E at        of Entail in possession of the following Entailed
     M .bgi e Mills, ite, in the city of Leeds, and     Lands, -\ iz.:—That portion of the Lands of
     lately at Victoria Mills, Well ngton Btilge. Leeds,      BRAEHE \.u which lie^ to the north and north-
     now residing at 54 Burley Street, Leeds, formerly        east of the l$ew Turnpike Road from Edinburgh
     cloth finisher, now out of business.                     to QueensferrJ', as also that small piece of
 James William Jol nston, Sykes Place, New York               ground, formerly part of the Old Turnpike Road
     Sbreet, in the city of Leeds, boot and sh.e manu-        from Edinburgh to Queensf erry, and now planted,
 Fergus Lister, 40 Beckett Street, in the citj of Leeds,      described in the Petition, and all lying within
    commercial traveller.                                     the P; rish of Cramond and County of Edinburgh,
 William Lyner, residing at 2A William S reet, and            for authority to Disentail the same. Date of
    carrying on business at 10 Pearson Street, both in        Interlocutor ordering intimation, 14th May 1898.
     Hunslet, iu the city of Leeds, boot and &h e repairer.
                                                                                     DAVIDSON & SYME, W.S.,
 Albert Sheldon, 129 Roundhay Road, in the city of                                     Agents for Petitioner.
     Leeds, lately bill poster's manager, now out of
     business.                                                  28 C'larlotte Square, Edinburgh,
 Charles Archibald Brown, 6 Pine Grove, Longsight,                       16 h May 1898.
     Manchester, in the county of Lancaster, insurance
 James Trevelyan Edwards, Avon Vale Hotel, High
     Street, Aberavon, Glamorganshire, licensed vic-
     tualler.                                                   | NTIMATION is hereby given that DONALD
  Silas Black, 1 Barrow Street, South Shields, county of       j|_ CAMERON, Esquire of Lochiel, residing at
      Durham, public-house manager.                           Auchnacarry, Spean Bridge, Inverne»s-shire, the
  Charles Aubrey Hedley, 34 Devonshire Place and the          Heir of Entail in possession of the Entailed Lands
     Crown and Sceptre, High Friar Street, both in New-       and Estates of LOCHIFL, lying within the Lord-
     oastle-on-Tyne, innkeeper.                               ship of Loohaber, Parish of Kilraallie, and Shire
 Alfred James Smith (trading as A. J. Smith & Co.), 79        of Inverness, has presented a Petition to the Lords
     Clayton Street and 5 High Bridge, both in Newcastle-
     t u-Tyne, confectioner.                                  and Council and Session (First Division, Junior
 Frederick Herbert Skinner, Howgrave, near Ripon,             Lord Ordinary,—Mr. Antonio, Clerk), in terms
     Yorkshire, solicitor.                                    of the Entail Acts and relative Acts of Sedernnf,
 Peroy Adolph s Jam s Vine, Retford Mill, Treneglos,          for iinthority to make and execute a Fen Charter
     Eglosker y, in the county of Cornwall, corn dialer.      in favour of the Foil-William Electric Lighting
 John Powell Lewis and William Moytham Lewis (trading         Company Limited, of a Piece of Ground, extend-
     as Lewis Bro hers) Taff Street, Pontypridd, and at       ing to about 2-720 acies, pait of the Farm of
     Hafod, near Pontypridd, Glamorganshire, grocers.
 Reuben Withers, 4 Grove Terrace, Senghenith,                 Coruanan, being a portion of the said Entailed
    Glamorganshire, co lier.                                  Estates of Lochiel. Date of Interlocutor ordering
 Alfred Thomas Southcott, 3 Cheapside, Lake Road,             intimation, the 14th day of May 1898.
    Landpart, and 13 Cottage Grove, Southsea, both in                            LINDSAY, HOWE, & CO., W.S.,
    the county of Hants, ironmonger and oil merchant.                                 Agents of the Petitioner.
 John Gibson Whittles, 39 Lyme Avenue, Urmston, late
     12 Carrington Road, Flixton, both in Lancashire,             32 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh,
    commission agent.                                                     14th May 1898.
 William Marshall, 5 Green Street, in the city of
    Sheffield, sausage manufaolurer.
 William Henry Stables, Barmborough, near Doncaater,
    Yorkshire, farmer and potato dealer.
 John Taylor, residing at 4 Surtees Street, Darlington,
    in the county of Durham, and Frederick William
     Taylor, residing at 60 North gate, Darlington afore-
                                                              I NTIMATION is hereby given that a Petition
                                                                   has been presented to the Lords of Council
                                                              and Session (Second Division, Junior Lord
     said (trading in orpirtnorship aa Taylor & Son) at 60    Ordinary,—Mr. Antonio, Clerk) by Mrs. JEAN
    Northgate, Darlington aforesaid, confectioners.           WATT PICKEN or CRAIG, wife of John Craig,
 Sydney Henry Williams, Thomas' Buildings, Bailey             Shipbroker in Greenock, with consent of the said
     Street, Brynmawr, grocer.                                John Craig, in terms of the Statutes 11 and 12
 William Wright, 13 Church Street, Runcorn, in the            Viet. cap. 36; 38 and 39 Viet. cap. 61 j and 45
     pounty of Chester, pork butcher.
 George William Cooknell. 57 Chceham Street, Leaming-         and 46 Viet. cap. 53, and relative Acts of
     ton, in )ffae county of Warwick, coal dealer.            Sederunt, praying the Court to grant Warrant to