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eWalk for the iTouch by toywaterman


									             eWalk Training Session for the iPod Touch/iPhone
                           Support Wiki:

                               Installing the eWalk Software
1. Install the iTunes application on the computers for those who will be using eWalk.

2. Set up an account with iTunes within the iTunes application on the computer. You can
do this two ways:
        Use an iTunes gift card
        Use a credit card
Please see a tutorial about gift cards:

3. Touch the Apps application on your iPod Touch and select search from the bottom of
the iPod Touch. Search for "mxMobile" and select it.
After you select it there will be a "free" in the upper right of the screen. When you touch
the "free" button it will turn to "install." You will be asked to give your user name and
password before you can install it.

*Even though the mxMobile app used for eWalk is free, the Apps application on the
iTouch will always require your iTunes user name and password before it will allow you
to install any app from the Apps store. See video:

4. After installing "mxMobile" touch the mxMobile icon on your iPod Touch and follow
the directions titled “eWalkiPhone.pdf.”

Even though the template is all-inclusive, it is intended for a short observation within a
classroom. It is unadvisable to try to observe all eight standards, behaviors and
characteristics, assessment, and professional development within one visit to a
classroom. A pre-determined focus for the walkthrough will be the most productive

                 Steps for Editing and Printing Completed Walkthroughs

   1. After logging into the eWalk, select the “Walk-Through” tab.
   2. Select the top choice “Walk-Throughs.”
   3. The next screen will allow you to select any of the walkthroughs you have up-
      loaded into the system.
   4. Select the walkthrough you wish to edit by clicking on the “pencil” icon next to
      the name of the walkthrough.
          a. If all your walkthroughs are not showing, select the calendar next to the
              start date to broaden the date filter placed on the walkthroughs.

   5. After the walkthrough link has been selected the walkthrough will show on the
      screen. Edit any field on this screen. The details of the walkthroughs can be edited
      by using the dropdown next to the “Main Page.” This will allow you to edit any
      page, checklist, and/or notes.

   6. When your are finished editing the walkthrough and are ready to print/e-mail it,
      use the “Print/Email” icon at the top of the page on the blue banner. Select this

          a. “Print” will print the entire walkthrough.
          b. “Print as PDF” allows you to save a digital copy of the walkthrough to a
             selected folder.
          c. The “e-mail” will send a copy of the walkthrough printed inside the e-mail
             message area. There is also a place where a note can be sent along with the
             e-mailed walkthrough.

                                    Notes and Phrases
eWalk prints notes written in the notes section of each area with a set of checkboxes.
These comment phrases will be found at the end of the area in which they refer. Example
below shows the comments listed below the main category of Standard 2. Criteria
observed in Standard 2 are checked and will show as shaded boxes next to the criteria

                                    Creating Reports

There are several reports available within eWalk. The most commonly used report is the
“Overall Template Report.” The “Overall Comparison Report” can be used to compare
one teacher to the entire staff within the school. The “Overall Checklist Report” allows
you to create a report for just one set of checklists.

When submitting a report, remember to select the 1) appropriate template and building
for which you are creating the report, 2) the building(s), 3) and the date range you are
wanting in the report.



This is the blue bar at the very top of the screen. It contains buttons that interact with
whatever product you are working with. On the far right of this bar are two standard
buttons, "Logout" and "Help". The logout button will immediately exit mxWeb. The help
button will launch this online help guide.

                                        Path bar

mxWeb > Current Application > Submenu
Immediately below the toolbar is the green path bar. It tracks where you are within
mxWeb. At the far left is a small "Back" button that takes you back one level. As you
navigate deeper into a product, the path bar will get longer, allowing you to return to an
earlier point in the program. Click on the section title to return there directly.
Always use the “Path bar” to navigate around eWalk. Do not use the “back arrow” within
your browser!

        Changing the List of Teachers and Administrators for a Building Site

                         Editing and Adding Members to a Site
Follow the steps found in “Editing and Adding Members to a Site.pdf”
First, you will have to know the folder number of the educator you will be adding as a
member of your building. (The folder number will be used for a required “Primary ID.)
The folder number can be obtained by going to an Iowa Department of Education’s site:

                                  Importing People
Follow the steps found in the “Administrators Guide to Importing People,”

                       Creating Your Own Customized Templates
After experiencing the Heartland Teacher Standards template, you may want to create a
template(s) that is customized to gather data unique to your district and/or school. eWalk
offers the opportunity for you to create new templates within the eWalk system.
See “Creating Templates pdf” for this process.


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