SUZUKI HP300ex Composer Ensemble by dfsiopmhy6


									                  SUZUKI HP300ex Composer Ensemble
•         Traditional styling enhances any home environment.
•         Multiple weighted mechanism
•         128 General Midi Voices with wavetable
•         16 track sequencer
•         3.5" Disk Drive
 THE HP300ex Composer Ensemble’ beautiful s
 traditional styling hides the awesome power that
 lies within. Family and friends will enjoy its
 authentic weighted hammer action keyboard, 2-way
 4 speaker multi-leveled projection sound system
 and 21 demo songs. For sheer technological punch,
 no other acoustic or digital piano in its price class
 even comes close. Choose from 128 General MIDI
 with wavetable sampled sounds, 64 note polyphony
 and 50 rhythms with variations

Playback or record your own compositions with the onboard 16 track sequencer and 3.5" disk drive.
The touch responsive keyboard has multiple settings to suit your exact playing style plus many other
record, play, effect and control functions give you precise tools to create music your way. Your living
room will come alive with the addition of our new HP-300ex Composer Ensemble. Infinitely
expandable, your musical talents will continue to grow with a musical instrument that has both beauty
and brains

                                  Our new wooden keybed features mechanical hammers, weight
                                  placement and pivot points that exactly match the feel, motion and
                                  strike of an acoustic grand piano.
Keyboard               88 key Delux Hammer Action, Velocity Sensitive
Sound Source           Wavetable Memory with Stereo and 3D Samples
Polyphony              64 note
Preset Tones           128 GM (general MIDI voices) with 4MB Stereo Grand Piano Sample, 4 Drum Kits
Function               Tune, transpose, Octave Shift, MIDI, Demo (21), Effect, Reverb (8 types) Music Teacher, Music
                       Games, Layer, Split, Upper, Lower, Arpeggio, Pitch bend, One Touch, Auto Bass Chord (fingered
                       Chord, Easy Chord, Intelligent Chord), Harmony (Trio, Duet, Arpeggio, Repeat), key start, Fill In 1,
                       Fill In 2, Break, Intro/Ending, Fade In, Fade Out, Touch Control, 36 Registration Memories (6 banks
                       of registration keys), Mic Echo, Lyric Display, Style Record, User Styles, MIDI expander

Rhythm Styles          50 styles with variations
Controls               Master Volume, Bass & Treble EQ Controls, Drum, Bass, ACC, Lower, Upper, Layer, Mic, Mic echo,
                       Grand Piano Restart, Tempo (+/-) value (+/-) Screen (+/-), Data Wheel, Metronome
Touch Controls         Soft, Normal, Hard, Fixed
Master Tune            +/- 50 cents
Digital Effects        Digital Reverb (Room 1-3, Hall 1-2, Plate, Delay, Panning, Assignable Channel Levels) Chorus 1-4
                       (Feedback, Flanger, short Delay, FB Delay, Assignable Channel levels)

Metronome/ Rhythm      Selectable Beat, Tempo Range 40 to 240 bpm
Recorder               16 track direct save/load to floppy disk with SMF format, 3.5" Disk Drive, start bar, Delete track, Block
                       Copy, Lyric Display (song), Back Up Memory, Style Record, User Styles, Music Teacher
Pedals                 Soft, Sustain, Function Programmable (Fill, Intro/Ending, Start/Stop, Lower hold)
Speakers               8" x2; 2 1/2" x2
Power Output           60W x2
Connectors             Headphone Jack (2), Audio In L/R, Audio Out L/R. Pedal connector, AC In. MIDI In/Out/Thru, Mic
Display                320x240 Huge Graphic, backlit (blue), Angled LCD Screen with Contrast Control, 16 soft keys to
                       access Menu, Screen shift keys, Value (+/-), Screen hold
Finish                 Rosewood, includes matching bench.
Dimensions             58.5"w x 23.5" d x 34" h
Package Weight         300lbs including stand
Included Hardware      Matching Stand, Music rack, Power Cable, Owners manual, Demo Disks

     For further information contact: Suzuki Europe Ltd, 7 Drakes Mews, Crownhill, Milton Keynes MK8 0ER
                telephone: 01908 263990, fax: 01908 265955 or email:
                                  or visit our website:

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