Tenders awarded in April 2009

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					                                                        Tenders awarded in April 2009

No      Tender No    Description                                                                Tenderer                   Date of award   Value of tender

                                                                                  Reeds Motors Tableview (Pty)Ltd t/a                      Part of tender 8G
                     Supply and delivery of various vehicles: award of optional   Reeds Delta Table View                                    approved 2nd
     SCMB 08/04/09
1                    extras. From date of commencement of contract until 31                                                 06-04-2009         March'09
                     January 2010.                                                Associated Automotive Distributors
                                                                                  (Pty) Ltd t/a AAD Truck & Bus Price

                                                                                  Tzars ID and Security Solutions (Pty)
     SCMB 10/04/09   Supply, delivery and installation of CCTV equipment:                                                                   Approximately
2                                                                                                                           06-04-2009
     333G/2008/09    Period: 2 years from date of award.                                                                                    R5,000,000.00
                                                                                  GE South Africa Holdings (Pty) Ltd t/a
                                                                                  GE Security
                     General pest disinfestations services (including rodent
     SCMB 11/04/09   control) for the corporate offices accommodation.       Xcell Environmental Services                                   Approximately
3                                                                                                                           06-04-2009
     255S/2008/09    Awarded from date of commencement of contract until 30 Servest (Pty) Ltd t/a Total Hygiene                             R3,000,000.00
                     June 2011.
     SCMB 12/04/09
4                    Strandfontein Road (M17): Phase 1 construction.              Power Construction (Pty) Ltd              06-04-2009         +CPA

     SCMB 13/04/09   Protea Heights water supply: Construction of 400mm
5                                                                                 JVZ / Vakala Construction JV              06-04-2009     R 10,109,668.88
     336Q/2008/09    diameter potable water pipeline.

     SCMB 14/04/09   Construction of the office building and association works,   Commercial Dynamics (Pty) Ltd t/a
6                                                                                                                           06-04-2009     R 7,943,273.00
     337Q/2008/09    False Bay Ecology Park headquarters complex.                 New Age Property Developments

     SCMB 15/04/09   Construction of the civil engineering works: Wallacedene
7                                                                                 Umzamo Civils CC                          06-04-2009     R 2,054,139.78
     345Q/2008/09    Cemetery: Phase 1A.
                     Design, supply, delivery, installation, testing,
                     commissioning and upholding during the trial operational
     SCMB 16/04/09   period and the defects notification period of three 550KVA
8                                                                                Racec Electrification (Pty) Ltd    06-04-2009   R 7,197,842.95
     350Q/2008/09    and one 800 KVA 3 phase 400 volt prime power
                     alternators with diesel movers for various sites within the
                     Cape Town Metropolitan area.

     SCMB 17/04/09   Integrated water leaks repair project no. 12 (Macassar
9                                                                                  Shamrock Plumbing CC             06-04-2009   R 6,047,841.36
     346Q/2008/09    phase 2)

                     Design and construction of new "FIH-Global category"
     SCMB 18/04/09
10                   synthetic water based hockey pitch turf at Vygieskraal        Synthetic Sports Surfaces CC     06-04-2009   R 4,086,698.11

                     First line response low voltage installations and revenue
     SCMB 19/04/09                                                                    Imvusa Trading 1775 CC                     Approximately
11                   protection-distribution area north, Atlantis district: Period of                               06-04-2009
     272E/2008/09                                                                     WG Adonis t/a WA Electrical                R1,300,000.00
                     two years from date of commencement of contract.

                     Request for condonation and deviation: SCADA master
12   SCMB 21/04/09   station replacement. Contract awarded until 31 August                          ABB             06-04-2009   R 11,400,000.00

                     Request for deviation: Quotation no. W110900224:
                     Removal and disposal of water treatment residue from                                                         Approximately
13   SCMB 24/04/09                                                                 Wasteman Group (Pty) Ltd         06-04-2009
                     Faure Water Treatment Plant. Period-from                                                                     R470,000.00
                     commencement of contract until 30 June 2009

                     Request for deviation: Extension of urgent work at the Old
14   SCMB 25/04/09   Granary. Period- from date of commencement of contract Gabriel Fagan Architects                06-04-2009    R 550,978.02
                     until 30 June 2009.
                     Supply, delivery and erection of pre-fabricated structures
     SCMB 37/04/09                                                                                                                    Approximately
15                   to be used as temporary housing. Period: Two years from CT Volkwyn Engineering CC                  14-04-2009
     324G/2008/09                                                                                                                    R15,000,000.00
                     date of commencement of contract

     SCMB 38/04/09                                                                                                                    Approximately
16                   Supply, delivery and installation of a somatic cell counter. Anatech Instruments (Pty) Ltd         14-04-2009
     313N/2008/09                                                                                                                     R694,500.00

                     Design, Supply, delivery, installation, testing,         Protocor Twenty Two CC t/a                             R4,856,548.58
                     commissioning and upholding during the trial operational Automation Specification                                   +CPA
     SCMB 39/04/09
17                   period and the defects notification period of the                                                  14-04-2009    R532,516.29
                     mechanical and electrical equipment for the Alphen Pump
                     Station.                                                 Ninham Shand                                           R1,698,597.00
                     Design, supply, delivery, installation, testing,
                                    g     p        g       g          p
                     commissioning and upholding during the trial operation
     SCMB 40/04/09   period and the defects notification period of a new linear   Huber JV (Pty) Ltd and Hubertech
18                                                                                                                      14-04-2009   R 10,335,987.78
     249Q/2008/09    screen and belt press and ancillary mechanical and           Technology (Pty) Ltd
                     electrical equipment at Borchards Quarry Wastewater
                     Treatment Works
     SCMB 41/04/09   Lourens river flood alleviation measures phase 1D-Civil
19                                                                                Umzamo Civils CC                      14-04-2009       +CPA
     315Q/2008/09    works.

     SCMB 42/04/09                                                                Distinctive Choice 865 CC t/a R.O.K
20                   Upgrading of parking area-Klip Road Cemetery.                                                      14-04-2009   R 1,012,006.84
     389Q/2008/09                                                                 Building & Civil Construction

                                                                                  Masiqhame Trading 851 CC
                                                                                  ME McGaughey t/a Shamrock
                     Provision of community based refuse collection and area
     SCMB 44/04/09                                                                Siqalo Cleaning & Gardening                         Approximately
21                   cleaning services in Khayelitsha informal                                                          14-04-2009
     230S/2008/09                                                                 Services          Cumax Twenty                     R19,237,584.96
                     settlements.Period-01 July 2009 until 30 June 2012.
                                                                                  One CC
                                                                                  Nyamana Maintenance and Cleaning
                                                                                  Services CC
                     Cleaning services for the traffic control complex, Gallows
     SCMB 45/04/09                                                                   G Naidoo Contractors (Western
22                   Hill Road Green Point, per month from date of                                                         14-04-2009   R58,000.00 p/m
     262S/2008/09                                                                    Cape) CC t/a Spick 'n Span Cleaning
                     commencement of contract until 30 June 2011.

     SCMB 46/04/09   Compilation of a market research report for the City of
23                                                                                   Rode and Associates CC                14-04-2009    R 798,000.00
     330S/2008/09    Cape Town.

                     Request for single source selection: Langa Greywater
24   SCMB 47/04/09                                                                   Mastakimu Engineering Consultants     14-04-2009    R 79,002.00
                     project: Appointment of a professional service provider.

                     Request for deviation: Quotation no. W11090013: Kerbs
25   SCMB 48/04/09                                                                   Mtooi Construction CC                 14-04-2009    R 36,480.00
                     and channelling, Old Strandfontein Road-Ottery.

                     Request for deviation: Tender no. 139E/2006/07. Cable
                     Jointing Services for 11KV cables-deviation request to     Comcivils                                                not exceeding
26   SCMB 49/04/09                                                                                                         14-04-2009
                     extend annual tender for a further period of 3 months from JADC Electrical                                          R300,000.00
                     01 April 2009 to 30 June 2009.
                     Request for deviation: tender no. 61S/2006/07: Chipping
                                                                                     Marthinus Waste Removal CC
                     and removal of garden refuse, site management and
                                                                                     SA Metal Machinery Co (Pty) Ltd t/a
27   SCMB 51/04/09   waste skip container service to solid waste facilities within                                         14-04-2009   R 13,200,000.00
                                                                                     Waste Control
                     the City of Cape Town from 01 April 2009 to 30 June
                                                                                     Inter-Waste Cleaning (Pty)Ltd

     SCMB 56/04/09   Installation of a concrete palisade fence: Langa Initiation     Jist Project Management Works CC
28                                                                                                                         20-04-2009   R 1,155,457.62
     365Q/2008/09    Site.                                                           t/a Jist Trading

     SCMB 59/04/09   Provision of professional services: Happy Valley low cost
29                                                                                   Arcus Gibb (Pty) Ltd                  20-04-2009    R 938,448.00
     358C/2008/09    housing scheme: Appointment of project manager.
     SCMB 60/04/09   The supply and delivery of 6 A0 plain paper
30                                                                                  Regma Cape (Pty) Ltd                20-04-2009   R 1,761,300.00
     302N/2008/09    copier/scanner/printer.

                     Design, supply, delivery, installation, testing,
                     commissioning and upholding during the trial operation Racec Electrification (Pty) Ltd
     SCMB 61/04/09   period and the defects notification period of the
31                                                                                                                      20-04-2009
     301Q/2008/09    replacement electrical distribution equipment and new  Jeffares and Green Consulting
                     standby generators at Scottsdene Wastewater Treatment Engineers

                     Building construction of additions and renovations for
     SCMB 62/04/09
32                   electricity services at Ndabeni Electrical Depot, Melck        Grandbuild (Pty) Ltd                20-04-2009   R 7,956,646.19
                     Street, Ndabeni.

                     Building construction of additions and renovations for
     SCMB 63/04/09
33                   electricity services at Mfuleni Electrical Depot, main road,   Bran U Construction CC              20-04-2009   R 2,250,869.88

                     Building construction of additions and renovations for
     SCMB 64/04/09
34                   electricity services at Bloemhof Electrical Depot, Bloemhof Grandbuild (Pty) Ltd                   20-04-2009   R 10,851,713.37
                     street, Bellville

                     Building construction of additions and renovations for
     SCMB 65/04/09
35                   electricity services at Mowbray Electrical Depot, corner of Dekon Projects (Pty) Ltd               20-04-2009   R 6,835,386.00
                     Diesel and Oudemolen streets, Mowbray.

     SCMB 66/04/09                                                                  R & R Adams Builders CC t/a R & R
36                   Delft clinic, Delft: Alterations and additions                                                     20-04-2009   R 1,498,456.00
     404Q/2008/09                                                                   Adams Construction
                     Provision of telecommunications network infrastructure for Dark Fibre Africa (Pty) Ltd
     SCMB 67/04/09                                                                                                                       Approxiamtely
37                   the City of Cape Town from date of commencement of         Gijima Ast Holdings (Pty) Ltd              20-04-2009
     290S/2008/09                                                                                                                       R25,000,000.00
                     contract until 30 June 2011.                               Neotel

                     Request for deviation: Upgrading of sub council offices.
38   SCMB 68/04/09   Tender no. 490Q/2007/08: Athlone civic centre: proposed Fabe Property Developers CC                   20-04-2009    R 180,000.00
                     sub-council 17 offices.

                                                                                    Alcom Matomo (Pty) Ltd                               R541,107.98
                     Request for deviation: Expansion of the Etsi Tetra Radio
39   SCMB 70/04/09                                                                                                         20-04-2009    R342,084.93
                     Trunking infrastructure.
                                                                                    Motorola (Pty) Ltd                                   R159,288.78
                     Request for deviation: Maintenance of following 6 sport
                                                                                    Pro Turf
                     facility in district 5 (Goodwood, PP Smit, Durbanville,                                                             Approximately
40   SCMB 71/04/09                                                                  Perfect B
                                                                                    P f t Bounce                           20 04 2009
                     Brackenfell, Kraaifontein, Scottsdene) from 01 May 2009                                                            R165,496.00 p/m
                                                                                    WAB Maintenance
                     until 30 June 2009.
                     Design, manufacture, supply, delivery to site, off-loading,
                     installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of
     SCMB 93/04/09
41                   72,5 kv and 145 kv switchgear associated equipment and Consolidated Power Projects (Pty) Ltd          28-04-2009   R 12,574,476.90
                     civil works from date of commencement of contract until
                     30 June 2011.

                     Supply, installation and optimisation of the City's wireless
     SCMB 94/04/09                                                                  Bula Technologies (Pty) Ltd t/a Bula                 Approximately
42                   network from date of commencement of contract until 30                                                28-04-2009
     298G/2008/09                                                                   Communication Technologies                          R30,000,000.00
                     June 2011.

                     Supply and delivery of double cement bases for green
     SCMB 95/04/09                                                                                                                       Approximately
43                   litter bins. Period: From date of commencement of              Garden Trading CC                      28-04-2009
     406G/2008/09                                                                                                                        R500,000.00
                     contract until 30/06/2010
     SCMB 96/04/09    Construction of big Lotus River, Gugulethu: Non-motorized Amandla GCF Construction                               R9,405,519.90
44                                                                                                                        28-04-2009
     387Q/2008/09     transport facilities, hard and soft landscaping- phase 2. Daveng Consulting Engineers                             R537,258.23

     SCMB 97/04/09    Alterations and additions to Valhalla Park Multi-Purpose   R & R Adams Builders CC t/a R & R
45                                                                                                                        28-04-2009    R 815,100.00
     388Q/2008/09     Centre.                                                    Adams Construction

     SCMB 99/04/09    Renovations and extensions to bathroom and kitchen                                                                Approximately
46                                                                               Distinctive Choice 308 CC                28-04-2009
     396Q/2008/09     facilities to existing housing in Bishop Lavis                                                                    2,000,000.00

     SCMB 100/04/09   Supply and installation of 132 kv underground cable and    CBI-Electric African Cables (a div. of
47                                                                                                                        28-04-2009   R 39,801,710.65
     401Q/2008/09     accessories (Retreat)                                      ATC (Pty) Ltd)

     SCMB 101/04/09                                                              Ikapa Construction CC                                 R4,269,551.53
48                    Greenmarket Square civil works and paving upgrade.                                                  28-04-2009
     415Q/2008/09                                                                Samantha Glen Landscape Architects                     R373,075.00

     SCMB 102/04/09   Bellville Solid Waste Management Depot: Upgrade of         Firstex Ikapa JV Firstex Engineering
49                                                                                                                        28-04-2009   R 1,951,950.99
     417Q/2008/09     existing facilities.                                       Holdings (Pty) Ltd
     SCMB 103/04/09
50                    Construction of parking area at Delft cemetery.             Kaulani Civils (South) Pty Ltd     28-04-2009   R 1,620,855.89

                      Provision of a service provider to conduct a baseline gas
     SCMB 104/04/09
51                    emission study at Visserhok, Coastal park and Bellville     WSP Environmental (Pty) Ltd        28-04-2009   R 3,211,465.50
                      landfill sites.
                      Appointment of service provider to undertake an
     SCMB 105/04/09   assessment of functions and high-level business
52                                                                                Accenture (South Africa) Pty Ltd   28-04-2009   R 840,000.00
     443S/2008/09     processes for the strategic development information and
                      GIS department.
                      Request for deviation: Tender 468Q/07/08 trenchless
                      technology-rehabilitation of 150mm diameter asbestos
53   SCMB 106/04/09                                                               Tuboseal (Pty) Ltd                 28-04-2009   R 626,786.82
                      cement sewer from Trustfeed Road, Samora Machel in
                      Weltevreden Valley to the Joe Slovo Pump Station.

                      Request for condonation and deviation: Hiring of vehicles AK Transport
54   SCMB 107/04/09   for the transportation of staff to and from various disposal Eyona Transport                   28-04-2009   R 366,160.00
                      sites from 01 May 2009 to 30 June 2009                       Transworld

                      Request for deviation: Emergency gabion construction
                      against possible flooding and mudslides following the
55   SCMB 108/04/09                                                               Neill Zaaiman Civils CC            28-04-2009   R 400,000.00
                      March 2009 fire on Devils Peak for the period starting 20
                      April 2009 until the end of September 2009.
                      Request for single source selection: Tender no.
56   SCMB 110/04/09   318Q/2008/09: Wallacadene housing project: Civil            Lyners Consulting Engineers        28-04-2009   R 125,400.00
                      engineering services and roads phase 9B internal.

                      Request for Single Source Selection: SAP land use
57   SCMB 111/04/09                                                               SAP Africa                         28-04-2009   R 515,257.20
                      management investigation and prototype.

                                                                                  Vusela Construction (Provincial
58   SCMB 112/04/09   Relocation of the M5 sewer.                                                                    28-04-2009   R 7,980,000.00
                                                                                  Government: Western Cape)