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									            Secret to Dog Training Tips for the Competitions

The competitions are usually designed so that the dogs and their owners feel
at home here, as stress and pressure are exactly the wrong thing for the
competition. It is always important that the learning fun in agility is
paramount. Most newcomers have to get used only once in the competition
situation. For older dogs, it is certainly easier than for the young dogs.

It is also important that trust between dog and leaders there and just get all
the commands and the dog can respond accurately. The competitions are
conducted under certain conditions, while it is important that the dogs and
their trainers will be spared. The competition will also be a fun get-together,
where like-minded people, different coaches and meet other dog breeds.

This allows tricks to be copied by others and our own dogs are always better
with each race. Both for training and for competitions, it is extremely
important that no performance pressure on the dogs, because that one only
reaches a performance slowdown as a performance enhancement. Dogs are in
terms of stress and pressure is very sensitive and so should also the holders

One race can withstand the pressure of a different race is not. People also are
not all equal and can withstand the pressure. Especially newcomers should not
run along the same in a team because they still make the odd mistake and
there is good reason for the competitions and the group for beginners. Since
they can also prove good, and can then climb on the error state to a higher

Each holder should expect your pet, just the what is best for the animal,
because too much pressure and expectation of performance make the dog
tired and sick. Then it may happen that the dog agility training are no longer
able to exercise. Stress in the competition is also the applause of the audience
and that's what should be avoided during training and in competitions, but
most coaches have the audience pointed out in detail.

Successful Tips for the competitions you can obtain by like-minded people, but
also by the books. But most of all the members who belong to the sport for a
long time know exactly what is good and what should clearly be avoided. Only
by asking questions and appearing on its own you know exactly how successful
the training and competitions, and may collect the tips and tricks from the
coaches and the older members.

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