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Dog Training What Is Agility Training


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									                   Dog Training What Is Agility Training?

Agility is the most popular training for dogs, since dogs need some training.
Thus, obedience and trust in the people perfectly set up and expanded. Dog
and man are in line with the agility training and in competition. Dog Agility is
an Englishman who was primarily known in London. Since the 80s, is now
running the sport worldwide, and all dogs have clearly enjoyed the training.
Agility also includes several disciplines that the dogs have to complete in
record time. It is also clear that not all dogs master all the commands at once
or all obstacles with flying colors.

But this is for all athletes so because, above all in agility, it is difficult to train
the dog right away and power to put pressure on him. Agility is a popular dog
sport that is now also world-wide. For the dog sport known for some time, the
legendary World Agility Championships held and as the Agility Dog connect
from around the world against each other. The most dogs brings equal to twice
the fun and so makes the training much more enjoyable. Agility is for dogs, a
high-performance sports, for they have to master different disciplines in peak

This requires a high intelligence and a lot of fun learning. For the first, together
with the perfect setting for agility training. The championships will be
completed in different groups, because in agility are all very welcome. The
small, large, and the young and the old dog can walk to your heart each course.
The disciplines are quite easy because there are 2 runs in agility, which should
be completed.

First, there is the obstacle course and jumping run. In this course, various
obstacles built and these must be mastered in a time limit, without error.
Whoever makes the least mistakes can enjoy the victory. The 3rd Discipline in
agility competition is a game that the organizers can decide them. Especially in
the world championships it is interesting to see which countries, which prefer
games. May replace the individual countries and have a lot fun at practice and
competition. Agility is since the sport was invented by the English, a dog sport
of superlatives, because here come together different races and different
cultures can meet and exchange views at the events differently.

Many agility followers swear by the famous dog sports, as there are breeds
that are required by the training comes in, promoted, for the first agility
training sessions were attended primarily by terriers, collies and shepherds.
The dogs learn quickly and can obey the commands of the operator right away.
This makes the agility sport so successfully. The following points of the history
of the sport in more detail.

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