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									                     Dog Training Medium Dog Breeds

There are both small, medium and large dog breeds that do successfully in
training and in competition. Medium dog breeds such as beagles, collies, or are
perfect for agility training. Prerequisite: The dogs are smart and listen properly
to their handlers. For medium-sized dog breeds have to create optimal
conditions, however, because the barriers should be designed for so that the
average dog can challenge the course successfully.

Here and mostly the jumping exercises, rather than an imagined for smaller
dogs can be an obstacle for medium dogs, although disputed, but it is more
difficult. The average dog breeds are particularly well suited for the contact
zone hurdles, as the small obstacles make the smaller four-legged friends a lot
of fun. Medium breeds are also suitable for the jumping disciplines, because
they are agile and leap, even in stressful situations. Medium breeds may also
like the small dogs almost all obstacles overcome with flying colors. This is
what makes the medium dog breeds so popular because the average have a lot
fun on the jumping course.

This makes them the stars of the runners, because the memory and the
commands are in line with each other and so the average breeds make the
runs in perfect time. Medium breeds, like hunting dogs or even medium-sized
Terriers can be excited again and again for the sport. They have the necessary
intelligence and are without commands from the keeper. But obedience is
usually not always so easy with the hounds, because they are out on new
things and always try everything again and again to discover. Medium breeds
provide the agility all possibilities, because they can also cope with the small
dog breeds like all courses, because the barriers are built specifically for small
and medium-sized dog breeds.

A large dog has already come to its problems through the obstacles without
error. That adds up to the sport to sport race for medium and small breeds, for
here is one: intelligence, curiosity and high endurance. A disadvantage for the
average dog breeds is usually the behavior because they do not always have
the required obedience and may in some cases do not get along with the other
dogs together.
But this is rather unusual, because Raufer for the Agility sport frowned upon
and are not usually approved for training and competition. Agility is to make
the dogs mean fun and if there is wrestled, it means increased stress for dogs
and owners. Just to be avoided.

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