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it is the dog sport world, and many fans found always new clubs. That goes for
the Agility enthusiasts because the associations and clubs are available
worldwide. Although agility was actually invented by the English, there are
now already many clubs and societies everywhere to show their art pieces with
dogs all over the world. Of course, operate the clubs and societies throughout
the world strictly in accordance with their statutes, and they specialize in
certain breeds and their required training.

The individual training sessions can also be made from club to club, or be
organized and so each club can get to know. The clubs have always preferred
to use the little competitions, because this usually not only the sport are the
focus, but also the fun and getting to know. In the individual clubs and the
clubs are always the followers of the sport Agility together to advance the
disciplines and the individual dogs and to show how well they master the

It is also important to learn that many clubs will meet each other and know
each other. Above all, meet Germany again and again the club to the national
meetings and competitions. In Germany there are currently around 300 agility
clubs and they will wear the individual competition with each other. This brings
together the clubs and the clubs so they can enjoy their hobby and have a lot
fun at the meetings.

Agility clubs exist all over the world, and many also meet internationally to the
disciplines and habits in exchanges and to give any tips. There is also, of
course, include clubs, special races with a certain FCI standard, that is, in a club
where much Boston Terrier can be trained, the only remaining members are
recorded with Boston Terriers. But most clubs in Germany and races take their
clubs with agility because they have the fun and ambition are most important
and the races not in the foreground. But globally, these practices applied in
different ways and there are certainly one or the other clubs in the world that
receive only a certain race in the Agility Club.
But that should rather be the rare things about this sport, because sport is
here, fighting spirit and fun at first. Just include the statutes of the associations
or clubs. Each club has its own statutes, he acts out and then always followed.

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