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A dog should start from puppy age with the training, because the sooner he
learns to obey, the better he will be in competition. A dog can be taught well in
later life for agility training, but the concentration is on a small dog much more
pronounced than for an older dog. Who knows that his own dog is to complete
the agility training, should already be safe in the selection of the breed.
Because not all breeds can also join all the exercises and withstand the

This one should know in advance exactly. It must be noted also that the dog
immediately to the first word heard and executes the commands that are
observed as in agility must be a time frame. During the training should be
intensified and after the exercises. Depending on the breed that is connected
to a lot of time and perseverance. Most breeds can withstand the pressure in
the Agility, but some breeds are not.

Therefore, it is important to choose a dog of this training has grown. Especially
as puppies, they have the best conditions for the start of training because they
learn from an early to know the tricks and obedience, the need for competition
and training future expansion.

Small dogs are still very playful, but in agility you have the opportunity to train
the puppy. This training is almost like the actual agility training for advanced
students, but much simpler. Dogs but also in older age and start training, but
usually is more difficult, because for the older dog the commands are new and
they have to adjust to the consistent training. For many older dogs that is a
problem, but there are exceptions, especially among terriers.

Who wants to start at the dog with the agility training should also practice at
home all the tricks, since most training sessions ranging from insufficient to
train the dog perfectly. Every dog is different and every dog gets its own way
the sport and that is what the dog owner should know and adjust your training

The best is that you first training begins with a run, to train for both races, the
dog can easily confuse. If the dog is fit then for all exercises and all command
knows by heart, the different runs are practiced and internalized. The first
makes the training interesting and long-term success. Agility must act on dog
and owner with a big fun factor and that is only with a perfect training.

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