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					                                                                                      SPRING TERM 2011

                                                                VERULAM SCHOOL
New Courses for the New Year
Alongside our long running Community Choir, Arts and
Crafts and Language Courses we have some new                    Cooking - Technology Workshops (yr 6)
opportunities this term including Woodwork for                  Develop your cooking skills! Make a range of delicious
beginners and more experienced students, the chance             cakes, buns and biscuits. All ingredients provided.
to create delicious dishes in Continental Cookery, and
to make something unique in Art Textiles & Creative             Chocolate Workshop
Embroidery.                                                     Experiment with chocolate and bake a selection of
                                                                delicious treats including brownies, melting moments
Activities for Children include Cooking Workshops for           and chocolate chip cookies.
year 6 children at Verulam School, and a Science Club
at Sandringham as well as Boys Breakdance and
Young Performers Dance classes.
                                                                            Verulam School
Taking part
The community programme is open to parents, family                          4.15 - 5.45 pm Mon 17 Jan - 14 Feb 2011
members and teachers, as well as neighbours and the
wider community, so do encourage your friends and               Spring Cookery
family to join in. If you have skills that you are interested   Enjoy cooking for Easter, including baking and
in teaching the community or sharing in school, contact         decorating a Simnel cake, spring biscuits, and muffins.
Carole Heselton.
Fees cannot be refunded if students drop out of a
                                                                      Verulam School
course. Some courses require a minimum number of
students to meet the costs, and will not run if                       4 .15 - 5.45 pm Mon 28 Feb - 28 March 2011
insufficient numbers enrol.
                                                                Creative Writing Skills (19 and over)
For further information contact: Carole Heselton on             Develop your creative writing skills in memoir, short story
01727 754113 ;             or novel. New and more experienced writers welcome.

Additional copies of the programme can be                       Beginners Classes offer lively practical sessions
downloaded from                          on character, plot, and how to create pace in writing:
                                                                          for 8 sessions
                                                                      Verulam School
Literacy & Numeracy Classes - Free of
charge - for parents wanting to improve their own                     Mon 7 - 9 pm 24 Jan 21 Mar 2011
skills, understand modern methods and support their                   (No class at half term)

Muddle Free Maths taster course                                 Developers classes - review and discuss each
   Verulam School
   Tues 9.15 - 11.30 am 25 Jan 15 Feb 2011                      backstory and how to move from character to plot.

                                                                          for 8 sessions
Literacy Course (15 weeks)
With the option to take an Open College Network exam
                                                                      Verulam School
      Verulam School
      Wed 9.15 - 11.30 am starts 12 Jan 2011                          Tues 7 - 9 pm 25 Jan      22 Mar 2011
                                                                      (No class at half term)
BEAUMONT SCHOOL                                          BEAUMONT SCHOOL

Modern Foreign Languages for Adults                      Woodworking Course                  age 16 and over
Develop your conversational, reading, writing and        Develop your woodworking skills under expert
listening skills with experienced adult teachers. Some   guidance with a wide range of tools and equipment.
are native speakers. Classes are stimulating, friendly   Beginners will be advised on what to make and which
and fun, with the focus on developing conversational     materials to buy - more experienced students can bring
skills alongside reading and listening.                  their own materials or a work in progress to the first
                                                         session. Students will need to buy their own materials.
New Beginners Courses below in Spanish (Tues
evenings )and Japanese (Wed evenings) . For all other
classes you need prior experience of the language .
                                                               Beaumont School
Monday 7-9 pm
  Spanish Beginners (continuers from Sept)                     Thurs 7 - 9 pm 13 Jan - 24 Mar
                                                               No class at half term.
  French Intermediate
  Italian Intermediate                                   Art Textiles/Creative Embroidery age 16
                                                         and Over
                                                         Create your own individual one off textile pieces
Tuesday 7-9 pm
                                                         experimenting with a range of decorative techniques
  Spanish Beginners       NEW course
                                                         including: fabric painting, free machine embroidery,
  German Intermediate                                    hand embroidery, applique-painted bondaweb,
  Italian Beginners (continuers from Sept)               dissolvable fabric. Make a bag, table runner, cushion
                                                         cover or decorative wall hanging.
Wednesday (see below for times)
 Spanish GCSE (non exam) 7 9 pm
 Spanish AS (non exam) 7.30 9.30 pm                            Beaumont School
 Japanese Beginners 7 9 pm
   (Five week course     call for more info)                   Wed 7.30 - 9.30 pm 12 Jan - 15 Feb 2011

Thursday 7- 9 pm                                         SANDRINGHAM SCHOOL
  French Beginners (continuers from Sept)
                                                         Super Science Club (years 5 & 6)
        80 per term for BeauSandVer parents;             Have fun enjoying practical, hands on science activities.
        90 per term for non-Consortium parents.

      Beaumont School
                                                               Sandringham School
      Classes begin w/c 10 January for 10 weeks per
      term. No class at half term.                              Thursdays 4 - 5 pm 13 Jan - 31 March 2011
                                                                (no classes at half term, 20 Jan 17 and 24 Mar )
Continental Cookery (Age 18 and over)                    Community Choir (adult/over 18s)
                                                         Join our growing choir singing a varied programme of
Make a wide range of delicious, Mediterranean
                                                         music including classical and popular songs. Learn
inspired dishes including: Toad in the Hole, Juicy
                                                         effective breathing techniques, how to interpret music
Lemon Pudding, Chicken Chow Mein, Mango Ice
                                                         for singing, and improve your sound. The choir will
cream, Lamb Kofta & Flatbread, Profiteroles and
                                                         perform in the Spring concert at the final session on 6
Chocolate Sauce, Seasonal Pasta and Portugese
                                                         April. Beginners and more experienced singers
custard tarts. All ingredients provided.
                                                                 44 for 11 sessions

      Beaumont School                                          Sandringham School

      Thursdays, 6 - 8 pm 13 Jan - 17 Feb 2011                 Wed evenings 6. 30- 7.30pm 12 Jan - 6 April
                                                               (no classes at half term and 9 March)

  Once a course has begun, fees cannot be refunded if students drop out or miss classes!
                                                              SANDRINGHAM SCHOOL
SANDRINGHAM SCHOOL                                            SANDRINGHAM SCHOOL
Community Jazz Band                                           Spring Flowers (over 18s)
Thursdays 7- 8 pm. No fee. We meet regularly and play         Saturday Workshop
at local gigs . If you are interested in joining or booking
us for an event, call Carole Heselton on 01727 754113.        plus an inspiring modern arrangement Taught by
Body Sculpt (Over 18 )                                                       -
Aimed at all fitness levels. Wide ranging exercises to        materials, foliage and beautiful seasonal flowers will be
music to develop overall fitness, muscle tone and             supplied. You will need to bring your own packed
balance. Taught by an experienced, fully qualified            lunch and refreshments on the day.
fitness professional.

      Sandringham School Dance Studio
                                                                    Sandringham School
      7.30 - 8.30 pm Wed evenings
                                                                    Saturday 10.30 am - 3 pm 12 March 2011
     5 Jan - 16 Feb
     2 March - 6 April                                        Spring Flowers (over 18s)
You can join at any time and pay from start date.             Make your home look beautiful this Easter by
                                                              designing and creating your own hand tied bouquet,
                                                              stylish vase arrangement and an Easter ring. Foliage
Arts and crafts - Sandringham School                          and materials will be provided for the first week, after
                                                              which you will need to supply your own, Anita can
Jewellery Workshops (adult/over 16)                           advise about what to bring.
Design and make a unique necklace and bracelet or
pair of earrings. Ideal for gifts or as a present to
yourself. All materials supplied. No previous experience
needed.                                                             Sandringham School

                                                                    Weds 7 - 9 pm 16 , 23 & 30 March 2011

      Sandringham School                                      Beginners Digital Photography (over 16s)
                                                              An introduction to basic photography skills, including
      Bracelet and Necklace                                   composition and exposure, using a digital camera
      (Using wire and chain)                                  effectively and employing Adobe Photoshop to
      Sat 10am - 12.30pm 12 February 2011                     enhance your images. You will need a digital camera, a
                                                              memory stick and Adobe Photoshop Elements version
      Cobweb Necklace and Twisted                             6 or above for home use (available cheaply through
      Wire bracelet                                           Ebay or Amazon).
      Sat 10am - 12.30pm 12 March 2011

      Multiple Strand and Loop
      Necklaces (using nylon-coated wire)                           Media Suite, Sandringham School
      Sat 10am - 12.30pm 19 March 2011
                                                                    Mon 7 - 9 pm 31 Jan - 14 March 2011
  Screen Printing for Beginners (over 18s)
Introduction to simple screen printing and a variety of       Beginners/Intermediate Water Colour
other techniques including mono printing and simple           Painting (over 18s) Suitable for beginners and
lino cuts. Create your own range of beautiful prints . All    more experienced students. Develop your technique
materials provided.                                           with an experienced artist and teacher. You will need to
                                                              provide your own paint and watercolour paper and will
                                                              be advised about materials.

      Sandringham School

      7 - 8.30 pm Tues 1 Feb - 15 March 2011                        Art Block Sandringham School
      (ex half term)
                                                                    Thursdays 7 - 9 pm 27 Jan - 24 March 2011

     = Course Price.                    = Course venue.                    = Time and Date of Course.
 SANDRINGHAM SCHOOL                                          Young Performers (Yrs 5 & 6)
                                                             Learn musical theatre and street dance routines,
                                                             creating medleys for end of year performances.

 Young Performers (yrs 3 & 4)
 Jazz dance classes, developing routines for end of year           Dance Studio, Sandringham School
 performances.                                                     Thursdays 5.15 - 6 pm 13 Jan - 31 Mar 2011
                                                                   No class 17 Feb or at half term
                                                             Boys Breakdance (yrs 5 and 6)
       Dance Studio Sandringham School                       Basic break-dance and Hip Hop including popping,
       Mondays 4.30 - 5.15 pm 10 Jan - 28 March 2011         waving and locking, creating medleys for end of year
       No class at half term                                 performances.

 Limited availability for dance classes so please contact           Dance Studio, Sandringham School
 Carole Heselton on 01727 754113 to enquire about                   Thursdays 4.30 - 5.15 pm 13 Jan - 31 Mar 2011
 places or email               No class 17 Feb or at half term

Enrolment Form - Spring Term 2011
To take part, fill in this form and return it with your cheque made payable to the relevant school.
Separate cheques should be enclosed for each course, marked on the back with your name and the
course title.

Name _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________________/Post Code___________________

Telephone ___________________________Mobile__________________________Email______________________________
                                                                              (please print)

Please indicate whether you are a parent/BeauSandVer teacher/member
of staff/pupil/member of the community                              Please return to:
                                                                    Carole Heselton,
Other__________________________________________________________     BeauSandVer
                                                                    c/o Verulam School
School ________________________________________________________     Brampton Road
Your relationship to child____________________________________      St Albans
                                                                    Herts AL1 4PR

Please indicate which courses you would like to enrol on:
SANDRINGHAM SCHOOL                                 BEAUMONT SCHOOL
Super Science Club                                                                             Language course
                                                   French Beginners (cont)          []
Community Choir                                                                                fees:
                                                   French Intermediate              []
Screen Print Making                                Italian Beginners (cont)         []         BeauSandVer
Spring Flowers Sat                                 Italian Intermediate             []         Consortium parents,
Spring Flowers Weds                                Spanish Beginners (cont)         []
Beg Digital Photography                                                                        Japanese Starter :
                                                   Spanish Beginners NEW       []
Jewellery Workshop:                                Spanish GCSE non exam level []              BeauSandVer
      Sat 12 Feb                                   Spanish AS Level non exam        []         Consortium parents,
      Sat 12 March                                 German Intermediate              []
      Sat 19 March                                 German Advanced                  []
Body Sculpt 5 Jan - 6 April                                                                    NB Fees for all
                                                   Japanese Starter                 []
VERULAM SCHOOL                                                                                 courses are not
                                                   Continental Cookery
Chocolate Workshop                                                                             refundable after
Spring Cookery                                                                                 the course has
                                                   Art Textiles/Creative
Beginners Creative Writing                                                                     begun.
Continuers Creative Writing

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