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									        “What’s Our Secret To Helping You Acquire
               That “Million Dollar Smile”?

          A Radiant White Smile Can Boost Your
      Confidence, Make You Feel Younger, and Catch
      Anyone’s Eye When You Walk Into A Room…"

Dear Friend,

If you’re like a lot of dental patients, you’ve tried one or more of the
“quick fixes” that promise to fix your stained, discolored, or crooked
teeth. There’s toothpaste, chewing gum, the little strips you put on at
night, and more.

Have you ever stood in front of a mirror with one of those smile color
charts, trying to convince yourself that your teeth are even one shade
whiter? It seems every day there’s another company claiming to have
discovered “the new, easy way to a whiter, straighter, and more
radiant smile.” Of course, the problem is such “miracle cures” just
don’t work for most people.

Most of us are not among the genetically lucky few who start out with
a bright, straight smile. Worse yet, we do things every day to further
dull and darken our teeth. Do you drink coffee, sodas, or red wine? Do
you smoke? Are you taking certain types of medications? Even the
natural aging process causes tooth enamel to lose its luster.

               The Bottom Line Is, You’re Fighting An
                Uphill Battle for a Beautiful Smile…
Believe me, though, you are not alone. Millions of Americans are
unhappy with their smile. Some have lived their whole lives
embarrassed by gaps in their teeth, or that one tooth that got chipped
years ago that you’ve been meaning to get fixed. Most of them are
like you and have tried any and every “whitening” product in the drug

I’m here to tell you that there is hope for the smile of your dreams,
and it’s probably going to be a lot easier than you think! Before we
get to that, let me tell you a little bit about my practice. More
specifically, let me tell you about the philosophy that we strictly
adhere to…

                     Everyone, I Repeat, EVERYONE,
             Has a Perfect Smile Just Waiting To Come Out

With the advances we’ve seen in cosmetic dentistry over the last two
decades, everyone’s teeth can be molded, shaped, and whitened into a
movie-star quality smile. I make one promise to all my patients: I will
not give up on your smile until you are 100% elated with it!

You see, this is what I love to do. People talk about having their dream
job.     This is mine. My favorite part of being a dentist is the first time
someone sees their new smile in the mirror. Often just hours, days or
weeks after a patient first walks through my door, they take that first
look in the mirror and their entire face lights up. A patient, who
initially walked into my office with their head down and mouth tightly
shut, walks out with head held high, ready to flash their pearly whites
to the world.
I tend to ramble on when I’m talking about smiles. It’s just so
gratifying to help build someone’s self confidence and self image. It
truly is my passion, and the passion of everyone in my office.

      Ok, enough about me, let’s talk about you and your smile.

                  How Would You Like To Get The
               Bright White Smile of Your Dreams…

I really can’t exaggerate how amazing the results of today’s cosmetic
dentistry procedures can be. In some cases, you could walk out of my
office in hours with the smile that you’ve always dreamed of.

      But there are two very complicated steps you must take to
                          brighten your smile:

  1) Call my office to schedule a FREE Cosmetic Consultation,
                 2) Show up for your Consultation.
                               That’s it!

I know it probably sounds too good to be true, but I promise, you it’s
not. I stay on the absolute leading edge of dental technologies so my
office can offer you the very latest and greatest procedures. Most of
the time, I can turn your smile around within 2 weeks, often within 2
days, and sometimes 2 hours!
I told you before that building my patients’ confidence through their
smiles is my passion, and I truly meant it. That’s why I offer a FREE
Cosmetic Consultation to all my potential patients. Let me show you
just how easy it is to get the smile of your dreams.

While I am passionate about my work, I’m not a dentist who will try to
convince you of anything. My only goal is to educate you on your
options, and show you just the kind of results you can expect. Most of
the time, this is as good as a sales pitch, but what I will never do is try
to pressure anyone into a decision. It’s entirely up to you if and when
you schedule your treatment.

So call today and together we’ll get you started on the road to a more
confident you! Call 540-662-4866 and mention that you want to
schedule your Smile Consultation!


Dr. Gio Iuculano and Team
Winchester Dental Group
212 Linden Dr., Suite 150
Winchester, VA 22601

P.S. If you can’t use this, please pass it on to a friend and we will
honor the same offer. One last thought- - it’s important. If you have
any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 540-662-4866.

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