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                                                                                                     TABLE OF CONTENTS

                                                                                         Åsa Fridh
                                                                                                     Binational Commission                1-2
                                                                                                     From the ambassador                    1
                                                                                                     Tripartite cooperation                 3
                                                                                                     Urban development programme            4
                                                                                                     National HIV and AIDS plan             5
                                                                                                     Swedish businesses promote skills      6
                                                                                                     Africa Express moves on                7
                                                                                                     Regional trade promotion meeting       7
                                                                                                     Future bright for LODLOG               7
                                                                                                     Linnaeus celebrations                  8
                                                                                                     Theatre exchange                       8

                                                                                                     FROM THE AMBASSADOR

                                                                                                     Dear readers,
                                                                                                     This newsletter highlights the fourth
                                                                                                     Binational Commission, BNC, meeting
                                                                                                     in Stockholm in October. In addition
                                                                                                     to meetings with her hosts, the South
                                                                                                     African deputy president discussed
The Swedish Minister for Development Cooperation Gunilla Carlsson and South Africa’s Deputy          youth unemployment and skills devel-
President Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka emphasised the strong relations between Sweden and South            opment with the Swedish ministers of
Africa as they concluded the fifth Binational Commission in Stockholm in October.                    Education and of Labour Affairs. She
                                                                                                     also talked about skills acquisition and

Sweden and South Africa
                                                                                                     Black Economic Empowerment with
                                                                                                     some major Swedish companies. At the
                                                                                                     Karolinska Institute

strengthened ties at BNC
                                                                                                     she was introduced
                                                                                                     to many pro-
                                                                                                     grammes relevant to
                                                                                                     Africa, such as HIV
“South Africa is very close to my              development issues such as HIV and                    and AIDS, TB and
heart,” said Swedish Deputy Prime              AIDS, the Paris Agenda on aid effec-                  malaria research.
Minister Maud Olofsson as she                  tiveness and the transformation of the                    Even for me,                      Pawel Flato
inaugurated the fifth Binational Com-          relations into increasingly co-financed               trying to follow
mission between Sweden and South               and mutually beneficial partnerships.                 interaction be-
Africa with South Africa’s Deputy                 “At every Binational Commis-                       tween Sweden and
President Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka.              sion we have taken our relationship                   South Africa, the BNC meeting was
                                               forward,” said Mlambo Ngcuka and                      impressive. It not only celebrated past
Olofsson said the Binational Commis-           added: “We seem concerned about                       achievements but gave many ideas
sion, BNC, which takes place every             similar issues - that makes our rela-                 and directions for future cooperation.
second year, provided an excellent op-         tions special and constructive.”                          Carl Linnaeus once wrote to a
portunity for further strengthening and           Mlambo Ngcuka said addressing                      governor of the Cape province that of
deepening the countries’ relations.            South Africa’s three main sore points                 all the people in the world, he envied
   Among the items on the agenda               – poverty, inequality and unemploy-                   the governor the most for being in the
of this year’s Binational Commission,          ment – was crucial.                                   centre of this creation! Almost 20% of
held in Stockholm October 3-4, were               The deputy prime minister and                      the specimens classified by Linnaeus
peace and security in Africa, climate          the deputy president both named                       came from the Cape. So it was per-
change, UN reform, Broad-Based                 culture and gender issues as priority                 haps not surprising that the embassy’s
Black Economic Empowerment, eco-               areas, particularly as means of fighting              300-year celebration of his birth at
nomic cooperation and other initia-            poverty and boosting growth.                          the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden
tives to promote commercial links and             “Many women bear the bulk of                       was well attended and successful.
adjust the trade imbalance between             poverty. Empowerment of women
Sweden and South Africa.                       can bring fundamental change,” said                   Anders Möllander
   The delegations also discussed              Mlambo Ngcuka. >> continued on page 2                 Swedish ambassador to South Africa

                                                       Peace and security in
    << continued from page 1
       The delegations said the Swedish-
    South African economic cooperation

                                                       Africa in focus at BNC
    programme was the main vehicle for
    promoting commercial links between
    the countries in order to fight poverty.
       Sweden and South Africa also
    updated each other on developments

                                                                                                                                                  Åsa Fridh
    in the EU, SADC, the African Union
    and the New Partnership for Africa’s
    Development, NEPAD, and discussed
    the upcoming EU-Africa summit in
    Lisbon at the end of the year.
       At the concluding ceremony
                             Gunilla Carls-
                              Pawel Flato

                             son, Sweden’s
                             minister for
                             said: “BNC is a
                             of our unique
                             that has devel-
                             oped over the
                             years and that
    Maud Olofsson                                      Ambassador Anders Oljelund of the Department for Security Policy at the Swedish Ministry for
                            is so dear to              Foreign Affairs and Ambassador Kingsley Mamabolo co-chaired the security sector reform seminar.
    Sweden. The mutual benefit of our
    relations has been confirmed.”                     Just before the Binational Commis-               the two countries are looking to play
       Mlambo Ngcuka said the relation-                sion, representatives from Swedish               a growing role for peace and develop-
    ship was three-legged, consisting of               and South African government depart-             ment in Africa and the world.
    government-to-government, busi-                    ments, agencies and civil society devel-             The Nordic countries have pro-
    ness-to-business and people-to-people              oped a framework for how to cooper-              posed a joint Memorandum of Under-
    relations. “We must always remember                ate for peace and security in Africa.            standing with guidelines for tripartite
    the three legs,” she said.                                                                          cooperation with South Africa, which
       As the grants-based development                 Participants at a seminar on Security            is expected to be signed by the parties
    cooperation programme will come                    Sector Reform, SSR, and the ensuring             later this year.
                                                       bilateral Peace and Security Working                 Mamabolo said South Africa

“   BNC is a manifestation of our unique
    relationship that has developed over the
    years and that is so dear to Sweden.
                                                       Group meeting, mentioned the DR
                                                       Congo and southern Sudan as poten-
                                                                                                        welcomed this initiative. “We need to
                                                                                                        concretise tripartite arrangements. This

    to an end in December next year,
    the two countries agreed to launch a
    Gunilla Carlsson, devepment cooperation minister
                                                       tial areas for future cooperation.
                                                           “The SSR seminar was quite
                                                       remarkable,” said Anders Hagelberg,
                                                       head of the Africa Department at the
                                                       Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.
                                                                                                        is a vehicle we can use.”
                                                                                                            Sweden is already involved in vari-
                                                                                                        ous tripartite initiatives with South
                                                                                                        Africa, such as a police capacity build-
                                                                                                        ing programme with Rwanda.
    joint, consultative process to develop             “It has defined our shared view on SSR               Björn Lyrvall, director-general for
    a new strategic framework for the                  and given us a common framework.”                political affairs at the Swedish Ministry
    continued partnership beyond 2008.                     Among the principles for future              for Foreign Affairs, said there was a
       Shaheed Rajie, chief director for               SSR cooperation are partner country              strong commitment from both parties
    international development cooperation              ownership, coordination between key              to peace and security on the African
    at South Africa’s National Treasury,               actors and a holistic, context-specific          continent. “We are already working
    concluded by saying: “South Africa has             and long-term approach.                          together in certain areas, but there is
    changed, and so has Sweden. South                      Ambassador Kingsley Mamabolo,                certainly scope for further tripartite
    Africa is not an aid country, we’re a              deputy director-general of South                 cooperation.”
    development partner. We want to                    Africa’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs,               The Swedish National Defence Col-
    continue to build a mutually beneficial            said it was essential that civil society         lege and the Folke Bernadotte Academy
    partnership that lasts into the future.”           was on board. “This is the first meet-           hosted the SSR seminar in Stockholm
       For more information and to down-               ing of its kind, and it’s very important.        together with Sida, the Swedish Minis-
    load the joint declaration, visit www.             The NGOs have capacity, theory and               tries of Defence and Foreign Affairs and
    swedenabroad.com/pretoria.                         conceptualisation.”                              the Embassy of Sweden in Pretoria. The
                                                           As traditional development coop-             seminar was initiated by the bilateral
    Åsa Fridh                                          eration between Sweden and South                 Peace and Security Working Group.
    Communications officer                             Africa is transforming into equal and
    Embassy of Sweden, Pretoria                        increasingly co-financed partnerships,           Åsa Fridh

Three police services                                                                             Swedish support
                                                                                                  to peace and
working side by side                                                                              security in Africa
Since 2005 staff from the                                                                         In addition to various tripartite initia-
Swedish, South African and                                                                        tives with South Africa, Sweden sup-
Rwandan police services                                                                           ports five South African organisations
have been working side by                                                                         working to promote peace, security
side in everyday operations                                                                       and conflict resolution in Africa.
to help improve the efficien-
cy of the Rwandan police.                                                                         The organisations will receive a total
                                                                                                  of 40 million Swedish kronor, ap-
After the genocide in                                                                             proximately 42 million rand, over two
1994, when nearly one                                                                             years to strengthen their capacity to
million people were killed                                                                        promote peace and security in Africa.
in just 100 days, Rwanda
had three different police                                                                              The Institute for Security Studies,
services - one gendarmerie,                                                                       ISS, is a leading institute for human
one criminal police and one                                                                       security analysis and research in Africa.
municipal police service.                                                                         It runs programmes in areas such as
The Rwanda National Po-                                                                           African Security Analysis and Arms
lice, now responsible for all                                                                     Management with support from Swe-
policing in the country, was                                                                      den. Read more on www.iss.co.za.
only formed in 2000.                                                                                    ACCORD, the African Centre
   Just over two years                                                              Eric Miller   for the Constructive Resolution of
ago the Rwandan police                                                                            Disputes, has assisted in peace and
approached Sweden for             The tripartite cooperation between the South African,
                                                                                                  mediation efforts in African countries
assistance in improving the       Swedish and Rwandan police services started in 2005.            such as Burundi and the Congo, as
efficiency of its services. Since                                                                 well as Palestine. It has trained over
the Swedish and South African police tion can be difficult, especially since                      14,000 security personnel, diplomats
had been working together for years,            the Rwandan police found it hard to               and civil society representatives in
Tommy Bringholm, project coor-                  prioritise among the problems they                Africa. Visit www.accord.org.za.
dinator on the Swedish side, says it            faced in their everyday work.”                          SAIIA, the South African Institute
“seemed natural” to bring the South                Singh says the programme had a                 of International Affairs, focuses on re-
Africans on board.                              slow start, which caused some frustra-            search, training, networking and public
   At a conference on police reform             tion on all sides. “But now we have               education to analyse regional and inter-
in post-conflict African countries, Dr          a programme management structure                  national developments and their impact
Mala Singh, deputy national com-                with all three countries. The Rwan-               on South Africa. For more information
missioner of the South African Police           dan commissioner-general drives the               visit www.saiia.org.za.
Service referred to the partnership as          agenda and influences the priorities.                   The Centre for Conflict Reso-
“innovative”. She said Rwanda                          Rwanda has taken full owner-               lution, CCR, works with training,
and South Africa had many                              ship of the programme.                     capacity building, policy development
similarities, with citizens from                           “Its important to have real-           and research in conflict resolution
both countries emerging from                           istic expectations,” she contin-           and the African peace and security
traumatic experiences.                                 ues. “Sweden and South Africa              architecture. It is cooperating with
   Cooperation between the                             were impatient at first. Now               Swedish research institutions such as
three police services includes                         it’s Rwanda that determines the            the Nordic Africa Institute in Uppsala
criminal investigations, com- Mala Singh               pace. “                                    and the Department of Peace and
munity policing, accountabil-                       At the Peace and Security Work-               Development at the University of
ity, training and management.                   ing Group meeting between Sweden                  Göteborg. Visit www.ccr.uct.ac.za.
   But although the programme is                and South Africa in October, the two                    The Institute for Justice and
now running smoothly, it was not                governments agreed to compile les-                Reconciliation, IJR, promotes justice,
without teething troubles.                      sons learned and best practices from              reconciliation and democratic nation-
   “Development cooperation of this             the programme. Many believe it can                building in Africa through research,
kind is neither uncomplicated, nor              be used as a model for future tripar-             analysis, training and intervention. For
without complications,” says Bring-             tite programmes.                                  more information visit www.ijr.org.za.
holm. “The Rwandan police service                  “We have really seen the benefit                   The funding is not earmarked for
consists of about 5,000 officers scat-          and value added for the recipient                 specific projects but is in the form of
tered across the country. The level of          country,” says Singh.                             core support.
knowledge differs. Finding the right
level of ambition for each contribu-            Åsa Fridh                                         Åsa Fridh

    Ten years, three municipalities
    and improved lives for thousands
    Sweden recently wound up its most                       after the fall of apartheid.            the inhabitants.
    extensive urban development pro-                           The programme had a holistic view       As part of the programme the
    gramme ever, which ran with three                       on urban development, from build-       South African municipalities entered
    South African municipalities for 10                     ing houses and setting up street lights partnerships with three municipalities
    years. Lessons learned and best prac-                   and community centres to develop-       in Sweden. Nelson Mandela Bay is co-
    tices have been collected in a series of                ing systems for transport and waste     operating with Göteborg, Buffalo City
    booklets to help and inspire others to                  management, as well as programmes       with Gävle and Sol Plaatje with Fa-
    embark on similar initiatives.                          to combat HIV and AIDS.                 lun/Borlänge. They exchange experi-
                                                               For instance, the township New       ence and expertise in a range of areas,
    The urban develop-                                                                                              from infrastructure
    ment programme                                                                                                  and Geographic In-

                                                                                                                Åsa Fridh
    started in 1996 and                                                                                             formation Systems to
    came to involve Nelson                                                                                          arts, business, sports
    Mandela Bay, Buffalo                                                                                            and youth clubs.
    City and Sol Plaatje                                                                                            These partnerships are
    municipalities. More                                                                                            likely to continue for
    than 10 years later, in                                                                                         many years.
    September 2007, Swe-                                                                                               At the conference
    den and the municipali-                                                                                         Buffalo City’s Ex-
    ties marked the end of                                                                                          ecutive Mayor Zintle
    the programme with                                                                                              Peter spoke about the
    a conference in Port                                                                                            close historical ties
    Elizabeth. Some par-                                                                                            between Sweden and
    ticipants had travelled                                                                                         South Africa, from
    from as far as India and                                                                                        Swedish support to
    Palestine to learn from                                                                                         the anti-apartheid
    South Africa’s experi-                                                                                          movement from the
    ences.                       Sakhuluntu Village in Nelson Mandela Bay: an exhibition of low-cost, high-den-     1960s onwards to the
       “This conference is       sity housing jointly designed by Swedish and South African architects              extensive develop-
    the first of its kind,”                                                                                         ment cooperation
    said Dag Sundelin, head of develop-           Brighton in Nelson Mandela Bay has                programme after the first democratic
    ment at the Swedish embassy in Pre-           been upgraded with paved roads,                   elections in 1994.
    toria. “We are closing the circle and         trees, sports centres and street lights.             ”As the cooperation evolves into
    sharing what we have learned.”                Now that the roads are lit up the                 a new phase, our biggest concern is
       The programme aimed to contrib-            number of robberies have gone down                making sure that the future of our
    ute to a sustainable development,             and the inhabitants are able to walk              valued partnership will remain as
    reduce segregation and strengthen             safely even after dark.                           strong and productive as the past has
    development planning in the three                 Thousands of families in the three            been,” said Peter.
    municipalities.                               municipalities have moved into
       Both the Northen Cape province,            practical and flexible low-cost housing Åsa Fridh
    where Sol Plaatje is situated, and the        designed by Swedish and South Afri-
    Eastern Cape with Nelson Mandela              can architects. The houses have both              Find out more on www.sida.se/urban,
    Bay and Buffalo City, needed help to          kitchen and bathrooms indoors, thus               www.citiesofopportunity.com or
    develop their administrative capacity         dramatically increasing the security of www.swedenabroad.com/pretoria.
                                              Eric Miller

                                                                                                  Eric Miller

                                                                                                                                        Eric Miller

HIV and AIDS plan “a
                                                                                               Swedish-SA documentaries awarded
                                                                                               The Ikon documentary project, sup-
                                                                                               ported by the Swedish-South African
                                                                                               Culture Partnership Programme, has

success for children”                                                                          won two film festival awards. Biko’s
                                                                                               Children and Mr Devious: My life,
                                                                                               both received Tricontinental Film Fes-
                                                                                               tival Audience Awards for best short
By the end of this year, almost one            and their caregivers,” said a communi-          documentary and best South African
million South African children will            ty worker who attended the meeting.             documentary feature film respective-
have lost their mothers due to AIDS.              Child rights activist highlighted            ly. For more information visit www.
By 2010 a quarter of all children in           child-specific concerns in the fight            ikonsouthafrica.com.
Sub-Saharan Africa will have lost              against HIV and AIDS including age,
both their parents to the pandemic.            risk factors for children, prevention           Ambassador Möllander presented
Save the Children Sweden supported             of mother-to child HIV transmission,            accreditation letter to Lesotho King
the inclusion of children’s rights in          the importance of child-friendly serv-          In July Anders Möllander was re-
South Africa’s National Strategic Plan         ices and holistic monitoring of child           ceived by the King of Lesotho to
for HIV and AIDS and STIs.                     well-being and rights. The issues were          deliver his letter of accreditation as
                                                                                               Sweden’s ambassador to Lesotho.
                                                                                               Möllander also had talks with the
                                                                                               country’s prime minister and the
                                                                                               foreign minister. Sweden no longer
                                                                                               has a mission in Maseru, the capital.
                                                                                               Sweden supports the development
                                                                                               agenda of Lesotho through the EU
                                                                                               and other multilateral channels.

                                                                                               Sweden “rethinking Africa”
                                                                                               The Swedish Ministry for Foreign
                                                                                               Affairs has gathered input for the
                                                                                               future relations between Sweden and
                                                                                               Africa in an online discussion forum,
                                                                                               “Rethinking Africa”. The new Swed-
                                                                                               ish Africa strategy will take account
                                                                                               of the new phase in Africa’s develop-
   “Many children are affected by HIV incorporated into the National Strate-                   ment, Africa’s relations to the rest of
and AIDS, directly and indirectly,”                 gic Plan - “a true success for children    the world and Swedish policies and
says Eva Clarhäll, head of Save the                 in South Africa,” according to Karen       priorities. The MFA will present a
Children Sweden in southern Africa.                 Allen of the Alliance for Children’s       communication to the Swedish Parlia-
   “Because children affected and                   Entitlement to Social Security.            ment later this year. Read more on
infected by HIV and AIDS are so vul-                    In addition to advocating children’s   www.sweden.gov.se/rethinkingafrica.
nerable their voices are rarely heard.              rights in policy and legislation making,
They often leave school to care for sick Save the Children Sweden also pro-                    Young South Africans competed for
parents, and sometimes resort to sell-              motes children’s and their caregivers’     Stockholm Junior Water Prize
ing their bodies or undertaking danger- access to health care, education and                   Three young South Africans; Scott
ous labour to support their families.”              social support grants. “A comprehen-       Mahoney, Bronwyn Metcalf and
   Earlier this year                                                      sive support sys-    Nicole Purdon, represented South
more than 50 or-
ganisations came
together in a series“   Because children infected and
                        affected by HIV and AIDS are so vul-
                                                                          tem for parents
                                                                          and communities
                                                                          will provide the
                                                                                               Africa at the prestigious International
                                                                                               Stockholm Junior Water Prize com-
                                                                                               petition in Sweden in August. As the
of children’s sec-
tor consultations
arranged by Save
                        nerable their voices are rarely heard.

the Children Sweden, the Children’s
                        -Eva Clarhäll, head of Save the Children Sweden
                                                                          most sustainable
                                                                          response to the
                                                                          protection and
                                                    care of all children affected by HIV
                                                                                               South African national winners, they
                                                                                               competed against young people from
                                                                                               27 countries for the prize money of
                                                                                               5,000 USD and a crystal sculpture.
Rights Centre and the secretariat of                and AIDS,” says Clarhäll.
the South African National AIDS                                                                Support to African policy seminar on
Council, SANAC. The purpose was                     For more information about Save the        growth and development
to incorporate children’s perspectives              Children Sweden, visit www.rb.se.          In September South Africa held a
in South Africa’s National Strategic                                                           seminar on fiscal elements of growth
Plan and discuss the impact of HIV                  Shani Winterstein                          and development, a follow-up to an
and AIDS on children.                               Regional Programme Officer                 aid effectiveness seminar in March.
   “We need to ensure that national                 HIV/AIDS and Child Abuse                   Sida, through the Embassy of Swe-
plans to fight HIV and AIDS include                 Save the Children Sweden                   den in Pretoria, co-funded the event
the interests and needs of children                 Southern Africa                            together with Irish Aid and USAID.

    Swedish companies to support
    skills development in South Africa
    Statistics show that more than half of all young South Africans are unemployed – a
    figure that is even higher among formerly disadvantaged groups living in townships.
    Meanwhile companies are struggling to recruit and grow due to the lack of qualified
    staff. The Swedish Trade Council and the dti are looking to involve Swedish business
    in developing skills among young people in the township of Tladi, Soweto.

    At Ithemba Institute in Tladi, young                      employees. Swedish truck manufac-                              for some 500. Seven workshops are
    people from the community are                             turer Scania is already involved.                              waiting to be used according to the
    trained in areas where companies                             “We want the companies to get                               companies’ requirements.
    need skilled staff, such as heavy-duty                    involved collectively in the school and                            The college is targeting three
    truck maintenance, IT and electrical                      ensure that it’s industry-driven,” said                        groups in Soweto: students that are
    technology. The college is creating a                     Luke Govender of the Swedish Trade                             still in high school, young people who
    skills pool for companies while at the                                                                                   have left school but are still unem-
    same time uplifting the community.
       ”Ithemba is partnering with busi-
    nesses to make sure graduates have
    the skills companies require. Other-
                                                “             We are partnering with business to make
                                                              sure graduates have the skills com-
                                                              panies require. Otherwise we are just
                                                                                                                             ployed and illiterate adults.
                                                                                                                                 Ndivhuho Nepfumbada, chair-
                                                                                                                             person of the school board, gave the
                                                                                                                             Trade Council, the dti and the com-
    wise we are just training learners to
    become unemployed,” says Uzendt
    Peters, the school’s headmaster.
       The Swedish Trade Council and
                                                              training learners to be unemployed.
                                                              - Uzendt Peters, headmaster at Ithemba Institute

                                                              Council at an open day at Ithemba
                                                                                                                 ”           panies a word of warning, and said:
                                                                                                                             “If you get involved in this project,
                                                                                                                             you won’t be able to let it go. There’s
                                                                                                                             something infectious about impacting
                                                                                                                             on the lives of young people who will
    South Africa’s Department of Trade                        Institute in September.
    and Industry, dti, are running a                             “This is an attempt to align the                            be the future of this nation.”
    programme funded by the Swedish                           developmental work done by Swedish                                 The build-up and expansion of the
    International Development Coopera-                        multinationals in skills development                           industrial school is one of the activi-
    tion Agency, Sida to promote skills                       and corporate social responsibility as                         ties in the new economic cooperation
    development and economic growth in                        well as provide them with a recruit-                           between Sweden and South Africa.
    South Africa.                                             ment pool.”                                                        Swedish-related businesses that are
       As part of the programme they will                        Cmpanies can also use the college                           interested in engaging in the eco-
    develop a partnership between Swed-                       premises to provide adult-based train-                         nomic cooperation programme should
    ish multinationals and the institute in                   ing to their employees.                                        e-mail sydafrika@swedishtrade.se.
    sectors such as mining and trucking,                         Ithemba currently has about 80
    where there is a dire need for skilled                    learners, but could potentially cater                          Åsa Fridh
                                                  Åsa Fridh
                                                  Åsa Fridh

                                                                                                                 Åsa Fridh

    From left: Jay Naidoo, chairperson of the Development Bank of Southern Africa and keynote speaker at the open day at Ithemba Institute, together
    with Sweden’s Ambassador Anders Möllander; Ithemba’s headmaster Uzendt Peter and Ambassador Möllander; students in one of the workshops

Future bright for LODLOG                                                                         Joint strategies
                                                                                                 for Swedish trade
                                                                                                 promotion efforts
The Swedish-South African Local De-                 Authorities and Regions, SALAR.
mocracy and Local Governance pro-                      The accreditation ensures South
gramme, LODLOG, has become an                       African funding for the South African
accredited training programme. From                 part of the programme from 2008.             For the first time trade promoters from
next year SALGA, the South African                     “LODLOG is an excellent example           10 Swedish embassies, the Swedish
Local Government Association, will                  of the increasingly co-financed part-        Trade Council, Sida headquarters,
take over the financing of the South                nership between Sweden and South             Sweden’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs
AFrican part of the programme.                      Africa,” says Dag Sundelin, head of          and Swedfund have met to discuss joint
                                                                            development          activities to promote Swedish business
LODLOG,                                                                     cooperation at       relations with Sub-Saharan Africa.
which targets                                                               the Embassy
local municipal                                                             of Sweden in         Swedish companies based in South
officers and                                                                Pretoria.            Africa stressed increased free trade,
politicians, is                                                                The LOD-          measures to deal with skills shortages,
now registered                                                              LOG training         Corporate Social Responsibility, HIV
with the South                                                              programme            and AIDS and infrastructure develop-
African Local                                                               consists of public   ment, especially in the energy sector, as
Government                                                                  management           areas where they would like to see joint
Sector Educa-                                                               themes and           efforts to promote Swedish business.
                                                                     J Sundin

tion Training                                                               modules with            Piet Leys, vice president of At-
Authority,                                                                  emphasis on          las Copco South Africa, said: “The
SETA.             Intense discussion during a training module on leadership good practices in    Swedish HIV

                                                                                                                                             Photo courtesy of Ericsson
   “We are                                                                  local governance     and AIDS
extremely proud to have contributed                 and local development. It has enrolled       Workplace
to the development of a training                    close to 100 participants since 2005.        Programme is
programme that qualifies for this ac-                                                            an excellent
creditation,” says Åsa Ehinger Berling, Filip Vikström                                           tool for us to
managing director of SALA IDA, the                  Project manager                              be a responsi-
International Development Agency                    SALAR                                        ble employer,
of the Swedish Association of Local                 www.salaida.se                               as well as
                                                                                                 invest in our
                                                                                                 workforce to

“Now is the time for more                                                                        avoid future

Swedish business in Africa”                                                                         The
At the end of September, the embassy            and demonstration activities in the              information       Africa is the fastest growing
and the Swedish Trade Council again             environmental field.                             sharing and       mobile telecom market in the
                                                                                                                   world, according to UN and
arranged seminars around Sweden to                  Sweden’s Export Credits Guar-                dissemination, World Bank statistics.
market the SADC-region and inform               antee Board, EKN, guarantees that                contributing
companies and intermediaries about              companies get paid when they export.             to a modern picture of Sub-Saharan
business opportunities. The main                     “No business deal is too small for          Africa in Sweden, prioritising regional
message: Now is the time for more               us to help reduce the risk for your              projects and using synergies between
Swedish business in Africa.                     transactions,” said Marie Aglert,                different Swedish actors as areas for
                                                EKN’s area analyst for Africa.                   joint activities. Energy/environment,
This time the “Africa Express” visited              State-owned venture capital firm             telecom, mining and safety/security
Kalmar, Örebro, Stockholm, Skellefteå           Swedfund expressed interest in more              were mentioned as areas where busi-
and Luleå.                                      joint investments with Swedish com-              ness relations could grow even more.
   The presenters gave an overview of           panies in business projects in Africa.              The Trade Council’s increased
the region’s positive developments. The             The seminars attracted most par-             presence in the region and the new
companies also got information about            ticipants in Stockholm. But also in              action plan from Sida on how de-
available financial support for business        the very north of Sweden quite a few             velopment cooperation and business
projects from partner organisations.            companies are venturing into south-              can benefit from each other are two
   Nutek offers two programmes:                 ern Africa. Since South Africa is the            building blocks for future initiatives.
Start South, which targets small                normal entry point for Africa, we will
and medium-sized enterprises in all             probably see them around soon.                   Elin Landell
sectors, and the new DemoEnviron-                                                                Trade promotion SADC region
ment, which supports pilot studies              Elin Landell                                     Embassy of Sweden in Pretoria

    Legacy of Linnaeus                                                                               Theatre boosts
    still highly alive in SA                                                                         gender equality
    The memory of Swedish botanist Carl        – is still living on in Swedish society.              Sixteen young female thespians from
    Linnaeus is very much alive in South       This week is a tribute to Linnaeus as                 The Young Theatre Network (Unga
    Africa – not least because almost a        well as a manifestation of areas where                Teaternätet) in Sweden and the
    fifth of the plants that Linnaeus clas-    Sweden, Swedish companies and                         National Community Theatre For
    sified came from the Cape province.        Swedish research are at the forefront                 Education And Development Network
                                               of international competition,” said                   in South Africa are benefiting from a
    When Linnaeus came to Holland in           Anders Möllander, Swedish ambassa-                    gender equality exchange programme.
    1735 to get his doctor’s degree he first   dor to South Africa, who inaugurated
    came into contact with the variety of      the week together with Ulf Berg,                      The community theatre exchange,
    plant species in the Cape province.        CEO of the Swedish Trade Council.                     called North Meets South, took place
    This sparked a life-long passion for          Among the items on the pro-                        in Johannesburg at the end of August.
    the unique Cape flora.                     gramme were an Innovation Competi-                    For 15 days the women, aged be-
       The Dutch governor in the Cape          tiveness Symposium, which Vinnova,                    tween 18 and 25, shared their experi-
    regularly sent plants to Linnaeus                        the Swedish Agency for In-              ences in promoting gender equality in
    through a Swedish captain                                         novation Systems,              their organisations.
    working for the East India                                              arranged                    “Women’s rights are violated
    Company.                                                                together with            around the world, and women are dis-
    Linnaeus                                                                South Afri-              criminated and prevented from living
    later dispatched                                                        can partners,            independent lives. This is the
    his disciples                                                           and a pres-              situation in South Africa as well as
    Thunberg and                                                        entation from the
    Sparrman to the                                                     Swedish Research

                                                                                                                                                   Jenny Ivarsson
    province. Both                                                      Council and the
    have given name                                                    South African
    to plants that can                                                 National Research
    be found in the Kirsten-                                          Foundation on the
    bosch National Botanical                                        research partnership
    Garden in Cape Town.                                          programme. The week
       In mid-September, the Em-                              also included a seminar on
    bassy of Sweden, the Swedish Trade                 broader economic cooperation.
    Council and the South African Na-             “The Linnaeus week highlights the
    tional Biodiversity Institute co-hosted    importance of Linnaeus for research                   Entabeseng and Elin, two of the participants in
    a Linnaeus week at Kirstenbosch. It        and science, as well as for the rela-                 the community theatre exchange
    was the peak of a month of Linnaeus        tions between Sweden and South
    celebrations in South Africa, includ-      Africa,” said Möllander.                              in Sweden ,” says Susanna Rudehill,
    ing, among other things, the photo                                                               coordinator at Unga Teaternätverket.
    exhibition Herbarium Amoris.               Max Bjuhr                                                “Young women don’t have many
        “The legacy of Linnaeus – inven-       Trade promoter                                        opportunities to influence and have
    tiveness, creativity and an open mind      Embassy of Sweden in Pretoria                         a say. There are few young female
                                                                                                     politicians and rolemodels are often
                                                                                                     unequal sterotypes. It is important to
    Publisher: Anders Möllander                                                                      give young women tools to act and
    Editing, design, layout and production:                                                          influence.”
    Åsa Fridh                                                                                           During the programme the partici-
    Editorial board: Max Bjuhr, Anders                                                               pants exchanged practical methods
    J Rönquist, Jessica Olausson, Victor                                                             to promote gender equality in their
    Ramaema and Barbara Pallavicini
    Address: Embassy of Sweden,
                                                                Pretoria                             organisations. They were trained to
                                                    www.swedenabroad.se/pretoria                     become workshop leaders and spread
    PO Box 13477, Hatfield, Pretoria 0028,
                                                                                                     their knowledge. “The next step
    South Africa
    Visiting address: iParioli Complex,
                                               The Swedish Embassy in Pretoria works to pro-         will be to inform people outside the
                                               mote deeper relations between Sweden and South
    1166 Park Street                                                                                 organisations; in schools, youth or-
                                               Africa in business, politics, national and regional
    Telephone: +27 (0)12 4266400               development and other areas. The embassy is           ganisations and at festivals and other
    Fax: +27 (0)12 4266464                     paving the way for a transformation of traditional    events,” says Rudehill.
    E-mail: ambassaden.pretoria@foreign.       development cooperation into broader cooperation,        The exchange was financed
    ministry.se or sweden@iafrica.com          based on mutual interests and joint financing.
                                                                                                     through the Swedish-South African
    Please send any contributions, com-        Cooperation between Sweden and South Africa
                                               focuses on reducing poverty, inequality and vulner-   Culture Partnership Programme.
    ments or suggestions to
                                               ability, fighting HIV and AIDS and consolidating
    asa.fridh@foreign.ministry.se.             democracy and respect for human rights.               Åsa Fridh

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