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Supplier Invitation for Vendor Pre-qualification on the GPG


									   Supplier Invitation for Vendor Pre-qualification on the
               GPG Central Vendor Database

The Gauteng Provincial Government (GPG) hereby invites vendors to be pre-qualified as potential service providers to GPG for purchases below R500 000.

In pursuing the National and Provincial transformation and empowerment agenda preference will be given to black, black empowered, black women, people with disabilities
and youth owned enterprises and SMMEs.

Application forms are available from Wednesday 10th November 2010 at the following venues:


                                                                                            CLUSTER 3 (PRETORIA                              CLUSTER 4
     CLUSTER 1 (MAMELODI)                     CLUSTER 2 (SOSHANGUVE)
                                                                                                 CENTRAL)                             (GSSC - JOHANNESBURG)

               MAMELODI                                 SOSHANGUVE                              PRETORIA CENTRAL                        JOHANNESBURG CENTRAL
            Munitoria Building                            756 Block H                           327 Nedbank Building                         Lower Ground Level
            Makhubela Street                            Soshanguve 0152                          200 Pretorius Street                            78 Fox Street
                Mamelodi                                    Tshwane                                  Pretoria 0001                               Johannesburg
                 Tshwane                                                                               Tshwane
        Time: 10H00-12H00                           Time: 10H00-12H00                          Time: 10H00-12H00                           Time: 09H00-15H00

                                                                                                  CLUSTER 7
     CLUSTER 5 (KLIPTOWN)                       CLUSTER 6 (SEBOKENG)                          (GRACE FLATHELA -                      CLUSTER 8 (WESTONARIA)

          ELDOS \ KLIPTOWN                                SEBOKENG                                GRACE FLATHELA                            WESTONARIA CITY
           Kliptown Taxi Rank                            21082 Zone 14                         Lesedi Shopping Centre                   88 Edward street office No. 4
               Shop No 19                                Sebokeng, 1983                        Ground floor suit no.27                         Westonaria, 1787
                 Kliptown                                   Sedibeng                                   Vosloorus                                  West Rand
              Johannesburg                                                                            Ekurhuleni
        Time: 10H00-12H00                           Time: 10H00-12H00                          Time: 10H00-12H00                           Time: 10H00-12H00

Pre-qualification application forms will be available from most GPG Departments and Entities and can also be downloaded from the websites: or and click on the icon “Vendor Management”.

Applications MUST be deposited in the Tender Box, Gauteng Department of Finance, 75 Fox Street, Marshalltown, Johannesburg, accessible 24 hours.

Closing date is Wednesday, 15th January 2011.

Suppliers who were notified that their application for vendor pre-qualification was successful need not apply but update their vendor information if applicable.
Failure to comply with this requirement will automatically lead to suspension from the GPG Vendor Database. The vendor pre-qualification process will be on annual basis. All
applicants will be notified whether their application has been successful or not.

Enquiries: Tel. No: (011) 689 8684 / 689 6040 / 689 8071 / 689 8991 / 689 4630

                                                               GOODS AND SERVICES REQUIRED

1 .Catering Services                         25. Building Rentals and leases            PROFESSIONAL AND                            FMCG
2. Security Services including Security      26. Laundry Services                       GENERAL SERVICES                            1. Cutlery and Crockery
Surveillance Equipment Installation                                                     1 .Events Management                        2. Grocery
3. Cleaning Services                         ASSETS                                     2. Training                                 3. Stationery
4. Fumigation Services                       1. Office Furniture and School Furniture   3. Workshops                                4. Perishables
5. Office Automation Repair Services         2. Office Equipment excluding              4. Printing (posters, pamphlets)            5. Cleaning Material
6. Equipment Maintenance                     computers and printers                     5. Promotional Items                        6. Linen
7. Electrical Installations                  3. Trolleys                                6. Publication (adverts,                    7. Confectionery Services
8. Plumbing                                  4. Water Dispensers                        media Newspapers)                           8. Dairy
9. Swimming Pool Repairs                     5. Electrical Appliances                   7. Travelling(air flights)                  9. Photo Copy paper
10. Building Renovations                     6. Office Automation equipment             8. Transport(chauffeur)                     10. Fresh and Processed meat
11. Paving                                   7. Step-ladders                            9. Consultancy Services                     11. Frozen Food
12. Garden Landscaping                       8. Dictaphones                             10. Distributions (pamphlets,               12. Fresh and Processed vegetables
13. Indoor Plants                            9. Musical Instruments                     printed material)                           13. Safety Clothes/equipment
14. Installation of Locks , doors, windows   10. Cell-phones and accessories            11. Recruitment                             14. Knitwear
and blinds                                   11. Fork-lifts                                                                         15.Manufacture and Distribution
15. Painting services                        12. Notice Boards                          ICT                                         of Uniform
16. Fixed Installations                      13. Calculators                            1. Consumables (cartridges, memory          16. Sport Equipment
17. Waste Removal                            14. Fire-extinguishers                     sticks, drum units)
18. Fire Protection Systems                  15. Sewing Machines                        2. Software                                 MEDICAL
19. Shelving Installation                                                               3. Network Cabling                          Equipment and Consumables
20. PABX Installation                                                                                                               Medical Equipment maintenance
22. Borehole Drilling                                                                                                               Medical Professional services
23. Furniture Removals                                                                                                              (training-care givers and paupers burial)
24. Supply and Installation of grass

                                                                                                                                                             GDF COMMUNICATIONS / GPG _ 1020

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