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Sixth Form Centre Quality Framework


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									This document sets out the framework for standards of service which can be expected by students and
parents of the Sixth Form. It also sets out what is expected of the student.

Sixth Form Centre Quality Framework
1 Castle School guarantees that all its validated courses will meet the assessment requirements set by
external agencies. All such courses will provide a logical course of study and will form part of a coherent,
nationally recognised qualification structure. Work placements (where included or appropriate) will be an
integral part of the course.

2 Castle School guarantees to provide free and accurate information in its prospectuses about:
Teaching and learning facilities
Courses and qualifications on offer and where they can lead
Course entry requirements
Other facilities available at the Sixth Form Centre for use by students

3 The Sixth Form will make an initial response to any enquiry about its services from prospective
students, employers, external agencies or the general public within 7 working days of receipt

4 The Sixth Form will make arrangements for interested parties to see:
Comparative summaries of results published by the Department of Education
Proposed and actual destinations of students
Summaries of any relevant reports on Castle School Sixth Form

5 Students [and where appropriate parents and employers] will receive regular progress reports.

6 The Sixth Form will enable its students to develop their independent study skills through its well
equipped library. It will encourage students to accept responsibility and accountability for their learning

7 Each student will be advised of the recommended minimum weekly time they will need to devote to the
course over and above the required attendance at lessons.

8 Subject staff will have appropriate qualifications and in some cases relevant commercial experience for
particular courses. Regular whole school reviews of staff development needs will take place and
resources set aside to assist staff to prepare and deliver effective high quality teaching.

9 Employers who provide work placements can expect students to be familiar guidelines on work
placements. Students will be well prepared and make a useful contribution during their time with the
employer. Whilst on placement, many students will have assignments to complete and may be visited by
their teaching staff.
Admissions and Guidance
1 Students applying for a place at Castle School Sixth Form can expect a written response to their

2 The Sixth form will provide informed and impartial support services for its students and free access to
Connexions for additional personal guidance and careers support

3 Each student will have a personal tutor who will give advice and assistance about their progress,
helping them to review performance and set new targets.

1 Students, parents and any others having contact with the Sixth Form Centre have the opportunity to
raise any issues about the Sixth Form through the school's complaints procedure. The Sixth Form agrees
to make an initial response within 7 working days to any complaint and will give a full explanation if your
complaint is rejected.

2 The Castle School's Equal Opportunities Policy and Sixth Form School Improvement priorities will be
regularly renewed and available for consultation.

3 All students will be entitled to have representation through the democratically elected Sixth Form
Student Committee.

4 The Sixth Form Centre encourages students to have representatives on the whole School Council. and
on the Castle School Association.
Partnership: Working Together
After full consultation and consideration of any mitigating circumstances, the Head of Sixth Form will
consider the recommendations from the relevant department and offer support and guidance to students
and help make decisions regarding a student's performance.

The Head of Sixth Form will determine whether a student has complied with the assessment and
attendance requirements of the course and whether that student moves onto the next stage of
progression. Full consultation with parents will take place


Year 1: Y12
Stage 1: Oct/Dec - Summary Report
         January - AS exams
Stage 2: March – AS/BTEC exam results
         May/June – AS/BTEC exams
Stage 3: August - AS/BTEC results

Year 2: Y13
Sept – entry into Y13 A2/BTEC courses
Oct/Dec – Summary report
January – AS re-sits/A2 exams
March – A2 & AS resit results
May/June – AS resits/A2 exams
August – Advanced level results
Assessment Criteria
students who fail assessment at Stages 1, 2 & 3 as shown in the ‘Progression Chart’ have an
automatic entitlement to a retake of the failed assessment but they will not proceed to the A2 course
but they may repeat the whole course if deemed appropriate. In Year 13, with modular AS/A2
courses, if a student fails the external assessment and the retake of that assessment, then
discussions will ensue with staff, students and parents as to whether the student should continue with
the course or be withdrawn

students are fully aware of the need to satisfy the attendance criteria for automatic progression onto
the next stage. [100% attendance is the aim, but if assessment criteria have been satisfied then
automatic progression will be guaranteed for attendance above 90%. Withdrawal will be considered
and discussed with students, parents and staff if attendance drops below 85% unless extenuating
circumstances apply]. Obviously all students will need to pass the assessment criteria.

students are informed of a department's key DEADLINE dates and that students are aware of the
procedures for coursework/portfolio submission. Students who submit their coursework/portfolio by
the published first internal deadline will continue to receive feedback and guidance on how to
improve their level of attainment. Students who fail to submit by the department’s first deadline can
expect to receive little feedback.. Students who fail to submit by the department’s second and final
deadline run the risk of not giving their subject staff sufficient time to mark the course/portfolio. If the
coursework/portfolio is not submitted by the time the department has to forward the work and its
marks onto the exam board, then the student will be withdrawn from the course. If this occurs and
the exam board charges an administration fee, then this cost will be passed on to the student)

Educational Maintenance Allowance [EMA] [See section offering more detailed information]
Financial assistance, in the form of a weekly education maintenance allowance, may be given to
young people to enable them to undertaken education for three years after they have reached
compulsory school leaving age. A young person shall be entitled to receive EMA payments if he/she
fulfils certain conditions and application forms are available in school during the spring term of Year
11. Once eligibility has been decided, a student will only receive an EMA payment for a week in
which he/she has attended every learning session.

Student Visit Form
Students must complete a student visit form for any period of known absence.

The School's Appeals and Complaints procedure will operate, if necessary.

The Sixth Form Centre will fully support staff expectations that all students: take responsibility for their
own learning programmes attend and be punctual at all subject lessons, General Studies & Critical
Thinking lessons, bringing with them the appropriate materials.. Attend punctually all morning tutorials,
assemblies and `personal tutor' and careers interviews as required. Complete work on time as required
by the deadlines and to the best of their ability. make a positive, mature, well-behaved, contribution to all
aspects of Sixth Form life. Respect Sixth Form Centre property and rooms, particularly the Resource
Centre, and Common Room. Behave in an acceptable way both in the Sixth Form Centre and the main
school and whilst taking part in school activities elsewhere in the local, national and global community.
Show respect and tolerance for the needs of all other students and staff regardless of their race, gender,
religion, disability or other personal circumstances; Prepare thoroughly for all assessments at all stages
of their academic course shall be required to withdraw from a course if the student fails a    retake
assessment of a repeat year. shall be required to withdraw from a course if their attendance is deemed
unacceptable; shall be required to withdraw from a course if they repeatedly and persistently fail to
submit required academic work which is likely to affect their final grade; - shall be punctual to lessons.
Persistent late arrivals will not be allowed to interrupt the flow of a lesson and may, therefore, be sent to
the Resource Centre to study.

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