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The Sex Pest of Beaufort West


This week, Special Assignment visits the small town of Beaufort West, infamous
for its high rate of women and child abuse.

We meet with some victims allegedly abused by a government official.

We also obtained exclusive footage of the official who filmed himself having sex
with underage girls.

UPS: - Babalwa - I am going to court –It’s this issue about Terry who is abusing
young girls. Because I am don’t want to run away from this case because it’s
going to give an impression that it’s not the truth. So I have to be there, I don’t
have any other option.

UPS: - Girl 1 - of mouth –most older men here in Beaufort West are going out
with underage girls. It’s not to say I am afraid but I am a little bit nervous ,–I am
afraid like how are people going to look at me, they will be asking me questions
about the case. Others might say I am a bad person because I am having Terry
Others say why am I getting Terry arrested and I tell them that Terry was not
incarcerated by me but by the law because what he is doing is wrong

UPS: - VOICER - Beaufort West is a small town in the Karoo district of the
Western Cape. Over 60% of the population survives on government grants
The town is also an access route to the sea, used by most truck drivers in the
region. This has also brought a curse on the town.

Many truck drivers allegedly sleep with underage girls in the town Many of these
girls, who live in the surrounding townships like Mandlenkosi resort to selling their
bodies to survive. However, recent events involving a local politician and
government official have further dented the town’s image.

On a hot November afternoon, Kwarara, as she is affectionately known in her
community takes to the streets. She is a woman on a mission.

Her daughter was one of the girls allegedly abused by the local politician and
government official at the centre of the storm. For over three years she has been
trying to get justice for her daughter and her family.

UPS: - Victims Mother - I want this young man to be jailed. It is not right for him
to sleep with young girls. He knows he is way too old for them.

UPS: VOICER – Together with the support of the local community, She hopes
this petitions would force the police into action. She first found out about the
alledged abuse it 3 years ago when her daughter was only 14.

In 2006, she reported the matter to Beaufort West police but she was told to
come with evidence. She alleges that at one point, the police even tried to have
her and the alleged perpetrator come to a gentleman’s agreement at the police

UPS: Victims mother: - I feel let down by the police here in Beaufort West. It’s
actually worse because the person I reported to is a woman but she never took it
seriously. Around March this year, Babalwa again tried to kill herself. This was
the third time. I even went to the social services but since they took my address
and promised to come around, no one has .

UPS: - VOICER - Special Assignment tracked down some of the girls the
woman’s daughter had befriended at the time.

UPS: - Friend 1 – I have been friends with Babalwa. We used to go to Terry’s
house, Terry would ask us what we wanted and we would tell him we wanted
beer and he would buy for us. We would get drunk. After getting drunk, I would
tell Babalwa that I am going home but Babalwa would remain behind with Terry.

UPS: - Friend 2 - We would sit at his house and he would buy food and beer.
After finishing we would leave for home but Babalwa would remain behind. She
was 15 years of age then and I was 16 years.

UPS: - VOICER - In her interview with young girl reveals the nature of her
relationship with the respected politician.

UPS: - Peter Moyo - How old were you then?

UPS: - Babalwa - I was 15 years of age. I was very young then.

UPS: - Peter Moyo – Did you sleep at his house

UPS: - Babalwa – Yes twice.

UPS: Peter Moyo - Why do you call him brother Terry?

UPS: - Babalwa - Because he is old…he is way older than me. Other kids my
age who were also involved with him would call him Malume (uncle) because
he is old…he is way older than me. Other kids my age who were also involved
with him would call him Malume(uncle)

UPS: - Peter Moyo - Did you know about other girls?

UPS: - Babalwa Yes..

UPS: - Peter Moyo - Is this what happens in Beaufort West, that older men go
out with underage girls.

UPS: - Babalwa - Yes, most underage girls go out with older men in Beaufort

UPS: - Peter Moyo – What makes you to get to the point of wanting to kill

UPS: - Babalwa - It’s all because of this Terry issue. And then I start thinking
about this Terry issue, maybe the way people look at me or think about me, then
I end up deciding to kill myself.

UPS: - Peter Moyo - How do you feel about having been involved with Terry?

UPS:– Babalwa - I feel bad about it. Yah! Because people talk – look at her
walking in the streets but she is going out with an old man – and she is young.

After the break, the politician who runs from our cameras but takes centre stage


UPS: - VOICER - Our investigation of Beaufort West sexual predator then took
us to Cape Town to meet with the aunt of one of the victims.

UPS: - Thandeka Mayekiso – Victim’s aunt-I first got involved last year around
February when I picked up a sim card in the house… I wasn’t quite sure, I
thought it was my nephew’s sim card or my niece’s sim card because one of
them had lost their sim card. And just to figure out whose it was I sort of put it in
my phone to see who it belonged to and when it opened up I came across these
messages with sexual connotations… I think my whole system went into shock
because at that time my niece was just 15 years. Pornographic messages to
sum it up.

My brother from his work of place, he then called this same number and asked
who the person was and the person within the same day he confirmed that ‘ hie I
am Terry Oliphant and that’s how we realize that it was actually him.

UPS: - VOICER - So, who is this Terry Oliphant?
He is a Social Grant Officer at SASSA, a government agency which distributes
grants to the poor.

With more than 50% of the town’s population surviving on grants, Mr. Oliphant’s
influence is substantial. This is where he might have met Thandeka’s niece as
she came to collect her grandparents’ grant. According to our sources, Oliphant,
a former member of the ruling ANC is now a prominent campaigner for the newly
formed Cope. When Thandeka first tried to make a case three years ago,
the station commissioner was blunt.

UPS: - Thandeka Mayekiso – Victim’s aunt- His words were that I might have
heard about something like that but I don’t really have any evidence, you gonna
have to come up with something tangible.

UPS: - VOICER -Frustrated she turned to this man, Frank Pike who was Terry’s
boss at the time.

UPS: - Thandeka Mayekiso – Victim’s aunt – His words again were again was
like, we know about this, not about your niece specifically but there are other
cases as well. And then I got interested and he said as a matter of fact
there are two other parents, who had reported this before but subsequent to that
they retracted their statements even before they went to court. And I am asking,
why? Why would they retract their statements, he said well, lot of reasons but
among others, Terry works on the grant side and as you know most of the people
in Beaufort West depend on grants and he is usually one of the people who
these people have to pass by to get their grants.

UPS: - VOICER - Thandeka’s niece who is in grade 8 at this local school is one
of Oliphant’s half dozen victims tracked down by Special Assignment.

Another disturbing discovery is that the police and Terry’s then bosses admit they
were fully aware of his escapades.Yet he remained a free man – most of the
charges against him just disappearing into thin air

UPS: - Thandeka Mayekiso – Victim’s aunt – something drastic had to happen
and basically me as a citizen who reported the crime to, then had to run around
and bring the evidence to them, meanwhile I don’t even live in Beaufort West. I
don’t even know much of what happens in Beaufort West. Him, Frank Pike, being
the one who told me categorically that there had been cases like this before that
the kids had brought forward and retracted, wasn’t that evidence enough?

UPS: - VOICER- This is not the first time Special Assignment has encountered
Terry Oliphant. It was four years ago when we caught Beaufort West Mayor,
Truman Prince’s soliciting underage girls. Then, Oliphant was a vocal opponent
of Mr. Prince.

UPS: - Phakamile Oliphant – KwaMandlenkosiTask Team -
We are not after him as Mr. Prince. I don’t have a problem with the man because
I know him but I have a problem with his character.

UPS: - VOICER- Early last year, exactly three years since the Truman Prince
incident, a video showing Oliphant in a compromising position with a minor
surfaced His victim, non other than Thandeka’s niece. It is not known how many
videos of this nature Mr. Oliphant made but police have confiscated his laptop
and cellphone for investigations. He argues the video was for his own private

After the Break, one victim’s family fed up.

UPS: - VOICER - It is just after 8am when we are called to this house in
Mandlenkosi township. This is where the young woman featured in the sex video
lives with her grandparents. We are told she had gone missing the previous night
As we prepare to interview her grandfather, she storms into the room.

Upsound girl in video - You Fat Jan, you are going to pay for this.

UPS: - Grandfather’s victim – Just keep quiet.

UPS - Peter Moyo – Is your name Jan?

UPS: - Grandfather’s victim – No My name is Peter Mayekiso.

UPS- Peter Moyo – Is she always disrespectful?

UPS: - Grandfather’s victim – She is rude ever since this matter started.

UPS- Peter Moyo – How do you feel about it?

UPS: - Grandfather’s victim – I feel bad about it.

UPS- Peter Moyo –is this the girl you raised in this house?

UPS: - Grandfather’s victim – From 1 month and 3 weeks

UPS- Peter Moyo – Where do you think this is coming from?

UPS: - Grandfather’s victim – I think is the intimidation that is done by Terry.
Who is telling her to keep quiet from the police, social workers and everyone.
She must not tell her parents anything. Because is she says I am in love with
you, then there is no case then he can go back to work.

UPS- Peter Moyo – But then she is threatening you.

UPS: - Grandfather’s victim – Yes she is now threatening me because I called
the police and social workers.

UPS- Peter Moyo – Don’t you feel afraid about what she said?

UPS: - Grandfather’s victim – No I don’t feel afraid .

UPS: - VOICER - It’s not the first time she has disappeared. Despite all the
publicity over the video, they always find her at Oliphant’s house.This, despite
the fact that there is a standing court order for Terry not to contact her.His
defense is that she is the one who goes to his house. And the police are quick to
buy his explanation. This has left this old man in limbo.Now and then he takes
the great trek to the police station to report Terry’s recent escapades with his
grand daughter.

UPS: - Victim ‘s Grandfather- I went to the police station this morning, when I got
to the police station, the police said they will go back to Terry and ask him why
he is abusing my child and the police came back and said to me, it’s not Terry’s
fault because my child is coming to Terry’s house.

UPS: - VOICER - The road also takes him to Social Development offices, where
he hopes social workers will lend a hand. But all ends in disappointment.

UPS: - VOICER - While this drama continues, Beaufort West converges to
commemorate the beginning of 16 Days of Activism against women and children
abuse.Beaufort West has one of the highest child abuse and child prostitution
rates in the province.

UPS: MEC – Those that are perpatrators they should be thrown away they do
not belong to the society.

UPS: - VOICER - The unveiling of this billboard is a stark reminder of the
dangers young girls in this town face
Social Development and the local police face criticism for failing to do enough.

UPS: - Thandeka Mayekiso – Victim’s aunt –I am disgusted at both of them-
both SASSA and Social Development. I feel that they had the opportunity to do
right, right from the beginning, even before I came up with this case – there were
other people before me but because those people, either didn’t mean much to
them or those were not their kids or any of their relations, they just simply did not
care. I feel that they are the custodians of these kids. If these kids cannot go to
them who else are they supposed to go to? The very monster who molesting
them and raping their minds, their brains and their physical is in that office.

UPS: - VOICER - We asked the Western Cape Department of Social
Development for an explanation.

UPS: - Sharon Follentine - I do know of two interventions though. The
department nevertheless did go to the police and lay a charge and then because
the department has a very close collaboration with MOLO SONGOLOLO which is
an advocacy organization for children, MOLO then also went to the police and
laid a charge against the alleged perpetrator for the production of pornographic

UPS: - Peter Moyo: - What if I put it to you that Social Development as you say,
is not the one that made the police charge or reported the case to the police?

UPS: - Sharon Follentine -     : Well, I would be surprised, I would then have to

UPS: - Peter Moyo: – We found half a dozen cases of this man involving minors.
What do you think went wrong?

UPS: - Sharon Follentine - I am not sure what went wrong there. As I said I only
know of the one case because its the one case the family member brought to my
attention. So I really cannot speak for the other cases. If it is true, then I think we
are dealing with very sick perpetrator and our office will have to answer, certainly
if they were aw are of this and they haven’t done anything. I promise you that
they will have to answer.

UPS: - VOICER - in Beaufort West, more drama unfolds , The police are here to
arrest Mr. Mayekiso. The complainant, non other than his grand daughter
She claims he assaulted her with a pjambok. More baffling is the revelation by
our police sources that Terry Oliphant had accompanied her to the police station
and also signed as her guardian. This is despite the fact that a standing court
order forbids him from coming into contact with the girl. The Beaufort West police
commissioner refuses to clarify the issue to Special Assignment.

UPS: - Victims Grandfather - All I ask for is one thing …. To give me peace of
mind and peace of rest. She must leave my house. She must go to stay with her
Terry. That is all I am asking for.

UPS: - VOICER - However, the situation is about to get worse as allegations of
intimidation of one of the alleged victims surface.

UPS: - Victim’s mother -
The message read:
How are you? I have brought you good news
Your daughter you love so much is going to disappear this year
You should also expect the body of Kwarara’s infant child
My Terry is not going to jail
You prostitutes.

UPS: - VOICER - The sender: the underage girl in the video.

UPS: - Victim’s mother – She says it’s a woman who is sending there messages.
She even phoned my sister, and she is now panicking.

UPS: – Peter Moyo – Is it a voice of an older person?

UPS: - Victim’s mother – My sister says it’s a voice of a young girl.

UPS: - VOICER - Beaufort West police have come under fire on the way they
have handled the cases.Under pressure from the community, they only recently
arrested Terry Oliphant on a statutory charge laid by our first victim some three
years ago. The police seem clueless about the Film and Publications Act that
criminalises making of a sexual video of anyone under the age of 18 years of age
They argue it was all consensual.

Special Assignment sought the Film and Publication Board’s help in clarifying
the issue.

UPS: Mmapula Makola – Film & Publication Board - What we realized is that
under the offences that they were going to charge the perpetrator, child
pornography was not one of them, so what we have done is that we have taken it
upon ourselves to engage with the police in this matter, to ensure that the
definition of child pornography as per the Film & Publications Act is implemented,
clearly defined and clearly understood by the police.
From the Film & Publications perspective we look at it in this way, we will say the
child is under 18, and there is an image of that child who is under 18, so then we
will treat it as child pornography but there is three issues that are being dealt
with at this level: There is creation of child pornography which is illegal, then
there is possession, nobody is allowed to possess any child pornography – so
there is possession of childpornography which is also illegal. Then the next thing
is distribution of child pornography. So definitely it’s irrelevant whether the girl
has consented to it being taken or they are doing it for their own amusement not
for public – the moment you create child pornography it’s an offence.

UPS: - VOICER - Terry Oliphant’s statutory rape case was postponed at this
court to 7 January 2009. It is unclear if new charges will be brought against him
Meanwhile, life continues for our first victim.Though she admits to taking strain,
she says she has gone too far to give up at this point.

She says this is the only chance to show other victims that you can survive the
ordeal and still fight back the perpetrator. With her family by her side she says
she is determined to see the case to its end For the sleepy town of Beaufort
West, this is yet another blemish on their image. A town stigmatized as a sex
predator’s haven.
Special Assignment’s attempts to get Terry Oliphant’s comment failed. As his
young victims cower behind closed doors, afraid of the whispers and gossip, he
walks the streets, defiant and free.

Sexual offenders must be named and shamed

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