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     The Ultimate
     Shooting Centre.

     TEL: 020 8845 1377
     FAX: 020 8842 1493
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                                                      Welcome to the West London Shooting School, the
                                                      home of shooting tuition and gun-fitting since 1901.
                                                      I was lucky enough to have been brought up in the
                                                      fine traditions of the countryside and with game and
                                                      clay shooting. At WLSS, we seek to continue these
                                                      traditions and values that my grandfather began so
                                                      long ago. Why are we still here today? The team seek
                                                      to offer you the best in terms of personal service and
                                                      attention to detail. This is what has brought
                                                      generations of clients back and I am sure will
                                                      continue to do so in the future.
                                                      In addition to our teaching facilities, we also offer an
                                                      outstanding range of Corporate Packages, a great
                                                      restaurant – Stanburys, ‘Game Flyer’ Simulated Game
                                                      Days and a well-stocked shop to suit all the needs of
                                                      modern day shooting.
                                                      We continue with our improvements to the layout of our
                                                      splendid grounds, which now comprise well over a
                                                      hundred traps and stands. With the high standards
                                                      demanded of our instructors, our aim is to continue to
                                                      put something back into the sport that has given not only
                                                      our clients but also us, so much pride and enjoyment
                                                      over the years.

                                                                     Roddy Richmond-Watson
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          Private Tuition

     At the West London Shooting School,       Whether you are an experienced shot,
     we are proud of our reputation for        simply looking to 'keep your eye in' or
     providing the friendliest and most        a novice learning from scratch, our
     informative tuition available. Twice      lessons are tailored to meet your
     voted ‘Best Shooting Ground in the        individual needs and ability. By doing
     Country’, we have taught many             this, our expert team ensure that you
     thousands of people how to shoot.         will both learn from and enjoy your
                                               time spent at the West London
     Throughout this time, our ethos has
                                               Shooting School.
     always been the same – to provide the
     very best instruction in a relaxed and
     welcoming atmosphere.
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          Tuition, Courses & Sporting Clays

     Whilst the basis of our tuition follows    Sporting Clays Course                    The Ladies Course
     the style of the great Percy Stanbury,
                                                Our very popular ‘100 Birder’ is for     WLSS has long been famed for the
     we continue to draw on all aspects of
                                                those regular & experienced shots who    quality of its tuition for Ladies. The
     sports instruction and techniques as it
                                                would like to keep their hand in on      course runs over 3 mornings during the
     evolves to best suit the shooter, for
                                                some testing targets. This guided        summer and is traditionally followed by
     game or clays. Good grounding and
                                                course is altered regularly to keep it   an immensely enjoyable lunch in the
     impeccable safety are the foundation
                                                challenging and instructors can always   Purdey Dining Room.
     from which true talent and personal
                                                be booked for a lesson if things go
     style can flourish.                                                                 The Young Shots Course
                                                slightly awry!
                                                                                         The young are the lifeblood of our
                                                                                         sport. These fun, informal courses
                                                                                         held during half-terms and holidays,
                                                                                         teach the essentials of shooting such as
                                                                                         safety, technique and etiquette.
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     The finest shooting tuition
     in the country – just
     30 minutes out of town.
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     An unrivalled
     reputation for
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     We cannot over-emphasise the               Starting on the pattern plates we
     importance of good gun-fit. The            observe clients' shooting techniques
     correct relationship between eye and       before    fine-tuning     the     gun
     muzzle; consideration of eyesight and      measurements on a variety of different
     build; consistently correct gun-           shots. The fitting culminates with a
     mounting – all these mean that the gun     card detailing your own individual
     will work for you and not against you.     measurements, recognised by all the
     Gun-fitting is as much an art as a
     science. It requires the astute and        We are justly proud to provide a
     acute observation of our fitters with      bespoke fitting service for such fine
     many years of experience. It also          London names as James Purdey, Boss
     requires the guaranteed availability of    & Co, William Evans and Asprey
     a suitable try-gun. We have an             amongst others.
     unrivalled selection to suit every
     requirement, size and shape.
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          Corporate Events

     For any company looking to entertain      As an event, Clay Pigeon Shooting
     clients or arrange a team building        is suitable for everyone regardless
     experience, there can be no more          of their ability or experience. Our
     unique, enjoyable or exciting way than    team uses their knowledge and
     to hold a shooting party or a multi-      experience built up from many years
     activity day at the West London           of running successful events to ensure
     Shooting School.                          all of a client’s exact requirements
                                               are exceeded. We work to tailor
     The popularity of these days is
                                               an event to give both the clients
     reflected in our client list, which
                                               and their guests a wonderful time
     includes both small businesses and
                                               shooting or trying new activities.
     large FSTE 100 Companies. No matter
     what format you choose whether it be
     Morning, Afternoon, Full Day, or
     Evening Shoot… it will always be fun.
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                                                       The best corporate
                                                       entertainment –
                                                       amongst the finest
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     A unique blend
     of business and
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           Multi-Activity & Charity Days

     Alongside the shooting events, we offer     Other activities include: 4 x 4 Off-Road     Charity Clay Pigeon Shoots are popular,
     a variety of exhilarating activities        Driving, Quad Bikes, Honda Pilots,           immensely enjoyable and have proved to
     which, when put together, can either        Reverse Steer Tractors, Archery, Air         be a highly effective way of raising money.
     form part of a team building day or be      Rifles and even Gnats – shooting down        Here at the West London, we host a
     arranged simply for the enjoyment of        remote control planes. Working with          number of successful and prestigious
     your party.                                 our clients, we create challenging and       days each year with activities to suit.
                                                 enjoyable days with plenty of group
     For the adventurous seeking to do more                                                   Our Lodge, Bothy and acres of space
                                                 and individual participation.
     that just shoot, you can combine fly-                                                    combined with stylish marquees and
     fishing and shooting in the 'MacNab         No matter what you choose, we tailor the     catering of the highest standard,
     Day' or there is the 'Shoot-Drive' event    event to suit your needs so that come the    enable us to provide a memorable and
     offering the chance to master both          end of the day you will all talk of shared   above all a profitable day for your
     shotgun and off-road driving.               experiences and achievements.                chosen charity.
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          Game Flyer

     Imagine the spirit and fun of a           The range of drives offers Partridge,
     day’s shooting in the country mixed       Grouse and the highest Pheasant for
     with the speed and excitement of clay     the ultimate day's shooting at
     pigeon shooting. That is the beauty of    unbeatable value for money. Each day
     a day’s simulated game shooting with      sees the Guns enjoying five magical
     WLSS. Running from Spring through         drives all providing the most exciting
     until Autumn at a number of locations,    shooting possible. Run exactly like a
     including exclusive access to three       real day's shooting, with a wonderful
     of Britain's most beautiful and famous    lunch included, our Game Flyer days
     shooting estates; Ashcombe in             really are the very best way to shoot
     Wiltshire, Great Tew in Oxfordshire       during the summer season. Some say it
     and Hambleden in Buckinghamshire.         is the best practice possible!
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                                                       Game Flyers –
                                                       as close as it
                                                       gets to game.
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           The Gun Shop

     We have a well-stocked shop adjacent        Offering clothing from a wide range of
     to the Lodge with a comprehensive           well-known brands, a variety of
     range of both new and used shotguns         shooting accessories and gifts, as well
     (side by side and over & under). As         as the complete range of cartridges in
     part of the service, you will have the      all bore and shot sizes, we aim to
     opportunity to try guns before you buy      provide everything and anything you
     – a vital exercise for such an important    might need for your shooting. It is the
     purchase. There is also a gunsmith          perfect place to come and spoil
     service offering repairs, maintenance       yourself or perhaps somebody else and
     and alterations for any and all types       there are even gift vouchers available if
     of gun.                                     you are not quite sure what to buy.
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           The Perfect Venue

     The West London Shooting School now         Our extensive grounds offer a
     provides a venue for much more than         welcome escape from the outside
     just shooting. The 'Purdey' and 'Boss'      world. Situated just 12 miles from the
     rooms that make up 'Stanburys               West End of London and 15 minutes
     Restaurant' evoke a calm, relaxed and       from Heathrow Airport – we have
     refined atmosphere that lends itself to     extensive car parking with easy road
     anything from a quiet breakfast or          and rail access. Our location is ideal
     lunch before or after shooting to an        for adding a host of wider activities
     excellent place for corporate or private    and catering for larger numbers with
     parties. Naturally, all are welcome         the use of marquees. We are confident
     whether shooting or not.                    that you will be impressed with our
                                                 School. We would be delighted to show
                                                 you around.

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