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					              postscriptAn Addendum to the Castagna Newsletter                                           November 2009

        Tasting Notes
    Castagna Sparkling Genesis
                                                          A           couple of small but eagerly awaited additions to
                                                                           our portfolio: The third disgorgement of the
                                                                             Castagna 2005 Sparkling Genesis – simply
                                                          delicious; and also after missing a vintage the Castagna 2008
                                                          Ingénue – very much in the style of wonderful 2005 Ingénue,
                                                          perhaps even a little better.

    2005 – 3rd disgorgement                                    Those of you who have followed us a while will know

The bouquet literally explodes: blackberries, pepper,
                                                          that I created Un Segreto because I believe that a blend of
a whiff of apricot, graphite, lead pencils, and as it     Sangiovese and Shiraz could one day become, on the world
opens up briary notes come to the fore together with      market, the taste of Australia. We, as customers, producers,
inky black fruit that gives the impression of wonderful
                                                          communicators, are obsessed by single varietal wines, whereas
extract and a sense of brooding blackness. The
bead is fine, persistent and elegant. The rich savoury    I believe that a little judicious blending often produces the most
texture is augmented by wonderfully fine drying but       delicious food-friendly results. So it is gratifying indeed when my
ripe tannins, together with exotic background notes
                                                          position is backed up by respected wine critics.
of wood spice and anise. Dryer than most wines of its
type, the acid and dosage counter-balance the fruit            Last year, on the first release of Un Segreto, Matthew Jukes
and tannin to deliver a long savoury finish. The three
                                                          and Tyson Stelzer, in their book, Taste Food & Wine 2009
years on lees have added a finer mouse compared
                                                          said of the 2005 vintage:
to the last two disgorgements with more depth and
more complexity. It has everything I hoped three               ‘In a world of Australian-made Italian varietals,
years on lees would give it. Very special.
                                                          where most winemakers are completely deluded about

       Castagna 2008 Ingénue                              the quality of their wines, Julian Castagna is a beacon.
                                                          In spite of its price, Un Segreto is utterly world-class.’
Having not released an Ingénue in 2007, the release
of the 2008 vintage give me great pleasure – it has            This year the 2006 vintage of Un Segreto was judged as,
a depth and presence that I strive for, in all our
                                                          ‘Best Italian Varietal’, by Penguin Wine Guide 2010:
wines, and it is indeed gratifying when it is achieved.
The bouquet is vibrant intense and varietal yet not            ‘Julian Castagna at his intelligent and articulate
obvious. Ripe fresh apricots, lime blossom and
                                                          best, this blend of sangiovese with some spicy, fragrant
delicate wood spices are the more pronounced
aromas with orange peel spice submerged below.            Beechworth shiraz is exactly the kind of wine that will
Seamless on the palate, the acidity coaxes the            take Australia into the next phase of international acclaim.’
perfectly ripened fruit and creamy textural elements
to spill effortlessly onto the back palate. It moves
                                                               There is great satisfaction when what you are striving for
beyond primary fruit to be more about mouth feel          is recognised.
and weight. The finish is rich with subtle spicy oak
notes and fresh acidity dressing the notes of
soft poached pear and quince fruits.
                     here were no third-party reviews of the current release wines when we published our last
                    Newsletter in July. Since that time The Wine Front and the Penguin Wine Guide 2010 have
              both looked at and reviewed the current release, and I thought it interesting that although both
           reviewers see different qualities in the wines they award them high points and see them as world-class.

                                     B   E   E   C   H   W   O   R   T   H                   B   E   E   C    H   W   O   R   T   H                       B   E   E   C   H   W   O   R   T   H

                         Castagna                                                Ca s t a g n a                                               Castagna
                                   Ge n e s i s              S y r a h                           L a         C h i a v e                                      Un S e g r e to
                                                 2006                                                    2006                                                         2006
                                                 750ml                                                   750ml                                                        750ml
                         wine of australia. 14.0% alc/vol.   wine of australia. 13.5% alc/vol.        wine of australia. 14.0% alc/vol.

     Castagna Genesis Syrah 2006                                                                                                          Castagna La Chiave 2006
This 2006 release of Castagna Genesis Syrah caught me                                                                     Castagna’s La Chiave sangiovese 2006 takes ’seriousness’
by surprise. It’s a different beast to the exotically perfumed                                                            in Australian sangiovese to a different level. It has the same
2004 and 2005 releases. Then again, the vintage itself was                                                                lean, tight profile as the Genesis Syrah of the same vintage
a different beast. Minute quantities. The Castagna estate                                                                 though in the end it presents quite differently. It’s nothing
vineyard all told produced only 10 barrels of red wine in                                                                 but ripe and yet there’s barely any trace of sweetness here.
2006. Taut, tight, meaty wine. Great length. Not as exotic                                                                Roasted meats, dark cherries, gunsmoke, gumleaf and
in its spice and fragrance as we’ve seen from Genesis Syrah                                                               asian spices. That’s the flavour profile. Has lovely acidity,
over the past couple of years, but no lesser in quality. Less                                                             cleansing and natural and appropriate to the overall wine.
fun and frolics; more drama. Anise, backstrap leather, long                                                               Will hold it in excellent stead. Needs time for the tannin to
fine tannin, spicy length. Outstanding wine. Clear, bright                                                                resolve itself; but it will. Aftertaste is immensely savoury. A
flavour. Blackberries but no tar. Orange rind characters                                                                  strong, robust, serious wine.
from fruit, not oak. Adds that extra something. Power and                                                                                94+ points, Campbell Mattinson - Wine Front
thrust. Outstanding.
          96 points, Campbell Mattinson - Wine Front
                                                                                                                                          2006 Castagna La Chiave
                                                                                                                          Sangiovese is a passion of Julian Castagna and he is
     2006 Castagna Genesis Syrah                                                                                          immensely proud of his single-site expression. It has superb
This has dark, brooding, granitic spice and has had time                                                                  freshness and clarity of fruit on the nose, red cherries with
to integrate nicely. Viognier, oak and technique are all                                                                  spice and bracken-like complexity; the oak is super discreet.
led out of the glass by site-driven characters – dark plum                                                                The palate has juicy, fine tannins that wrench savoury chew
and fragrant cherry fruits, some pepper and grilled meats                                                                 throughout, plenty of dark, briary berry flavour and a little
too. The palate makes a fine, medium-weight impression,                                                                   more oak seen here. The finish is resoundingly savoury,
delivering spiced dark plum flavour on a bed of fine,                                                                     driven by those long tannins and juicy acid spring.
savoury tannin that runs deep through a dark chocolate-                                                                               94 points, Nick Stock - Penguin Wine Guide 2010
flavoured finish.
    96 points, Nick Stock - Penguin Wine Guide 2010
                                                                                                                                         2006 Castagna Un Segreto
                                                                                                                          Here we see a blend of sangiovese and shiraz, all from
                                                                                                                          Castagna’s Beechworth property, showing darker colour in
                                                                                                                          the glass than the Chiave and sweeter spiced plum fruits.
                                                                                                                          The palate mixes peppery plum and cherry flavour with
                                                                                                                          complex anise-driven spice flavours and the same long,
                                                                                                                          extended tannins running deep through the finish. Lovely
                                                                                                                          balance and drive – very complete and even. Beautifully
                                                                                                                          conceived and masterfully blended.
                                                                                                                                      96 Points, Nick Stock – Penguin Wine Guide 2010
                                   Ordering Information
Please use the wine and freight costs detailed here to complete your order and return it to us by fax on (03) 5728 2898
  or by mail to Castagna Vineyard at PO Box 73, Beechworth Vic 3747 or alternatively phone us on (03) 5728 2888.


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      Yes, I would like the wine sent in a wooden box when available.                              and Un Segreto are available in wooden boxes.)

Wine Prices
                         CURRENT RELEASE                                   PRICE PER BOTTLE         NO. OF BOTTLES                TOTAL $

  2006 Genesis Syrah                                                             $75.00

  2006 Un Segreto Sangiovese/Syrah (Maximum 6 bottles)                           $75.00

  2005 Genesis Syrah                                                             $75.00

  2005 Un Segreto Sangiovese/Syrah                                               $75.00
  2005 Sparkling Genesis 3rd disgorgement                                        $75.00
                                         (Maximum 3 bottles)

  2008 Ingenue Viognier                                                          $55.00

  2008 Allegro Syrah Rosé                                                        $30.00

  2006 Adam’s Rib The Red Pinot/Syrah                                            $35.00

  2006 Adam’s Rib The White Chardonnay/Viognier                                  $35.00
                                                                                                      WINES TOTAL $
    • Insurance is advisable and is charged at $2.50 per $100.00 or part thereof.
                                                                                                            FREIGHT $
    • Minimum order is 6 bottles. All orders must be in multiples of 6.
                                                                                                        INSURANCE $
    • Prices are inclusive of WET at 29% plus GST at 10%
                                                                                                               TOTAL $

Freight Charges
All wine is sold ex-vineyard. If you are over our way, you are welcome to collect the wine personally (by appointment of course), and save yourself
freight charges. If you would rather have the wine sent, we are happy to arrange it on your behalf at the following rates. Our wines leave us in
perfect condition. To make sure they stay that way, we have instructed our couriers not to leave the wine without a signature, to avoid the wine
being accidentally left in the sun. Prices are inclusive of GST.                                           *This is also the minimum freight charge.

    DESTINATION             PER 2 CARTONS              DESTINATION             PER 2 CARTONS            DESTINATION             PER 2 CARTONS
   EX BEECHWORTH             OF 6 BOTTLES*            EX BEECHWORTH             OF 6 BOTTLES*          EX BEECHWORTH             OF 6 BOTTLES*
         Sydney                  $ 14.00                   Brisbane                 $ 16.00                   Perth                  $ 25.00
      NSW Country                $ 16.00             Queensland Country             $ 21.00         Western Australia Country        $ 33.00
        Melbourne                $ 12.00                   Adelaide                 $ 14.00                 Tasmania                 $ 25.00
    Victoria Country             $ 15.00           South Australia Country          $ 16.00             Northern Territory           $ 33.00

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