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									    13 August 2010                                             VOLUME 26 / 2010

           Friday – 13 August
           FS Science Convention Gr 11
           Grade 7 Sleepover at 1 Toronto
           CANSA spray-athon at Medi-Clinic      St Andrew’s School
           Saturday – 14 August
                                                 Saturday 28 August 2010
10:00      Gr 11 Matric Farewell Workshop                  08h00—14h00
           Monday – 16 August                     Why not clear out your attic and take part in
14:00      Mini-Hockey League Matches (Home)      our Car Boot Sale?
16:00      Debating at Welkom High
16:30      Marketing Meeting (Auditorium)
                                                  R 10 per pitch or simply come along and see
                                                  what bargains you can find. Refreshments
           Tuesday – 17 August                    will be on sale. To book a pitch or for
08:30      Pre-school Dress Rehearsal
                                                  more information, contact Angela Docherty
           Thursday – 19 August                   083 748-7121 cell / (057) 352-2218
           Eisteddfod Art Festival (Kroonstad)
18:00      Pre-school Concert (1 Toronto)

           Friday – 20 August
           Eisteddfod Art Festival (Kroonstad)
17:00      Setting up EXPO (Welkom High)
                                                   CUBS AND SCOUTS FUND
           Saturday – 21 August                    Boerewors Rolls and Cold drinks will
           Goldfields Expo (Welkom High)
10:00      Gr 11 Matric Farewell Workshop          be on sale on Saturday, 28th August
                                                   and the money raised will be in
Got my son an iPhone for his                       support of the Cubs and Scouts.
birthday the other week,                           Please support!!
and recently got my daughter
an iPod for hers.                            KITE – DAY
I was dead chuffed when the
family clubbed together                      On the 28th August, we will be having our
and bought me an iPad for                    Kite Day.
father’s day.                                It was such a huge success last year and
Got my wife an iRon for                      the children learnt a lot from Mr Clarke.
her birthday… it was around
                                             Mr Clarke will show the children how to
then that the fight
                                             build a kite on Saturday. Watch this
                                             space, as we will let you know what items
                                             you need to bring along on the day.

                                             PLEASE SEND 5 BOTTLES
We would like to encourage our               FOR OUR BOTTLE.COM
pre-school to participate in the             STORE.
Kite Day on 28 August. It’s going
to be lots of fun!!

Please send correct amount of money, when it is requested, as the teachers
do not have change. Thank you for your co-operation.

Please do not send money for Teachers
to buy lunch for pre-school children at
the Tuckshop.
The teachers cannot keep leaving the
pre-school to buy the lunch.

            Have you thought of a new slogan
            for our pre-school? Time is running out.
            Remember to put your entry form in boxes at the
            main office or pre-school. Closing date is Friday,
            20 August. It’s open to parents, pupils and
            teachers of our “St Andrew’s family”. There will
            be a prize to the value of R100.

                  ALL PRE-SCHOOL CHILDREN
                  WILL BE GOING HOME AT
                  11H00 ON THURSDAY 19 AUGUST
Happy Birthday to the following :

15/08         Joshua Howard                           Gr 8VDM
18/08         Carmia Botha                            Gr 1W
19/08         Reabetsoe Molapo                        Gr 11DJ
19/08         Taylor Santos                           Gr RJ
20/08         Wesley Dodd                             Gr 5 LE
20/08         Jason Kipanga                           Gr 12S
20/08         Inge Lloyd-Evans                        Gr 7U
20/08         Tsepo Masia                             Gr 7P
    The Foundation Phase is having a “wall painting” competition the week
    of the 23rd – 27th August 2010. Lovely prizes to be won!!!
    Here are a few specifications for the competition :
    1. One or two people can paint a precon panel.
    2. The design must appeal to 7-9 year old children.
    3. After your picture has been designed it must be approved by
         Mrs Rademeyer or Mrs Kleinhans.
    4. Your name must be visible on your design.
    5. Judging will take place on Friday, 27th August at 16:00.
    6. The cost of the competition is R10.00 per panel.
    Get designing this weekend and bring your designs in for approval
    as soon as possible!

        Dear Parents
        As chairperson of the PTA I would like to take the opportunity to thank one and all
        for the wonderful contributions and teamwork that the PTA has received throughout
        I would like to give you feedback on what the PTA has done throughout the year and
        what contributions you have made to improve St Andrews as a school.
        In the first and second term of 2010 the PTA assisted with the following projects :
        Shrove Tuesday
        Cake sale
        Cash bar at the English Supper theatre
        Annual Bingo evening
        Grade 9 5-a-side soccer day
        We will be having our kite day and car boot sale on 28 August 2010 and our main
        fund raiser, St Andrews Big Walk on 16 October 2010.
        Funds were raised with all these projects that were run and are being used for the
        We would like to purchase a new jungle gym in the junior primary.
        Purchase of an additional DVD player for the hostel.
        Payment for the upgrading of the stairways in the primary school building.
        The funds that will be raised at our annual Big Walk will be used to further improve
        the Burnett Hall to make it more comfortable for our children.
        I would like to thank each parent for your support as without you, the PTA would not
        have been so successful and been able to assist in the upgrading of our school.
        Thank you
        Valerie Erasmus
  In 1965, the whole school was moved to what used to be the
  St Helena Mine Manager’s Guest House. Grade 1’s were in
  the St Helena Boxing Club and Grade 2’s and 3’s were in
  the house. These grounds are next to the stables.
  The building of the school was in progress.
  On 30 October 1965 Bishop Bill Burnett unveiled the corner stone.
          1st Term               17th August – Pre-school Concert Rehearsal
    Jan 12th – March 25th        (Morning)
                                 19th August – Pre-school concert 6pm @ 1
          2nd Term               Toronto
     Apr 12th – June 24th        21st August – Goldfields Expo @ WHS
         Mid Term Break          27th August – School Athletics Day
       April 22nd – 2nd May      28th August – Kite Day & Boot Sale
          3rd Term               4th September – Pre-School Mini-Olympics
                                 29th September – Matric Farewell
     Jul 19th – Sept 23rd        16th October – Big Walk
                                 24th November – Junior Prize Giving
          4th Term
                                 1st December – Senior Prize Giving
      Oct 11th – 2nd Dec

   Congratulations to Matthew Hoare on achieving 84% in his Grade 1
   Recorder exam (Trinity College). Well done, Matthew!

NAME :         ______________________

PARENT or                     Andrew’
                  PUPIL of St Andrew’s

Suggestion for new slogan for the Pre-School :



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